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1  Other / Off-topic / Re: mizerydearia's obnoxious health escapade on: March 12, 2012, 01:02:01 PM
Just don't start taking them then stop. Follow the schedule the doctor told you once you start. I had a friend start rispiridone (along with some other stuff) and he started getting all paranoid and shit for awhile then it subsided once his brain got used to it. The way these drugs are supposed to work is long-term changing the levels of your neurotransmitters and receptors, not right away. No personal experience with it though.

I'm not so sure.  I've been watching way too many youtube vids from keyword: "risperidone" or "risperdal" and I am even more traumatized now watching them portraying the experiences of others as they had endured for years of taking the medication.  But they are fake, right?  I should not believe things I see on the Internet.  Doctors know what they are doing.  There is no such thing as evilness or corruption.  us dollar is good.  bitcoin is bad.  I have found you can find happiness in slavery.

But still, I know what I must do relative to my own rationality and competency that I strive to consistently maintain (besides the sarcasm as shown above).  I trust myself.  And especially I have a health journal for these very things that I fear, uncertainty of the health industry or the medical industry.  I shall still continue to actively participate, but also I will still document things.  As I arrive in Pittsburgh, I would like to begin the habit of voice recording all interactions with doctors and others and provide text transcripts of everything so that I can provide even more account of many important things and efforts that progress.  There have been many key things that have been discussed between my therapist and myself that are forever lost in time.  I would like to prevent that in the future.

Again, as much as this is a battle for myself, it's also a battle for everyone else that has similar health issues.  I need more hit points to sustain this battle.  Does anyone have any healing potions?

At least I keep telling myself that, ever since someone suggested to start a journal.
2  Other / Off-topic / Re: mizerydearia's obnoxious health escapade on: March 12, 2012, 09:29:57 AM

Note: I have not taken the medications yet.

Risperidone is Risperdal
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: mizerydearia - thief 400BTC on: March 11, 2012, 06:10:01 AM
I remember his ramblings. Constantly talking about how he was suicidal or questioning himself, seeing ghosts and thinking he was a space alien reincarnated or some equally insane gibberish.

Source?  This is fabricated entirely out of thin air.

Since this is unlocked now, see
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: mizerydearia - thief 400BTC [unlocked] on: March 11, 2012, 03:32:31 AM
But trying to get someone who seriously entertains the notion that they might have Morgellon's to act like a rational adult and be responsible is about as futile and exasperating as trying to teach a pig to sing.

The suggestion of Morgellon's was long ago introduced by others.  I do not have Morgellon's.  See this.

Thanks, however, I must take action to begin.  And perhaps as I am in Pittsburgh, if there is anyone there, I could receive assistance to do just that where otherwise I am failing to at my own initiative or effort.

but the attention seeking behavior in this and the other thread just reeks of a cry for help.

I did not mean to seek attention.  Nefario created a new post that sought the initial attention which many people on Freenode IRC network directed me to.

Really you can't be trusted with anything in the bitcoin community until this gets sorted out.

So step one, get the wallet and send on to trusted third party.

And then we can move on from there.


I highly agree.  Thanks.  It will be a kind of motivation and inspiration to take action, just as other threads have been.  Hopefully it is enough.  But, again, if not, if anyone is in Pittsburgh next month when I relocate, perhaps there will be better opportunity to motivate and inspire me to take action by encouraging me in person or locally.  I like to think I can trust myself, but clearly, there is much delay.

Note: I suggest Pittsburgh, because as I relocate, that is when I have set a plan/goal to assert for myself to take action and to regain control over myself and to be productive and accomplishing and during such efforts, I'd also like to include resolving this issue as well.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: mizerydearia - thief 400BTC [unlocked] on: March 10, 2012, 11:05:11 PM
Some people pay thousands of dollars to online mistresses to be verbally abused. This guy... "borrows" thousands of dollars from the bitcoin general community to be verbally abused. He's better off.

I sense a meme...
6  Other / Off-topic / Re: mizerydearia's obnoxious health escapade on: March 10, 2012, 11:02:39 PM

Yep. Last year I added to and

I do not have "black specks, fibers or pustules" and thus my health issue is not related to Morgellon's

Also, this thread is connected/related.
7  Other / Off-topic / Re: mizerydearia's obnoxious health escapade on: March 10, 2012, 10:11:13 PM
Hi Bitcoin community.

I am just chiming in to say that I will be relocating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania shortly after April 5th as part of some kind of effort so that I can experiment with a lifestyle where I do not live in the same living space all day every day and especially one where I can actively be outdoors most frequently, constantly moving, perhaps getting away from the idea of parasites chasing after me, or rather, thriving whereever I am.

Again, for the case that my health issue is psychological, then me experimentation/evaluation may portray my experimentation as ineffective or unresolvable.

Though, in the case it is parasitical, perhaps I may observe some kind of escape, but also, still I consider that in the case it is parasitical, I may be host to them in which they thrive and propagate from me and thus, I will never get rid of them.

Also, there is another reason why I desire to go to Pittsburgh.  It is to be near someone that is very inspirational and motivational for me to continue where I am becoming very desperately overwhelmed and emotionally distressed, and I wish to lead a more outdoor lifestyle, but I am seemingly unable to do so here, living in this living space where I am accustomed to, and unable to establish new patterns or new habits.  

I will still be around periodically to update my journal and also perhaps even I can contribute effort to resolve witcoin conflict, and I really would like to.

Also, if anyone lives in or is nearby Pittsburgh, perhaps I can be available to introduce myself.  And then the bitcoin community can capture me and hold me hostage until I resolve the things I've been neglecting (e.g. witcoin), but preferably or ideally I would like to be held hostage in a mobile fashion, one where I can escape traumatizing nibbling sensations from staying in the same place for too long.

Also, of the medication that I was prescribed, I wish to postpone consuming them until after I endure experimenting as mentioned above.  They do not expire until next year, so I should still have the opportunity to resort to psychological/mental treatment/medication in the case that my experiments/tests/observations do not yield recognition of a biological health issue.

l3estest l2egardedsness,
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: mizerydearia - thief 400BTC [unlocked] on: March 10, 2012, 09:58:45 PM
I am able to type long posts as Nefario has said.  I can write.  I can express myself.  However, I cannot concentrate on other things.  It is very easy, though, yet somehow I struggle.  I also do not get it.  Yet I do understand.  It is surely an established psychological issue that seemingly has incapacitated my brain.  But, again, I can still write elaboratively.  So, ....  I accept the labeling of 'thief' for now.

