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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: BE QUICK: #SAMO on: June 03, 2023, 12:42:12 PM
another significant case when the next token is promoted in this way. Show two seconds on TV and make a sensation out of it. This only once again proves that one should stay away from such projects, because without subsequent PR, nothing good can be expected in the long term.

This is a welcome idea and i believe some will take it and accept with all seriousness, it's always got many being excited on seing a new coin of ICO coming onboard but they don't take their time to research on them well, also the project developers don't also sit to think well before launching their coin because they are too eager to make traffic and money, it's what should be established for long, let's no rush on doing the normal procedures and remain calm to follow the required standard and this applies to the investors and developers.
2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Is politics supposed to be for the old ones? on: June 03, 2023, 12:25:19 PM
Actually politics is not supposed to before the Old adult or old people but in my country where I came from politics is being hijacked by old people who called herself a cabal so I believe that for a leadership of a country to be in equilibrium it's supposed to be handed over or being in custody of adults use who knows the new technologies and who knows the problem of the society but recently I can say that act of seven continent we have in the world four of the Continent old people has taken over the leadership of Nations

The old ones cannot conduct politice alone but there can be a balance between young and old depending on the areas involved in politics, they both have their unique role they play, some aspects of politics need the intervention of an elderly people to look into the situation and circumstances and apply his experience in giving solution to it while in some areas as well, we will need the young adults or youths to showcase their strength or vigour in taking a lead towards change.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Serious blockchain reliable and ready for wider adoption with good utility on: June 03, 2023, 12:18:21 PM
The Tron network is widely acceptable for use but that does not include the varieties of where it's been applicable, many loke to make use of the network because they bear a cheaper rate on their transactions, they are also pegged down to the USD rate and most people would like using it to hold their asset in times of going through high market volatility, though it use case can still improve more in the areas decentralized apps.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC Sentiment Poll for June on: June 03, 2023, 12:08:52 PM
After bitcoin failed to cross the $30k mark in April and May. I see people starting to be pessimistic again because before that, when bitcoin continuously went up from $17k to $28k, people always said bitcoin would cross $30k and hit $35k in Q1. People change so quickly and quickly forget everything. Regarding my prediction, I always expect bitcoin to not increase rapidly, as I need to accumulate more bitcoins for the upcoming bull season.

We are not in the Q2 of the year and nothing is too lateybto achieve, today is just the third day in June, we still have a long days remaining for the months and bitcoin can through any of these days surge higher above $30,000 we can also see a break limit above $40,000 because the more we are getting closer to the bitcoin halving which is believed the time where the market surges and we attain a new all time high.
5  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Good upbringing. on: June 03, 2023, 11:49:23 AM
Lack of home training is one of the reasons why many youths fail in the society,  I've witness a situation whereby a father sent his son to buy cigarette and smokes it in his presence, in some other homes you'll see mother's using foul words on their husband, In the presence of their kids, all these are not good upbringing and affects the children negatively which in turn affects the society.

 What are those measures you think parents should take in bringing up a better home?

As a parent, you're free to make use of any means or method you love to adopt in bringing up your child because you will be held responsible for their poor training, indiscipline and improper upbringing in he future, they will not also gives you rest ifnyou fail to teafh them, correct and train them they way they should behave and live in the society, it will also bea profitable inheritance they will gain from your by what they are learning.

Pay attention to them
Feed them and pay their bill
Send them to schools and train them
Show them the difference between good and bad
Let them learn about moral lives and good conducts
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Gaming Stats and other Data on: June 03, 2023, 11:41:54 AM
How do you check Gaming Statistics on a crypto gaming project?

Mostly interested in:
Average monthly users
Yearly / Monthly revenue
weekly / monthly growth
rate of adoption

Yes of course one have to take a look these areas to know how the gaming industry stand and why you need to choose them base on the satisfaction received from their data researched upon, it's also very important to consider all these qualities with their reputation before choosing any, though it is believed that some of them can engage a trust pilot review paid services to be used while some have a genuine ratings on their data, these can give more direction to wether to use any one or not base on the level of satisfaction received from their data we research.
7  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: My experience, a lesson to others. on: June 03, 2023, 11:30:18 AM
Beware of this kind of category of mistakes some people made while posting or quoting some one and I've been taking note on this areas while quoting other or making my own post.

