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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Before you take sides on: October 02, 2023, 06:35:23 PM
Before you take sides with gamblers claiming they get banned for winning too much, remember that casinos are good at monitoring and preventing fraudulent behaviors, you break some rules you are out, and no cheater want to admit that they cheat.
Problems like these false claims are some of the importance of joining a forum like bitcoin talk. This platform gives both the casinos and gamblers the privilege of submitting their case and defending themselves. The scam accusation section in the forum is like a law court where each party will put forth pieces of evidence to prove their case. And the members of the forum will deliberate on the matter and come out with recommendations. Any party found guilty will receive the appropriate sanctions. From these proceedings, I have keenly observed that it is not all scam accusation against a casino that is true. Some are the fault of the gambler or they simply refused to read or obey the terms of service  
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Getting paid on gambling accounts on: October 02, 2023, 06:03:55 PM
I made a mistake of getting paid for signature campaign in gambling platform accounts.
When I got my payment, I thought I would slowly increase the amount by about 5-10% before I initiate a withdrawal. But I quickly lost control of my emotions and ended up blowing the entire balance of my account. This happened more than once, it happened about 5 times as I received money from different sources.
Itís important for me to tell this story so that others donít make the same mistake I did. This has been a huge life lesson in managing money and emotional self-discipline .
The mistake you made was to send your funds to a casino. And you can not predict your wins so believing that you can increase the amount is another blunder. Gambling is unpredictable so you can not forecast your profit margin. It will be better to send only money you want to use for gambling in the casino. So the ideal thing to do is to fund your gambling account periodically based on your budget and when you lose all overtime,  you shouldn't put in more funds from other sources. You have to take necessary precautions before it becomes a normal event. And the first start should be to change your campaign wallet address.
3  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Do I need a mentor in my bitcoin journey. on: October 02, 2023, 05:07:26 PM
I have made a bold decision to start my bitcoin journey. But just like every a new born baby needs close care and attention to grow I really don't want to make a mistake in any thing I am doing. I have this question to ask.  
''Is it advisable to to have a mentor who I can always go to as a newbie in the crypto space or I should rely all my knowledge on things I read online for my growth.
A mentor is can be referred to an adviser. I don't think it is a bad idea to admire someone who you think is knowledgeable about Bitcoin and gain some vital information from them. I have contacted some persons personally to seek clarification on several issues relating to Bitcoin and it has been very helpful. Following people on social media that you think are sound can be also helpful. But it is important to always verify the information you get from your mentor this is why you need other sources of information. There is no information that you need about bitcoin that cannot be accessed through books and the internet.

I prefer not to have close ties with any individual because people can change their ideology and mentees can be easily influenced by mentors. Some Bitcoin early adopters lost faith in the coin and began to promote FUD and altcoins. People that saw these derailed early adopters as their mentors can be easily deceived that is why it is important to do your own research in most cases.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Coinbase got licensed In Singapore on: October 02, 2023, 04:34:07 PM
Their main target to increase the digital payment token services using Bitcoin and alt tokens . Coinbase has also integrated Singapore digital services like Singpass, to simplifying onboarding. Moreover coinbase is also collaborating with major local blockchain firms, which includes, blockdaemon and infura to target its product like base blockchain and wallet-as-a-service.

News source

A report claims that 32% of Singaporeans currently or previously owned crypto which means that the country is a large market.  Coinbase has been facing some lawsuits in the US so there is need for Coinbase to spread its business networks to other crypto-friendly countries. This move will attract more investors to the crypto sector and it will also create more job opportunities.  Singapore is one of the crypto-friendly countries and they are also taking advantage of the country's industry to attract investors and raise money through tax. Coinbase has been one of the solid exchanges that have lasted for a long time and they have brought innovation to the centralized crypto sector. But we should all remember the fact that the goal of Bitcoin is decentralization.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup 2026 :Canada/Mexico/United States: Discussion Thread on: October 01, 2023, 10:27:20 PM
The USA hosted the World Cup years ago and he hosted it without a problem they are a country with experience in hosting great tournaments, also America is where you can find many people and tourism from all over the world, which can be the reason to say there will be a gun and fascinating world cup in 2026 because of the USA hosting it. Also unlike Qatar, they don't need to spend millions of dollars to build sports facilities and that's why hosting World Cup will be cheaper for them.
I wouldn't forget USA 94 in a hurry. Although I was a little kid but I watched many games each time I had the opportunity. The organization was okay because I never recalled hearing any news of poor management before, during and after the competition. I don't think anyone will doubt the ability of the US to host a successful World Cup competition. This is because the country has experienced technological advancement better than 29 years ago.

