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41  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Re: MasterCoin Buyer/Seller Thread on: November 14, 2013, 03:31:00 AM
Please remove my offer for 50MSC at 0.2  (sold)
42  Economy / Securities / Re: [BitFunder] Graet.Loan - Paying 0.05% interest daily on: November 11, 2013, 03:24:09 AM
Can someone explain the reasoning behind investing in "shares" (traded as stocks?) of  a "personal loan" (bonds?), with redemption terms defined as

"You can request refund of the loan at face value anytime.
Redeeming bonds may take some time to liquidate positions or procure more BTC if no liquid BTC is available.

What recourse is there when the issuer finds himself short of "liquid BTC," thus making the time frame "some time"?
Can the terms of the OP be reduced to "Lend me money & i'll pay you back when it's convenient for me"?

The reasoning would presumably be that by having them 'tradable as stocks' - holders can exit their position (at what under normal conditions would be close to face value) even if the rate of people wishing to exit is slightly higher than available from the borrower.
It wouldn't make sense to take out a loan if at any time the borrower was able to refund the face value of the entire amount... so it should have been obvious to all that at certain lender demand levels it would be unfeasable to pay out immediately.

As it happens of course - the combination of bitfunder closure and people just wishing to redeem due to the rise in BTC value has clearly passed that limit.
This in itself shouldn't be a worry (aside from the now significant haircuts taken by those needing to exit).. but combined with the lack of transparency regarding the borrower's financials, and the fact we don't know to what extent a BTC price-rise puts the borrower at risk of default, it's surely now a worry - providing yet more redemption pressure.

Say what you want about the risk/foolishness of lending money under conditions of such low transparency of the underlying businesses... but the mechanism of lending as a 'share-like' asset seems a reasonable model otherwise. (with of course the usual caveats about legality and recourse when taking a risk on any assets on these unregulated 'exchanges')

43  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] The Official Active Mining Discussion Thread [Self-Moderated] on: November 07, 2013, 01:05:50 AM
kslaughter said:
At this time all shareholders should follow the procedure for transferring shares to AMC-TENDER.

So what is 'the procedure' ??
Just transfer.. or send an email as well?
44  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Comedy Routine - Don't Worry, No One Actually Understands Bitcoin on: November 06, 2013, 05:09:24 AM
Eh..  I loved it Smiley

I'm pretty sure this is about what it sounded like when I first tried to explain Bitcoin to my mother.
She would have heard random geeky words that she might vaguely have recalled hearing before.. strung together in sentences that left her none the wiser.
Hopefully I've got better at explaining since then.
45  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [BPMC] Blue Fury USB ~2.6GH/s 0.88BTC [Australia/NZ] on: November 01, 2013, 03:03:29 AM
I have these in hand. Shipping now.
46  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [BPMC] Blue Fury USB ~2.6GH/s 0.88BTC [Australia/NZ] on: October 31, 2013, 07:18:51 AM
These have landed in Sydney, and I've paid the duties. Hopefully I'll have them tomorrow.

47  Economy / Securities / Re: [BitFunder] Graet.Loan - Paying 0.05% interest daily on: October 31, 2013, 06:07:59 AM
While a lack of communication is worrying in itself - surely it's unreasonable to expect borrowers like this to be in a position to pay back a large percentage of the money at short notice.
Aside from the obvious exodus of US holders - there are probably many who just want to exit because of the increased exchange rate.

If you asked someone to suddenly cough up 25% of their home loan - they'd also not be in a position to do it, but that doesn't mean they can't afford the loan payments.

The circumstances are clearly unexpected by all.. and if Graet were to liquidate assets to pay people back sooner - it would pretty much defeat the purpose of having taken out this loan.

If he just communicated more, people (like me) might be willing to buy more of these shares - which would help those who need to exit.. but without the communication - we're left wondering/speculating if the underlying businesses are not going well (overexposure to mining, now with massively reduced income due to difficulty?)