1. Don't quote a physhing link, scam post or shitpost because your own post together with their shits will end up being deleted or if lucky on off topic.

2. Don't always quote while posting except if necessary and try to learn how to edit out some contents before posting to make your quote more specific.

3. Don't join in mega quoting always whereby more than four or five quotes have already been made and you're making an additional quote on them.
8  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Naira exchange unification on: June 03, 2023, 11:21:28 AM
The problem in Nigeria is also cause by these parallel marketers. The naira unification will help the economy because when the economy is unified commodities will be sold equal rate with dollar because 1 dollar to 1 Naira so things might workout the way it has been planned.

We shouldn't be decieved by the government, they are all aware of what the market price is saying, why should ban exchange rate have this huge market value from what the government is selling compare to the aboki exchanges, why does it have to take more than three months before you can make an exchange directly from the bank and that's if you're lucky to have achieved that at the long run after being waiting, why is it that the government now also requires a three years task clearance certificate for international exchange, the government may be salient on some aspects but they are the perpetrator to their influence and remain salient as if they were unaware of what's going on.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: Consider open live casino (street gambling games) on: June 03, 2023, 10:47:51 AM
In street gambling , in order to bust the cheating and rigging of result, one must report it to the authority and authority will exercise the las in order to punsh the person who are caught cheating.
Street gambling is generally not legal so if they operate there then how can street gambling operators be prosecuted if there is a crime committed there? Because they themselves are breaking the gambling laws. Generally, street gambling is not organized crime at that location. When a gambler conducts gambling there, others may be tricked, and if he wins big money, he may be watched by onlookers. Which is not possible in any land base casino. Generally, street gambling involves gambling with relatively small amounts of money, which does not cause much trouble.

You're right that street gambling isbbot regulated by anyone because each gambler is free to do what he likes and can go to any length doing what they like, though it depends on the settings in some specific location where this kind of gambling is being practiced and the kind of gamblers involved, but i will like to admit that those in the locality where street gambling is predominant likes it that way because they enjoyed it base on the level they were in the remote areas.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: How does AI gambling sound? on: June 03, 2023, 10:34:27 AM
That of betting everything on horses is not a bad idea, but if it applies to horses it should bet for each sport, fútbol, basketball, baseball, whatever , as long as you bet with great measure , the AI can give us approximations , the Algorithms are not so perfect as to be able to appeal to having them as a whole, they have their flaws and they are looking for a way to improve them to have better results, what happens is that if that magic formula is found it will be total madness, because the people will want to have that AI to win and Platforms will Start to shut down in a measure to Protect Themselves.

We can makenuse of AI in many sport bettings but i don't think they were all best for this, let's look at the horse race bettings which has to be a live sport event onnan open field, how can the modification of AI be applicable in this kind of sport if not on other relevant areas it use can be applicable, also i believe that the use of AI can't be as accurate as expected in winning games but can enhance the user's experience in using them.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: Question about casino, sports bet on: June 03, 2023, 10:19:50 AM
Every online gambling platforms are accessible using an Android smartphone but I don't like it because of the possible details I might be missing, there are some games that works better and more snappier on computers instead of a smartphone, I do notice a better display using an iPad vs a smartphone, I think the display inches is playing a major role here so it's all about the display, but many people don't care so, it's all about which one you prefer.

Some gambling platforms are designed in a way that works very neatly on mobile view and there are some that are not so good on a mobile view, you need to do the comparison yourself.
Screen inches play a major role when we visit a website, all sites, because we will see everything on that site so if the screen is small, we cannot see it clearly and must adjust the distance. Apart from that, the games' display can be sharper and clearer when viewed using a monitor screen because the screen is wider and more comfortable for the eyes. People should find comfort in accessing or visiting the sites they want.