The USA is a country with good potential and they can host the World Cup perfectly without problems as they had before but the only thing about the USA compared to other countries is mostly about the interest of other people in football in this country because we know in the USA, football is not even their second sport but I think this won't be a problem because there you can find many fans and visitors from all over the world watching the games.

The US soccer league might not be one of the best in the world but the national team is highly ranked by FIFA. The US national team is the 11th best team in FIFA ranking while the recent World Cup host is ranked 61st. Indeed, soccer is not their major sport but the country also has a high population of soccer fans that will fill stadiums during the World Cup. The addition of fans from other parts of the world will make the competition a memorable one.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin millionaire: Lucky or possesses more qualities that we don't have. on: October 01, 2023, 08:45:20 PM
_ Emotional control: one of the most difficult thing is controlling your emotions while you watch your assets fluctuates greatly, mostly if it's going down, without you pulling the plug out of fear, so i believe it's one of the key they have.
This is the ability of investors to overcome FUD and hold on to the investment plan. They were able to damn media reports that fed the public with fake news. There have several obituary announcements about Bitcoin to discourage investors but some diehards kept hodling

_Early tech exploration: They got into the industry very early which they took good advantage of, while others were guessing and still not confident about it. They bought Bitcoin at a very cheap rate when people where even afraid of spending a thousand box on it.
I think the early adopters believed the unbelievable. When others saw Bitcoin as a scam or a joke, these set of individuals believed that the currency had a future.

_ Long term perspective: They don't just buy, they look at it on the long run, they know when to take risk but at the same time they don't buy and sell with emotions.
Many people lost money investing in Bitcoin because they saw Bitcoin as a short-term investment or quick money scheme. Bitcoin is not like altcoin which the price can pump and dump overnight.

_ Patience: they have the patience needed to steadily build their wealth over the long term.
Most people who lost money invested in Bitcoin were because of impatience. Bitcoin has always recovered its losses, which means that it will be difficult to lose money investing in Bitcoin.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: September 29, 2023, 10:00:59 AM
An interesting statistic is that many people who try to start trading have given up trading and are now ardent heralds against this activity. But another thing is interesting: people still try their luck, try, make mistakes, try again, and make mistakes again. Those who do not want to take risks pass by, reaping the bad experience. Nevertheless, someone goes to success.
It's all about letting people make their mistakes. We do not have the right to dissuade everyone. Life and experience become the best advisor, and maybe out of a hundred who try, one will be the lucky one who will say that I was born to be a trader.
I think you have a good point. Social media has made learning easy and anybody can acquire any form of skills or expertise. There has also been an increase in so-called trading gurus who claim to know all the rudiments of crypto trading. They teach trading as if there is no risk or losses. Recently one of these online teachers introduced a trading robot to his followers and told them that it has 98% accuracy. Like you said experience will always be the best teacher. With time many of these traders will know the true reality of the trading industry. Many of them will abandon the profession, while others who keep learning will gradually master the skills of trading.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Ballon d'Or discussion and odds on: September 29, 2023, 09:02:01 AM
Are you from some sect? Or you were banned from Wiki and you cannot see that during the period 2008-2012 Xavi and Iniesta won 2 European Championships plus the World Cup. During this period, Messi failed at the World Cup and was not successful at the Copa America. At the club level they had the same achievements (you know that they played in the same team?) so it is undeniable that Xavi and Iniesta were >>> than Messi during this period, but Messi received 4 Ballon d'Or and they got zero.
Messi is just the son of the bastard corrupt official Blatter and that says it all.
Hahahaha!!!!. We might later discover that Sepp Blatter received kickballs from Lionel Messi. The Swiss was so corrupt that he was disgraced out of FIFA. However, it seems that there is still some corruption ongoing within the organizer of the Ballon díOr. The 2021 award that was won by the Argentine was fraudulent. A German newspaper called a scandal and the organizers received widespread criticism. Even a child knows that Messi didn't deserve the award because Robert Lewandowski's performance was far better. But the German striker was robbed of a golden opportunity to be the world's best and I doubt if he would have such privilege again.

