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21  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Dr-Exchanger, scam me 4000$, he gave used perfect money e-Voucher on: September 20, 2014, 07:56:46 AM
This guy Dr-Exchanger is very legit guy and I dealt with him before. But I got scammed from his skype for $260 , I talked to him and I knew that his skype got hacked, I resolved the IP address of this hacker and he was from Algeria and this is his IP address:

Conclusion: This guy Dr-Exchanger can not be a scammer because he dealt and is dealing with thousands of dollars and if he wanted to scam, he could scam a long time ago when he could get more than this amount of money now.

Sounds like a scammer to me. He has put nearly ZERO effort into notifying people that his Skype has been "hacked", other than creating a solitary thread in a sub-forum. Notice how he hasn't even changed his sig? It still has his Skype on it.

Yes bro you fully rght, he have old skype in all his threads maybe on 8 forums, i just google it with old Dr-Exchanger.Org and you wll see how many, and not changed so he scamming people
22  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: Dr-Exchanger ::: Buy, Sell, Exchange E-Currency ... Awesome Service !! on: September 20, 2014, 07:52:45 AM
My Skype ID been Hacked
Plz don't deal through it until further notification

Why didn't you bother to edit the OP with this info? Why didn't you edit your sig to reflect this? Seems like you really don't care that much.

I talk wth him by ICQ
23  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Dr-Exchanger, scam me 4000$, he gave used perfect money e-Voucher on: September 20, 2014, 01:27:44 AM
who work with his webmoney wallet confirm is this his wallet Z214221457815, 323102046551
24  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Dr-Exchanger, scam me 4000$, he gave used perfect money e-Voucher on: September 20, 2014, 01:19:11 AM
aha) who protects him should be scammers also, Iam deal with him by icq, if his skype got hacked, that info also can be fake no one can prove it was or wasnt, it is means that he have to change all passwords on very strong, if he not do that so he need to be hacked, next time he will say his account hacked) aha guys you really belive that it can be? when someone scam next time he do - he post that he got hacked and working again, 50% scams finished with that - my contact was hacked it is fake, also he can  use vpn or vps server for his skype or ssh tunel if you newbies not tell that bullshit
25  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: Dr-Exchanger ::: Buy, Sell, Exchange E-Currency ... Awesome Service !! on: September 19, 2014, 09:37:51 PM
Got scammed on 4000$ by this guy where is moderators why he scam people?

I already opened scam thread
26  Economy / Scam Accusations / Dr-Exchanger, scam me 4000$, he gave used perfect money e-Voucher on: September 19, 2014, 09:35:54 PM
Thread, member Dr-Exchanger

member profile;u=143252

The problem that he send me used Perfect money e-Voucher.

e-Voucher #   8042010501
Activation code   1255099259180210
Amount   4000.00 USD

he send me and after few minutes I tried to load it but got this error

Invalid E-voucher number or activation code or turing number.

We started discuss the deal 5 days ago but that time TS not have okpay so I wait

Today my customer need exchange 4000 wmz to 4000 pm, Dr. said 3% not small but ok if deal finished succesfully not problem, but no after all this I got scammed.

After Iam verify that Dr. is the real person not hacker ( we made personal message verification) and 4 hrs of waiting Wink Iam was able to send him money ASAP he comeback.

I made transfer 4120 , 120$ fee and start asking him about e-Voucher, but he said me wait 10 minutes because he is driving car, i wait 10 mnutes then 20 minutes then 25 mnutes he stop replying, Iam start worry my customer also, I didnt thought that he is bad but there is many bad feedbacks on last 2-3 pages so Iam really start worry that he is rascal, but he comeback and said me that he told me about he on the road, it is ok, I can wait 10-15 mins but not 30-40 mnutes man!!! ok?  If you start deal please, kindly complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Anyway after he gave me code I check it and code was invalid, I think he load it on another his account

here is my account photo

Be carefully with him, my custumer will try to refund money if he not spent it already

all conversation

Etlase 2 (17.09.2014 14:29)
hello, have okpay today?