We cannot compare the use of a mobile device to using the computer system when gambling, the display view and orientation matters most, you should have noticed that when gambling on a mobile device, the screen will automatically adjust itself to a landscape mode for better view, same also are some features hidden as well when using a mobile phone device, the computer system operate a complete display of the gambling site and features, I've noticed some gambling site/games that does not support mobile version except you shift to a desktop mode
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: Wagering requirements for withdraw on: June 03, 2023, 10:07:25 AM
Isn't this one of the reasons why they will mount stage to paint a casino red all in the name of they have been restricted to perform some certain functions on the casinos, the next thing you discover is a scam accusation on such gambling platform, most of the challenges we encounters with the gambling platforms were as a result of our careless attitude towards reading about them in knowing what they want and dislike.
Those who don't want to take the time to read all the rules in the casino will lose because when they want to withdraw their money, they will find it difficult because of their ignorance so they will be disappointed with the casino even though it was because of their own mistakes that they didn't want to read the rules. If only they read the terms and conditions and knew there were other conditions, they certainly won't encounter any difficulties. Even if they want to withdraw the money, they can do it easily.

A good and polite gambler should know that using a particular casino comes with it own requirements which they would have clearly stated, but because we think they are not as effective as they had thought gives us the impression to overlooked them in and go on our way, they will also remain mute not until the time we will need their service comes, then they will remind us of what we have rone in the past out of negligence, most withdrawal cases are things that erupted from the gamblers end either through abuse or by not paying attention.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: Is this considered a safe practice on: June 03, 2023, 09:29:10 AM
I have been a victim of card details theft before and I can remember the hustle i went through just to get the car.block.and ever since then, i have become sceptical about the use of card to.make either withdrawals or deposits online, and I have also heardothers experience the risk of uusing card n casinos.
When we become victims of card details theft, it will be difficult to block bank accounts because banks require many requirements to be fulfilled. But I don't think you are alone because others have also been victims of theft of card details. That's why we don't need to connect credit or debit cards to online sites to guard against frequent hacks or theft of credit and debit card data. It's better for you to use crypto and only use one special wallet to play gambling so that it won't interfere with your other assets in other wallets.
This is weird, how can it be hard to meet requirements from banks if you are a victim of card details theft? As a customer of the bank once you call for any possible theft they give you an option to block your card and if yes is your answer they will block the card and it will be useless for the criminals.

Things have gotten better this day because banks now have their own apps and you can decide to block your credit card yourself, unless you can't log into your bank app anymore which is stupid, I kinda like this customer access because it gives them the total control of their bank accounts.

If you're truly the owner or bearer of that card you can easily meet up with the required informations needed for them to disable the card but before all these process were completed, the hackers would have advanced their theft in taking away a reasonable amount of money from your account with the card details they have, it's better not to fall their victim than when you're already a prey to the scam, before you could block them they would have done much havoc on your account.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is not a steady income haven on: June 03, 2023, 07:23:34 AM
If you needs a steady means of income flow then try not to limit yourself only to gambling, there are other things you can get engaged doing that will source more income to you, but if you already feels you've got enough to be coming in for you in gambling and is enough to make a living then you can embrace the risk but just that it's not always advisible to put all eggs on the same basket, we must have more than one steady means to flow of income in case of unforseen circumstances.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Will You Allow To Undergo Hypnosis If A Professional Recommend To Cure Gambling on: June 03, 2023, 06:59:17 AM
I know myself and the kind of person i am, if i think it's the best alternative for me to embrace then there's nothing bad in going for it as long as i see it work for me, the issue there is that i must not be pushed into it or forced, some things we experience in gambling as an addiction were actually due to frustration, if a man can decided from his heart over a thing, he will sure get it done with time, for some people who has the money and are interested in employing a therapist, it's a good idea as long as they are willing to undergo such process.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Which New Technology will be adopted by the Gambling Industry? on: June 03, 2023, 06:46:21 AM
Unless VR headsets and other equipments gets so cheap for retail gamblers, I think it will not come to adoption. For me I think AI gambling has the best chance to be huge but there should be some considerations for players since it's still in early stages of development  and it may not be that profitable as everyone may think.

