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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 01:52:46 PM
You will get now a feedback. Just wait a second.

Exclude all of these from your network:

~Jet Cash

See here:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How to view .bit sites on mobile devices? on: March 30, 2020, 12:43:34 PM
In my opinion this is a big problem that people can't access easily .bit TLDs. The "Peername" plugin is only a temporal solution.  Undecided
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 12:13:58 PM
Thanks! So @HRW is the real account, and is the real website? Great! Thanks for providing evidence you're an imposter, now I can tag you.

Real? What are you talking about?

Is this Human Rights Foundation not real for you:, what about this Human Rights Foundation: ? They are also scammers?  Undecided
Anyone who believes that is "legit" is an ignorant idiot!
HRF is the world's only "human rights foundation" which attacking me, harassing me and copy from my website! HRF is the only one along with Thor Halvorssen Mendoza and Alex Gladstein which wanted to STEAL my domain by registering trademarks! Now they pretend to be the victims!  Cheesy

I founded my own Human Rights Foundation and it is at, you got my point?  Roll Eyes

Read and than talk! This is not an "usual" topic! This is very serious and be honest it should be moved into "Investigations". I'm not a scammer! That is Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is his fascist brigade from New York, Miami, San Francisco and Washington D.C.!

About me you find no articles like the ones you find about Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. Nobody calling me "NEOCON SCAM ARTIST"! So yes, the topic I requested to close should be closed, the one with the title "Scam accusation.." You can't show any proof about any kind of scam I doing so that old topic is just an accusation and stays that way.
4  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 11:29:22 AM
The poor Thor Halvorssen Mendoza (the Venezuelan-born fascist & terrorist, cousin of Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza) now pretends to be the victim!  Cheesy

That one like is come from Peter MacCormack.  Roll Eyes

Another who pretends to be the "victim".  Cry Cheesy

These guys are really disgusting...

Far as I know I was who has been attacked from New York and Washington D.C. in the first place I have all right to say, that they are scammer fraud fascist terrorist shit, they copy from my work, do what I do, I got tired of this dogs! They bully me with trademarks and threatening me with FBI for many years! Now Mendoza proudly walks the State Department in a CIA organized event founded by Mike Pompeo. You gonna be fucking kidding me! Seriously!  

I will not take this lightly! Nobody should/would in my situation! These are terrorists and I not going to be silent about them! NEVER! I die, well, than I die... at least I will show the right direction to masses of people before that happens!

5  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 10:10:20 AM
I'm not on facebook... This topic is not for personal conversations do you have enough IQ to understand?
If your intention with this thread was to prove how much of a low life you are then congrats man , you delivered the message.

You are treated how you treat others, you come here and already I was a scumbag... You deserve it. Cry now.  Cheesy I hope you are not a fascist or we have a big problem!  Angry Angry
6  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 10:01:23 AM
Well this topic is not about my life is about ALL OF US! If they get from me what they want they will use it for propaganda! It is extremely important for the State Department because both Thor Halvorssen Mendoza and Kenneth Roth working for the CIA! CIA's job is to overthrow government and "change regime" in the name of; - listen carefully - "human rights and democracy". Can you imagine how much money these retards spent on me? They lawyers sent me a message from Washington D.C. accused me that I'm squatting and that I wanna sell and they fucking quoted in that message the Trump organization as an example. The law firm in question is Gibbsun & Dunn Washington D.C. Office. The trademarks in EU and in USA all the fees etc and they got from me absolutely nothing!

Right now I'm destroying and by exposing they fraud scam and connection to the State Department. HRF copied most of they content from me actually, especially the use of Bitcoin (function) in this way they can be UNACCOUNTED for financing fascists. When Alex Gladstein (Chef Strategy Officer) realized this, they changed they logo from the blue flames to a big H. They changed the logo (abandoned they shitty trademark(not in use)) and also created a page for Bitcoin donations! To scam people to donate them Bitcoin, the page looked like mine! With QR code, the exact page title even the URL structure is matching, see here:*/  

Take a look at this DMCA:
Searching for "Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin" on Google a well know address comes up "Bitcoin Address 18fyEQXaZQgCbNoE5Qjs6W7Pnqc9Yp4PQD" with the link of The newly created URL(s) below are part of a DEFAMATION campaign against the original and publicly well know copyrighted work which has enormous reputation! Example has the following title: "DONATE BITCOIN (TEMP)". Clearly defamation and spam!

They copied even the blue color code I using on all of the sites:
The original work published at on October 2014 uses the colour code HEX #0090ff RGB(0,144,255) in its style for years. In September 2018 the website is created and from 16,777,216 possible RGB color code combinations they picked (stolen from my CSS) HEX #00b8da RGB(0,184,218) which is an extremely close color code to the original work published with the name "Human Rights Foundation". See related 10 DMCA take-down notice in LUMEN database regarding HRF.ORG.

