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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Always do your own research (DYR) on: Today at 01:21:03 PM
Newbies who rush into crypto especially altcoins without understanding often rush out of crypto with a loss too.


Many people can't withstand crypto investment no matter how many times you try explaining to them, seeing their money lose some percentages is like stabbing a knife through their hearts, they just can't do it.

I have noticed that the majority of these people don't like doing their own diligent research, they are the type that always want someone to do everything for them, and they are like this because once something bad happened they will be able to hold you responsible.

I call such people the weak ones, it is very important to always tell people about the advantages and the disadvantages of investing in crypto, some weak ones will reveal themselves to you instantly, you can't know how success tastes like if you don't want to fall.

Losing is the fear that takes over humans mind and trying again is the way to winning, most of the time we need to taste what failure feels like to progress in life, if you don't take risks and embrace losses you can't ever grow.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why do some people hide to gamble on: Today at 11:18:26 AM
So at this point I decided to bring it here to know or see different views from different intellects here on why do some people hide just to gamble or if it is the best way to gamble ?.

It is true that they will not get pleasure from gambling in public so they choose not to do it.
Those who gamble in secret do not want to embarrass themselves which allows gambling activities in the environment to have a negative view.
Another possibility could still be a more positive answer as to why they did it in a place like that. The rest only they know.
I hide when it comes to gambling and these are the reasons why.

1. I have kids living with me, I don't want them to copy me because they have so much respect for me, one once said that he is looking up to me, he is my nephew and my life story is like hope to them, he claimed he want to grow up and become like me, I have always advice them to avoid gambling if they really want to make money, I did this to protect them from gambling addiction.

2. Right from the start I have always hate gambling in thr public, in my country people will use it against you when they notice that things aren't going smooth in your life, they will spread rumour that all you are making is going into gambling and that's why your life is upside down. I shouldn't care much about this, it shouldn't be my business, until I saw how it impacted a brothers life, that the society even deny him of job, because he is a gambler.

When you have children around you, they always want to follow the steps of the older ones around them, either good or bad they don't care, as they still can't tell the difference.
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Now that Bitcoin is no longer digital cash? on: Today at 10:01:16 AM
I ask this question because I wonder what Bitcoin will become now that the financial institutions and meme coin advocates have taken over.

If Bitcoin is not peer-to-peer electronic cash then how do you see it?

Bitcoin is no longer a digital cash? Maybe in your own world mate, Bitcoin is a digital cash or let me say it can be used as digital cash, if you want to settle a payment you can pay in Bitcoin, it depends if the seller is willing to receive Bitcoin as means of payment.

You can use Bitcoin in anyway that you want, as a store of value, a brilliant way of avoiding devaluation that attacks Fiat most of the time, you can hodl it for future big gains or you can use it to settel payments, the choice is yours.

The existence of memecoins and altcoin did nothing bad for Bitcoin, even if something is created thats better than Bitcoin in terms of payment solution and others, Bitcoin will still remain the No #1.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How can we help beginners not to get addicted on: Today at 09:25:13 AM
I think if gambling companies can help to giving beginners to understand gambling and addiction it will help and reduce the rate at which people get addicted o gambling, I mean good lesson for people to get understanding.  Or do gambling companies benefit from gamblers who are addicted, which the awareness of getting addicted can affect their business?.

I believe that gambling companies already did what they can, there will be limit to how they lecture people about responsible gambling, because if its too much then they are simply telling people not to gamble at all.

Some countries put age restrictions and they stop people from using debit cards to gamble online, they have tried, but are people not the stupid ones? Some people have crazy mindset when it comes to making money, you don't have to be told that gambling in expectations of making life changing money is asking for too much.

Still you will see gamblers risking money that's not their on gambling, some take loans to gamble and some quit their jobs to be a full time gambler, I hardly get a good news from such people, it is always one bad news after the other.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Can Bitcoin be a full time career for investors? on: Today at 08:09:06 AM
Come to my country, many investors solely rely on Bitcoin to survive, they are big risk takers and they don't have anything else that's bringing them money.

