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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Waste to energy; one of the solutions to BTC mining and adoption. on: October 01, 2023, 05:02:49 PM
I think that big mining center can be used to heat a small town, it looks like a good option as for me
There's more than enough industrial heat "left over" for that already, but it's not that easy to use for heating on a large scale.

The sooth is also converted to vapour and doesn't seem like a concern to the climate or ozone layer.
I know there are more industrial heat, but this is quite different in the sense that it is deliberate in the recycling process and have considered options that concerns sooth emissions and any condition that used to affect the previous implementation of waste to energy solutions.
2  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Nigerian religious institution accepting crypto on: October 01, 2023, 04:57:39 PM
Your point is quite skewed OP. If speaking about religious institution, I have to point you to the fact that there already exist Islamic coin, and that's a crypto currency.
Anything stopping the christians or other religious bodies from adopting or accepting or creating their own crypto currency is but a limitation of their knowledge and resources.

It would make sense to accept crypto currency in places of worship, but is it the legal tender of the country or hope it won't become an issue that might fall back to the crypto community, incase the government is looking for culprits as examples?
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: October 01, 2023, 04:39:09 PM
this one holds truth, trading despite looking simple isn't simple at all, you go against those billionaires who trades with massive capital and expect to get the upperhand? yes you can but hardly, only very few selects able to pull that off. otherwise it will just all about luck.
the one that thing they could go against the wave and came out profiting are those newbies that still haven't had any clue about how the market truly works, basically its the big guys profiting off the retailers and getting all that money in the market.
so think twice before making trading career, if you're not really cut it out to become good analyst based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis i think you will just lose your money.

I have seen a lot of videos in TikTok talking about how trading could easily give you profits as they are just simple to understand. But these kind of situations is not really making it easy for people to do trade. Imagine you are inspired to trade but once you tried it, you got liquidated instantly. I mean there's nothing wrong with that since it's part of our experience for us to grow, but with that process there's literally people taking advantage of it. It might sound cool when you said you are a trader but if you can't be mentally and emotional stable in the process, plus being smart on analysis, I think you won't even survive for long, take your time to learn first and start with small amount to test things out if you're good to be a trader.
One thing I have known is that there is always the option between loving the idea of trading and actually trading.
I wanted to trade from the onset and tried it in my own way. I lost though but not an amount too considerable.

My issue is the emotions that accompany trading and the will to sit and understand the market trends and analysis before trading. I just stick to receiving payments or concluding transactions with crypto and learn until am confident enough to delve fully into trading crypto.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Do we need to backup Screenshots balance on exchange? on: October 01, 2023, 04:00:18 PM
Screenshots of important transactions is good because it is an evidence that is just some clicks away and don't require much explanation.
Depending on the frequency of how you trade, I think keeping a screenshot of all transactions is being too extreme and might make you become or look obsessed.

I also think that unless you reside in a country where Crypto currency is allowed and no strict rules or restrictions against it, then rather unnecessary to have a screenshot of proof when email or text notifications and history of transactions exist as options to maintain proper record of transactions on an exchange.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Waste to energy; one of the solutions to BTC mining and adoption. on: October 01, 2023, 03:27:19 PM
Ever considered venturing into waste business?
It is lucrative and a very creative endeavor for the people of Copahengen to have built a very large waste to energy conversion plant and infuse it with ski sports and any outdoor sport or for relaxation of people withing the vicinity.

Check out this link:

My proposal to those countries who still consider the energy demand of mining before adopting BTC as legal tender is to take a cue and be creative in deployment and development of renewable energy plants from waste disposables and other convertible resources.
Thus, they would have resolved the issues of energy consumption and maintenance when setting up mining farms and integrating BTC payments for transactions, as legal tender or under regulators bearing.

