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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.0 [Torrent].
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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Re: 🔥Social Media Manager✅Bounty Manager✅Signature Campaign Manager✅🔥Lowest Rates✅ on: Today at 08:06:10 PM
2  Economy / Services / Re: 🔥Social Media Manager✅Bounty Manager✅Signature Campaign Manager✅🔥Lowest Rates✅ on: Today at 08:05:41 PM
3  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-10-27] Hublot Launches The Bitcoin Inspired Watch on: Today at 07:59:38 PM
Well, it looks like the whales are out there Smiley because according to this news

Or it could be a single whale who bought em all Tongue I mean they are paying through supposedly anonymous currency, I am sure a whale can cook up some re-directional addresses too.

P.S I am just fking with you. It is nice that they sold out. The Adoption Train is real.  Cheesy

I think the time when BIG BANG MECA-10 P2P will be sold by speculators for much higher price is just around the corner.

Yeah most likely. These watches will be the new Casascius for sure.

$25000 would be just a piece of dust on whales wallet. lol

True dat...
4  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-10-27] Hublot Launches The Bitcoin Inspired Watch on: Today at 04:19:33 PM
$25,000 Shocked I am lost for words. It's funny the article mentions that there will only be only 210 watches cuz it represents the 21 million bitcoins only figure but I doubt them. That figure is more of how many whales they are trying to target Grin but I doubt there are that many whales out there Tongue Anyway the good news from all of this is, Hublot has also started to accept bitcoins for other watches and this watch is the celebration for that. You can read more about that here:

P.S I am surprised there is nothing on aliexpress.

China wat are you up to fam. I want my A-Grade Replica asap...
5  Economy / Services / Re: 🚀 🚀 [Signature Campaign] 🚀 [.01 BTC/week] on: Today at 02:30:30 PM
The pay rates was 0.015 when it first started and then downsized to 0.01 after jerempwr announced the reopening of the campaign. Here's the quoted post about it.

My bad... Thanks for pointing out Smiley
6  Economy / Services / Re: 🚀 🚀 [Signature Campaign] 🚀 [.01 BTC/week] on: Today at 02:13:13 PM
Got the payment, But I am a bit confused. The Thread states that its 0.0006 BTC per post and a max amount of 0.015 BTC per week. But we all got 0.01 BTC. Did I miss something?
7  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Posing as Elon Musk, hacker nets about $180,000 worth of bitcoin on: November 12, 2018, 08:52:46 PM
I saw the same thing happen to Eva Longoria the other day on Twitter, except they really did hack her account. But they only raised like $600 because, after all, it was Eva Longoria. Not much of a bitcoin fan base crossover.

If Andy Kaufman was alive and well he'd post something like this on Twitter and pay out plus send the latecomers' money back just to sow some doubt about whether they're all scams or not.

Lol, I was thinking the other day that Twitter should introduce 2FA for at least blue badge users. Like for every tweet the app sends a message to the user which it automatically verifies before posting. There won't be any inconveniences for the users as the verification will be automated plus it will help in cases where these celebrities get hacked. Whatsapp does it for verifying your cell number, I am sure Twitter can come up with a similar feature.
8  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-10] Swedish Man Sentenced After Sending Bomb to Crypto Firm on: November 11, 2018, 01:09:01 PM
@harlot I get what you are trying to say. Most white people get away from crimes by getting labelled as "Unstable" but then again any person trying to take the law in his own hands isn't sane either. We live in a society where there are means to tackle any situation through legal means, anybody who doesn't understand that clearly needs some catching up to do. I still find it hard to believe that people are living under rocks that they resort to violence instead of using the legal route.
9  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Posing as Elon Musk, hacker nets about $180,000 worth of bitcoin on: November 11, 2018, 12:45:06 AM
Quote from: gentlemand
It would be good if Twitter tightened up on it all the same because the next bull run is going to draw in even more cognitively disadvantaged marks.

Even if there is a petition for additional security measure I doubt they will budge. I mean its way easier to talk shit and ban something instead of improving your platform.  Roll Eyes
10  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-10] Swedish Man Sentenced After Sending Bomb to Crypto Firm on: November 11, 2018, 12:31:48 AM
Quote from: gentlemand
You've never bombed someone? Get with the times, baby. U don't get anything done with it these days.

Lmao... I Guess I have got a lot of catching up to do.  Grin

Quote from: gentlemand
Considering how many toxic personalities there are involved in crypto I'm impressed there's been so little violence reported so far.

