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21  Economy / Speculation / Re: Who's been buying recently? on: July 28, 2021, 11:01:35 AM
We've been in a big bear market but there is a sudden pump.

Is this a giant whale or few whales buying up, retail, some companies? Any way to track the major buyers/sellers?
You can follow this Twitter account Whale Alert and analyze where the big transaction of Bitcoin comes from.  Every big transaction whale alert has a record on it and they will publish it on their Twitter account.  Yesterday I thought that it was caused by Amazon accepting Bitcoin as a payment, but that's only a rumor and there's an article saying that they deny that issue.  So, IMO, there's someone again manipulating the price.

Last time before this bull-ish market around January, bitcoin and eth started climbing high, but alt coins lagged some before going up too. They didn't just go up immediately like they are right now
Give 100% support to Bitcoin and your investment would be fine.

Thanks. Yeah I heard a whale bought about a week ago and it's what started the price jump.

I heard some stuff with amazon as well with crypto. Maybe a mere rumor moved the markets?

Either way, I bet there is still some manipulation. I'm thinking it has to be by just a few large whales maybe right? I think if I can find out what those wallets addresses are doing. just buying when they buy and selling when they sell we can do good in the market.

I see in the memes, someone called Bogdanoff likes to screw with people but... he's not real right?
22  Economy / Speculation / Who's been buying recently? on: July 27, 2021, 01:03:54 PM
We've been in a big bear market but there is a sudden pump.

Is this a giant whale or few whales buying up, retail, some companies? Any way to track the major buyers/sellers?

Also, when these whales or whoever start buying, alt coins move up. Is this the result of the whales also buying other alt coins as they buy bitcoin, or an automatic reaction by bots or retail/people constantly watching 24/7 who buy alts?

Last time before this bull-ish market around January, bitcoin and eth started climbing high, but alt coins lagged some before going up too. They didn't just go up immediately like they are right now
23  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / What would happen to DAI if Tether collapses? on: July 19, 2021, 11:00:10 AM
If the worst case Tether FUD comes true?

If you have a lot of money in DAI, are you safe?
24  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Anyone remember Ambrosus? on: July 16, 2021, 01:15:38 PM
They're not that active since the hard fall, because as you can see there's no progress in it although it showing green percentage in coinmarketcap, for me this project is unpredictable, just imagine because they can't even regain the current ATH since 2018 and it's been long time ago and seems they're stuck up . So op what are expecting?

Yeah. Doesn't look like they've recovered which is so strange. Waltonchain and especially Vechain also fell since 2018 but Vechain in particular has really risen up. I think they're super undervalued. When you really start researching the fundamentals behind blockchain supply logistics tracking. And the fact that so much of our world is heavily reliant on shipping goods around. I really think Vechain will explode one day.

However, this goes back to Amrbrosus. I'm not really sure if they will recover again, but I think there is huge potential IF they are still working on their project to come back as a green god. Idk if they'll ever catch up to Vechain but there are certainly massive gains to be made because they are such a low cap altcoin with huge real world use. And it really seemed like, "from what I saw" they had everything already laid out almost. Which is why I am surprised to see that they hardly blipped during this last "bull market" but it makes sense if they're legit a dead project.

It's just hard to see a project that seemed nearly complete, with so much potential, be dead. Vechain already has a partnership with the Chinese government and many different companies which is why they have skyrocketed during this last bull run. Obviously the Chinese see the utility in such an idea. It wont be long before other companies around the world realize the huge savings they could be making by using blockchain as supply management.

With Amrbosus vs Vechain. They both started when the idea of blockchain based supply management was just an idea and started to make it a reality. Vechain started to win the race and has a huge head start. But I dont see and reasons why other competitors cant catch up to compete. I also have a feeling Vechain might hit a glass ceiling one day because of its association with the Chinese government. Western companies might be somewhat turned off by that. I'm sure eastern companies, obviously starting with China, but maybe even Russia and the other side of the world might find themselves using it. Ambrosus could (if they're alive, kicking, and perfecting their project) could easily start partnering with western companies. So far western companies are pretty skeptical of this idea. China is leading the way with Vechain so there are already real world works going on. If Vechain starts to successfully implement itself with the companies they are working with now, and Western companies see this, they will prob want to fomo into it, or a project like it.

