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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: Today at 11:11:49 AM
What a play by Mudryk! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked although the goal he scored is a combination of luck and timing, not entirely the skill Grin

Chelsea's performance is nothing changed, still same. But what make it interesting is Mudryk can score his first goal in Premier League. Their next match is against Burnley, they must be able to beat Burnley. The interesting match will happen in the next two weeks, Chelsea will face Arsenal.
If Chelsea cannot beat Burnley next week, it is certain that Chelsea will have difficulties when facing Arsenal. But seeing Burnley's poor performance this season, I am sure Chelsea will win next week. And then Chelsea's strength will be tested against Arsenal.
I would be seeing chelsea fans will blame their club again if chelsea can't beat burnley. Burnley was an easy opponent if chelsea was able performing even better. It will be so silly if chelsea will be showing awful performance against burnley. The club really needs to get full points before it will face hard fixtures started at the end of this month. People are raising this as the main concern for chelsea caused by its performance is yet unstable at this moment. I will obviously count on chelsea upcoming match.

Chelsea is slowly improving but it seems Manchester United is becoming increasingly unstable. Their inconsistency is really worrying at the moment. Even now negative news about Erik Ten Heg is also starting to emerge. It's just that I personally understand Man United's current poor performance. Because they are currently experiencing many problems internally and externally.
Chelsea and MU have faced the same situations at this moment but it must be noted that if manchester united is in a difficult position compared with chelsea. It's caused by MU will be also facing UCL match which is forcing the club to put more focus to win the match.
Manchester united really needs three points at this moment in UCL. It has very bad performance in EPL. It makes me worry to pick it.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: Today at 10:10:03 AM
Sassuolo have beaten big teams one after another, but they lost against Monza this week, they are a really interesting team. It's not very predictable who they might beat, so they're the kind of team I'd stay away from in my betting games. But it is not bad to follow their matches. They make nice surprises, especially against the big teams of the Italian league.
Even if there was only one goal in the match, it was a match where constant mutual attacks and fast games were played.
I agree about Sassuolo being the most unpredictable club this season. The results of their matches sometimes make many bettors lose. Especially when Sassuolo managed to beat Juventus and Inter Milan. Everyone must be surprised. So we think Sassuolo will definitely win yesterday's match against Monza. But it turns out that a surprise happened again. Because Sassuolo, who was able to beat 2 big clubs this season, actually suffered defeat by Monza. And until now Sassuolo have never achieved a draw. They always compete with the result of losing or winning.
It shows that sassuolo's performance is still very inconsistent at this moment but i must give sassuolo applause caused by the club was able beating two big clubs in serie a.
I never imagined it to happen with sassuolo. I thought that this club would become easy club to be robbed by the big clubs but sassuolo was showing something different compared with another club.

The big clb was not even able beating it easily. Sassuolo was able beating them all. My guess if bettors were losing two times on this bet.
Most of them picked intermilan or juventus. I may retfrain myself from picking sassuolo's match due to the how hard to predict the outcome from sassuolo when it faces another club. Sassuolo performs differently right now compared with last season.

Hopefully sassuolo will able to beat another big team like acmilan and napoli.  Grin
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: Casinos not asking for KYC to register and play, but do require it to withdraw on: Today at 09:35:48 AM
There have been several cases of casinos demanding for strict kyc especially at some trigger points of withdrawals.
At some point, I have to blame casinos who don't make this pints clear and obvious on their sites or terms and conditions but on the other end, most players don't have the luxury of time to read the terms and conditions of a casino before jumping into it and end up been stranded along the way which isn't right.
In as much as casinos are trying to balance the whole drama with their regulatory bodies and their customers, we should always try out best to support them rather than making things really hard for them
Some casino site make additional rule after term of service such as KYC required when withdrawing process, many costumer blame for first time with registering casino site without see or read all required needed before depositing fund. Commonly, some user of casino not read with term of service with some casino and during deposit fund without get trouble although account account not approving KYC yet.

