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1  Other / Off-topic / Re: [OUT]| Smerit monthly giveaway | Concentrating on Alternative Main & subboard. on: October 23, 2020, 12:54:25 AM
Personal Post:

For post of others
Username: erikoy
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Newbie thoughts about altcoin investments. on: October 23, 2020, 12:31:51 AM
There are many altcoins being listed in this site Still there are lot of coins that are not listed due to low marketcap volume and others too that are being created for scamming purposes and project were dead.

If you are new in cryptocurrency and will going to check what crypto you might be into in which you think will put a good use especially if you wanted to integrate it in your exisiting business then make a good use of bitcoin. The problem is that chosing between those coins is already a difficult task. What could be more when you wanted to check the coins one by one? It will be a load of work with the huge number of the altcoins in the market the common scenario that has happen with altcoins

1. There is no assurance that you can earn investing on altcoins unlike investing in bitcoin. Other altcoins liquidity are questionable so it can't get your money back whenever you wanted to.

2. Pump and dump scheme, Altcoins could be easily pump up especially the low total supply and this could be mean a trap where many people will going to anticipate the pump scheme investing more believing that it will go high. The next thing happe is that it will be going to dump for no certain reasons or just being told big investors pulling out the project.

3. Team abondone the project. Once the project is dead it can really be difficult to regain for project is abandon already. I think that most of the scammers are like this always creating new projects because it is more easy to get money from the crowd through ICO or DEFI crowdfunding projects.

4. All altcoins market are mostly dependent on bitcoin market. Seldom to see in the list that it could move on its own without being influenced with the bitcoin market. Meaning that all altcoins had no value if it will not be paired to bitcoin directly or using other altcoins that is being paired with bitcoin. So, all of altcoins value are peg to bitcoin which sounds like as coins name after alt coins.

5. Most altcoins value falls down after it gets listed to an exchange if compared to their ICO price as I checked the projects that can be found on gecko sites regarding the ICO price of the tokens.

Most of the coins are set up to failed (Not all). If this is the trend in these altcoins then why invest such that can make you more losses? I suggest  not to believe on the bounty hunters stating that the project is good, team is good, gathered funds is good and or at the part where low cap was achieve and project is good to go. Yet, the tokens will be listed in a cheap exchange or no listing at all due to the common reasons such as

1. The project is still being developed an promised within next 6 mos. to.deliver. But nothing has changed after 6 mos. (false hope)
2. That one of the member of the team had been replaced or there is a misunderstanding within their team and they are still couping up with that problem.
3. That they are following the regulations of the government where project was basing and that the cause of project delayed.
4. The listing will get delayed due to pandemic.
5. The project is doing great with new affiliates which they are waiting for something great to happen but it weren't (you will again a victim of false promise)
6. There was no funds collected at all and it was just a false claim that they had claim much funds to trick you to trust them and invest in their projects.

There are so many reasons why you should chose to be careful with altcoins or investing in projects. If you do not want your money to be wasted then invest directly on bitcoin or to establish altcoins and not the new projects that are only good in making false hopes.

You or we as a newbie in investment would you rather care to invest in altcoins even with the current conditions stated?

Are you still willing to take the risk?
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Interviews] with Bitcointalk members on: October 21, 2020, 03:09:08 PM
1. When and why did you become interested in cryptocurrencies?
I was never really get interested in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies even as of the moment. However, there is a spark that i will be probably having the interest in the part of investing bitcoin. Yet, the current market of bitcoin is not good so I think I will going to wait when the right time has come like having a bitcoin market crashing or low price of bitcoin.

2. When and why did you buy your first bitcoin?
I am not buying bitcoin for now but I am already installing an offline wallet ready to buy bitcoin when market goes down to ide price to buy. 6K $ or below would be ideal price per btc to buy.

