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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: The Turkish Complex of Some Eastern European Forum Members on: August 12, 2020, 08:38:00 AM
Why is there even some need felt by these Turkish users to show up with themselves being called as Turkish rather than Bitcoin enthusiasts?

There is no such need, it's diversionary black propaganda.

What makes them so different while being Turkish? Do they know much better about anything in this world rather than others who are called the experts of this forum?

Loaded bullshit questions, every individual is judged by his own merits, where are you from ?

Is this jealousy just because their local (language) board is not being given any existence nor importance in any major signature campaigns?

yeah, they are jealous because some under-qualified fake "experts" like you managed to deceive the Chipmixer organization into paying them fat salaries, luckily you were promptly kicked out, so you personally have fuck 0 to do with any of those debates going on, good luck.
2  Economy / Auctions / Re: Original Kyrgyz Knife, Symbol of Osh Auction on: July 18, 2020, 12:06:38 AM
Sorry just noticed these questions will try to regularly update this thread, glad to see some interest

Was it used to kill someone or something?

no just used in camping very lightly for general purpose, sharpened and oiled regularly since it was purchased around 2016 during my Central Asian tracking trip.

I'm curious as well. Starting bid is around $250, but what justifies such a price tag?
To me, at least from the pictures, it looks like an ordinary knife.
What's the story behind it?

The knife is made using the ancient Turkic formula of blue tinted steel, the exact composition to this day remains unknown.

Granted this version is more ornamental and for general purpose, you can tell by the design it s more for every day use than combat, although ancient Turks were lethal and extremely famous for their smithing abilities in their Central Asian homelands.

I traveled across Kirgizistan looking for exotic blades, I got this (among a few other pieces like a whip and an axe) from the blacksmith who personally made it and was selling it in the depths of the central market in Osh after he recognized that I was Turkish and brought out his hidden stash.

Chances are close to 0 to find a similar knife anywhere else on Earth, unlikely even if a regular traveler were to personally venture to Osh looking for something of similar authenticity...
3  Economy / Auctions / Re: Original Kyrgyz Knife, Symbol of Osh Auction on: July 06, 2020, 11:04:12 PM

the previous links I posted for the images were bad and in wrong format, all the correct images pasted below, perhaps there will be some interest in this unique blade now:

4  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Nostaljik Reklamlar on: July 05, 2020, 10:51:46 PM
Ege Bal'ın Türk reklamcılığına yaptığı şu minimal  dokunuşları üzerinden neredeyse 20 yıl geçmesine rağmen hala beynimden silemiyorum.
Arı vız vız vız ,Ege bal yiyınız repliği ve ardından gelen bıyıklı arının Ege Bal Ege Bal al al al kafiyeleri ayrı bir boyuttur.

5  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: June 05, 2020, 09:05:52 PM
What terrorist ~jollygood did carries a life sentence in the Republic of Turkey, and you are right it's taken very seriously.

It's a good thing this forum isn't located in Turkey then. I'm pretty sure there is no life sentence for saying that George Washington was a dickhead. So just shut the fuck up already and stop trying to impose your medieval shit here.

I forgot to say that I will add only honest and decent people

Sure. Like the DragonDance dimwit above?

perhaps someone could remind the very courteous and graceful Russian sell-out immigrant called suchmoon that the world does not start and stop with her beloved United States of America (fuck yeah  Grin),

perhaps the "scholarly" suchmoon can also find great pleasure in brushing up on the legal procedures against what happens to say Holocaust deniers in EU, or what happens when someone says something like `Hitler was a war hero, and jews were the bane of Europe` in any of the European jurisdictions (by the way in the United States they just pass away under mysterious circumstances without even making it to the prison system in most cases...)

and just to be clear I say this as DragonDance, probably one of the only females from the Turkish section, and I'm willing to present KYC materials here and any other authentication theymos would like, if the terrorist and their loser apologist trolls of this forum would also be brave enough to follow suit, but of course the pathetic dungeon dwellers like rusty-cumfilled-mind and marlborozo would refuse such a challenge,

all they know is black propaganda and criminal defamation from their mothers' basement...

ps. thanks peloso, I had the impression suchmoon was an obese immigrant woman living in the USA  Smiley, if s/he is Croatian that would make a lot more sense given her cover up operations and brazen favoritism of some very well known blacklisted criminals of Bitcointalk in the past...
6  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: June 05, 2020, 08:17:23 PM

~~~terrorism apologist diversionary troll

~~~petty troll with a vendetta against local sections

I see some of the members on this forum have gone insane after missing the train while crypto bull run was hot, so insane to start actively defending terrorists for their petty political reasons...