Any additional changes to the TOS will always be informed through your email being used at the time to register your account. The mistake was on the people. There have been many trusted sites who were offering non KYC withdrawal as long as it was not passing certain limit.
People keep going through casino site which was offering instant withdraw but lack of excellent reputation among the gamblers. We have seen that many times scam casino was scamming people through this way.
People must be stupid enough in using that kind of casino side.

Problem face later when withdrawing moment I think weakness from site casino, they should stop deposit operation for user not KYC first to protect their problem later when withdrawing amount from casino, if deposit close actually not get chance to withdrawing fund due user of casino have make their account approving firstly by KYC.
I think that it will always be explained during the time of registration in the casino. There are some casino who ask KYC as mandatory before the users will able to play but even some trusted casinos were not implementing it.
They were only asking KYC when the users have been meeting certain criterias. I think that this is also depending on the user itself. They can pick trusted site rather than unfamiliar site to deal with.
4  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you manage your finances and family if your income is low range? on: Today at 12:32:33 AM
income low means you need to increase it somehow, you just can't stuck with low income forever right?
not to mention that there's no workaround to make your family financially sufficient when you are having low income.
therefore the only logical solution would be increasing income whether through having second job or something like that.
indeed its gonna be difficult, exhausting both physically and mentally but there's nothing you can do about it really.
work hard and get a better life, or just stuck like this forever. after all, earning money is indeed hard, many people also experiencing the same thing, really hard to earn money, but its the only way.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: What could Elon Musk be buying next? on: October 02, 2023, 11:55:33 PM
he's probably focused on building his line of battery like from those countries with nickel to ensure that his product tesla cars could be produced.
i think he's done right now spending billions to acquire some big corporations and companies.
even he's currently focusing on monetizing heavily on twitter I don't think he's gonna be buying another company anytime soon until his money got back from monetizing twitter.
therefore don't really sweat about elon's future vision much but as far as I know he's also focused in building AI.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: Is academic pursues enough to get incomes? on: October 02, 2023, 11:39:09 PM
I don't know where do you live. In the most developed countries, the educational system(universities and college) is slowly turning into a scam. The students have to pay absurd tuition fees and get into student debt only to find out that's it's hard for them to get a good job after they graduate. Having a university degree makes sense only if you want to pursue a career as a government clerk, lawyer or doctor.
If you want to work in other industries(in the private sector) having skills and experience are more important than a diploma.

Universities and colleges in our country just wasting students time,  mostly the students do copy from each other in these universities,  and also after they get some degree then they are not able to work according to the company and according to the manager's need.

Another thing they should watch out is wasting young generation talent by not giving them much opportunities in other things. They are telling students to only do the studies,  but not other physical activities,  which is not good at all. They should also consider a student's physical activities as well as their improved studies.
yeah sometime the academic system is just outright shit in some countries out there, considering the fact that we are paying for these college degree and the learning from it, even using kinda outdated curriculum is already massive waste of time. imagine wasting years just to learn something that actually shouldn't be learned at all because outdated.
but it still undenied fact that college degree is still gateway to open up better career because its just the requirement for many jobs out there that are white collar.
you just follow the system and thats it, you can build your career up despite feeling silly.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 02, 2023, 05:34:42 PM
Bayern Munich is gonna win this year, mark my words. They have a very solid core and with Harry Kane another world-class forward.

It's not just you who say that Bayern Munich will easily get rid of their opponents and dominate group A. Looking at the match against Manchester United where Manchester United easily scored 3 goals against Bayern Munich, even though they won points, at least Bayern Munich can anticipate that their back line is too weak, If there is no change in the back line then several clubs will take advantage of Bayern Munich's defensive line weaknesses.

It could be a disaster for Bayern Munich if there is no improvement in the defense line and will have an impact on the standings in the next match.

