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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: Today at 04:05:24 AM
Manchester City vs Beneft was an interesting game between the two teams and Manchester City luckily won by 0-1. The game was really exciting with Beneft attacking strongly but they couldn't keep the ball in Manchester City's net which could not equalize the match. Although the game was played at Manchester City's home ground, it was a great battle between the two teams from start to finish but Erling Haaland's goal in the 71st minute gave Manchester City the win and managed to collect the points. However, since Manchester City organized the match brilliantly, they occupy the second position in the points table and they have 56 points. At the moment, they would have 56 points and Liverpool's 57 points at the top of the points table. Of course, the competition between Manchester City and Liverpool will continue.
Brentford managed to make Manchester City difficult in the first half with various attempts to score goals, but ended in failure. The competitive resistance provided by Brentford made Manchester City deadlocked until the first half ended with the score tied at 0-0. This match was very exciting, I never expected Brentford to give a different feel to this game. Manchester City really needs a win after previously only being able to get one point, three points are very important for Manchester City in order to close the gap with Liverpool.
After Manchester City succeeded in sticking with Liverpool by one point, the competition for the EPL trophy became even more exciting, Arsenal, who is in third place, also still has the opportunity to climb to the top of the standings.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: Today at 03:30:39 AM

Congratulations on making such an excellent decision in his career at a time when it is still possible for him to leave the club and join another. By joining Real Madrid, their seven-year pursuit of the player has come to an end. You'll realise that Mbappe is the one who wants to join Real Madrid right now, not the other way around. He had to take a pay cut in his new signing just to play for Real Madrid, and he is still the club's highest paid player.

Mbappe has made the best decision for his future, his career so far has been very good, he has always been considered the best striker and deserves what he has never won so far. Signing a contract with Real Madrid until 2029 could give him the opportunity to win a much more prestigious title than he ever won with PSG. According to news circulating, he will wear the number 10 jersey that Modric has been wearing.
Real Madrid's efforts to bring in Mbappe were finally successful, they had to wait a very long time to make an official announcement regarding their success in bringing in one of the most wanted so far.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: Today at 03:19:33 AM
Both teams implemented a different strategy, Inter Milan played with repeated attacks because they are targeting victory at home while Atletico Madrid applied a defensive game and hoped that the match ended in a draw unfortunately Atletico Madrid's defense managed to break in the 80th minute and Inter Milan locked the victory.
It's not unusual to find Atletico Madrid defending in a game where they aren't sure of victory, especially when they are playing a better and in form side like Inter Milan. Worst still in this encounter, Inter is playing from a home side. Simeone would always try to defend and not conceive with hopes that, by some chance they night catch Inter Milan on a counter attack and get something out of it but, how well does this strategy works, you eventually get pressured to conceive. When your not taking the game to them and your defense is constantly been tested, they are sure to find the break at some point and get a winning goal.
AC Milan needs to be more attacking, they've got a squad that give them that attacking power.
As previously thought, Inter would take advantage of the home match to win in the first leg. Marko Arnautovic goal gave Inter Milan a 1-0 victory over Atletico Madrid, this result is certainly an important asset for Inter heading into the quarter-finals. Atletico were not able to do much in this match, Inter managed to lock them up with a very brilliant game. Inter's appearance this season is more competitive after reaching the Champions League Final last season. A performance like this is an important asset for Inter to win the UCL title, it is very realistic to be able to reach the final round again if they are able to maintain their performance.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: This is my plan. on: Today at 02:58:46 AM
Now everything is so easy for you to invest in Bitcoin while increasing the investment amount every month, the salary you get from work in real life can be allocated to several parts including investing $50 regularly every month. Once accepted into the signature Bitcoin payment campaign, nothing can stop you from investing in Bitcoin, you can do it easily on a regular basis. Your future plans can be made easily, weekly payment from the signature campaign can be saved immediately and you can increase the investment amount from the salary you get every month.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How safe is it letting the bank know that you are a BTC Investor? on: Today at 02:22:33 AM
The first question that banks often ask when a transaction value exceeds the bank account capacity is "what do you do for a living?" This question is very realistic and usually they ask for transaction data as a condition to strengthen your argument. Funds stored in bank accounts are not completely safe, especially when cases like yours are handled by greedy bank officers.

