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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.21.0 [Torrent]
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1  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [] Fork Uniswap in seconds on: January 14, 2021, 02:42:38 PM
Jules_verne here. Thanks for posting on my behalf with the pictures.
I will moderate this topic and answer any questions you may have.

2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Post this for me [PAID] [Experienced Needed] on: January 09, 2021, 11:34:25 PM
PM me what service is this and I'll do it for free if it's not an obvious scam.

PM sent. I will update this comment if we reach an agreement.
3  Economy / Service Discussion / Post this for me [PAID] [Experienced Needed] on: January 09, 2021, 10:18:06 PM
I am launching soon a service and I need to find someone to be
able to post it in the Service Section on my behalf (you can state it's a guest post).

You need to be at least Copper Member because the post will contain GIFs, images, etc.

The service you post is serious (e.g not a scamICO, or bs). It has to do
with a project around Uniswap launching soon. Details available in private only.

Payment structure:
On successful posting, you will receive a one time payment of $15 in BTC, ETH or other crypto (coinbase choice only)

You may receive merits from other members
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Get refund for your non liquid altcoins [HIMALAYA] on: December 29, 2020, 03:45:50 PM
Quick UPDATE about the project:

ETA is difficult to be estimated but any time before end of 2021.

We are evaluating the solution on giving DAI, Ethereum, etc. for your coins,
IMO this is the best solution.

We are no charity, the project will make a small fee
in profit. Refund mechanism is work in progress and to be tested by an external
team of developers (a solidity cybersecurity company preferably).

Any approvals by exchanges?
No approval needed, we can live without exchanges however, we are creating a solution that is implementable anywhere in the world, including
exchanges. We are working on a refund mechanism that makes business sense for those partners.

Future plans
Product will be available on testnet first, then mainnet.
 We will run a very generous Bug Bounty program to catch any bugs before mainnet release.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Get refund for your non liquid altcoins [HIMALAYA] on: December 24, 2020, 11:26:01 PM
There are hundreds of ERC-20s that have almost no liquidity. They may have been released through ICO and the project failed or was a scam, leaving investors without money.
Even worse, project may have lost too much value or the team abandoned resulting in no real progress in the past 6-12 months. 

Redeem your dead coins for up to 50% of their initial value. Join the waiting list and read more here:

How we do it:
We are using Uniswap's core architecture and a Governance system to create a decentralized ecosystem owned by no one but users themselves.
You will get DAI, Ethereum or a cryptocurrency of your choice in exchange for your altcoins with no liquidity. You will be able to take your coins
away or simply use them inside the ecosystem of on-chain games, DAPPS and more.

Can I simply create an ERC-20 and abuse the system to get free ETH, DAI, etc ?:
No. The governance system in place decides which ERC-20s will be redeemable.
All ERC20s must be approved by at least 51% of governance holders to become exchangeable.

More announcement coming later.
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