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1  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: ✅ 🏆 Double your Bitcoins in just 100 hours 🚀 Automatic Payments on: October 14, 2019, 05:52:44 PM
If it seems too good to be true....  Smiley

(You know the rest!)
2  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Re: Concerned About Human Error and Liability with Wallet on: July 15, 2019, 01:22:48 PM
All of these replies are educational however, they don't address human error. I guess I'll just have to YouTube how to foolproof losing coins from the Trezor through mech failure, and best practices on key storage. 
3  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Re: Concerned About Human Error and Liability with Wallet on: July 13, 2019, 12:04:38 AM

"Be your own bank" sounds nice again, in theory. But I've heard of more horror stories of people losing hundreds of thousands of USD because they somehow ended up in a situation where everything was either stolen or missing IRL - And up schitt's creek with no one to blame but themselves....

Meanwhile I think Binance users who lost funds in the latest hack will get it all back.
4  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Concerned About Human Error and Liability with Wallet on: July 12, 2019, 08:58:21 PM
I am on the fence in regards to using my Trezor which I just bought.

I would say I have an "intermediate" level of Crypto and solutions on the market. Something stands out to me that can be summed up in the following points:

- Argument AGAINST Wallet: What happens if a fire occurs and your Trezor wallet is damaged? And on the same day there is a "Run on the Bank" and due to some event the price of BTC will fall to 50% of it's value by tomorrow. Liquidity is a concern when you need to make a rapid move. Apparently the procedure to recover your funds require the key phrases stored on paper and you have to contact customer support. But the response is not ASAP. What if the paper is burnt and your other 2 copies are lost? You basically lose all your coins due to human error/disaster. What if my dog eats the paper? What if a lightning bolt strikes me dead and my surviving relatives can't find the paper? Extra bonus: Trezor is not liable for the disaster nor do you have any type of recourse or insurance for such events...

Also what happens if a relative comes over steals your key phrases and fraudulently poses as you. What happens if the ink smudges over time on all of your key phrases. You are trying to re-copy it every year to ensure that doesn't happen. Static electricity spontaneously vaporizes the paper in the closet. AND an EMP attack shorts your hardware wallet. Sounds unlikely, but Murphy's law...
- Argument FOR Exchange: Let's say the main risk of hacking happens and your funds are included in the thieves cash grab on the hack.

Well #1 we have to consider is only a certain percentage of funds on Coinbase and some other exchanges are kept in the HOT wallets. So it's possible the thieves only get 1% of your holdings.
#2 - These exchanges self-insure so your lost funds in BTC are covered.
#3 - With Google authenticator your chances of direct P2P attack on your individual account is slim to none

Coinbase has a customer service phone number and one of the first prompts is regarding account security. Does Trezor have this same setup?

Maybe if you are dealing with an exchange based abroad or in a questionable country (i.e. - Poland, no offense) then you should probably use hard wallets. But for a New Yorker like myself investing in either Coinbase or Gemini which have been throughly regulated and have the highest chain of custody and security standards, it would in my opinion be better to leave it on the exchange. That way worst case scenario you are a creditor, but if something happens to your hard wallet or pass phrases get stolen you are FUBAR/SOL (F****). At least if L33T Krew hacks Coinbase I can go to the NY State Attorney General and demand they recoup my funds, which they will have great incentive to do considering typical hacks involve millions of dollars in funds.

If Joe Blow investor loses 100k because he misplaced his key phrases nobody cares. But if 500 people lose $5 million they can easily block the sale on the receiving exchanges end even if the IDs are anonymized they can flag that sale and link it back to the hack.

Hard wallet sounds nice in theory but at least liability in a hack is on the company and not you personally from a legal perspective.
5  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: AMFEIX - is it legit? on: July 12, 2019, 07:29:00 PM
So you 3 pathetic bumping reviewers above, please tell what safety do all investors have in case the company shuts down tomorrow and runs away with the money. NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Please everyone, investing or thinking to invest, please ask them the real questions (on telegram)
I did the same and was blocked, and when asking questions on the website, they told me the company wont disclose any owners as they fear for their lives due to the amount of bitcoin they trade/have. They also told me the company owner is 19 years old. HAHA
Some more questions i would like to see answered:

- Indonesian license doesn't give any reference as to the core of the business, for all that we know it could be a license for selling pineapples at the side of the road
- What safety do investors have in case they shut down the website and run away. you wont be able to access the fund nor your wallet
- Why does the company run such an aggressive marketing campaign whilst spamming posts like this and and blocking negative reviews on other sites, but don't have the guts to come on here and answer to these concerns?
- why doesn't the company disclose the real owners? The 3 people on the website and on the license are definitely not the people running the show

Luckily they cant ban comments here, like they do on trustpilot, so lets make sure that any potential future investors can lean something here

LOL should coinbase, binance owners also fear for their lives?Huh

They don't have a team of body guards surrounding them when appearing in public...I guess someone is going to hold them at gunpoint and request all the security passkey phrases for their company cold storage accounts  Grin you are cracking me up here!!!!!  Cheesy

The Indonesian license posted above appears to be for an elementary day school for our precious children in Jakarta  Grin

I have it in my mind to report these guys to DAILYHODL because that's where they are advertising the hardest.  Smiley
6  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: AMFEIX - is it legit? on: July 12, 2019, 12:11:23 PM
Appreciate your due diligence here... I saw an advertisement for this, was doing research and stumbled upon this thread.

These Indonesians scammers are SSJGod level compared to Nigerians or Russians  Shocked
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