I might be borrowing some terms from some more eloquent members to express points clearly, but the facts are all there.

What terrorist ~jollygood did carries a life sentence in the Republic of Turkey, and you are right it's taken very seriously.

Anyone defending him for political reasons should also be investigated.

A respectable organization should have a 0 tolerance policy against criminals and terrorists, in my humble opinion. So I do my civic duty, it's up to admin to decide.

I will also contact international organizations like the Interpol to prosecute against ~jollygood, as the signs are all there for him to be a sleeping terrorist cell.

If this doesn't sit well with some political losers here, then they too should go under investigation. Bye.
7  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: June 05, 2020, 07:42:37 PM


Glad to see criminal scum like ~jollygood finally getting some long overdue justice here and starting to get red, perhaps there is some hope for this forum yet.

Dear Bitcointalk members and staff,

Be very careful about this jollygood criminal, he has shown radical islamist terroristic tendencies during his black propaganda efforts against certain local sections, and if you don't ban pure evil scum like him from Bitcointalk, don't be surprised if FBI or Homeland Security comes knocking on the doors of the forum to investigate terrorist propaganda.

Please check this treacherous criminal's lies against one of the greatest geniuses of 20th Century below:

To be honest and fair, you are behaving in the same way the terrorist Kemal Pasha did when he betrayed the Turkish Empire while he was supposed to be in command of a large force to protect it from invasion and fragmenting in to anarchy. That betrayal resulted in him having a warrant out for his arrest which would have allowed a swift military court judgement to take place and him being executed. Being the coward Kemal Pasha was, he went in to hiding before hiding even further in the shadows allowing others to fight the battle against foreign invaders before he cheated his way to the top post.

What a coward terrorist Kemal Pasha was, he was not even really Turkish.

He was no Attatürk (father of Turkish country), he was the Türk Halkına Ihanet Eden Terörist (terrorist betrayer of Turks).

Speaking about posting, you and your buddies had cheated in to DT via fake trust circles and merit abuse but I see you also betraying the Turkish members in this forum because you along with low-life members such as Vispilio and your gang are trying to become de-facto representatives of the Turkish members when in reality none of you should be merit source or anywhere near DT.

Our demand for the source of rights includes rational and justified reasons. We expect the forum management to make a positive decision in this regard.
Propaganda is the job of those like you. Instead of JollyGood, Joseph Goebbels nickname would suit you better.

as someone who spent many years working in Turkey and the Middle East, I can assure all authorities that only criminals with radical Islamist insurgency indoctrination speak these utterly false words against the legendary hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,

the dishonorable worm that goes by the name of ~jollygood might be very interesting to investigate if he resides in the 1st world, all the red flags are there for him to be a sleeper cell radical terrorist,  so consider this post a civic duty for the benefit of humanity.

8  Local / Ekonomi / Re: Norveç Varlık Fonu on: May 26, 2020, 08:57:46 AM
Aslında Corona etkisiyle bütün muhafazakar fonlar 2020'ye ağır zararlarla başladı.

Ancak dünyayı küresel krizden kurtarmak için merkez bankalarının rekor düzeyde para basmaya başlamasıyla, ham petrol de hızla toparlandı Norveç Varlık Fonuna da bunun olumlu yansıdığı düşüncesindeyim.

9  Local / Ekonomi / Re: USD/TRY on: May 26, 2020, 08:47:42 AM
Sert yükselişin ardından beklenen faiz indiriminin de sadece 50bps olarak gerçekleşmesine bağlı olarak kısa süreli doğal bir geri çekilme oldu.

6.50'lere değmeden tekrar 7'nin üzerine çıkıp yükselişine devam etmesini bekliyorum.
10  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Film önerisi on: May 25, 2020, 07:11:13 PM
58 yapımı western film 'The Big Country'.
Baştan sona uçsuz, bucaksız çorak arazide geçiyor. Tamam sinematografik ama inanılmaz uyku getiren bir etkisi var.Türün meraklılarına şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum.Maskulenite üzerine adeta ders veren nitelikte sahneler var.

