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1  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: March 02, 2021, 03:16:51 PM
^^^ As you stated, nobody can prove the existence or non-existence of God by not proving it.

Keep on talking in muddled ways about junk that doesn't really exist, and you will only prove how muddled your thinking is.


Says the baby sacrificer that hopes jesus will destroy this galaxy, create another, and save him, without explaining where they go while the new one is being created.


Says the Bible, which is the Word of God.

Nobody can explain anything that is outside of the universe. Outside is so different that the word "different" doesn't have any meaning. If it were in the least bit understandable, it would be part of the universe, and not outside it.


Speak for yourself BADecker, speak for yourself.

I would like to know, where is the, wait for it, I'll call it a 'safe zone' - that you hope to be waiting in when this universe is destroyed, in order for you to be reborn into your wonderfull new universe, where is it?

No-one can describe it?

So God created everything, including nothing, yet Jesus went to prepare a place for you? Aren't you already there in your upside down inside out universe, you know, the one described in a plethora of masonic book's, and oh, wait for it, repeated truth time, also being described in a plethora of soon to be released movies? Oh, some have been released already, all describing the mental universe according to the baby sacrificers, isn't this 'that' place jesus prepared for you? I mean if it is not, then where is the space to prepare such a place, and again, where is all the material coming from... Ah, the recycled universe we currently reside in, but tell me, who stuck the swords in the face of god?

Oh my, this opens up a new universe, one that cannot be described? Well, there is steel for sure. There is an anvil. There are hands to work steel. And there are hands strong and big enough to stick at least three swords into gods face, correct?

Now who stabbed god, and why?
2  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: March 01, 2021, 01:28:07 PM
I'd like to say god is in all of us, but those who have sold their soul have relegated themselves to NAUGHT.


The BROS's like to describe themselves as seeing through the eye's of, or being god. Now those that have not sold their soul can take faith in the fact that when they die, they BECOME the god that those who sold their soul claim to be part of, until they die. Then they burn.
3  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: March 01, 2021, 01:26:42 PM
God is everything. Those who think that God is only good are mistaken. God as goodness, love, etc. is just one side of God. God is both good and evil. God is me, God is you.

That's a bunch of meaningless nonsense. Poetic perhaps, but otherwise it has no meaning.
I wonder where he or she got this poem 'lol'...
God is god and I or you are not god. If I am a god then I can teleport anywhere even to your place because God is miraculous and cannot be described by the mind.

Your nearly there! How does ESP work?

All points in time and space are connected.

Now read again what you wrote.
4  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: March 01, 2021, 12:31:44 PM
^^^ As you stated, nobody can prove the existence or non-existence of God by not proving it.

Keep on talking in muddled ways about junk that doesn't really exist, and you will only prove how muddled your thinking is.


Says the baby sacrificer that hopes jesus will destroy this galaxy, create another, and save him, without explaining where they go while the new one is being created. Says BADecker who believes a half human, half angel need's saving... Do I sound muddled to you? This is intentional, it's for those with eye's to see the truth hidden between the lines I write, knowing masons are pissed with me for revealing, in my earth monkey aquarian way, their TRUTH.

Muddled ways.... oh boy, seems you and your bum chums are ever so muddled with your clearly off topic answers, arguing about science as opposed to proof of GOD, arguing about masonic knowledge, taken from masonic books, those masons that cant even find a cure for a virus that's out to get them... notice the same names in this thread, always rinsing and repeating the same bullshit, none of which leads anyone to anywhere BUT finding proof. Not one of them has actually responded to paths that lead to the truth... always coming back to the same 'we know science, but cant prove anything other than our masonic' bullshit, bullshit FORCED on people in an education system designed for masonic paedo's to teach... confuse and lose, education.

Teaching what will never actually be used by 99% of those this education is forced on.

Notice not ONCE have any of these same NAMES, or members of this site, reacted positively to answers regarded as truth by the majority of human beings. Oh, and dont forget the science lol. Hear BADecker speak of living to three hundred years. That's easy, BREATH. (properly) Hear BADecker's answer to the sequoia tree's living for 10.000 years and more... (still waiting) Hear BADecker's answer to Pinus Longavious living in excess of 27.000 years (even these tree's are bored waiting on BADeckers answer...) Remember, according to his book, ALL living things DIED. He says nothing of the NEPHILIM that survived the flood, and to quote the bible, there were giant's in those day's, even AFTER the flood. He says nothing of the NEPHILIM, because the NEPHELIM are half human, half ANGEL. And he is scared of them. To afraid to speak of them, world ender's.

BADecker wont admit, jesus was not the son of the one true god who can traverse the circle, as only he (that GOD) can. In fact, he wont admit that SET, a GOD of DEATH is a combination of THREE god's, Jahweh, (Jesus's father, and 7th from the throne of the almighty GOD who CAN traverse the circle, yahweh CANNOT traverse the circle.), BAAL, the cananite diety who DEMANDS child sacrifice, and cooked women in a brass bull, while alive, and ON, aka Osiris. The women were burnt for causing adam to eat the apple, correct? Man blaming woman for his eating of the apple, or quite simply, eating from the tree of knowledge. This is why women will never gain power if freemasonry has anything to say about it. Oh, but wait, now we have the women's version of freemasonry, lot's of little wiccan witch covens going by the names of Northern, or Eastern star, to name a few... lot's of little deplorable clintons being refused presidency over, well, anyone.

In the movie gods of egypt, GOD is killed by SET, and while set impails GOD on a spear, (just like jesus was, note the angle of spear) GOD state's this is impossible, no god can kill a god, to which SET replies, I'm not just ONE god. They dont put secret's like these in movies for just anyone with eye's to see and ear's to hear. They are publicly broadcasting their so called secret's, so proud have they become of their world domination, but hey, there's hope... pride comes before their fall.

And now for an empiracle truth. In the movie risen, jesus walks with the roman, up a hill, as they talk, a hoard of bat's circle them. THIS is a clue, jesus did a deal with the de'il, (as did the catholic church, sacrifing all their follower's in the hope of containing EVIL) and hence forsake'd his father. Vlad the impailer, aka, vlad dracul, aka dracula, is the queen of britains great great great great great grandfather. Hence ike's truthful claim to them being of a serpent race, for they gave away the higher monkey inelligence in exchange for the base serpent intelligence, both inherent in man. The monkey creates fear to save you from your base serpent intelligence which is the pure evil in man.

Notice how the serpent will stand by while it's young are devoured by another serpent, and do nothing.

The good thing is, they are of lower intelligence, and hence require technology.

It is TRUE that the masonic god, JABOULON is JAHWEH, BAAL, and ON.

And they know it.

This is proof of GOD alone.

But it's not scientific. Forget the bitcoiners claims to know science, reading from their brethrens books of lies.

Let them show proof without their brethrens books.

They CANT.

But I HAVE shown how to see proof for yourself.

The aliens you all seek, are naught but the oldest vampires.

The universe is mental.

And they are in YOUR mind.
5  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: February 25, 2021, 08:57:49 AM
C'mon bro's, I thought you could do better than that, I already stated, NO-ONE can either prove or disprove scientificley, the existance or non-existance of god, but read the last sentence of this post for the ONLY proof you will receive.

So many BRO's repeating the same old trash, again, to bury the truth's I have discovered, in the hope no-one reads what I wrote, but i get more response's from people who do NOT repeat the same old trash, the same old f(e)aces, using confuse and lose tactics, all to try to BURY the fact god'(s) exist.

It's like this. We are imprisoned on this earth. By the so called 'creator gods' - note they are not GOD.

Without GOD your new universe will be of utter darkness, the wiccan masonic goal. Note they agree the universe will be destroyed. This means they have to be somewhere ELSE in order to come back into the new universe they speak of, how insane is that?

Cant see what's eating you?

Those low life's that sacrifice babies to lucifer, Oh the audacity, bombing whatever they can in their search for the thousand years of peace that wont happen until they are all dead... oh, that's right, they already are. The corona virus is here for THEM, just like in war of the worlds. Nature fighting back.

Indigionous peoples all over the world being wiped out, while those charitable claim they are helping them, just as they always do before a stealth invasion, just pay attention, the protocols of zion clearly state they'll make us BEG for whatever it is they will make us BEG for. Of course the protocols are, wait for it, FAKE news... not...

Then there's the fact everyone on tv is specifically chosen due to siding with the desired responses... appearing seperate, but never devided in the past, until now. Now they have to maintain 2 meters distance... haha... wear your masks to hide the serpent smile, that comes with new muscles either side of chin, watch your business disappear, as well as your job. And your money. Oh by the way, watch the side effects of a vaccine that modifies your genetic structure, and does NOT prevent it spreading what so ever.