I'm already tired of listening to tales about the World Cup and its importance  Grin
Maybe you can explain to me how Xavi and Iniesta, who won the 2010 World Cup (where Messi completely failed - zero goals and zero assists) did not receive the Ballon d'Or?  Roll Eyes And in addition to this, Xavi and Iniesta won the European Championship in 2008 and 2012. But Messi (who was unsuccessful at the 2011 Copa America) received four Ballon d'Ors.
Messi won the World Cup and so what? He doesn't deserve to win the Ballon díOr again in his lifetime. He is no longer playing active club football because the US league is a jamboree. This is the time of Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius Jr., and Victor Osimhen.
9  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin October Month Performance on: September 29, 2023, 08:04:24 AM
I just noticed that when Bitcoin halving is coming, the month of September is really not a good time to do day trading because, for sure, the effort you will make will be wasted. Every year, the month of September really comes.

In the upcoming month of October, I think there will be a bit of an aggressive movement in the market, because I have also noticed that in the month of October there is also a change in terms of increasing the value of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Especially since there is an upcoming event in the month of October regarding the application of Blacktock in Sec.
Historical analysis of bitcoin is not always reliable because the global economy is changing. The threats or opportunities bitcoin faced last year is not similar this year. I hope that these upcoming activities will be favorable to the bitcoin ecosystem. If these developments turns out negative, the price of bitcoin might also be affected.

Some people and analysts are predicting that the price of bitcoin may increase in October. But I think the price of bitcoin may not increase as expected.  I think bitcoin can increase to $27400 to $28000 but can be the maximum price and later start to decrease and have resistance at 25000 again. But generally speaking, I do not think bitcoin price is going over $30000 in October. That is just my guess.
The price of bitcoin next month will depend on many political and economic factors. A policy change in the US or China can affect the price of bitcoin next month. Interest rates and the economic performance of some nations is also a determinant factor. The price now is around $27,000 which is encouraging,  however, my prediction for October will be $29,000.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: September 29, 2023, 06:15:13 AM
@Docnaster while Roma have struggled financially but they did managed to get Mourinho a striker like Lukaku and Sanches and last season they had got Dybala hence itís up to Mourinho to get the best out of them. Lastly I feel that heís on borrowed time and 2 - 3 more defeatís will end his spell with Roma and it wonít be surprising because he often gets sacked in the third season.
You would also agree that these strikers are not some of the best in Europe currently. Renato Sanches and Paulo Dybala can be rated as average players but Roma shouldn't depend on Romelu Lukaku to get the goals. Lukaku has improved slightly but a team like Roma needs something better. If it was not for the financial constraints the club would have gotten better players. So I will agree with @Docnaster that Josť Mourinho needs more players to make his work easy. He is still a highly respected coach that many clubs will be willing to hire if he is sacked.

I can imagine what my eye saw, when I watched how Genoa a small Italian club with the market value of just around 5M euros, thrashing the AS Roma whose market value is around 22 million euros. And I'm like what's wrong with the latter club. Why can't Roma at least control and stop some of the goals from happening. The goal margin is just much to me to have find the likes of Romelu Lukaku, at the forward strike, Dybala and other top players playing for the club in the game.
I will say it was a lucky day for Genoa to have the first home win for the season. Roma poorly defended and they gave Genoa's striker too much space. Roma's fans turned against their club chanting at Jose and his players demanding some respect. I think the fans have endured a hard time with five points in six matches. Jose has promised to turn things around and I saw him supporting his players after the game. He is still the special one maybe he will perform some miracles.  
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Betting Tips for Consistent Profits on: September 29, 2023, 05:17:12 AM
Tip #1: Know the bet youíre making
Understanding the rudiments of the game you are betting on is very important. Many people depend on social media or others for bets without knowing anything about the game. I only place bets on games that understand and can analyze effectively. I read a lot about the games and I also watch them when I am opportune.  My interest in the game has given me the right footing to place bets based on in-depth analysis. I will never place a bet on games I know nothing about except I am doing it just for fun.

