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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.1 [Torrent]
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2041  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: As a lebanese, how do I buy bitcoins with a credit card? on: August 28, 2011, 04:56:19 PM
I've heard you can do it with credit cards in a round-about way by using 2nd Life to buy Lindens and then convert to bitcoin on the Virwox exchange..

Do 'International Wire' bank transfers work from Lebanon to Hong Kong?   If so you could deposit to mtgox.

2042  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 28, 2011, 04:23:06 PM
This seems interesting..  
A piece in what seems to be a fairly major Chinese language financial site
( google page rank of 8 )


The story is reposted on and ... looks like this story might be widely syndicated in China
( is another top 100 website according to alexa rankings)


The story is also picked up in Taiwan:

2043  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 28, 2011, 03:16:53 PM
Jupiterbroadcasting's Techsnap 20 video covers bitcoin news again

2011-08-25  (sic)

FPGA bitcoin mining
It appears MyBitcoin plan to release their source code
Video: Bitcoin Conference Keynote – Jeff Garzik
Bitcoin Enthusiasts Gather in NYC to Meet IRL and Show Off Bitcoin Start-Ups

Also .. Chris fisher mentions in the show that
1) he wants Jupiter Broadcasting to start taking donations in bitcoin
2) he wants to start taking advertising buys in bitcoin
2044  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Help me ! How to build a PC for bitcoin mine ? on: August 28, 2011, 02:16:15 PM
well you could..  but according to this:
You'll only get about 60MegaHashes/second

I haven't done an accurate calculation - but I think you'll take about 1 Month to generate 1 bitcoin if difficulty stays around what it is now. (joining a mining pool obviously)

That motherboard has a pci-e slot.. so you might consider throwing in a new ATI graphics card.

2045  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Hard Numbers On How Much Money a Merchant Would Save If They Used Bitcoins on: August 28, 2011, 09:05:11 AM
Here in Australia - some merchant bank accounts have a monthly fee irrespective of transactions too e.g $35/Month.
For a the really small scale merchant - or those starting out or just testing an idea.. this can make a difference.
2046  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: $80 Android Phone Sells Like Hotcakes in Kenya on: August 28, 2011, 09:02:04 AM
I first guessed that someone who read this thread started this:
(claming to be the first African Exchange - launching 'soon')

But looking at the whois for - it was created on 2011-05-27  and has a Nairobi address..  (Alex Beavan)

Could still be a foreign run operation I suppose.. but good to see someone setting up some bitcoin infrastructure for Kenya anyway!
2047  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Technical Analysis on: August 28, 2011, 02:27:41 AM
Long term is looking at monthly charts. Starting period summer 2010. TREND UP

Summer?  Which hemisphere?
2048  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Public opinion of Bitcoin on: August 27, 2011, 02:09:54 PM
He's definitely an asset.

Convincing a few restaurants to accept bitcoin alone has persuaded other businesses (by mainstream TV) to accept bitcoin which we can only hope is contagious.

I think this achievement alone has made bitcoin so much more visible, and more importantly, is a solid demonstration that bitcoin is a legitimate tool for merchants and consumers.
So much of the earlier coverage has focused on black-market aspects such as tax avoidance and drugs - despite there being little evidence that there is much of this really going on. Along with some of the better known merchants such as MemoryDealers, bitbrew, cablesaurus and bitmunchies - OnlyOneTV provides a counterpoint to the  persistent taint that some commentators like to push. Indeed this sort of high profile focus on the positive uses and aspects of bitcoin potentially makes it that much harder for legislators and unfriendly corporations to take kneejerk actions against Bitcoin as a whole.

As far as being a personable bitcoin contact with whom mainstream media can talk, without coming across as a fringe nerd-type - he's currently without peer.

That said, I'm completely unimpressed with the announcement of multiple conference locations for 2012 - apparently with no community consultation, and as far as I can see - no explanation of why fragmenting the attention of potential bitcoin enthusiasts and exhibitors is the way to go.
Surely exhibitors would prefer to get the most bang for their bitcoin by having an annual expo to focus on.
Now of course he's under no obligation to consult or explain, as there's nothing 'official' about OnlyOneTV being *the* world expo organiser for bitcoin for all time.
I had hoped that he'd take a less autocratic approach and simply be the instigator of a more community-based effort in this regard.
Nothing about the way the 1st conference was organised, and the next conferences were announced suggests this though.

It might be easy to point to the fact that Bruce used to promote mybitcoin as a negative - but the situation would have been a problem for a large slice of the community even if he hadn't, and having the show as a platform to shed light on these issues is invaluable.

Some of his more exuberant proclamations certainly fit my definition of 'hype', and he often comes across as more 'marketer' than realist and commentator, but I'm hopeful that he will listen to some of the feedback from the community and pull back from some of the more speculative claims, without losing his enthusiastic style.

Still.. on balance Bruce and the Bitcoin Show have done a lot of good for the public image of bitcoin.
2049  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 27, 2011, 08:00:13 AM
Market watch video about bitcoin:

Bitcoin to burn a hole in your pocket.!1FADAD1B-15D6-4250-AD7B-E62556C5D1A3

Not very positive. But than again, any publicity is good publicity.