Are you unable to return the funds because you've used them, or are you refusing to?

I haven't used them.  I will prove it later.  But for now, assume that I have used them and assume that I am a thief.  Assume the worst for now.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / mizerydearia - thief 400BTC [unlocked] on: March 10, 2012, 09:52:26 PM
re: Nefario's post suggesting I am a thief.  I admit that it seems rather shady of me to not take action, however, seriously, I am still struggling so very much.

It is unimportant though.  Everyone is welcome to evaluate and consider me as a thief and pursue hostility and any other similar type of negative effort or evaluation to me.  I deserve it, until I resolve the issues for which I still am neglecting.  I am just chiming in to reply.

Thanks and I apologize.  Please forgive me to all those that are still burdened and disgruntled with me relative to this.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: CryptoXChange's friend attempts to Slander Intersango on: February 29, 2012, 12:26:27 AM

Given the fact you still haven't apologized to Intersango and are acting like a spoiled child, I think they should charge you a license for back programming contracting of 5000BTC .  If you don't want to pay it, you should pull every line of code that they helped with out of your codebase.  It is not up to them to tell you which lines this is, so unless you have specific version-history knowledge of their contributions, they have the legal power to force you to throw out all of your code.  You should be gracious for their past help, and apologize for your outrageous acccusations you have made in the past 48 hours.

Intersango seems like they are way nicer than me though, so feel lucky.

I am not sure if this is directed to me.  If it is, there is not a single line of code that Bitcoin Consultancy has contributed to witcoin.  Again, as I have said elsewhere, the very latest commit to the private repository was June 3rd, 2011, which was before I even participated with Bitcoin Consultancy.  And I am uncertain what there is to apologize for relative to Bitcoin Consultancy.

Also see this.

The power of slander and misinformation. =/

Othewise if you meant the message directed to noagendamarket, the codebase is not his.  It is practically entirely mine.  I say practically because glancing at the repository I see commits also by tcatm as late as February 2011.  The rest since then have been entirely my own.  Though, I do recall tcatm having helped me with some css later, which I had included in my own commits.  But otherwise noagendamarket hasn't contributed any code whatsoever and is not a developer/programmer.
11  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: CryptoXChange's friend attempts to Slander Intersango on: February 29, 2012, 12:11:00 AM
Can you elaborate on this?

I still own the IP 100%

From #bitcoin-dev December of 2010:

Dec 02 14:09:49 <brocktice>     Is there already a virtual country or society?
Dec 02 14:10:04 <brocktice>     In the sense that one could be a citizen?
Dec 02 14:10:20 <brocktice>     Some sort of tribe maybe
Dec 02 14:10:33 <[Noodles]>     wirtland
Dec 02 14:10:48 <brocktice>     oho
Dec 02 14:11:08 <necrodearia>   brocktice, a p2p "second life"-clone maybe?
Dec 02 14:11:21 <brocktice>     necrodearia: No I mean like, for real.
Dec 02 14:11:24 <brocktice>     Not with avatars.
Dec 02 14:11:38 <brocktice>     Like I have a US SSN and passport etc.
Dec 02 14:11:40 <necrodearia>   In what way would a country be virtual without avatars?
Dec 02 14:11:50 <brocktice>     An un-landed country if you will.
Dec 02 14:11:53 <necrodearia>   even in a nongui sense
Dec 02 14:11:54 <brocktice>     Wirtland sounds like it
Dec 02 14:11:59 <necrodearia>   hmm
Dec 02 14:12:25 <brocktice>     I'll have to investigate this
Dec 02 14:12:28 <necrodearia>   Although second life doesn't have ssn, passport, etc, there is potential, but I doubt such potential would be pursued or estab$
Dec 02 14:12:29 <brocktice>     they might be interested in bitcoin
Dec 02 14:12:47 <brocktice>     I mean, all that 3D stuff is excess for this concept.
Dec 02 14:12:47 <necrodearia>   It would be interesting precedent
Dec 02 14:13:03 <brocktice>     I mentioned this here before, I'm thinking like Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong.
Dec 02 14:13:06 <necrodearia>   true, however, the entertainment factor does add to interest.
Dec 02 14:13:08 <[Noodles]>     we'v got a wirtland-citizen on the forums
Dec 02 14:13:20 <[Noodles]>     that's where i first heard about it
Dec 02 14:13:20 <brocktice>
Dec 02 14:13:27 <brocktice>     Mike whatsizface?
Dec 02 14:13:34 <brocktice>     golugski or something?
Dec 02 14:14:01 <[Noodles]>
Dec 02 14:14:11 <brocktice>     oh
Dec 02 14:14:13 <brocktice>     excellent
Dec 02 14:14:19 <brocktice>     great minds Smiley
Dec 02 14:15:11 <necrodearia>   heh, witizens
Dec 02 14:15:23 <necrodearia>   wourists
Dec 02 14:15:51 <brocktice>     there are a lot of synergistic things going on right now
Dec 02 14:15:54 <brocktice>     what with wikileaks
Dec 02 14:15:57 <brocktice>     bitcoin
Dec 02 14:15:58 <brocktice>     wirtland
Dec 02 14:16:48 <necrodearia>   It will be exciting when they integrate with each other and are sustainable without other alternatives.
Dec 02 14:19:06 <necrodearia>   Perhaps someone can communicate to wirtland and offer some kind of integration opportunity?
Dec 02 14:20:05 <necrodearia>
Dec 02 14:20:27 <brocktice>     I'm going to apply for citizenship I think.
Dec 02 14:20:40 <brocktice>     Then I will also be able to work it from both sides Smiley
Dec 02 14:20:56 <brocktice>     Excuse me, Witizenship
Dec 02 14:21:02 <necrodearia>   ^_^
Dec 02 14:21:28 <necrodearia>   I sent email suggesting Bitcoin.  Maybe others can also send email to make it seem more important, noticeable.
Dec 02 14:21:28 *       Kiba` ( has joined #bitcoin-dev
Dec 02 14:23:49 <necrodearia>   Currently their currency is Multi currency, ICU
Dec 02 14:24:12 <necrodearia>
Dec 02 14:24:31 <necrodearia>   Perhaps ", Bitcoin" could be appended to the list at a later time.
Dec 02 14:25:31 <necrodearia>   Perhaps official language can eventually be established as Winary
Dec 02 14:25:40 *       Kiba has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
Dec 02 14:25:42 <brocktice>     heh
Dec 02 14:26:03 <necrodearia>   or Wommon Wongue
Dec 02 14:26:57 <necrodearia>   I wonder who is the elected Wovernor
Dec 02 14:27:43 <[Noodles]>     as long as they dont make it Witcoins, i'm fine with it

Then unrelatedly in a private channel on Dec 26th, 2010:
Dec 26 18:04:40 <noagendamarket>        what do you think of this idea I had....
Dec 26 18:05:27 <noagendamarket>        a site where people submit questions and the most amusing is voted up...not the most technical or correct!
Dec 26 18:05:42 <noagendamarket>        I would call it

And so that idea affiliated with 'witcoin' name relative to noagendamarket's creativity/thoughtfulness is his intellectual property.  