But don't worry, friend, all your personal data will be safe and the bank will not target you outside of working hours. You are not the only person involved in large transactions at the bank, as long as there are very few cases of loss of account balance and the safety of people making large transactions at the bank is still maintained, you will be safe and far from danger. Next time try making regular withdrawals at different times and days, this method will prevent suspicion in every transaction you make.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling and Behavioral Change!!! on: February 20, 2024, 03:27:31 PM
Does any of feel behavioral change in you based on the win/loss in gambling. Myself had experienced it, and personally I used to be happy and I used to be polite with my family members and kid whenever I am on profit. On the day of losing it changes exactly in the opposite way, even for simple things I get much anger. Particularly while giving food to kid patience is must. On winning days I let him take his own time and eat. On the losing days I used to shout at him. I'm addicted, and I want fellow gamblers to make a self analysis at regular interval and be on the safer side.
Your level of patience is very unstable because what you have in mind when gambling is how to make money and win the game, especially when gambling has cost you a lot of money and debts have piled up. It's not surprising to me why it is so difficult for you to control your emotions, the personality that you shouldn't show when gathering with your family or children due to not being able to control your emotions when luck is not on your side.
Try to be a more responsible gambler, you should not bring your gambling habits home, you should always be sweet and gentle with your children even if you have just lost a bet.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is your state on mind if your son stole your money to gamble? on: February 20, 2024, 03:07:16 PM

It is not surprising that if a child sees that they do not like him and do not give him time, then he chooses a crooked path in life that will not lead to anything good.
Supervision and education at home really help improve a child's discipline and honesty, but parents also need to supervise their children when they are outside the home. Teenagers are still very unstable in their thinking, they don't have much experience in considering their actions, all they think about is momentary pleasure without caring about the consequences afterwards.

The level of parental activity in educating children is not only at home, parents must also know who they are friends with when they are outside the home. Promiscuity can also make him choose a crooked path due to pressure or because of prestige with his friends.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: February 20, 2024, 08:40:37 AM
Yep. Bayern Munich seems no longer as a strong team both in Bundesliga and in UCL. The role of the coach is very important, Tuchel makes Bayern Munich played under performance. When Tuchel came to Bayern Munich, people expect much that he can improve the performance of Bayern Munich. But he failed to beat the domination of Leverkusen in Bundesliga this season.

In UCL, it is very clear that there are too many big teams in this competition. Man City, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Arsenal become tough opponents for Bayern Munich. If Tuchel failed to improve the performance of Bayern Munich, they are likely to defeat by those teams.

I predict that Bayern Munich won't reach the final round if there is no change in their performance. Sure, if Bayern Munich fails to win the UCL trophy, Tuchel may be fired after the season is over. Bayern management must expect to get the best in this competition, it won't be acceptable for the failure. Bayern Munich deserves to hire a better coach.
Bayern Munich decline in performance was caused by the actions of club officials who made a panic decision when replacing Julian Nagelsmann with Tuchel. Statistically, Julian Nagelsmann is better than Tuchel, he is still very worthy of being kept at least until the end of this season. I think Munich is facing karma due to the very sudden dismissal of Nagelsmann, Tuchel, who was expected to be able to bring Munich success in local and European competitions, actually did not meet expectations.

Now it is starting to be doubtful that Munich will be able to maintain their dominance in the Bundesliga and their progress is also starting to hit a wall after losing in the first leg to Lazio. I also predict the same thing, if Munich fails in the UCL and Bundesliga, Tuchel will be out of a job sooner than expected.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: Not easy times in the world but how the goverment will improve? on: February 20, 2024, 08:06:45 AM
Solving problems in a country is not as easy as saying nice words when running for president or head of state. It takes time, energy and thought to solve problem after problem which is still hampering people's lives. Economic problems are at the heart of all the problems that occur, the government must intervene by positioning itself as a parent for the entire community whose level of life is still lacking in economic terms.

The government must create conditions for solving problems without increasing problems. The impact of printing money in excess of market needs can cause very high inflation. Preventing the level of poverty and economic difficulties experienced by the wider community must be done by opening up large employment opportunities and utilizing all land to produce food to help improve the farmer's economy.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: February 19, 2024, 04:12:25 PM
Real Madrid failed to beat Rayo Vallecano yesterday to extend their perfect lead against Girona at the top of the La Liga table. I know Girona players will be happy with Real Madrid's result last night because they will have a chance to close the gap between them and Real Madrid to 3 points if they can win against Athletic Bilbao today.
Rayo vallecano did played so brilliantly yesterday and I must say Madrid not been able to beat them was actually resulting from their performance which was u deniable good and deserving of the Outcome of the results they got at the end of the game, Madrid had a red card an thst was also an advantage for vallencano.