Yes we are still in the early stage for the full use of AI in gambling but since techology had so advanced that there are camera drones that can be used on multiple strategic positions to monitor more effectively the role of VR for proper evaluation of the scenes on football matches, they have although imoroved well more than before and still yet there's more need to add on this improvements because we progress on wilth technology advancement to help us decern the appropriate judge on situations.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: $90,000 all in bet on: June 03, 2023, 06:23:37 AM
There are only few cases of those gambling that will boldly comes out to share their better experience with gambling especially when they win than when they are loosing or had a serious challenge with the gambling platform they are using, because people are fond of complaining too much even on little issues that doesn't worth it, i will say this concerning your winning that it's a big and wonderful privilege, you must have also been gambling over time without having this kind of result over a long time or ever, atleast we still have those winning despite the losses.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: increased Youtube Gambling ads? on: June 03, 2023, 06:07:12 AM
Well, it's possible that Youtube feels that there is a decrease in revenue in advertising, so Youtube places gambling advertisements on each user's account. And we can only block it by using the filter provided for us so that at least the ads displayed in each video can match the video we are watching.

And we don't need to focus on those ads and it's better to just look for the videos we want. That way, we won't be tempted by the gambling advertisements we see and can prevent ourselves from playing gambling in casinos that we don't know.

Youtube Revenue are not generated that way, people give ads for Youtube to run it for them, they cannot decide to run ads without payment from any company or when they are not instructed to make awareness in their platform, the algorithm might be the cause maybe even a bug might have been the reason why the increase in the gambling ads since they know that the US is fighting alternative way to reduce gambling advertisement everywhere and not just US alone, other countries are concern by the rise of gambling ads everywhere, they know that this companies are making money from it and players are the ones who usually make the lost at the end of the day, the gambling house always win at the end.

Definitely they make a revenue generation through this ads, we are not just seing them appearing like that for free, money is being paid also to reserve them the space to advertise through ads, that's why you find out that many of this ads were from gambling or other big organizations who are able to run their ads for quite a longer subscription time whereby their ads keeps showing on YouTube and there's what they also earn per click on those ads as well as those the make use of their services or products they are advertising through ads on YouTube.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: An Intriguing article: How to Perfect Your Gambling Strategy on: June 03, 2023, 05:46:29 AM
There's no perfect gambling strategy that could fit everyone. We have different strategies, skills, and level of luck after all. But the list you provided can really help a gambler maximize his chances of winning if he will do the aforementioned steps. Betting and playing wisely should be done in order to win. You can't just impulsively play and bet, then pray for winning because that would be nonsense. You have to put these things into action so that you can avoid unnecessary losses, especially the last two advices.

Many gamblers had been deceived by the so influencers or casinos adverts that present them with best gambling strategies for them to use and yet they still loose the bet because there's no perfect strategies, some also make use of fix games or odds providers service and pay them to present them with some predictions, but we have to consider the probability of making it through this bets because nothing is guaranteed in gambling, everyone works under uncertainties and try their luck while others are decieved by their predictions.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Some needed features of an online casino. on: June 03, 2023, 05:32:36 AM
I doubt that most gambling platforms will accept this, considering that these gambling platforms also need a lot of customers to be able to make a profit and for their platform to continue to run. However, some gambling platforms have also paid attention to this problem of gambling addiction, and they have taken several steps to prevent their users from playing longer, such as creating a self-exclusion ban that will block players for a period of time and block the deposit system to prevent players from spending more money on their game. But of course, addicted players have ways to keep playing and this is a real problem and it is difficult to prevent them from playing on different platforms.

When we are talking about some added features needed for a casino to add to their website, I don't think it has to be centralized on making the KYC requirements get more worst than before for the gamblers by adding a selfie requirements to it, they can also improve their own network, adjust their system and serve the gamblers right and more better than taking unnecessary steps that may discouraged gamblers away from using their casino
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