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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: Chuckbuck is talking to himself, abusing merit, a farm house of alt on: May 12, 2020, 11:10:37 PM
Okay, I had to think a lot to make this decision, it has a big influence on my activities on this forum. I will tell the truth. I bought this account. If I remember correctly, I bought it at the end of 2016. But I spent a lot of time learning about this forum before, how it works and how I can make money on it. And then, as you can see through my article history. I started working on this account in 2017. Until now, I have not scam anyone except to buy this account. I am not an American, but I am not Vietnamese (I do not want to announce my nationality). Until now, I have lived in Vietnam for nearly 10 years, I know a lot about the community there, and I've been joining their groups on Facebook (there are many groups that share ways to make money here, usually cheat bounty campaigns) ever since I started my job as a translator. I also believe that you are no strangers to the community here. Of course, I deal with them a lot, almost everything related to cryptocurrencies.

What's next? Hmm...  Roll Eyes As you have read above, I have lived here for almost 10 years and I understand their language well. Combined with the knowledge I have, I've been working on translation for a long time, I've never cheated in any campaign. Most of what I received during that time came from the bonus I received for translation.

After BTC plummeted, I lost and lost about 90% of my money. Therefore, I leave this forum for a long time. I just came back here at the end of 2019. I have been as active as possible, start creating new jobs and services to provide to the community.

That is all. I have nothing left to hide, it depends on how you view my activities on this forum. If you decide to give me some negative feedback about buying accounts, I'm fine with it, I will continue to stay in this forum with my work  Wink

I also spend more than an hour to find my message back in the past, and fortunately I found my message to a certain guy whom I once sent ETH. I am ready to put it here to prove my transactions. I have photos and videos to prove that I'm not using photoshop. So please give me a suggestion where I can post videos publicly but also hide my identity  Cheesy

I commit what I say is true, if someone still does not believe, I am done, I have nothing to say  Roll Eyes
So, you thought you were going to fool everyone with your insulting words towards those who were always right against you, playing stupid smart (I invented this word LOL) and using those inappropriate emoji LAMO.

This forum is full with smart users who know how to handle guys like you. Kudos to nutildah, he spotted it long ago. Credit to Little Mouse who came forward after few of your annoying attempts to insult him in several occasions, it was too much for you to insult him in the signature campaign he is running for community.

This should be a lesson for Lauda too. Users like ChuckBuck who wants to establish them trusted member, always use users like Lauda and some other established members.

Thanks to marlboroza who spotted the slung of Blitzboy and some other inputs. So, Blitzboy is a fan of yours (@ChuckBuck) or your ALT?

Let me help you to spot how mean you are. Look at how you handled the users who responded in here. You responded with staying low to highly reputed users and those who had average rank and less reputation, you insulted them, wanted to use authority in your words even though they were right against you. When someone is telling the truth, respect them. The reason you are here is because of your stupid arrogant moves. Take a lesson from it.

You were misleading the community all the times and now you are admitting that you bought this account. How are we going to believe you now? What if all these connections with other accounts are true, you have abused the bounties. Now you realized, you can not break the chain so you figured to admit that it's a bought account to break the chain.

1. You never cheated bounty?
2. You do not own the other ALTs those were accused as yours?
3. You did not insult users?
4. You did not want to take advantage of supporting everything that Lauda do? (Lauda is not always right, she is a regular user like all)
5. You were not trying hard to build a reputation for this account?

Finally, are you sure that you are not misleading us anymore?

And the reputations? He does not deserve all the positives in this account.
Positives from snarlpill, btljuice, HotSwap, GigaBit, helipotte and RitzGrandCasino. Some of these users are not active anymore.

And see the hypocrisy from him. He is using a bought account, cheated bounty with ALTs but he blames others for the same reason and tags them LAMO

A screenshot:

I don't object to the negative feedback which marlboroza has left me, but I hope he considers these and edit it, I have never cheated in campaigns and no connection with other accounts.
Do you know the user bill gator? He was way better than you and a good asset for the forum.
2  Economy / Reputation / Re: Chuckbuck is talking to himself, abusing merit, a farm house of alt on: May 12, 2020, 03:05:33 PM
I have no idea why only nutildah as a DT is doing the investigation here.
iasenko bought a valid point but Lauda somehow wanted to stop him. marlboroza came here but then skipped.