Bitcoin wont save you when the internet is turned off, will it? So many countries doing this now.

The upside down pentagon seen in almost all truely terrorist countries is upside down. How many cops get away with murder? Look at their badge, they're goin down. Received lots of charity? For example, look at the american flag, the star intentionally slightly off center, making the star appear downwards, just like the cop badges, you see, in their upside down world, to them, this is the right way up, just like in the movie dark tower, the keyholes are, well, upside down, and here's the kicker... you did know that the retina's of the eye's show normal people the right way up earth, but wiccan masons no longer see with the eye's of body, so their world is upside down, science has proved this.

Just listen to those firstborn sacrificers pretend they loved their child who was gunned down. Ask them, why are you crying, your deal is done, you killed your child in the most cowardley way... you sent someone else to do it the minute you did your deal, so stop crying, shut up, be happy, now your deal is done! It's over, go have another... with someone else of course. Have some money to give back to these beast's called brethren.

I mean c'mon again, look to america, vote for deplorable clinton, or trump, both in the same party promoting the exact same policies, by being in the same party, how more stupid can you get yankee theif? Now you got a drug dealer for president, ah, the upside down morality of it all, it's just so wrong... God not listening? As the wiccan masons say, your just as guilty of their crimes by doing nothing.

Oh look, here I am, a true child of the light, antagonist to the dark brothers (of wiccan masonic witchcraft) taken from the emerald tablets.

Dont like it? Are the four still alive? ah well...

Scientific proof of god? Are you denied all service's for not BELIEVING in THEIR god JaBoulOn?

Test the theory, I did.

God IS listening, but he has no time for those who do nothing to help THEMSELVES.

Go(o)d always wins.

6  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: February 15, 2021, 02:32:59 PM
There is the Star Ruby. There is the Star Saphire, and there is prayer, ah, the power of prayer. There is the ce5 protcols, there are meditations, signs and symbols. Kobodera anyone? To meditate is to become hypnotised. Meditation is self hypnosis.

The bileble warns us against being hypnotised, for when under hypnosis, these 'evil' entities can enter and take over our body. It is FACT that this is in the bileble.

Then there is the story of the hat. I tell my wee girl this particular story, and explain it's meaning. Mummy says you 'see things'... No, I create them, un-knowingly, by not 'seeing' anything. I dont 'see' thing's that aren't really there, I see what 'thought' is creating, before it takes form, wake up and discover it happened while asleep. This is a form of prophecy, in that I saw it before it happened, but as I was asleep, and cant say for sure if it happened when I saw it in my sleep, at the same time as it ACTUALLY happened.

Being on a plane as it falls out of the sky, hearing the screams as the plane is destroyed, then waking up and seeing it on the news...

Right kids, take your pen and paper and draw a picture of a hat. Any hat, whatever you would wear on your head. Teacher collects drawings at the end of the day, and put's them in his desk drawer. Around 2 months later, a wee girl raises her hand, please sir..? Yeah? I got it! I got it! Got what exactly, the teacher asks.. The hat, I got the hat... The teacher reaches into the drawer and takes out the drawings, and searches for the wee girls drawing, he shows her it, asking, this one? She reaches into her bag and pulls out a hat. When compared to the drawing, it was shown to the class that the hat she took out her bag was a match for the picture drawn.

Only she, of the entire classroom, had the ability to form what she thought, or create reality.

When you sell your soul, you lose this ability. The power to create. Now you know, what you already knew. And those who have sold their soul will make this wee girl who got the hat, live a life of utter misery, through jealousy and FEAR of this wee girl, with the power of GOD at her fingertips. The closest those who have sold their soul can get, to this creative ability, is through group like minded ritual, or for the layman, prayer. God ignoring your prayers? Now you know why.

Go on, evoke an entity into your body.. get rid of your own. God's will IS the power to coalese a thought into form, by condensing.

"Dad, when did you draw mum?" That's not mum, Thats just a drawing I did out of mind before I ever met your mum...

Be carefull what you wish for...

The aliens are keeping themselves distant for a reason. More than likely it is to keep away from those who have sold their soul. You see, When you dream you are falling, your warning bells scream wake up wake up, these warnings are also from 'alternate' entities, or aliens, in particular, those that guide human evolution. When you sell your soul by giving permission for your firstborns eternal soul to be damned, you do far worse than if you killed them physically. You can pretend your charity to your own baby sacrificing branch of wiccan masonic witchcraft, will save you, but that charity truelly only goes back to different branch's or sect of this baby sacrificing club. They only want to help... Themselves to all you have... what they give with one hand they take away with the other, only to sell you it back..

There is a species of alien that protects those still human from the baby sacrificers...

They know whats in your heart. Did you sell your child's soul? Dont expect them to visit, they are too busy protecting those who have not (yet, lol) done so. Now you know why the aliens that people see, realising those calling them, shoot off...

They're fake news. Those doing the calling. They flushed their kid down the toilet. That is BAD INTENT. A particular action with ETERNAL consequencies.

Pretending they want to help, pretending charity, pretending love... while still profitting.

I sit unable to see those who are 'everwhere' - Yet I know they see me, they hear my thought's (are these thought's really mine, or of the universal mind, an idea being the thought of another..), they are one with the fact everything is connected, by the unified energy field. Could  be the the universal mind. Could be the Unified Conciousnous field. What insanity is this? I'm dead, but I cant be for I am GOD! You have to die to see this. Leave your first habbitat. I was asked if I wanted to 'see' this state of mind. My body, through fear, says no, alarm bell's ring in my mind. Just like in the dreams. You have nothing to fear... but the loss of your own soul. After that, there is no fear... at least, until you meet a half human, half angel. Like me. NOT ONE with THEM who claim they are one, but THE one, that they are one WITH. They are the demons on planet earth. Full Stop.

Seperate from them all. By Gods will. It's like saying, 'the devil made me do it' - no, it was me thinking for you, and you doing.

Imagine: A new human. With a gift. A gift for making things happen, no matter what happens. He thinks it, they do it. He wonders, they draw plans. He invents it in mind, they create the invention in physical form, having all the money and all the tools to do so. He has nothing. They have everything. He wants nothing, they want everything. What he states, they state after, telling him, as if for the first time, but he is the scource they claim they are. This is IN their language.

But all is vain in repetition. IN vain they will try to lie. And lie repeatedly they will, until (they hope) he see's it as truth, which obviously fails miserably..

Oh what it is to be a son of god.

Who knows the hate I apparently write, is not in my heart? I got it out by writing it. Better out than in, lest those of the one mind create it claiming it as their own. My mind is a blank as i write, but the body wants to speak. The fingers form words, and you read the words that, by gods will, you read. For this is what I've been taught, through the lies, and deceit of wiccan masonic witchcraft, through FORCED education, FORCED religion, FORCED incarceration, All, being ENFORCED lies.

Just like Jesus. Who never CHOSE to die for 'OUR?' sins, by hammering nails into his feet and hands.. pretty picture though, trying to hold the nail as you hammer it into the last hand... The romans killed jesus to show what awaits those who sell their soul, a mental image of YOU, not so much as nailed, but CRUSHED onto a cross of tesyracts... as painted by davinci... by the MONKEY KING, the monkey KING being the higher intelligence that warned you 'not to' in your dreams. If you have NOT sold your soul, you are held on this cross right NOW while alive, suffering the wiccan masonic witch, and hence, feeling crushed.

I am naught but a sum total of their lie's and their lie's effects. Coalesed into form. When I died, the monkey king won over in the battle with the serpent race, trying to take over my body, and IT won. I AM. An earth monkey. A part of the higher intelligence in man, that THEY lost. And want to reconnect WITH.

And thus, like BADecker, they cannot answer me. They answer TO me. I write the TRUTH.

Allow me to show you the truth. As a prophet.

When a Bro John Fergusson, a Bro Ed Ferguson, a Bro Keith Marschal, and a bro Gavin Reter are dead, A cure for the corona virus WILL be found, but not until then.

So mote it be.

Until then, the bro's can burn in life, as they will in death, from the lungs outward, eaten by their own piscean vampire virus, for revealing their secret's to THIS Aquarian Monkey Child of EARTH and starry heaven, and thus my curse fall upon them, and all their wiccan masonic creed. For revealing their secrets.

How quickly would YOU like the cure to coalese into form?

May the truth prevail.