3. How did you get on the forum?
My friend invited me here. He was a bounty hunter and I was promoting networking locally earning commission from the invites. I am not thinking of earning through bounty hunting. I do not know and difficult to do it besides even if I know I am having hard time to complete the task.

4.1. What prevents mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?
Not being able to pass government regulations, scam and hack issues especially if it involves huge amount in those exchange. It does mean that having funds in the internet or online through cryptocurrency is at risk.

4.2. How do you think mass advertising of gambling projects has a positive effect on the development of the forum or harms the community?
I am a fan of gambling but this type of activity should be isolated in one part and not all sections of the forum. This can get the idea of minors here joining the forum to do gambling activity.

4.3. How do you consider whether 2-3 years of experience in cryptocurrency is enough to successfully invest or does an investor need to receive special education?
yes, even new comers could adapt on this scheme because it all depend on your experience and it could be related to a skill or environment which you are good at.

5. What do you think of the current Merit system and signature campaigns?  Do they harm the forum?
I do not know there aren't statistics or post that talk about it. In the case of merit system I think that admin will going to have an adjusment in the future like giving only one merit per post and not like those receiving couple of merits. What is the point on giving more merits when the intention of rewarding merits is to acknowledge post as contributing posts or something that you like?

6. The most useful forum topic? Most helpful users?
Hepful users are the merit source they can be the reason of a member to rank up. They had the discretion and the power to do it so but it all still depend on the member if they wishes to grow or rank up here in the forum.

7. 3 things you would implement on the forum?

1. To modify trust system like being visible to all users or names will have red in color if it receives negative trust.  Meaning a user cannot be trusted.
2. Merit system should be only a recognition for contributing helpful post and not by means of growing up in the forum. Ranking up should depend on time (#of days, hours and minutes) of being active in the forum as shown above to rank up and certain activity needed.
3. Promote local boards for non english members.

8. Do you trade on exchanges or invest in projects?
Not fan of investing for there is no assurance to it nor doing trade I am not good to it and does not have bought bitcoin but probably trading will be consider one day.

9. Tell a story about your big profit or big loss?
No story to tell about cryptocurrency but talking to networking then I do have bigger affiliates and was becoming a leader in certain area. I am earning through commission from the invites

10. What do you think about the DEFI ecosystem?
Not fan of those projects but it seems good knowing that you have full control over of your funds. However, as I mention above that it is not alright to hold funds in the internet for it is prone or at risk from scammers and hackers. Bitcoin may do storing it offline and this is why I like bitcoin compared to other coins.

11. Is your anonymity a vital necessity or precaution?Not really, but because of the scammers in order not to get in trouble by them stealing your identity then it would be better to keep anonymous and KYC should be avoided as much as possible.

12. The last cryptocurrency book you read?
None, but if someone could provide a link for me then that would better and I would be thankful for it.

13. Advise 3 cryptocurrencies/tokens for investment in the next 1-2 years?
Only two cryptocurrency I know.
1. Bitcoin
2. others

14. How much will Bitcoin cost at the end of 2020?
19K$ that is my best estimate but hopefully ir could be more than that and then hopeful that market will going to crash again for me to buy my first bitcoin.

15. P.S. (Optional)
I would like to thanks for this wonderful questions provided by OP @zasad. The questions I answered made my time for today not to get bored while waiting for someone. My answers are all from the best of my knowledge and intention of bitcoin and the forum. Thank You!
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Newbie - Members. Join here and take some merit on: October 19, 2020, 10:12:06 AM
I would like to participate to get the chance to earn merits. Thanks OP for this wonderful opportunity that you had shared to us the low rank members of this forum.

The purpose of signing in message of bitcoin wallets and digital signatures
Re: Do we need a new child board or we are good here with meta board?
Government slowly open the economy, will it make the pandemic worst?
Check Your lifestyle to get a longer life like Japanese people did

Once again Thank You for this wonderful opportunity!

