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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: 26 BTC Stolen on: December 31, 2022, 07:58:58 AM
The major issue I have here is that I received a screenshot of the BitcoinTalk message I had sent to minerjones which is how I had confirmed that it was the same user from here.

Currently it appears the position being taken is that the telegram account was a scam. This leads me to believe that either his account on BitcoinTalk or BitcoinTalk itself is compromised.

I would like to see this BitcoinTalk message that you received. (Meaning a screen shot, not simply a copy and paste). The only message posted by "minerjones" is that you're dealing with a scammer.  I am most interested in the actual name used on that message since there are many fake "minerjones" variations.    i.e. with a basic search....
minerjones `
minerjones .
minerjones -

2  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [FREE RAFFLE] 497th- ฿ECAUSE I AM STILL IN A GOOD MOOD-CYPHER HODL POSTER 12x18 on: December 26, 2022, 10:44:43 PM
2 - M1
3  Economy / Marketplace / VoltageGoat Tickers (Voltage Goat) - Not working. Update information. Yada yada on: December 22, 2022, 08:30:10 AM
Hey Peepz:

All of the Live Stream tickers went down on 22/12/02 in the United States and a couple other countries.
The issue was caused when Binance changed the stream (for the first time ever (that I know of)). Their change log says they added a stream, but in fact killed the stream without notice and started a new one.

We discovered this before being contacted by any users since our tickers at home went offline.
The fix only took seconds; however, code must be recompiled for all of our devices.  The real issue is how to notify and update everyone.
We sent out emails to all the contacts that purchased directly from us; however, it appears we didn't have all emails (like those tickers given away as gifts or spam filters ate it, etc.

Please read the details and instructions at.... Update Information /   

It's a live document, so I may make changes in order to better explain instructions.

Ultimately, we put out a poll years ago requesting thoughts on if self-updating was an issue. Overwhelmingly, we were told that a call home feature was NOT wanted.  And now, everyone is for it.  So, the firmware updates listed have the update to the new stream and the ability to take on self-updates when they're available.  Please note that it doesn't matter if you bought something this year or five years ago. We still support everthing.

Also note that there is likely several items at the bottom of the above document that you may not have seen.
And, if you want the update without a call home, I can make that available as well; however, we will not longer support them since it IS a big hassle with one-on-one emails each time there is an update.

Lastly, again, this is NOT for tickers that update once every few minutes as they reach out to coinbase (if memory serves me correctly).  That said, you can use the firmware to update any device to live stream.  Not suggested since I haven't done extensive testing.

Oh, and there is going to be new updates which I am sure people will love.  Namely using a browser to go to the IP address of the ticker on the network to see live streamed prices for a select few cryptos and certain settings.

Please contact me directly with any questions or suggestions. (Not via Bitcointalk since I rarely login.)
Support .at.  Voltage Goat [dot] com   (Obviously one word).

4  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [BEAR MARKET BLUES FREE RAFFLE] [MYBITS BARS] [BLOCK 764,000] on: November 20, 2022, 07:40:54 PM
Where will the silver coins be listed for sale?
5  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [BEAR MARKET BLUES FREE RAFFLE] [MYBITS BARS] on: November 18, 2022, 07:24:05 PM
#55 - Michail1   
6  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: October 05, 2022, 03:59:08 AM
In response to the whack-a-do ....

>  your coin was redeemed prior to when you bouggt it

No, it wasn't. It was never funded. It was never peeled, it was a perfectly fine 2FA coin that was simply never funded. Tim was taking bitcoin and sending out unfunded tokens, and then denying redemption to anyone who couldn't give the email and 2FA code "password".

The reason it was never funded was because the person that bought it claimed he didn't receive it.  It's possible he was hoping funded coins were being sent out and that he could score an additional coin or he simply received it after the replacement set was sent.  You were buying redeemed and unfunded coins (unfunded since the claim was that it wasn't received) likely in hopes to score a free bitcoin from Titan.  I can only speculate.  Titan agreed to work with the police in helping you get your money back from the person he sold the coin to, but you declined - instead, you made claims that Titan should pay you instead of going legally after the seller in your case.  You declined and later admitted that you didn't remember who you bought it from.

ALL coins sold by titan were unfunded until the buyer emailed in with the code included in the package in order to KNOW that the buyer received them.  2FA was not a special case.  All PK coins were also sent unfunded as well until the buyer contacted them with the number included.