That base idea, which is similar to one I have had in affiliation with a previous project, a competitor to and the plethora of other for profit question sites was then evolved amongst my own ideas as well as several others of noagendamarket's.  However, the very first moment which led to the matching of the idea with a name was noagendamarket's.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Possible Bitcoin theft [ Intersango/Bitcoincconsultancy on notice] on: February 28, 2012, 11:59:16 PM
One doesnt blame a rape victim because she was raped do they ? Mizerydearia admits he took the wallet . Should be relatively simple to assume who the victim is here and that there is a loss involved.

Actually, in modern society, this is exactly what happens.  If you're female, raped by a family member, and for years after growing pains, speak about it to your family, it is more likely that you will be punished by your family more than any punishments directed by the person that raped you.  Ideally this is strange or unacceptable, but realistically, it is commonly practiced to this day.

Kind of related
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Possible Bitcoin theft [ Intersango/Bitcoincconsultancy on notice] on: February 28, 2012, 11:41:40 PM
Why did you state to me that you couldnt access the server then?

As I first arrived and first attempted to gain access to my home computer, I had difficulty to do so and also much delay trying to contact someone back home to help restore access to my computer.  But once I did so, I was able to retrieve a copy of my encrypted keepassx password database and then gain access to all of my accounts.  It wasn't until then that I was able to do anything.  I do not recall the exact timing of when that happened, but I admit that I wasn't able to access anything immediately upon arrival in Poland.

Im saying this as good advice. Return peoples access to their accounts and I will ignore that you committed a crime and you caused your victims a loss. What gives you the right to hold onto their money ?

In the very real case that I have committed a crime, I highly encourage you to consistently preserve your consideration towards handling your responses to such a crime as you would in any other fashion that causes negative impact upon yourself or others.  It is not necessary for you to offer suggestion or consideration for which if I do A then you will not do B.  I accept and encourage you to preserve your efforts towards criminality or legal concerns and to take things seriously, even in the case that they are used against myself or otherwise affect, hurt or interfere with me.  In the case that what I am doing is criminal, illegal or otherwise punishable or fineable, I recognize and understand the necessary implication of such as a means to resolve disputes or issues such as this one, and I understand your concern or consideration for resorting to such measures and therefore, you should allow consideration of them as you wish entirely at your own inspiration, motivation or influence and not on the basis of interests of others including myself.

I have yet to resolve witcoin-related matters, and so, like even over half a year ago, still this is an open issue.

Why should I have to beg bitcoinconsultancy for you to fix issues on a site they dont own ? Dont you find that strange at all?

Again, I'm not sure why you bring Bitcoin Consultancy into this issue.  Perhaps you disregarded the reality of which it has been communicated on several occasions that Bitcoin Consultancy are not affiliated.  Intersango is not affiliated with witcoin.  Spencer Dailey of Bitcoin Bulletin is not affiliated with witcoin.  My father is not affiliated with witcoin.  Even if you were to beg and plead with my father to force me to fix issues for witcoin, there really is nothing he can do.  There is nothing Bitcoin Consultancy can do.  There is nothing anyone can do but me.  I am the sole person responsible.  For you, or anyone else, to desperately seek attention from others so as to encourage them to help influence, motivate, inspire or othewise convince me to take action, ... it is not so effective.  And, well, even as I consider for you to direct your such communications solely upon me, and acceptable even in this public platform, which I highly encourage (I'm so very afraid of privatization), even then, it is something that I must take action for, and once again, I shall strive to do so.

I do think it is strange that you offer a repetitive consideration for which you include Bitcoin Consultancy into these affairs even after being advised of the reality of which they are not affiliated, however, I also consider or understand the idea of which, as my mom has portrayed so very many times, that anything and everything is possible including complete incompetency or incomprension or the ability to make rational, logical, or otherwise understandable statements or communications.  And she is my mom, and still living in nearby environment, for which she offers such continued influence over myself, which I seek to avoid and not allow to become something I practice or result in my own affiliations with others.  And perhaps that is why I elaborate so much, perhaps as a kind of derivative of such personalities or behaviorisms.  And well, even these elaborations are annoying and practically useless.  Again, the most important thing is to take action.  It isn't important that I clarify or respond to justify or explain myself, especially so repetitively.  So, I shall stop and be productive towards accomplishing things...relative to witcoin.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Possible Bitcoin theft [ Intersango/Bitcoincconsultancy on notice] on: February 28, 2012, 11:39:36 PM
The sys admin took them without notification , which was mizerydearia. This is why I am claiming its akin to theft.

It still doesnt answer why i would be contacting  a third party about things. What gives someone the right to access a server and TAKE everything ?  Note: I havent filed a police report about this yet as I hoped to sort out the accounts of the site. Im doing everything possible to avoid that.