I've done my bit. All I've actuall done is written a form of the chaos of my mind thanks to these brethren. If one of them act against me, they all do, for they are of one mind. Sadly, this includes family, friends, all, who have sold their soul. By acting against me, you coalese your bad intent into form which starts by my suffering, having to live with it, creating effects you will experience. Monkey see, you will do. I'm trying to warn you not to but you dont care. Not my loss. I cant lose that which I never had to begin with, despite the lies.

Scientific proof that god exists? I've given you it. But it wont work for you, because you gave up your ability to see it, and hence, create with it. Did you not?


7  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: February 12, 2021, 05:59:31 AM
Um, no it dont... I have the symbols required to not only levitate, but move stone. Just as I have the required symbols to render the old ones inert. In a book called life after death, you can read of Spontanious Human Combustion, where people just burst into flames for no apparent reason, in the same book you can read of how the egyptians actually moved the humongous stones used to build the pyramid's, quite simply, look at the egyptian 'tuning' staff, or stick, what-ever it looks like to you. Did you know this 'tuning fork' is tuned to c, d, and f# ? <- (The devils chord, banned by the church, yet heard in all pop music) Now, take a peice of papyrus paper, draw your levitation symbol taken from the necronomicon, on said papyrus, place under your too big to lift humongoloid stone, and tap the stone with the tuning fork. Spontanious Human combustion is nothing more than an attempt by one who has already sold their soul, to create their own body of light, but without a soul, the body simply burns, for it is the soul that becomes the body of light. Without a soul, they burn as they should. For spirit is FIRE. They meditated on their body's ability to become the body of light, but they, knowing light is of fire, lit themselves, and burned.

Google the word 'Ytolan'

You now have the ingredients required to be god, whatever you form in mind, using 'ytolan', will become form in front of your eye's.

All religions ever did was keep this kind of hidden knowledge to themselves. And they use it against us normal earth humans who did not sell out our own soul for just 35 grand, a house and a car (goin rate for soul here in the un-united used to be kingdom of pirates.) Trumps deal with the de'il was clearly to be president. It's in home alone, when the wee guy is in trumps shop, and trump gives him the thumbs up, in the background, trump for president, proving he did not just appear years later and try to be a president, his deal was to BE, and his WISH was created, by the X Men, Freemasonic ex males, taken over by a spiritual entity they call the one. Invasion of the body snatcher's is more true than you think. You lose your mind, and become one with the rest of those who also did.

BADecker's admission that jesus is an alien capable of taking us to another planet, to watch our arm of the galaxy be destroyed, now how many of us know this is masonic madness, the kind where they want to sit at the other side of the universe to watch this happen? How many shows portray this?

You are aware part of the reason you see occult symbols in the layout of our cities and streets is a design to rewire the planets sun energies to those of the moon? This is HOW they intend to destroy everything, remember, technically they are already dead, they dont give a fuck, they just want the hell they chose to go to removed from their mind. No human called jesus was ever born. BADeckers admission that we get taken away in spacecraft, and I quote, 'to be saved' states only that AN alien may save us. Wait a minute.. to be chopped up?

So a god mind raped a virgin to implant her with it's seed, and we're supposed to believe that he died for our sins? This suggests 'choice'. NO, he died because the romans killed him, by GODS will, and I'm sure if the romans cut him down before he died, he'd be thankin the roman for sparing his life. By being nailed to the cross, he had NO CHOICE but to die at the hands of the romans. He never chose to be on the cross. He was forced there. His revenge is carried out by the fake judes who killed all the real ones, call themselves masons, and have so called peacefull protests all over the world, just to get those who would do such a thing, involved in order to identify those who would act against them. What do peacefull protestor's have in common? A serpent smile. An acceptance of sexual deviancy. They dont just act as 'one', mentally, they ARE one, faking peacefull protests work when in reality, they errode our freedoms.

Peacefull protest NEVER worked.

They are, to quote the beardy jesus follower questioned by the roman in the movie 'risen' - Everywhere. As one MIND. In a few billion bodies.

The god that mind raped the virgin is an analogy for a giant who came from the aether, (masons call this heaven)  had sex with said virgin in her dreams, and out popped the artificially inseminated result.


You stand in the desert, with your empty plastic water bottle. You are too far from the nearest well, tap, river. Fill the bottle.

Place Bottle half in and half out of the sand with the lid ON.

Watch water appear from no-where in the bottle. It's called condensation.

Now you SEE god, as according to the movie 'vendetta', god is in the rain.

Ytolan is The power of GOD evoked by the mind to condense and coalese...

Now build your house with no money.
8  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: February 11, 2021, 08:09:27 AM
Good morning. I think I'll start today with a breif culmination of what I've ACTUALLY been pointing out, for those who have forgotten.

Thought's create reality. Reality is the sum total of all living being's thoughts become solid, having moved the atoms of the mental images that become the solids. The all is the mind, wether it is internal or external deserves a thread of it's own. I reckon the mind is EXTERNAL due to the universe being a mental process, for a mental process is OF the mind. Or so we've been told.

The bileble is correct if you can seperate words from themselves.

For Instance:

Conspiracy = Cons Piracy. This is the truth behind conspiracy. It is a Cons piracy. A copy of another Cons Piracy, repeated often enough that most believe it as simply conspiracy. Only the Con is involved in the Piracy, as much as a Pirate is the Con. The Con screams conspiracy when he has been rumbled. Just like the wiccan Masonic creed do. They are the Cons, created by their piracy, and they are the only ones who use conspiracy to ruin those they dont like. They conspire amongst themselves as is seen, well, everywhere.

The Alien Cons Piracy.

Do you believe in aliens? I dont. I do however believe in other lifeforms from other planet's. I also believe there are entities from other dimensions. Do I believe in God? Yes, but not the God sold worldwide, by the bileble. I do believe that the bileble as well as a lot of other religious cults, worship a DIFFERENT god from the one I believe in. The truth of what god I believe in, works like this. I live WITHIN a BIGGER being, and I know my place in it's body, and it is GOD. Notice I said WITHIN. Just like before I was born I lived in another universe called womb. The GOD of womb was MUM... and outside MUM was lots of other Mums. And Dads lol.

I cant hear it's voice, because, like the animals, it learned to shut the fuck up, after the previous tower of babbel scenario. Which has reared it's ugly head again in the form of the internet, which will indeed in the end, use english as the world language, and so again, we'll get another tower of babble scenario...

The true motives of masonic world leaders is to create an inter planetary war in the hope it will bring back jesus! Still dont know why they'd even want to considering they wont even say his name in church, Of course many will after reading this just to convince others I'm wrong. Remember, the church did a deal with the de'il. Here, I would say to BADecker: Bro Keith Marchal who lives above me asked me a question: If you knew the world was going to die, say tomorrow, and aliens came to take you to another planet, would you go if you knew you were going to be chopped up? I say this to you because you just said the same thing, a few posts back. So here I have two differnet people saying the same thing, from opposing sides of the world. Both of you say we get taken to somewhere else... you conveniently forgot to tell the world, those chosen are being saved for chopping up as we would freeze our food. To serve and protect.. yeah, serve us humans as food to your vampiricle serpent race. In the end, I have faith earth will be reborn, so I'll go down with it, knowing it will rise again, you can be chopped up somewhere else if you want. Anyway, back to the point of those who have sold their soul, in that they are the only ones who have actually seen anything alien. You see, humans who have not sold their soul are protected by those very aliens who will take BADecker etc away to be served up! By an older vampire race I reckon are the ancient egyptians, unable to die. Just where did all these massive civilizations go when they apparently 'disappeared'? It's harvesting time, so many death's worldwide at the moment!

BADecker inadvertantly showed you. You'll be taken somewhere else so the lunatic masons can destroy 98% of our galaxy in the hope of making that new place... though it should be prepared by now no?, since time is really non-existant, all time's existing at the same time everywhere! Those living a hundred years ago are still alive at that time! As long as time exists, so will all in all time, exist.

Regarding the deal the church made. The church made a deal with the de'il, in the hope of containing it's evil entities, believing they could control them, this failed miserably. Only since this time, if anything to do with these entities popped up, they changed the word evil or demons to, well alien. And it is true, demons/angels/ are alien, and from another dimension, or frequency from ours.

Now shit gets hot.

In the movie alpha code, you are shown a group meditation used to contact this alien creed. This is used in real life by some, and why it ended up in a movie. In the movie Close encounters of the 5th kind, you will see the same, but different method of the same RITUAL used to invoke or evoke, an entity. Watch both movies then read my stuff again. Notice in the second documentary movie, it is pointed out you need to have a near death experience, usually mild ones are brought on by meditation. I say this, because to really see these entities, however you'd like to call them, you ultimately need to be 'in tune' - with the reality that death does not actually exist. We cannot die. There is no death, only an evolvement to a spiritual body of light... or dark.. oh they love the shadows, those promoting alien.. ask them how many children they sacrificed, see the look in their eye's...