Lol, Would you like naming a few Tongue ?  P.S Lets not give em any ideas...
11  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-10] Swedish Man Sentenced After Sending Bomb to Crypto Firm on: November 10, 2018, 09:55:00 PM
Lol, Why do people like to take the law in their own hand? Even if they were denying him a password reset, the sane thing would have been to hire a lawyer... I mean its easier to book an appointment than looking for how to make bombs on google. But then again "We Live in a S O C I E T Y"  Grin

This man might be unstable

Might? I mean is there any doubt remaining? He sent a bomb for crying out loud mate and you still aren't sure... Lol, Dafuk! He is Definitely Unstable iyam.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: November 10, 2018, 09:37:53 PM
if he's being considered as compulsory by PCB for the ODIs, then at least his number should be moved to somewhere in middle-order so that he may not ruin the opening of the match. It'll eventually be done but only after a few more failures.

Just caught the highlights like an hour ago, Fakhar played a decent knock at run a ball. Should help him with his confidence issue. I hope he gets another 50 in the upcoming match, will surely help him get in form.
13  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Posing as Elon Musk, hacker nets about $180,000 worth of bitcoin on: November 10, 2018, 09:30:48 PM
If Elon Musk's specially badged account told you to inject your phallus with bleach to extend your life by 20 years would you do it without question? I would not.

Lol, Neither would i. But I want these platforms to get the same heat as bitcoin does. Why do they target bitcoin whenever something goes wrong? I mean the recent ransomware attack. Bitcoin got only bad press from that while the hackers should have gotten the press. Maybe it's just me who wants to see some karma in action.
14  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Posing as Elon Musk, hacker nets about $180,000 worth of bitcoin on: November 10, 2018, 12:43:15 AM
The only people who should be held accountable are the fools who lost their money. Just because someone is a celebrity or 'verified' doesn't mean you should give them your money, especially online.

I mean anyone who isn't tech savvy doesn't mean they are a fool. These platforms often give bad press to the cryptos saying things, like they are scam/shady and users should stay away from them. Just look at how Facebook and Google banned crypto related ads. But when these Platforms are used to sell fake courses, we don't see an action from them banning all these fake gurus. It's their hypocrisy which I can't stand. I do agree with you on people being fool but not everyone is a tech savvy person. There should be measures which protect the users on their platform.

Nigerian lottery scams because the email came from 'prince'.

You can't compare the two. One is a shady email address, while other is a special badge from a supposedly trusted platform.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: November 09, 2018, 09:09:24 PM
Good balls can't be turned into sixes or fours, correct, but they can be played as dots.

Good players can turn those good bowls into 1s and 2s. Pakistan always had an issue with their openers. They still aren't producing the batsmen who are able to convert good balls into 1s and 2s. The only player I have seen doing it effectively is Babar Azam and Sarfraz when he gets going. I like your suggestion of moving him down the order to use him as a pure striker but you guys already have Asif for that? I mean Pakistan needs more batsmen in its line up that's a no-brainer but I don't think Fakhar can do much down the order.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: November 08, 2018, 08:33:19 PM
I've been closely watching Fakhar's performance for a while, and can confidently say that his technique will ONLY work on bad balls.

Lol so do the rest of 99% of batsmen, You can't turn Good balls into sixes or fours, Its a game for both batsmen and bowlers. Only those batsmen are successful which can capitalize on bad balls. I remember kholi went without a 50 in 12 matches in a row. But they gave him the confidence that he needed. Look how good he is performing. All i am saying is let the dude complete the series and then decide from there.
17  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Posing as Elon Musk, hacker nets about $180,000 worth of bitcoin on: November 08, 2018, 07:49:18 PM
Especially those who are responsible for auditing the advertisements launched on their platform (if audits are even taking place in the first place!).

Facebook does it with AI, They have this no more than 20% text rule. But this doesn't immediately filter out any sort of hate/scam content. There are special keyword filtering as far as I know. If your description or the title match those keywords then the ad is manually reviewed by their team. If it comes clean the ad is automatically processed. Also with Twitter, they aren't exploiting the ads but rather their feature.

A platform's number one concern should be their users and if they're exposing their users to such a blatant scam then I feel like you're equally (if not more) responsible for the way this scam has turned out.

