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1  Other / Politics & Society / Re: UN placed Israel in the same list as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram on: Today at 01:59:24 AM

Sounds like a reasonable enough analysis, I suppose.
It is true that most of them do not have a democratic political system, which seems not to be a problem for the United States. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are a good example of non-democratic governments which seem to remain in good terms with the USA and the west. They are more interested in allowing their economies to grow rather than doing what Iran does and pursue/aim for the destruction of the State of Israel in the long term. As it stands today, Iran is the most relevant Islamic country which openly calls for the unrecognition of the Statehood of Israel, the consequences are obvious, specially the restrictions on commerce and money wiring.

It would take something very serious and existential to happen for all Islamic republics and Emirates/regimes to come together.
2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will Biden make his stupidest mistake? Will Cyprus burn? Was Hodhod msg enough? on: Today at 01:27:23 AM
If The state of Israel continues to seek for escalation of the conflict to the point their start to attack Lebanon, that is because they have or believe to have full and unconditional support from the United States. I doubt Netanyahu would dare to further endanger the troops of the country and the citizens serving in their forced military draw.
There is the possibility Netanyahu believes they have enough of what it would take from him to take down both Hamas and The militia of Hezbollah, which I doubt.
They are barely advancing in their military objective, in the end, Those Islamic group operate in such way it is very hard to eradicate completely, frontal attacks won't work as well as they were standard military forces.
I am starting to believe indeed Biden does not have what it takes to keep their "ally" under control and avoiding a widespread turmoil in the middle east. One must wonder whether Chine would actually take advantage of such turmoil and try to take over Taiwan, though...
3  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will communism ever be realized? on: Today at 01:10:04 AM
... existing social infrastructure is still operating socially based on communism.

To be honest, I am.not very sure you are talking about when you claim that somewhat society  in the West has some communist characteristics.
Actually, of you take a look on how people live in the United States or Canada, you would see there are a huge difference between the standard of living of the people who are considered to be rich and the poor.
By definition, Communism is the abolition of social classes and the flattening of the social structure, so all the people within society are "equal" among one another, that is very far from being the case in USA or in any Western country. The closest a country in the West has come to reach communist has been Cuba, and still it is obvious the results are not those expected by the Castro family, either because communism does not work or because the USA sanctions. Though, that dles bot explain the fall of the Soviet Union. 
4  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Netanyahu's policies have failed on: Today at 01:00:49 AM
Alik Bakhshi

Netanyahu's policies have failed

Not from his perspective.

He's not in prison, right?

Plus Israel is closer than ever to annexing the west bank.  Cherry on top.

Right... there are people even talking about prosecuting him as a war criminal,  but honestly, it is very likely he will never get a second in prison as long as he stays within the borders of Israel, eventually, he will be replaced as prime minister of the country and his successor still will not dare to cooperate with any organization seeking to judge him.
the United Nations have make it explicitly clear, when comes to Israel abandoning the West Bank after Hamas is dealt with, but the same which happens with the settlers in the east bank is possible, and the west bank could start to be settled and slowly annexed as people forgets about this war.
It was bad enough to have people forced to live in a strip of land, all this situation is just insane for both sides, specially the innocent in the Strip who did not have anything to do with Hamas...
5  Other / Politics & Society / Re: BRICS mBridge "Dollar Killer" Goes Live on: Today at 12:49:17 AM
Is BRICS a way for Putin to somehow gather allies?

I do not see India playing only the Ruzzia card and certainly not the China card. BRICS as of today is an intellectual chimera in terms of having a real cohesion or a community of interests of sufficient size. Ruzzia is making noise about BRICS to cover their international isolation - they were even ridiculed when visiting a country that is the pariah of the world (North Korea).