5  Economy / Economics / Government slowly open the economy, will it make the pandemic worst? on: October 18, 2020, 09:55:03 AM
I want to discuss you guys about the recent happening that takes in our place.

Pandemic really had been a problem that frustrates all especially to the worker that has a scheme of no work no pay policy. The lock down had made of some establishment to close temporarily except for those that offer essential products. This means that there are many employee now are getting hungry due to no work no pay policy and they all depend on the government financial support. It made worst when rumors says that the financial support had not reach to them or just being kept by the local officials for their own interest.

As the government trying to improve the economy here in our place, It decided to lift the lock down and impose more relaxed quarantine protocols. This now allow other establishment to open. Yes, many are happy about it and that they can go back to work to earn money to buy for the basic needs expenses and that even includes some medications and maintenance for some health conditions.

As seen in the public areas the number of crowd has been arising especially during rush hour like in the public market, malls and other crowded areas. The transportation are now slowly going back to normal just with those materials and other health protocols mandated by the government in the transportation to prevent the spread of the covid19. So, in the process there are many problems that has been observed and hopefully will be notice to imposed the rules and regulations to stop or minimize the spread of covid19 virus.

So far this has been a problem I observe.

First Public Land Transportation problem
* The use of fiat currency to pay the public transportation like coins which is metal and high rate of virus to stay longer in that objects. Paper money also could be a medium of transmission for covid19.
* The distance of provided seats between the commuters does not meet the observance of social distancing protocol.
* Covid19 is airborne and some buses especially the aircon bus had no proper ventilation and air flows just go round and round inside the buses.
* Contact tracing sheets were not strictly observed and done
* Some commuters not wearing face mask properly.

image loading...

Second, Small Businesses are operating even without securing permits.
* Automated Tubig Machine (ATM) - Coin operated water dispenser are visible everywhere and are operating and people tend to use it due to its cheaper price compared to bottled water.
* Some resorts are also open despite of no securing permit from agencies concern regarding in the implementation of the minimum health standard protocols.
* Fitness gymnasium are also open and more easily for virus to transmit due to the fact that the equipment are there and that anyone could use it.
* Bars are discreetly open usually those establishment that are far from the reach of the concern authorities even if they know that it is not allowed for them.
* Buwangan, or cock fighting are now being endorse by the authority to open. Probably the officials sitting in the position heading the authority were likely missed visiting cockpit or arena.

image loading...

Third, The Public Market
* the capacity of public market does not compensate the number of vendors plus the people that went to market especially rush hours. Social distancing is not really observe.
* Still fiat currency is being use as a medium of exchange and this is not really ideal for now with pandemic.
* Vendors not properly wearing face mask and face mask are not prescribe usually are just made a piece of cloth.
* Disinfection does not observe in the market at the end of the day.

image loading...

Fourth, Sex social workers still rampant and was not contained.
After a long working days usually we had to find our stress reliever and this open the doors for the sex worker to offer their service for pleasure and fun.
* Gays, Female, Male are discreetly offering their service and still operate through online transaction then meet up for deal to take place.  
* Spa and massage with extra service offer they tend to attempt in making you go for sex and eventually they will ask for it in return to increase the pay for the extra service.
* Beerhouse usually has GRO but they too are sex workers. Some of them are teens or are minors.
image loading...

Fifth, Online businesses had been also a way through transmission of Covid19.
* Barter community had been violating the government mandate especially during the lock down or quarantine days.
* Online shoppe become rampant and are also violating the rules of community quarantine.

image loading...

Understanding the importance of observing the minimum health requirement protocol is very important. Now that the community quarantine are at ease we are now heading to open up the economy. This can be a trial and error from the leaders that are showing. If not then they have good reason why they slowly open the economy back. I am not against this move but at least they will make sure that community needs to follow the protocol and will imposed sanctions to those who will not going to follow the mandate of the government. So?

The question is that are we really going to improve the economy?

Or make covid19 transmission worst of their decision?