It is doable if you aren't scared of the risks involve, there will be good and bad times, but if you can make money enough to cover all your expenses and bills then you will be fine.

This days there are many online jobs that are paying in Bitcoin, you join them you start making money, also consider investment too, could be short term or mid, you will always have enough time to learn lots of stuff, a lonely mind have enough room for self improvement, this is why I am so into crypto and Bitcoin investment.

Mind you, there is nothing stopping me to have other side business offline too, since I have a partner that can manage the offline business for me, no source of income is too much if you can handle them.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: You will lose more if you DCA without knowledge on: April 17, 2024, 03:18:01 PM
What I have noticed with my bitcoin holding is that, I have continued to lose more, each time i try to take advantage of the price to profits, in form of DCA approach.

This outcome lead me to make further research about the best way to build profits using DCA and I find out that, is a wrong thing to do as a newbies without adequate knowledge about the volatility of the bitcoin market, and also no matter how sweet the DCA approach have been for experience bitcoin investors, DCA can still be the worst for a newbies,  so I say newbies should stay away from DCA until they have the knowledge of the risk and approach to DCA.

Thank you for reading.

You want quick profit and that's the problem, you don't even understand what DCA means because if you do you won't be expecting profits fast, you will even be hoping that this correction stays longer than most people wanted, so that you will have enough time to accumulate as many Bitcoin as possible.

There are many investors in crypto space today that aren't suppose to be here, crypto investments doesn't suit people like them, they are better off running a business that will bring them passive income everyday.

While people are feeling sad about a correction, it is a calling for me to start investing, I have been using DCA even when Bitcoin was trading for 70k but my DCA method increase in value once the bears attacked the market, which is the way it is supposed to be.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Online Gambling: Modern entertainment or highly addictive game? on: April 17, 2024, 12:42:42 PM

With gambling increasingly legalized in many countries, this can be considered a modern entertainment game.

Wrong, Gambling is old skool, its been around for a very long time and my grand father says a lot about gambling when he was around in his 70s.

When it comes to modern entertainment, gambling was been refined like a wine, thats all I can say, but its a very old way of entertainment.

Bitcoin was born in 2009/2010 and this makes it a modern digital money, we can't say the same for Fiat currency, gambling is old skool, while VR gaming is a modern way of entertainment today.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Online casino gambling is more of profit chasers while land base is more of fun on: April 17, 2024, 10:06:34 AM
What is your opinion towards my research that online casino gambling has more of possesed players who stakes to make profits while the land base gambling is more of players who stakes for funs?

The difference is online gamblers have fast access to gambling, which makes them likely to get addicted to gambling faster, in terms of offline, people who likes to gamble can even feel lazy to get down to a located casino nearby.

When it comes to the fun aspect I believe both delivers, how the gamblers using these platforms handle the activities depends on them, I found online games easier to access and from my own point of view, online gambling suits someone like me, I like doing stuff in a private space.

I won't do very well visiting a casino nearby, I don't like attention of few people around me, it will bring distraction instead of fun or entertainment, this is why I said that it depends on gamblers, we are humans and we can't all be the same.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Debunking the Myth of Bitcoin's Use Case on: April 17, 2024, 09:45:30 AM
A short educational video explains the difference between 'trading an item' and 'using an item' to show that there's no such thing as a 'Bitcoin use case':

Either you choose to follow this person or not it is your decision and just because this person provides their point doesn't mean they are right.

I can't even count how many times I have use Bitcoin to purchase items online, like expensive things, including Bitcoin mining hardwares that cost me thousands of dollars.

My bank don't have to know that I spent thousands of dollars on hardwares, since I am not using bank account or credit/debit cards to make payment.

And another good reason why Bitcoin is useful is because you are a step ahead of the banks, no monitoring from the centralised leaders, you can be a millionaire in Bitcoin and nobody will know, not even your banks.