Amazon may be trying to create its own blockchain supply management. Rumors go anyways. Why they dont just use a pre-existing one is beyond me. I guess outside of their control. But that shows me the demand is pent up and not many even realize the need for it.

I just need to figure out what Amrbrosus is actually doing now. If they're working on perfecting their project then I dont think it's dead. I think there is huge potential... Maybe they might wait for Vechain to break its pegging to bitcoin (in the sense that most people just treat it as a cryptocurrency no different than any other alt coin, not seeing its real world use) and start getting mass adopted shooting up in price, then offer their project and people flock to that as it would be a fresh company to start up with while it's still low cap.

But, this is probably years away, and wont happen any time soon so I wouldn't suggest really say I'm gonna start investing in Ambrosus or anything like that too much because I think it's gonna continue to go down or sideways for a long time to come. But one day I think if they're still working hard on it, they're gonna release some updates and it's gonna be like some of these altcoins that were previously low cap for yeaarrsss but then some company, or famous rich person tweets or talks about it and it pumps up, and it goes ballistic to the moon and while maybe never making it into the top 5 or even 10 it might jump up only a short ways away behind Vechain. All maybe and speculation.

In short, keep an ear out for progress in that field. I know a good bit, no expert, but a good bit about how supply chains work now and they are very outdated. You know how much money in terms of goods, time, etc. get lost thanks to antiquated supply tracking? That US pipeline thing prob wouldn't have happened if the pipeline was managed at least in part by blockchain technology. Instant notification and delivery status any time checking is a huge deal. Imagine that ship that got stuck in the Egypt gulf canal, if every company was using blockchain technology it would have instantly alerted "hey, blockage here" and if your ship is still say in the Indian ocean, the idea of "okay, maybe start going around" would be feasible. It's not now because some companies, it took hours to days before they even reacted.

And so much waste sometimes happens for lost goods, food and medicine going bad during transit due to weather changes. All of which could be mitigated by real time accurate data from simple QR code scans during each stop. " The National Cargo Security Council (NCSC) estimates that the global financial impact of cargo loss exceeds $50 billion annually. "

Blockchain management wont solve this 100% as some of its due to mechanical things like cargo literally being physically lost. But much of it is sloppy/human error due to bad information. item goes on wrong ship, item gets stolen, items are marketed incorrectly, items stolen, people not doing their job. A simple QR scan for everything with a simple status input would simplify and make tracking way more accurate than the current system of people literally writing down or typing down everything and passing it to the next guy and hoping no one makes errors. When you think about that, and realize that something like Vechain, even if it only helps solve 1/3rd of cargo/supply mishaps and mysteries would be saving billions, you'll realize when word/wind gets out, there will be big company fomo to get their hands in the cookie jar. We just need to see more real world use. It's already going on but just in small scale. So, it's just a matter of time till it explodes.

TLDR: My point is blockchain supply management is criminally undervalued for the real world. Once it is discovered how incredibly useful it is, there will be an explosion of investment into it. Ambrosus may never come back, if it doesn't, I'm sure there will be more competitors to Vechain but the idea of blockchain supply management is revolutionary and is way more than just a crypto "currency" more so than it is a useful company application that can save billions of dollars. Companies only needing to pay a small amount of money to save a crap ton of money will prob fomo into it one day.

25  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Anyone remember Ambrosus? on: July 15, 2021, 11:15:07 PM
Anyone think they're going to ever make a comeback or are they totally dead?

26  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Since DAI is backed by cryptocurrencies what happens if there is a mass sell off on: July 15, 2021, 09:27:00 PM
DAI is a decentralized stable coin. Liquidity of DAI is smaller than Tether USD but if you want a decentralized stable coin, it is your choice. Tether USD (USDT) is centralized.

Top 10 stable coins of 2020
5. Multi-Collateral Dai (DAI)

With over $100 million Dai circulating in the market, the stablecoin has already attained a steady growth of 27% per month, stemming from active partners transacting remittances and payments to different websites and applications in turn accepting the coin.