Edit: Pics for attention only CTTO
Reference: Google pictures
6  Other / Meta / Re: "Users posting "joined" type posts when not required or allowed will be BANNED" on: October 18, 2020, 02:18:11 AM
Well if you could be the moderator what will you do when you see things coming back over and over again?

Probably if you are snappy moderator then you can imposed sanctions to the user violating the forum rules. However, it always coming back so it would be stressful in your part if you will going to work hard for this where there other sections to which activities are going to be checked.

Even myself would not take part of that stressful work. Remember that snappy or lousy you still get the same salary and that is how things would be done if I am one of the moderator in that section.

7  Other / Meta / Re: Copper membership cost on: October 18, 2020, 02:04:23 AM
Bitcoin is peg with fiat currency for if not then we will not buy for it or exchange fiat currency to bitcoin. This make the value of bitcoin however unique because it can be vary depending on the market of bitcoin. This is what really happen when OP wanted to buy copper membership through bitcoin. Buying copper membership is really worth it because the features that can let you do with copper membership can be the same as with member in rank where one can post image and can wear signatures with high numbers of characters compared to jr. members.

8  Other / Meta / Re: Do we need a new child board or we are good here with meta board? on: October 18, 2020, 01:01:12 AM
Sub section you mean?

If the purpose is to segrate posts that could useful for future references like statistical reports, compilations of reports to admin, ban appeal, archival posts and etc could be better if meta section got more activities or pile of post per day.

The activity in meta seems so low for seeing the same thread the last time I visit the section. I think that this is not necessary yet for now and if it does the the admin of the forum will be the first to announce to make the changes. Besides, making sub section can get me tired of moving for one sub-section to another sub-section just to check the threads being made. I had trouble also with my internet connection that slows me down to access threads in this board I am not against it but for now I am comfortable with threads being unified.

I can suggest other members to change their posting habitt as much as possible the title of the thread should have determiner or something that will distinguish like the statistical reports, ban appeals, for archival posts, and reported post to the admin. This can help my life easier if it can go happen other than that there are feautures actually being seldom in use like the image below that coule put to good use if there will be some modifications if possible in the choices or options.

image loading...

image loading...

If that feature will be encourage for the users to use then we can easily determine posts that are intended like the posts I had mention above.

Above all, let us wait for the admin to decide things here and should not tell them what to do because they are the members that knows more about this forum (staff, personnel and the admin of this forum)
9  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: I am new here, please see me through on: October 13, 2020, 11:05:52 AM
There are many things that you need to learn in this forum so I suggest to take it slow here.

However, I just wish you the best so you can check this shortcut for you to learn about the forum. Check the thread below,

Newbies - Read before posting
Unofficial list of (official) rules, guidelines, FAQ
Do not post off-topic replies
Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?)
FAQ: Everything you need to know about forum 'activity, account ranks and merit
[General] Bitcoin Wallets - Which, what, why?
[General] How to earn Bitcoins
Verifying Bitcoin Core
Security bounties
Recovering hacked/lost accounts
[SUCH GUIDE] Guaranteed method to earn many merits, statistically proven

Just take it slow and everything will be alright. Other thread posted above needs update so again take all your time here to learn and do not be hasty in learning all things here.

10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: The purpose of signing in message of bitcoin wallets and digital signatures on: October 12, 2020, 03:08:46 AM
If you have gone through a thread on this forum before on the meta board, started by Tomatocage, you will be able to know the reason why we are signing a message. If you have used an address to sign a message before and post it on the thread, it will be good for another member to quote it with another account, so if your Bitcointalk account is compromised by hackers, you can be able to recover back your account if you prove the ownership of the address you signed, by using the same address to sign another message that can be verified. That means you have not done this yet, look for the thread on meta and sign a message, post it there and ask anyone to help you quote it.