Real Madrid will still lead even if Girona gets happy at the results of yesterdays game they may not still be able to get ahead of Madrid but then will only ha e the advantage to still maintain their position while closing the gap between them and Madrid but then Madrid is very likely to win the league title this season without any form of prejudice because they will make sure they don't ha e this happening again in their next game after having this already happened in this their previous game already.
Real Madrid draw at Rayo Vallecano headquarters was a bit disappointing because they failed to widen the gap with Girona. Rayo Vallecano performed unexpectedly when they hosted Real Madrid, they who have performed poorly in La Liga for the last five matches were able to force Real Madrid to a draw. This result is a positive step for Real Madrid in the next match. They must always perform optimally by taking advantage of every opportunity.

Real Madrid started the match very well, they managed to control the match, their weakness in this match was not being able to take advantage of opportunities to score goals. Real Madrid is still the team at the forefront in the race for the title, even though Girona is trying to shift Real Madrid position in first place, Real Madrid quality is still able to keep its position safe from Girona's interference.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: February 19, 2024, 09:32:20 AM
It was a truly surprising defeat. I also bet on Munich winning last night. I think very few people are betting on Bochum winning. In fact it seems almost non-existent. The results of this match were truly beyond expectations. Munich actually dominated the match with 10 shots on target and 70% ball possession. This result is very profitable for Leverkusen because the difference of 8 points means that Leverkusen must suffer 3 defeats where Munich won all the matches to shift Leverkusen. It looks like Leverkusen is the second team this season to have locked up the title after previously Inter Milan had locked it up first.
The defeat experienced at Bochum headquarters was very unfair for Bayern Munich and also for those who bet on Bayern Munich winning. On paper, Bayern Munich could easily beat Bochum with the quality of the players in their squad, but the final result was very different from what was predicted before the match started.
This defeat completes the suffering of Bayern Munich, who suffered a crushing defeat to Bayer Leverkusen, losing six points in two consecutive matches making Bayern Munich even further behind Bayer Leverkusen who is at the top of the Bundesliga standings. Bochum effective play which forced Bayern Munich to go home empty handed greatly benefited Bayer Leverkusen, now Leverkusen is increasingly secure in first position because it is eight points adrift of its rivals.
12  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: [HELP]Bantuan untuk menaikkan Rank (Newbie s.d Hero) V.2 [UPDATE] on: February 19, 2024, 09:13:17 AM
Kita hanya bisa mengingatkan kebaikan pada seluruh member yang ingin mengajukan posting di sini untuk di Review, semua aturan sudah tertera di halaman utama topik termasuk format pengajuan. Agan MegameSama sepertinya tidak mengikuti update yang dilakukan Op tentang format pengajuan, format yang digunakan agan MegameSama tidak salah kerena pernah diterapkan sebelumnya, tetapi berdasarkan update yang dilakukan Op, seharusnya dia menggunakan format pengajuan yang umum digunakan member lain.

Kita tunggu saja bagaimana tanggapan Op tentang pengajuan dari agan MegameSama karena This is a self-moderated topic, jika dia tidak segera mengedit pengajuannya dengan format yang diterapkan Op di halaman depan topik ini, mungkin Op akan mengambil tindakan sesuai dengan aturan yang ada.

13  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: BAGAIMANA NASIBMU JIKA FORUM BITCOINTALK TIDAK ADA ⁉️ on: February 19, 2024, 09:00:18 AM
Ya jangan berpasrah diri Gan jika forum ini tidak ada, kesempatan untuk sukses pun masih akan tetap ada terbuka lebar gan, semisalnya sebelumnya forum ini terbentuk banyak koq orang mencapai suksesnya. Ini  tergantung bagaimana dari diri kita sendiri malas atau tidak nya dalam mengejar suatu impian di masa depan. 
Saya masih percaya dengan ungkapan "banyak jalan menuju Roma" Pepatah ini mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi di telinga para member SFI. Jika forum ini tidak ada masih ada pekerjaan lain untuk mencapai hasil akhir yang sama, saat ini kita mungkin merasa beruntung bisa mendapat penghasilan tambahan dari forum BTT, tetapi metode yang sama mungkin tidak berlaku atau belum tentu cocok dengan orang lain.

