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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: If I bet big I lose, but if I bet small I win on: Today at 03:06:09 PM
Does the casino system/algorithm know the betting patterns we make?
Nope, every roll is unique and different from the previous ones.

This can actually be done with machine learning and data analytics. However, if the provider doing that, I believe this is an unfair provider and international gambling commissions wouldn't give a permission for provider, because they take advantage of the players' playing patterns, both in terms of betting and other gambling methods, and making their players lose because of system algorythm trapped players. So, regarding whether it is possible, of course the provider can analyze the players' playing patterns. Except for offline gambling where it may be difficult to analyze gambler patterns.
I think because of the availability of the house edge system which places the casino over the players and most especially in in-house games that have total control 9f the casino, it becomes difficult to monitor the game algorithm and because of that the casino has all the room to themselves to decide the outcome of the game, and this will always have the high determination to the outcome game.
And even if they have harsh claims to give the gamblers the ability to verify how the game outcome happens, it can still be manipulated to favour the casino as against the player.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can Anyone +18 Play Gamble? on: Today at 12:26:23 PM
In our community back then, they didn't restrict age when it came to gambling because all they thought was just profit but it didn't end up well for them since when they got raided by the police, they faced serious trouble which led them to be sentenced quite long in jail because of that and some of them are still inside the prison even long years had been passed because of the seriousness of their actions. Right now, you rarely see some kids playing because of that, and all you can see is those adults who are addicted to playing and they cannot seem to live without it especially those who love to go to cock fighting arena.
Even up until now, people still have that mentality of no age restrictions in the gambling activities and the majority of the kids in developed countries take gambling as a way of meeting their needs and since there is a high rate of poverty it tends to affect the way the government regulations checkmate the activities of underage gambling.

Many of them have gone into addictions  since they started gambling while they were still very young without the ability to self-control their gambling activities, the impact of age abuse in gambling has ruined many lives in the past and even the future will have fair shares that negative impact of underage gambling involvement.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: tell me the best online casino on: Today at 12:08:48 PM

you are right, by suggesting many casinos and calling them, it's just that everyone has different thoughts, by you suggesting a casino that you think is the best but may not necessarily be the best for other people, our preferences and tastes are different, even though the chances are high the games have the same taste but not the casino. If you just recommend it, everyone can, but to determine whether a casino is good or not, I think we have to register first and gamble at the casino, so that we can experience the service of the casino, whether the casino provides good service or not.
but I think all casinos will definitely provide the best service, including withdrawing and depositing money, because that is the main thing, also the response must be good. I think that can determine us to choose the best casino, because in my opinion there are casinos where when we ask a question or want to consult about a problem that occurs, their response is very slow, either because the casino is not good or because they are busy.
You are right with that, because as long as individuals are concerned, we will always have our preferences and our demands which may differ in several ways and choosing the best or most preferred casino it has alot to do with individual preference,  many times alot of those who rely on third-party advice may get disappointed if the experience is negative of what they expected.
But then we have a few casinos that have been able to sustain a suitable operational position that places them on top of the list of most preferred casinos, by just taking a look through the gambling announcement board and also here in the discussion board you will likely have a high chance of making the right casino to play on, because we have several discussions that will give the ops an insight of what is going on.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Is Satoshi Nakamoto Alive ?! on: March 03, 2024, 10:36:20 PM
As in January of 2024 an unknown user sent 26.9 BTC valued at about $1.2 million at the time of the transaction, to the address Satoshi used to receive the first ever Bitcoin block reward. This transaction brought the holdings of the genesis address to almost 100 BTC.
I thought I have understood many things about bitcoin, but after an unknown sent bitcoin worth over 1 million dollars to the genesis address, I became more confused about bitcoin and feel there's conspiracy somewhere.
I asked myself these two questions;
  • Could this be Craig Wright proving he is Satoshi
  • Or some people are somewhere maybe Satoshi, using the BTC in Satoshwiaddress as reserves to avoid hijack and manipulation of the bitcoin network
Craig Wright is far fro being the person of Satoshi and in his attempt to prove anything close to that has failed to yield any convincing evidence to support that claim, and if we should go along with Bitcoin ideology,  Craig is far from exhibiting any of the characteristics of bitcoin ideology as a way of proving that he has any connection to Bitcoin.
I am sure he already knows that,  and when it comes to Satoshi's real identity or if he is alive or not, that doesn't come out clear to almost all of us but then since Bitcoin is all about aninymiusity and privacy, he satoshi is playing the card well and on point to have gone exile and remained at that all this while.
5  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin, 50k Done on: March 03, 2024, 10:06:14 PM
It was a surprised moved see BTC price in this current position and, it will make hodlers to start releasing  their BTC to the market because this is a nice period to take profits from the market because nobody know what will happen after this $56k.