My life changed thanks to Bitcoin, the life I am living today is all because of my investment with Bitcoin, investment wise Fiat can never make me this rich, Fiat only knows how to shrink your worth, unlike Bitcoin.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: An interesting story and experience of a gambler on: April 17, 2024, 08:00:25 AM
I think that person needs company. He needs people who he can socialize with more often than just being alone every single time. The fact that he has been gambling, hit a huge win, bought a lot of stuff which was all for his own entertainment, that's a serious indicator that he might be a person don't like to go out and socialise.
Also, I don't blame him for getting the thought of having a good karma or helping someone before you go gambling would help you win more. Nah, we all that doesn't work that way.
Well, the good thing happened to that person is that, he finally realized the reality of life and gambling.
Using your own point, should we call this person an introvert ?, I am just like him in this aspect, but I don't go around buying stuffs that I don't need.

Since I was very young I have learned to always enjoy my company alone, even when too much people come looking I always feel discomfort and unsafe, I like keeping my circle very small.

I use most of my money on investment, it is all I know how to do, I spent most of my lonely time improving myself, I have created few online businesses, I have turned into a Bitcoin miner, and I have to monitor these all by myself, I really don't have the time for unprofitable things.

When I am free I do watch movies and anime, and I enjoy doing this, I think this person was never alone right from the beginning, he was not used to this lifestyle, I am thinking that things changed around him suddenly and he needs the attention from others.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: 1xBet Biggest Scam and Violation of Terms on: April 16, 2024, 05:51:29 PM
Sorry man, you are on your own.

It is very important to investigate an online casino before using it, this 1xbet have some very bad histories on this forum and you won't see a soul advicing you to use that platform.

You could have created a topic about if you can use or trust 1xbet and we would have stopped you, but now you've already fell into the gutter and your white is no more white, you are stained and there is no way we can get you clean of this mess anymore.

Learn from your mistake, its very important for a new gambler to always ask about a particular casino before they start using the website for gambling, and so is reading terms and conditions of any online casinos they plan to use for gambling.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will increasing banking restrictions lead to a rise in P2P transactions? on: April 16, 2024, 03:09:47 PM
I keep reading about bank accounts in the UK, US and EU being frozen due to crypto associations. This is concerning me, and I am reluctant now to use any exchanges to purchase Bitcoin. However, I am happy to purchase crypto via P2P transactions. These can be either cash payments in a face-to-face meeting, or by bank transfer to a trusted person's personal account. Will this be the future of Bitcoin for us mere mortals, or will sanity prevail and allow us to return to using exchanges?

Now, what about crypto-to-crypto exchanges? Will government oversight and intervention restrict those. This could lead to decentralised swop services, and surely this is contrary to the wishes of the banking puppet masters?
I do have people, family members in the UK and US that are into crypto investment, they have their bank account up and running but they have never get their bank account blocked because they interact with a crypto exchange or crypto in general.

Maybe those who ended in such mess make some mistakes or something? But still I understand what you are trying to say, I will rather rely on P2P platforms too, but it's no more a new thing.

P2P platforms have been around for years now, but it depends on if someone really want to start using them or not, many people still don't have a reason to start using P2P till today, but for those who need it, they will surely find it if they want.

What I want to see happen, is that decentralised exchanges must practice decentralisation and stay on this forever, the SEC are going after Uniswap now, and I am not surprised, because Uniswap used to claim that its decentralised until some time ago where they start operating in a centralized way.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What do you think? on: April 16, 2024, 02:41:03 PM
Is this good advice for those who can't afford a hardware wallet?

Using a Bitcoin Electrum wallet or other, disconnect from the internet before generating a new seed and never connecting to the internet again.

Until you are ready to sell everything in that wallet.

Is this practice similar to using a hardware wallet? This advice came from a man I know who said to have been keeping his BTC since 2013 in the same manner, he said the internet/online is the culprit or enemy of every crypto wallet.
I will advice to go airgapped.

Meaning that you will generate the wallet offline and till the end of time it will never be connected to the internet.

To be very safe from online threats you need to keep your recovery seed completely offline, don't just generate the wallet offline and that is all, you must never connect the wallet online again.

This days hardware wallets are not costly anymore, I know one company that still do discount offers since last year till today, with $100 and above you will get your hands on a good airgapped device like Keystone hardware wallet.