Introducing the group like minded ritual. Ritual has been going on for centuries, and I mean bad ritual, child sacrifice, you get the idea, now there is one ritual you could do, but before you do, you MUST watch Alpha code, and the documentary Close encounters of the 5th kind. For in these movies, you will see how witchcraft has turned the hunt for witch's and evil spirit's into the hunt for 'aliens' - oh how convenient.

Now google the masonic STAR RUBY and STAR SAPHIRE rituals. These show the truth of the fact that people create by thought, what they see in their MINDS EYE, explaining why masons, who are really one mind in a billion bodies, (I see each individual mason as a single thought of this one mind) are the only ones to have actually seen these alien entities. The point here being the star ruby and star saphire were written at least a few hundred years ago, and have been used by EVERY mason ever reaching required levels. And both rituals explain exactly what will materialise in front of you... the body of a spider, the head of a cat/toad/human, seen that anywhere? Enjoy your alien movies convincing you to love them, in the hope of them saving you... for desert.

There are giants, and then there are GIANTS! The Nephilim are giants. But they dont live in the aether.

The point of Sacrifice is simple. To show how far you'd go to get what you want. Many walk the red carpet owing their success to the loss of their firstborn's blood. Abortion is acceptable after 3 months as a human sacrifice. NOT before. This is why abortion was origionaly illegal, because it allowed witch's to kill without being identified, which they would be should the child have been born. Questions would obviously be raised regarding any missing child, you'd think. Again, during the 3 months ingestion period is when it's best to terminate should the mother to be not actually be involved in witchcraft, because after, questions are raised. When any child is born, a nurse or doctor will stick a needle into your new born child to steal not just a blood sample for drinking, but also collect a sample of the poor kids soul, again, for drinking, and the parents say fuck all! Enjoy your new world order!  Nothing new about it. All that's really happened is every country has been invaded by this masonic creed, by stealth, who's purpose is to clearly destroy all in the hope of a new universe... um... new world order...

And if they get their way, Jesus will be forgotten. Tough luck BADecker, I did say I knew more than you thought re: YOUR jesus christ. aka Lucifer.

And remember BADecker:

Thou shalt not suffer a wiccan witch to live.

If you cant get with the last sentence, dont tell me about needin saved... If I cant die, then I have nothing to fear.

Remember one of my questions.

Is it the same leave growing on the branch of a tree a year after it fell?

Ano lucius pertabo.
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wow, people take so much time and effort for this posts .. a little spechless

Me too, thank god you took the time!
personally i believe that at the moment there is no tangible, scientific proof that God exists or that God does not exist, there are many current religions that believe in divinity, different superior beings, how to know which is the right one? what if life on earth had brought it long ago by extraterrestrials by putting cells in the water? scientific evidence that this was not the case?

Since all living things, terestrial or extraterestrial require water, then water existed prior to the lifeforms. God is IN the rain...
Whiskey is the Life of Man  Grin

NO, it is the spirit of fire.

It seems to me that so many people cannot be wrong, that's why I believe that God exists!

I agree, In fact most of what I have written, is because I'm called an athiest, so apparently I dont beleive in god. Yet most of my arguements are actually inadvertant proof that I have found god, or at least, more than one. This does not mean I beleive in god, rather the contrary, in that I dont need to beleive in computers to exist, to KNOW they do. And they still serve me well, as does this GOD. I dont need to Beleive. I KNOW.

In KNOWNG is truth. Beleive does NOT suggest KNOWING. Beleif requires faith and hope. Knowing is enough unto itself.
The two basic scientific proofs for the existence of God are:
1. Machines have makers; the universe machine has a Maker;
2. Combining complexity with cause and effect with entropy.

However, people aren't required to accept scientific proof. We can see this in the fact that many scientific theories - like Einstein's Theory of Relativity - are still accepted as theories after decades, during which time they haven't been proven. But many people accept them as fact, anyway.

So, it is political science that seems to determine what truth is. Political science - say it more than other people say opposing things, and you are the winner of truth.


Everything scientific is nothing more than a man made explanation for the truth of all that is. Notice it's patterns. Those condemned to hell always think in terms of angles, never curves of space. Even when describing curves of space, they use angles, such is their loss.

Beware ye the hounds that guard the way, for they always travel THROUGH strange angles not known to man.

Your machine is off topic. The All, IS, MIND. The universe is 'A' mental process created by those who still have a soul. This is FACT. Keeping in mind the 'machinary' of the mind, is not the ACTUAL mind. OF the ALL.
There is no god and trying to find scientific proof that it exist is an oxymoron. God and other heavenly creatures are just a product of some weird imagination like Santa Clause, Easter bunny, tooth fairy... Thankfully more and more people are coming to their senses and leaving religion behind them. The two worst things that have happened to humans are religion and politics, without them world would be a better place.

Oh how covenient for wiccan freemasons who come up with this angle in the first place...

So many, cultures and creeds, using different languages, all describing the exact same picture in a multitude of languages, hiding the fact it's one song sung through-out the history of chinese whispers.

God. Jesus. Lucifer.
Father. Son. Holy Ghost.
Brahma. Vishnu. Shiva.

The three rays of light.

I am saying here, that those who KNOW the truth of these 'HOLY TRINITIES' Know what THEY, as ONE, claim is GOD. They know something they'd like to show you, and if you take the bait, you lose your soul. This has been goin on for millenia. At least in this they are honest about one thing. You WILL lose your soul.

All you speak of now is being granted. No religion's, angels, demons, but that wont stop those who have sold their soul from speaking of anything BUT what they know to be true in THEIR eye's. There is a masonic song stating quite clearly... It is MARVELOUS IN OUR EYES!

What insanity is this? I'm dead, but I cant be, for I am GOD! (A mason's revenge against the non-heathen, when you figure it out, it's a mindfuck, dont say I didn't warn you), at least one of them wrote this down, while appearing 'alive' in the eye's of those who beleive themselves to be living. They are not alive, not dead, but in the third stage. Google it.

All three exist in us all. Jesus is the arch angel Gabriel, nuff said. This I can prove. Gabriel is the eye in the sky, (If looking inwards, the pineal gland), that those who sold their soul, can see. Lucifer is the genetic code that remembers the wrongs of the father, and pass's them onto the children, through dna, it's called bloodlines, and hence royal blood. Lucifer is also the age of Aquarius. A horseman of the apocalypse, seen in MOST churches. I am aquarian. AND Nephilim to boot lol...

Masons copy ODIN, who also had to bow to the one who took his eye. When you dream, sometimes you feel you are falling. No. To them this is 'UP'. This is in fact a force, pulling you to another place, the aethyr. They say when you have this dream, IF you hit the bottom, you are dead. Nice memory isn't it? Knowing all your doing is REMEMBERING DYING. The monkey of your mind (the higher intelligence of man), compared to the base intelligence in man, known as the serpent nature, protects you from falling into this VOID. See the mayan monkey on the nazca planes, the tail is the VOID.

It's extra-terrestrial!

Well... when you arrive, you find why history says older people's, as in, in ancient culture's, beleived the world to be flat. Their upside down world is indeed exactly that. It exists surrounding the bubble, those who still have a soul, live within. There is even a doorway to this place, 96 feet high in the mind of those with soul. To describe it best is to say a 2 degree section of sky is missing if you follow astology and the landmarks reflecting such stars. Just as the pyramid is 2 degree off true north, and WHY. This is why those who still have a soul, cant see the eye in the sky, because they did not enter the madness found in this flatland, best described using the hollow earth theory. Or watch Marvels Dr Strange to see the picture, in particular, where the woman opens his pineal gland. This part of the movie is sold by wiccan freemasons all over the internet. It's called initiation. During initiation, you will find the Son of GOD's FATHER. Google the face of GOD, look for the swords in his face, and your on the right path Smiley

Proof At LAST!!! The face of GOD, according to masonic literature, witnessed by many, has six sword's THROUGH his face! (that same face shown without swords in Dr Strange, he does a 'deal' with...) See Mercedez Benz logo... now you know who god IS.

SO your on this flatland, and you come to the edge, and oh, you fall. faster and faster, the monkey, screaming, say's NO! The monkey is keeping your soul safe and is the red light of your mind warning you of the dangers ahead, yes, you CAN escape. At least while alive and in good health. But hey, you died, so now you hit the bottom. As you look around in the darkness of your mind, a sound, a rushing, the sound getting louder and faster, shit so deafening! As it hit's you, you fight for dear life, as it pushes you closer to the edge, and as you reach out looking for something to grab onto, you find what is known by many cultures and secret societies as the 'special branch' and grab hold. As you hold onto the last thread of your life, a branch on the tree of life you cling to so dearly rip's out your body's sight, opening your third eye, and, well, your dead. As you hit the bottom, your minds eye awakens to... A great big fuckin serpent headed human bodied GUIDE that leads you..? Why did the egyptians have serpent headed gods... just wait till you see the others...