It was launched in 2017 under the creation of MakerDao, and similar to others, it also allows USD as a reserve asset in exchange for stablecoins or Dai.

Recently, the stablecoin has expanded by launching the Dai Savings Rate, allowing users to earn just by using Dai. This innovation has been all over the crypto space, which entices more utilisation of Dai in future transactions.

If it's Decentralized does anyone audit their resources?
27  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Since DAI is backed by cryptocurrencies what happens if there is a mass sell off on: July 15, 2021, 05:00:14 PM
Sell off of DAI?

So like lets say bunch of people buy in mass sell their bitcoin for like 60,000 USD in DAI, bitcoin drops to 30k.
Everyone still has 60k of DAI, but if bitcoin is only worth 30k then how can they cover if everyone sells their DAI for us dollars? Huh
28  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Exiting altcoins at the correct time is the best thing you can do do with them. on: July 07, 2021, 09:51:20 AM
Since the price of an altcoin with a BTC dump decreases to 80-90%, it is necessary to use a stop loss. Otherwise, you will have to wait a very long time for the price of altcoins to recover after the dump. But even in the event of a market recovery, not all altcoins will return to their ATH, most of which will remain at the bottom.

Yeah, I'm hoping since I bought mostly alt coins that are somewhat well known, they will return to their all time highs. I'm also crossing my fingers for the day the world realizes Vechains real world utility as a huge time and money saver.
29  Economy / Exchanges / Re: What do bitcoin ATMs do with your phone number? on: July 07, 2021, 07:46:32 AM

The ATMs I've used haven't asked for my phone number. (There were shitcoins machines in Europe).

What country has no phone number bitcoin ATMs? Might mark that down to visit during my next big vacation.
30  Economy / Exchanges / Re: What do bitcoin ATMs do with your phone number? on: July 07, 2021, 07:45:38 AM
Are they legally required to ask for your number or do they want it for themselves?

Are there any free online numbers that will work?
There are two reasons:
1. They do this to verify who withdraws money
2. There is a law from the government that pushes them to verify you.

In any way, they have the right to ask you for this kind of KYC, especially when it comes to bitcoin wallet where they want to be sure that their service isn't for money launderers and in case something happens, they'll be able to provide all the necessary information from their side that's required by the government.

If you have withdrawn money via the contactless method (not by inserting your card in the ATM), you would be asked to enter the message from your phone (It's just an example of one case from personal experience).
So, it's pretty logical and if everything is okay, I don't see any problem in it.

If people want to money launder they could either buy a burner phone with cash, or just buy bitcoin, convert it to monero then send it somewhere to convert back to bitcoin, or send through a mixer and it's as clean as can be.
31  Economy / Exchanges / Re: What do bitcoin ATMs do with your phone number? on: July 07, 2021, 07:43:51 AM
I think that we should include a personal mobile number to register for a financial related platform, especially when the platform is registered in an area. The respective platforms need this to know if their users are real or not, thus preventing bots.

What bot exists out there that can walk up to an ATM, hold a phone and insert cash to buy jacked up cryptos?

32  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Who is selling? on: June 28, 2021, 08:37:02 PM
Like I get the markets move but is this big wallets, ancient wallets? Who is actually selling? Normie noobs who just got in the market and are spooked by comments?

I dream of the day when alt coins are not tied to the price of bitcoin. Uhg...

I also sometimes ask myself this question, who is actively selling cryptocurrency? Studying the crypto market, I realized that miners, holders and bots can sell a lot. As for the latter, it is already a practice when, in order to reduce the price of cryptocurrencies, large players launch trading bots that actively reduce the price of a particular cryptocurrency by selling it to themselves. Surprisingly, I would not have believed this before if I had not seen this process myself. So if you think that miners or holders are selling in case of a strong fall, then you are probably wrong, this is a trading bot that works to lower the price.

Wow that's crazy. Can you send me the link where we can view that?
Like so I get why they might want to lower the price to buy more, but does that mean they're doing the same to alts or are alts just held by weak hands?