Where are other DTs? Where are the DTs who used to give Death Sentence when there were any connection with addresses between two accounts? This is clear that:

1. Chuckbuck is a bought account (possibly hacked). question/addy
2. Chuckbuck is trying hard to establish himself as a reputed member in here.
3. Chuckbuck is making connections with users like Lauda to receive favour/protection. Rephrase it, Chuckbuck is using Lauda. Read his post history, he never leave a chance to mention Lauda with his oily words.
4. Chuckbuck sent gas fees to those alt accounts but now trying to hide the real reason.
5. Chuckbuck evaded ban twice including his alt is still ban.

A question still unsolved to me after reading everything here. A Hero member do not know the forum rules, Duh!

Where are you all: Vod, ibminer, hilariousandco, Avirunes, suchmoon, DaveF, LFC_Bitcoin, LoyceV, DarkStar_ , asu, TwitchySeal, TryNinja, eddie13, bL4nkcode, xtraelv, , Vispilio, JollyGood, CryptopreneurBrainboss, Steamtyme, witcher_sense, morvillz7z, DireWolfM14, 1miau, The Pharmacist
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: Quickseller is a dangerous person to deal with - avoid on: June 13, 2019, 02:18:15 PM
Please help me to understand it Suchmoon.

There were already a flag by Hhampuz. Instead of supporting it you had to create a new one. Why?

I hope you did not miss it:
Also, if exchange xyz makes an exit scam, is that considered one incident that can only be flagged once? Or can each victim make their own flag?

It's probably best if one of the victims makes a flag and the rest support it.

Why are some of you are becoming mad with this new trust flags system? First Lauda and now looks like you who is pushing it hard.

Stop it. You are better than this.
4  Economy / Reputation / Re: Quickseller - Escrow Scammer on: June 13, 2019, 10:49:34 AM

Are you just opposing it for opposing?
Did you just create the flag just to flag QS?

Your characteristic became like this: Yes boss, Yes boss.

Come on, you are not a slave of anyone to obey their orders? Or are you?

I am pretty much sure that Lauda asked you to create this flag because she was not able to create another one for the same user. It does not matter even if she doesn't (the ask). Your new image reflects the suspension.

5  Other / Meta / Re: PMs from admin demanding to exclude certain users on: June 13, 2019, 10:19:51 AM
Just to make it clear: I obviously don't mind theymos expressing his opinion, I appreciate it. I dislike the way it was done. He can blacklist users (and preferably explain the decision) if he wants to. Or post his opinion publicly and let everyone make their decisions.

And no, it's not the same as someone else (e.g. Lauda) campaigning for inclusions/exclusions. I could tell Lauda to fuck off and nothing would happen regardless of what the conspiracy theories would lead you to believe. I don't think many recipients of that PM would feel the same way about a request from admin. Perhaps my reading of the situation is flawed. Let's hope that's all there is.
Why all these drama surrounding a PM? Feel lucky that he (theymos) did not tell that he will ban/blacklist anyone who will not listen to him like Lauda's red trust for QS.

Degenerate scammer and the vilest of liars; use of sockpuppets, and constant shitposting (for and without sig. campaign). If you deal with this user you will get burned, and I will tag you as well.

and I will tag you as well.

Besides, you all did not have any problem when Lauda was asking HH not to respond in QS post, when Lauda asked LFC_Bitcoin to remove/distrust Bill* and many other occasions where she was convincing/ordering uses in their PM to do that and this?

You guys are moaning for a barking bitch.

Just do this:

She has done this to herself. I do not see anyone here to be blamed. She was using the old trust system as her weapon to silent users. A strong example is the red trust left for me in this account LOL


bill, I feel like a right ass hole but Lauda messaged me ... about you. She told me I should remove you from my trust list. I really didnít want to do it because I do like you (a lot).

For my own comfort & to make my life easier I did it. I donít want to get on the wrong side of them.

I am really sorry & I feel a dick for doing it. I had to tell you myself though before you see it yourself.

I hope you can forgive me.