I do not consider myself a 3rd party.  The specifics of what happened was CryptoCoinMedia expressed he could no longer afford to pay for teh Linode vps.  You can read more details here, so relative to amiller's generosity for helping to pay for the vps, amiller funded CryptoCoinMedia's linode account with us$20 to cover the next month of hosting the vps.  That was not acceptable to CryptoCoinMedia and still he was intending on cancelling the service and more desiring expected me to move the codebase and website to CryptoXChange's dedicated server.  Again, as you may see in the witcoin thread, I was quite skeptical about it especially relative to how immediate CryptoXchange's Ken Armitt assumed the consideration of which I was interested in doing so.  I wasn't.  I did not live in Australia and have a friendship or any other affiliation with him as CryptoCoinMedia/noagendamarkat did, and so, I pursued a skepticalness.  And instead I learned along with collaborate of amiller's generosity towards helping to fund a few month of witcoin, that I could transfer the vps to amiller's account entirely intact and without modification.  And that is what I did.  For the next three months after October 28th, everything on the vps was intact and untouched, unmanipulated.  However, in perspective of CryptoCoinMedia's view, perhaps it may seem as if the vps was taken from 'him' since it was affiliated with his account, in which under my user account hierarchically structured under or affiliated underneath his own account, I also had administrative access towards the server.  And even though the server was affiliated with his account, everything on that server was entirely from my sys administration in which noagendamarket didn't have expertise or familiarity with linux, programming, developing or otherwise contribute towards witcoin other than by suggestive idea.  And even as I say that, still I do not mean to imply that of a control freak type of consideration on my part.  I still offer consideration towards him in which even without those expertises, still, as we seemingly both agreed, we were co-owners of witcoin.  And glancing at my IRC logs, I see some relevant stuff from #witcoin beginning March of 2011.
15  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Possible Bitcoin theft [ Intersango/Bitcoincconsultancy on notice] on: February 28, 2012, 10:20:22 PM
Leaving witcoin without a sys admin was extremely foolish and dangerous on a normal site let alone a bitcoin one. Misery being in poland and not being able to access witcoin because his computer was in the US doesnt strike you as problematic Huh

This statement is inaccurate as well.  While I was in Warszawa, I had access to all of my accounts including linode vps hosting witcoin as well as my personal computer remotely, which even then, my ex-stepfather charged me us$40/mo to keep it running, but my father generously helped me to pay for it in my absence and in place of us$400/mo rent.

Also, not that it is important, but my alias is mizerydearia, not miserydearia.  

I can count all the times witcoin was sabotaged by misery either through paranoia or insulting people who approached with childish antics.

I am not sure what this statement is in reference to.  Perhaps you could elaborate more than providing a count of such occurrences or 'times' and provide an example or one or more of such?

It would have been the first site to have an android app for instance.

To say that witcoin would have been the first site to have an android app is particularly a statement considering that of an idea, in which ideas are plentiful.  Implementing those ideas into reality, ...  based on the discussions below, it was interesting for me to consider and I had appended it to many notes I had taken for things to accomplish and fix.

Scanning my IRC logs for #witcoin for case-insensitive "android" this is what I see, beginning from March 26th 2011:
Mar 26 00:15:51 <mizerydearia>  oh, one thing I was thinking of earlier.... in relation to taxi drivers...
Mar 26 00:16:19 <mizerydearia>  A kind of website/service (especially accessible with mobile devices) to match people up with taxis nearby their location
Mar 26 00:16:31 <mizerydearia>  so as to not have to call phone numbers to get a taxi.
Mar 26 00:16:54 <mizerydearia>  and also to potentially increase the amount of customers a taxi driver would get.
Mar 26 00:17:07 <noagendamarket>        well that does exist
Mar 26 00:17:15 <mizerydearia>  oh?
Mar 26 00:17:22 <noagendamarket>        but its for ridesharing
Mar 26 00:17:27 <mizerydearia>  mm
Mar 26 00:17:35 <noagendamarket>        the taxi industry tried shuitting it down
Mar 26 00:17:42 <mizerydearia>  oh?
Mar 26 00:17:51 <noagendamarket>        they ran to the authorities about it
Mar 26 00:17:55 <noagendamarket>        yes
Mar 26 00:17:56 <mizerydearia>  heh
Mar 26 00:18:11 <noagendamarket>        the taxi industry is like the mafia
Mar 26 00:18:12 <mizerydearia>  well then
Mar 26 00:18:21 <mizerydearia>  I will take my idea and establish it anonymously
Mar 26 00:18:21 <noagendamarket>        and uses regulations to its full extent
Mar 26 00:18:26 <noagendamarket>        lol
Mar 26 00:18:28 <mizerydearia>  seriously
Mar 26 00:18:34 <noagendamarket>        I am serious
Mar 26 00:18:41 <mizerydearia>  heh, serious lol
Mar 26 00:18:47 <mizerydearia>  it's a great idea and with bitcoin should be easy to establish with bitcoin
Mar 26 00:19:00 <noagendamarket>        would you use it for normal cars ?
Mar 26 00:19:17 <noagendamarket>        you just need a device in your car....
Mar 26 00:19:26 <noagendamarket>        like an iphone app...
Mar 26 00:19:31 <mizerydearia>  sure, why not
Mar 26 00:19:33 <noagendamarket>        or an android one
Mar 26 00:19:37 <mizerydearia>  anyone
Mar 26 00:19:49 <noagendamarket>        anyone could be a taxi driver...
Mar 26 00:19:51 <mizerydearia>  yep
Mar 26 00:19:56 <noagendamarket>        then you could rate them lol
Mar 26 00:20:05 <mizerydearia>  and that may then pwn the taxi industry too
Mar 26 00:20:17 <noagendamarket>        you could check into their car
Mar 26 00:20:19 <noagendamarket>        lol
Mar 26 00:20:30 <mizerydearia>  yesterday I learned that taxi drivers in Milwaukee pay $900+/wk to rent a taxi cab
Mar 26 00:21:04 <noagendamarket>        it really needs to be decentralized tho
Mar 26 00:21:12 <mizerydearia>  hmm, well..
Mar 26 00:21:13 <noagendamarket>        or a shitstor would commence
Mar 26 00:21:19 <mizerydearia>  it must be accessible by mobile devices
Mar 26 00:21:23 <noagendamarket>        yes
Mar 26 00:21:57 <noagendamarket>        youd have to build in a bitcoin app
Mar 26 00:21:58 *       secorp has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Mar 26 00:22:27 <noagendamarket>        so it can be run on your own bitcoind
Mar 26 00:22:37 <mizerydearia>  I'm not sure p2p is necessary
Mar 26 00:22:41 <noagendamarket>        either at home or on your phone
Mar 26 00:23:16 <noagendamarket>        tcatms jsremote
Mar 26 00:23:21 <mizerydearia>  do mobile devices support p2p apps?
Mar 26 00:23:33 *       noagendamarket checks
Mar 26 00:24:11 <noagendamarket>   yep
Mar 26 00:24:21 <noagendamarket>        skype is also p2p remeber