Also, speaking of bots, I hear of these trading bots, they're supposed to take advantage of market fluctuations in the day, and sell some high and buy some back low and do it automatically. Where do people even buy bots like that? 
33  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / What are all the golden rules of bitcoin predicting? on: June 18, 2021, 02:00:17 PM
So. I heard recently from one of the few more level headed crypto youtubers. "Buy the hype, sell the news" or something. Basically she predicted the SNL doge crash. I wish I had watched that video before hand. But that's a new golden rule, buy, then before the news/expectation that it will pump sell.

 One thing I know is never sell at a loss? Maybe? Hold like your life depends on it.

Any other golden rules I should know about? I constantly hear about everyone making great gains but I never seem to be able to.
34  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Exiting altcoins at the correct time is the best thing you can do do with them. on: June 18, 2021, 01:24:11 PM

When you find it hard to find an exit point because you have doubts of where the market might go, just take profit and wait. Altcoins are good to sell when there is a bullrun and the more you should sell when the bear market is here. You should see that an altcoin worth $50 per coin during the bull run could turn $2 during the bear market. Thats how low it will be.

I fear this greatly. Some will crash 90% and never return to its all time high. I've put most of my altcoin eggs in VET, ADA, KSM, and some in Doge. I'm just hoping VET one day gets recognized for the value it has not as a currency but a marvel of digital engineering that will revolutionize the logistics and tracking industry, instead of it being tethered to the bitcoin price. Uhg. VET is more like a stock than any other crypto currency. ADA hoping on some Africa deal thing and hoping Elon tweets at least one final thing about Doge that pumps it again.

I foolishly listened to 90% of these "expert" youtubers all... universally claiming the bear market was just getting started, and we would have this supposed fantasy "alt-coin season" where alts keep climbing when bitcoin is done or even declining.

I thought it was a bit high to enter the market, me being a noob I just trusted everyone. I wish I got in last year, I didn't know where to get no KYC crypto via credit card. Turns out, oh you can't. But I heard people doing it. No, it was outdated info... So I found another less easy more pricy way... Not a lot of info is out there on that. So I got in too late. I knew bitcoin was way too high for the short time it pumped so I was expecting a pullback any moment but it kept going up, then sideways, so I figured well maybe I'm just in time for this mythical "alt coin" season. Uhg.

Lord Bogdanoff personally hates me in particular for some reason.
35  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How much power does Elon still have over the crypto markets? on: June 18, 2021, 01:14:51 PM
His power can be restored, just need a little time. Hopefully his tweet will be bullish next time.

I'm really hoping he tweets about doge again in a positive light. I just fear he has no more ability to pump markets, only to crash them. Seems like people were looking for any excuse to sell.
36  Economy / Exchanges / Re: What do bitcoin ATMs do with your phone number? on: June 17, 2021, 05:36:01 PM
You are legally required to give your actual information when performing AML/KYC. I believe when you submit these things you even have to check a box saying you declare it all to be truthful information. Give a fake phone number at your own risk.

If you don't want to do all these things why not buy online where kyc isn't required?

If you have a burner phone you paid cash for, good luck anyone tracking that. If you're really worried, just take the battery out when you're done using.

As for online, the whole getting gift cards to sell to someone seems like more of a hassle, and more expensive than/risky than a bitcoin ATM. Too bad I got in late enough to where there are no longer just online exchanges that dont ask KYC when actually buying. That was long ago.

But yeah as someone else mentioned. It's weird that it would even be a KYC requirement since there is no real way to verify who is buying what.
37  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Exiting altcoins at the correct time is the best thing you can do do with them. on: June 17, 2021, 05:08:38 PM
That's going to be my golden rule.

Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins.
I like the words that. I hope you do not sell your altcoin, instead of buying more if you have money because the altcoin will be back to the high price someday. When the bitcoin price increase, that will the time for the altcoin to increase. But this time, we need to have more patients wait for the next bull that will come. So if you can trade your altcoin and profit in bitcoin, you should hold tight to your bitcoin and not sell before the price increases. We have more times to see bitcoin and altcoin increase so waiting for a while will be necessary.

Yeah, when I get more money I'm gonna buy more bitcoin on this dip as much as I can. One day whenever my alts make double gains I'll convert half.
38  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Who is selling? on: June 17, 2021, 05:03:09 PM
What exactly you supposed to mean?
Are you asking if the exchanges are big wallets or ancient wallets?


