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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Bull run is over? on: March 04, 2021, 10:39:41 AM
I don't understand why people just roam around telling everyone that "Bull run is over"..!!
Cant people see that investors are buying Bitcoin and stashing in wallets every time BTC drops below major support levels..? I am just waiting for more consolidated alt season, only then the bull run will be in its full potential.
2  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC price is 47k$, is good time to invest ? on: March 04, 2021, 09:39:20 AM
BTC market is fluctuating from 2-3% most of the days so I would suggest that it is time to trade in BTC if you know how to do it. For long-term holding, you can always buy it at any price below 52k$ as lots of whales have bought at that price. So it will not be staying below that for too long. Also, it is not a good time to trade in alts as BTC will be fluctuating and lots of stop losses will get hit.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Congrats to the Diamond Hands Bitcoin Holders! on: March 04, 2021, 03:39:38 AM
I would like to congratulate the smaller guys more than bigger whales. Holding anything above 0.1BTC is a great asset in my honest opinion. Even after 10 years, we are still the early birds in the crypto space as lots of things are still getting developed and we might have a great future for starting this early.

Also want to point out this...

Has anyone thought about this..? The number might increase in the future and this might become an issue in the supply chain.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: "People who have invested on ETH soon will be poor", said CZ #BSC on: March 03, 2021, 11:18:09 AM
ETH gas price is back to normal now, so you can all jump back from BSC to ETH network...  Cheesy Cheesy

It doesn't work that way. BSC is still centralized in so many ways, Look at Polka Dot, they are making great marketing without bashing anyone and trying to do development more than just talks. I don't think anything will replace ETH right now and there are already lots of projects working on the ETH platform so assuming BSC will take down ETH is really hard.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: What made you prefer Hitbtc over Binance? on: March 03, 2021, 10:44:57 AM
No offense to the OP but it's really a dumb question to ask. Hitbtc is nowhere near to compare Binance. Even a basic comparison of their volume will show you how dumb it is to compare them.
Hitbtc's volume is just 2.5+ Billion Dollars where as Binance's volume is more than 63.5 Billion Dollars. The Binance coin or BNB's total volume is more than 6 Billion dollars now. So there is no way anyone can prefer Hitbtc over Binance.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Major Risks in Crypto Business on: March 03, 2021, 09:56:18 AM
As many here observed, the most tricky part about using crypto at a business would be the volatility of the coin. Therefore the solution is to use the crypto and your local exchange or bank together and convert the crypto at the same time you receive it. If you want to trade then trade it in the free time, but not with the business money, which you might need to buy back the store stocks. I have seen many intermediary entities doing this for small and medium-sized businesses.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: whale tactics? on: March 02, 2021, 10:47:28 AM
It's a common tactic in investments. When you buy or sell, don't do it all at once, you go with the slabs, that way your average purchase rate will get lower than your first purchase rate and it will be easier to break even in a red market. This tactic also works the opposite way in the Bull market, like if you had sold all your BQX when it was first doubled at 900 sat then you won't be making any profit now when it has reached 13.7k sat.  Cry Cry
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Looks like Siacoin Ready to fly $SC undervalued af. It should have been 200 sats on: March 02, 2021, 08:13:23 AM