The rushing sound was your last breath leaving the body.

Then your local GP resussitates you. Voila!

Science cannot explain God. How can you explain conscience and Love? They do not need to be explained, they need to be implemented.

Science does explain 'it's' description of god, MATHEMATICALLY. Look at the charlie hebdo masacre. Initiated by the masonic french antagonists that caused the incident in the first place by advertising it's cool to draw a picture of the prophet mohammad, inciting terrorist acts. Just as Trump did by giving his jew bro the new jerusalem, inciting riots there, just as he caused them in his own god fearing (they fear their god, not good!) country! I write this because these judes also do the exact same thing. The key to understanding me is to know the judes wont accept ZERO as a number just as some wont like to see, that an image of the prophet mohammed is that of O, 0, Zero, and this is FACT. It's called the signature of GOD in prime numbers, and is found after writing MILES of prime numbers, where even they RETURN. and hence, rebirth.

How would I explain conciousnous and love? Easy. The beasts from the east, (west is best, follow the yellow brick rd) Are in a literal coma, called insanity. And they are concious of it. Conciousnouss is awareness. Love is NOT sex, but we LOVE sex. Those who make Love are dead, have no soul. For love is NOT made by shaggin, but by the life LIVED with someone. That is why Love can only be truelly felt when the loved one is gone, only THEN will you know love. The dead's term making love is saying next week am shaggin your wife...
According to countless studies, the universe cannot actually last longer than one second. For example, the Big Bang should have produced the same amount of matter and antimatter, otherwise the universe would have collapsed. On the other hand, the amount of matter was greater and the universe was created. This was completely unexpected for scientists.

In another theory about the Higgs Boson particle or 'God particle', it is impossible to say how an object including the universe got its mass. Without mass, the universe would not exist in reality.

Moreover, the combination of the distances between the planets in our solar system is quite a mystery. The earth's distance from the sun is just right so it's not too close to fly, and too far to freeze. Not to mention the distance between planets like Jupiter, which can help Earth pull comets and asteroids away and not hit Earth. Cannot be served.

just quoting the big bang bit. The big bang has yet to cease to exist, it is still in motion, and when it stops, YOUR BIG BANG is over. Lot's of little big bangs all over the world, (mum n dad @ it again lol) yet not one word about sound prevailing over light. Go on, explain where the light came from in a non-existance type of dimension. Explain where light was when the big bang was in the process of starting. No oxygen for flames. No space for anything to exist never mind the mass they claim existed in order to be blasted out into a suddenly appearing space. So before space, where big bang existed before it happened, where was all this mass?

To All.

I know the universe is a mental process, as in a tool. The ALL is mind. Biblical people would say GOD is ALL. Those that have been initiated into the borg collective known as the ALL, as proven by DATA,  necromongers in chronicles of riddick get anxious when seperated by distance. Magick is best perfomed 300 yards away from any other human blah blah...

Cant wait until those wiccan freemasons meet the monkey in me, when I will crush them onto that damn cross and show them who jesus really is..


Light travels faster than sound. Sound is the scource of light.

The first act commited by god was to MOVE over the void! This created VIBRATION.

Get the picture?

While in total darkness, the universe was created and on a 'day' that was yet to exist, without a SUN, being the scource of DAY. the SOUND vibration created LIGHT, after 7 x 24 hours. Maths existed before LIGHT. Yeah, of course they worship...

The darkness.

They can fool most of the people most of the time, but cant fool ALL the people in ALL of time.

If you want real proof of god, call lucifer twice out loud, with the intent on seeing lucifer. You have to mean it. If done correctly, you will have all the proof you need that god exists. You'll beg for God to save you when you see the result of your call.

That which we know but cannot prove is = to 37, 27 = truth revealed.
10  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 15, 2021, 01:56:35 PM
Aw didum's, do you seriously believe I'm on this planet to get follower's? You are sick in the mind. I already pointed out several things that prove I know things from 'dimensions' of the mind you have yet to attain. I'd be pretty selfish if I wanted to be saved. Saved from what, another life cycle of this pish? That aint gonna happen. If you pay attention more closely to the movie Dark City, you'll hear them point out exactly what awaits... the same life, over and over, as decreed by the baby sacrificer's of a life condemned to hell, life after life, the cycle goes on, and the only reason you get DeJaVue is because what I write and what is said in Dark City is true.. we only cannot remember past live's, because we do NOT recognise the faces that change every life cycle. The hardships, and way people treat us will and always will be, rinsed and repeated infinitely, the only change being the faces and places, the exact same 'moment's' will repeat.

It's not you that has to live with baby sacrificer's calling you Ra. Lucifer. Angel. It's not you your neighbours dogs run too when he shout's at them. It's not you that the police speak to claiming the neighbours are scared of you because your lucifer, all these people, being wiccan witch's involved in baby sacrifice. Freemasonry IS witchcraft. Wiccan IS witchcraft. The bileble is a book of WICCAN WITCHCRAFT, a kid's verion of the Tarot, or Torah, and why Hitler burned so many witches alive.

It all boils down to my name and date of birth. The fact their magick has no effect on me. The fact that those who can, cannot see my aura. They dont understand, I'm too far ahead to slow down for losers. Too far ahead to warn you what's just around the corner. If I slow down, life becomes a drag. If I speed up, I'll be moving too fast and miss everything, just like I do when I type so fast, even proof reading misses the simple spelling mistakes. I can read it over and over, but will always miss at least one detail.

They cant see my aura because it is all around them. They cast their eye's in other directions through FEAR. Me, I'm just a lost monkey child, playing with a toy, the toy called life. When I realise how useless it is to me, woe and behold them wiccans, for I am well aware of their cruelty, claiming to worship a nature god while destoying her nature. You are clearly masoginistick, seeing god as male, whereas, I know god is androginous. Your kind mistake love for sex. I love my daughter, but dont have sex with her. Your kind would have sex with your's mistaking sex for love, hence the sexual deviancey. And you do like them young dont you? You like them to be confused, as to wether they are male or female.

The God I know of, is very scarey. When I saw this god, I was so scared I fled into this body, knowing If I see myself, all that you know will cease to exist. Now imagine the following. When we die, we will see the big monkey king. We ALL will. The difference between myself and you all, is knowing I will see the monkey in me. At the point I glimpsed the might white face, I knew not to look, for I would see myself. And all will be lost... Not long now though huh?

Jesus's mother Mary makes it clear in her last testament:

I'm sorry, I did not recognise YOU.

Well, I DID.

Stick with you book of evil entities... a book written by those who have done the deal with the devil. A book allowing those involved in witchcraft to control the mass's using FORCE. A watered down version of how abominable your kind really are to the human race.

You are one with the ONE, but I AM the ONE, seperate from all of you, in order to keep a book in balance with a feather.

I cant be saved, yet have been saved, cant save, but do. All by the grace of a god greater than your's. Mine is too big to be spoken of, never mind written about. And why your kind know FEAR.

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BADecker, I thought I'd lost it, but you take more than the biscuit, you take the packet, your problem being, your packet is ripped, and you still dont quite grasp what I gotta live with... Of course I wouldn't expect you to understand, I gotta live with my namesake every day, you can take a day off from your bileble... What I do is not my choice, for all is already written, and if it's gods will I represent your jesus, solely to use the true power of a prophet, that of creating by KNOWING, what is gona happen, because it's god's will that what I believe are my idea's (they are clearly not if they're already written) come true, then so be it, there's nothing I can do when I watch planes being shot down, or falling out of the sky, I just wake up and see on tv that I was on whatever plane at the time it fell out of the sky... the place I prepared for you is called the age of aquarius, and if you cant handle me, you wont last long in this new age, representing the death of the new world order, which, incidently is over two thousand years old. If you cant handle this representation of Jesus, then I'll give you some advice.. not...

Your people are simply pure evil. By your word's, it's god's will you hear this from me, it is already written, so get over it, the new jesus is in town, and the rules are changed.. evil should be fought with a different kind of evil... me.