Exactly but No one wants to take the blame. Just look at how Facebook and Google handled the ICO ads. Instead of doing their job which would have been to validate the businesses they are working with, they just banned them altogether. But what I find hypocritical here is that They allow these fake gurus to sell these fake courses and make millions yet they haven't banned selling of courses on their platforms. I dunno why these platforms are so selective and anti-cryptos.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: November 08, 2018, 06:06:33 PM
Quote from: Raja_MBZ
I agree that Trent Boult's bowling was exceptional but, being so experienced in Abu Dhabi, the batsmen should've handled it.

Should have or could have doesn't matter if it isn't your day you can't really do much iyam.

Fakhar has no technique at all, his entire performance depends upon his luck.

Nah he is got his "technique". I have seen him play. His timing is sweet. I believe its more of a confidence issue.

Pakistan does need a good opening batsman. BTW, Sharjeel Khan might be making a return sooner or later.

First, define "Good". Does getting a 50 off 80 balls in each match means the player is a good openner? Fakhar has got the brute force required at top of the order to get off to a good start, something which was sharjeel's role. I don't think Pakistan has a player right now who could replace fakhar. The problem with these style of players is that they will fail more often than the regular ones. You have got to be patient with them. I say, Let fakhar play this ODI series and decide afterwards.

A league like PSL but of 50-overs can probably help Pakistan in ODI-format.

I dunno how a single league can help em out. They should really work on their local talent. More local tournaments with bigger prizes would be a good start.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: November 07, 2018, 10:42:44 PM
New Zealand defeated Pakistan easily in this one. IMO, if the partnership between Sarfaraz and Imad had continued till the end, the result would have been different. The top-order of Pakistan totally collapsed today,

I think we have a different definition of collapse mate. That was some good bowling by Trent Boult to get Hafeez and Babar. I hardly blame them. "Fucker" was disappointing as usual, Pakistan should start thinking of alternatives. Poor fella has failed too many times at the top order now.

and this is the 12th consecutive ODI loss of Pakistan against New Zealand.

Lol, Doesn't surprise me xDD

Pakistan needs to focus more on ODIs and Tests; they've been indulged too much in T20 format for the past few months.

And what do you suggest them? Playing against other top nations won't help their cause that will only demoralise them more. They need to focus on their local cricket Structure. Just like they copied other nations with PSL, they should start copying their local structure too. Only Good will come out for them iyam.
20  Bitcoin / Press / Re: [2018-11-06] Electric Bike Runs on Lightning Network on: November 07, 2018, 10:22:43 PM
Quote from: BitHodler
We might even see tokenized fiat currencies being easily divisible and transferable be used for micro payments. Bitcoin's progress motivates the rest to follow and you can be sure that they will follow.

People have been moving away from the hard cash for almost a decade now, I totally see governments launching their own tokens in the near future, Imagine if we could bring back smaller denominations which aren't used today. How it will affect the pricing... A whole lot of possibilities open up when you think of it...

Quote from: xFiber
That's relative, for us westerners it's not a lot but for other people it might be. Heck if I'm paying $120 annually for a service that I only want to use a couple times per year I'd rather get myself a ppm plan and use the money saved to take my girlfriend somewhere nice for dinner.

Agreed, But lets but honest here for a minute. If you are using a service like let's say Netflix a couple of times per year, chances are you won't be on a yearly subscription plan. You will probably subscribe in those months in which the need arises. If you say that you don't have the time to cancel the subscription then I doubt money is the issue here. If money was an issue here, you could have easily made the time to cancel your plans.

Quote from: xFiber
Also this ppm plan is just me brainstorming in context of micro payments on LN not me coming up with the most useful way for the general public to consume premium content based on the LN.

I know, The reason I am arguing against this is that LN was made for a very specific purpose which wasn't to introduce new forms of payment plans but rather to solve the issue of high fees associated with On-Chain Transactions. Bitcoin is already hard to grasp for an average joe, let's not overwhelm them with things which they aren't yet ready for.

Quote from: xFiber
What exactly is that even supposed to mean? What is it that we're supposed to get out of our audience?

First of all, I was talking from a sellers perspective. If a dude is living off on $2-$3 per day, He will most likely not have access to high-speed internet to enjoy a service like Netflix or Spotify. Hence why plans like ppm aren't as attractive. These services are more for western audiences than eastern. That's why let's say paying for a $10 subscription with 1 penny in fees makes sense. That's a real use case of LN.
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