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1  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17+ (70TH) Hashchain missing (but not always) on: October 27, 2020, 01:37:45 PM

A few weeks ago the retailer send back my defective hashboard.
They put my hashboard into a different S17+. This caused the miner to not even start hashing on any of the boards.
From what I understand this means that my hashboard cannot work together with hashboards from a different S17+.

Therefore I am left with 2 options:
  • 1. Do nothing and have my miner run with 2 "new" hashboards
  • 2. Send my miner in, and receive a used S17+ as replacement

Option 1 will leave me with 2/3 of a new S17+
Option 2 will leave me with 3/3 of a used S17+

I am not really sure whats better, given that 3/3 of a used S17+ may have a shorter lifetime compared to 2/3 of a new S17+.

Any thoughts or recommendations? I am eligible for a used replacement miner  until December 2020.
2  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17+ (70TH) Hashchain missing (but not always) on: September 10, 2020, 02:27:05 PM
Thank you for recommendations.

Before I run out of my 180 Day warranty I will send in the faulty hashboard.
I read that a different board my not work with my S17+ as it has a different "board-code"

But sometimes it will work. I will give it a try and report back when I receive the "new" board.
3  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17+ (70TH) Hashchain missing (but not always) on: September 10, 2020, 12:06:59 PM
So if your diagnosis is right, it seems there is a serious hardware error. I was hoping there wasn't (like some loose cable on the PSU or something). In that case I suppose sending it in for repair and hoping for the best is the smartest move?

Putting it on the side actually did work for me before. I read about this somewhere in this forum. Tried it again today, this time without success.

The nature of my project does not allow for constant electricity supply. I do have free electricity from time to time, but at other times its rather expensive. The miner is supposed to be installed inside the tower of a windmill.

Thats why I am coding a control software that will tell my miner what to do, based on the current price of electricity (if selling the energy is more profitable I won't mine). By my calculations it will be able to run profitable about 70% of the time though, which should result in profit long term.

Regarding your tips:

1. time saving is not important right now. This is a research project and I need a functioning S17+ to do proper research. Profitability is not relevant (yet).
2. I am running BraiinsOS on all our S9s (12 in total). It has not released yet for S17+ (but will be this year). I am planning to use it for this S17+.

I have also tried Awesome Miner Firmware. It has the same issues (missing hashchain). Setting a low power profile did not resolve this.

The retailer that sold me the S17+ offered me to send in the defective Hashboard and get a (used but working) Hashboard as replacement.

I think I will try this. Even though I am unsure about potential issues when replacing a Hashboard with another one.
4  Bitcoin / Mining support / S17+ (70TH) Hashchain missing (but not always) on: September 10, 2020, 11:31:07 AM
I have a brand new S17+ (70TH). From time to time Hashchain 0 is missing.

I found the following entry within my logs:

2020-09-10 11:15:27 driver-btm-api.c:1155:check_asic_number: Chain 0 only find 0 asic, will power off hash board 0

I have heard that this may be a common problem on the S17 series. What I don't understand though, is that this problem seems to come and go randomly.

When I turn off the miner and turn it on the next day it can occur. It can remain like this for a couple of days. Then without any clear indication why, all three Hashchains are found and working again. (Without any problems).

The problem either appears or disappears only when I turn off the miner and turn it on the next day. Once it's running (with 2 or 3 boards), it stays like that.

I turn the miner off every night (going to sleep mode first, too cool down). The past 6 days the miner was started every morning without any problems. Today the problem occured again. A number of reboots, power disconnects did not solve the problem (like the last times).

All temperatures are within a normal operating range.

Things I have tried:

The thing is I don't really want to send it in for repair, as it seems all parts of the hardware (can) function properly. (and it will take forever).

What may be the cause of this, and is there a potential fix?
5  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: How to calculate bitcoin earnings in FPPS on: July 30, 2020, 12:42:23 PM
Thank you for your replies guys, you have been very helpful.

In case someone else may be interested you can see my updated formula below:

bitcoinPerDay = ((minerHashrate * (blockReward + avgRewardFee) * numberOfSecondsPerDay) / (estimatedNextDifficulty * 2^32)) * poolFeeMultiplier;

For reference:

I have used the API from to calculate the average block fee reward of the last 8 mined blocks.

The results of my FPPS calculation are now also pretty close to the results of the mining calculator at
The accuracy may be improved by including more than 8 blocks into the average block reward fee calculation. I will be testing this, but for now I am quite happy with the performance.
6  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / How to calculate bitcoin earnings in FPPS on: July 29, 2020, 07:59:06 PM
I am currently working on a formula to calculate my bitcoin earnings for a 24h timeframe on pool.

The formula I have come up with so far is the following:

bitcoinPerDay = ((minerHashrate * blockReward * numberOfSecondsPerDay) / (difficulty * 2^32)) * poolFeeMultiplier

The results I am getting are pretty good. They are very close to the results that the mining calculator at is giving me.