A few post's ago, I pointed out something I'd like to expand on. What do the pharoah's and the masonic aliens have in common? No Vital Organs. Now since the egyptians made it clear, that they found the way to eternal life, I'd like to wake you up a little. In the movie Chronos, an old italian finds a gold scarab beetle. While playing with it, watched by his daughter, it sticks it's needle in, and you are shown inside the scarab beetle. Inside, you see lot's of cog's, and what look's like a worm. You know of no-one but me that can say for sure, what kind of worm it is, and why it is contained in the gold scarab beetle! Eternal life is something I have at my every day disposal, and I'll share a few hint's to prove this. Only I can point out that the worm inside the Chronos device is the bloodworm of the Dali Lamah. Now what do the bloodworm of the Dali Lama have in common with the Scarab Beetle? They BOTH grant eternal life! It's not that they BOTH grant eternal life, they are one and the same, you see, inside the scarab is the bloodworm. Now it is fair for me to say, that the power I have and can give freely is a guaranted 250 year life span, and I can guarantee by the time you are 150, you will prey for death. I know for a fact that in times past, thousand of people have sold their soul, for eternal life, but the only way you can live in the body forever, is to consume the dead, dont we do that every day?

The egyptians however, knew more than me, enough to live in the SAME body for thousands of years. This would give them time to create an society very technologically astute, wipe them out, do it again, and again, to quote the masonic architect in the matrix, they got pretty good at it... in this time,  they did indeed create spacecraft... they did indeed live forever, with no vital organs.. they did indeed change shape, for they live so far away from the light, that their eye's got as big as those who have sold their soul's, claim. They are still the colour of death, being truely dead, but not dead, they are in the third stage. A vampire starts with grey skin becoming like marble, their eye's as black as the alien species. Why is it the alien shows all say the masonic police are to be trusted with their claims to have seen aliens? Masonic.

Allow me to let you hear the sound of one hand clapping. Oh, your too far away... This is a hint to you, but others will know to say this is to know not only what it means, but where it came from, it is the beginning of the sound of eternal life whilst in the body. This is not gained by sacrifice, it is gained by knowledge. The kind of knowledge that goes beyond the dreams of you falling. Into the black hole, better known as the abyss, most folks wont understand that the black holes we see in space, have another side, the exit so to speak, the exit or entrance, depending on you direction of travel, to the mind. The universe is a mental process, that does not actually exist in the form we have been taught. This is why humans who have not sold their soul have NEVER seen aliens.

The aliens are the oldest freemasons in existance. They only pick the masons to abduct, because they need a few test subject to experiment on in their eternal search for a way to actually die, so tired of eternal life they are.  

I heard these bro's comment on the shapes going around in their mind. I know of meditation techniques that describe this fact. I know some see dragons, unicorns, you name it, if it's thinkable by man, it's in the masonic mind, viewable to only their kind, while humans are the CREATORS. This is what the masons gave up, their right to CREATE as god will's. SO they have creations which were not their own, they were the humans ideas, but bros can hear them, so steal the ideas from the humans, saves having to pay them anything, and they give their own credit for the discovery.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm just passing through. I've already prepared the end of the new world order, in order to create the age of aquarius. What would you like to see in this world of Aquarius? I'll give you a hint. I am also a monkey according to lunar astrology. Pay attention. Monkey see, Monkey do. This does not mean if I see it, I will do it, it means if I see it, YOU will become it. For whatever I live through becomes what you and the rest of mankind WILL do, I go first, if I live, so shall you. Monkey see monkey do is reversed for me. Impossible? Oh, I forgot, in lunar astrology, I am also, wizard of the impossible. Of course it's impossible for me to be your Jesus Christ, just as it is impossible for you to find another human with my gematria. Your Jesus lives now, that I know based on this gematria, and I would ask you not to look at me when I say this, but show me your jesus, knowing he is alive right now. In the flesh. YOU cant. The closest you'll ever actually get is knowing me.

In the movie dark city.. They grey vampire masons, yup, masons, admit they use our dead's bodies. The movie ends with a view of a city floating in space, The only difference bewteen this movie and the alpha code movie, being when the character in alpha code see's this, he sees the upside down Flat Earth. Just like the song... upside down... Now I know that if you get to the edge of this, flat earth, and fall off, you wont be comin back.. regardless of wether your human or vampire, not even satan can go there... but hey, I can go further than that! In fact, I have been so far from creation I saw naught but a silk thread, a straight line, stretching infinitely... And I saw where eternity passes into change.

What will you do when you realise all I have written is a warning, a warning of things I have already lived through? You have nothing to fear but fear itself. I fear what I know is coming. The changes made by me based on how people react to me. Your not going to like it, because you dont like me. Monkey see, monkey do. Amen.

This is not toward BADecker, it's to you all.


You all got me wrong. It is written in my date of birth. The Sphinx looks to this EARTH monkey, a monkey who's number's are 925 and 0. Most only see the sphinx according to Solar astrology. It's not just coincidence, that this monkey holds you between earth and Hell as masons well know. It is written in my stars. it is my destiny to be... me, and you cant argue with your maths. I AM an unbeliever, because if I were to believe in myself, it wont be sharing a loaf of bread to 5000, it would be to reveal in order for the truth to prevail.
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Ah, what a lovely day, have some more:

For centuries, we have pretty much been ORDERED to read a book, a book called the Bible. You were not provided a bib to read such bile, you were forced. Just look to Ireland to see a prime example of the church's bestiality. Now look to those wearing red. Their lip's no longer meet where they used to, and show naught but the serpent smile, the real reason behind face mask's. Notice since I first posted how to spot this serpentine race of freaks, we've been ordered to use facemask's, despite the fact more people die from smoking or alcohol related abuse, than a virus that only kill's .1% of whomever get's it... Sexual deviancy has never been so high. Not bad for these god fearing FREAKs and their puppet freak show. We've all got to be locked up, but these sex case's get to spread their watery shit mixed with their sex case virus's, after all, by bending over for their bro's (yup, incest is relatively boring, hence their move towards kids) they get cash... lots and lots of cash... they get to travel, they get the jobbie's, we get the sack... oh how they wish we got the baw sack, their baw sacks... welcome to the wiccan masonic freak show. Where their smile is created by swallowing tentacles 10 feet long, as seen in the movie, the deep ones, and they like it deep. It is mentioned in the bileble NOT to allow yourself to be hypnotised, for this is how they get at your spirit, by removing it, and forcing their 'one' spirit into you, so you can hear what they're all saying, just try pinpointing who exactly said what, they dont know, for they became one with the serpent from the deep. They can hear your most silent thought's, and yeah, they can see you. You have ZERO privacy, and this is proven thus:

Imagine you are a 'targetted' person, someone 'out of favour' with the bro's, how would you spot this? It's easy. You can either encourage the scenario seen at the end of john wick 2, where he get's an hour to do whatever, and suddenly all around him stop and look directly at him, no word's, no fones, they just all stop and stare. You can encourage this by making a direct attack on a bro, shouting kill them all, but it's best you watch john wick 2, to see the end I speak of. All wiccan masons suddenly stop and stare right at you. I have done this. As for that coin, yeah, they all carry a coin in their pocket to pay their way, a coin with the following letter's, W, S, S, T, K, S, H, T, meaning Hiram, The widow Son Sent To King Solomon. Or you could do simple thing's like being polite.. your phone call's will be cut off. Txt's wont be sent or received, Paperwork will disappear.. Your net will be constantly lagging, you will be capped just enough for you to send in offical documents online. when going to buy your favorite food, suddenly your local store no longer stores THAT particular food. Try moving to another food, again, that food will go... move on to another.. you get the idea.. I go into a bicycle shop to buy a valve adapter, and this is a crucial wee story, a simple valve adapter sold by all stores, changes high pressure valves to accept low pressure pump's, so you can pump up at the local garage. Ask the chick, that you've never met, Do you have any adapters? She smile's, saying yeah, I think we got them down here, and just as she goes to get them, she stop's... a glazed look in the eye's takes hold, and suddenly, without checking, she suddenly remembers there is none. leave shop, send a friend in 5 min later, he comes out with one. The point being, when she had the stary glazed look in her eye's, she was listening to the voice in her head, you know, the one they must all OBEY, the one that never lied to them.

A friend ask's me, "who never lied to you?" I reply, we all tell ourselves some wee lie, in order to make things okay, maybe to accept things we wouldn't normally accept, he asks again, but who never lied to you? I shrug the shoulders, he replies, lucifer...

So here we have a used to be secret society openly flouting their skill's..

Just watch the vampire movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pit. While Brad is out looking for more of his kind, he walks under a bridge in france, and is met by a fellow mason, wearing same atire. Their greeting ranges from a polite silent, how do you do, to walking up wall's, to the roof of the bridge, completely upside down, just like the video by lionel richie, dancing on the ceiling... His firstborn, openly sexually abused by his fellow brethren made ok by the word porn. You get the idea. Just think Maddie Mcann... The charity sure flowed into her parents bank accounts.

