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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: MANAGEDCASINO.COM - Casino Software to setup your very own casino platform on: September 22, 2020, 07:44:36 AM
Thank you all for your replies, references & running contracts are available upon request and of course not available to public. Yet, all can be provided. Give us a call or contact us through website :- )
2  Economy / Gambling / Re: MANAGEDCASINO.COM - Casino Software to setup your very own casino platform on: September 14, 2020, 11:37:32 AM
Setting up a gaming platform should be done carefully with proper planning and risk management and shouldn't be started by those with immense low bank reserve and for this incredible low fee to even make a dent in your cash flow, moreover would it be extremely irresponsible towards your players to start with such tiny cash flow. We are taking a big part of the risk away by offering the technical know-how.

Monthly base version fee is aprox. 10 hours of what it would normally cost you to hire any proficient full stack developer. In total over years, it's hard to approximate for all the features that come with the base version, but there has gone hundreds if not thousands of hours into what base version offers you, extra modules are available.

Possibly this is not the right market area for us to advertise, in which case I do apologize. Thanks anyway.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: MANAGEDCASINO.COM - Casino Software to setup your very own casino platform on: September 14, 2020, 07:49:13 AM

our current stock selfhosted node basically forwards on the deposits. Also aggregators are available for any type of payment system you would like to integrate, but for this streamlined/standard version we have compiled from our extensive instances to provide a simple and steady mainstream product for cheap pricing. We are using our own whitelabel API (all these services regardless are offered as whitelabel, without you needing to mention us at any point) that generates deposit addresses for your players, any payments/deposits done on these addresses (can be at any time, they are linked by the API to the player) are automatically then forwarded immediately to the by your specified end address in your consumer panel.

That way you keep in full control of your finance/reserves. We do not hold any financial assets nor vault any of our client's assets, all immediately get sent on for you to then to spread/manage with your bankroll/cashflow by yourself and as you like.

See screenshot of our stock API (supports 6 cryptocurrency types by default) that you can access through your client panel (as seen in screenshot, is client/your view of their control panel), including the end/forward address of your end balance:

As said though, we offer custom tailored needs, this is just our stock features that I have offered on here. Please let me know if you have anymore inquiries and thanks for your interest :- )

Also as this is now first to be offered from us in such public fashion, I am willing under right circumstance to offer a credible member a free license to use all basic features as they like for life for them then to review on here, throw me a PM or email at - if you are calling for inquiries to our landlines then please do ask for Chris. This pricing setup is fairly new to us, so we are open for any type of feedback trying to enter the lowerend upto lowermedium market opposed to higher market we currently service.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: MANAGEDCASINO.COM - Casino Software to setup your very own casino platform on: September 14, 2020, 06:39:48 AM
some of our big main clients are purchasing complete servicing between 12-16,000$ per month. We are offering a streamlined mainstream product composed of many of our custom features, contracts/references can be supplied to any possible interested consumers.

We have been offering casino solution software and/or custom development since 2014 as, as private limited registered company in Cyprus with 7 employees on location on payroll, even offering to some client POS terminal service between a major supermarket chain and this client, so their players in their target market region could purchase credit vouchers (as in paysafecard-like) in their local stores in this region for this casino provider.

All games have been tested and certified in terms of RNG, more over have been tested thoroughly through and public bug bounty systems. Our bigger main clients serve on avg. each between 1.5k-2k concurrent players with our games having caps on rate of bets as autobet would be too fast (upto certified rng tested 289 bets per minute per individual player using autobet), throughout the day, without any hassle. In terms of wanting to change animations and such on, this is all to be decided to invest by client - we offer a solid proven system to provide players a gameresult being either a win or a lose, you are free to produce your graphical/animations or let us work with you to implement a different packaging of serving the gameresult in a nice graphical manner. Our system is built completely modular, we have API's to offer sportsbets and more, the world is yours.

We offer fraud detection included, payment service, VIP reward system, 5 bonus reward systems, affiliate system, trivia/quiz bot, rain bot, discord bot, bots to distribute automatic promocode through social media channels and more, all within this streamlined cost effective suite. You can access your clientpanel to review detailed graphs concerning your retention, change your UI on the spot, disable/enable games, change odds on games (provably fair), send out browser notifications and emails to registered players, change up currency details, assign CRM roles for your support team and custom roles, change up localisation (text) in various languages to serve.

Custom work is available upon request and availability, but we have decided to compile above features as a streamlined product to effectively offer streamlined, the world is yours.

Try to estimate the development costs of trying to develop such custom and industry proven software while also having to manage your risk management in terms of the rest of starting up a casino. In terms of development hours of the streamlined/basic product of 45,101 Files, 6,190 Folders running on 958 node modules each deployment to start with: paying a cheapskate 50$ per hour for a somewhat developer, would already amount to easily 30k in development costs alone excluding testing. RNG certification per game can cost upto 20k alone, just to get your games proven RNG officially by gaming license operators.

Indeed, you are correct that NETENT does not offer anything close, nor does anyone offer any service or product like ours, let alone for this incredible low price.

I suggest to check out our mainpage for more indepth data, or give us a ring on our 24/7 tollfree phone number provided.
5  Economy / Gambling / MANAGEDCASINO.COM - Casino Software to setup your very own casino platform on: September 14, 2020, 05:49:29 AM
Hello all,

Lets go!
Happy to announce that we have started to offer our CAZINO software publicly now to all to partake.

In a market that grows annually with 11.5% we feel that it now is time to offer you, as 1st in industry, a complete full fledged solution from account management, payment processing, provably fair games and more.

We offer our stock package for as low as 849$, including 15 provably fair games, theme system to customize your platform at will, game management, full control of your finances by forwarding all deposits automatically to by you specified wallet addresses, statistics on your players and more.

We can offer complete customization and new features when need be, as we have been doing in this industry for various bigger players and custom solution.

Instead of paying tens of thousands, we offer you the full package and cover you on your tech side. Consultancy and connecting you with the right people to then grow your platform and continue a long term fruitful business relation.

Please, I do invite you to check out our webpage at or contact us directly on telegram at "cazinoltd", e-mail me personally at or give us a ring at +1 888 590 2036.

Live demo at

Anyone can now start their own crypto casino and partake and gain a piece of this huge market's pie!
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