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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: Today at 03:58:16 PM
I don't think like you. PSG have won 3 matches and dropped points in 2 matches in Ligue 1. They lost points in 3 out of 5 matches. It can't be a normal performance for the big team. The fifth team in the points table of Ligue 1 is now PSG. However, this team did not perform well in Ligue 1. However, PSG's performance against Dortmund was very composed. Their match strategy was also good. In this match we see the dominance of PSG. They dominated the match with 68% ball possession.
Seems incorrect, in Ligue 1 PSG have won 2 of 5 matches and loss 7 points based on 15 points achievement if winning 5 matches, its not good start for PSG although left 3 points from current top standings teams AS Monaco. Luis  Henrique reputation helped awhile after winning in Champion League last match from Dortmund and need to get three points upcoming match against Marseille in Ligue 1. Still not consistency performance from PSG in this season, two early matches in Ligue 1 have got draw and last match have loss from Nice.
Actually, PSG helped with top standings team in Ligue 1 right now still not in consistency performance and not really difficult yet back to the top standings for few matches later if PSG can get three points on several upcoming matches.

Currently, psg performance is not stable, and it is very hard nowadays to predict their matches, whether they win or lose. Even in the Champions League match they played against Dortmund, I don't expect them to win because their last game in their domestic league against Nice really makes me not believe in psg form. With this current performance, if the club does not improve now, it will later be a great challenging time when they will need to win, especially in their domestic league. I am just imagining psg performance last season when they played like fifteen matches unbeaten before Lens broke the unbeaten, but now that it is only five matches played, they have drawn two and lost one.
Beaten Dortmund in the Champions League did not give psg any guarantee that they would win their next match against Marseille because Marseille is also doing well. psg is unpredictable now with their performance, but let's see what will happen by the weekend Maybe they will win Marseille and continue with good form.

2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: Today at 03:01:52 PM
my prediction for some games:

LASK - Liverpool FC

This is a game in which, on paper, Liverpool are favorites to win and have an odd that is not pleasant for me, 1.33 is a very low odds value in my opinion, because in this game Liverpool, despite being a team superior in terms of squad, they arrive at this game with some very important players injured, for example Trent Alexander-Arnold is injured and Mohamed Salah is also expected not to play. and darwin nunes also doesn't seem to me like he will play or if he did play it could be in the final minutes, so I predict that liverpool in this game could concede a goal and win with some small difficulty, and with that I see that this odds will increase, in case of an increase in the odds value to 1.70 and seeing how the game would be going, then I would take the risk of betting on Liverpool

In spite of the fact that Lask is ranked in the top three of their league and I believe they are a strong team, the match will be very difficult for Liverpool to win without Salah because even if he is unable to score, he will provide an assist to make it simple for the team to win. I can state that they are a strong opponent that Liverpool would find difficult to overcome, but despite my lack of faith in Liverpool's ability to win against them even without these three players, I feel that they will not lose to Lask despite the absence of their stars. Which we can't predict now it maybe easy to win when the game start.

Lask isn't particularly strong, in my opinion, which might make it harder for Liverpool to win the game. The truth is that their league competition is not as difficult as the Premier League, Spanish, or other difficult things like that, despite the fact that I am unsure of how excellent they are right now. I won't debate too much because football is unpredictable and anything can happen. However, based on my observations, Liverpool will win the games, and I have a stake in them since I think they are now in a great form and  I believe Liverpool will still be great form even  without Salah.

Ajax vs Marseille

As for the match between Ajax and Marseille, it will be a little difficult to predict because both teams' performances appear to be at the same level and neither team is performing as well as I had hoped for them to this season. This is especially true of Ajax, who has been struggling in their domestic league, winning just one of their four games to move up to 12th place, while Marseille has also won two of their five games but still occupied third place on the table. However, if I were to make a determination based on how each team played, I would argue that Marseille had fewer opportunities to win or, more likely, draw the match.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: Today at 01:59:13 PM
Empoli manager Paolo Zanetti has been sacked after the huge loss against Roma. I think this was the right call for the team. Because so far they haven't collected any points and they have conceded 12 goals while scoring 0. This is just the worst kind of a start you can make honestly. They should be able to do better to stay away from the relegation zone again.

Aside from that Inter are the only team without point loss so far. They are really striking in the Serie A this season. However they struggled too much against Real Sociedad in the Champions League last night. They should consider themselves lucky for scoring the equalizer in the last minutes.