I think City will be back-to-back Champions for this year. No one can deny that Munich's current quality is one of the best. But City is currently extraordinary with a better squad than Munich. If they have Kane then don't forget that City have Haaland. Maybe currently Haaland is behind in assists with Kane but if they meet then I think Munich will be very difficult to win.
Hard to predict it. I meant let's take a look at how manchester city's performance has been declining a lot caused by there have been many players were injured. It was also affecting the performance from manchester city as well. Haaland was missing some people who were playing a very important role for him. You can see that how haaland can do nothing without a great attacking midfielder who will always give him valuable passing.
City has been favored by bookies to win UCL but this makes sense as long as manchester city will able to play with the full squads. City is in easy group stage.
I have no doubt if city will able to go to the play off soon. Don't forget real madrid as one of the strongest contender to win UCL this season. Madrid was also coming with new power.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: October 02, 2023, 04:43:14 PM
Lille finally succeeded in winning again in the away match against Le Havre and these additional 3 points made Lille even more enthusiastic about continuing to improve their position. Previously, Lille lost at home against Reims and it was an opportunity they missed to get points at home. However, this time Lille won again quite convincingly even though this match was also quite difficult for them. Meanwhile, Le Havre, who had never lost in their previous 4 matches, this time saw their good achievements come to a halt when they faced Lille. However, at least for a promoted team this season, Le Havre is still quite good, standing in the top 10.

Le havre has been thrased by lille. Le havre could do nothing against lille and it has been represented by the stats from that match. Lille was always pressing havre since the game start. It surprises me how havre was under pressure by lille.
As far as i remember that if havre can also be considered as a team with consistent performance this season but havre was just humiliating it.

The newly promoted club like havre has been showing impressive performance since the first week which is good. It was also signalling if the newly promoted club can't be underrated this time.
I hope that havre will stay even longer in top 10. Havre deserves it caused by the club is too consistent as a new team in league 1.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Honest question, what to think about “crypto” affiliates or influencers? on: October 01, 2023, 11:58:00 PM
always considers their opinion as just an advertisement, i would always doubt their opinion and the things they mentioned in general after all there's always ulterior motives.
i would argue that sometime these influencers and affiliates are good at giving information about the project that they're related with.
but at the end of the day they are doing this for the sake of money advertising the project sometime they don't care how shit the project are, or how shit their trading journey was.
therefore take it with grain of salt.
its always better if you can do analysis based on your own, so that you won't get easily deceived.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Is a 20% Annual Return good ? on: October 01, 2023, 11:37:18 PM
good or not depends on the risk accompanied by this yield, if annual is 20% honestly thats quite low, but also need to observe the risk, if it doesn't expose your investment capital to the risk of losing it just because the market is getting red and bearish, then i guess you will be okay. but honestly spot trading, 20% gain for a whole year is miniscule, the only way to make it worth it is if you have big capital that at the very least allows you to earn quite the sum then it will be worth it.
otherwise if its just thousand dollars gaining 20% a year, it will be just a waste of time in my opinion.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 01, 2023, 03:59:51 PM
Though Manchester City has lost their last two games, I think they're still one of the best clubs at the moment and one of the favourite teams to win the UEFA Champions League competition this season.
Pep Guardiola as we all know, knows how to manage his team and bring out the best from his squad. Rodri's absence in their last two matches has been a very big issue for the club but with the return of the Spanish player, the club is surely gonna bounce back to winning ways.
UEFA Champions League titles are for the best teams and City fall among the very best clubs in the world of football. Though they're crumbling presently with the absence of there substantial players, no call for alarm because the Manchester City I know will definitely bounced to winning ways, as long as they have these players intact. Manchester City having some crucial challenges in their past games which have resulted in decline in performance and recording two consecutive defeats. Pep Guardiola will worked on it to bring them back to form, he's the mastermind and have arrange piece of work for the team.
There have been many important players injured. It was also affecting the performance from manchester city. You can't expect city to perform as well as when it was playing with its full squads. KDB may be coming back again in upcoming months, but it's not clear when.
Missing him has been giving very big impact to the city's performance but i do agree with you if city's performance has been declining a lot compared with the last season.
The most difficult task is defending our trophy rather than try to get it. I don't expect a lot from manchester city. Pep needs to find an alternative strategy for manchester city. The current strategy is not going well with the current line up.
Haaland really needs someone who can supply him with the ball.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: October 01, 2023, 03:38:50 PM
After Luis Enrique coached I thought PSG's performance would improve. The team will become stronger. Enrique is a very experienced coach. But the condition of PSg has further deteriorated. Mbappe is not performing well. And PSG's attack is now completely dependent on Mbappe's performance. Enrique should have added a more experienced striker to the squad this season as well. The team could add Osimhen to the team. But Enrique relies on Mbappe. And Mbappe's erratic performance has made PSG's overall performance very erratic. Winning the Ligue 1 title is now much more difficult for PSG.