That was the early stage of his scam. If you all had listened to me back then you might have had a chance at getting your money back. Now he's gone and I highly doubt he's coming back with hundreds of thousands of dollars for you all, without the FBI putting him in handcuffs, and even then I'm guessing he has spent all the money. He is likely on the run, maybe chilling with friends he paid off from the swept coins, like maybe Michail1 up in Iceland.

Now all you have is insane trolls / accomplices like Michail1 who show up to harass you and leave negative feedback for the victims who dare to speak up.

Your claim is that you were the only person to be scammed and Tim waited 5 years to then scam others?  Laughable.  Strange scam to only get you and then wait five years to get others.   Hundreds of thousands of dollars?  Where do you keep coming up with these random numbers?  At least now you admit that you're 'guessing'.   On the run?  Still guessing.   Guessing I am in Iceland now?  (You found me.)  You really should think before you type.   Harass you?  I haven't messaged you once and haven't been a part of this or any other thread for five years until you brought my name up again.  I haven't left a single negative for a single victim as you are not a victim of Titan.

> he did not even validate whether the address for the coin was still funded or not.

There was no way to know that my coin was even a 2FA coin, and Tim had never published proof of the addresses and funding of ANY of the coins, so this literally makes no sense. Nobody has ever verified that any of the tokens was funded at all, except the lucky PK token holders who were able to redeem their coins.

The COA 'clearly' states if it is 2FA or PK.   Hand written at the beginning and later coins stamped.  The proof of funding is when you check any blockchain explorer - It's easy, just copy/paste the public address in and press enter.  Do you have the COA?  Also, the email sent out with the confirmation of the order stated if it was 2FA or PK.
Claiming that 'Nobody has ever verified...' is simply false as well.  If nobody ever verified (other than being their own fault), it was clearly possible for many years to check the website and get the address and check.  Many people have redeemed them, and when the website went down, even Tim was helping people redeem those coins for awhile until he stopped responding.   Don't claim that Nobody has check as many have checked and redeemed coins.

> What police report? Provide the report number and jurisdiction - people could join it if itís legitimate

Yeah, I'm not doxxing myself. You can contact the FBI. They know about Tim Fillmore. You can easily join the case as a victim claimant, by contacting them.

So, you still don't provide a police report number or the detectives information, but instead, now claim the FBI need to be contacted as a claimant without a case number or anything.  Yeah, I can see how that would go.... "ring ring." answer.  "Hello, I was to be a claimant on an unknown case.  Yeah, ummm, Todamont told me to call you to be added."

Why don't you provide at least one verifiable point to give your issue a shred of merit?

There is no address that ever belonged to my coin. When I looked up the 2FA code on Tim's site, it came up as "not yet funded". Then Tim refused to pay me until I went to the police. Then he offered to "pay me off", which I didn't accept.

As I have mentioned before, the only reason I have brought up Michail1 is because he is still trolling the victims, and harming them with negative trust ratings. He's the only known accomplice at this point. People are stalking Tim Fillmore's poor parents, and I'm just trying to point out a more likely avenue for a realistic recovery or more info: the people who have supported Tim all this time, and are still here doing it.

You never went to the police.  Tim never offered to pay you off.

I never trolled and haven't been a part of this thread or the other in nearly 7 years, until you brought up my name as being Tim.  I supported Tim against your claim since your issue is with the seller of the coin you claim to have purchased in good faith, but it was pointed out that you were knowingly specifically buying redeemed and unfunded coins.  You yourself admitted that you don't know who you bought it from.  I haven't trolled any victim of Titan (of which you are not part of), and I have not left any of them negative trust.  The only other negative trust I left regarding Titan was to YOUR alt.

Sorry all, I think I am done with this whack job.  It's simply a waste of my time and everyone elses.  I'm sure he'll continue to sling accusations though.
 PS. I am not in Iceland and never been.
7  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: October 05, 2022, 12:08:04 AM
Who is out 20 btc?

Side question - I have heard that 2fa coin buyers still were provided an address for the coin - I have heard they did not - which is correct?

20btc?  Just another number/total dreamed up.

As for the side question - Both are true.
Look at post #185

In the beginning, it was some internal generated number.  So, you didn't actually know the address from the coin itself; however, emails sent after the purchase included the serial number, coin identifier, and the public address.  You would have had to check the website or had the coin graded in which they would put the pub address first bits on the slab details.