11  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: İyi bayramlar on: May 24, 2020, 04:55:03 PM

Herkese iyi bayramlar. Smiley
Bu bayram görüntülü konuşmalar pratik oluyor tabi.Whatsappı güncelleyerek 8li grup görüşmesine kadar görüşme yapabilirsiniz.
Bu arada tam buğday ekmek de bayram bittikten sonra çıkacakmış.(Pide de yok)
12  Economy / Reputation / Re: 🔥 FAKE: Defamation At Its Worst During Chipmixer Applications 🔥 on: May 18, 2020, 08:10:00 PM
They are compulsive liars who would probably sell their own grandmother for a photo of the traitor "Kemal Pasha" aka "fake-Attaturk" just because idolise him.

Nice one. That's exactly how I see it as well. If you ask these retards they'd say that love Atatürk a lot but in reality, Atatürk wouldn't use these useless shits to wipe his... i dunno. use your imagination here.  Grin

edit: ...his Nose. The word was Nose.  Cool

Ataturk loving Turks must have fucked both of your mothers, sisters and wives in real life, otherwise you wouldnt need to hide in an internet forum to vent your extreme inferiority complex.

@jollygood and @mindrust, I haven't encountered more hollow sub human worms than you in any other place on Earth, you parasites make even the criminals of this forum look like nobility.

Someone should contact your parents in real life and convince them to lock you away for the benefit of civil society.

13  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: 19 Mayıs Tarihi uçuşunda yerimizi alalım ! on: May 18, 2020, 03:03:17 PM
Evet reklam kokan haraketler ama art director arkadaşa saygı duydum başarılı iş çıkarmış.

14  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Covid19 on: May 18, 2020, 02:51:52 PM
In Turkey government decrease the number of cases whereas some countries tend to increase.Conclusion, there is a lot of political manipulation going on.
15  Economy / Reputation / Re: For DT1 members: mhanbostanci & alts on: May 17, 2020, 03:09:56 PM
to be part of a forum where proven criminals are playing the role of prosecutor, is probably the zenith of dystopia and totalitarian regimes,

however, even criminals deserve mercy, so I'll help terrorist ~lauda and her complicit DT apologists broaden their extremely limited intellect and worldviews:


A senior computer scientist and academic likes to employ his students and nephew every once in a while on some errands / coding jobs for pay.

However he doesn't want his nephew to have access to the funds because he is a minor and he doesn't want him cashing out, buying drugs etc,

THEREFORE he shares only a BTC address from his own wallet which his nephew can then use to receive payments on some of the jobs he is taking online.

Riddle solved, I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen some of these DT cultists wouldn't be even offered a position at the counter on your local Burger joint...
16  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Right to Respond] Disgusting Bigot LoyceV on: May 12, 2020, 04:23:31 PM
The cases are already proven beyond any shadow of doubt

Can you show the proof of the following:

LoyceV [...] uses the DT statistics he scrapes and catalogues himself to manipulate the trust ratings of [...] lauda, jollygood, and many others

1) one of the most criminal individuals I've encountered in public space, the psychopath lauda has a positive default trust rating;

2) one of the most shameless liars out there, jollygood, who lives on this forum to create false narratives on a daily basis,  also has a net positive...

People notice their criminal behavior and neg them every month, then scumbags like you and LoyceV manage to nudge the entire forum into the corrupt and totally fake direction that no in fact it's everyone else who is wrong, and these guys are actually pretty snowflakes (nevermind the overwhelming evidence to the contrary)

Really the criminal mastermind(s) employing you and LoyceV should be proud, you guys are showing CIA levels of subversion and black ops here...
17  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Right to Respond] Disgusting Bigot LoyceV on: May 12, 2020, 03:59:04 PM
one of the greatest lessons taught to under-educated and over-privileged fossils like him in the 21st century

I beg to differ. The only lesson here is that nationalism doesn't work in a place like this.

BTW LoyceV didn't attack a country or a nation or a race, he commented on the actions of some Turkish users here. In return he was subjected to childish personal attacks. This doesn't help whatever point you're trying to make, it just exposes your inability to handle certain topics.

LoyceV is a scumbag who uses the DT statistics he scrapes and catalogues himself to manipulate the trust ratings of proven criminals like lauda, jollygood, and many others that we don't need to get into right now because it's all so petty.

You are also complicit because you and few others like you stand to make a lot of money from this corruption, so you come to the forum everyday to defend your criminal friends, your zeal is really commendable, and goes beyond the few thousand dollars you are making / month here...

If admin and staff continue to be silent on this blatantly obvious criminal network overtaking this forum, then it would be proof they are also complicit in it too.