PSG are doing well with their strikers - they have Mbappe, Ramouche, Kolo Mouani and Dembele. This detachment can solve all issues. Yesterday's draw disappointed many fans (and bettors), but PSG are still only two points from first place. I think that Luis Enrique is now maximally concentrated on the game against Newcastle, which will take place in two days, so yesterday’s result is not very important.

It makes me feel worry. You know talking about so many supers stars in PSG are so amazing but when it comes to the performance against clermoont and it's very disappointed to talk about their poor performance.
Playing against mediocre team and PSG can win the match. It's a shame caused by PSG was dominating the ball possessions. It's really disappointed so many fans and bettors.
Glad i have not put my bet on this match caused by PSG is too inconsistent at this moment. Three points are always important in the league. It's caused by the road of league 1 throphy was going through winning all of matches and secure three points.
PSG needs to perform better than the previous match to make sure the club can lead the first position of league 1 again.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: October 01, 2023, 02:20:52 PM
To be honest, I didn't watch this big match, but if you look at the draw results between the two teams, it seems that both of them were equally strong and even had to share 1 point at the end of the match. Leipzig may have taken the lead with 2 goals in the 20th and 26th minutes, but they could only maintain this lead until the first half. Meanwhile, in the second half, Bayern Munich started to press which ultimately resulted in 2 goals from Harry Kane via the penalty spot and also from Leroy Sane.

Even though in the end the two drew 2-2 and there were still around 20 minutes left, not a single additional goal was scored by either team. This result is at least still good enough for Bayern Munich because they can still secure 1 point rather than nothing at all and maybe for Leipzig this is quite detrimental because they need full points, especially to stay in the top 4 competition.
In fact, I think the opposite, Leipzig was very lucky to be able to keep up with Bayern Munich's game in this match and I saw that the match between these two teams was really quite impressive, the first half was controlled by Leipzig and the second half was controlled by Bayern, this is a match between two teams that have strength. which is quite balanced and this result is very fair for both teams.
And at the start of this season it was slowly visible that several Bundesliga teams were starting to be able to compete with Bayern. I really hope that this can be consistent until the end of the season so that the competition for the Bundesliga title becomes even fiercer.
You said that if those two clubs are equal. It means if leipzig as strong as bayern. There's no luck here caused by leipzig was leading the match with two goals during the first half. Bayern was able equalizing the score caused by penalty award from the referee was helping bayern. How can you say if leipzig was only luck? It sounds non sense. Bayern was having more ball possessions but it does have very bad finishing compared with leipzig which was having less finishing but it has 100% accuracy.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: October 01, 2023, 01:20:23 PM
Son Heung-Min is a very fantastic forward players in the English Premier League and currently the best in the Tottenham Hotspur team after their former captain Harry Kane left the club to join Bayern Munich in the summer. He's been very influential to Tottenham's impressive run since the start of the season but I don't think he's a good candidate to join Real Madrid as a replacement for the club's for striker Karim Benzema.
At his age, Son I don't think Son will make a good signing for Real Madrid. They need a young striker that'll match the energy of the current members of Real Madrid squad.
Real Madrid offered might be rejected because there's absolutely no way Tottenham will provide greenlight for this bids. Son Heung-Min is still agile and have a great deal of work to accomplished with Spurs. He is an important player for Tottenham Hotspur and also a key player for the new coach, Angelos Postecoglou who's set to make really good use of the South Korea international. Son have proved his worth under several Spurs ex-managers, more reason he's considered valuable after Harry Kane. The team will not released another key man to elite side this summer or next, Spurs will worked with Son to achieved their targets mapped for this season.