That is a way to seeing to it, though, I believe Russia is not as isolated as the media, specially the western media says... I believe there are still countries which are willing to make deals with Russia, being China and India the most important ones, I think.
The North Korea show was more about a way to threaten the west and the Allies of the United States with whatever weaponry there is in North Korea... Russia being a semi pariah state, makes sense for it to ally with a total pariah like NK and Kim. If North Korea did not have nuclear capabilities, they would be completely irrelevant in geopolitics.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Betting law ignores technology and encourages clandestinity on: June 22, 2024, 11:51:27 PM

Even though those seem to be good news for the gambling sector in Brazil, it would seems it still does not have anything to do with cryptocurrency or the fact people can use Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to gamble. It is a first step, no doubt about it, but if regulators and law makers give much priority to the FIAT gambling sector and do not keep things straight with the Bitcoin gambling sector within the country, then clandestinity will continue to surge and stay high among casinos affected by the lack of rules. Makes me wonder if politicians somehow have a deal with the FiAt/brick and mortar casinos, for them to be more favored with new regulations than crypto casinos.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Betting on political events on: June 22, 2024, 11:43:16 PM
   Here I propose to discuss all political events in all countries on which bets are placed, and not just political events in the United States.

The biggest problem I see with that is the fact most people and most of the market makers/bookies pay attention to political events which take place in the United States. There are very few webpages which are that much dedicated to betting on not sport events. One I recall is Futuur, which is almost 100% dedicated to betting on not sport events, and the liquidity of their markets are not the best one, so one could find oneself with small pots of money/wagers, compared to what one usually sees in sport betting markets.
8  Other / Politics & Society / Re: EU chat control decision today on: June 22, 2024, 04:33:03 PM
I see this as contradictory to data protection legislation, which goes to absurd lengths. Now they are coming up with another absurdity, a big brother of communications for a supposedly good cause, of course, and which will not be used to stop criminals, who will move to other, more secure forms of communication, but for total control of the population. There has already been a first proposal for legislation on this which was defeated, and hopefully will be again.

Ironically, I could see criminals learning how to use PGP and other asymmetric cryptography tools for them to continue to operate far away from the radar of authorities, while the common population would feel those tools not to be easy to use, in the end, I agree with you, it is not about stopping criminals, otherwise, the authorities would not treat all of us as criminals and put on the table these laws which are dragonian and argueagly, against the human rigths of all of us.
This is an issue which I would consider to be more serious than the neutrality of the internet, by the way... which was restored, If I recall correctly.
9  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Global South, Global East, BRICS and the future on: June 22, 2024, 01:17:49 AM


You can call him clown, but he is certainly someone who is not supposed to be under estimated in any way, shape or form, in my opinion. I do not like him either as a leader or a politician, but we cannot deny that even if he is a clown, then he is a very good and clever clown who has managed to hold onto power for a long time and seems to stay there, has much time as he is alive.
Also, Third world countries have more motivations to joining the alliance of BRICS than just being  "friends of Putin", it is also about being able to access to the Chinese market and access to the very cheap labor force and products which come from China, the Russian market is neglectable when compared to the Chinese one, and there are indeed Third world countries who would feel pretty much glad to get credits and products from china, thanks to the simple fact of belonging to the BRICS.

It would then depend on the political views of the president of that third world country, align with the political views of China, India and Russia.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Re: BRICS mBridge "Dollar Killer" Goes Live on: June 22, 2024, 01:07:44 AM
Is BRICS a way for Putin to somehow gather allies?