Apr 13 07:50:11 <qberty>        Anyone use Android here? I was thinking of making an app for witcoin for Android devices.
Apr 13 07:50:47 <qberty>        Or even a witcoin client.
Apr 13 07:52:04 <asiekierka>    qberty
Apr 13 07:52:10 <asiekierka>    im getting a droid netbook in 2 months
Apr 13 07:52:10 <asiekierka>    so meh
Apr 13 07:52:12 <asiekierka>    make a bounty!
Apr 13 07:53:03 <noagendamarket>        qberty thats a great idea
Apr 13 07:53:20 <noagendamarket>        we dont have an api yet though
Apr 13 07:54:57 <noagendamarket> I started mostly to see if anyone would like to create greasemonkey scripts
Apr 13 07:54:58 <asiekierka>    etc etc
Apr 13 07:55:03 <asiekierka>    the total comes to like 50 BtC
Apr 13 07:55:08 <asiekierka>    then someone goes in and does this for the 50 BtC
Apr 13 07:55:23 <noagendamarket> could be used for that
Apr 13 07:55:57 *       asiekierka has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Apr 13 07:58:26 <qberty>        But I can make an actual client, instead of make an offer for one.
Apr 13 07:58:43 <Kiba>  droid netbook?
Apr 13 07:59:09 <noagendamarket>        what do you need to make a client ?
Apr 13 07:59:13 <qberty>        I could write a client both for Android and the Desktop (Mac, Win, Linux)
Apr 13 07:59:37 <qberty>        I need the same access this site has to the database.
Apr 13 07:59:58 <qberty>        for people to submit and do almost every function.
Apr 13 08:00:43 <qberty>        I guess small read/write access to witcoins forum database.
Apr 13 08:00:50 <qberty>        I can code everything else up.
Apr 13 08:01:12 <noagendamarket>        youd have to chat with the mizerydearia to work out access
Apr 13 08:01:24 <noagendamarket>        I love the sound of it though
Apr 13 08:01:46 <qberty>        Yeah, i think it would allow a lot more people to use witcoin without any excuse for "hassle:
Apr 13 08:02:01 <qberty>        I'm pretty good with user interfaces.
Apr 13 08:02:15 <qberty>        So how can I talk to the admin in that area?

So, the idea lingered, and now in this statement of CryptoCoinMedia's above, it seems that the idea is being used as an example of sabotage, perhaps in the form that because the idea was never implemented, that inaction in itself is sabotage.  I guess that makes sense.  Even now, as I am still unemployed and struggling to afford doing so without my father's assistance, I am sabotaging my future.  The idea of which I could have a job and make money is not being practiced or pursued.  Heck, I could own a mansion or castle, as I consider in my fantasies.  It's an idea.  I do not have a castle or mansion yet.  I am sabotaging my future!  Help!

We could have had massive venture capital invested to hire a team of developers 12 months ago or more before this shit started. I think miserydearia owes the users,myself and intersango an apology and I urge him to fix this mess. Im not angry about it Im  just burnt out and the personal issues this is causing does not make for a happy camper.

This, that 'we' could have had venture capital, may be true, and even shortly after my interview with Spencer Dailey published March 29th, on April 3rd, Current-C private messaged me:


I read your "Meet the Trader" interview and was quite impressed.  I'm very new to the Bitcoin community but I can see the potential in your Witcoin model.  I'm not a professional investor/venture capitalist, however I have a certain amount of money that may help with startup costs, with possible access to a significant amount more down the line.

Again I'm not a pro at this but I'd be interested in discussing a possible investment with you if you are open to it right now.  Please feel free to contact me by replying to this or the email below.

BTW I'm a fellow midwesterner across the pond in MI.

Best regards,

Mike (Current-C)

and I arranged with him to meet me in #witcoin on Freenode IRC network, which he did also on April 3rd.  As I remember that day, I had hyped I believe in #bitcoin encouraging others to join and perhaps if anyone else were interested to discuss things about investing or donating or whatnot, but even from the discussion that day in #witcoin, nothing resulted from it.  Clearly my personality or technical expertise or other attributes or characteristics were not promising enough to encourage, inspire, motivate or otherwise influence anyone to invest in witcoin, at least not based on my skills at explaining things.  And even then, during that chat, I learned that tcatm managed to get an interview, in what seemed to be a private matter that he did not otherwise divulge further details.  So, since then, that was an example of which I haven't established myself as a prominently successful individual worthy or considerate of funding of investors or venture capital.  And so, with CryptoCoinMedia's concern or interest in seeking massive venture capital, something which I was afraid of also if you read the interview, and especially, I wasn't then and more recognizably now, am not so excited or enthusiastic about greed.  I think along with the excitement of bitcoin, especially for those that were early investors and participants, there is a sense of greed that is preserved amongst many of us, even I recognized such in myself, including when I invested in Ixcoins.  However, I do not enjoy the evilness that consumes me relative to that of greed.  And in the case of 'we could have massive venture capital' type of statement, it seems one ripe with greed, especially with the continued reference suggesting that 'I think miserydearia owes the users,myself and intersango an apology and I urge him to fix this mess.'  I am a tad bit confused as to how I owe an apology to the people behind Intersango.  From my observations of comments from others, it seemed that others had suggested for CryptoCoinMedia to express an apology towards Intersango for his slanderous statement.  But perhaps maybe it is more considerate of him to delegate that responsibility of apology to me?  I'm not sure, it's just an idea.  Otherwise, other than that, I do not see anything to apologize for towards them.  Regarding an apology towards witcoin users, yes, again, I am rather apologetic and express it repeatedly to those who continue to bring up concern about the website and project seemingly disappearing.  I will continue to apologize as long as still I haven't resolved the issues relative to it and also I will strive to do so as best as I can.  Regarding apologizing to CryptoCoinMedia as per his request.  Even without his request I have apologized to him both publicly and privately on several occasions.  And I do so again here as well, expressing that I am apologetic for my decline in performance and productivity relative to witcoin.  I am sorry that I have allowed my health to be interruptive and deteriorate my productivity to a point where I have become so very inactive and unproductive to handle these concerns that are still awaiting a resolution.  I will again strive to do so to resolve these matters, as I have attempted to do previously, however, I cannot make any guarantees, but I will still strive to do so.  Besides, I have medication from doctors now which may help me, even though they are for depression or mood/mental disorder and I do not feel they are correlated to the sensations which interrupt me from doing anything other than touching myself all over in response to each intense nibble sensation.

16  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: CryptoXChange's friend attempts to Slander Intersango on: February 28, 2012, 06:02:29 AM
and  the entire time hes living it up under the pay of bitcoinconsultancy. While that may have been GREAT for bitcoin it was total shit for witcoin.