There is still a chance. If the player was willing to leave from totenham and he can talk with totenham to let him go. There's no reason for totenham to prevent him if son will decide to go to the real madrid. I think that son is the most suitable striker for madrid even though his age was not young anymore but real madrid can still find some options. Mbappe was over priced consider he has only a few months remaining in the PSG. Mbappe has not yet confirmed what's gonna be the fate of him in PSG at this moment.
There have been much news were appearing but none of this news were talking about mbappe's final decision regarding his future in the PSG.
Son is also having short term contract with totenham and he is also having a chance to play for another club. I think that will better for him to play in madrid. he will also get new experience.
I hope son will be following kane to leave from totenham.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: October 01, 2023, 12:16:48 AM
this one holds truth, trading despite looking simple isn't simple at all, you go against those billionaires who trades with massive capital and expect to get the upperhand? yes you can but hardly, only very few selects able to pull that off. otherwise it will just all about luck.
the one that thing they could go against the wave and came out profiting are those newbies that still haven't had any clue about how the market truly works, basically its the big guys profiting off the retailers and getting all that money in the market.
so think twice before making trading career, if you're not really cut it out to become good analyst based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis i think you will just lose your money.
16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are Technical Indicators useless? on: September 30, 2023, 11:56:07 PM
Wrong perception of others that TA can give them a guarantee profit that's why they easily believe on people says that they are good on it then follow their released TA or worst buy a subscription with them. But they realize that it didn't work on their end that's why they get frustrated about the result. Maybe they should learn for theirselves to know about doing TA so that they can analyze each situation on their own and get high chances to gain from the trades they make.
I wonder where people get that impression, I mean any book which is serious about teaching its readers how to trade is very upfront about the fact that if you become a trader you will not only lose, but you will lose several times in a row and suffer important drawdowns during your journey.

So I suppose that those that think they can get guaranteed profits have never even read a trading book on their life, as otherwise it is impossible to explain why they have those mistaken beliefs.
but then again if these TA doesn't even helps in getting profits why even bother doing TA in the first place, I think TA is good way as an indicator to know which project deserving investment and to trade for those traders.
the TA most of the time helps getting profits, but sometime as you know when the market is just working out of pure supply and demand, TA somehow becomes less relevant in this regard and instead the market will gone astray from what described in TA guides, therefore its not only TA required for making profit but also the instict of adapting the market and knowing what gonna become beforehand.
otherwise its just gonna be series of lose.
17  Economy / Economics / Re: Stable coin or having USD in bank on: September 30, 2023, 11:47:13 PM
Holding the money in the bitcoin will be the far better option as compared to the money holding in the USD.The USD value will not increases with a time period and only few dollars we get as the interest which is 4-6 percentage.But if you hold the money in the bitcoin,it will give you 10-20 percentage based on the time period you are holding in terms of bitcoin.When the market was moved in the positive way,you can convert the bitcoin to USD.This will give good profit by the bitcoin trading for the certain period of time.
bitcoin is undeniable a good profitable investment but I guess in this case, OP seemed to want instrument to save his wealth without any volatility which fiat actually serves that purpose despite still having fluctuations.
therefore if we are talking about whats better in this case, I guess having USD in bank might win because these bank even if there goes bankrupt still gonna get back up by the government therefore ensuring that we won't lose any money at all.
different with stablecoin that is owned by private company in which could go bankrupt anytime, therefore in this case saving USD in bank is far better.
though stablecoin like USDT i don't see its gonna be bankrupt anytime soon.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: September 30, 2023, 01:12:16 PM
I quite agree with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, but for Barcelona, I don't know, I think they will have very difficult times when they reach the knockout rounds and my prediction is that the semifinals will be their best round, although of course Barcelona still has a chance of getting to the final and even becoming champions because in a few months In the future, many things could change in the strength map of each team that is the favorite to win, including Barcelona, which continues to get stronger by bringing in several new players whose prices match their finances.
Barcelona can certainly still be a strong candidate until this round, especially since they haven't reached the highest place in the UCL competition for a long time. Barcelona's squad is much better now and perhaps we will see them perform differently than before with the depth they have now. Qualifying from the group is certain but maybe they will start to face obstacles in the round of 16 and that is the first tough task they have to overcome. However, it looks like they have to try harder and not be careless like last season and I hope they can make the most of every match.