kita hanya mencoba mengeksplorasi diri dengan berbagai cara menemukan strategi yang tepat untuk mencari penghasilan tambahan, saat ini bagi saya pekerjaan forum sebagai pekerjaan sampingan terbaik yang sangat mudah diselesaikan target harian atau mingguan karena sangat efektif dan efisien. Namun perlu diingat, perjalanan mencari pendapatan tambahan di forum tidak selalu mulus, terkadang kita akan menemui hambatan yang membuat perjalanan dalam mengumpulkan pendapatan tambahan tidak selancar yang diperkirakan.

Saya sendiri tidak tahu bagaimana nasib saya jika forum ini tidak ada, namun saya selalu percaya bahwa masih ada banyak harapan yang terbuka lebar di luar forum.
14  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: [INFO] Signature Campaign [Hanya Pembayaran Bitcoin]| Ter-Update !!! on: February 19, 2024, 08:32:09 AM
Tambah satu lagi om, salah satu Campaign yang yang dikelola Little Mouse juga sedang Open [OPEN] Signature Campaign | The First WEB3 Casino | Sr Member+ .
Sesuai pengumumannya di Thread kampanye, ada empat slot yang kosong di kampanye tersebut dengan rincian 3x Hero dan 1x Sr. Member.

We have 3x Hero and 1x Sr member slot open.

Peserta yang terpilih mengisi slot yang kosong akan dibayar sebagai berikut.
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Hero Member- $75
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Boleh dicoba buat member SFI yang belum bergabung dengan kampanye apapun mungkin anda yang akan terpilih menjadi peserta disana.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Why it's wrong to save vital information on your phone. on: February 18, 2024, 04:05:44 PM
Phones are not a safe place to store all important information, there are many reasons that can harm someone who stores important information on them. A cellphone does not guarantee 100% that all your secrets will be safe, you never know the evil intentions of a friend for borrowing a cellphone for certain things, he can easily steal all your personal information including the Seed Phrase stored in it.
Being trapped in a Phishing link also threatens the safety of your assets, now many scammers are trying to spread Phishing links to find their victims. You never know when that will happen, so you need to anticipate it as a form of prevention by choosing a safe place to store all personal secrets related to your login password or Seed Phrase.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: What significant impact is expected of new members of the forum? on: February 18, 2024, 03:48:29 PM
The first thing a Newbie must do when on the Bitcointalk forum is to read all the forum rules and then avoid all the restrictions. You don't need to burden yourself with all the means to contribute to the forum, when you already understand the ins and outs of the forum with all the knowledge you have learned, start contributing to the forum slowly. Now focus on something that can increase your knowledge while you are here, there is a lot of knowledge spread here, you just need to encourage yourself to become a member who is ready to learn to make your future journey easier.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: February 18, 2024, 03:32:56 PM
Arsenal played a wonderful football against another struggling promoted side Burnley and it ended 0-5 which made some of not all the Burnley fans to leave the stadium before the end of the game.
Sake scored 2 goals in that encounter and it was a very easy and interesting game for Arsenal players too but with the way Saka has been playing, started his football career with the Gunners and he scored so many goals and assist. It got me wondering if Saka is a world class player or an upcoming world class player (if there's something like that) from how he has been playing I don't know if I can see him among world class player, is he?
Arsenal played against Burnley by 0-5 goals but this was not very hard challenge for Arsenal to win this match with a huge margin of goals like this. Burnley very wicker team and they lost their must of the match and some match are draw. and Burnley now in 19th position on the point table out of 20 teams. Arsenal got 3 point by winning this match but this match is should not be a motivation for them. Arsenal should keep focus on the next match for winning and overtake the Liverpool on the point table and achieve the first position
Arsenal are still in a very advantageous position after winning their last match, they can still close the two-point gap with Liverpool as long as they are able to maintain their performance and at the same time hope Liverpool lose one match. This defeat made Burnley sink further down the standings, they are still having difficulty getting out of the Relegation Zone due to not being able to provide competition in the EPL. Burnley was only able to collect 13 points from 25 games, they are 7 points behind Luton Town who are ranked 17th as the last remaining position in the EPL. Luton Town still has the potential to increase the gap with Burnley because they have only played 23 games.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: February 18, 2024, 03:19:41 PM
Juventus hasn't been doing well in recent weeks, it feels like they are back to their early season settings where they really forgot to find the rhythm of the game in facing their opponents to get points, in fact I don't really dare to place my bet on Juventus because I saw from Juventus' last few matches when playing against Inter Milan it felt like they no longer had the passion to win the match or looked like they were out of the race for the Serie A title, I also experienced the same thing as you in betting when Juventus hosted Empoli in my mind Juventus would win, overall. Juventus played at home but the score ended in a draw which made my bet disappear, and that has become a risk in betting so let's just assume this is hot money and return to the hot game..
The draw achieved at Juventus home to Hellas Verona further widened his record of not winning. This draw saw Juventus go four matches without a single win, they were only able to draw 1-1 vs Empoli, then experienced consecutive defeats against Inter Milan and Udinese, then drew 2-2 with Verona. Losing points in the last four matches has made Juventus even further behind Inter, the hunt for the Scudetto is increasingly difficult for Juventus after being 9 points behind Inter.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: February 18, 2024, 02:26:23 PM
Real Madrid took the lead at the beginning of the match with Joselu, but Rayo Vallecano won a penalty. It was a penalty because Camavinga intercepted the ball going to the goal with his hand. Raul de Tomas converted the penalty into a goal. There are both goals in the match and those who play with more than 1.5 goals have already won. Those who play for more than 2.5 goals also will win because this match won't end 1-1. Rayo Vallecano doesn't seem to have a striker who can score goals, but maybe they can get an opportunity when Real Madrid is making defensive deficits to win the match. I still believe Real Madrid will score and win the game.