Etlase 2 (17.09.2014 20:00)
hello, there?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 13:58)
hello, i want pm for wmz

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:23)
How much ?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:25)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:27)
4000 pm what wll be your price?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:28)
tell me rates first for 1000 and 4000

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:35)
how much do you have?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:36)
I don't understand exactly !

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:36)
Plz specify exactly

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:36)
I need pm, do you have?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:37)
How much wmz you wanna exchangw ?!

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:37)
Whats your rate, i need 1000-5000 but tell me rate

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:37)
What rate you looking for ?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:38)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:46)
Sorry can't

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:46)
3% i can

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:47)
2.5% for 4000 wmz is it ok?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:49)
Iam need time to time 2/3 time per week

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:49)
Can't my friend

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:49)
Im sorry

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:50)
ok, 3%

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:51)
4000$ I need

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 15:51)
Ok lemme check my pm balance

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 15:51)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:07)
what do you do

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:08)
Ok available

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:08)
Plz send your WMz here : Z214221457815

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:09)
10 min i collect all to one

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:09)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:10)
You still need okpay ?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:10)
if you have yes

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:10)
how much?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:10)
About 4k also

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:11)
But 7%

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:11)
ohh, need for 3-4% sorry

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:16)
how much total pm you have? maybe i can take 5-7k

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:17)
Can peovide only 3k for now

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 16:17)
4k sorry

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 16:19)
ok wait me

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:07)
hello, iam almost ready, i will send you personal message now and you reply ok?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:09)
tell me please

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:09)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:11)
your skype hacked?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:12)
what about icq

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:14)
what going on, reply me faster please

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:14)
What's your problem

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:14)
I told you ok

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:14)
I don't have all the time for you

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:15)
I find your skype got hacked

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:15)
So you do what are you doing and finish

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:15)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:15)
I already warned all about that

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:20)
ok i need electronic voucher, can you do?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:20)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:21)
I will send directly only

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:21)
Anyway its 2 hours passed

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:21)
Iam need voucher because my pm fee 2%

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:21)
Have to go now

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:21)
Ok when i'm back i will do vouchers for you

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:21)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:22)
how long should I wait? i ready to do it now

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 17:22)
Will text you when im back

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:29)
pm sent when you back reply me in private message

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 17:49)
text me when you back

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 18:40)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 18:49)
I need now

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 19:47)
have person who need 10/12 bitcoins what your rate

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 19:47)
I mean he want sold it

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 19:47)
not buy

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 19:51)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 19:51)
I will be back after 1 hour

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 19:52)
ok, Iam wait you

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 20:56)
you back?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:12)
Yep :)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:12)
I'm here now

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:13)
Lemme reply on your message first

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:17)
Replied :)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:57)
So ?!

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 21:58)
just back

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:58)
Ok great

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 21:58)
Check your inbox

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 21:59)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:14)
Soooo ?!!

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:29)
sry my traffic ends
iam sit through mobile phone so I went to shop to topup it

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:29)
That's ok

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:29)
sending 4120 and you will give me e-voucher?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:29)
4000 rght?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:29)
Ok np

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:29)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:29)
just 5 min

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:40)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:40)
give me it

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:41)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:41)
Ok wait 10 mins pkz

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:42)
so long?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 22:42)
Cause im driving

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:42)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:43)
not longer pls I wait you half of the day

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:50)
give me details

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:52)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:52)
You are calling. Waiting Answer...

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:53)
Call dropped

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:53)
what is going on?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:55)
15 minutes, give me details of perfect money, stop car please Iam seriously scare

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:57)
fuck you scam me?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 22:59)
going to post on forum

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:00)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
You are so anxious

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:01)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
I told you im driving not to worry

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
But you worried

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:01)
whats going on? I cant

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
I has stopped the car

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
To send you

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:01)
yes 20 minutes you can stop and finish deal

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:01)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:01)
faster Iam very tired

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:01)
Im setting on cafe to make the vouchers

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:02)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:02)
Don't worry plz

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:02)
Wait ok

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:03)
another guy wait me Iam wait you this is no good when it takes long time

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:03)
I know

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:03)
and this bad feedbacks on you make me very sad ;-)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:03)
I'm making it now

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:03)
when you delay, ok

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:04)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:04)
My feedback with you is my honesty ;)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:04)
Even for million $

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:04)
Lemme make the voucher

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:04)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:04)
iam wait you

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:06)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:07)
man you kidding?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:07)
30 seconds to make it

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:08)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:08)
I'm doing tge voucher

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:08)
Waaaaait !!