Roma has changed in a good way in this season they had more power this time.
The Roma we saw against Empoli was really amazing and unlike the last season, they had a much better performance and better forwards. In the last season, Dybala was the only option for Muriniho and obviously, he couldn't find any alternative players for Dybala, but this time gets hired Lukaku and Azmoun who can help them in the next Serie A games and make this team a scary openment for other teams.  

I have not seen any change from Roma as far as this season concern because Roma just won one game out of four games played, which shows they are not in that good form compared to how their four matches started last season. Roma won three games and drew just one in their four matches last season. But the only thing I saw currently that impressed me was their match against Empoli, where they won 7-0. That shows maybe Roma have picked up great form, and I am not even sure if they will continue with that winning spirit. 7-0 may just be a lucky day for Roma because that is what happens in football sometimes; it is full of surprises some time, so Roma defeated Empoli with many goals, which doesn't make me believe that Roma is in great form, but until I observe many of their matches and I see they continue winning, I can't judge their great form.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: Today at 08:42:28 AM
I have to say Inter hasn't displayed good performance yesterday that since the beginning of match Inter was playing under pressure and surprisingly Sociedad can performing so well that in the first half they got several attempts to scored and i think Inter was lucky because they didn't lose at that time and this is unsatisfactory result from Inter because before the match begin they are the favourite to win the match and the records 7 winning streak from Inter have to stopped in this match

On the other hand Arsenal has starting this season with fantastic performance that they have been humiliated PSV with huge scores 4-0 and playing at home Arsenal have already leading the game 3-0 in the first half and this make them so comfortable to ended the match and collect 3 points and i think Trossard deserved to called as man of the match because besides he scored goal he also the creator of Jesus goal

The way I view Inter Milan performances this season, I expected them to perform more than that,but still, they tried because they were able to draw the game at last, but to be honest, they really struggled to draw the game, which many people didn't expect,because Inter Milan hardly created some chances that yesterday they were playing, but they found it hard to break the Real Sociedad defense line, and that shows how strong the Real Sociedad defense is, but it also contributes to the weak front line of Inter Milan. Real Sociedad should have won the game yesterday because they had many chances to score goals, but they were not just lucky because Inter only had one chance and was able to utilize it, which led to a draw at the end.
As for Arsenal, I never think they can defeat PSV with so many goals because PSV's performance in their domestic league is great, so I expected PSV to give Arsenal a tough time, but seriously, nothing like that. I was impressed with the PSV performance yesterday because they even found it so hard to even net one goal, which is something hard. I expected PSV to also score in those matches yesterday, but Arsenal did not give them that chance.

Real Madrid could only score one goal against Union Berlin, which was quite disappointing, they had full control of the match and there were a lot of attempts, but the winning goal could only come when the game was almost over.
Union Berlin was really under pressure but being able to guard the net until the match was almost over was an extraordinary thing but the chaos in front of their net was maximized by Madrid so Union Berlin failed to get a point in this away match.

I know Real Madrid was really stronger than Union Berlin, but the truth is that they don't have many good scorers in the squad. I wish players like Benzema were still at Real Madrid. I believe they will score more than one goal, and again, the Union Berlin goalkeeper was the one that saved many of those goals. If not, it will be different stories because Real Madrid created a lot of great chances that could have ended in goals, but the Union Berlin goalkeeper denied many of the goals. But all I have to say is that I have won either one or many goals.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is the drive that makes women go into gambling? on: September 20, 2023, 08:46:08 PM
I think for many women some of the few reasons they go into gambling, is that gambling provides them with the opportunity to be sociable and enjoy time with friends and also use it to escape boredom loneliness or even stress, excitement is also part of the reasons why women goes into gambling the sense of winning creates an additional anticipation of something bigger having the spotlight on you as a winner can make you feel good even for a brief moment. This has eventually turn into frequent trips or long session in gambling.

Many people who gamble nowadays are doing it purposely to make money from it, but only a few do it for entertainment purposes. So seeing women gamble nowadays is not a surprise, and it makes me believe that they are doing it for earning because many of them find means of earning, so hardly that is the reason why many decide to try their luck in gambling, and from that try, they become so addicted that even when they later find another source of income, it becomes hard for them to leave. But seeing women gamble for fun is very hard because, naturally, almost everyone doesn't like gambling.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: September 20, 2023, 06:11:42 PM
Arsenal will be taking on PSV on their first UCL game today, going by the records Arsenal stand unbeaten since the beginning of the season in the EPL. They have an outstanding record and performance having played five games, won four and drew just one, it can be said the have performed really well this season making the look fit enough to take on the opponent PSV in their UCL opening.