My father would disagree with you.  Other than the three and a half months that I was in Warszawa, my father has been supporting me entirely for the last year and a half.  us$400/mo he is paying now to my ex-stepfather just so that I do not end up homeless, which even this very month and last few months, I am struggling with, and I have been struggling with for a couple years.  Anyhow, it isn't important to elaborate other than to clarify that Bitcoin Consultancy is not funding my existence.  My father is.

Particularly I appreciate those that preserve an open an honest effort to explain things truthfully and considerately, rather than an effort to exaggerate or otherwise communicate misinformation.  However, I can understand such types of efforts and the relative personalities supporting such abilities as I have experienced them myself as I was younger, and still sometimes even today I may feel an urge to say something untrue, lie, or otherwise not speak, but for the most part, I try to preserve an open honesty about myself and understanding and comprehension of things.  It seems similar to that of open source culture vs proprietary or security through obscurity.  This is the very reason why I have documented and posted some logs/transcripts of the history relative to this issue with witcoin because I considered the possibility of experiencing that of a lack of openness or honesty, and especially even from myself, in the case that I lied, or otherwise altered my posts or story.  Actually, it's similar to Ron Paul, perhaps, in which I strive to be consistent.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: CryptoXChange Associate's attempt to Slander Intersango on: February 28, 2012, 05:52:44 AM
Why did miserydearia believe CryptoXChange was affiliated with the purchase?

Search for "crypto" in;all
especially see

October 26th, 2011 via private message:
[09:36:56] <noagendamarket> Im talking to a guy
[09:37:05] <noagendamarket> organising a vps
[09:37:35] <necrodearia> linode?  or other provider/
[09:38:08] <noagendamarket> no its with ken from cryptoxchange
[09:38:17] <noagendamarket> he also owns a web dev company
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: CryptoXChange's friend attempts to Slander Intersango on: February 28, 2012, 05:34:44 AM
As of October 2011, miserydearia sold the domain name and VPS to CryptoCoinMedia.

This is inaccurate.   noagendamarket, CryptoCoinMedia, David Hollis, registered the domain in December of 2010.

Did you find out in your research that I in fact registered the domain at hover and I also told misery about the idea for witcoin on irc.

If you value your standing in this community I urge you to remove this thread.

This is true.  CryptoCoinMedia did register at and noagendamarket did initially mention 'witcoin' in a channel late December after another person had mentioned 'witcoin' in #bitcoin at the beginning of December.  I shall gather more info from my logs in which anyone else with logs can also confirm.

Also, I encourage to not censor or delete this thread.  It is useful to preserve an open an honest account of all events.
19  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Possible Bitcoin theft [ Intersango/Bitcoincconsultancy on notice] on: February 28, 2012, 05:29:02 AM
Hi world.  This was brought to my attention, and I shall provide some infos/response.

After the lead dev of witcoin went to Poland to work for the guys from intersango the site basically died.

My latest push to the private git repository for witcoin was June 3rd, 2011.  However, ever since February of 2011, my performance, enthusiasm and excitement towards witcoin has declined relative to my suffering from health issues.  Since the end of October there has been a controversy that erupted between noagendamarket and myself.  You may read that thread to learn more about the history.  And still, to this day, I haven't progressed with anything relative to witcoin development, management, maintenance, updates, restoration or providing an ability for users to recover their bitcoins, therefore this thread seems relative to the effort for me to overcome my inactivity, and again, well, I cannot keep using my health as an excuse... I am still alive after all, and I still have limbs for which I can type.

I was promised they would help with witcoin but they basically killed it and I hold them also partly responsible.

This statement seems inaccurate or false.  There is no way anyone in affiliation with Bitcoin Consultancy besides myself could have any involvement to hinder the progress of witcoin.  While there have been efforts and interest especially by genjix to promote, encourage and contribute towards witcoin, still, everything was and still is entirely in my control and access and thus is my responsibility and also relative to the original sentence of the original post, entirely my fault and nobody else's.  The consideration of they or anyone else has offered or contributed to 'help' may seem considerate of them, but in no way are any individuals besides myself responsible or accountable for anything relating to witcoin.  Still, entirely everything is between noagendamarket and myself, in which even as we both self-established each other as co-owners, still only I have access to everything, and noone else.  So, the only accountability, responsibility for resolving anything relative to witcoin is entirely at my own efforts and accomplishments.

I am unable to replace the coins that were taken as the entire codebase and wallet was removed from the server without warning.

This is inaccurate.  The codebase and wallet were never removed from the vps used for the site.  If you review this witcoin thread, you will learn that as of the controversy at end of October 2011 that erupted relative to noagendamarket's latest plea that he could no longer afford the hosting expenses and the collaboration between noagendamarket and myself, there was a growing conflict that led us apart: noagendamarket established an active affiliation with Cryptoxchange that participated in an attempt to establish control over witcoin, especially relative to my inactivity relative to my decline in health and procrastination.  I, in affiliation with others who were generous enough to offer helping with cost of hosting, eventually accepted amiller's offer, in which other than his friendliness, there wasn't any affiliation similar to that of noagendamarket + Cryptoxchange.  And even my affiliation with Bitcoin Consultancy, which amiller is not involved with, was unrelated to that of witcoin even though genjix effortfully provided reference to it on the website, which I mentioned to him a few times concernedly indicating it seemed strange, but he decided to preserve it, and in essence, it is perhaps that that causes influence that Bitcoin Consultancy is affiliated with witcoin or that witcoin is affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy.  But, that is not accurate.  Still, there is no affiliation or correlation other than that I, as a human, have affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy, but I have not included or incorporated my developments or efforts of witcoin into Bitcoin Consultancy.

Getting back on topic, amiller helped to pay for the linode vps for a few months after noagendamarket expressed his ceasing payments around approximately October 28th.  Since them, amiller has paid for the vps.  And during that time, still I haven't progressed with the project/website.  After three months of paying, I did proceed in making backups of the data on the vps before mentioning to amiller that he was welcome to stop paying for the vps account, because, it wasn't his responsibility to keep doing so as he was merely offering a friendly gesture to help.  And since still I had been unaccomplishing, it seemed a waste of resources, in which I am appreciative for his helpfulness, but embarrassed and apologetic for the lack of usefulness that I pursued during those months that he helped.  I still have the backups of the site data and the bitcoin wallet and the affiliated bitcoins, all postgresql data, and everything necessary to prepare for a recovery or to handle resolving the issue that is still existing.  And still I would like to resolve this conflict as well as proceed with things, however, it is difficult for me because of my health issue.  And, even as I reference it again, I also recognize the idea of which referring to it seems quite ample of an opportunity to pursue malicious, scandalous, or otherwise devious, evil, or other corrupt efforts and activities, but I assure everyone again that that is not my intention.  However, I do encourage everyone to keep such ideas in consideration and to not allow overlooking it, because it is important to preserve an open and honest comprehension of important matters like this.  And especially, if I do lie, cheat, steal, or otherwise pursue fraudulent activities, I highly encourage taking necessary action to remedy such abuses.  Anyhow, proceeding with next....