Inside out, boy you turn me, upside down, and round and round...

Their world is turned inside out. Just like when Dr Strange in the movie of the same name, has his eye of awareness opened. In particular, he enter's his own right eye... an ancient egyptian txt, describes this to a t. Hetu goes into Tetu, and find's the soul of RA. So yeah BADecker, Being a dj, I can describe your mental universe using nothing but the tunes at my dispossal. They are proof of at least the MASONIC god. I mean, in the search for scientific proof, I admit, we will all fail, but when taking so many movies, and so many books, and so many statement's from so many people dropping hint's, to taking specific sentences from so many tunes, I could paint a picture of your insane mind. And leave you trapped on a cross before the fire that will devour you and your kind.

You say I should read your bileble.

I know more.

The High preist of AXUM, known as GEDALIAH and his people took the torah, the holy law of the prophet moses. (The Torah is the origional bible, before the bible was written) They had many other precious works brought to them in the time of king josaia. King Josaia was the man who cleansed the temple of solomon, of idols and other secret objects of abomination put there by his father, Amon (Re) and his father's father, manasseh.. (Manasseh was shouted in the exorcist movie as the demon possesing the girl, said it's name.)

At this time, the people of Axum (masonic square Axom, same name) also guarded the Ark of the covenant, as they guarded the precious works from the temple. Since the time of King Josaia, the ark of the covenant has been lost to the people, in effect, stolen by freemasons. The ark of the covenant was in a "HOLY" temple, built by the jews on the island of Elphantine, in the middle of the river nile, before it descends to the sea, when Josaia ordered the levites to remove it from jerusalem. The ark contains the tablets of the lord on which the law was written. It was taken to 'a' place of worship of the egyptian gods, safely guarded by Gedaliah's people, in a place no-one shall find it.

Gedaliah's people were craftsmen of stone (freemasons) who decided not to build a temple to house the ark, as that temple may have been discovered as a temple of solomon and thus destroyed. Think of the bad wizard in lord of the rings, does the name SOUND familiar? The ark was hidden by the high preists people and carried to Axum to be worshipped once a year by them, who gather in the great square of Axum. These 'Free (to commit whatever bestiality they want) masons were also given, by Abram, a listed collection of articles and scrolls, one of which was the last testament of Jeshua the Nazarenne - a prophet, and was not to be opened until the day of judgement. These 'Falasha' who brought the evil eye, and were believed to have the power at night to change into hyena's, stalking the christian villages looking for victims.

Yeah, I know god... and it aint YOUR god.


13  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 14, 2021, 02:05:03 AM
Another wiccan masonic baby sacrificing sexual deviant seein pink fuckin unicorns... defo off topic, thats why they target their bro's instead of the one rockin their boat...

Hey sonny, mind if I ask you a question?

Yeah, go on then...

With what you now see, and hear, compare it to the time when you thought like I thought, that this is all there is, if you could, would you come back to this?

Yeah, in a heartbeat..

So you miss being normal?


Hey matt, what's it really like, if you knew what it was like before you did your deal, would you still do the deal...

Na, it's no that good...

Now imagine a world where every thought you ever had, even the ones you thought you could suppress, your nicest or darkest secrets were heard by all these masonic freaks... You know, like standing in front of a judge (who knows your innocent) for a crime you never commited, then being found guilty, you'd be like, wtf? Well reader's, this is true. They know who is guilty, or not, but due to the royal arch 25th degree of freemasonry, 7 degree's after they learn they worship lucifer, they have no choice but to back up their brethrens lies, this is why trump got away with so much disgusting stuff.. like murdering a nuclear scientist using a cheat, in the form of a drone. Drones are for cowardly nations, too fuckin chicken to do their own dirty work.. but hey, what's it like america, having your own house raided by, well, your own?

You must know by now of the rule that put trump in office, that he was to never let america be greater than britain, this is the real reason he got the golf course from the rapist first minister, a golf course he has yet to pay for...

They aint just racist, they are the lowest of the low... they are smart enough to let black lives matter get attention solely to divert attention from the fact that so many cops get away with murder, and no-one does anything about it.. thats how chicken these yankee's are... you did know yankee translates correctly into THEIF. So what trump, you got sacked by your own paedo race, you should be getting the same treatment as the paedo who pumped your wive'(s), I hope you intedn to leave your current field mattress called your wife at the other side of that border... why such comment's? Your red tie states quite clearly that after sacrificing your kids to lucifer, there is no depth to your depraved insanity that you will not stoop to..

Go on, if you wanna meet god reader, say the name lucifer twice.. you wont meet god, but WILL realise your mistake.. just look at trump, see BADecker and co, spot the same language, and know a virus is out to get them all..

14  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 13, 2021, 12:11:45 PM
^^^ Read Lamentations to see how religiously mixed up you are.


Lamentations is all you are capable of, what no jesus saves? this thread proves you talk the talk, but cant walk the walk...

Did Jesus have to read the bible? No, for the truth was marvelous, in his eyes...


I guess I dont need to...

You however clearly have not suffered anywhere near what I have for me to show you, your son of god.

If an Athiest is NON- RELIGIOUS, then he cant be religiously mixed up you fool.

I am however in a position to make a new religion to worship the gods I found.

Please dont call me jesus, I AM after all, JUST James.


When I was a child no older than 4, my grandad offered me and my three sisters a mars bar. I sat at his side, my sisters all ran towards him shouting me, me, me... in the hope of getting the mars bar... my grandad passed it to me, and when my sisters all asked why I get the mars bar, he replies, because he's the One.
15  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 13, 2021, 11:49:53 AM
And as I just found out, Jesus exists NOW, in MY name... Proof?

"James Dalgleish Laidlaw" in the English Gematria system equals 925 (10+1+40+5+100+0+4+1+30+7+30+5+9+100+8+0+30+1+9+4+30+1+500)

Google it:

"8 2 1969" in the English Gematria system equals 0 <- the signature of god!

I'll say this...

Not one comment regarding any truth I have written...

Njoi the silence...

It's the only way to shut these baby sacrificing freaks up.

Show them a truth, watch them unite in their blasphemous words... or lack of with regards to existing truths!

Me, I'm just passing through...

In the meantime, hows about the mark of the beast, needed to buy or sell...

Did you know the only tool man has made that replicates the serpent's fang is a syringe?

Roll up roll up... Snakeoil salesmen, it's the baby sacrificer killer, the corona virus... VACCINE.

No longer waiting on BADecker to answer any questions I put to him... He is my shining example of the attitude of a wiccan masonic baby sacrificer... silent when faced with the truth, abusive when losing. Just like the trump who took the hump, and trumped you all!!

As I said many posts ago, allow me to hold you under water for 4 minutes, guaranteed you'll pray god will tell me to let you up by the count of 60+60+60 seconds

16  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 13, 2021, 02:15:33 AM
It most certainly is NOT off topic, I decide in this thread, since daniel was kind enough to leave me in charge of it, and since my proofs are also viewable in many movies, as well as tunes, all describing the same place, where this god apparently reside's (the ether up there) and is viewable in such movies as dr.strange, oh, and the avengers movies, all describing the likes of how thor lost an eye, but gained THIS other site, aka the all seeing eye of vishnu, I especially like the part where thanos sacrifices his (stolen) daughter to gain a stone, Thanos being the kids version of the real god THANTANOS, note how they make kids accept sacrifice is ok in this kids movie? so I say that the proofs are being broadcast in all shapes, forms, and fashions, or I would not have found out that my name is a represention of your jesus, so movies and tunes regarding this 'place' where THEIR god resides are very relevant, for they may be correct in that they ARE god, and exist all around us, I know they react to my thought's, at least the neighbours in my block do.

No comments on the fact I COULD be your saviour though eh? selective worshiping is it?

Seems after learning the gematria so many years ago the bit I missed is the bit you dislike the most.. my friends call me Ra, lucifer, a prophet, kids on the street here shout 'mummy, there's an angel..etc, all true, but to find the part I missed inyour books maths lesson, was the FACT i am jesus christ reborn. It worked like I wrote previously... I get a gig on 22nd of october, they offer a residency 76 days later, starting on the 6th of january, 2012 by chance? No, the witch KNEW this was the date of jesus's rebirth, the date I learned of this fact!

But to find out on the 6th of this year the gemtria of my name is Jesus Christ. REBORN! Years later I find this out. in the year 2021... You do the numerology.. or gematria,,, it's all there for those with eye's to see..

