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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Clicking Links Malware/Keylogger Question on: July 25, 2020, 11:18:56 PM
I do believe this should go in another section but I'll give you my understanding of the issue anyway.

As far as I remember there are very few (if any) keyloggers for iOS in the wild. The primary risks come from Android due to the way that the OS was designed.

For example, iOS "sandboxes" or isolates a lot of their apps from each other. This makes it substantially harder for potential hackers to make their malware operate between apps. This does not apply to jailbroken iPhones, however, and they are at risk of getting Malware. I'm not sure about the technical details, unfortunately.

Now Android, on the other hand, doesn't have this sandboxing as consistently as iOS due to the variety of flavors of Android that exist and are used by manufacturers. This makes it easier for people to potentially exploit common code in the OS and add a keylogger. How I don't know, because I'm not an Android dev.

As for affiliate links, if they're from the website itself you can't really get a keylogger unless the website itself is malicious as far as I know. Don't click on shortened URLs in a vulnerable environment and make use of virtual machines if you absolutely want to access a website but are still concerned.

Take my word with a grain of salt, though, because I am not a computer scientist and I do not do dev work on mobile devices right now. My answer may change in the future as I'm currently doing some courses related to this topic.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: FACEBOOK COIN (LIBRA) , VISA AND MASTERCARD- My take on: June 20, 2019, 12:23:02 AM
I am more concerned about the impact of this coin on Cryptocurrency, for me this coin will be more popular than Bitcoin. Of course this has a good effect on introducing Cryptocurrency, but who knows this coin will have a bad impact market of Bitcoin and other altcoins by taking over their position since Facebook have well-known partner too.
Libra is literally fiat with extra steps. It may be more "stable" than Bitcoin but it definitely isn't anywhere close to being valuable because it's merely backed by the same things that crypto was trying to escape. Even if there are companies that have securities backing Libra, it still doesn't mean that there's a good (or service) backing the coin which has some inherent value. Everything that Libra stands for is based on the fact that fiat likely won't be going anywhere soon, and they're trying to cash in on the hype of cryptos in general. It's ridiculous.

Maybe this will be marginally popular with Facebook users, but I'm not expecting Facebook's gamble on this to pay off. If anything, it'll sweep through the internet as a temporary fad. Most people who would want to have Libra probably got burnt out on Bitcoin back in 2018. I doubt there will be a community as fanatical as Bitcoin's developing around Libra once it is more than the cool new thing.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Africa needs bitcoin, not a charity on: June 19, 2019, 11:19:51 PM
In Africa, most entrepreneurs do not have access to formal banks and venture capital in the first place. They often lack access to financial markets and financial instruments such as savings, credit and insurance, which would enable them to engage in economic activity and help their countries achieve sustainable financial growth. Good thing is that they have an access to mobile phone. This will increase financial access to those who would otherwise be completely excluded from the traditional banking system – for example, those working in the informal sector, in villages, or who have too little capital to make formal banking a feasible option.
On the topic of lacking the capital to start enterprises, there are some foundations/companies which are offering "microloans" for small businesses in the developing world. While it might be difficult for them to access financial institutions, there's got to at least be one enterprising citizen within the African continent who will try to expend those services to the more rural portions of their country as well.

While I don't know what the level of communication infrastructure is in Africa, I feel that Bitcoin would be offering a unique solution for entrepreneurs who want to develop their country's financial infrastructure. While security is always a concern, the lack of a tangible good (cash) helps to move in secrecy and improves personal security. Credit and savings operations could be maintained by the same individuals who run the Bitcoin "banks", and as long as they don't commit the same sins of fractional reserve banking everyone can prosper. It might be a very slow "industrialization" of Africa, but I'm sure that more advanced infrastructure can slowly be developed and branch from the existing major cities.