Tweets like these do more harm to the project than good. I agree that the team is active in the project even when the price was too low and its definitely undervalued right now but every project needs marketing that too good ones if you want to succeed in the exchanges. Lots of people have bought sia when it was 100-200 sat, so whenever we reach to that price, expect a big dump.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Another month of March on: March 02, 2021, 07:06:15 AM
Frankly speaking, am a little worried but not as much as I was in the last bull run time. That March month was really horrific. But this time, entities like Microstrategy have invested in Bitcoin when the price was 52k USD that too of 1 Billion Dollars. So it's a little relief for a small trader like me, but uncertainty is the mother of crypto so we just have to keep our hopes up and wait.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Funds for trading altcoins: BTC or USD on: March 01, 2021, 11:22:25 AM
In my honest opinion, I always trade-in BTC pairs. Regardless of what the price of BTC is, I always want to increase my BTC stash by trading in alts, though sometimes I got into a little trouble with some poor choices of altcoins but when they get pumped they rewarded me nicely. I am a firm believer of the BTC and the price will go up sooner or later so increasing my holdings will be a great thing to see and have.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: How much will ETH be worth ten years from now? on: March 01, 2021, 09:50:41 AM
The average transaction price right now is 2$-3$, it has come down to normal. The price of ETH has come down to 1450$ from its all-time high of 2000$+. The fluctuation is not sudden but it's too much in a short period of time for a project like Ethereum. If the price of ETH goes above 0.05 in BTC pair then I would say that the people will be more interested in it and might shoot to the moon sooner or later.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin can / cannot replace the banks ? on: March 01, 2021, 05:58:38 AM
Almost everyone gave the correct answer, Bitcoin cannot replace the Banking System. I wanna go a step further and want to say that, We don't want crypto to replace banks. It will be too hard for a democratic country to run the whole economy on crypto that too by replacing banks. We just want the implementation of the crypto where using conventional banking system has disadvantages..
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Learning is better than Following on: February 27, 2021, 09:22:54 AM
Following will never let you grow after a certain amount of time. It's only good when you don't know anything about the concept and want to learn. Once you are done with the basics, it's probably best to study yourself and make it on your own. Make mistakes, learn from them, don't ever make the same mistake again, there are always better ways to do something. You just have to keep the patience to find it and do it.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Will Cardano (ADA) coin hit $10 During 2021? on: February 27, 2021, 06:01:21 AM
I think 10$ is too much to expect even for me who is a firm believer of "Anything can happen in crypto"...

I am aiming at 5k Satoshi and I believe if Greyscale starts buying more and more ADA then even 10k sat price is not that far, regardless of the price of BTC.

Lots of people are betting on ADA these days, and hopefully, we can have a better price and future with it.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin can't be used for transactions? on: February 27, 2021, 04:56:35 AM
From what I've read, Bitcoin now charges high transaction fee and long transaction wait time so it can't presently be used:

a) for a conversion from Bitcoin to cash?
or b) purchases using Bitcoin? Huh

Bitcoin and Ethereum are useless for small and everyday transactions.

But you could always use or exchange them to USDC/USDT/Tron and pay whatever you want with crypto through a debit card or payment service.

I agree... For transactions from a country to another or if the amount is too large then Bitcoin is the best way.
But within the city or when you try to do some physical shopping, I think TRX or XRP would be much faster, easier, and with fewer fees.

It will be really hard to implement BTC for these type of transactions.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Would Satoshi Nakamoto hide some private key........... on: February 26, 2021, 10:44:49 AM
First of all, I feel anything can happen in the crypto sphere so no one exactly knows whether he did this or not, if you got any clue about it then search for it and decode it, the bitcoins will be yours.

The old members of the forum are too smart and won't leave any chance to get something like this if they even get the slightest of doubt that Satoshi hid puzzles which we can see from the participation when a puzzle starts here.

The question is, whether you would do something like a treasure hunt if you were the Satoshi..?
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Scam Coin On Binance on: February 25, 2021, 11:45:17 AM
I feel MITH is a scam coin.
The team is almost dead, the coin gets pumped and dumped from telegram groups. There is no development on the project or we can see any roadmaps.

I guess we can call it a scam coin.

If you want a meme coin then we have DOGE...  Cheesy
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Knowing bitcoin is achievement on: February 25, 2021, 10:13:14 AM
Frankly speaking, now is not the time to work and earn bitcoin. It will be really really hard for a newcomer to earn in bitcoin, the best bet you have is to buy them, as much as you can, in slabs preferably, and hold them. If you cant buy then try to earn some alt coins, join bounties and get them or play games and stuff and collect NFT's and you can sell them for Wax.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Reef coins on binance on: February 25, 2021, 05:30:56 AM
The hype of REEF is real. I have been tracking it for quite some time now and accumulated little in the dips. The roadmap for Q1 2021 is good and if the development plans go as scheduled then we can see a great future. The Reef client is going to be out on the 28th of FEB so just 3 days away from it and Reef Basket Engine is planned for the 31st of March. So it's definitely a great coin to hold for mid-term.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: alt season over or about to start ? on: February 24, 2021, 11:43:50 AM
Old coins havent even reached their ATH, The BTC volatility is just shaking of wandering traders from alts. their stop losses will be hit and they will be back in BTC or ETH. The alt season still barely started. 2021 will be a bull year, in my opinion, it will not be limited to 1 or 2 months like the previous ones.
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