Later, the code on the coin was actually the first bits.
8  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: October 04, 2022, 09:13:11 PM
It's crazy that Michail1 still dares to show his face and troll in this thread, even after being flagged as an accomplice to this scam, in the midst of people losing all their money, he's still here to rub salt in the wound and intentionally harm the victims with negative trust ratings.

What an insane scammer Michail1 is. I think he enjoys watching all of you guys losing your money and trolling about it, because he got a big cut of the swept coins.

I tried to warn you guys back in 2016, but insane scammer trolls like Michail1 were there to back up the scammer, Tim Fillmore and argue and leave negative trust ratings for me. He's been here for six years trolling victims of this scam. I still suspect Michail1 is an alt of Tim Fillmore, or a personal friend of Tim. Track down Michail1 and you just might find Tim Fillmore too, who knows.

Other than you being a complete whack job there is the fact you have yet to reply to a single one of the questions brought up to you....

- You can't buy redeemed/unfunded coins from third parties and expect the manufacturer to re-fund them for you. 
--You knowing bought redeemed coins which you claimed you can't remember from who.
- You claim the coins have been swept.  Also false.  Show a single instance (other than people redeeming their own).
- You claim to have a police report, but you don't provide details for anyone to be able to link in order to get traction.
- You claim you have a detective on the case, but you don't provide a phone number, or in the very least, a name.
- You abuse the rating system by leaving negative return ratings, and multiples at that.
-- Also, you demand removal of the negative rating against you in which you would remove your negative rating.
- You keep calling my name up to the thread which I had long since forgotten about until you brought me back into this.
- You keep making up numbers for dollar amounts lost with wide ranges up into the millions.
- You say I am flagged as a scammer (which you made up like many other things) without a single person claiming I have scammed them in all these years on anything.
- You claim I am here rubbing salt into wounds - Not sure where you came up with this other than your own head.

Many people know who I am and I have met many people as well.  My information is public and I have been Doxed many times.  You're just to incompetent to figure that out, because you spend most of your time dreaming things up and slinging accusations.

Again, you're simply a whack job, and I believe others have already determined this as well.  If anything, you're the troll in this thread distracting from people with the legitimate concern of not being able to redeem their 2FA coins.
9  Economy / Collectibles / Re: FREE RAFFLE - Stickers - 3 prizes & 3 winners on: September 21, 2022, 08:40:30 PM
22 - M1
10  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 16, 2022, 07:07:40 AM

How do I verify my .1 loaded Titans ?

If your coin is 2FA and you never got the first bits, then you currently have no chance at finding out since you don't know the public address.
If your coin is 2FA and you know the address and/or first bits, you can check the balance on any blockchain explorer.
If the coin was graded, they have been known to put the first bits on the slab so you can check it.
In any of those 3, you still can't currently redeem them.

There are different issued coins.  In the beginning, the code on the coin and certificate in no way references the address.
.1 (Tenth) coins in the beginning were the method that didn't have a code referencing the address.
Serial #   Coin_ID   Bitcoin Address   URL   
6              ZK565hkn  1MAnr5gRn5MTNqn6nTShvjpFUytNSH7S1Y
7              v2vV5Tu1   1BdVJYmLvmB83aq78wVP7b6qK4TgLwTAAs   .

The only way to know the address was if you checked previously or had it graded where they put it on the slab.

Then, series 2 coins came out and they started using first bits.  Example...
Serial #   Coin_ID   Bitcoin Address   URL
1              1FBBydqQ  1FBBydqQZTcstttt7EV4f95GNd2LpRYFe6
2              146d2Nrq   146d2NrqBRQyrTkzg7DaVUnTYxsnL4UVwa

Good luck.
11  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 13, 2022, 05:32:46 AM
Mikhail is an insane troll who has even left negative reviews for casascius, one of the most respected groups in the industry.

How foolish you are. I left a negative rating for "casascius `"   not casascius 
There is a difference.
12  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 09, 2022, 05:39:12 PM
> a trusted member here, who many have dealt with over the years without a hitch.

that "trusted member" went literally insane on me accused me of being the scammer, when I was an innocent victim. Who is this guy. JUST SOME RANDO not even party to the transaction!!! Now people are out millions of dollars. If they had listened to me and cashed out or "redeemed" their tokens in 2016 then their risk would have been in the hundreds or thousands. Now it is in the hundreds of thousands and millions. He's an accomplice as far as I'm concerned.