Kinda rocks the boat a bit when you actually know me like some of your brethren do huh?

Just how is it off topic?

YOu must have left your first habitat to make such absurd claims. At least your book will back up my claim to the name.

And who is we, since this is daniels and my thread... has he even logged in in the last few years? you do not fit into the 'we' category, since you will not admit your saviour, who, by gods will, speaks to you through me.

I found your masonic god, and his lodge... I am not paid to keep this quiet. To quote your jesus, if there's a truth, shout it from the rooftops, and I been doing exactly that... where is the halleluja? BRO?

Thank fek I dont have one... now read ezekial again regarding the BRO's HELPER!!!!!

The Bro's helper helps them because he does not have a bro, and hence knows how they SHOULD treat each other, how he would treat his, should he have one... instead of bro against bro, till bro's exist no more.

The proof is simple. You believe in Jesus. I AM. The question I ask you, is should I save YOU?
17  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 12, 2021, 08:52:34 PM
Ok, I Think I'll post a few 'tunes' that I know describe the 'BLUE LODGE' that is known to exist, at least in the mind's of those who are one with what I write in this post...

Dancing on the ceiling (the space the one mind occupies is 96 feet all round, and when vampires are killed, they FALL to the sky)

Boy you turn me, inside out, and... round and round... (it is known that they see shapes going round and round)

I got the key (to another place - same place)

Hose-anna (18th degree of freemasonry's password stating quite clearly they worship lucifer)

Feel free to add more song's lyric's describing this same place...

It's in the twilight zone...

They believe us all to be dead, but let the living beleive they are alive, because it's easier for them to control us...

And so they say this is hell...

Nothing to worry about then. Hell aint as bad as the serpent race waiting to deliver us to a great big monkey, akin to the monkey in me Wink

The reason I posted this, is because all these of the one mind believe themselve(s?) to be 'A' god, and I contend that the scientific proof that god exists, is contained in a plethora of movies, songs, and books, and can be identified as that entity that is the scource of what these insane people believe THEY are, when in fact they are but a miniscule part of the ONE GOD they each believe themselve to be.

In short, the bible was written by those who became one with each other, able to see the eye in the sky, yet are NOT the eye, for they are seperate from it, although they clearly have the use of it.

They are the ones who turned evil entities into lovable vampires, who see through the eye's of GOD, this is THEIR belief.

This is the place god warned us about when warning us about leaving our FIRST HABITAT. I guess those who know what I write are well and truelly FUCKED!!

Not bad for an athiest huh?

An athiest whose hidden name numerologically is Jesus Christ, Amen.
18  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 12, 2021, 08:29:18 PM
Just for the record, these things I write are not my beleif's. I mean, I provide the facts as provided by wiccan freemasons since time immorial, since most books are written by these people. If your not with them, your against them, they claim.

Aha, BADecker, I hope you had a merry 'MY BIRTHDAY' lol...

Try this: YOU claim in YOUR belief's that you like to ram down people's thread's lol, that Jesus Saves!

Ok, My actual name is James Dalgleish Laidlaw. Wow, so what? Well, according to YOUR belief's, I SAVE!

Because according to YOUR belief's and your bible's GEMATRIA, I am YOUR saviour, period. Strange how through the years of posting here, crumb after crumb became a loaf of bread. Full of honest to goodness truth. From my date of birth, 02.08.1969 (8th feb) to the eleventh moon, it's no wonder most people around here call me a prophet... or lucifer... strange how my studies of wiccan masonic books show's the reason they think this, after all, it turns out jesus is lucifer, no?

Why wont masons say jesus in church? Because they know of this truth, it's in their books.

James Dalgleish Laidlaw numerologically, according to the bible is 925, the number of Jesus Christ!!!!!!!

(it's also the number of the hallmark for silver lol)

So go ask a few of your brethren to read all my posts and get back to me, after all, its god's will that you discover you've been communicating with your saviour here, and it turns out to be me. No wonder I sound mad... Like I asked a while back, what if jesus was reborn (approx date, jan 6th 2012), and did not know he was jesus because of the lies told by your brethren?

Now who is the 'WE' that I'm supposed to save if what I have written is true?

A few songs spring to mind... what if god was one of us..?

God is a dj...

It's like they love to remind me, shame they wont just say it to my face through fear.

And since it's Known that the true jesus was not in fact jesus, but his brother...

Just James!
19  Other / Off-topic / Re: Scientific proof that God exists? on: January 10, 2021, 01:03:40 PM
Happy new year lol, now I hope you all enjoyed you christmas... oh boy, more ancient knowledge time...

Do you believe in Santa? Santa Clause?

Note the Claws.. you usually find that in the small print...


He certainly drained your account...

Santa is a drug dealer. Santa's suit was origionally brown, the colour of the cocain he brought, which he hid in a drink called Coke-Cain.

His drink got watered down into a genetically modified drink which you now call coca(in)-cola, and his suit was changed to red to match the tinny's this drink came in when they stopped the coke in bottles. The red is to remind you that you owe your success to the blood of you children.

The point of christmas is for the parent's to make up for condemning their kids eternal soul to hell, by buying their kids toys to make up for the fact that these witch's have no time for their brats, so they hide it by buying them what they want, just to prove to their kids that they love them, even though it's a drug dealer supplying the goodies... so many toys, prove ony that they have no time for them. History proves this.

Now as for the fact that your actually worshipping lucifer on this darkest of days... how convienient.. remember, the devils greatest trick was convincing the world he dont exist.

Picture this.. you lay on a cross, dead. Holding you on this cross is a colossal monkey king. This is why evil fears the monkey, for none can escape it.

Sebau the serpent will be cast into fire... by this monkey.

Many god's you say? Too many. oh the insanity of it...

Too many movies lately show exactly what I've written since I first wrote in this thread...

So may people condemned their firstborn to hell, so many god's.

In the plethora of movies you are about to view, you will find stories of those on a strange planet, who discover their every thought is heard by all else on this planet, this is TRUE. You will learn of the eye in the sky... You will learn you are in fact dead, and this is hell, but you did think that, didn't you?


Father, Son Holy Ghost
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

The eye in the sky is the arch-angel GABRIEL.

All baby sacrificers see this eye in the sky... it is they who see the alien spacecraft.. it is they who see vampires in their grey skin flying about in spacecraft, which incidently, only THEY can see, or have seen. These vampires are out of time, meaning they cannot die. Rumour has it the aliens kidnap those chosen to find out why they wont die, so chop them up as we planet hop across the univers, destoying planet after planet, what we did with mars, we're doing here. who cares?

God is the one who does NOT sacrifice his own.

Those who claim to have found god hear the multitude of voices in their head, met the king of hell sitting on his throne of Iron, and make everyone else's lives a misery....

When the one is finally on his own, they are gone... cast into the burning pit.

They should stop confusing their soul for the spirit. They are two different entities. Their soul wails in hell having to watch their spirit commit such act's as we witness today.

Democracy is demonocracy!

Figure it out, burn the witch's, save the planet...

or better still, kill each other..

You just cant stop, can you?

Breath deep. The harvesting has begun. The microbial species john dee did a deal with for technology, by sacrificing us all for said techno, is eating out the lungs of thousands per day...

Like your new phone?

Ps, the vampires thought they'd be the ones doing the harvesting, when in fact, it's only vampires that are being harvested...

hence the name...


Just how do you kill something that's already dead? Have no fear, the monkey is here Smiley
20  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin @ 40.000 grand? on: January 10, 2021, 11:55:39 AM
What was the point of bitcoin? To replace money, NOT obtain it. If Bitcoin is to replace money, why would you part with bitcoin for 40.000? This only proves one thing. That even the rich are having their bank account's drained by a fake currency that does nothing but eat tree's, using giga-quads of electricity in the hope of finding another block to SELL for 40.000.

So the goal of bitcoin is NOT to replace money but to profit the holder of bitcoin, a profit only worthwhile when you hold the CASH in your hands.

How much in total is the electric bill for your bitcoin? Add it up. YOu've already spent 40 times more than the actual PRICE or VALUE of bitcoin. Look at the amazon fires. Nice price. Yet you cant spend them in your local shops. Go on, pay your rent with Bitcoin. Listen to the baby sacrificers Stacey and MAX tell you to BUY bitcoin, while their repeat trash channel does nothing but try to convince you to BUY GOLD. 6 times per hour, @ 3.000 per ad, repeated over and over till you realise the only way bitcoin has any value is when you PART WITH YOUR CASH, profitting the max and stacey baby sacrificing club, wiccan freemasonry.

In order to see your fortune, buy low, SELL HIGH... for cash!!!!

How else would you profit?
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