If you are interested in the concept of microloans, the one website which I have found to be pretty good is kiva .org. It might be worth looking into it as a means of supporting the developing world and getting a small return in the same beat. It's better than Bitcoin loans in terms of repayment (assuming the ~97% repayment statement is factual), at least.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: this is what every country will do on: June 19, 2019, 10:53:33 PM
I have noticed that Lithuania has very active cryptocurrency culture, many online shops accept cryptos as payments.
Lithuania at least at the time of ICO hype was very active in doing ICOs also.

But I dont know why they want also check every transaction over 1000 Euros, it seems harsh .

I like that they are thinking of implementing rules for exchanges. My hope is that those rules will different form existing security laws.
I'm thinking that the choice to report every transaction over the 1000 Euro threshold isn't one that's been supported by Lithuania. Based on the other statements and related legislation that they have to deal with in the EU, I'm betting that they're being coerced to do this. Likely because they would face financial penalties or sanctions against their domestic financial institutions if they didn't comply. Cryptos seem like they were included as a side thought to this anti-money laundering legislation. Of course, you have to ask yourself how effective this is actually going to end up being. Considering that you can almost make cryptos appear completely stateless during a transaction, this is probably going to hurt legitimate users more than it will hurt criminals. All they have to do is some transaction splitting, through crypto or otherwise, and they'll (probably) fly under the radar.

Being from a country that has the transaction reporting limit closer towards $10,000 rather than $1,000 (and that's cash only), I don't see how they wouldn't get swamped with excessive reports. $1,000 isn't a huge amount of money. Lots of things are starting to cost around that range and beyond (computers, phones, bikes, etc.). Cryptos can easily see a few dozen transactions worth in excess of $10,000 USD within a minute or two. I don't understand how they chose the arbitrary $1,000 limit, but it doesn't seem like a smart choice.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The difference between Bitcoin and Facebook's Libra on: June 19, 2019, 10:38:03 PM
Libra will be game changer for facebook. It will mostly end facebook since facebook is famous for illegal activities.
This would actually be a hilarious result if it ends up being true to reality. The amount of illegal stuff that happens in private facebook groups is apparently quite high and it's relatively prolific to my knowledge, of course that may just be the media overhyping what is actually going on in these private groups. If this Libracoin starts getting used by these same groups, that could very rapidly get facebook in trouble. Now all we have yet to see is how Libracoin is actually valued and how well it's backing securities do. Sounds like USDT round two if I'm being honest, and I can already see the fees to buy Libra ranging in the 2-5% as a "service charge" for facebook and co. I don't think it'll get very far, although the variety of backing securities may give us valuable experience when determining how effective a multi-backed currency can be in the future.

Maybe I'll farm some Libra just to get the extra dosh for my portfolio lol.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I saw the notice that Bitcoin surpassed 9.000 USD! Help about "FOMO" on: June 18, 2019, 01:40:38 AM
Awww, the first rule here is that you don't ask for financial advises, because we don't have the crystal ball to see what the future bring.

Second, bitcoin investment has risk involved, very big risk, are you willing to take that risk. The price won't go on a parabolic rise, so you know.

Third, you're in the FOMO, that's dangerous, those who FOMO in 2017 learn a hard and expensive lessons, just saying.
The FOMO from 2017/2018 was actually pretty hilarious once it started to cool off. The subsequent panic was probably one of the funniest things I've seen in the crypto community since I started following them in 2013. All the normal people that had bought in at the peak thinking that they were going to miss out on a lifetime opportunity was both hilarious and sad. That's what greed gets you in the end.

OP, don't buy into the FOMO. Chances are, we'll see many, many more cycles like this in the lifetime of Bitcoin. This isn't the first time the markets have shown these patterns and it certainly won't be the last time. The market is probably closing in on its peak by now, no point buying in at the top and losing your money in the bear market.