At the moment my formula only works for PPS payout. Using the calculator I can see that in FPPS earnings are about 10-15% higher. I would like to know how I can include the FPPS-Reward/Transaction-Fee into this calculation.

Any hints are appreciated!
7  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: FPPS or PPS Pool with instant same day payout (Recommendation) on: April 26, 2020, 02:09:43 PM

This reference is very helpful, thank you!


As I will be mining using 4G and varying electricity I cannot go for anything else than pay per share reward systems. Thank you for your input!
8  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: FPPS or PPS Pool with instant same day payout (Recommendation) on: April 25, 2020, 09:51:49 AM
I can't really seem to find any information about viabtc offering FPPS, only PPS and PPLNS.
F2pool on the other hand seems like a good alternative. 315TH or more should be doable for me looking forward.
I will take a loot at novablock after the weekend, though I currently would prefer joining a rather large pool.

Furthermore I think I may have misunderstood the 48 hour warning from
Their support told me that this only applies when a payout wallet is changed. If this is true I will gladly stay with them (unless anybody can give me good arguments why I shouldn't?)

Thanks to all of you for your further suggestions!
9  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: FPPS or PPS Pool with instant same day payout (Recommendation) on: April 24, 2020, 11:18:10 PM
Slushpool is no option for me as they do not offer FPPS or PPS. viabtc may be an option, but the high pool fee of 4% seem a little too high for me. Also online reviews are not too positive.  Undecided

Anyway thank you for your suggestions!

Anybody else know any alternative that matches my criteria?
10  Bitcoin / Pools / FPPS or PPS Pool with instant same day payout (Recommendation) on: April 24, 2020, 03:38:11 PM
I am looking for a bitcoin pool with FPPS or PPS reward system that will allow me to receive mined Bitcoins as soon as the minimum payout amount is reached. I want to exchange my mined coins to FIAT as quickly as possible. Low pool fees are obviously very a big plus as well.

I have been mining on for a while, but there I need to wait 48hours to receive my mined coins for "security reasons".  Huh

Any suggestions are appreciated
11  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 18, 2020, 10:58:49 AM
I wrote that document you quoted and the code related to it.

It is up to the driver developer to include ascset commands, since each device driver has it's own unique hardware related to that.

If BM don't include options to change what you want in the API in their driver, that they added to cgminer, then it's not available at the moment.
You'd have to request them, or the only legal firmware release: bOS, to add it to their release.

HiveOS, and every other release for BM hardware in this part of the forum, violates the cgminer license.
That violation includes the firmware released with awesomeminer.
While people like Phil and tazers only care about money and gambling, and don't give a damn about the cgminer license, please avoid joining that crowd of criminals using infringing firmware.

Also note the obvious: the price of BTC changes every day every hour.
You don't know in advance, what price you will get for all the BTC you generated for the days or weeks up to when you sell it.
Pretending that calculations based on the current hourly price and difficulty will directly affect your profit/loss, shows a complete misunderstanding of that.

Hello Kano,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The things you've said are very interesting and I will definitely keep them in mind going forward.

As brainsOS is the only decent open source solution I have found thus far there is a strong incentive for me to use it. Sadly the latest releases of braiins don't implement cgminer API as the old Cobalt releases did. Anyway as for now I feel comfortable continuing to write my own code to modify the configuration file to change the desired properties myself. So far its working pretty well.

What you said about noting the obvious. Of course you are absolutely right that there is a large degree of uncertainty involved. Depending on the scale of the mining operations it may at least be possible to minimize the timeframe between mining and selling. The results and profitability predictions will not be completely accurate, but I hope to make an educated guess about whether or not it could be profitable to mine given certain parameters. As for now the entire thing is more of a research project and in case of success I am considering to deploy it at a larger scale.
12  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 02:40:50 PM
Hey taserz, thank you for your reply!

I don't plan on changing voltage and frequency on my miners more often than necessary. Of course I would have to find a good balance with that.
Given that I have electricity prices between 0.0$ and 0.20$ / KWh over the year I need to adapt my miners though. Running at 16 TH/s when electricity is "free", running at around 9-10 TH/s when it is above 0.03$ and not running at all above 0.05$ is my goal. Of course those thresholds will be variable and multiple presets may exist.

I am hoping - though I don't know for sure - that this method will give me better results even with autotuning turned off. If you disagree I'd love to hear your arguments!
13  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 12:46:20 PM
Sure thing, I will give you an update once I've made substantial progress!

In the meantime, if anyone experienced with cgminer API has some insights to share let me know. I Want to explore every possibility.
14  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 11:39:46 AM
I want to write a software that will adapt frequency and voltage automatically based on availability of energy (coming from the wind), energy prices (changing frequently - every 15 min) and bitcoin price. When lots of wind is blowing, electricity is available plenty and cheaply. In that case I want to run with very high voltage and frequency. When energy is expensive, I want to either turn off mining completely or run with much lower power to still be profitable. (Better energy efficiency - Mhash / J).