What's your thoughts, let's discuss!
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 01, 2023, 03:13:02 PM
Nottingham Forest really fought hard to secure a point at home after having equalized from a goal down by Brentford.
The result means both teams will remain below the middle of the premier league table and anyone like myself who placed a bet on an above 1.5goal margin will have gotten a green tick for successful prediction.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 01, 2023, 11:00:58 AM
I don't think Ten Hag is able to bring United out of this difficult phase, 7 matches with 9 points is a very difficult situation for fans to understand. I hope Rashford and Bruno are better off just being on the bench, when both of them don't play United can win easily.
Manchester united lacks creativity, theirs strikers seem to lack creative moves and don't want to make good assistance instead they usually want to score the goal to themselves, this very obvious with Marcus rashfod and Bruno Fernandes, whenever they have the ball to them selves around the eighteen box of their opponent they seem to find it difficult to make passes rather they just want to score goals.
I'm fed up with these two players, but whatever the selfishness of Marcus Rashfod and Bruno Manchester United will have difficulty building teamwork. Rashford and Bruno apparently don't want other players to score goals, they often force their position in the penalty box to keep executing and with gaps that they can't see. Even when positions like Mount, Garnacho, Pellistri, or Hojlund are ready to receive the ball, Rashford doesn't want to pass it.

One of the most interesting results of the week was in the Aston Villa - Brighton game I assume. I was expecting Aston Villa not to lose. However this was just too much. I don't know how they managed to win this game by a score like 6-1. Brighton gave up on the game very quickly and it was just a destruction later.

Ollie Watkins was the man of the match clearly. He made a hat-trick and attracted the attention to himself. Maybe he isn't the top scorer but he is one of the best versatile players in the league currently with 4 goals, 3 assists.
I really appreciate Aston Villa performance in the match against Brighton, regardless of the result, in my opinion it was a little excessive and far from expected. However, this shows positive results for Aston Villa in the next match. If Aston Villa is able to maintain its performance, it is possible that facing Wolves will not be a problem. It comes back to whether Aston Villa can prove that or not. Because to be honest, a club like Brighton with quality players was able to be overwhelmed by the pressure from Ollie Watkins et al. This means that Brighton made a big mistake because at the start they thought that Aston Villa was not a threat.
The Manchester United team is still in their discovery state. Rashford is merely playing but hardly has his input in terms of relating with the team with passes and scoring goals.

It should be an easy win for Nottingham Forest with Taiwo Awoniyi in attack. He has had a few games too many to put up an impressive performance and shows why he remains to be top choice after netting 3goals in their 7matches this season.
Also, Nottingham Forest have an impressive home record to maintain and it's Brentford who should give at least 300% effort if they hope to win or get a draw.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Where are all the Bitcoin naysayers? on: October 01, 2023, 10:34:54 AM
The naysayers of Bitcoin are those who trade altcoins or shitcoins more than they do BTC, that's if they do own BTC.
BTC has proven to be a valuable asset that can be left for sometime and one would still have gains when sold off. Although the gains may not be as much as altcoins or shitcoins, it is the almost steady nature it possesses that makes it of value.
9  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Do not save your keys on your phone. on: September 30, 2023, 10:04:18 PM
Anyone can save their keys or data where it's most comfortable for them, be it in the phone or written out somewhere.
The fate of theft or mishap can happen anytime and it doesn't really matter where the keys are stored, so long as it can be retrieved when needed and with ease. 
This is digital age where wallets and purses get missing as much as phone or other computer devices do.

It's okay to save your keys where it is most accessible to you the owner and it doesn't matter if it on your device or elsewhere.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Exploring the potentials of bots in portfolio management on: September 30, 2023, 09:57:36 PM
The potentials of many of todays tech is massive in that bots and A.i has recently been applauded and given a front row in cryptocurrency trading and exchange.

While it is okay to program bots to do some strategic trading, the fun in being human and trading while being exposed to the emotions of trading, will have been greatly minimized.

Bitget is a pro exchange with more advanced features that offers both bots and AI assistance for its customers and users.
For a portfolio management however, it would be on track and recommended to use bots since they are more awake and will do exactly as programed to do at any time of the day .
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Violence and anger could be a sign of gambling addiction in youths on: September 30, 2023, 09:47:35 PM
Is there any effective way to make sure youths stays where the are told to stay instead of looking for quick money? Gambling isn't the solution to poverty it will possibly drown you deep into more poverty.