Of course, keep in mind that anything can happen. As other users have said, we can't see into the future so what you do is your choice. Just don't be emotional with your investing.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: facebook bullshit stable coin, spread this as hard as you can... on: June 17, 2019, 01:33:43 AM

this is what i mean most of the people comment in this post think they will be rich and other shit, the biggest red flag if visa and paypal inside the project its not peer to peer coin, in peer to peer middle man like visa and paypal cannot be very simple fact even kids know this yet most of the people here some how dont understand this kind of tech and other important things

but it will never will be bitcoin and cannot be from tech prespective but this is why i help to the good ones here to save them from trap and false hopes.

but this coin will end like the idea of poke on facbook and other ideas mark was bring which was huge fail.

mark is great in copy past other apps we saw this million time with snapchat and dating and kik and other apps he try to copy them to compete and be creative and bring his own ideas he is far away fromm this, the same with his shit coin will be like the idea of poke which died very fast

So As I have expected, according to Mark Mahaney and Zachary Schwartzman the said stable coin is going to be used for payments,ecommerce and gaming inside facebooks system. Therefore it is more likely to run only on their system and there is actually nothing wrong about it.

The facebook management is a fun of Satohi's work and have influenced them to create the said coin. The management is looking on the far future where they are convinced that someday cryptocurrency will surely dominates the current FIAT system and being them who have adopted it earlier will surely benefits their company. As they already are a crypto friendly company

OT: I just find it funny how most of the users here thinking that they know alot of things already about the said certain creation of centralized coin. You don't need to invest to this. Unless you want to purchase or use their service so stop acting like it is the end or this will badly hurt the crypto economy
People are saying that it's the end because it's the mythos of a large company trying to dip their hands into cryptos. I personally don't think it'll have any effect, just like how all the various altcoins that have come to exist haven't really done anything against Bitcoin but have been beneficial in the growth of Bitcoin and the crypto economy in general. I'd almost say that the hype/FUD is similar to that of the "Ethereum flippening" that was popular in 2016(?). Lo and behold, Ethereum is still below Bitcoin and it isn't a concern. Both exist in relative harmony and complement each other with their own tech. I don't think that FBCoin will really exist as a major player in any way and will likely be more of an in-house gimmic for Facebook users.
8  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum to Coinbase Transfer on: June 17, 2019, 01:07:01 AM
The fee amount I was using was .11267 which was pretty much the same as my previous transactions.

I guess that fee is 1.1%?
The absolute amount you pay as a fee needs to vary with both the virtual size of your transaction (which is based on how many inputs and output it has, not on its monetary value), and how congested the mempool is at the time of sending. Your absolute fee divided by your transaction size in virtual bytes (which Electrum will work out automatically and display for you) will tell you your "fee per vB", which determines how fast your transaction will be confirmed. If you put your transaction in to a block explorer like, the transaction fee field tells you what you paid in sat/vB, which is what determines how fast your transaction will confirm.

If you look at either,8h or, you can see the ball park figure of what fee you need to pay for a relatively speedy confirmation.
On top of this, as other users had mentioned, the mempool got hit with a bunch of transactions around the same time as OP sent his transaction, so it got pushed back a bit. Either way, since the transaction has gone through, it's not a major concern anymore. Using the resources posted in this chat will allow for this to not happen again, but again it wasn't like the transaction was stuck for days. Merely a few extra hours than normal.

I personally like's recommended transaction fee system, but I don't think that Electrum has that same system. I haven't ever had an issue with anecdotally, but that's not something everyone will use because it's an online wallet.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: Are there any communists in this forum? Is it compatible with crypto? on: June 16, 2019, 08:33:34 PM
We may all have different ideologies and have different political beliefs, but the only thing that everyone agrees on and the only thing that everyone likes is money, and bitcoin gives everyone the opportunity to make some, so it does not matter whether you are a communist or a librettist, plus in our current society most of the people don't care about these kind of ideologies, for the late boomers and beyond who are the people that are shaping the future don't care about these stuff.

It's not true that everyone likes money, the ideology of communism seeks to abolish money totally, because money is in the core of market economy, and they want to replace market economy with communism, where everything is free. People like money only because it can be exchanged for goods and services, without it it's just paper or bits on a computer, so when money become worthless, no one likes them anymore. So, communists wouldn't refuse if you'd offer them some free Bitcoin's, because a money is a money, but their goal is to make Bitcoin useless, and to them Bitcoin is a representation of pure capitalism, because it is essentially a digital private property, so don't expect communists to be fans of Bitcoin.