 Now that the month of february bring us favourable season, i believe next month will make the market price to go higher above $60k and it will make many hodlers to release all their BTC for sale and wait for bear run to come before they can buy again.
To some extent, I wasn't surprised at the level that Bitcoin price has attained in recent times and even the 60k Bitcoin price was a well-deserving amount for me, this is because there have been alot of factors and indices that could have pushed Bitcoin to achieve such price at this moment and much more also the just approved Bitcoin spot trading ETF is another significantly strong event that can possibly push Bitcoin price upward beyond even our own imaginations, this is why I wasn't surprised to see Bitcoin attaining and surpassing the 50k or even more.
And this is just the beginning of Bitcoin's uptrend market outlook as in the coming months Bitcoin is going to be recording more increase in its value as we go along the way down to Bitcoin halving and beyond.
6  Economy / Gambling / Re: I've Made Millions abusing Exploit in a Crypto Casino - AMA on: March 03, 2024, 07:47:38 PM
Several reports for the thread to be locked already and waiting for moderators to take action against this thread since in obvious that the ops just made up the statement just to attempt to deceive forum members into contacting him and he possibly scamming them, but right from the first page, he has already been exposed and that is the reason he have abandoned this thread and none commenting even though he has been active severely within this period.

7  Economy / Gambling / Re: An open letter to Eddie from Stake with lots of shares on Reddit on: March 03, 2024, 07:32:09 PM
The negative impact of gambling addictions and losses can never be overemphasized and for sure casinos find every possible means to market themselves and as long as gambling is legal there is nothing to be done about how the aggressive marketing approach of casino owners increases the rate of crisis.

But much more also, gambling control should be an individual responsibility, since casinos are out to make profits as business ventures, but the other point I may likely deviate also from the open water is where the writer mentioned gambling as a tool for terrorism, this is quite confusing a bit for me, and I believe that the letter was written with much more biased mindset which may have failed to point out every justifiable reason why gambling will destroy the next generation even if properly controlled.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: your perception about gambling on: March 03, 2024, 07:15:49 PM