Edit: I have found you the link:
Stake your Bitcoin address here
yeah I still not able to sign in message into that thread however I manage to post a sign in message and get verified in @OgNasty's thread supporting newbies to sign in message in bitcoin wallet.

Hello I am KingsGambet practice sign in and verify sign in message
Version: Bitcoin-qt (1.0)
Address: 1H35AF121Wpiu3ib2gqkBseBZQnGF5PKrs

11  Other / Beginners & Help / The purpose of signing in message of bitcoin wallets and digital signatures on: October 11, 2020, 11:09:14 PM
I have learn the basic on how to sign in message using mycelium bitcoin wallet. The question is what really is the purpose on signing in message to bitcoin wallet? I forgot to ask this and due to heptic schedule on work I had no time to start a thread and probably to check replies too from other members. So, I relied on google using the google search engine and found similar thing on digital signatures and about signing in message to bitcoin wallets. Not quite sure though and this is why had decided to start a thread regarding on this matter.

Signing in message on bitcoin wallet.

In simple terms the purpose of signing in message on bitcoin wallet is to prove the ownership of bitcoin address may it be the sender bitcoin wallet or the recipient bitcoin wallet. The process in signing in message to bitcoin wallet is to input plain text message then encrypted using a hash - mathematical calculation that is applied to message and encrypt it using the private key. The result is what we called MD - Message Digest (a string of digits after hash has been applied).

This process is usually done prior to make transaction to ensure security of e-payments, validate ownership of bitcoin address and for authentication purposes.
When you login to or use their service, you will provide a signature proving you are the same person with the pre-negotiated address.
Bitcoin wallets are actually using digital signatures and a good practice is to always show or ask digital signature whenever a transaction to be made.
It is important to note that these signatures only prove one receives with an address. Since Bitcoin transactions do not have a "from" address, you cannot prove you are the sender of funds.
This will ensure the validity of bitcoin address to be use in the transaction after a digital signature has been provided.

Not really bad for this kind of idea and technology that has been applied. I appreciate it that much for whoever had invented or created such making digital signatures and putting it to good use.

Digital signatures not in bitcoin wallet

Digital signatures has been adapted for some purposes. The digital signature was actually applied to other applications not only to digital currencies or bitcoin. The application of digital signatures could be as follows,

*Electronic Mail
*Data storage
*Electronic fund transfer
*Software distribution
*smart cards
*ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
*Time stamp Signature
*Blind signature - disguise message content and can be verified using digital signatures(Unblinding)

I had hard time reading about those applications being mention but as far as it concern digital signatures was used for validation purposes just like a live signature of a person can made in those hard copies of documents being validated.

How does digital signature work?

image loading...

The figure above shows the process of digital signatures and how does digital signature derive.

It may be look so complicated but mind you that the digital signature is the good way in validating authenticity of e-mails, e-payments and documents to avoid getting altered. Isn't it wonderful?

Advantages of the digital signature

image loading...


image loading...


image loading...


12  Other / Meta / Re: Possible solution to merit burning on: October 11, 2020, 05:40:54 AM
Lets make it quite clear. Merits are not there to help members to rank up.
Lmao. This is funny.

Is there an alternative way to rank up without merits good sir? Can i buy my way to legendary? Please tell us the magical secrets, good sir.
You are not getting all his points. You should read it over and over again so that you can have a good understandings on his thoughts why merit sytem has been created.

In my opinion promoting newbies and low rank users are alright as long as they are qualified to to be promoted in accordance with their posting habit. Awarding them with merits is a job of the merit source which has been tasked by the admin of the forum. If there has been a problem in awarding with merits then the admin of the forum should get all the attention of the merit source and re-orient on how should it be done.

However, there is no point in stopping spammers to rank up especially if they too created quality posts. I think this kind of members that are complying with number of posts in signature campaign make sense on why they spam the forum with their posts. The question is that are those spammers could not make a contribution to make quality posts for the forum? If they can contribute some quality posts then high chance that they still get some merits and rank up slowly in the process.