I have limited knowledge on communism but I am sure that it is just another idea that failed to work when implemented in the field all because as humans we are dealing with the weaknesses of the human nature. Bitcoin is partly about returning the power to the hands of the people and minimize the role of the government in the financial system (though this has not fully happened yet). Right now, I don't know of any country that can claim to be under true communism as countries like China and Russia have already adopted many capitalistic ideas and concepts and are now playing and competing in the global market.

So the question is if bitcoin can be compatible with communists? Well, to me, as long as they are still using money then maybe there will be no problem unless of course if the government they are under made a strong stand against the use and trade of bitcoin probably not because they are communists but because they are afraid to lose the supposed control on their economy and the people.
Inherently, communism wouldn't have a need for money at the basic level because (notionally) everyone would be able to have whatever products they need for free. Of course, that's rarely how it works out and there is no way that communism would ever actually be established. Human nature wouldn't allow for it to ever exist the way it "should". Plus, considering the complexity of today's goods and services, it's impossible to supply what would be "needed" to everyone. We'd also have considerably less innovation. China and Russia had some of their greatest technological leaps where their markets were freest.

As for OP's question about whether there are communists on this forum, I'd say probably but they're far more uncommon than they would be in the general population. Bitcoin caters more to a capitalist ideology than a communist (or socialist) mindset.
10  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum to Coinbase Transfer on: June 16, 2019, 07:29:57 PM
Hello, new to the forum but have been investing in Crypto for about 2.5 years now. I just wanted to get your opinion on this one.

I have transferred from Electrum to Coinbase probably 5 times in the last month. This time I got my funds into my Electrum wallet and immediately did the same thing I always do I transferred them to my Coinbase wallet.

Well about 3 hours later I got the confirmations and I was like sweet and I went to coinbase and the transaction is still unconfirmed. The Confirmations I got I guess were from the sending party to Electrum. But my transfer from Electrum to Coinbase was still unconfirmed.

Normally the transfer takes around 2 hours from Electrum to Coinbase.

It has been 5 hours now and the transfer from Electrum to Coinbase is still unconfirmed. It shows the transaction is pending in my coinbase so I didn't send it to the wrong wallet.

Should I be worried or just be patient?
Chances are you didn't put a high enough transaction fee on your transaction from your Electrum wallet to your Coinbase account. Coinbase does all of that automatically, but I don't think Electrum has anything more than a default setting. Chances are that's why you haven't had your transaction be confirmed yet.

My recommendation is to check what the transaction fee settings are on your Electrum wallet and get back to us with what the default value is. That way we can help you determine whether that's the reason for your lengthy confirmation time or not. I'm thinking it is, but I won't be able to tell you for sure until you post the result.

Assuming that the fee is the issue, you should be able to change the default value and prevent this from happening in the future. Alternatively, set a new fee charge every time you send Bitcoin. This prevents overpaying when the average transaction fee is low.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: Putin warns of financial crisis the world ‘has not yet seen’ on: June 16, 2019, 07:25:01 PM
With the inflation plus that many people below the poverty line , it's actually something that is gonna happen sooner or later.
Plus the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer.
Therefore, it is indeed something that we already know that is going to happen .
But how to prevent that needs good government strategies .
I just hope we prevent it.
Anyone who's actually been keeping track of the economy over the past few years knows that the economy is already in a very precarious situation, doubly so when you consider the fact that we've basically exhausted all of our options to reduce the impact of financial crises. Inflation and people living below the poverty line probably won't be enough to cause a financial collapse, but there are definitely some markets which are pushing everything towards the tipping point. Everyone is hoping that the collapse is an issue that they don't have to deal with, but we should know that it's coming whether we like it or not. A lot of countries are already in an economically depressed state, adding on the student debt bubble as well as the low wages and high housing prices will just make the problem hit harder than it already will.