I am glad to see that The Pharmacist is improving. He now is trying his own voice. Try to sleep less LOL. It's the time zone.
6  Economy / Reputation / Re: Quickseller - Escrow Scammer on: June 12, 2019, 11:20:45 AM
@Lauda, now you are acting like a bitch. Clearly you are trying to harass QS to satisfy your personal issue. I thought I said goodbye but now I had to comeback seeing your attempts to create drama surrounding this new trust flags.

You should be excluded from the DT network. You were the root of all these drama and now when theymos finally done something to eliminate all these drama you are not liking it. Spread love instead of spreading hate.
7  Other / Meta / Re: Trust flags on: June 12, 2019, 06:20:00 AM
Have fun with the scammers being on a roll again. I ain't creating 5k flags.
Is anyone asking you or you are asking to change the system in your favor? Whatever it is, good luck.

I told you all that a change is coming. Enjoy it.

Good work theymos.

Good bye from mightyDTs
8  Economy / Reputation / Re: VOD, TMAN and OgNasty on: June 06, 2019, 11:12:36 AM

/thread. Stop contriving issues around things that you're blowing out of proportion.
Obviously I know it  but you are missing my point here. Vod was very interested to counter OG with a red tag just because some users were putting risked BTC in their positive feedback but when it's coming with TMAN, Vod cleverly ignoring it.

Since it doesn't actually affect anything

Well, it does affect something, outside the forum.  Smiley  I developed a system to track the BTC price at the time of the feedback, and then rank profiles based on how many USD they claim to have risked.   It would be just another indicator of someone who was not 100% honest.

Now that you may remove the stat altogether, I have put it on hold.    
Forget about your system, when you countered OG then what was in your mind?
9  Economy / Reputation / Re: VOD, TMAN and OgNasty on: June 04, 2019, 11:53:56 AM
Incident two:
TMAN left a negative feedback for OG, 110,000 risked BTC

I can see still TMAN's risked btc negative feedback stands. Seeing Vod concerns about risked BTC amount and very much active to leave negative to counter a positive risked BTC feedback, can't we expect him to leave a positive to counter TMAN's negative feedback?

What are the reasons for Vod to have it unnoticed (which is not of course) or ignored (This must be the case)?
Can we say that Vod leaves feedback to satisfy his personal interest?  (It's risky to say it coz Lauda will come and find an excuse to tag the user accusing that they are spreading FUD, troll and attacker to honest members of the forum and that will make them untrustworthy. Also some puppet like TheUltraElite will find some encouragement too.)

Don't worry about hurting a trust rating.   Theymos has stated old ratings have more value.  A little pain now for less pain later.  Smiley
I see suggestion but no action in this case.

LoyceV: In case you missed it
Quote from: Fake Bills In Circulation Topic 5146548 msg 51186331
QS: this is not CH.
10  Economy / Reputation / Re: VOD, TMAN and OgNasty on: May 31, 2019, 02:30:59 PM
Oh wow you are correct, that was left long before I was on DT. Checking the reference it seems the tag should stand to me, issue being that if I remove nd re tag it will affect another DT members trust rating.

Iíll act on this based on senior community input
Great bud, I know you will and you should revise it (come on 500 risked BTC returned) however I am interested to know Vod's statement here. Has he never noticed it before or he just kept himself silent?

He seems very concern about risked BTC amounts in feedbacks even though it does not have any mathematical impact anymore.
11  Economy / Reputation / VOD, TMAN and OgNasty on: May 31, 2019, 02:19:13 PM
Incident one:
Vod left a counter feedback for OG and seems like he is very concerned about risked BTC in positive feedback from users.
Just a friendly counter to the 500 BTC <....>

His logic is that:
"Risked BTC" is how much money you could have lost if the person you're rating had turned out to be a scammer.  <== reference theymos post

Originally it was 1500 BTC negative rating but he seems convinced two members to remove their risked amount and updated the new rating with 500 risked BTC negative feedback.

Incident two:
TMAN left a negative feedback for OG, 110,000 risked BTC

But Vod has no headache here.

Conclusion: Although this risked BTC algorithm is not any more functional but question comes to mind that:
Why Vod finds problem in positive feedbacks left to a person who held 500 BTC for the forum and returned it when asked?