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:08)
say me how long 2 mins, 10 mns , already 35 mins

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:10)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:10)

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:10)
Here is your voucher

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:10)
e-Voucher # 8042010501
Activation code 1255099259180210
Amount 4000.00 USD

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:13)
Got it ?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:13)
wait my copy paste not work

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:13)
filling by hands

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:13)
have more?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:14)
You opened a claim on webmoney

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:14)
Invalid E-voucher number or activation code or turing number.

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:14)
Iam not do

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:15)
my custumer may do, wait i ask

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:15)
check the code

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:15)
it says wrong

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:15)
Its valid man

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:16)
Just made it now

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:16)
You wish screenshot ?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:17)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:18)
ok so i need to reboot code so long maybe i fill wrong my copy paste not working need reboot

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:21)
You have told me that you need it to send to a guy

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:21)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:21)
he will delete now

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:22)
give me screen or valid voucher

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:27)
You have received an image

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:44)
Now you disappeared man ?!

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:44)
Why you claimed on me on wmz ?

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:44)
I provided you tge service

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:45)
Why you wanna scam me ?

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:45)
iIam not do ths is guy who send you maybe,  but man your code not working

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:45)
The code is working man

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:45)
Check who you send to

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:45)
what scam? man iam wait you 35-40 minutes you gave me code, wtf

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)
I already checked it and its already used few mins ago

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:46)
if you seriously you should finished the deal then make it working

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)
Plz don't play with me

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)
How i make it working ?!

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)
You already used it

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:46)
man code wasnt work 10 mins ago, iam check it now wait

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:46)
Or check you send to

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:47)
i not use
i can show you my wallet
wait 3 mins iam post you screen, wtf you telling ? IMA WAIT YOU $) MINUTES AFTER YOU RECEVE MONEY? you really scammer

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:55)
Give me your email

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:55)
To send another screenshot

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:55)
And the voucher in details

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:57)

Etlase 2 (19.09.2014 23:57)
2 min i giving you screen

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:58)
Screen of what !

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:58)
Its already used man !

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:59)
I sent you the voucher

Dr-Exchanger (19.09.2014 23:59)
Check it from your side !!!

Etlase 2 (20.09.2014 00:08)
i checked it and showed you the error

Etlase 2 (20.09.2014 00:59)

Etlase 2 (20.09.2014 00:59)

Etlase 2 (20.09.2014 01:31)
why you stop talking?

27  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: Dr-Exchanger ::: Buy, Sell, Exchange E-Currency ... Awesome Service !! on: September 19, 2014, 03:08:51 PM
wait you for finish exchange
28  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: Dr-Exchanger ::: Buy, Sell, Exchange E-Currency ... Awesome Service !! on: August 31, 2014, 07:56:46 PM
Need BTC to wmz and Perfect money to wmz, possible?
29  Economy / Economics / Re: Market Driven Money Supply.. on: December 29, 2013, 05:27:23 PM
The proposal I put forward earlier, which I break-down in an earlier post in this thread, is indeed fully self contained ? It uses an ON-CHAIN exchange.. Not an external one.

Also - I think that the basic idea I put forward is VERY SIMPLE.. Both to implement and understand. I'm a big believer in KISS.

How do the chains know what is the market price of "gold"? And if the price of the gold chain changes, doesn't that affect the valuation of the cash chain?
30  Economy / Economics / Re: Market Driven Money Supply.. on: December 28, 2013, 10:46:34 PM
Hmm.. so do you have a way of determining a 'Consistent Cost to Produce' ?

Yes, but it is very complicated. Smiley But the gist is rather than everyone competing for one block of coins, everyone competes to create their own money from a big block available with those creating it faster earning slightly more. Then the system compares a the speed of creating a block of coins with prior blocks and uses that to increase the difficulty. I have some other tricks to account for potential reductions in energy requirements.