I cannot sit in front of my computer all day checking energy and bitcoins prices, manually changing voltage and frequrency to make sure I am running on a profit. Thats why I need to automate these tasks and have my software/server configure the miners for me.
15  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 11:29:06 AM
Manually controlling voltage and frequency is possible with both: Awesome Miner and braiinsOS.
From what I can find on the internet and in this forum, Rocket's firmware seems interesting but does not state any specifics about programatically changing volt and frequency. Doing so from within the webview/browser is not what I am aiming for, as this is possible with a range of firmwares. If you do know about a programmatic way that can be automated I'd be very glad to hear about it!

The cgminer API is implemented widely on many different miners. Thats why I want to use it.
As an alternative I am thinking about writing a script that will modify the configuration file (eg. bosminer.toml for braiinsOS) on a given miner and restart the mining process via ssh.
I just though cgminer API might be a better solution.
16  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 09:37:25 AM
Hello Favebook,

Thank you for your reply. I have been using stock Firmware, braiinsOS and Awesome Miner. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing none of them can do for me though is to programatically change frequency and voltage. Do you know of any custom firmware that can do this? I was thinking about trying hiveOS as well!

As for now I am looking for a more customised approach. I was hoping somebody in here could help me to understand. Of course you are right, that nobody should execute commands or code without having a clue whats going on there.
17  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / change Voltage & Frequency using cgminer api on: April 17, 2020, 09:22:16 AM
Hello dear fellow Miners,

I am trying to understand how I can change global voltage and frequency on my Antminer S9s using the cgminer API. I have been able to monitor all kinds of things, change pools etc. but I don't quite understand the documentation clearly.

Could somebody provide me an example?

I believe the command below (from the documentation at: might be what I need?

ascset|N,opt[,val] (*)
               none           There is no reply section just the STATUS section
                              stating the results of setting ASC N with
                              This is only available if ASC mining is enabled

                              If the ASC does not support any set options, it
                              will always return a WARN stating ascset isn't

                              If opt=help it will return an INFO status with a
                              help message about the options available

                              The current options are:
                               AVA+BTB opt=freq val=256 to 1024 - chip frequency
                               BTB opt=millivolts val=1000 to 1400 - corevoltage
                               MBA opt=reset val=0 to chipcount - reset a chip
                               BMA opt=volt val=0-9 opt=clock val=0-15
                               MBA opt=freq val=0-chip:100-1400 - set chip freq
                               MBA opt=ledcount val=0-100 - chip count for led
                               MBA opt=ledlimit val=0-200 - led off below GHs
                               MBA opt=spidelay val=0-9999 - SPI per I/O delay
                               MBA opt=spireset i|s0-9999 - SPI regular reset
                               MBA opt=spisleep val=0-9999 - SPI reset sleep ms
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Hardware Suggestions for Mining with a LOT of free sustainable Energy on: December 11, 2019, 09:08:34 AM
Thank you for your answers and questions! 
I will try to get into all issues you have addressed so far.

  • Depending on the weather I have between 0 and 10 Megawatt available. Far more than I need at the moment.
  • I can vent the room as much as I would like. I have different rooms available, one of them being a basement with a year round temperature of about 6-10 C
  • Every amount of noise is acceptable.
  • Initially I can invest about 5-15 thousand US$ (less is better of course)
  • The limit of kWh I have is much higher than what I need given my initial investment maximum
  • I am not aiming to earn any specific amount.
  • I will be working full time on this project in the context of my master thesis beginning in the spring of 2020

My current thoughts are definitely going for second hand hardware. Either some older ASICS for mining Bitcoins or some used Graphics Cards for mining Ethereum.
I want to start small and but with the ability to scale up my setup easily in case of profitability. 

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Hardware Suggestions for Mining with a LOT of free sustainable Energy on: December 05, 2019, 11:07:06 AM
I have access to a lot of cheap/free electricity from sustainable energy sources. Over the course of an entire year the costs for 1 kWh average at around 6 cents.
On many hours, days or weeks of the year energy production is higher than what can be sold, making the costs for 1 kWh effectively 0 cents.
On other days the costs are between 0-5 cents, but the prices can go as far up as 15-20 cents for 1 kWh.  

Given the fluctuation of the kWh prices I won't be able to have my hardware running 24/7 to really make a profit. Though considering that often electricity is completely free I am looking for hardware suggestions. I would prefer mining Ethererum or Bitcoin, but I am open for other suggestions as well.

I suppose what I need is hardware that has the highest possible amount of TH/s at the lowest hardware price, with a complete disregard to its power consumption.

Any informative replies are most welcome, thanks! Smiley
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