It could be seen in that way, yes.
But it is not only about Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, the alliance goes beyond Russia, after all. I see the organization as a collection of countries which seek for a change in the balance of economical and political power, taking much of it from the west (the United States) and focusing more in the east. The bulk of the political power of BRICS as well as their economical power lies in China and India, not in Russia.
In my opinion , It is more about China looking for new ways to expand their influence than Russia trying to get more allies. At it stands for now, It could be possible to be a member of BRICS and still not be in favor of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It would be more damaging for a country within the alliance to criticize Chinese politics than doing the same to Russian politics.
11  Local / Español (Spanish) / Re: 2024 Panorama Cripto en Latinoamérica, Fintech muy alejados de bitcoin... ¡hoy! on: June 22, 2024, 12:44:25 AM
Propias del país, no he visto nada realmente relevante, han habido un puñado de casas de cambio en estos últimos años aquí iniciaron aquí, pero la mayoría de ellos estaban estrechamente relacionados con el gobierno de este país y ciertamente no tuvieron mucho éxito a largo plazo. Al final del día, las personas siempre preferirán a Binance, Coinbase o Kraken lugar de un exchange nacional (especialmente de dudosa procedencia como los fueron ellos), por otro lado. Si recuerdo una starp up de origen panameño-venezolano para la compra/venta de Bitcoin y varias otras monedas alternativas, el volumen era relativamente bajo y el spread no er el mejor, pero sacaba de un apuro si era necesario. Por supuesto, todos los usuarios tenían que pasar por el KYC, a esa altura de la película ya estaba implantando ese sistema de forma tan ancha como la conocemos hoy.
12  Local / Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿Que es Bitcoin? on: June 22, 2024, 12:37:46 AM
¿Ustedes creen  que hay cierta relevancia detrás de como Bitcoin puede utilizarse para realizar operaciones sin utilizar un valor tan antiguo como lo es la "confianza? Hablo de relevancia folosófica, es algo que he pensado antes, de hecho, como desde que el mundo es mundo y el comercio empezó en los primeros asentamientos humanos, la confianza, la palabra y la reputación de la una persona era uno de sus valores más importantes en cuanto se tratase de transferencias de valor, de allí que apeteciera el rol de árbitro o tercero, el cual pone precio a su confianza con un fee de intermediario.
¿Acaso, llegáramos a un punto en el que veremos un cambio de paradigma en el cual ya algo tan básico como la confianza deje de ser parte de la cotidianidad y la mayoría de los assets y contratos sean 100% verificables por cualquiera?
Suena interesante, y al mismo tiempo perturbador, después de todo, la confianza es un sentimiento/valor estrechamente humano.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: When you are not to gamble. on: June 21, 2024, 10:52:31 PM


I would like to make a distinction between sadness and depression. There could be people out there who may feel sad because any reason and still choose to gamble, however, someone depressed should down the path of gambling or drinking (or even both at the same time).
Because someone in a state of depression would not care about the losses and they could even feel tempted to take those losses as an excuse to further devolve in their depression.
Sadness can pass quite easily and be manageable in the short term, though when we talk about depression and gambling, it is a completely new level of recklessness.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling therapy on: June 21, 2024, 04:48:28 PM

Having a financial literacy will make you immune to addiction since you will manage properly your bankroll. It’s impossible that you will call yourself a financial literate while you have a gambling addiction problem. Financial literacy and Gambling addiction will not co-exists inside same person because obviously there’s one will takeover.

In part I agree with you,  when you say financial literacy and gambling addiction are not compatible. Though someone who ihas a good idea on how handle their money and who we could call a person with education on his own personal finances, is not inmune to gambling addiction. It is because both financial literacy and gambling addiction are two completely different things: one is a positive state which is gotten after study and reading, on the other hand, the other is a mental problem which is supposed to be treated by professionals.
Anyone (because we all are human beings) could fall sick and get stuck in a state in which we cannot control our urges to wager money, after getting used to it in some degree , there are big differences between both terms.

So in my opinion, addiction to gambling does not discriminate.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does mathematical calculations really work in lotto or is it just guess work? on: June 21, 2024, 04:38:50 PM


Do you think that people can calculate and predict the numbers that machines draw or they're just guessing and picking random number combinations?

Depends much on where the entropy of the machine is coming from and whether the machine has an actual random.number generator or not. There is always a small chance the machine itself could be suffering a glitch of a technical problem which does not allow it to draw truly random results, but rather pull off numbers in a slight pattern, which could be noticed by some gamblers and take advantage of it.
As far as statistics go, and if the machines are truly random, the mathematical calculations will only help to have a glance on the chances one has to win based on a fixed number of possible results, not much beyond that.

If someone starts to analyze and realizes some numbers have appeared more in the past than others, then that is a different thing.
16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Bitcoin is becoming a center-stage issue in US elections on: June 21, 2024, 04:29:17 PM
I don't know about you, But I personally believe the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is being over-estimated when comes to the weight it will have on this incoming presidential election. Most of the people who are from the USA barely know anything about cryptocurrency and many of them are not even well informed.
Sure, being pro Bitcoin or pro Crypto could have a slight influence over the election, but to me the bulk of the voting base will take other things in consideration from each candidate.
I have got no idea whether the status of Trump as a convicted felon will have much impact on the outcome of the election or not, but that is more likely to decide the outcome than the topic of BTC by itself.
17  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Global South, Global East, BRICS and the future on: June 21, 2024, 02:15:36 AM


The Global South is the economic battleground between the larger powers and most of these countries simply want to be left alone without taking sides.