Tip #2: Understand risk versus reward
There is risk attached to almost everything we do in life. But we choose to do them when we believe that the risk is worth taking because the outcome will be profitable. You are right that we should always consider the effect of the risk we take while betting to ascertain if it is worth taking. We shouldn't always look at the profit or wins, but we must check our budget. We should consider the effect of losing the game on our finances first before checking how much we can win.

Betting Tips for Consistent Profits
Your caption might not be correct because I don't think there are any consistent betting tips. Gambling is a game of time and chance so there are no constant winning strategies.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sometimes just flex it ( luck is all you need) on: September 28, 2023, 05:18:44 PM
Hello mates,
Gambling is an habit that is taken very seriously by some gambler here in my country and not only mine if I can sure because the wanting nature to actually win is what keeps them driving and continue with the act despite having major losses, for some gambler stories of people winning is what keeps them afloat and makes them feel they too can do.
You are lucky mate. Stories of people winning gives me hope that one day I might also be lucky. But these stories shouldn't make us take gambling very seriously because it is not a full-time or part-time job. Gaming should be seen as fun but when the wins come we celebrate and keep moving.

You used $0.2 to win over $21. That is huge. But do not think that you will have this type of luck if you use high amount of money. Do not be tempted to use high amount of money next time. I remember when I gambled in the past and I won high odd, what came to my mind was that I can try it with high amount of money and I continued to lose.
This kind of win can trigger one to increase the gambling budget. But like you said gambling is also a game of luck. No matter how much we win or lose let's follow our budget because gambling is unpredictable.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Let's start the journey of working with Bitcoin by following the forum rules. on: September 28, 2023, 04:36:37 PM
Please correct me if there is any mistake in what I said.
You are welcome to the forum. Studying the rules of the forum is very important so I have to commend you for reading them. I also assume that your post will be helpful to newbies. But I checked your post history and it shows that you have made five posts of which three are new threads you created.  I always advise newbies to read more and write less. You need time to understand the workings of the forum before you start making posts. Your post will be appreciated if it contains information that will be helpful to the forum. If you had used the search option of the forum, you would have discovered that you can find the information in your post in many threads.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Banking scams ...How are Bitcoin better? on: September 28, 2023, 03:45:29 PM
Share your experience with these Banking problems and give possible solutions for this, because we will draw a lot of people to Bitcoin, if we find innovative solutions to problems like this.  Wink
I have had many banking problem and it is better not to remember them. I have missed a business opportunity because the money I transferred to a client was not received. My pain was that I could do nothing about the transaction. The bank couldn't explain the cause of the problem and there was no means to track the funds because some intermediaries were involved. They just told me to wait for seven working days without explaining what the problem was. But bitcoin is different. If your transaction is stuck in the mempool it will be obvious and you have options to make your transactions to be confirmed. I would have opted to increase the transaction fee than to lose that lucrative business opportunity.

A relative's ATM was stuck in the bank's automated teller machine. Since that day was a public holiday,  he couldn't access the bank that same day. After a few hours he began to receive debit alerts,  his funds were transferred out of his account and all the funds he had in his account were withdrawn. From investigation, it was discovered that a bank official was the criminal. The banker accessed the ATM took the card and transferred the funds to an online bank. This loss was caused by an intermediary and a card. With bitcoin, I don't need any card or middleman to do my transactions. With just my wallet, I can send and receive funds. One doesn't need to expose himself to scammers that are around the banking system. He asked the bank for the details of their investigation but he was asked to get clearance from the police and affidavit from the court. But with bitcoin, you can see the movement of your coins without any bureaucratic process.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: September 28, 2023, 02:18:33 PM

Gennaro Gattuso has reached an agreement as Marseille coach for this season and previously Marseille often had poor results which made previous coach Marcelino want to leave the club. This is a new experience for Gennaro Gattuso coaching a team in Ligue 1 and of course the former Milan legend is eagerly awaiting his ingenuity in managing Marseille. Actually, as a coach, Gennaro Gattuso is quite good but sometimes quite bad, so as a coach his quality is just right. After being fired by Valencia last season, he is finally able to coach a team again and his deal will last until June 2024 at Marseille. What do you think, Gennaro Gattuso is the ideal coach for Marseille?