There's no way to prevent it without reforming the entire system. The governments of the world aren't interested in doing that, so you can probably write it off any fix and just get ready for the tumble.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BITCOIN BUBBLE on: June 16, 2019, 06:14:51 PM
That would be wrong actually to think that it will bring this to zero.
Actually the every step that they take is well thought , people actually hire experts to give advice on it, at the same time I don't think they will be dumb enough to do things to be detrimental for the growth of Bitcoins.
The fact that the price is rising means Its already working , it might not be a bubble but actually something that works great for the future.
It's not a bubble , we are in green actually.
I'm inclined to agree with this statement over claims that we're in a bubble. While there are definitely some signs that we're in a bubble state, the price has actually been rising rather smoothly and hasn't gone parabolic like it has in the past. This isn't a completely natural rise, mind you, but it's a lot better than some of the other moonshots we've experienced. While I would have preferred the price to be based on a more consistent and progressive rise, it is far from being as bad as we've historically seen it be.

Knowing Bitcoin, this rise will be temporary and met with another crash in the future, but there's always a chance that this is more organic and potentially permanent. I wouldn't mind that.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: This will not work how the creators' had planned on: June 16, 2019, 05:55:06 PM
Yet some more people sensed that the real profit doesn't come from actual coins, it comes from IOU "tokens", which may or may not be backed by something valuable.
Let's see, how many "bcash is the real Bitcoin" people will fall for this new scheme... I pity them...
IOU tokens have been creeping into crypto for a while now, it just depended on what the scheme for backing them was. USDT still somehow maintains their supposed 1:1 backing ratio, which I don't think is 1:1 but I digress. Trying to make this random BTC2 token be backed 1:1 by Bitcoin is definitely a pipe dream, or at least it's a pipe dream for anyone who's expecting to get anything out of the token. The creators are going to get all of the cryptos which are actually worth something and probably run off with the money, just like what we saw with almost every single ICO over the past couple of years.

BCash is still considered a meme from what I can tell. I don't think that there are any fervent supporters for it, but you never know. I thought it was petering out and on its way out the door, but maybe I've underestimated the support BCash has. Hopefully, they wisen up and stop trying to bring jokes to fruition.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Where do companies get their "Bitcoin experts" from? on: June 16, 2019, 04:47:53 AM
According to this article, PwC hired 400 blockchain experts in 2018:

Rival PwC said it had taken on a similar array of clients and currently employed about 400 "blockchain experts" globally, across multiple divisions, including its consultancy business.

And that's just one company. That number doesn't count those working for other companies like EY, KPMG, Microsoft, etc.

My question is, where do these companies find them? What qualifies someone to be a "expert" in this field? Given that the cryptocurrency community is still a fairly small and nascent one where everyone knows everyone else, the actual experts tend to be well-known figures, and Bitcoin degrees aren't really a thing, how was PwC able to find 400 of them?

In fact, the number of people who have contributed code to the Bitcoin codebase over the past decade since Bitcoin has been around is only about 500. For Ethereum, it's only about 300.

Or do these companies just treat anyone with a computer science degree to be an expert? (Heck, I'm a computer science student. Can I be a Bitcoin expert too?)
Like rosez, I can't see the article itself because it's likely behind a FT paywall. It might be an interesting article, but I'm not paying for it lol.

A Bitcoin "expert" is literally just a label that people put on someone else. I want to believe that companies would have a bit more of a refined definition of what an "expert" actually is, but there's a decent chance that it's anyone who can describe the blockchain and has some tech/coding experience. There isn't a way that you can define an "expert" when there's no benchmark that they can be measured against.