Additional: If a positive countered by a negative then Vod needs to counter the negative of TMAN with a positive feedback for OgNasty. Or Vod personally verified the tx of the 110,000 BTC deal in between TMAN and OgNasty?

Community inputs please also Vod, TMAN, OG, Thule, CH and The-One-Above-All all are welcome. I do not have a local rules LOL
12  Economy / Reputation / Re: teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and others VS Lauda and the gang on: May 30, 2019, 04:09:46 AM
Feel free to add more example of this kind of injustice to regular members. If these people were the part of the gang or the ass lickers then nothing could touch. [/size]

   First off, how are teeGumes and Bill gator "regular members?" Both of them were on DT1 and they still have the ability to trust or distrust other DT1 members, and their votes count. Also, teeGumes has given negative trust to Bill Gator, so I am uncertain how this falls in your narrative.
   Furthermore, my distrust of teeGumes has nothing to do with me "ass licking" Lauda. I'm a gold star gay man and have never touched a pussy since pussy had me.  Cheesy I distrusted teeGumes because he originally gave red trust to people that gave merit to a post he found distasteful. Furthermore, I see teeGumes is trying to set a new precedent by red trusting someone for posting with an alt account and evading his ignore feature.  Roll Eyes I'm not going to remove my distrust for him because I don't particularly care for his new approaches to utilizing the trust system.
I have added some legend, I hope the categorization gives you some answer.
Part of the gang
Less biased/afraid but sometimes have their own opinions
Ass lickers

So you do not see anything wrong when Lauda commands and gives warning to Hhampuz, also gives warning to anyone who will deal with QS, pressurize LFC to remove Bill? Do you see these are the proper use of the power Lauda has? You have entrusted Lauda which means you do not see any of these are wrong. Right?

This thread is nothing more than the gas-bagged, overbloated, overtrolling nonsensical bullshit that we've been seeing for months now.  

Hello?  DT members are not going to agree with one another and each is free to have his or her own judgement.  OP (and the rest of this monkey brigade) is trying to pick off each member one by one by pointing out....whatever.  

And OP, if this really is a gang, it's orders of magnitude more powerful than your gang, which already has zero credibility.  Plus the only person who could possibly take action against what you perceive as wrongdoings is clearly NOT listening to your ramblings.  

I think you write all this rubbish because you're a loser IRL and have way too much time on your hands and are mad at people who you think wield some sort of power on the forum.  You're going to find out (if you ever get a moment of clarity) that these efforts are ineffectual and are a waste of your time.  

There has to be something better you could be doing instead of creating a monstrous shit-art project like this one.  Find another gallery to display your sculptures.
The Pharmacist, mate; you are really a good person and the only one who at least try to be honest but I understand how hard it is to speak up so you chose to stand in between.

I hope after reading the response for bones and the fakeWolf you will see my points.

Foxpup, I may be wrong when I think you and suchmoon as gang member but honestly speaking you both encourage siding the gang.

If you, suchmoon, TP and some other members would sometimes stood up against the gang instead of siding them then may be we would not see so much mess we are seeing around these boards. We are harming the forum environment including my this ALT account.
13  Economy / Reputation / Re: teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and others VS Lauda and the gang on: May 30, 2019, 03:38:38 AM
Do teeGUMES, Bill Gator, and Rmcdermott927 have nothing to account for?  I didn't force teeGUMES to abuse his trusted position, or bill gator to deceive the forum community to arrive at his.  I have one vote, just like everyone else you called out.  I put to mine to use the best way I saw fit.  That's how the system works, if you don't like it, suggest a solution.

Sure you didn't hence you distrusted them.
It's not that you do not know Lauda or never had conversation with her, what I mean is you know her but you have neither entrusted nor distrusted her.

Have you asked her to tell LFC_Bitcoin to remove Bill?
Have you asked her to leave feedback to QS saying if someone deals with him then she will tag them too?
Have you asked her to command Hhampuz not to response in QS topic and if he does then he will make her angry?
Have you advised Vod not to talk against Lauda because he will get red?
No, you have not ask for non of the above but you have not distrused Lauda. You have distrusted teeGUMES, Bill Gator because it was easy for you.

You still trust Vod even after this unethical doxx to harm OG, leaving unnecessary counter red tag to OG so that his (OG) rating goes down.