BUT - I am really after a system that has 'Price Stability'.. Which I don't think this system would have, since as you say the variable price would determine whether miners mine it or not (Unless I'm missing something..) ?

Well you can never have something that is perfectly stable. What I aim for is something that would be more stable in the long run vs. a basket of commodities than any other individual commodity. If things are going well, demand is going to go through periods where it far exceeds supply, and things may occasionally go bad where supply exceeds demand. The price will always oscillate, the question is how well can you keep it oscillating around a given, stable point.
31  Economy / Economics / Re: Mish on deflation on: December 28, 2013, 10:11:54 PM
This is a fallacy. People will always buy what they need, which puts a floor under any deflationary spiral. In the current system people are encouraged to consume for the sake of consumption, buying what they don't need, and worse, borrowing to do it. With a sound monetary system borrowing would be done for purposes of new and increased production - driven by legitimate market forces (not excessive FRB and CB-spiked money creation).

Further. Bitcoin is not even a deflationary currency. It just inflates at a smaller and smaller rate. The inflation rate in Bitcoin right now is about 11%, which is larger than any real GDP growth! Eventually it will be less than real GDP growth, but even then, lower prices and wages will not reduce living standards.

All you are doing is thumping on the same bitcoin bible. People can't buy what they need if they don't have jobs. Consumerism, as I stated, is mostly irrelevant and is only good for distracting from the real topic regarding what effects deflation will have on investment and job creation. And arguing about what the word deflation means is the typical bitcoinomics cherry on top.
32  Economy / Economics / Re: Market Driven Money Supply.. on: December 28, 2013, 10:04:19 PM
spartacus, I know I've directed you before to my Decrits proposal. While I don't have a perfect solution, I do have one that is very decentralized and crypto-only.

First of all, a requirement for a crypto where the money creation is variable and based on demand or whatever needs to have its security separate from mining. This I've already solved.
Secondly, to provide a stable value base, the only real way is to provide a consistent cost to produce the currency. This is really difficult, but I think I've got something that comes really close. If the cost to create the currency is consistent, then people create more of it when its price is high and none of it when the price is low. Rather than finding a way to remove currency from circulation when the price is low, I changed my opinion to the one where you leave things be, because a currency that is below its cost to produce will look undervalued and will incentivize people to accept it as payment, so it is self-correcting.

A consistent cost to produce doesn't guarantee any value, but it will have a very real impact on how people will think about such a currency. I think it will lead to far more stability than just about any other metric could.
33  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Decrits: The 99%+ attack-proof coin on: December 27, 2013, 10:37:43 PM
multiple months, no code
i think this is dead

It's not.

if the closed source alpha were true, you could demonstrate this at least by showing a screenshot, a diagram of an algorithm or a preview sample of the code

I have not been asked nor felt inclined to demonstrate anything regarding the protocol yet. It will happen when it happens.

claiming that behaviour is due to negative attention does not make sense, as not giving any reasons for positive attention makes sure people won"t be convinced to view it positively

I have no idea what this means.
34  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: OpenEx: Progress Report- 91% complete on: December 27, 2013, 04:01:48 PM
A little less condescending this time, but still a condescending douchebag. why even bother? You have no idea what knowledge, although i did not know about transactions.

Maybe he's condescending, but you are making absolute rook mistakes. Don't take criticism so personally. It's ok if you are not a programming super wizard, but expect better programmers to be very critical of obvious flaws. Everyone's time gets wasted otherwise. Transactions are one of the basic database primitives for maintaining database integrity, it is something you should understand. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take yourself seriously and do your research, as has been suggested.

Good luck.
35  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ripple #2 ! on: December 27, 2013, 03:09:50 PM
How does Ripple have 35 full time employees but no product? Do they all work on the exchange? Even then, that seems awfully excessive.

And if there is one currency for which market cap is an absolutely meaningless number, Ripple is it. Not to bring the Ripple bash, but there is still not much impressive about it.
36  Economy / Economics / Re: Mish on deflation on: December 26, 2013, 11:28:42 PM
The finance industry has become such a huge part of the US economy, that I would say that Elats2's claim that even mild deflation would result in a large pull back from major investment, and result in increased unemployment.