Theymos, I come here by choice to publish what I wrote. I'm well aware is public, but the doxx and the "scam" accusation is over the line, sorry but really. What you archive by talking about me and my personal life? Nothing. The real criminals are in the Empire State Building, State Department and at the CIA. I will never ever give anything to anyone who is walking in the State Department of the United States of America.

Let me help!

Who the hell is Kenneth Roth ( and Thor Halvorssen Mendoza (

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza (Human Rights Scam Exposed): -  Jimmy Dore is a good comedian! He exposed them badly! (Keep punching up Jimmy!!!  Cheesy Cheesy Wink)
Kenneth Roth:

Imagine yourself in my position, this Mendoza guy bully me with trademarks messaging me from New York and Washington D.C. and I watch how investigative journalists exposing them. (POPCORN)  Grin The very first article come about after he applied for trademarks is this:
Meet Thor Halvorssen, Neocon Scam Artist Who Heads Bogus Human Rights Foundation

So funny that YOU guys call me scammer!  Cheesy Look at this article! Right there, "NEOCON SCAM ARTIST"! Not me! Thor Halvorssen Mendoza! The guy who can't the fuck get off me until I smash his face with "communist" hammer for the common good and well being of all!
7  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 07:44:21 AM
CIA engineers are bitches compared to me to be honest with you.  Cool

The doxx is a big trash! You can ask me questions! My PGP public key published here: signature:

Can someone call here Theymos for a second??? He should read this topic! This topic should be in "Investigations" not me personally!  

Yes I use VPN Theymos and no there is no way to trace me. I'm not an idiot my friend. I come here asking nicely first for donations and than to delete post about me. Seems to me you care more about me personally than about what I'm telling you about Mendoza and REAL FUCKING TERRORISTS who actually killing people! I killed nobody, I threatening people who attacking me and I have all right to do it! Think about that! Now go and read this topic again and again until you don't understand reality!
8  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 06:16:47 AM
Even if I posted that threat that is nothing comparing to machine guns, killings and terrorism not to mention I'm not that guy who goes to luxury hotels in Washington D.C. when visiting the State Department to meet with Mike Pompeo. That is is Thor Halvorssen Mendoza whose father "Thor Halvorssen Hellum" also worked for the CIA and DEA!  You see that picture I posted above? That is Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza's cousin.

Again, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the "CEO" of, digging a bit more I find that "The Human Rights Foundation Corporation" what Mendoza leads is registered in Washington D.C.

Maybe they should stop bully people with trademarks, and stop scamming for Bitcoin donations! Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a terrorist, I'M NOT! I'm a legitimate human rights defender! I have nothing to do with this scammer terrorists in New York!

Show me any Bitcoin related article from what they wrote before I published my work! Show me just one! There is NONE! They are fraud scammers! When they realized that I will not give up on the domain, not even when they bully me with trademarks and offering me 3,000 USD, they started copy from my website and created the "donate Bitcoin" page:*/donate-bitcoin ! You really think and Mendoza need Bitcoin? They receiving 4-5 million of USD every single year what they spend where? PROPAGANDA! I barely can pay for the servers! Think about that.

You wanna really know why they scamming for Bitcoin since March of 2019? I tell you! because they can't transfer money to Venezuela (to Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza and Juan Guido [the guy who declared himself president]) The US government imposed sanctions on Venezuela so Thor Halvorssen Mendoza and his fake "NGO" sending Bitcoin to his cousin to Caracas. Not only to Venezuela but also to Hong Kong! Islapmohopbe, Sinophobe, Rusophobic fascists!

I keep working on my project but these motherfuckers from New York and Washington D.C. not letting me in peace! I say fuck the CIA and the entire State Department! You think I'm afraid? Man, I live in Switzerland. They will never get me from here EVER! This is clearly a political case and from Switzerland NO ONE will be arrested or extradited on political grounds! This is not a civil matter! I say whatever I want especially if I can get the attention of people and point my finders to terrorist backed by the CIA!


Don't ever fucking call me a scammer!!! EVER!  Angry
9  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 05:58:10 AM
The topic I requested must be removed because it is absurd to accuse me with scam when in reality HRF working with the CIA and scamming for Bitcoin donations since March of 2019!

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza the cousin of Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza (that guy in the picture) is a fascist shit! In February 21 2020 he was in Washington D.C. at the State Department in a event organized by ex-CIA director Mike Pompeo. Don't believe me? Take a look at this: on the same day Mendoza edited his own WikiPedia page from the luxurious Watergate Hotel which is on the same street as the State Department!

The IP address of the Watergate Hotel is,

So who is scamming? This guy bullied me with EU and US trademarks! EU: USA:

Don't call me a scammer when they are killing people in Caracas!
10  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 05:43:06 AM
What? You are out of your mind!  Roll Eyes I want to remove this thread since when is opened  Cheesy Maybe McCormack has many enemies.  Grin He deserve it. He contributed nothing to Bitcoin or did anything positive in his life. is there on the picture that I see, but I have nothing to do with that.

