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1  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED on: January 15, 2020, 04:06:35 AM
2  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED on: November 29, 2019, 05:25:00 PM
Please guys lets avoid spam on my thread if possible, if you have anything that can relate me to his method do report me, otherwise avoid spamming.

I dont know what his method is nor I care, plus most money making method thread layouts are quite similar if you ask me, but well that's my view.

Plus evilzzone you made an account just to spam me? Weird you probably some lame indian competitor trying to sell his own shitty 8usd/day method. So avoid posting , and thanks.

3  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED on: November 29, 2019, 06:45:03 AM
Not sure what he's talking about clicked his linked and im redirected to nothing.

This is my second account, my one and only acc named Soha. Is hacked and now can't access. Soha 1 is an impersonator who tried making deals out of me with different telegrams/skype while i was gone after the hack. This is my one and only account atm with same skype/telegram Smiley
4  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED on: November 29, 2019, 05:49:25 AM
Never had the chance to talk to him, my guide's unique and not sure what his consists of. If that's what can get you worried. I dont know either what impersonator talked with that Rothschild dude so can't be certain either.

However my guide's unique and none similar to it on market i know of.
5  Economy / Digital goods / Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED on: November 26, 2019, 10:43:43 PM

First of all, that's my old thread with my one and only hacked account "Soha", I' haven't logged in since the occurance of the hack and didn't sell anymore methods or anything. Method still works and runs flawless, if you got any doubts please do contact me! Using same old Skype, and telegram;
USER: SOHA1 IS AN IMPOSTER, he took my identity and started selling God knows what. Only contact me. Again guys, his skype and telegram were different, only contact skype/telegram that are same as my One and only Old thread posted from Soha
Check my first thread linked above to add the correct telegram and skype.

Sohas money making guide

Assured insane profits! Up to $185 per day in laid-back income!

Just follow my guidance and start earning!

Kickoff with a slight investment of $25-50.

- Solo. It's just you. No other person is required for you to start.

-Worldwide functionality. Works globally. Make money wherever you're living in, Antartica to China!

- Progressive. The more dedication and time you put in, the more used to it you'll get.

-Refund gauranted. If you're incapable of earning back your money, you'll get a full refund, no questions asked!

- Rookie friendly. Anyone can do it! No skills or knowledge is required at all.

- A completely unsaturated method. Absolutely unaffected by oversaturation!.

-Scalable. The more effort you put in, the more you will be making!

How's guide provided?

The process will be explained in specific thorough stages.
I'll provide 24/7, 7 days a week, lifetime assistance and method updates.
Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTE...
Soha Money Making Guide (UP TO $185/DAY) - EARN OR REFUND - TRUSTED VOUCHED
How much does this cost?

Guide price: 59.99USD.

Payment options : BTCTC or Paypal from extremely trusted users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So as to not reveal what I'm exactly selling here's some guidance you can take on to what this is not about. This questions have been asked by potential customers already.

Does it involver me working from 9 to 5? Fk no
Does it involve flips? nu
Is it blackhat or ilegal by any means? non
translations of any sort? no
Filling surveys 24/7? nop

Please make sure to pm me , or add my telegram: @Sohabtct

or skype: live:977a31991db5bff9

No discussions inside thread please, for any doubt contact me.

As stated by Soha, I got a vouch copy of this guide. So here comes my review of the guide:
I have been able to make money already with this guide, u can get started with 20$, but I recommend to start with at least 50-100$ to earn faster and more. You can make over 100 bucks a day, as long as you put in some effort. It is not hard to do this, anyone that puts in some decent time to read the guide and set it up, you will make money.

OP approached me to offer a vouch for his "system"

I have read the documentation and will make some statements about it..

It isn't a skam but it also isn't innovative,  I don't have the inclination to spend time performing the system myself but I can say that logic dictates it will work.  If you are working at Maccie D's or signing up to bounties all day long, then this might be a winner for you.

I cannot vouch for OP or his own credibility but I can say that if you bought this "system" and followed through then you are highly likely to earn a profit - I cannot guarantee a profit as in life there are many variables but for an entry level idea for non innovative people - then crack on.

I got a vouch copy from op, I will read and leave a review later..

I have read the his method and this is what I think about it..
The instructions are easy to follow, the method is easy to understand and use. You can make money indeed but it depends of a lot of factors, it's not all about how hard and how much you work, you are still dependent of other people in order to make money.


I read it. It works. It's simple.
That's all you need to know.

If you don't currently have a working method, then this is probably good.

Not sure if it's worth the price-tag for me but it may differ for others. Use your best judgment.

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