Please direct me to where I wrote this. Otherwise that is twice in two posts you have (intentionally?) misrepresented what I've said.

What I don't believe that s/he understands, is that is a side effect of the outsized role of modern finance, not a requirement of a functioning economy.


  Still, I would consider this to be a symtom of the longstanding effect of mild inflationary policies, resulting in the growth of the finance industy itself.  The problem isn't that investment adviser and bankers can't make money doing what they do; the real problem is that they can make a great deal of money doing what they do, but that they work in the largest 'cost center' industry in the world.

Your entire premise is not defending deflation nor deriding inflation but deriding the financial system. We can both agree that there is *a lot* to be desired with the financial system. It, however, does not prove or argue any point regarding deflation's superiority.

Small businesses have always been the bulk of business activity in the United States, and small businesses should be the bulk of the business with Bitcoin as well.  Under such a model, mild deflation is no more (and perhaps less) dangerous to the business climeate than mild inflation.

Would you care to provide any evidence to back this up rather than idle and wanton speculation? Because small businesses tend to operate on very strict amounts of capital, cash flow that is almost universally derived from credit. Small businesses tend to balance a very fine line between profitability and bankruptcy. Mild deflation (you imply here that bitcoin would have mild deflation, based on what? and what do you consider to be mild?) that is just a smidgen more than expected can and will cause a slew of bankruptcies. There is simply no other way. You cannot have credit in a deflationary economy without bankruptcy being the equalizer. There simply will not be sufficient money to pay off debts without an equivalent and unsustainable increase in velocity. You could argue then that those businesses did not deserve to survive, and in effect you are arguing against small business and for large business where costs can be reduced as economies of scale take precedence. You could argue that small businesses should not run on credit, but then I'd just have to laugh at how little you understand the real world.
37  Economy / Economics / Re: Mish on deflation on: December 26, 2013, 07:32:40 PM
In what way, Etlase2?  A currency is simply a market product with a well defined trade value, by whatever means that trade value is defined.  The laws of supply & demand most certainly do apply to currencies.

Because somewhere I stated or implied that the laws of supply and demand do not apply here. Roll Eyes

I think you should read up on his blog posts from 2005 until now and ask yourself that question again. The guy is total common sense. Not that he is fault free, but he surely is intelligent.

He is considering prices in a vacuum, which the same mistake everyone who says "herp a derp look at electronics" makes. With wages increasing at the same time certain products' prices are decreasing, the marginal propensity to consume the products with falling prices can only increase as income becomes comparatively more disposable.

On the other hand, if wages are decreasing, as they must in a deflationary currency, the marginal propensity to consume is unaffected assuming that prices are falling at around the same rate. If prices on certain products are falling faster, then it is a wash to the scenario above.

Personally, I think the whole "people won't spend in the face of falling prices" is either misinterpreted or argued incorrectly. It is not the basic consumer that anyone has to worry about, it is the investor and job creator that one has to worry about stopping cash flow through the economy, causing job losses which then do cause less consumer spending, and spiraling downward economic output. Deflation vs. inflation will hardly affect those who spend the vast majority of their income, assuming wages and prices are reflected similarly. Basic arguments about consumption totally ignore the greater systemic risk posed by deflation.
38  Economy / Economics / Re: Mish on deflation on: December 26, 2013, 04:48:10 PM
I have to strongly question the intelligence of the author of that article as well as yourself Moonshadow for perpetrating bullshit like this.

A currency that is deflationary IS NOT EQUAL TO a specific product or industry that experiences deflation in an otherwise inflationary currency. They are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT economic situations.

This is in no way an argument for a deflationary currency. It is asinine to think so.
39  Economy / Economics / Re: Discussion of Perfect Currency/Crypto-Currency on: December 24, 2013, 04:09:27 PM
w0w d00d ur gon b billionaire, such settings, so great, cant wait for innovative coin
40  Economy / Economics / Re: Sound Money Definition on: December 23, 2013, 05:45:25 AM
I was hoping for a definition that says something like:

sound money is a currency that cannot be debased or counterfeited...

Modern economic definitions have not quite caught up yet with redefining everything in terms of bitcoin.
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