What the hell? Thanks for pointing to this Twitter topic! I found a picture about Thor Halvorssen Mendoza's cousin Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza: This guy seems very pacifist with that machine gun behind him! Yeah, this is, he sending money to his cousin to Venezuela who wanna "peacefully" overthrow the Venezuelan government! And you call me scammer? Look at these maniacs!

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza's cousin Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza on 1th of May 2019.

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is the "CEO" of the "Human Rights Foundation" (yes, that who seems like buying these machine guns for his own cousin!
11  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 04:59:37 AM
Saying that my 5 years work is a "scam" just because a few person did not get answer is defamation, considering that the topic is not removed the damage is obvious! Nobody ever sent any donation from BitcoinTalk to our address. So tell me how it can be a scam? Most of the Bitcoin actually I and my close associates deposited to that address. Where I spent the funds? Servers, domain names and other things I needed to pay just to maintain the sites. Why there is nothing on them? Because neither I or any of my associate is a journalist. It is the people who have option to submit articles and reports. I make now a disclosure. All, I repeat all of the websites and the media on them are fully decentralized, distributed peer-to-peer, secured by Bitcoin and even using Namecoin for addressing! These sites are always under development, and they are constantly under attack. No one even thinks that they are fully decentralized. For that matter all of these sites I written up in HTML can be distributed even without Internet connection in a local network. There is absolutely not a single human rights organization which was able to do this what I have done in years. What you see when you connect to for example Human Rights Foundation at, that content is proxied to you from a few back-end nodes which picking up the fresh content directly from my computer where I sign that content with my Bitcoin privkey. Each site in reality has a unique Bitcoin address but because remembering them would be difficult eventually I needed Namecoin to make it human-readable.

Why "Human Rights Foundation" is the name? Well, that was just a need. On 8th of May 2014 I registered the domain and than a few more in the coming months until I decided in October to register the domain too. Right now I own more than 40 different TLDs. They all look like: humanrights.tld. Some accused me that I trying to pretend to be some American organization but that is very far from reality! I started working on this on paper back in 2012 and for two years all these existed only on paper. So back to the name, there is more than 10 different "Human Rights Foundation" worldwide. Some of them like the Human Rights Foundation in New Zealand way more credible than that propaganda CIA tool in the Empire State Building. I have absolutely nothing to do with them. By the way only the American "Human Rights Foundation" wanted to steal my domain with trademarks! They bullied me for years. That is a different story really. But you get the idea.

Theymos, Satoshi Nakamoto, Aaron Swartz and a few other are the ones who really inspired Bitcoin's very first fork and the first "altcoin" called Namecoin. I love Namecoin and I like reading BitcoinTalk especially things like "BitDNS"  Wink Cheesy It would be bad if the topic I requested is not going to be deleted. Seriously, that is absurd and should be not allowed. I hope Cyrus or Theymos will remove it.
12  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 03:30:19 AM
I'm not giving nothing up! BitcoinTalk going to delete that topic which is disgusting and baseless or I sue in court for defamation. I will not going to watch that topic all in my life, so better we figure out something! It is the Moderator's job to remove inappropriate topics, I see many moderator removing topics which criticize BitcoinTalk in seconds, but when someone working for years mostly alone in a project you guys rush and accuse him with scam and that baseless disgusting topic not even removed for months. This is defamation. Damage in reputation without any evidence of wrongdoing! Again, if the topic is removed I will be happy to go in peace or stay and talk in other boards. Takes 5 second to remove that topic and everyone is happy. I see you have no question so I guess we can agree on deleting that topic. I obviously don't want to take it to court but if no other choice is given even in "Reputation" section than this forum going to be sued! You can't just attack someone like you (not you personally) did, 20 different person jumping on one person in one topic. Just think for a second.

Can you show me anything which is written in that topic similar to this: ? It can't be even "scam" if you think about. Not answering questions automatically means you are a scammer? Since when?

* I sent a message to theymos and Cyrus asking them for help in this matter.
13  Economy / Reputation / Re: Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 03:10:11 AM
Please do not comment if keep doing what you did in that topic! This topic is opened for a very good reason in the "Reputation" section! I appreciate you understand that my work was attacked here on this forum, accused me and my associates and my entire work as "scam" and I'm here to defend the reputation of the organization I funded! I paid for the Copper membership with the funds we have at 18fyEQXaZQgCbNoE5Qjs6W7Pnqc9Yp4PQD so I kindly request let me defend myself and the reputation of the organization I founded, own and manage.

If anyone want to ask a question please ask it respectfully and one question at a time!
14  Economy / Reputation / Delete a topic from BitcoinTalk's "scam" section. on: March 30, 2020, 03:01:40 AM
Hello everyone!

My name is Zoltán Kondér and I requesting to delete the topic which has nothing to do with scam, that topic is full of personal attacks against me and overall it has more to do with critic than with "scam". If the topic is deleted I will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding my work. The topic I requesting to delete is started because I was not answering some questions.
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