There are others which definitely want to take sides, because it is very convenient for them to do so, specially countries which are seeking to perpetuate their regimes. Venezuela is a good example, you know. Here the government does not want to be left alone at all, these guys in power need the backing to keep the country going, they open our arms to China, Russia and even India, the president talks against imperialism (specifically against American imperialism) but at the same time they do not care to embrace the new Chinese and Russian empire.  Roll Eyes

In my opinion, the BRICS is very unlikely to deliver on the promises of dethroning the USD and moving the balance of the global power from the west to the east. India and China have very serious political and territorial disputes and Russian economical situation is quite neglectable when compared to the United States and China. I could even dare to say India has more chances on becoming a superpower than Russia.
18  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Netanyahu's policies have failed on: June 21, 2024, 02:03:58 AM
On the other hand, he is right and defends his country.

Defending a country does not mean one has a free pass to kill the innocent and also commit war crimes against them, though.
We could argue that the people of Gaza is the victim of what politicians cynically call "collateral damage", but to me, it is clear from the beginning the government of Netanyahu wanted to have a good excuse to move their war machinery against the people of Gaza.
In the beginning of this conflict, the people of the world had a very different image of the people and government of Israel, that image was been deteriorated by the atrocities which have been committed by the IDF... I mean, they have even admitted to accidentally kill hostages when they tried to approach the soldiers of Israel.
Each country has the right to defend themselves, but what Netanyahu is doing has been disgusted many within Israel as well. there is a good reason why protests and movements against Netanyahu are going on there.
19  Local / Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿Que es Bitcoin? on: June 21, 2024, 01:40:21 AM

Si llegó a esa conclusión, me compadesco del pobre individuo y brindo por su ignorancia.

La verdad es que personas como esas que viven en países industrializados y que nunca conocieron Bitcoin pueden incluso estar en un estado económico o personal incluso mejor que muchos de los usuarios de Bitcoin que empezaron a conocerle por necesidad, yo creo que ese fue el caso de la persona de este relato. Pero bueno... algún día más y más personas se darán cuenta de los abusos que puede cometer (y ha cometido) un gigante como lo es PayPal, es irónico, si te pones a pensarlo. Muchas veces enviar dinero por Paypal puede ser inmediato a comparación de Bitcoin, pero los fees pueden ser considerablemente más altos, aquí en Venezuela pueden incluso llegar a ser prohibitivos para los negocios. No en vano, ya hay comerciantes que hacen uso de Binance Pay en lugar de Paypal.
Las transacciones on chain aún son pocas... pero PayPal ha Perdido mucho terreno, por lo menos lo ha hecho aquí.
20  Local / Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿Quizá aún existe el sentido común en LATAM? [Worldcoin/Bitcoin] on: June 21, 2024, 01:31:37 AM



Ahora bien, años atrás leí sobre unos celulares que tenían interruptores físicos para desconectar el micrófono, cámara, GPS, Wifi y otras funciones, y me pareció una gran idea para aquellos individuos que gusten de un nivel de privacidad más alta, dado que de esta manera podrían encender la cámara tan solo cuando la fuesen usar y luego apagarla de inmediato, pero al parecer los altos costos y la falta de interés parecen haber echado abajo esta buena idea.

Esoe recuerda cuando estaba desarrollándose el tema o la idea de los teléfonos celulares modulares, esos también hubiesen tenido un buen coeficiente de seguridad y privacidad, en mi opinión.
era also así como remover el modulo de la cámara, si no la estaban utilizando, agregar un módulo de batería si querías más autonomía, e incluso habían teléfonos modulares (o mejor dicho, prototipos) que podían incrementar la ram y la capacidad del CPU.
Pero bueno, obviamente, fue un modelo de teléfonos que no llamo la atención del público en general, de lo contrario estaríamos utilizandolos ahora mismo.

La solución de Android es mostrar un pequeño icono de color verde en la parte superior de la pantalla cuando se usa el micrófono o la cámara.
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