Effective way in general? I think there is none.

These youths are obviously have their own family. It will depend on how these youths will grow up on that family. Their own family will construct them to become a better and responsible person while they are growing up. Just trust them to grow up nicely.

We can't solely just consider gambling as the reason why turned sh*t.
I don't really support the case of attributing violence and anger to gambling addiction alone.
 The youths who engage in gambling too much are simply too jobless or don't have any real responsibility, else there wouldn't be the thought to spare to anger or become violent knowing the consequences of such behavior.
What's more a sign is when they get moody too often mostly on days when others are simply enjoying themselves and having a good time.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: trade without fees? on: September 30, 2023, 08:25:10 PM
You have to understand that an exchange was created in the first place to make money, so you looking for where to evade fees or charges isn't proper, but sourcing the cheapest is the wise thing to do.
Network speed is also a determinant to charges because various coins use different network under Blockchain to facilitate transaction.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Recession? How to face It? on: September 30, 2023, 08:13:28 PM
Recently, the economic news media has always been busy with discussions regarding inflation and recession. Because perhaps this is indeed a global problem or a problem that is being faced in many countries.
Actually, news like that has two impacts on news readers. that is
1. Panic and fear
2. Be more alert and make preparations to face the recession itself.
These 2 conditions have become shadows that are quite attached to my mind, and I sometimes reflect on such situations. Panic and fear are clear because I am not from the upper middle class so panic and fear require us to be able to take advantage of the situation while it is still under control. As for preparing oneself for the worst possibility, it is also not fully supported, unstable finances to meet needs cannot guarantee survival longer in the midst of a prolonged recession.

Fear like that is normal, but it doesn't have to be mourned and makes us weak. However, right now we can still do various things and for whatever reason, don't make what we have achieved seem like it was in vain. The global recession will not happen all at once, it will be gradual, and in a gradual process, there will be many ways that both the government and the world can use to get out of the pressure.
Taking advantage of conditions that are still stable is a good way to prepare ourselves to face these two conditions, but it would be better for us to have some income so that we can survive if we have entered these two conditions. Everyone has a different way of dealing with a recession, there are those who think too much about this condition and there are those who live their lives by continuing to work to meet their needs and they will save money to survive this condition, and those who think too much about it will be lazy to do their work. so they don't get the income to be able to meet their needs. In my opinion, when facing conditions like this, we must continue to do what we can to earn income and spend the money we earn well and not use money for needs we don't need.
Recession or not, life is for the living. The underlined sense is to be preferential in expenses and opt for alternatives where and when necessary.

It is important to keep doing what we do to earn a living, but what's more rewarding is to invest in knowledge to gain experience in other money making ventures, hence, living more comfortable despite any economic situation.  
Trading crypto or doing some remote tech work is quite good and a venture into food business will surely make one too full to care about economy or recession.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Invest in bitcoin and forget the investment on: September 30, 2023, 07:28:08 PM
It is good advise to invest in Bitcoin and just forget about it till you actually want to remember, but the issue is how to endure the process of achieving this feat.
 If DCA strategy is what's employed for this, the duration for the DCA will be added to the duration of forgetting because you can't actually claim to forget your investment and still DCA .
Also, the fact of buying the Bitcoin at once is good but can you really afford it?
Remember also that not your keys, not your coins, incase during the forgetting period, hackers get their way into your wallet or you don't know your phrases anymore.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 30, 2023, 06:40:39 PM
Wolves beating the defending champion Manchester city, is something I didn't see coming, I believe a lot of people too didn't.
That's just the beauty of the game of football, the two biggest teams in Manchester dropping points to lesser teams today isn't funny at all.
For Manchester city, I would just say wolves where just lucky, but crystal palace played brilliantly that first half of the game, as Manchester United where the good side at second half but then palace had the day.