Meanwhile PSV also holds a similar record as arsenal as they are also recorded as unbeaten in their league as well having played five games aswell and won four drew one, it could be said that they are In form and have what it takes to face Arsenal as they don't look weak going by the records.we hope they bring the same energy to the UCl so as to get results.

Since both parties seem to have good records make the look like Fit enough for each other, I think arsenal has more advantage obviously because they have the experience and have played in the UCL more often. But then Arsenal will win the game, that's my prediction tho you can further make your analysis for more prediction. it's another UCL night to enjoy the games.

Seriously, the match will not be easy because both teams are in great form and both clubs are experienced clubs in the champion league, but the truth now is that Arsenal have many players that have not played or have any experience in the champion league despite psv too. Now, what I am just looking at and I think Arsenal will have more chances of winning the game is because psv is coming to Emirates Stadium, where I know every club always looks extra strong if their playing their home game, so it is an Arsenal home game. I believe they will try to do anything possible to win the game and put smiles on the faces of their fans, but seriously, it will not be easy for Arsenal to win the game just like that without extra efforts.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: September 20, 2023, 04:45:20 PM

In my opinion, Bayern Munich is the favorite in the match between Bayern Munich and Manchester, as everyone thinks. They started the season great in the league. They lost the final against Leipzig, but I think they are preparing for the Champions League with great concentration. A draw may happen, but I think it is unlikely that Manchester United will win.

Football is full of surprises, but seriously With Manchester United's poor performance currently, I don't think they may surprise us and win Bayern Munich. Even Bayern Munich is not in that great form, but they are still better than Manchester United, so with that, I will say that Manchester United's chances of winning tonight's game are very low  when checking both teams performances. I can't even predict that Manchester United may escape from the group stage unless they improve. In fact, tonight I am expecting Bayern to win the match with ease. It is not that I am underestimating Manchester United, but the truth is that Manchester United have started poorly this season.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 20, 2023, 02:39:07 PM

Chelsea's performance is not even convincing for me. Aston villa has better gamplay than all of kids owned by chelsea. Aston villa is more mature than chelsea.
Chelsea is a club full with bunch of amateur players. I don't even know who the hell is going to risk their money to take chelsea that is playing like a relegation team.

It will be bad decision to take chelsea this time.

Seriously, Chelsea is no longer performing as a club with big names and players. I am seriously worried why a club that has many expensive players is so weak like this. With the set of classic players that Chelsea has, I expected them to be fighting for the Premier League, not even to the top, but currently Chelsea's performance is getting worse. As this case is, I don't even know who to blame for the weak performances. Is it the coach of the players? Because all the players they gathered were doing well on their previous team, why is it that when they become Chelsea players, it is hard to perform like their previous club?
Chelsea is playing against Aston Villa at the weekend, and we see how great Aston Villa is performancing  currently. So this shows that Chelsea will likely lose the match or luckily draw it because, if I check their current performances, Aston Villa have more chances to win the game, but let's see what happens. Maybe they win, which will be an improvement for Chelsea.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 18, 2023, 01:55:20 PM
AS Roma have amazing performance last night after winning over 7-0 from Empoli, its good recovery after have poor performance in last three matches and winning with bigger score will make AS Roma over confidence upcoming match in domestic league and Europe League. Special performance with Romelu Lukaku success opening first goals for AS Roma and he answers Roma fans have believing and give opportunity for him. Success got three points against Empoli make AS Roma move few position above after have been in relegated standings position before and right now move up until 12th standings placed.
Seriously, Roma performed more than my expectations with their seven goals against Empoli because I never thought Roma would have the opportunity to score many goals, despite my belief that the Roma squad is stronger than Empoli. Even in previous seasons, it was Roma that had been winning matches but not with many goals, so seeing Roma defeat Empoli with many goals really surprised me. But I don't really know what to say. Maybe Roma have really picked up great form or maybe it is because of a too weak squad  of empoli that causes many goals, but let's see how their next match will be.

But on the other hand, this week is also not too pleasant for some other big clubs. Napoli missed out on full points again and my expectations for the Milan Derby didn't quite match up with reality. Inter and Milan were so far apart that I was expecting a good 90 minutes of rivalry but Milan still didn't seem to be able to deliver so the scoreline wasn't really unexpected.