I'd put money that anyone who can walk into a company and accurately describe the blockchain system while also flexing a Comp Sci degree or something similar can be regarded as an expert, whether they deserve it or not. I don't think that there are many experts out there, but it's a completely subjective definition.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Another U.S. Crypto Ban!? It's time for US to take ACTION! on: June 16, 2019, 04:30:58 AM stopping to give services to people from US does NOT mean US banned crypto! how do you even come up with that kind of conclusion?!

the only thing that it shows is that does not want to or can not comply with US anti money laundering laws, it is possible that they are laundering money specially with all their tokens that they keep creating out of thin air without them being backed by anything (exactly what Bitfinex does with Tether).

it is also because they are creating a new platform for US citizens only

We have the right to financial freedom and congress must hear us.

you gain financial freedom when you use a decentralized currency (ie. bitcoin) not a centralized website/service called Binance.

In fairness, the OP has brought up a good point regarding the antiquated laws of the U.S. in relation to crypto. The U.S. has several agencies that are in conflict over the definition and treatment of cryptocurrencies, and they are simultaneously trying to exert pressure into the space. This has the effect of inconveniencing investors as companies must stop servicing Americans. Unclear regulations also prevent new companies from raising the capital they need to compete.

Fortunately, Binance will offer a website specifically for Americans, but it seems unclear when this will be available. There isn't a ban on crypto, but the lack of regulatory clarity is stifling competition.
The issue with a lot of financial regulations is that they're always being applied under the assumption that every market that exists is the same and that there are no new regulations required (if at all) for the emerging markets. Crypto is just one example of markets that only loosely fit into the existing regulations that most countries have established. There are significant differences between crypto and securities, especially considering the ease of transaction present with every single crypto in comparison to traditional securities.

Binance will find a way around these regulations, or at least there's a decent chance that they'll figure out something to allow for the market to continue, but the lack of interest from policymakers to develop new crypto-encompassing regulations at the very least is worrying. There should be nothing stopping them from taking some time out of their day to develop a very minor addition to existing financial rules.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: How Will FB Coin/JPM Coin Impact the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem? on: June 13, 2019, 12:36:09 AM

"On the one hand, these are amazing developments that validate blockchain technology and its potential as a currency system, however, they are also drifting us away from the original vision of a decentralised monetary system. In February 2009, Satoshi wrote on a P2P online forum:

'The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work…but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust'

Taken from the article linked below, worth reading. Do you think the emergence of banking and corporate digital currencies will take away from the original cryptocurrencies or can they live in harmony?
At the end of the day, if no-one chooses to use the digital currencies, there won't be any reason to be concerned about their supposed "rise". Their own form of digital currencies shouldn't be anything different than what they already have (digital fiat) so I can't see these coins becoming anything more than a sort of collectible or vanity token. They'd need to make a considerable marketplace to even begin to get these coins off the ground, and if they're not interested in developing the coins to that extent then cryptos will continue to be the big thing.

Facebookcoin better have a bustling marketplace where users can buy and sell the coin freely, with minimal fees, otherwise, they're wasting their time quite severely. It's no better than purchasing Steam wallets funds if there's no way to take the tokens you earn out of their system. You just funnel money into their business and never get any real value out of it because it'll only be able to purchase intangible goods. At least through the Facebook platform alone. Maybe JPMCoin will have more merit and value.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Crypto news website CCN going to be shutdown due to google on: June 13, 2019, 12:23:24 AM
So, it seems that CCN will continue working:
Really strange story. I hope they will be able to stay in business, despite these changes made by Google.
It's interesting who will benefit most from this Core Update. From CCN articles it seems that UK tabloids have increased their traffic seriously, and we can't be happy about it. And it's obvious that this update didn't worked in favour of crypto websites because all big players lost big part of traffic.
It's shitty when your business totally depends on Google and one change can ruin everything.
You know, if some of these places chose to find a way to retain their viewers and have a consistent way to pull viewers back into their stories, or at least make it part of their reader's daily reading, they might be able to avoid massive drops like this. While I almost guarantee that Google is pulling some shady bullcrap behind the scenes to suppress these websites, they wouldn't need to be concerned about lower search ratings if they maintained a loyal audience. I don't like Google in the slightest, but a business can't exactly live on being found through searches alone for forever. It needs to build a brand and a reputation which develops loyal customers.

