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1  Other / Off-topic / Some reasons why Ton is better then WebCam or how to earn on your pussy? on: May 12, 2022, 12:36:07 PM
NFT is more profitable than webcam
Firstly, i should tell you about the amount of earnings working as a WebCam model. Depending of cite or the type of chat, the payment varies from 1$ to 10$ (these payments relate mainly in Russia). In order to get the most “truth” amounts, we should take mid or a bit less than mid of out numbers range, for example 3,5$ for a minute of private chat. Lets calculate: how much can a WebCam model can earn in a week?
Imagine: a girl is ready to work for 5 hours a day, she got average English knowledge (for example: she knows the translation of word “yes” or at least “golden shower”), and she is ready to work 5 days a week. Thus, she can earn about 300$ in a week. (Yeah, yeah, i know. Now u are sitting in front ur PC and commenting that her money is tight… but in Russia she can let buy herself about 165 Big Macs).
For now, we should compare her weekly earning with earnings on NFT. It’s truly hard to compare earnings in this sphere, but nevertheless after mint of ur NFT (without Virgil Abloh attraction) you can earn about 50$ for one NFT. That income is very close to WebCam models income, but if we compare busy time of each other and the amount of investments we will mint everything on our table. I doubt if anyone of my readers is wiping off dust from laptop webcam for now.
Not every NFT is the same… just like tits.
Lets take a look at NFT sales on different cites…
We got the most popular marketplace of NFT []( Marketplace is rich in various NFTs: from cats to clothes. CryptoPunks, bears, anime- do you know connects them all? -Super sales.
Marketplace []( based on Ethereum and marketplace []( based on TON - two very different marketplaces. The first one got lots of expensive NFTs. If you enter the website, you will get increased heart rate and start to think that there is some businesses that can compete in incomes with Hot Dog food card at Wall Street. TON marketplace is mush easier for average users. TON got the same NFT, but much cheaper than on marketplace based on Ethereum. Everything is obvious between your choice: which marketplace I should choose? We don’t wanna miss the boat, so lets take our business projects from the old granddad’s country house wardrobe and convert them to “pixel gold ore” based on TON.
As we can see, everything that can interest average internet user can be sold, but it’s worth considering that it’s too hard to intrigue user with frankly boring project. I got an idea! We will sell tits. Everything will be better with tits. NFT means non fungible token. Tits got the same characteristics. Each boobs got their features. Which type of boobs do you prefer?

We got NFT tits… why do we need girls?
Let’s do a little research. Take a look at this pic:
I can say that obviously many of you noticed that there is a large gray pixel in the picture, but few thought that someone was ready to buy it for 1.3 million dollars.  Imagine if this pixel had boobs...
But what if NFT will attract, in addition to money to your wallet ..., also interest from the audience?  Why not make boobs in NFT as the main theme?  Mix business with pleasure?  (Which of the boobs and NFTs is nice or useful, it's up to you to decide).

Absurdity rules the score
Let's look at the boobs, or rather what we have with their statistics.  PornHub generates annual reports on the search terms on their site, and here's what I find out interesting...

What conclusion can be drawn from this?  In 2021, men (and maybe not only men) were 4 times more interested in “big boobs” than ever before in the history of mankind.  What does it say?  We need to support demand with supply and launch our own line of boobs.
But how will “our” boobs differ from “strangers”?  Everything is simple, the main distinguishing feature is exclusivity.  Lets compare:

I think that most of you have been looking at dinosaurs longer than a photograph of a girl. To sum it ip, it can be noted that !anything!  Might look better if boobs are added.
There are more boobs in the world than girls
First of all, I made a website [](

The site presents the NFTs of my project, as well as their main distinguishing features (if you already guessed what I mean).

As a consequence of this, I am creating an NFT collection.  NFT will be based on the TON network, since its cost on Etherium will cost me 500 times more, with all this, Etherium will put my project on the same “shelf” with adidas projects, collaborations with Takeshi Murakami, which will not work for me  due to too much competition.
The last step will be the implementation of the NFT batch.

Time to take stock?
In order to convey my thoughts to more people, I simply found 15,000 numbers of escorts, girls of easy virtue, prostitutes, social girls, light cavalry, courtesans and priestesses of hired love with a proposal to pay attention to my NFT and create analogues.
In a month I will tell you how everything was and how much I earned😉.
Thank you all for your attention!  Positive and boobs!
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