You have no excuse not to have a Airgapped hardware wallet today.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Isn't Altcoin a distraction to Bitcoin adoption? on: April 16, 2024, 11:52:07 AM

Do you think that altcoin is a major distraction to bitcoins adoption?

No it's not a distraction, for some people altcoins existence is a blessing, they are able to get their hands on Bitcoin because of altcoins.

The last person that I introduced to crypto claimed that Bitcoin was too costly for him, so he went for altcoin and when he started making some good money he started using the profits to buy back some Bitcoin.

He understand that Bitcoin is much more reliable than altcoins but altcoins have some nasty opportunities to bring some good amount of ROI faster than Bitcoin, you just have to be smart to make this work.

Altcoins is the most risky play but it has the higher return on investment opportunities if you know how to play this out, but still I will advice people to focus on Bitcoin as their main target.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Fulfilling dreams with agriculture! on: April 16, 2024, 09:44:41 AM
Accumulating bitcoins has been my dream for a long time, but it never became possible due to lack of extra money.

one month ago:

I am a small investor. I have some money to invest. How can I invest this money?

The split personality syndrome on this forum is highly infectious.

I noticed the same, it looks like this person don't know what he wants or he is just making up stories to get to the next rank, because how can one claimed that they have some money yo invest but don't know where to invest them and later create another topic that they have the desire to invest but they lack extra money.

Which one should be even believe in now? OP if you are reading this comment, I want you to know that only you knows what you want, you need to start taking action if you want a change.

If you don't have money to invest, you need a job first, before you can consider investing in bitcoin you must have a source of income, the type that's capable of feeding you and paying your bills, before you cab even consider to invest some part into Bitcoin.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: It takes the balls... on: April 15, 2024, 11:18:29 AM
Yes, not only balls but money as well. Most people who want to accumulate Bitcoin don't have enough money for the accumulation and that's why they miss the dips while others who have money often miss the dips in hope to see more intense dips. Bitcoin is already down and anyone who knows that it's a great opportunity should try his/her best to accumulate some of it.
Everybody do have some money, the difference is are they willing to let go of the money? Are they prepared to risk the money on investment? There are people that don't want to take risks on digital assets and they have enough money.

For most, money isn't the problem, its a matter of choice to choose to trust in Bitcoin, unfortunately in today's world many  people still thinks that Bitcoin is a wrong investment.

This Bitcoin thing is best for those who understand it, this way they will be able to triumph over their emotions, those who sees dump as an opportunity will surely take the risks and those who lacks the knowledge will find it hard to risk more money, although not everyone will be able to keep on buying and buying, especially those who haven't witness a bear to bull market before.

I just believe that Bitcoin deserves to be bought using the DCA method every now and then, and no amount of dump should be able to put a doubting sprit in you.
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: How I almost become a millionaire on: April 15, 2024, 10:29:31 AM
In the year 2010,my best friend introduce me to cryptocurrency and he advice me to invest in bitcoin. I felt bitcoin was another ponzi scheme created by scammers to scam innocent people. Today my friend is a multi Millionaire. If only I had listened to his advice,I would have become a millionaire by now.
Do you want to keep leaning on the past or you want to move on? The choice is yours to make.

Even if you did buy or mine some Bitcoin in the past you must have sold them all when they made new all time high, to me its still a win for those who invested at the early days and sold for some profits.

Atleast they made some returns compare to those who got scared that Bitcoin could failed, in those early days of Bitcoin, there isn't a lot of confidence in Bitcoin, this is also a huge plus to why many people sold and move on, there I'd a big chance that you would have done the same.

What happened has happened, now what should be your interest part is how to not miss the opportunities that are presently available now, it is highly possible that many investors in 2028 will look back and write their regrets about how they failed to accumulate Bitcoin in 2024.

Believe me, this always happen, I have been here since 2017 and I have seen such regrets many times before, the choice is yours to make, right now it's still not too late.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bidenís 30% tax is not welcomed by crypto industry on: April 15, 2024, 09:24:48 AM

Biden administration proposed DAME tax on Tuesday, which would charge Bitcoin miners a 30 % tax on the cost of the electricity, but crypto industries are not happy with this proposal, have shared negative opinion against this decision.