Numerous fans had high expectations for Napoli's performances. Unlike last season, Napoli is currently struggling to find their form. Napoli has only played four games, but they've already lost one and drawn one. This demonstrates that Napoli's prospects of winning the league are decreasing with their performances and that it will not be simple for them to do it this season. However, I will add that if Napoli can maintain this form, it will be difficult to obtain the chance again despite It is still too early to genuinely declare the favorite club to win the league.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: All business need to risk, so not only crypto! on: September 17, 2023, 10:00:44 PM
All businesses involve risk so the reality is that you should have the ability to take risks.

Everyone says crypto Is high risk is it really true? My guess is less because a lot of people have had success with this crypto.
Some are investing and some are making a lot of money by trading. So why can't you?

Yes, like you stated, there is risk involved with every business. Learn about the risks associated with a business before investing money in it. If someone truly understands how to manage risk in a business, it will be impossible for that business to fail. Cryptocurrencies can include a certain amount of risk, but if you know how to manage those risks, you will undoubtedly succeed.

I think a lot of people who succeed in the crypto industry are able to handle risks, which is why they are successful. You are setting yourself up for failure if you don't know enough about the business you want to start. Many individuals lament how they lose money in the cryptocurrency sector, but it's nearly all their own responsibility because they don't find the time to do research on it. When you don't know anything about something, you just keep believing what people are saying, whether they are saying something positive or negative,so It is side you heard much you will go with. So many people who argue that cryptocurrency is too risky are those who never invest the time to study.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If only property I have is bitcoin on: September 17, 2023, 02:20:06 PM
1) since I'm ill should I show my family my seed phrase
2) if I die who will take over my bitcoin since nobody in my family knows my seed phrase.
Death is not something we can plan for, so it can come anytime because there is no notification. Now let us know that it is not only when we are ill that we should start thinking about death, but even when we are in good health, because it is not only ill people that do die; even people in good health die; some sleep and never wake up again; some people will get into accidents and instantly die; so death comes in many different ways, not just when someone is ill. So it's better to plan things out now than wait until we are not in good health.
It is true that our seed phrase should be properly hidden and monitored by myself because it is something that if anyone has access to, they can access our wallets without our permission. But when we think about death and the fact that one day someone will stop breathing, someone should know that sharing the information about where you hide your seed phrase with someone you trust is necessary because it is the only way that someone will have access to our wallet when we pass away.
So I was asking myself different questions because I have no wife and no child, then I began to think and be questioning myself if it will be good to at least tell one person in my family my seed phrase or should I keep having the perso secret of my seed phrase personal or should I keep my bitcoin document on my wardrobe were they can easily see my seed phrase, that time I was of full of thinking, thank God  I recover fully from the illness before i return to sympathy

I don't think keeping the Bitcoin document on your wardrobe will be a good idea because I am thinking maybe someone you may not trust will find out the documents later when you die, so the best way is to look for someone you trust and share that information with them. I think it will be the safer way.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 16, 2023, 09:12:18 PM
Inter Milan have won the game convincingly with a huge five goals lead to remain in the top position of the Serie A. They also maintain their unbeaten run in the league so far. They will give Napoli a huge Challenge this season for the Serie A. Inter Milan faithfuls will also have the signing of Marcus Thuram from Borussia Monchengladbach because he has been scoring for them and the goal today was special. Inter Milan will do very well in the Serie A and in the UEFA champions league when it begins. They have a better striker than Lukaku who has left the club to Roma.

Even before the match started, Inter Milan was my favorite team to win, but seriously, I don't know if they will be able to score up to five goals because AC Milan is not a small club; they are a big club like Inter Milan, and they are in great form too. Because of that, I don't think that the match will be that easy for Inter Milan to score many goals. Seriously, AC Milan did not perform well in today's game. If they did, Inter Milan would not be able to score five goals, and they would only be able to score one goal. In my view, the chances of Inter Milan winning the Serie A title are increasing despite the fact that they have only played four matches this season. Inter Milan's next match will be against Empoli, which I believe Inter Milan will try their best to win and get all three points.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How do you manage your money on gambling sites. on: September 16, 2023, 07:22:18 PM
I've been following a few gambling channels on Twitter and Telegram, and whenever they share a screenshot of a bet slip or winning ticket, they occasionally also include the balance of their wallet. I've seen this happen several times, which made me wonder why they don't choose to withdraw their winnings instead of storing them in their gambling site wallet. Why do they leave that much in there, or is it simply for show off? A gambling expert should know better than to save their money on casino websites. 