You do not see any wrong when it's Lauda and Vod or some other gang members but you definitely see wrong for teeGUMES, Bill Gator.

Speak to yourself first before explaining anything else.
14  Economy / Reputation / teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and others VS Lauda and the gang on: May 29, 2019, 11:32:33 PM
Part one: Mighty DTs - no manipulation LOL | Are you okay theymos?

Part two >>>>>

teeGUMES red tagged the users (later he admitted the reason and removed if I am not wrong) who sent merit to the doxx by Vod. This means, teeGUMES's judgments are not trustable, he must be distrusted.

And he was distrusted by: klaaas, suchmoon, owlcatz, nutildah, bones261, Hhampuz, DireWolfM14
Previous week:

Lauda had him distrusted already.

Even though Bill Gator was brutally honest (I hope so) admitting his account buying long ago and theymos reviewed his history before unbanning him, but the gang thought they had enough. No mercy and he has to be distrusted, not only that, he must have red tag.
He was distrusted by: Vod, TMAN, Lauda, yogg, klaaas, owlcatz, Hhampuz
He was removed by: TMAN,  Hhampuz,  anonymousminer, DireWolfM14
Previous week:

Foxpup had him distrusted already

Rmcdermott927 tagged Vod because of the doxx and his irresponsible behavior but the gang got angry and distrusted/removed him from DT network.
He was distrusted by: Vod, Foxpup, Last of the V8s, Hhampuz
Previous week:

Lauda had him distrusted already.

**** See footnote

In the eyes of the gang the followings are okay hence nothing change for Lauda:
~Vod is afraid to talk against Lauda because she will tag him and 5 years of handwork will vanish
~LFC_Bitcoin excluded Bill because he felt the pressure of Lauda PMed him to remove Bill
~Lauda left feedback for Quickseller that she will tag anyone who will deal with him.
Degenerate scammer and the vilest of liars; use of sockpuppets, and constant shitposting (for and without sig. campaign). If you deal with this user you will get burned, and I will tag you as well.
~Hhampuz is afraid to respond in Quickseller's topic because Lauda said him not to.

When we are justifying/excluding/removing  teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and some others like eddie13, TECSHARE from the DT network then think again, are we doing the right thing?

Let's see how many entrusts Lauda have from others: dishwara, gmaxwell, Soros Shorts, EpicFail, qwk, BitcoinEXpress, Anduck, DiamondCardz, Foxpup, philipma1957, KWH, monkeynuts, Gimpeline, Operatr, jimhsu, TMAN, vizique, Blazed, minifrij, yogg, TheQuin, leancuisine, klaaas, crypto_trader#43xzEXrP, Bitze, hybridsole, hedgy73, scutzi128, hilariousandco, Matt9301, Avirunes, iluvpie60, gysca, JayJuanGee, NeuroticFish, whywefight, JohnUser, sapta, BitcoinPenny, txbtc, Zepher, P4ndoraBox7, LFC_Bitcoin, Patatas, Limx Dev, ezeminer, mocacinno, klarki, CanadaBits, Miyslovenic, kken01, psycodad, bones261, The Pharmacist, Funny, PrivacyLock, vCardVideo, tennozer, anakinisme, Joel_Jantsen, Arpetuos, mexxer-3 was chosen, condoras, Slow death, lienfaye, Gunthar, bias, Hhampuz, finaleshot2016, jenia1, crwth, Henkkaa, Kryptowerk, sud, Aerys2, khaled0111, aundroid, JollyGood, Squishy01, roycilik, Halab, GDragon, yazher, Gambit_fr, tweetbit, Silent26, Trofo, amishmanish, icopress, Airtube, BitCryptex, sheenshane, theyoungmillionaire, o_e_l_e_o, AleksandrKosov, catur_072, Maus0728, iasenko, pandukelana2712, gospodin, Heisenberg_Hunter, asche, cabalism13, anonymousminer, nakamura12, Alex_Sr, Coolcryptovator, TalkStar, Strufmbae, ICOEthics, alanst, pirashki, ZeusRecife, S_Therapist, twiki

Part of the gang
Less biased/afraid but sometimes have their own opinions
Ass lickers

I see some people are here not involved with forum politics and I believe they have nothing with the gang however do you see some very common names who are basically ass lickers, some are very afraid to take steps against Lauda? Some are even following the direction that Lauda draw for them, If she tells them to sit then they sits if she tells them to stand up then they stands up.