The Bitcoin mining community is facing a new challenge that could change its future in the United States. The White House has proposed a tax called the Digital Asset Mining Energy (DAME) tax, which would make it more expensive for companies to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

On Tuesday, this proposal was brought back into the spotlight as part of the governmentís budget plan for the next fiscal year. The DAME tax would charge Bitcoin miners a 30% tax on the cost of the electricity they use. This tax would be introduced gradually: starting at 10% in the first year, then increasing to 20% in the second year, and finally reaching 30% in the third year.

Read full article here
They are mad Grin

Simply because they can't regulate Bitcoin, lol, decentralisation at its best, Bitcoin is surely unstoppable, the only way left is to frustrate the hell out of Bitcoin miners.

Like I used to say, if the government can make money out of anything, it is sure to stay up and running, in Bitcoin's case they have no other option than to start ripping people off, so annoying, but thankfully I am not from the United States.

Assuming I am from such country and all I ever know to do is making money off my miners, 30% is a lot of money and a good reason to leave the country behind, for someone who is running a big mining farm, the 30% is enough to even settle down somewhere else and enjoy your mining operation.
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: What are your expectations for Casino coins in this coming bull run? on: April 15, 2024, 08:30:47 AM
Hi ladies and guys of the gambling board..

I believe by now, we all should already know that the bull run is fast approaching, and like it's often said, "Do not put all your eggs in one basket", I've invested in different coins from different narratives like Defi, Ai, Rwa, Gamefi and so on and on, but one narrative I've not put any money in Is gamblefi, or simply put, casino tokens, that is a token or coin owned by a casino, and this is not becuase I don't know any, I know quite some, and in all that know, I think two or three stand out, and those are..

1. RLB - from Rollbit
2. FUN - from freebitco
3. BFG - from Betfury

Investing in casino tokens I would say comes with rather a high level of risk, why? Because to me, they arent well known, they don't seem to make waves like coins or tokens from other narratives, and the chances they may remain stagnated and the same price even during the bull run; is quite high.

So, I am brining this dicussion to the gambling community here, and I have just three questions to ask, and they are..

1. Amongst the three casino tokens I mentioned above, if you were to invest in one, which would it be?

2. Are there any new casino tokens you think will do well in this coming bull run? Please tell the community and briefly introduce the project to us..

3. Overall, how are you expecting casino tokens to perform generally, in this coming bull run.?
You've mentioned the best ones already, all you have to do is to invest less money on them and wait for price action, no one can really say which one will perform the best out of the three but I am suspecting RLB.

If you have the money you can go with the three, if I am to invest in such altcoins I would use $50 to $100 Max on each one because they are still risky play, unlike Bitcoin where I can invest thousands of dollars with no worries.

RLB do have the best utility and it would probably perform better than the rest, but no one can say for sure, that's why I recommend spreading few dollars among the three, the type of money that you are ready to lose.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Always use MEW paper wallet and generate offline on: April 15, 2024, 07:58:54 AM
Yes offline wallets are the safest option, buh mistakes can still be made using offline wallets.

1. To be sure that you really generate your wallet offline, you must disconnect your hardware/device from the internet before clicking the generate button.

2. Offline generated keys must be stored offline, do not generate the wallet offline and feel like you can store it using a cloud storage, some beginners still believe that cloud storage is a good one, they listen to the words generated by the cloud storage websites, stating that they are the most secured, if they  don't say this, how will they confuse you?

3. USB devices can stop working after a year or two, I don't recommend using them, I have few USB devices that I purchased using Amazon, they don't work anymore, its been 3 years since I bough them, I would rather carve the recovery seed on a steel, stainless to be precise or just write it down in a book.

Mind you, if you can be bold of $2000 invested in crypto, you have no excuse not to buy a hardware wallet, they are similar to offline generated wallets but they have extra security features that makes them worthwhile.
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