It's also true as you said, rich people still have many ways to spend their money for fun. you can go on holiday, party and so on, you don't always gamble.
but what I said above is just an example. and only a small number of rich people and those who enjoy gambling can spend time having fun gambling without thinking about winning. Winning is luck, losing is no problem because you are satisfied with the game itself. That's what I mean by the example above.
The fact is spending is not about the rich or poor, when someone knows how to spend money such as none profiting spending is about individual choice because both the rich and poor spend money alike all that matters is where and how that money is spent., gambling as one of those way that people spend money should be categorized as high-risk activities and no one should gamble with the mindset of winning or making profits, since winning in gambling is not certain and totally dependant on lucks for that to happen.
We have those who can easily slide in a chuck amount of money in gambling aiming that when they win, they become better but since gambling winning mostly favours the house, the gamblers are at higher risk of losing such an amount and such spending is class as reckless spending which is not economically wise.
9  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Closing in on 60k, Again! on: March 02, 2024, 11:01:15 PM
What is clear is that the Bitcoin price will go to a point that is much higher than the 2021 ATH. You can see for yourself that the current Bitcoin price has already reached the 2021 ATH even before the halving occurs. I don't know how high bitcoin will go, but my estimate is that the price of bitcoin will break $100k.
2021 is a long time ago, and for Bitcoin to break the record it set in 2021 is very easy and from the current Bitcoin momentum, it won't take long before we see Bitcoin achieving that significant fit, more also we may likely surpass the 69k all time high of that time because we have some events that have pushed Bitcoin to make such liquidity that will propel it pruce to break that record before halven which is the bitcoin ETF approval that happened sometimes in January because at the moment there is a lot of buy-in order from that market and that won't change anytime soon even though Bitcoin has shown bull market tendency already with the way Bitcoin rosed to above 60k at the moment.
What I think is that Bitcoin is going to break the previous all-time high market before the next Bitcoin halving and the next stop price will be 100k or even more depending on what the outlook of the market is then.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling still pays regardless of our losses on: March 02, 2024, 09:14:45 PM
Congratulations on your win! Indeed, sometimes gambling with a more casual and relaxed mindset can sometimes lead to unexpected wins, and it's always exciting to see successful predictions.
Gambling is full of unexpected outcomes and that is why we have to take gambling as. Casual as possible and in doing that, we also need to gamble with an amount that can easily be repeated even when the outcome of the bet goes against us, so that we can keep the excitement on while we expect less but with luck, we still come out with good winning like in this particular case.
Once again, congratulations to the ops and we look forward to reading some other exciting news from you, but in all, you have to apply caution while gambling because one can easily get carried away when you hit the green line the first time.

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What does BTC mean to you? on: March 01, 2024, 10:58:51 PM
Bitcoin for me is a life transformer in the sense that, while is an investment,  it also serves as a knowledge journey that has helped me to dive into so many aspects of financial knowledge and education has helped to enhance my financial knowledge and understanding of what investments are and how to handle a crisis while their arise.
So Bitcoin is a multiple-purpose tool for me and for sure it going to take me through alot of other aspects ls which I may not have discovered yet, so I know for sure that Bitcoin will mean different things for different folks but all it will be in a positive direction and impact.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin proven many times holders won't regret on: March 01, 2024, 09:46:21 PM
If we see the history of Bitcoin, then it's pretty easy to see how Bitcoin recovered its price. It would take time to recover, but eventually it did. So at the end of the day, holders don't need to be regretful. I am talking about Bitcoin, not about any other altcoin. Because even though the Bitcoin price has recovered, many altcoins haven't recovered yet. Even those who bought Bitcoin at the top in the last bull run, I believe they are almost recovered. If they are still holding, they will be in profit within a couple of months. Bitcoin has given us a costly lesson that holders won't regret. We should take that lesson and keep it in mind for the future.
I agree with that, bitcoin has redress many times and has proven its capacity to recover to any price whenever you feel that the market has moved against you as an investor or holder, all that is needed is the patience to wait for some time before you see that Bitcoin has recovered and achieved your desired price.
This is the reason why I always tell those who think that they have missed out on anything as regards to Bitcoin and are feeling that they are already late to join the Bitcoin holders fold, because, bitcoin will always have a way to reward everyone who endeavours to be patience and wait for long term base instead of giving up at current point if the price of Bitcoin may not be to the advantage.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If everyone is holding their bitcoin, will there be a balance? on: March 01, 2024, 09:38:40 PM
Is not realistic or true that everyone will want to hold their Bitcoin 100%, what happens to the Bitcoin traders whose activities are to buy and sell Bitcoin and also others who choose Bitcoin as their payment processor of payment modes, so for that's impossible to see a time where there won't be bitcoin buying and selling.
The market cap for Bitcoin is already in trillions of dollars and at that, we should know that it all the activities of those who buy and sell Bitcoin amount to that total market capitalization, so there can't be any time when we will not have activities of buyers and sellers in the Bitcoin ecosystem.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The shocking rate of women interested in gambling. on: March 01, 2024, 08:15:36 PM
Maybe we should leave women in doing what they are best at which is in taking care of the house just as we the men cant proof that we can do their role more at home than they can, gambling is generally common with men, just few women engage in doing that, women don't really have time for things like this, especially when the risk involved is taking money away in their hands, they would rather prefer earning through businesses than in gambling.
Why should  women be limited to domestic works and respsiibitiy alone or you have you not hard the slogan that whatever a man can do a woman can also do same or even more, so we shouldn't think in that line of thought that women should only involve themselves in domestic responsibility alon, we are in a global adaptation era and anyone with a basic skill can do whatever it placed before them and that is why, women have taken some roles in the society that are aside the domestic domain that many take it to be for women.
This day, women are beginning to dive into so many things, like politics sports, and gambling as we are discussing in this thread.
Women have no prohibition against them not to gamble so for that it shouldn't cause any concern for us at any point
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: What do you want to see in casino reviews? on: March 01, 2024, 05:39:56 PM
Personally, Iíve also read and written some reviews myself and I always try my best to give in a very comprehensive and detailed as well as a sincere review when posting my reviews because I believe it helps the company make adjustments as well as make improvements on where theyíre slagging and lacking behind and it also helps users make decisions on the usage of a particular service.