Let's keep OgNasty away. I do not think there are anything else to prove his dedication for the forum. He returned the 500BTC as he promised. Example of unlimited trust.

one or two above mentions are not gang member but rest are crystal clear. It's easy to make your picks if you are regular at forum politics.

Feel free to add more example of this kind of injustice to regular members (not a gang member). If these people were the part of the gang or the ass lickers then nothing could touch.
15  Economy / Reputation / Re: So you have DTs who do not want you to talk openly? on: May 29, 2019, 10:15:34 PM
Post-CH and The-Idiot-Below-All, new account used to harass other users
LOL TheUltraElite, really!

I have no control over what Lauda does, but obviously Lauda doesn't trust you and has given you a neg accordingly.
But she is in your trust list and you trust her judgment.
I wish I could disclose my real account. See this is the exact reason very few people have balls to speak up from the real account. And I told you before that you stands in between. I completely understand the reason.

(even though I get the "gang" label)
Not yet but it's clear that you are trying it hard.
You are better than this mate. You are proving that Lauda is your master and you gonna listen whatever she says. Have your own identity.

I believe from the heart that the accusation Quickseller bought against you is possibly wrong but an acknowledgement from you can make everything very clear. The community trusts you but you are acting so naive that you do not give a damn to anyone else (community) except the words from Lauda.
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hhampuz embezzling signature campaign funds from BestMixer on: May 27, 2019, 11:42:32 PM
Yeah, the only one who can provide the truth is Hhampuz, and it's so far not clear whether he's going to comment on this. I think it would be good if he did, but there may be reasons why he won't or can't.  And as much as I don't like Quickseller, I don't think he's wrong for bringing attention to this.  If this was something jamalaezaz or Quickseller did, I'm very sure there wouldn't be such a fuss if the same evidence was presented.

Have you missed to read this?

Which is wrong again. He can choose to either indulge you and anger me, or not indulge you and not anger me. What would anyone sane do? I told you I can shut this down from many angles.

@Hhampuz, you are losing your credibility in the forum if you are really not responding here because Lauda said so. Shame!

   Hhampuz should keep his mouth shut regarding this matter whether Lauda advocates for it or not. All Quickseller has established is that the funds used to pay the signature campaign participants was moved. At this time, we really have no idea what the true motives are behind this. All we have is one of Quickseller's conclusions, which more often than not is always based on what I would expect from someone with a jaded/cunning point of view.
This is the reason he needs to step in here and explain without listening Lauda. I don't think listening Lauda is bringing anything good for him except not to anger her theory.
The latest prove:

I have no obligation against Hhampuz, from my account (this is an alt if you are not aware) we have exchanged some good words in the past. I know/believe he is a gentleman.
17  Economy / Reputation / So you have DTs who do not want you to talk openly? on: May 27, 2019, 11:30:15 PM
This is an ALT by the way. I do not care about the tag however here is a point I want to make.

this is what happen when you talk free speech.;u=2602674

This is what you get when you anger Lauda.

Lauda: I already have explained that this an ALT account you did nothing for me but just proved that you are weak and your judgements are biased. In most cases you tag others who makes you angry.

@theymos, how many times you need proves. This also proves that why others are not excluding Lauda from their network.
The reference of the tag:

Do you still trust her judgements that she does not misuse the trust system for her own benefit? Looking at the inclusions I would say yes, you do. What a shame community.
18  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hhampuz embezzling signature campaign funds from BestMixer on: May 27, 2019, 11:14:12 PM

Which is wrong again. He can choose to either indulge you and anger me, or not indulge you and not anger me. What would anyone sane do? I told you I can shut this down from many angles.
WOW! really!!

So Hhampuz is not responding here because he knows making you angry will destroy his reputation like you did for Bill and others? Also Hhampuz will never accepted as a gang member.

I mean how far we have to go to have these clear that Lauda is threatening other DTs not to talk against her or they will be destroyed. Shame all those who included her in their trust network and watching these insulting statements. You guys need Lauda to protect you. I see bounches of Monkeys seating on DT network.