I always withdraw all my winnings and only deposit the right amount i want to use to gamble whenever i want to play a game. I’d like to know everyone’s opinion on which way is better and which one do you practice in managing your funds on gambling sites.
All these people you are seeing on social media showing their gambling winning balance, almost all of them are doing it to attract people because many of them are claiming that they always have sure odds and they are ready to give if you are ready to pay, which I can say many of them are scammers because I have met with many of them before, but all the games I got from them were fake because it is not what they always predicted that always happened, and one thing about the guys is that they predicted different games for many people, and from the games they predict and give to people, some do happen the way they predicted. So it is very hard; they don't get even one winner whenever they give the game out.
Leaving money on a casino website is normal once you trust the site. Even I do it because I don't like withdrawing from casinos if it is not a huge amount of money I won, so my withdrawal is monthly because that is the time I always deposit the percentage I can afford to lose. So the truth is that all these screenshots with huge amounts of money are being used for purposes other than advertising.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: September 16, 2023, 05:50:07 PM
For Tottenham, this will be their fifth unbeaten game and I'm sure Postecoglou will be more than please with his boys for maintaining confidence and calm even when their first goal which came from Brennan Johnson was cancelled and were down by a goal.
The goal by Richarlison in the 90+8 minutes surged their hopes and the late goal to seal their fate came in the 90+11 by Kulusevski.

Since I never anticipated it to happen after 90 minutes, I must admit that I am very shocked that Tottenham won at  is just amazing. Before the game even started, I made a prediction and even bet that Tottenham would win. but the end after Sheffield United scored after 73 minutes or more, I gave up easy despite Tottenham owning the field and launching numerous attacks. I believed they would never have the opportunity to score two goals, but surprisingly they did. Sincerely, I'm so delighted for them that they won. I can't just picture them maintaining this excellent form so they can compete for the league this season.

The match was almost over and it was truly a humiliating defeat at Old Trafford.
And this is Manchester United's 3rd defeat in the first 5 matches of the Premier League season, a very bad result.

I'm not sure if the players or the coach are to blame for the problems at Manchester United. Because of the expensive players Manchester United has, I find it hard to believe that they have lost three of the five games they have played in the current Premier League season. Although I am aware of Brighton's recent form but I do not anticipate them to defeat Manchester United at Old Trafford. From what I could see today, Brighton even easily defeated Manchester United. If Manchester United management doesn't look into this issue and find out what is actually happening in the club, and fix it quickly, their situation will be similar to Chelsea's from last season.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: To afford personal education or a property? Where to allocate funds? on: September 16, 2023, 10:07:47 AM
Let's suppose you have a limited budget which can be used only for one of the alternatives below:

What is the best investment, in your opinion? To use this money to pay for your education, so you can conclude a superior course and achieve a higher degree, having access to a wide jobs' market, or to use that money to acquire an apartment, house or piece of land, so you can make a passive income from this?

It brings the following question up: what is more valued in life: to be or to have? Does it make someone fulfilled to have while not being or being without having anything?

If there are job opportunities after I finish my university coursework and earn my degree, I will definitely use the money to sponsor my education rather than use it to purchase an apartment or piece of land that I will be renting out to generate passive income. This is because I think that an education a degree can take someone to a stage where they can always earn a lot of money if there's opportunities, whereas apartments or land will only provide someone with a stable income, which I don't think is enough. I don't think someone will house or land investment and without high education with have the opportunities someone with education degree will have if to rate the opportunity, so with that I see education with degree as best to invest in than just setting a house or land investment.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: What did you do After Reaching your Bitcoin Goal? on: September 15, 2023, 10:09:42 PM
If you really want to reach some great stages in this life, someone needs to plan themselves well, set goals, and work toward them in order to achieve them. A person who has goals and plans will actually succeed. I am happy for you to have achieved your goals. It is not really easy to set goals and achieve them because, in the process, someone will face challenges, especially in the cryptocurrency industry. It will be better to set another goal once the first one has been achieved; it can be in bitcoin again or in any other way, because it is through goals we are achieving that can keep us moving towards many things we are dreaming of. I believe everyone has different things they are dreaming of achieving in this life, and with those goals, we can gradually achieve them.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: September 15, 2023, 09:38:23 PM
PSG vs Nice, 2-3 on the scoresheet, visitors having the leading points. The parisians losing the game and its already injury time. It's an amazing results for Nice this season, coming to Parc des Princes and thrashing PSG, getting away with the solid accumulated three points. However we should not conclude yet, because there's possibly time, this is football and anything can happen. I awaits the shocking defeats of the hosts, it would be a dissapointing nights for them. Luis Enrique and the supporters are hoping for a draw tie because Paris Saint-Germain keeps the pressure on the visitors, it's just few minutes remaining for the referee, Clément Turpin to blow the final whistle.