I personally love to see detailed reviews and not just some scanty writes and I prefer reading reviews that arenít similar and I wouldnít advise any casino to give details on what a review should write when giving their reviews but they should feather increase review pas and be more selective on reviews as I believe this will encourage writing more comprehensive reviews.
Quite right on that, I have read one or two of your reviews and I can say that you always take time to cover all the aspects that can help the casinoo to adjust and also point out the unique features of the casino that can help improve the overall experience of the gamblers and for that, it is better to stand at a point that can help both the casino and the gambler alike.

Against what most of the third-party review sites offer where all their energy and attention are drawn and thrown to what the casino can offer alone without mentioning what the player's experiences are and how satisfied they are with the casino, their reviews are like a promotion to the casino and that can easily mislead us into making the wrong decisions as gamblers and making them a representative of the casino rather than being just and fair to both side.
16  Economy / Speculation / Re: Hey! it's $50k today. on: February 29, 2024, 09:00:06 PM
Looks like the poll should be stopped because it is biased answer or votes that we can gather knowing that bitcoin have already crossed 61k and still getting higher each time now.

I did not cast my vote because of unfair result but what I wanted to say is that I am positive that Bitcoin will continue crossing 65k anytime sooner.

The next halving is soon to come if we continue this growth then we are breaking another record of gaining while before halve?
The Bitcoin market has shown a clear sign of a positive outlook and not stopping anytime soon because even when the price tried to break below $60k severally it has rebound back amd it price is targeting 70k already and if this continues, we may see a non stop uprising market up until before bitcoin halves, although what we are seeing right now is as a result of bitcoin ETF where they're been alot of buy other much more that sell and the traders are in most bullish spirit because no one want to sell below the current price before the halves and if the price continued to sustain the current level it may keep at this and not going below even if it doesn't break the record ATH.
17  Economy / Speculation / Re: 60k possible before end of this month? on: February 29, 2024, 08:47:36 PM
Let us discuss.
you cannot trust the increment of Bitcoin like that because there is every tendency that the price of bitcoin can retrace and the fall back based on the demand and the supply so if the price changes or the market of Bitcoin changes no that it is based on the demand and that is why I said that anything can happen in cryptocurrency and if it happens to retrace that means the price of bitcoin will fall, so the investors control the market of bitcoin from my perspective.

I think if you look from my speculation I am almost right because today bitcoin has already touched 57k plus and we still have about 3 days to the entire swipe of this month away from 2024 and with the sudden surge within this period which is just yesterday and today really proves that bitcoin is certainly gonna touch $60k before this month runs out if it didn't touched then for sure first week of next week within 1st to 7th of March we will have bitcoin touched $60k. I still understand that the market is volatile but a strong feeling that the ETF approval is really giving a strong wave to the Bitcoin growth.
Great to see that your first prediction has played out pretty well and at that you have the high-spirited to make further predictions along the line and now the attention has shifted to aim at a 70k to because Bitcoin is rallying somewhere around that price, hasn't tried several time to make the $64k - 70k which is a price that Bitcoin has really attempted to touch severally.