At the end of the first half, the match was tied at 1-1. Rayo Vallecano players are performing better than we expected. On the other hand, in the first half, Real Madrid played somewhat defensively. They don't attack much. Important players like Mndy, Bellingham, Rudiger and Alaba are absent from the match due to injuries. On the other hand, Ancelotti has changed the formation of Madrid in today's match. In the previous matches, Madrid played in a 4-3-1-2 formation. But in today's match, Madrid is playing in 4-2-31 formation. We haven't seen better first half performances from Vini, Modric and Diaz.
Rayo Vallecano managed to make Real Madrid difficult in the first half. The team that leads the La Liga standings this season was only able to score one goal at the start of the first half, after which Rayo Vallecano appeared dominant by maintaining their defense very well. Ancelotti still seems very satisfied with the line up that was arranged in the first half, the match has been going on until the minute 63 without any substitutions made by Ancelotti. There is still a chance for Real Madrid to take home three points from Rayo Vallecano headquarters, it looks like Ancelotti has to change his strategy so he can dismantle the defense in order to win this match.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: February 17, 2024, 03:11:07 PM

A distance of 5 points from Manchester City makes Liverpool temporarily at the top of the standings, but Manchester City still has 2 matches yet to be played, and tonight Manchester City will play Chelsea, if they win the match against Chelsea they will only be 2 points from Liverpool with 1 Postpone match
Manchester City has experience in previous seasons in chasing the top of the standings and in the end Manchester City was able to catch up and become champions.
but I'm sure Liverpool don't want to fail again this season, they want to give Klopp a farewell gift by giving him the EFL title,
and in the match against Brentford with a 1 goal lead in the first half and ball possession above 60%, it is very likely that in the second half Liverpool could add a goal, especially with the introduction of Moh Salah, Salah could have scored a goal. goal in the second half
After winning at Brentford headquarters, Liverpool managed to widen the gap with Manchester City to five points. This victory is very important for Liverpool who are trying to maintain their position. Even though Manchester City has the opportunity to collect more points than Liverpool, but they have not played the remaining two matches, any result is still possible as long as the match is not finished.

Liverpool are very aware of the threat from Manchester City, they will continue to try to collect maximum points in the matches played in order to achieve their target when the season ends. There are still many games to be played until the end of the season, position changes will still occur depending on the results achieved. Klopp doesn't want his team to be runners up at the end of the season, he will try to make his team continue to put pressure on Manchester City in defending the title.
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