You guys are just making it more complicated and that created confusions. Again,  this is the job of merit source to reward merits of members that contribute help for the forum and to other members so let them do their job and have trust in them.

I've come across quite a few posts viewing the merit system to be faulty as users tend to function in a merit cycle thereby awarding themselves which is most unlikely, and some others don't view the merit system as a perfect judge for quality posts.
Most likely for your information blood is thickier than water. it means that families, relatives and even friends that are here will tend to get bias when they had merits to send. However, I encourage forum members to invite family members to join in this forum. "As we all know that families stays together in this forum will learn together in cryptocurrency". The forum will be like some sort of venue for bonding discussing about cryptocurrency for the family. Not quite bad either if there are family doing like this.

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Another Elon Musk fake giveaway. on: October 04, 2020, 10:28:51 PM
Possible that the link is malware use to get into the system device or will lead you to a fake site to which a user's important details like wallet addresses will be disclose without knowing that the site is fake or only a phishing site. Anyone must be careful into this kind of trap especially if you have some funds of crypto. One can easily get into phishingn activity if users will not be careful or aware on the activity he will be doing especially in checking URL address to verify if it is the correct site to access.
14  Other / Off-topic / Re: Truth About Life on: October 03, 2020, 10:01:43 AM
Your saying that people with crab mentality right? i think not all people think like this knowing that I am happy if someone here in my place achieve something. It would be great for me if that person will going to share the story of his achievement or success. Ain't nothing wrong about it and sometimes  even get some tips but do not like to accept it but will accept especially if the one who gives is persitent to give the something some sort of gift.
15  Other / Off-topic / Re: Anyone knows Good crypto jokes? on: October 03, 2020, 09:55:46 AM
Actually I do not know how they come up with the terminologies but they actually describe the technology with so difficult to understand especially cryptocurrency and how it works.
Peter McCormack on his twitter

Jun 30, 2020
My fav thing about Bitcoin is the nerds who get angry because I donít know how the cryptographicthingymajig connects to the discombobulator via my tor browser to privately coinjoin by TXs into a multisig output dragon beard.
and the reply
Leon, the fact checker
wtf Peter you have to sync your discombobulator INCLUDING wallet.dat manually to validate the dragon coinjoin or you're not using coinjoin.

why do you hate technology?
16  Other / Meta / Re: Do we need / does anyone want a what happened to member "X" thread? on: October 03, 2020, 09:37:43 AM
That won't really be necesarry I guess. All of the users that had been in the list are all using pseudonym and we can't trace them in real life. How could it be possibly be done. Probably we can only do is to speculate and speculations are just pointing possibilities of users that are doing outside the forum.

If you wanted me to start with

Guess who - probably focusing as a  Fire Officer for ____ is a brandname of truck to which it has been widely used for fire truck as fire fighting engines called as RosenBauer. He was a frontliner and are busy disinfecting in the streets from Covid19 Virus.

Guess who - Focusing on his livestock farm mainly fattening of pigs, chicken laying eggs, dress chicken, and other livestocks supply and had its farm called _____ livestocks farm.

Guess who - Currently mining gold coins to back up his coin. He must have hard time to make a reserve for the coin because many users now are buying it and for good reason that people will going to love the coin he tend to back it up with gold. This is why he was no where to be found due to mining activities.

Guess who - This guy had change his mind and instead of doing some sideline to earn extra income here in the forum he had instead focus on therapeutic business. He is successful and had his own known business in their place and this is why he forget already the forum.

Guess who - a retired soldier that has been getting a hobby of wild life hunting. He is now become the famous hunter in their place after killing a bear using a beer.

Guess who -  genius scientist that has been part of the bitcoin talk forum but now focusing on his profession to develop the covid19 cure or vaccines. The vaccine is in the making and currently in phase 3 now going phase 4-10.