@Hhampuz, you are losing your credibility in the forum if you are really not responding here because Lauda said so. Shame!

This could even be a trap for you which Lauda planned. I mean think it this way,

Lauda will protect you the community will question you that you have not your own voice and then you will lose your credibility. A person with zero credibility is a burden. No one will use you and eventually this will effect your business here.
What if this is Lauda's plan to destroy you? Do not trust anyone over your own ethics especially in a place where you have no chance to see the person in real life. Have your own grownup voice.

LOL this is what happen when you talk free speech.;u=2602674

This is what you get when you anger Lauda.

Lauda: I already have explained that this an ALT account you did nothing for me but just proved that you are weak and your judgements are biased. In most cases you tag others who makes you angry.

@theymos, how many times you need proves. This also proves that why others are not excluding Lauda from their network.
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hhampuz embezzling signature campaign funds from BestMixer on: May 27, 2019, 06:53:52 PM
It is NONE of your business, especially when you are a SCAMMER with a compromised sense of judgement. Was this thead made by someone with a credibly inquiry (say marlboroza), then I would gladly roll with it. However, I'm stopping this thread right here and right now.

Ahh, it is none of my business if Hhampuz is stealing from others. Well considering that Hhampuz is holding money on behalf of others, and is guaranteeing payment to a lot of others, I think the question of if Hhampuz is stealing from others is something that many people would be interested in, and would want to know about prior to affiliating with him.
Everyone who was owed was paid. It's none of your business.
BestMixer is owed, and has not been paid.
They are not owed anything.
What is the basis for this statement?
The same as the basis for this:
BestMixer is owed
This proves your judgement ability too. Very beautiful Kitty.

Anyway, I would love to hear from Hhampuz. I know he is trying very hard to be the gang member because of the business he runs here but he is a decent gentleman.

I'm stopping this thread right here and right now.
Seems like you have taken over the forum and others need your permission before they act. Like LFC removed Bill because you said so.

It is NONE of your business

You don't tell others what to do. It was more appropriate if  it was coming from Hhampuz. Anyone can do anything which is not YOUR business here.

Lauda, Stop! Mind your own business. This is too much you are going. This DT system is not going for long, soon there will be a change.
20  Economy / Reputation / Re: @The Pharmacist on: May 27, 2019, 04:42:23 PM
So what the hell did he do to deserve this much hatin'?

I don't know if he deserves "hating" but he's turned into a CH-like troll once his main account (EthanB) was exposed along with inconsistencies in his narrative, so he's gonna be ridiculed for as long as he posts around here. It's unfortunate that we're putting hypertrolls on a high-calorie diet by red-tagging them but there you have it.

Stop blaming people to turn to this person or that person. You do it very often.

Have a red tag which you will feel was injustice for you and when you will see no one is believing you even you are honestly saying everything truth then you will become the next Bill, CH, Thule, mdayonliner, digaran or some other forum member who gave up with the forum eventually. Each of them were loyal to the community but made some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly but because of them not to be a part of the gang or may be did not lick the asses of the gang much, you all never thought about their good sides.

How many good forum members you think losing their interest because of shitty politics in this forum including nullius.

Fact: None of these members were scammers. But if anyone visit their profile and visit the topic they created where feedback rating is visible then they will think these members were scammers.

@DireWolfM14, you are too young to talk about or justify nutilidah and bill or any other very senior member here. Stop taking sides to gain personal benefits.
You want to know what the real reason is that nutilidah didn't get tagged and you did? Honesty.
And you think Bill was not honest enough or he did not show any integrity? How did you all knew about his account buying then? Why did theymos unbanned him then. You think theymos does not have the advantages of accessing some information that were crucial to see which is lie and which is truth more than you all shits who blame people based on the observation and chary picked information?

You know the motivation to tag Bill?
All of these gang members were waiting for a chance to destroy him because Bill stood up against Vod's childish behaviors towards OG. Vod has this kind of history but he is one of the key member/key ass licker of the gang. So the gang came to avenge him.

The Pharmacist: My observation is that he is a kind hearted man and knows exactly what is going on. Sometimes he tries his best to speak up but he controls because he knows it's not gonna bring him much good. So he always stands in between.
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