In short - a failure to be able to quickly pay out in what amounts to a 'rush on the bank' is not such a concern - but the lack of information regarding his financial affairs is.
48  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [SOLD OUT][ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC] [Aust/NZ] on: October 30, 2013, 05:06:15 AM
Apparently the USBs are completely sold out.. so we have to wait and see if ASICMINER produce some next-gen USB.

Blades are still available from China - but I don't have an order at this stage.  I'll check what price they're at now.

Let me know if you're interested in any.

49  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [BPMC] Blue Fury USB ~2.6GH/s 0.88BTC [Australia/NZ] on: October 30, 2013, 03:09:06 AM
I have a tracking number... hoping it's for the entire batch.
50  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC] [Aust/NZ] on: October 29, 2013, 08:25:06 AM
Can anyone who has the hub tell me what size fuse is in it? Mine from BTC Guild didn't seem to come with one.

Seems to be a 40 Amp, 32V Blade fuse... looks like the same sort as used in a lot of cars.

51  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC, 49 port hub ] [Aust/NZ] on: October 28, 2013, 02:53:12 AM
No more blades in stock.

I'm down to a few hundred USBs.
52  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC , Blades 1.1 BTC] [Australia/NZ] on: October 23, 2013, 09:59:54 PM
The 49 port hub is powered by the main ATX connector on a PC power supply (the main one that normally plugs into a motherboard).
It is made by ASICMINER - so presumably it is designed to power 49 BE's at once.

I'm not currently selling these separately, or for AUD, but may do so towards the end of the batch.
53  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.035BTC , Blades 1.1 BTC] [Australia/NZ] on: October 23, 2013, 03:08:17 AM
Price drop on the USBs - now 0.035BTC each - minimum order 10.

Buy 50 in one order and get a 49 port USB hub included.

54  Economy / Securities / Re: ASICMINER: Entering the Future of ASIC Mining by Inventing It on: October 22, 2013, 10:35:22 PM

it is beatiful...where to get one?

Talk to your local ASICMINER reseller.. you should find them in the 'Group buys' board:
I'm reselling for Australia/New Zealand.

It looks like there may be a special deal for 50 USBs + a  hub.
55  Economy / Securities / Re: ASICMINER: Entering the Future of ASIC Mining by Inventing It on: October 22, 2013, 06:04:26 AM
56  Economy / Securities / Re: ASICMINER: Entering the Future of ASIC Mining by Inventing It on: October 22, 2013, 04:09:36 AM
Canary is good source for hints.

Today he wrote something about new 45p hubs made by friedcat !!!

Cat is not sleeping it seems.
Found it

"Friedcat is testing a 49 port hub to become available "soon" (don't know what soon means Smiley ) for running USB sticks.  From what I know so far, it will be high quality, and you'll be able to power it using an ATX PSU.  Obviously price will be much better than alot of current options out there currently.  Hope he makes enough of them.  My understanding is that it will be geared towards those who will be looking to run 45+ USB setups."

So I have some of these 49 port hubs in hand.  They look nice - but unfortunately.. I don't know how to use them.  
I tried with 2 different brand power supplies, and I tried on a raspberry pi, as well as straight to a pc.   The PC didn't seem to recognize it, and although I haven't really looked into any settings on the pi.. cgminer usually just detects hubs plugged into it.
Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? (while I wait for a reply from friedcat).

Edit: Ok.. what I was doing wrong was not looking at the very bottom of the shipping box.  There are fuses that need to be plugged into each hub Tongue

57  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [ASICMINER] [Block Erupter USB 0.074BTC or less, Blades 2.8 BTC] [Australia/NZ] on: October 15, 2013, 10:28:00 PM
Less than 10 Blades in stock.
No ETA for further Blade stock at this stage.
58  Economy / Securities / Re: [LABCOIN] IPO [BTCT.CO] - Details/FAQ and Discussion (ASIC dev/sales/mining) on: October 13, 2013, 09:27:13 AM
-H.Z. Wang has verified to us that Labcoin never took receipt of his finished chip design.  Who's gear are you hashing with?  