Guess who - a bitcointalk user that has own lots of btc and used it to buy for a place to swim which the swimmer will never get sank and will always float above the surface of the water.

Guess who - a bitcointalk user that resign in his job and choses to have a good life in mountain area to enjoy life and preaches youngsters their ethics about the inside and outside of their tribe.

Guess who - a former bitcointalk signature bounty hunter that has earn a lot from it resulting for him to invest his own shipping lines and got focused on it and forget about the forum to which led him to earn and buy the shipping lines.

Guess Who - a bitcointalk user holds btc from the past few years and sell it resulted to a market crash on 2018 and 2019 but now had move his funds to a more secured investment which is banking system and created a lot of atm machine.

LOL, all of it are just to annoy you guys. Hopefully you will get upset to it. I can't afford to name those guys in my speculation for it could be degrading on their part if they will not going to like on what I had said. Actually I do not know them but I have my respect to all users here.

You can find the answers here and keep your answer to yourself. I am not held responsible for any of your replies guys so take it sensibly.

Top 1000 merit receivers who were not active the past 30 days.
17  Other / Off-topic / Re: If you have $20k then where you want use it? on: October 03, 2020, 08:23:35 AM
Build my own house and that would be enough already if it really be granted even if it is a dead investment as what others had told me. No income could generate in building own house ad you can only get a profit to it if you will going to sell at higher price. Unfortunately you would not like to sell your own house because that is one of the basic needs for survival which is shelter. There are good investment too that could do for 20K usd but that is really my priority. Hopefully it will be granted.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My newbie stress reliever on: September 26, 2020, 01:37:13 AM
Next stop is bitcoin but still it is difficult to understand how it works. ETH network seem better to understand than bitcoin blockchain network.
I'm quite confused by this. How did you arrive at this conclusion? Which books do you read? Pretty sure if what you need to do is just send some satoshis then you'll find it very similar. Open your wallet, click send or something, input the address, set the amount, set the fee, and then broadcast (overly simplified but just for illustration).
Bitcoin wallet seems difficult with different types of address and its support. Switching from cold and hot wallets for I am using mobile bitcoin wallet. Seems technical but it could be learn anyway I am working with it.
19  Local / Pilipinas / My newbie tanong on: September 25, 2020, 02:44:29 PM
Tanong lang po para sa future kung bibili ako ng bitcoin,  saan kaya makakamura pag bibili ng bitcoin? gusto ko sana mgkaroon ng btc. Parang gusto ko magcollect ng coins kaso nga lang pera eh. wala tayo nyan. LOL

Anyway, sa makakasagot salamat po in advance, at saka kung wala talaga sa yung isang option mas madali kasi dun bumili medyo may tubo na nga lang at mahal2x ng konti kung sa ibang pamilihan bibili lalo na yung parea ay btc-usd pero Php sa atin kasi pano yan?

Isa pa saan ba pwde mg trade ng bitcoin?

Possible kayang kikita sa trading?

May tips ba  kayo sa trading?

Ano po ba ang magandang coin para mg trading?

Suhestyon lang po. Salamat!

20  Local / Altcoins (Pilipinas) / Re: Any USDT (TRC20) to fiat conversion within the Philippines? on: September 25, 2020, 02:36:02 PM
Na try ko uniswap may usdt dun gamit ka lng ng metamask wallet which is ethereum based network. Meron akong 1 USDT sa metamask ko dahil sa conversion na nangyari kaso lang masyado mahal ang fee sa eth ngayon aabot ba namn ng 200 ang transaction fee mo  a etatransfer lang ay 150 php? kahit na sample lang naman yun para matoto ako. Masaya nakakawala ng stress bsta succesaful ang transaksyon.

Pero gusto ko sana bitcoin. sa lang ba bitcoin? Sobrang mahal sa kanila mg buy in parang  more than 5% or 10% keysa sa ibang exchange.

Mga paps pasabi naman saan murang bitcoin.
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