I never accused you of being a scammer.  You're making this up.   Look back as it was you calling me a scammer.
"JUST SOME RANDO" - You brought me into this transaction.
People out millions - Another number you created out of thin air.

Your claim against Titan is not a part of the current issue at hand.  You're simply trying to tie the two together which is that people can't get their funds back whereas yours was that you bought coins from someone you can't remember and hold Titan responsible for being scammed from that unknown seller.

> I wish you the best.

What a two-faced hypocritical thing to say, after you just said you don't think I should be compensated as a victim, and showing up on a 6 year old thread to defend the person who robbed all of us.

No, I don't believe you should be compensated from a company that had no part in you buying admittedly redeemed coins in hopes of getting a third party to fund those tokens again.  Quite simply, you're not a victim of Titan's current issue.  You're simply trying to tie the two issues into one.

I didn't simply show up on a 6 year old thread.  YOU brought me back into this when you made your claim that I was Tim.  YOU brought me back into this when you left me a negative rating AND messaged me that you would remove it if I removed my rating of you 7 years ago.  YOU did this.

Michail1 is an insane troll who shows up, even after 6 years have passed, to harass and target the victims of this scam. If he hadn't harassed and intimidated me, six years ago, and defended the scammer Tim, it could have saved people millions in losses. He's an accomplice. He's a scammer who helped Tim rob all of us.

My guess is that Mikhail1 is a personal friend of Tim, who might even be protecting and / or housing Tim, in Iceland, to help him evade the law. Maybe he's even sharing in the stolen funds as payment for this service.

Tim never published a list of which address the "2FA" coins were "funded" with, to prove they were funded at all. Now we know that many of those address were likely never funded at all, but he took many many bitcoin, to sell those coins. Nobody knows if it's all gone, but we have SOLID PROOF of over $500k in lost funds amount at least four victims now. But that's not good enough evidence for Michail1. He still defends Tim and says the victims don't deserve compensation. That's not honorable. That's not trustworthy, at all. There's only one real motivation for such a stance, and for such a two-faced, backstabbing "get well" wish from him, and that's bad-faith mocking of the victims, as an accomplice to the crime.

Again, I was brought back into this because of you with your claims against me.  It's not me harassing anyone (victims included) as it is you with your claims and rants.  I don't believe you have even once countered anything I said.  You completely ignore everything I've written other than me wishing you the best of luck.

I am not a personal friend of Tim.  I've never met him.  His address in California has been posted.  It's been brought up that people have gone to his house and spoke with his parents, etc.  As for me, I am not even in the same State.  I am not defending Tim as you claim. I simply disagree with you trying to put your issue on the pile with the claim of others legitimately being out money.  That is a completely different situation than yours.

Your claim is now that I don't think victims deserve compensation. I never said such a thing. Again, this is something you made up along with everything else you're claiming.  Quite simply, in your own words, 'That's not honorable. That's not trustworthy, at all.'  I don't see anything I've said as 'two-faced, backstabbing.'  I never mocked a victim of this issue or any scam in the crypto world.

The only 'crime' related to you would be the slander you continue with.  I haven't mocked anyone. I am not Tim.  I don't live in Iceland or house anyone from the law in Iceland or any other country.  I haven't done anything that is two-faced or backstabbing. I haven't made accusations of you being a scammer. I haven't trolled anyone.  I haven't said people should not buy from a company. I haven't inflated numbers in a loss.  I haven't threatened anyone or called out names.  Pretty much everything that you have done.
13  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 08, 2022, 08:20:11 PM
Your rant continues and you claim I am harassing you and others.  I think people can clearly see this isn't me harassing you, but the reverse.

I never said people shouldn't be paid over the issue of not being able to redeem 2FA coins as I am stuck in the same position; however, I don't believe you buying an already known redeemed coin from a third party should enable you to double redeem it.  So, you are correct, I don't believe anyone buying knowingly buying redeemed coins should be able to collect again no matter if it was from Titan or any other of the several manufacturers.

I never claimed that owning some random domain proves I am not Tim.  You made that up yourself and now you're calling me a scammer.  You have yet to answer any of the many questions asked of you, or as another example.... You go from not wanting any payment to half a bitcoin on up to two bitcoin and also random dollar amounts all the way up to $40k.  You clearly make up stories of having a police report and a detective on the case as well.  Your lies and accusations are simply amazing.  