How can we know if barcelona is a strong squad while it was still facing some weak teams in its group? Barcelona has not yet proven its strength once it was facing a strong club in the UCL. I would not trust it till barcelona will able to prove its worthiness to win UCL this season. There are still many strong clubs in the competitions and they will be also going to the play off. Barcelona needs to face and beat at least one of the strongest candidate to win UCL like munchen and madrid.
Barcelnoa was always losing against some strong clubs. I don';t wanna call this club as strong contender to win UCL this season. I think that it's too early to say that.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 30, 2023, 12:22:55 PM
It seems like Jose Mourinho is having difficulty building the Roma club to appear competitive and having difficulty building cooperation between fellow players so they can rise froms the downturn they are facing who knows who needs to be improved, maybe it's the players who are not performing optimally or Jose Mourinho who can't make Roma player performing optimally even though we all know that Jose Mourinho is an experienced coach and has several achievements, but it seems that Jose Mourinho is failing in building the Roma club or indeed the strategy that Jose Mourinho has is getting worse and is not enough to maintain the strength of the club.
  • I disagree with your view on "Jose Mourinho failing to build up Roma." Perhaps you've overlooked what Mourinho has accomplished at Roma over the past two years.
  • It can be argued that Mourinho is the person who revived Roma, helping them secure their first title in 14 years. Even though it's the Europa Conference League, which is considered the third-tier European competition.
  • On the flip side, the so-called "third-year curse" seems to be holding true for him, as things have taken a significant downturn in his third year with a particular team.
Mourinho can't be blamed here. People are putting everything in the coach's hand while mourinho has become the savior for roma caused by he was helping the club in winning the trophy.
I don't even know why people are blaming him now while in fact, the club must be blamed here caused by mourinho has been requestion some players to come but the club was refusing it due to the financial reason.

Mourinho is just trying his best in so many limitations owned by the club. he is not making fault here and it has been successfully helping as roma to win a trophy but the fans already forgot it.
It's time for him to leave from the club.

I remember some people said that if he was in the conflict with the management. Mourinho can also use it as the main reason to leave from the club.
The players and managements are really disappointing him.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: September 30, 2023, 12:05:05 PM
Marseille getting bought by a Saudi Arabian team should not really be a big deal, but Zidane is not going to be coaching it from what I read. It looks like we are going to end up with something that could end up with something much bigger, and that would be a general manager position.

I think he just wants to use that money to buy players and build a team, not really manage it. Coaching the team and building the team are different things, when you build the team, you could be anywhere, and you would fly all over the world to talk to the players and teams to do that, or you could just stay wherever you are and send someone else in your stead, but when you are coaching, you have to be with the team all the time.

Another update has been coming from zidane
Zinedine Zidane has reportedly agreed in principle to become the manager of Olympique de Marseille if the club is sold to Saudi Arabia.

As far as i know that if gattuso being recruited by marseille but it seems like that if zidane is agree to be a new coach for marseille as long as saudi will able to acquire marseille. It's caused by if zidane will able to buy his dream team with unlimited money.
I hope that saudi will get marseille as soon as possible and i would like to see him to reassemble his own club from the bottom. There may be so many staff will be sacked if marseilla will be bought by saudi arabia.

I hope this rumos will come true.
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