- Someone else completed his work. We are hashing with our own gear.

"Completed". Aha. That implies that you actually got any results of his work, which he says you didn't. If you did, please also pay him appropriately. 10btc is a joke.

-Why has 65nm development been suspended?

- Resources are used according to priorities. Development will restart next week.

So who's going to do this? Are you still counting on me to do any work for you?

-Why do you refuse to properly identify (video skype) yourself?  Video chat with TheSeven right now.  Prove you are who you say you are.

- My identity will be proven upon a meeting with someone nominated as a community representative when we open our mining facility.

Why do you refuse to even tell people who's actually involved with the project, and what your real identity is?
That is something that you should really publish here ASAP.
Your answer suggests that you're just trying to buy more time before people figure out who you really are. (Alberto?)

-What's the fund address?  Show us the money.

- I need to shuffle funds located in different wallets  for which i don't have control now.

Whatever that means...

-We're down to 10TH now?!  What happened to 50?

- We are not down to 10 TH, this is the first batch total hashing power.

You previously said that you're going to deploy 20 TH/s by the 15th. That's now down to 3 TH/s in your previous announcement.

Also, I hereby publicly request that you take down any web site or shareholder information that mentions my name. I already asked you to do that privately weeks ago, but you just ignored it. Please remember that you never had my consent to abuse my name and reputation in such a way.

Weeks ago eh. Would have been nice to have seen a public statement from you on this. Sadly your name had been used to bring credibility to this project - and I think your apparent silence means some stain has rubbed off on you.
Perhaps I missed something from you in the ridiculous number of pages in this thread.. but I don't see any statements from you in your post history.
59  Economy / Web Wallets / Re: - Bitcoin Block explorer & Currency Statistics on: October 11, 2013, 03:50:00 AM
My transaction history only goes back to late September Sad

There only seem to be 10 pages of transactions   - but I have *many* more transactions which I now can't view.  I didn't realize before that old transactions were dropping out of view.
Is there some way to access them, or do I have to pull a list of all my addresses and somehow generate it from the blockchain itself?

edit: oh.. I found them when I used the 'export' to csv facility.  It's not so convenient (especially as you can't search on addresses - only tx IDs) - but at least they're there.

Maybe this is an opportunity for further monetization of the site. I do a few transactions every day, and only have about 1100 over the past 18 months - but I expect a busy trader/merchant would have many more. I expect some may be willing to pay a small yearly donation/fee for a better transaction interface - especially if there were some way to store private notes in the system.
The android app seems to allow private notes - but it's not very useful because there the transaction history is even shorter, and they soon just disappear into the ether.
60  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [Work in progess] Burnins Avalon Chip to mining board service on: October 10, 2013, 10:26:01 PM
I have an order for boards made from Zefir's batch 2.
I emailed on 2013-09-27 asking for the status of my order and received a reply on 2013-10-06 from 'Martin' saying:
"Your order is on its way to you.
should arrive on wednesday."

No tracking number or update in my order status (still says 'processing') - but at least I got some communication.

So it's now Friday - and nothing... not even a tracking number. I would have thought that the 400+ Euros I paid for shipping would at least get me that.
To say the least, I'm really disappointed that burnin's move to handling the bitfury project has resulted in such abject treatment of existing customers who paid up front and honoured their side of the deal.

edit: ok - they've given me a tracking number now. Apparently it's stuck in Australian customs. It looks like they don't have a phone number to contact me on.
Hopefully this will get sorted out soon... but I hate to think how much tax I'll be hit for on a shipment which has a real value significantly below the invoice value :/

edit2: It seems I'll be able to pick up the package today. I got hit for just over 12% of the product's invoice price.. which was not unexpected .. but I expect I'll at least get a little more than that back through mining, so I may as well get the things and recoup something.
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