Gennaro Gattuso had horribly spell with clubs like Napoli and Valencia, complete two leagues around Europe and he is yet to get a good coaching job done. I will not want to get him compared but Xabi Alonso has done a better coaching job than he's done than that of Gennaro Gattuso in the last two clubs he has managed.

This term with Marseille I am backing him to get all his wrongs from the previous clubs right. He is still not looking to be the perfect man for the job. Seen him during Napoli and Valencia but let us be positive for once he does breathtaking job.
I have so much respect for Gennaro Gattuso right from the days he was a player.  He was a very strong and rugged midfielder who was well-loved by his clubs (especially AC Milan) and country.  As a player, the Italian has won the Champions League, Coppa Italia, Serie A title, Italian Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and UEFA Supercups. However, he has failed to replicate this performance in his coaching career. He had a fairly successful career in Napoli, although he was sacked after a few months. But he attracted and bought some of the best players Napoli can currently boast of. He had a very bad time in Valencia where he was sacked when the club was in 14th position.

Marseille is not in very bad shape at least they are in the 8th position but their 4-0 loss to PSG was a little bit embarrassing.  He is a good coach who has good relationships with his players. I was surprised that Gattuso who was an aggressive player became very soft to his players. I wish him success in his new assignment in Ligue 1.

@CryptopreneurBrainboss what happened with Victor was disgusting and very bad and now Iím hoping that he can sue them for a big amount or the club tears his contract so he can move to a better club whoíll respect him. Lastly Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG are the favourites to get him but I wonít be surprised if Arsenal also target him as they also could use a striker like him.

Victor Osimhen has to leave Napoli if he wants to enjoy football. It is clear that if he fails to score in a few games, the club media team will do more harm. He is also having an unhealthy relationship with coach Rudi Garcia, so he might never be respected like Luciano Spalletti. If he gets a good offer, it will be better to move to England where the league has better administration.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Reasons you should not gamble on too many things at once. on: September 28, 2023, 01:30:29 PM
If you have the habit of playing and gambling on different sports and game, I think it is not good because of some few reasons like;
Which other reason?

I like gambling on games that I understand and have a passion for. Therefore my gambling life is limited to only sports in love. I wouldn't gamble on any sports that that is strange to me because I wouldn't know how to analyze or predict. But I think that your advice is valid. Gambling on different sports can lead to over gambling which will lead to addiction. I don't also think that more games give greater chances of winning because you might not be skillful in many games. It is better to be a master in a few games than to be a novice in many games. But this does not rule out the fact that you might one to try some new games just for fun or more knowledge.

I usually see some gamers spending so much time on phones or bet shops because of gambling. I find this behavior unnecessary because time is valuable. They should engage in something meaningful than spending time playing different games. In gambling your time and resources should be well planned to avoid addiction.
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Another post cautioning you of influencers on: September 27, 2023, 04:10:10 PM
So there is travel youtuber called Passenger Paramvir, he appears honest and genuine guy and I love his videos.

However, in one of videos that I watched recently he promoted the 1xbet which is obvious scam gambling site.

These social media influencers are just concerned about making money. None of them are giving out humanitarian or free services to the public. 1xbet is a well-known casino that can pay these influencers a high amount of money to promote their services. Some of them don't care about the reputation of the form they are promoting because they are only targeting profit. It is also possible that Passenger Paramvir might not be aware of the fraudulent reputation of the casino, you can send him a personal message to inform him about the danger of promoting this casino.

Now, I don't have anything on these guys, I'd do same in my signature, I wouldn't bother to research much about what I'm promoting as long as I'm having my payment.

Point being, do your own research before you do anything, don't heed anyone blindly, no matter how popular they may be. Here in India, popular actors promote tobacco without thinking what such adverts could do to their followers, and mind you people here are blind after Bollywood stars.