I dream of the day when alt coins are not tied to the price of bitcoin. Uhg...

And that's probably the day 99.9% of them die.

Really how come? Ones like Vechain have real world use! They should be priced in dollars or Yuan or whatever. Like stocks.

Imagine if all stocks were tied to the price of Apple stock just because Apple is the largest? So when Apple moved up or down, the rest of the market follows in a similar manner, even though many stocks have no relation to Apple?

I do acknowledge most altcoins are shit coins but that doesn't mean they all are. People who think that probably haven't actually looked at Vechains fundamentals. I think it's the most undervalued coin out there. When it takes off and people realize how useful it's gonna be, it should blast off one day.... hopefully. Long as China makes them an exemption to their crypto ban.
39  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How much power does Elon still have over the crypto markets? on: June 17, 2021, 04:48:56 PM
Just because he says some negative or positive stuff, why do people react so much?

Whatever the reasons, are people done listening to him now or what?

I remember when he first tweeted anything about crypto it was doge. He just had a simple rocket with doge on the shuttle and posted that.

SOmehow.... this made doge go from less than a cent all the way up to 7 cents! Wtf kind of power is that?

Then he did some more doge tweets making it go as high as 70 cents.

But then with just one simple tweet, he dumped the bitcoin price. HOW!?

But yeah, has he numbed peoples nerves enough yet or what? It seems like it considering his last positive tweets haven't done much to bump the price up. What gives? Is his power done with or is it just easier to crash a market instead of pump it?
40  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Exiting altcoins at the correct time is the best thing you can do do with them. on: June 11, 2021, 05:34:41 PM
This is assuming you bought it early before a price pump. There is no good news if you bought high.

However, considering it's almost confirmed that we're going into at least, a mini bear market. Altcoins are going to suffer the hardest. Many alt coins are never going to go back to their all time high. I doubled my money gambling hyped up alts and the "nFt" scam... Nooblet me mistakenly thought the buy and hold strategy applied to alts. Worst mistake of my life.

I thought I was being "safe" by not taking profits. I should have sold half or more on all those coins I gained on. Now most of them, crashed down to below what I even paid for them. I could have done really well but there needs to be a golden rule that you hold bitcoin and trade alt coins.

That's going to be my golden rule.

Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins. Hold Bitcoin, trade Altcoins.

^ I'm going to hand write this over and over 100 times on a piece of paper like I'm back in elementary school getting punished.

I'm gonna hold every alt that has a loss. I still think it's better to hold at a loss for the hope a pump happens again. If I can break even I'll trade it back to bitcoin.

I only remained profitable with Doge (surprisingly and only due to unintentional luck) and Eth, and KSM barely.. Every other altcoin so far has been a loss. I guess it made sense at the time. I think I might be at an even higher loss if I bought bitcoin at 55 to 60k vs alts that were pumping up. However, at least with bitcoin, at very least... with bitcoin, even if you bought high, you can hodl, and you are almost guaranteed that it will one day smash through it's all time high. Countries are going to flock to bitcoin, not alt coins. Bitcoin might recover from this dip or mini bear market and continue to smash through all time highs. alt coins? Maybe. Probably not.

With alts. I've been looking at the history of most of them and well guess what. Most of them never touch their all time high in the next bull runs. Some go even higher, most dont. And many drop out never to be heard again. I knew the risks but being dumb, poor, and most importantly, super late to the game, I knew there was no way I could ever get to the amount of bitcoin I wanted to be at. Some alts were still kinda low and I heard you can get percentage gains more than bitcoin. My idea was to ride pumps on altcoins, then eventually trade profits into bitcoin, but I didn't know when to get out.

I think the golden rule of alt trading for me will also be. As soon as your money doubles, sell half, that way you're guaranteed to have not lost any money. I was hoping to ride up just a little longer. I heard of people getting 3x 10x sometimes 100x. I let emotion get in the way. I started smoking just a little hopium, then got hooked, next thing you know I was a crypto hopium addict. Now I'm living in the digital streets having spent all my hard earned money on this hopium crap. Felt good till the crash. Now I'm in the gutters begging the crypto gods for the next fix. Just one more pump plz...

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