I apologise to anyone who might lose coins because of these peoples actions.

I also apologize, especially so much for the length of which still I haven't resolved any issues relative to witcoin and for which I am solely responsible.  However, eventually I will do so.  And especially in the case that this issue becomes one that involves legal system, perhaps that is useful as yet another inspirational or motivational factor to somehow overcome my interruptive health issue and stop being so lazy and procrastinative as well.  Like, right now, I am typing all of this instead of effortfully working on something relative to witcoin to allow users to recover their funds or to restore the site or something similar.  So, ... I must do that and soon.  in case people think Im deluded Smiley

I noticed this a few weeks ago I think when chmod755 pointed it out.  It was quite surprising, because chmod755 pointed out that 'I' released the source code there.   But, I never did push the source code to a public repository.  I later realized that genjix took it upon himself to do that.  And, relative to my 'promise' that I mentioned last year, 2011, to release code before the end of the year, I did that, albeit very poorly, right here.  And even many months before then, I had already set up on May 12th, 2011.  And still that repository is empty because I haven't yet prepared the code base to be useful for others to use.  It is something I must do, but even as I haven't done it by the end of the year last year, still I did release a 'zip' (ewww) archive of the code as mentioned in the witcoin thread. linked just earlier in this reply.

How about a little background/history for the clueless among us?


After intsersango hired Miz to go to Poland the site was killed and the code taken after I made a demand that it be worked on and that I wanted to take it in a different more professional direction.

mm, I'm not sure how to accurately elaborate on this in an accurate sense.  I am not sure on the idea of my being 'hired.'  I don't consider that I was hired.  I did participate in an opportunity to participate on open source developments in affiliation with Bitcoin Consultancy in which my travel, shared living expenses and food were paid for, however, even after I returned and especially Donald Norman indicated that he wanted to compensate me for my time, even then I felt as if I had not contributed enough effort to be worthy of any compensation whatsoever.  Even as I was in Warzawa, Poland, I still endured much devastating interruption relative to my health issue and I remember even walking one day with genjix and he was concerned about my lack of productivity or accomplishments.  So, definitely I was not comfortable with accepting any compensation for my time there, in which I barely accomplished anything, well, other than making foods for us, especially phantomcircuit who was especially so very lazy to cook food or even eat, oftentimes forgetting entirely, or too busy or preoccupied to even realize his hunger.  So, I was somewhat useful, but it wasn't enough for me to feel worthy of any compensation.  Especially I was so very amazed and excited that I had an opportunity to travel overseas, my first time outside of united states country, and it was so amazing.  The experience was enough of a compensation for me.

But as I returned, around the beginning of October, and for a month, I then proceeded in returning to my developments of witcoin.  I did not do anythning with witcoin while I was in Warszawa.  I did not want to allow witcoin project to interfere with the developments I was working on in affiliation with Bitcoin Consultancy and especially for it to interrupt or take away my time from such developments affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy.  Besides, I already had enough interruption from my plaguing health issue.  And as I did return, and as the controvery evolved around October 28th, the site had been offline for an extended period since then, but still, until sometime in January, the vps was still running and waiting for me to continue working on it...but I didn't...  =/

noagendamarket did express that he had conflicting ideas on taking witcoin in another direction than what I had in mind, and that was a kind of basis for the controversy that erupted in October 2011.  And especially I was attached to the code that I had written from scratch and wasn't sure how to proceed.  Anyhow, I shalln't elaborate so much about it here as anyone that is interested to understand more from my perspective can read the witcoin thread.

And you don't have a copy of the code, I take it?

For the moment still I am the only one with full copy of all necessary data (code, sql data, bitcoins) and am thus responsible for resurrecting, restoring, transferring or otherwise handling anything affiliated with witcoin, therefore, all eyes shall be on me, and for me to take action.

Intersango is a major exchange and id hate for them to get embroiled in a criminal case.

Statements like these seem kind of defamatory or otherwise abusive.  I am a human existence and the sole person reliable for anything related to witcoin.  I have affiliation with others such as Taste of Thai where I was working a couple years ago in Appleton, my ex-stepfather where I am currently staying in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Bitcoin Consultancy, who I had participated with last year in Warszawa, Spencer Daily, who had interviewed me relative to witcoin and several others.  However, it seems that there is a concerted effort to specifically target Bitcoin Consultancy (or one of the projects affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy, particularly Intersango, but not also libbitcoin, Momento VPS, bitcoin media or any other projects affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy or projects affiliated with anyone that is affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy.  In essence, it seems strange for one, in this case noagendamarket, to establish a kind of affiliation of Intersango, a bitcoin exchange, to witcoin.  There is no direct correlation or affiliation.  That is all I shall say on this, as I'm sure others may understand.

Just to be clear dearia has been offered more than one vps to get the code running again and let people reclaim coins. The response has been "Im too lazy"  There are many bitcoin elders who can confirm my actions and my good faith in trying to chase this up.

This is kind of true.  I do accept the comprehension of my laziness and procrastination, but also I am suffering from a health issues which is driving me crazy to this day and this very moment.

I assumed they had good faith and the best interests of users in their heart but apparently if youre a witcoin user you can be ripped off and left without an explanation. It needs to be fixed and NOW.

Again, this statement seems defamatory as well.  Again, I am the sole person responsible for witcoin and everything related to it.  Bitcoin Consultancy and others affiliated with it, e.g. genjix and phantomcircuit, are not responsible or do not have the access or ability to do anything relative to bitcoin other than help to motivate, inspire, convince or otherwise manipulate me to do something, and this is true for any other human existence in cluding that relative to any legal matters that result relative to my inactivity or progress on doing something.

Oh look its even listed o their site as BELONGING TO THEM.

You may read my feedback on this earlier in this reply in which I mentioned that genjix took it upon his own interest to mention witcoin on the website, but in no way has witcoin been affiliated with Bitcoin Consultancy or even genjix or phantomcircuit.  It is something entirely at my own involvement, and also noagendamarket's in which there is controvery/dispute that must be resolved, and, well, it shall be.  I am merely, for now, clearing up some misconceptions or inaccurate statements that are being repeated in this thread.

mizerydearia refused and then removed the code and all the coins from the existing host without prior agreement to do so.  They took over 400 bitcoins and are refusing to return them. Is that difficult to understand?