But then also, the possibility of making the next all-time high before the next Bitcoin block rewards reduction which is already few days around the corner and making that possible attempt may not be out of proportion anyway, but there is strong resistance before that can be actually achieved.
18  Economy / Gambling / Re: - The Leading Crypto Casino - Drake, UFC, Everton, Stake F1 Team on: February 28, 2024, 10:40:27 PM


You donít want blackjack with 1$ bet?  Although betting on sportsbook is one of the most controlled bet you can have on Gambling but I have a better chance on Blackjack since you can have x2.5 return once you hit Blackjack.

I have a record of growing my 5$ to 200$ real quick on Blackjack though so I will definitely choose this game above everything. Besides Stake Exclusive table is the only BJ table that I know that offers 1$ minimum bet.

Slots is also my worst pick on playing using small amount because you have a high chance to bust due to the limited number of spins you can have.
You are really lucky to have turned a $5 into $200 on blackjack and that shows that you hard alot of exciting luck winning time aince you mentioned that you hit that level within a short time and that is indeed commendable,  although i have my own most luck on dice and a couple of times i have managed to turn a few dollars into hundred of dollars and repeated same on few occasions, but we also have to know when to place a limit because the winning won't just continue, and there are times that we still record loses but good bees is that we managed to overcome those lapses and being able to finish at a win with an cumulative rewards that shine our lucks.
But also we may not know what awaits us in the next roll so we should take a break off from the limelight to at least utilize the winning that we already have.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling addiction causes loss on: February 28, 2024, 09:20:33 PM
A rehabilitation center or a medical help would be very good for him. But he first need to accept that he is addicted to gambling and that he needs to stop, for him not to later do something not good to himself.

I had advice him to use only 20 percentage of salary to get away from entire gambling loss.
Tell him not to gamble anymore. If he is still gambling, he needs help like I said.
When there is issues of gambling addiction, and there is a need to get it treated, the best point to start from is in the individual willingness to quit gambling,  because no matter how hard third parties try to help an addict to overcome his addictions if himself haven't realized and be ready to quit gambling,  there will be no way to get him out of it at all, so my advice to the guy us to quite gambling by toa withdrawal and also have a 100% personal commitment to getting over it by all means, only with that can he overcome the addictions.
Many times what keeps an addict hucked is the ambition to recover with the next bet/game and by so doing, they get carried away with the spending to the point that they already accumulate alot of loss and possibly become indebted.

20  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: February 28, 2024, 02:50:47 PM

At some point you can get sell off your investment to meet up certain demand, but it's always advisable to hodl unto your investment in other to have a full rewards.
There must be a source of income to be successful in Bitcoin investment, you must have a stable source of income that will accompany you to your destination.

It has been severally said that every kind of investment comes with certain level of preparedness where there must be a provisional emergency, reserved and float funds to take care of your daily upkeep and unplanned expenses in other not to retard the growth of your investment or completely selling it off too soon.
You got it rightz having a steady cash follow that take cares of your expenses is jey to growth of investment and portfolio and that is why we always say that bitcoin investment ahould be done based on left over cash or money that you dont have any needs for 8n a long time from now, take those who dip into their investment qhen the price of Bitcoin started to pick at $45,000, thinking that is the highest Bitcoin will go at this time, but seeing that Bitcoin is about to break the all time high price it hard in previous year, so that is a shot on the leg.

Most of us commit such investment blunders and to which we have not learned our lesson to always buy low and hold for a long while before conversion,  a situation that sees us to making good and sustainable profits along the line, we need to make adequate preparation tto accumulate more bitcoin and spend less of it holdle is the way up and not cashing out.
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