You're simply trying to tie your issue from seven years ago into the current issue that came up about two years ago.  It's a sad event that has taken place which I fear people will have lost part or all their funds in Titan 2FA coins, but you're acting as if you were scammed directly from Titan when you didn't buy the coin from him, knowing bought it redeemed, and act surprised that you didn't know it was 2FA to begin with.  If you actually have a police report/detective on the issue, why wouldn't you make that public so that others could contact them to add to the case as it would likely help for getting traction towards a resolution?

I wish you the best.
14  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 08, 2022, 06:13:39 PM
> You simply were threatening everyone, put up a rant, and ignored the details/questions.

I never threatened anyone. I was the first to warn you all. You gave me negative trust in a transaction you had nothing to do with, and you are STILL defending the scammer who robbed me, as I see it, Michail1. You literally left an insane rant on my trust page. I would say that's super untrustworthy behavior and people should avoid doing business with until he removes his unfounded accusations against the victims of the Titan Mint scam.

Here you are six years later, still harassing Tim's victims, who just want justice.

Tim GUARANTEED that any coin that had problems with funding / redemption, he would pay 2 btc for, as I recall, early on. Dude owes me $40k and here you are fucking harassing me.

I see you still have some growing to do after 7 years.  You brought me back into this today by claiming I was an alt for Titan.
Harassing you?  You left the new negative rating today and then contacted me via private message saying you would remove if I removed.
I haven't contacted anyone in many years. That's clearly you harassing me.

Tim, in your case, shouldn't guarantee that a redeemed coin should be redeemed again. 
Nobody should buy redeemed coins in hopes to a double redeem.
The fact remains, Tim (scammer or not), never sold you a coin.
15  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Titan Mint Coins- Serious Issue- ***NEW UPDATES*** on: September 08, 2022, 05:20:26 PM
congrats on getting your first negative trust rating by throwing accusations about an 8 year old thread where I was proven to be victim of a scam.

You remove your negative rating of me, and I'll remove mine, of you. Trust Wink

I will not be coerced in removing a rating 7 years after the fact.  My initial rating stands.

You had the ability to go after the person whom sold you the coin (not bought from Titan directly). 
You were purchasing redeemed coins on Bitcointalk.  Instead of going after the person, from what you claim was a funded coin, you then tried to get half a bitcoin out of Titan.

Also, I was never "so angry" with you.  You simply were threatening everyone, put up a rant, and ignored the details/questions.
Now you claim there is a police report and a detective?  If so, why didn't you mention that 7 years ago, or more likely, you're trying to work yourself into the issue that came up 5 years later?

16  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Free Raffle - AMC Movie Theater - COKE or POPCORN on: June 30, 2022, 04:55:29 PM
Not a single submission.
30 Coke and 22 Popcorn all expire today.  Oh well.
17  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [FREE RAFFLE] 485th- ฿ECAUSE I AM STILL IN A GOOD MOOD-MOPAR MINING ERROR CHIPS on: June 30, 2022, 07:25:42 AM
Michail1 -  2
It looks like you may need to pick a different number @Michail1
#2 is already taken by @gazetta as per the latest update (doesn't look like the OP is being updated)

You can see the latest list on page 6:

64 - Michail1
18  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [FREE RAFFLE] 485th- ฿ECAUSE I AM STILL IN A GOOD MOOD-MOPAR MINING ERROR CHIPS on: June 29, 2022, 03:47:05 PM
Michail1 -  2
19  Economy / Digital goods / Free Raffle - AMC Movie Theater - COKE or POPCORN on: June 06, 2022, 01:54:53 AM
Free raffle for a ticket via message for a Large Refillable Coke or Large Refillable Popcorn at AMC Movie theaters.
Quite simply, I have many but they expire on 6/30 and I don't have time to use them.

16 Spots.

Simply make a Post with the spot you want.
Once the spots fill, it is complete.   I will provide it with a message.

01 -
02 -
03 -
04 -
05 -
06 -
07 -
08 -
09 -
0A -
0B -
0C -
0D -
0E -
0F -


20  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Pawn Stars on: April 16, 2022, 11:37:14 PM
Great job.  Can't wait to watch it.
Face Value.... Ha.
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