I least expected this as it was really surprising to me that wolves who hasn't been at their best this season could defeat the champions of the league, they actually won the first half and Manchester city couldn't get an equalizer for the first half of the game, wolves although isn't a weak team but it wasn't expected of them to have won this match.

Manchester city managed to get a goal in the second half of the game. I was expecting a comeback from Manchester city because they had a good play throughout the game from the first to the second. But then wolves were lucky to have the day, this is making the league become really interesting as all this stands as suprises, to further make it fun it is coming at this time when we think the big boys are at their best.

Crystal palace did put up a very strong resistance against Manchester united in the second half of the game as they were very defensive to protect their goal and make sure that Manchester united didn't get to have a draw, it was interesting most big teams dropped points today, not only did they drop points but they did to smaller teams which they shouldn't have but then that's the game of football and anything can happen.
Who the hell saw this coming? Wolves, who have been kind of meh this season, win? Really, come on. Man City couldn't even score in the first half to tie the game. Which makes me think, "This can't be right." Even though City got off to a bad start, I still had faith that they could win in the second half

Well, they did score, but it wasn't enough. Wolves got their time in the sun. It feels like a slap in the face for the big teams, doesn't it? I get that football is uncertain, but this? The league is becoming quite the show because of it. And yes, as you said, not just City but also Man United? Losing points to teams like Crystal Palace that are thought to be weaker? Something is going on, and I'm not sure if I like it
I still remain stunned by the result of today's matches because who would have thought that both Manchesters would loose their matches on same day?
Wolves, WestHam united and Tottenham Hotspur remain the most formidable opponents in the premier league.
It's good Arsenal won and Kai scored his first goal for the gunners. My concern is Saka who got injured and pray he recovers in time to start for the gunners.
16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Why most people for naija believe say Bitcoin na scam? on: September 28, 2023, 10:01:27 PM
One major thing I see inside this matter be say, until government of we country accept am as legal tender or make announcement or broadcast say we fit dey accept for payments from trusted parties or use am connect with the CBDC wallet somehow, e go just hard for people mostly those wey always dey glued to network news or over patriotic to believe say no be scam.
The truth be say one suppose don get some level of tech knowledge before e go fit even begin comprehend the discussion of Bitcoin let alone understand wating Crypto currency mean.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sometimes just flex it ( luck is all you need) on: September 28, 2023, 09:53:45 PM
One clear thought and the action of immediacy has borne many innovations and brought about technological advancement in many society today.
Am very sure at the moment while you made the bet, you had no stress or anything that disturbed your mind and thinking process. You were calm and acted naturally in accordance with your instinct.
Anyone who is just trying out sports betting for the first time may find it hard to just flex their gut feelings by staking on matches. I believe with constant plays, you have come to understand the ryhme naturally and am sure you are just off to your biggest win yet.

Congratulations on your win OP.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 28, 2023, 09:44:05 PM
Chelsea did performed well in that game which I was surprised aswell, they had good possession of the game although the game from the first to the second half of the game and they later wom which was more like a deserving victory for them as they did played well, although it wasn't expected of them to give out such a performance, one will think the best they could do would be a draw.

They also missed so many chances aswell not like they just won or didn't had a good play, it was quite impressive and I taught they would further score another goal. Brighton on the other had did well too the tried their best but I think they weren't putting so much into this game because they were preparing for their next premier league game , they aswell missed tons of chances in the second half of the game and saves were made aswell

I'm expecting Chelsea to pickup from this victory to makeup for all their bad performance this season by getting a victory in their next premier league game against fullham, if they could get at least four or five winning streak we could then say Chelsea is back on their feet again as the champions they were once known for.
They've put a smile on the face of their fans and i hope they do so again in their next match against Fulham, the win against Brighton in the EFL should build the confidence level of the players and if they performed well like they did against Brighton believe they will win their next match in Fulham's home, though it would be so challenging because Fulham is a team that shouldn't be underestimated.