Again, the code was never removed from the vps.  Everything existed intact and practically untouched (other than for backups) until January 2012 when I suggested amiller needn't pay any longer at his own expense which he was kind and generous enough to offer.  I still have a backup and still I have the ability and full responsibility to restore everything and resolve this issue.  It is entirely my responsibility and all considerations should focus on me and not anyone else.  There is nothing anyone besides me can do.

The coins need to be moved to an address and reported so we know they still exist. All else is piss and wind as far as Im concerned. I dont want anything nor have I demanded anything from Intersango apart from proof they still have the coins.

Again, Intersango is a bitcoin exchange.  Intersango is not a person.  Intersango is a project produced by Bitcoin Consultancy and particularly phantomcircuit as lead developer and also involving genjix and Incitatus.  None of them, nor the bitcoin exchange Intersango are involved or responsible for anything related to witcoin.  It is not their responsibility and even they do not have the ability to do anything.  Actually, the likely thing they could do is to assume responsibility over my existence and to generously offer compensation to others entirely at their own expense, perhaps similar to how MtGox did so with Bitomat when Bitomat lost all their bitcoins.  Again, I still have all the bitcoins and source code and everything necessary to return them, but it is something that I must take action to do, and until I do, it is my sole responsibility and all effort or consideration should be directedly entirely to myself and noone else, e.g. not phantomcircuit, genjix, Incitatus, spenvo, chmod755, or any other human existence.

20  Other / Off-topic / Re: mizerydearia's obnoxious health escapade on: February 24, 2012, 09:51:57 PM
One of my previous housemates responded to me:

i just read through the whole thread at and i kept thinking about a particular thing. this is something i've thought about before in conjunction with your lifestyle when you lived with me. i think the products you use and the frequency with which you shower might be very detrimental to you.
sodium lauryl sulfates and other chemicals are in the hair and body products that you use. just look up sodium lauryl sulfates and there's a huge amount of information about their harmfulness. showering/bathing every day may not show symptoms for awhile, but there is a cumulative damage that goes on, and perhaps your immune system was strong enough to keep it from your awareness until the stress of the apartment your father made you live in. the experience in that apartment could have been a trigger for you to become hyper-aware of the detriment caused by sodium lauryl sulfates (and other chemicals in personal cleansing products) while at the same time weakening your body and causing all the symptoms to become more severe, and then your increased bathing in response will continue to further dry and strip your skin and hair of essential oils and even destroy the cells.
the description you gave of your hair strands falling apart is pretty much the same as what i used to experience when i was bleaching my hair and dying it green and then swimming laps in the lawrence university pool and not always showering afterwards to wash the chlorine off myself. i had never had any problems with dry skin before in my life and i really didn't care about damaging my hair. i developed guttate psoriasis after i graduated because i was going swimming every single day and the chlorine was damaging my skin to the point that my immune system was mistaking damaged skin cells for pathogens. first i started to shower more diligently after swimming, to remove the chlorine, but that didn't help and it made my skin drier and made the psoriasis worse. i tried using lotions and they made it worse. i had to go to new york to perform in rocky horror picture show and i was very concerned about what looked like a terrible rash all over my skin when i had to perform nearly naked in front of thousands of people, so i saw a doctor and got a cream for the psoriasis before i went to new york, and stopped swimming for about a week to give the cream a chance to fix my skin. the cream worked. i went to new york and it was all good. i came back and started swimming again and the psoriasis came back. then it got cold and i stopped swimming and i used some more of my cream because the winter was giving me dry skin in a way that it never had before, but by the spring of 2005 the psoriasis was under control and my swimming habits were sadly interrupted and i never did get back into that routine.
anyways, the whole time i'd been swimming and bleaching/dying my hair, i was well aware of how this was killing it. and it was pretty much just like you described your own hair. i chopped all my hair off a year or so later, and eventually shaved most of my head as you know. once i started letting my hair grow out again, it was thick and lush and undamaged like when i was a child. it was beautiful. i always knew i could do that, so i never worried about what i was doing to my hair. play with it, kill it, it'll just grow back.
but the psoriasis on my skin prompted me to do a lot of research into chemicals and their impact, and i've done a lot of experiments and noticed a significant difference between using commercial products versus using super-expensive custom-made all-natural products. i couldn't really afford the super expensive products, so i opted to shower and wash my hair much less frequently, to conserve the products i'd purchased.  i had already learned during college that if i go for a month or so without bathing, once my hair got through the greasy phase, it was suddenly wonderful, as though it was conditioned, even though it wasn't even washed. but when i was trying to conserve my expensive shampoo and body wash stuff, i discovered that simply decreasing my showering to 2 or 3 times a week instead of daily, had visible results of better skin and hair within a couple weeks, and greatly greatly reduced dry skin. ever since the psoriasis in 2004, i'd had terrible problems with dry skin in the winter, itchiness that was so bad i'd scratch until i bled sometimes. but after i stopped showering daily, i haven't had that kind of dry skin ever since.
my situation is different from yours in very significant regards, but i think certain similarities are notable and will hopefully give you more insight into your own condition and help you figure out how to heal from it.
another thing i thought of while reading that forum thread was when someone mentioned vitamin B and other nutritional deficiencies. i know people who have had anorexia-related nutritional deficiencies who had similar symptoms as yours, but their experiences were related to me vaguely so i don't have much to share on this topic, other than that this is definitely something to look into. i personally have varying degrees of B and D vitamin deficiencies from time to time because of my almost meatless diet and my alcoholism, and one prominent side effect of this is that my skin bruises and tears and scars very easily and takes a long time to heal. i've never had particularly sensitive skin, but i can imagine how easily-damaged and hyper-sensitive could arise from the same sort of phenomenon.

So, I shall try to take showers less, try to not shower daily, and also effortfully try not to take baths.  It will be very difficult for me especially as I awaken and every time I do after a long duration of sleep I feel so dirty and grimy and my eyes, I need to rinse off the muck off and around my eyes, and my hair, I must....  no, I can't.  Even as I only bathe and shower many times and do not use any chemicals, perhaps it is merely the water, even the hard water that is here, that is dissolving my hair and my skin.  So, I shall try to shower less.

Again, this post is relevant.
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