But then... I wonder what the point of this thread is if people don't even read as far as 3 posts back.
2050  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Juice Media needs a BTC donation address on: August 27, 2011, 07:13:21 AM
Yeah.. I already posted a comment on one of their vids that they should accept bitcoin.
Kinda surprising they don't already really.
2051  Other / Off-topic / Re: Pattaya on: August 27, 2011, 06:43:36 AM
Despite it's beauty, I'm not convinced that Thailand in general is good choice - but I agree that Pattaya is an appalling one. 

The only good I can see in it is it'll demonstrate what a dumb idea it is using the Thai Baht symbol ฿ for Bitcoin.

I also don't understand the point of multiple conferences in one year.  It dilutes any power that a singular global bitcoin conference might have had.

If the announcement had been instead, something like "2012 Bitcoin Conference to be in Hong Kong"   (or some other major financial hub.. London,Singapore,Tokyo etc)
this would have been more impressive.

Anyway.. nothing to stop some other group of Bitcoiners forming a more focused Conference arrangement to compete with the way OnlyOneTV does things.
That too is 'dilution'.. but hopefully at some point some annual conference can become known as *the* conference. 
Despite what many in the community would like - this doesn't appear to be OnlyOneTV's vision - and if they want to ignore the community's ideas, that's up to them really.

Bruce and co. still do a good job of providing some focus and light on Bitcoin issues - so if people don't like the specifics.. they'll just have to come up with an alternative.
2052  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Santa Clara office space for rent - accepting Bitcoins on: August 27, 2011, 05:46:04 AM
Oh.. I see now that Chris Smelser is from Memory Dealers.  That explains that then!
2053  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Santa Clara office space for rent - accepting Bitcoins on: August 27, 2011, 05:31:24 AM
$1328 / 1660ft² - Prime Office/R&D Space, Rent is $1,328. We also accept Bitcoins! (santa clara)

Things are getting interesting when things like this pop up..   Is someone in the forums here behind this one?

2054  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 27, 2011, 05:22:08 AM
5 Free and Open Source Software Downloads

"Bitcoin is an open source digital currency that has received a fair amount of press in the last year. However, only the software is free, not the actual Bitcoins."

Death And Taxes is an indie music and culture website.
2055  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 27, 2011, 04:04:31 AM

This article is basically a short bitcoin intro with a focus on mining.
2056  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 27, 2011, 02:52:48 AM
Bitcoin buyers throw good money after bad
Commentary: What’s in your wallet? Not this electronic currency

"Bitcoin remains the Wild West, a dangerous new frontier. And no matter how attractive the concept, for now it’s the Stupid Investment of the Week."

"Stupid Investment of the Week highlights the conditions and characteristics that make an investment less than ideal for the average investor; it is not intended to be an automatic sell signal — early entrants in the Bitcoin world should decide if they want to lock down some of their gains or hold on to profit from the revolution that really could be coming — but rather points out the flaws that consumers often overlook when they are enamored with a popular investment idea."

Despite the negativity on bitcoin as an investment - this piece seems pretty balanced and while it's focused on the risks at the moment, it recognizes the potential too.

There is also a video discussion with Chuck Jaffe about it.

There is a thread in bitcoin discussion on this:

Overall.. I think this article/video could be classed as a 'backhanded compliment' to bitcoin!

2011-09-29 The article appears on with a  more positive title
Jaffe: new internet currency Bitcoin grows in popularity

2057  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Solidcoin value UP ----> My Membership Prices Fall on: August 26, 2011, 01:14:40 PM
Yes, too much pop-up and redirect spam. Very unprofessional.

You can have the best boobs and ass in the world, but if I get fake redirects, blind links or any other shenanigans, I'm never going to go there again and I'm definitely not going to do any business with such entities.

I'm not seeing any of that but I do always run noscript.

Looks fine for me in chrome.

Quote from: Mousepotato
If you had enough sales volume, you'd have a full on Verotel merchant account, not a Tickets Club account

Why the negativity on an enterprising merchant who is actually using these cryptographic currencies?
Low entry-barrier is one of the key advantages of a system like bitcoin.  

We should be encouraging services like this. Good on you Lorna.
2058  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Open letter to Bruce Wagner on: August 26, 2011, 02:25:10 AM
Lack of media coverage -  not so surprising.. they're not there to feed every interest group's hype.
No streaming - somewhat disappointing.
Keynote recording with unintelligible audio  -  Well that's a big fail from an outfit with 'tv' in the name.

Anything that can be said about this last point without using swear words - is altogether too kind.
2059  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 25, 2011, 11:16:42 AM
Botnet attacks pizza delivery service

"Its initial primary purpose was to mine bitcoins, a virtual online currency. But Kaspersky security specialist Tillmann Werner has discovered that infected computers have recently downloaded a new file, ddhttp.exe."

"All of the targets are either estate agency portals or food industry sites, such as pizza delivery services. "

I feel it's only a matter of time before we see the first software agents which roam the internet with their own wallet - making a living daytrading.. and sending occasional pizza offerings to their creator.

Another story on the same issue..
2060  Bitcoin / Press / Re: Bitcoin press hits, notable sources on: August 25, 2011, 06:39:17 AM
A Sydney radio station aired a piece on Bitcoin last night.. I've been unable to track down any info so far.
Did anyone here hear it?

I forgot to ask my source if the accents were american.. it occurs to me this might just have been a rebroadcast of the npr story.
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