But hey, what isn't getting censored these days? If it isn't a very specific line of thought with a sag towards government control, you're on the chopping block. The only question is when you get cut off.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Retail Giant Target Is Quietly Working on a Blockchain for Supply Chains on: June 13, 2019, 12:15:57 AM
The thing that I don't understand is why Target & co are making this system when it can basically all be performed with the same systems that we currently have. They don't need to complicate it in the way that a blockchain system would because it can all be done with barcodes and their equivalents. You can't track every single little individual part without using the same serial or digital code systems that already exist. Forming a database that tracks the various components isn't hard, it's just a question of whether or not it's worth putting in the effort to set up a system like that. It's merely the reconciliation of the different parts of the supply chain system and little more. I don't even think that there's a tangible benefit to maintaining a system like what's being described.

Tons of companies are developing blockchain solutions for internal needs, now the question is do they use an off the shelf solution like Ethereum and do a token based on it or an completely independent blockchain.
I think ethereum could be more useful to them then using the blockchain because this is what vitalik made it to do essentially focusing towards the business sector.
But with target using it for their businesses infrastructure could make it more efficient with increasing their current productivity in the long run. As larger companies such as costco and walmart have a wider customer base then they do so they need to work in other ways to regain more of the market in these sectors.
As for Ethereum being built for business because of the smart contract system, it kind of has applicable properties, but I can't see Ethereum used as a tool at large for business. It needs considerable refinement and it would need to be simplified for the average worker to be able to use it effectively.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Craig Wright, BTC USA Copy Rights/Patent Troll: What is his 'Endgame'? on: June 12, 2019, 03:52:14 AM
IF he is NOT Satoshi and all the above is a lie and not true, how can he gain anything from this? Ridicule and Ruin? He has to do so because he 'lied' his way into a corner? He is trying to keep creditors and the Australian Tax Authorities at bay? Does he have a 'self-destructive' 'delusional' behavior disorder on a massive scale?

there is no IF in my opinion, to me it doesn't get any clearer that he is a scammer and has been lying all this time. it is not just that he never provided any proof but also because of the way he is going at it with babbling things that seem complicated enough to discourage people from looking into their correctness.
and all of this has been done to make money. look how his shitcoin got pumped!
Craig Wright has been nothing but a cheat who's been trying to pump his "claim" to fame since he was mistakenly identified as Satoshi proper. Considering he went from "Yeah no I'm not Satoshi" to someone who's hell-bent on claiming the exact thing he tried to distance himself from, you gotta think that something isn't right. Someone must have told him that he should try and milk the mistake for all it's worth, and I'm convinced that he's doing just that. I'm pretty sure that his personal shitcoin was pumped because of the cult of personality and not because it actually contributed anything.

Either way, he's somehow getting money for it despite the fact he has no irrefutable proof of him actually being Satoshi. His patent will have no bearing because the blockchain is essentially public domain now. He should have filed it the first time around if he actually owned it, because you can't really copyright/patent something after the fact. I don't know what his plan is, but he seems to just be along for the ride and listening to sleazy lawyers who want to grab at some of his cash.
20  Economy / Speculation / Re: When money is inflated, where does it go? on: June 12, 2019, 03:15:10 AM
I thought the thing about a fractional reserve system was that the currency can be increased by 90% each time bringing git to a total of about 80x every dollar invested or something (I don't have the accurate figures).
I'm trying to figure out what it is that you mean when you ask where the inflated money "goes". Every dollar still exists, the difference is that it is worth less individually because of the constant re-issue of it in the form of debt. The original dollars aren't going anywhere.

You're pretty close with your comment that each dollar can create an additional 80, because they can re-issue up to 90% of a deposit a ridiculously large amount of times, if not every time it's deposited.

If you're trying to ask where the money goes once it's paid back, it turns into a profit for the bank. Inflated money just kind of continues to exist once it's "repaid", although the debt can never be truly paid back because there is always more money required to pay back the interest as well as the principle than that which existed in the first place.
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