I just wanted to post, I'm aware there are countless such topics already.
I think to have made some important points. We shouldn't advertise or promote any service that we know can harm the society. We should also put ourselves in the shoes of people who will experience loss due to our actions. Money is not everything so we should not be blinded by financial gains and assist a firm in defrauding or scam the public. But sometimes these firms pretend to have good intentions only to rug pull or engage in exit scams.
18  Other / Off-topic / Re: Google is 25 Today - What has been Your Experience ! on: September 27, 2023, 03:37:50 PM
The Giant search Engine Google is Marking its 25 years of being in service and providing services to the entire world. As the popular saying goes 'Google is Your Friend'.
Happy Silver Jubilee celebration to Google.  I saw that the double "O" has been changed to "25" and I didn't understand the meaning until I saw this thread.
*Has Google been your friend?
Google has been a friend and a partner. He has also been my teacher and dictionary. Without Google, I don't know how learning and researching would have been.

*How long have you been using Google?
I can't tell the precise date but Google has been my partner for more than a decade.

*Do you prefer other search engines than Google lately and can you tell why? (If any)
I have not really used other search engines because Google have always given me what I want regarding general knowledge. But when it comes to scholarly research I have other search engines.

*Is there any improvement would you like to see in Google that you think are not included assuming it is possible?
@Bitstar_coin are you carrying out a survey for Google Grin? The firm should have more local language versions and they should do more to promote privacy.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Credit card gambling fuels gambling addiction on: September 27, 2023, 06:59:13 AM
I don't know how deep the debt on credit card gambling is today until I do my own research and mehn, and it's very sad, many people are in debt because they keep using their credit cards to fund their gambling hunger.

Imagine someone you know telling you that it will take him 12 years to pay off his debt, I now know why few countries don't want their citizens to gamble using their credit cards,  betting on credit cards has left too many people in thousands of debt.
The rate of debt because of the use of credit cards to gamble is quite alarming. But the cause might not be the cards but gambling addiction.  In my location, the use of credit cards is not popular so gamblers use alternative means. I have seen gamers take loans using their personal belongings as collateral because of gambling. The problem with these people is not credit cards but lack of control. Some persons can even engage in criminal activities just to have access to money for gambling.
Which makes me think that Credit card is far more helping to fuel gambling addiction more than anything else, you don't actually have the money, but you can still gamble, this alone will make people to lose their minds and gamble anyhow.

I'm glad I don't even like using Credit cards for gambling and my reason isn't even because of possible reckless gambling but because I don't like centralized payment solutions, you should stay away from using Credit card to gamble online, it sure would easily throw you out in the street, homeless.
In Australia, the use of credit or debit cards for fiat gambling is banned. Now the country wants to extend the rule to crypto gambling.  This will indeed help to reduce the gambling addiction of those whose cards are what triggers the drive to gamble. But I know that we have many responsible gamers that have access to multiple cards. Credit cards are not the only cause of gambling addiction, there are many other triggers and the government should act on them.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Crypto exchanges have to learn and improve on their security on: September 27, 2023, 06:29:55 AM
I know people who are still dubious about the cryptocurrency sector because they worry about losing their money to scams or security breaches, which has been a typical occurrence in this market.
Since the majority of users appear to have welcomed the requirement for required KYC, I believe the focus should now be on enhancing exchange security.
The cryptocurrency financial sector is in its developmental stage so issues like hacks and scam projects will always occur. As old as the fiat banking system they still suffer from security breaches and scams. In 2022 banks in the US paid close to $1.2 billion ransomware payments. So these attacks are not limited to the crypto industry but as the sector grows, it's security will improve.

I don't think that the majority of people are comfortable with KYC because it is an arbitration of the concept of bitcoin. The only reason why people give out their KYC is because they have few options. In my country, centralized exchanges are the major means of dealing with Bitcoin this is due to the fact that we have limited P2p platforms.  It would not be a bad idea for exchanges to adopt current security measures to curb these attacks but some of them went bankrupt not because of attacks but mismanagement.

I am aware that KYC may reduce fraudulent activity, however dealing with hacking and security exploitation issues will need investing in the strengthening of security. Adoption could happen quickly with sufficient protection because safety will be assured..
These attacks will not end automatically, in fact, they might always be a problem in the crypto sector. Adoption should be promoted using the right information. People should be aware that they can keep their money in a safe non-custodian wallet and be their bank. They should be taught how to protect their coins against hacks. We should let them know that keeping money in centralized platforms is riskier.
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