The cases are already proven beyond any shadow of doubt, the only thing subject to debate now is just how big the scope of corruption runs on Bitcointalk...
18  Economy / Reputation / [Right to Respond] Disgusting Bigot LoyceV on: May 12, 2020, 03:10:37 PM
As some highly insightful members eloquently put the other day, "sneaky scumbag" @LoyceV tries to socially engineer entire local sections of the forum in many of his self moderated threads of criminally motivated Default Trust abuse,

and when a forum member finally reacts to his disgusting "orientalist" attacks, he instantly deletes the response; luckily this forum is still a libertarian enough place to bring swift justice to spineless cowards like him.

Here is the full debate and rightful response that he deleted, for your viewing pleasure, I nominate it as one of the greatest lessons taught to under-educated and over-privileged fossils like him in the 21st century:

I thought LoyceV was a good and objective user, but by ignoring the facts, he proved to be one of the sig-gang. Disappointment..
Is this a Turkish thing or something? I've seen it from many different Turkish forum members: they trust my judgement, until I post the smallest thing that doesn't fit their narrative. When that happens, they switch from "included" to "excluded".
Another thing I've noticed is the complete lack of arguments. That's what civilized people do when something comes up: they discuss it. The most vocal part of the Turkish local board instantly starts calling names and pulls the race card, which can only mean they have no arguments. It's also funny that the Turkish themselves made this about their "race" (really, a race based on nationality?), and it's something I haven't seen from any other local board. The rest of the developed world left tribal nationalism a long time ago.

Now, please stay ontopic. You're free to discuss why you're excluded those 134 members.

@LoyceV I'm sorry to break it to you, but you are not who you think you are bro. You sound like a peasant from a remote town in the middle of nowhere in God forsaken Netherlands.

I would put the chances of you never having held gainful employment in any of the major metropolitan cities of the US or Europe to be above 99%.

People who are exposed to a diversity of cultures in a real environment, don't talk like you, trying to lecture the "colonized savages" of the Third World like you are a proponent of the social engineering theories of Herbert Spencer or something.

It's not 1800's and the world has moved on from such short sighted bigotry, wake the fuck up.

Most of the Turkish people that you are trying to belittle in roundabout ways in all of your posts have advanced degrees, would take you to school in software engineering and statistics, among other disciplines, and when they are done outclassing you, you wouldn't be able to look your kids straight in the eye and would have to go back to school to regain your teeny tiny facade of a manhood you have built for yourself here.

So it's high time you are served a large piece of the humble pie, and if you keep going like this sooner or later someone is going to shove it down your illiterate loud mouth. Take care of yourself.
19  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: 🍀 Default Trust Oylamalarına Nasıl Katılabilirim? 🍀 Bu Neden Önemlidir ? on: May 10, 2020, 09:34:19 AM
Türkçe bölümün daha güçlenmesi gerektiğine kesin katılıyorum.

wolwoo ve Vispilio'ya bu konuyla ilgili Meta'da yaptıkları katkılar için de teşekkür ederim, çok önemli mesajlar okudum.

Türkçe bölümde iyi niyetli ve güvenilir arkadaşları listeme eklemeye başlamıştım, ben de şimdi bunu genişleterek daha kapsayıcı bir liste oluşturuyorum
20  Other / Meta / Re: change into election algorithm on: May 06, 2020, 07:05:00 PM
More interesting point is why are the signature campaigns taking trust ratings so seriously, no one else is...

It's been demonstrated time and again that the Trust system is being manipulated in favor of nepotist gangs who make their living on this forum.

If the signature campaigns were themselves not part of the conspiracy, no one in his right mind, outside of the psychotic gang members terrorizing this forum who have caused its hits and engagement to take a nosedive in recent years, would even spend a split second debating the bullshit that is the Default Trust system...

Most people would beat the crap out of character assassinating hateful criminals like ~lauda and ~jollygood in real life on sight, and yet there is a visible effort by even otherwise respectable veteran forum members here to keep these losers (and their numerous alt / sockpuppet accounts) as part of the system so they can be used as a tool of controlling who gets into well paying signature campaigns...

@theymos needs to step in and divorce the signature campaign monopoly from the hands of nepotist gang members, otherwise only 15-20 mediocre people (with no qualifications other than bitcointalk cult membership) who get gratuitously paid on this forum will remain, and this place will start resembling a retirement home...

The advantage of paying people from the 3rd world is the fact that you can attract really high quality talent to a forum with modest amounts because 1000 USD / month means a lot in many developing countries, whereas people with advanced degrees in the developed world wouldn't even agree to be seen in the same room with the likes of petty terrorists like ~lauda and ~jollygood, even if you offer them double or triple that amount...
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