 Pouchettino has to start winning matches to gain the support of the fans again in if they win against fullham, i think their confidence level would be boosted to a point that we'll start seeing them performing well again, Todd Boehly has spent a lot of this team and he deserves success from the so I think they should try their best to impress him with a win in their next match.
Chelsea deserved the win against Brighton, after having either lost or draw matches following that. I doubt they would like to loose even in the slightest bit in their upcoming game against Fulham, because even Pochettino knows that the next thing he might get will just be a sack letter. 
I wonder how they will perform when they get to play against Liverpool or Man city or Arsenal or even Man united.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 28, 2023, 09:15:00 PM
Victor Osimhen had the opportunity to join another team, most notably Saudi Arabia, but he turned it down because he wanted Napoli to continue being the best team in the serie A league. I believe that if he joins Saudi Arabia, he will earn more than four times what Napoli is paying him. I just hope that Napoli will act appropriately in this situation because if Osimhen leaves Napoli, that team will be finished because I don't see anyone else who can score goals like him, Even the captain of the squad is unable to score goals like Osimhen, so a striker player is crucial to the team.

Victor Osimhen had many clubs that had interest in his signature but he turned them down and decided to commit himself to Napoli. But it seems like some group of people wants to make his stay of this uncomfortable. But he still has the opportunity to leave because many clubs will be willing to get his service. From what is happening in the club, there is doubt that Napoli do well this season.

Anyhow they want to push that narrative, I will take that as racism. That altitude of Napoli didn't start from them, it's a normal thing in Italy to frustrate black players and yet African still patronize them, maybe it's because they they don't have alternative. I'm still saying it again, if not for Osimhen effort and dedication, Napoli will have remain the silent club Marradona help win some trophies long years, I never had interests in Seria A matches until Osimhen appeared in the club.

Napoli is under investigation.

He can be penalized with points but I doubt it will happen.

Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis is under investigation by the Rome Public Prosecutorís Office for financial irregularities during the transfer of Osimhen from LOSC Lille to Napoli. Investigation is still going on to check if the club was involved in any fraudulent activities. If this claim is proven to be true the club will be in a deep shit. They might face points reduction which might make them relinquish the Seria A title they won last season. So many controversies about an extraordinary striker.

Napoli issued a statement and instead of them to apologize, they are still playing with words. If I'm Osimhen, I will live gently to a more appreciating club, if he is good indeed I'm sure that even if he should go do another worse club, he can revive and get a name there as well, there is no point in staying where they don't value your efforts and still fill with bitterness because he lost a penalty, the last I check great players had all ones in their life time lose one or two or even more penalties in their career.

If Osimhen has gone to Saudi Arabia where big men are enjoying life, with his performance and consistency in scoring goals, the Arabs will have push him to the mainstream just the way they are doing to Ronaldo but he is hear in Napoli but there are speculations thag he is yet to sign a new contract with Napoli that is going to last for another 3 years till 2025, or maybe he saw this coming and wanted to chilax untill this tiktok video when viral for penalty insult.

Osimhen 's last performance in Napoli match was great, as he scored despite all this hullabaloo surrounding him and his club.
I think he has proven himself to be a very good striker and before considering making a move to the Arab leagues, unless, it is money that is his concern, he should try out the premier league. Or Spanish league where he would get to prove himself better.

He is too young to retire to the Arab leagues, but if for me, I would. I rather play beautiful-not-as-serious-football than play in a very serious league and either sit on the bench or get to suffer injuries that might cut my career short.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why is cryptocurrency illegal in some countries? on: September 28, 2023, 08:39:07 PM
... for example, bitcoin. By using cryptocurrency it is easy to transfer money without any involvement of banks and other financial institutions.

To buttress this point, am sure you are aware Cryptocurrency is used in purchasing some products, like Elon Musks' Tesla,  wherein you can buy using crypto, but he stopped the use of cryptocurrency in purchase of his Tesla's.
Although recently he was interviewed on when he would allow his Tesla company resume the acceptance of Crypto for purchase of Tesla, it is rather evident that even in countries where crypto currency is not used as legal tender, it might be accepted by some businesses for purchase of their products or for services they render, based on if you are a special customer of course.
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