Nice prevailed 3-2 to claim victory in the match. Since I don't think Paris Saint-Germain will lose to Nice at home, this is seriously driving me insane. I'm just thing why that pgs can't even manage to draw the game, seriously this is so terrible. I bet for them to win the match, but honestly, the other side I witnessed won. This is truly hurting my feelings. The fact that PSG was the team in possession of the field but Nice was scoring is what I find amusing. Since PSG's attacks were not good enough, I seriously doubt they will advance in the Champions League if this is the way they intend to play.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: September 15, 2023, 09:15:34 PM
This result shows that the real contender to the title this year will without a doubt be Bayern Leverkussen.It is not easy at all to get a draw in Bayern Munchen home while we know that Bayern Munchen is in great form and also their main attacker now Harry Kane scored again tonight,the fact that Leverkussen equalized the result two times shows that they have potential and so far if I recall correctly have not lost a game.Next time they are playing at home which with a win they will consolidate their position even further.

This result though add to the Bundesliga that special thing needed to make it beautiful,competition,that is what it adds,we are used to Bayern Munchen dominating the league yet this time it does not look so.

Leverkusen really performed more than my expectations today because, despite their form, I never thought they would be able to draw Bayern Munich in their home game because I always see Bayern Munich always looking so strong in their home games, and I always try my best to always win, but today, seriously, something changed because as Bayern Munich scored, Leverkusen equalized. Even with this last goal, I didn't think Leverkusen would be able to equalize because I expected Bayern Munich to be strong and defend the score.
The way Leverkusen is playing currently in this going Bundesliga competition, and I am thinking they will be a top fighter in this going Bundesliga little, it will be pretty to continue watching their matches nowadays because they are playing great. And even in others competition, expecting much from them.
19  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will there be a boom again? on: September 15, 2023, 08:36:41 PM
Going through your story, I learned that you are regretting why you have not invested in bitcoin all these years, but the truth is that you have not get to much known about Bitcoin then, and by the way, you claim you are still a kid by then, so I will just tell you to stop blaming yourself because it is not the end of the journey of Bitcoin because I believe Bitcoin is here to stay with us, so I will say you still have a great opportunity to invest and also an opportunity to make profits from it.
As you said, halving is coming, and everyone is expecting that to happen in a few months. After halving, we are expecting the price of Bitcoin to start moving upward, but nobody can say if maybe the following month or two months after halving the bull run will start. So for anyone that has money, this is the best opportunity to invest because the price of Bitcoin is in the range of $26k to $27k currently. The reason I said this is the best time to invest in Bitcoin is because during any bull run, the price always do 2x or more according to Bitcoin history.
In addition, reading that you are seeking for people's advice on whether to invest your saving money in bitcoin or not, I don't think anybody will advise you yes or no because nobody can actually predict bitcoin, so the answer should be yours. Do your own research and decide for yourself, but my advice for you is to invest what you can afford to lose.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 14, 2023, 10:32:09 PM
The opening match of the weekend will be presented with big matches including Juventus against Laizo and Inter against Milan. Of course, this is a very interesting opening match I think, and I will not miss this good moment to bet too. Regarding predictions for the match between Juventus against Lazio, I personally will probably still choose Juventus to win. Because yes, after all in this season I am quite optimistic for Juventus to compete well in the upper zone in the Serie A standings. Therefore, then I am sure in this match Juventus will win, because at the same time Juventus also play at home and also, it seems that at this moment Lazio still does not have a big chance to be able to play well like last season.

Yes, Juventus is my favorite team to win the match against Lazio, but currently I am scared of betting on Juventus because Lazio was able to beat Napoli in their last game, so I don't really know if Lazio is currently in great form, so I am thinking about how the match will look despite the fact that I know Juventus always win their home games against Lazio. As for me, it will be better if I don't bet on the game, but even if I later decide to bet, I will rather go for both teams to score in the match, and I think that will be safer for me than to stake on Juventus to win.
And for the second match, which is Inter Milan against AC Milan,this is going to be a big match that will be so hard to predict easily. In short, I will say that many people will not even bet on the match because both teams have started the season very well, nobody has lost a match, and the coming match may determine who may have more chances to fight for the league strongly. So the match will be tough because both teams will want to win.
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