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1  Local / Hors-sujet / Re: Coronavirus on: July 30, 2021, 03:40:54 PM
Je vous avoue que en lisant tout ses biologistes et psychologue d'internet, notamment Oscar2000 ou encore perl, qui nous parle de grippette et de dépression comme si c'était de la faute à ceux qui on ordonner un confinement, je ne pouvais pas m'en empêcher.

Que dire des ingénieurs et entrepreneurs comme moi qui ont déjà passé plus de un an à ne presque voir personne pour développer leur projet et travailler  Roll Eyes Pourquoi nous on ne fait pas de dépression ? les gens auraient du réfléchir avant, ils ont détruit leur propre économie et leur propre société en se manquant de respect, en copiant/collant et en concurrençant le business de leur voisin par choix de facilité, ils ont refuser
de faire des recherches et de l'analyses pour accumuler des éléments et du savoir et ainsi ne jamais s'ennuyer puis avoir des projets, ils ont décidez aussi de vivre en ville pour certains, donc qu'ils arrêtent de se
plaindre un peu et de faire croire que tout les maux sont causer par les décisions des autres mais jamais de leur propres décisions à eux.


Pour toi, des chiffres sur le taux de mortalité.

La surmortalité a atteind 9% en 2020. Est ce que je dois retrouvé certains commentaires ou tu disais que ca ne changerai pas par rapport aux années passées? T'as plus de TA à nous balancer?
Tu disais pas que ca ferais moins de morts que la grippe? Bon on en est ou alors?

Je te vois venir! Tu vas me dire que 9% c'est pas beaucoup (ah ben 55000 morts quand même, mais si tu dis que c'est pas beaucoup...) et que ce ca ne justifie pas de fermer des restaurants et tout le bazzarre. Ca veut dire que pour toi la vie à un prix. A combien tu l'estimes?

Cette argument est complètement fallacieux.  Et d'ailleurs, il dit justement que la vie humaine n'a pas de prix.

Je te retourne la question jusqu'a quel prix l'estime tu la vie? Pour tuer l’économie mettre tous le monde en dépression et détruire des chance de guérison de cancer par exemple.
Pour sauver quelque personne principalement des personnes âgée ?  

Avec ton raisonnement ou peut sacrifié un pays pour sauver la vie d'une personne qui va mourir dans les 3 ans.

Oui, c'est dégueulasse mais la vie a un prix.

Alors qu'elle est ton prix de la vie ?

2  Economy / Speculation / Re: 22 july, BTC 20k$ or 70k$? on: July 17, 2021, 01:17:51 PM
We’ll never see $25,000 or below again, quote me on that.

The problem we’ve had with regards to Musk & his FUD on bitcoin is that he’s been a law onto himself on Twitter. He drops these FUD bombs & nobody can respond quick enough, all the noobs & weak hands sell & the price dumps.

The difference with this talk on July 21 is that @jack is a very intelligent guy & very pro bitcoin. He’ll be able to counter if Musk starts nonsense FUD again. So we really shouldn’t see any more negative price action if Elon decides to start trolling again.

Either way, a lot of the negative points Musk had have been sorted out now. The Bitcoin Mining Counsel, headed by Saylor have revealed bitcoin mining actually uses over 50% renewable/clean energy. Also China have now kicked miners out so that FUD is dead too.

I think we’re past the worst & bitcoin will start to rise again now. The bull run is alive & kicking, 1BTC = over $100,000 by the end of 2021 (not sure about $70,000 by 22 July though).

Ok i quote that.

Let's go below 20k$  Roll Eyes (seriously, you can't know.... but by analyzing the past and the differents psychologies of the investors and by knowing how the market is manipulated, then we can says that it's highly probable than it could return under 20k$)

You talk like if people were there to hear a "very intelligent guy" talk, in fact most people are investing to gain money not to support the blockchain, first fact. Second fact, if this famous "intelligent guy" was very intelligent he would have start supporting alternative coins not a slower crypto such as bitcoin is.

By the way the fact that bitcoin mining uses renewal energy doesn't justify the fact that we should use this energy to continue to mine this slow and old cryptocurrency that is called "bitcoin", there is far more better alternatives (not that i'm against Bitcoin, but there is a lack of developpement)

Bitcoin won't reach $70k just because of their meeting, it's been almost 3 months since the bitcoin ATH, but to fall to $20k after that meeting is also impossible, because the bitcoin price has been around 30k for quite a while, so there's likely to be an upward spike until the end of July as the market starts to saturate around $30k. my prediction 40k might be a decent position for bitcoin.

That's so science .... or not.

In 2018 the price was around 12k for a while, even 15k, 10k, then finally i bought it between 4500$ to 7000$ year later  Cool
3  Other / Off-topic / Re: The ANONYMOUS video is FAKE... on: June 14, 2021, 05:29:53 PM
It's as fake as the skill of those script kiddies called "anonymous".

They can't do anything good for the world, so they do what the politicians do: they talk.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Using renewable resources in Bitcoin Mining on: June 13, 2021, 09:50:33 AM
It should be used for science or other cryptocurrencies, not for a old and slow cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is.

(as a moderator told me, this message has nothing against the rules so i repost it)
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin is the fastest asset to hit 1 trillion marketcap on: June 01, 2021, 06:13:32 PM
Sharing another interesting infographic from

as we can see from the data above, Microsoft took 44 years to reach 1 trillion market cap, while Bitcoin took only 12 years!

Unfortunately, Bitcoin could not sustain such prices for long, and now the total market cap is about 650 billion USD. ( 1 trillion marketcap is about 56K USD)
Anyway, that is an impressive milestone for Bitcoin!

Nothing impressive, it's the result of wash trading, market manipulation, and people who are investing without knowing anything but want to be rich very fast.
You can't manipulate Microsoft market as easy as Bitcoin market.

I would be interested to know the marketcap without all this, and to know what would happen if people were investing into all those better cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin is but that most people don't know. Bitcoin would probaly not even cost 20k. Most medias are only talking about Bitcoin, price of bitcoin is nothing based on technology and reason but only hype and craziness, otherwise Ethereum and Dash would cost more than Bitcoin, that's a fact. Today, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with the most unadvanced developpement and technology, this is what you should talk instead of money/marketcap.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: KYC - IDENTITY VERIFICATION or IDENTITY THEFT on: May 20, 2021, 06:51:56 PM
It is difficult to decipher the actual meaning behind what you are writing.

If everybody is spying everybody we would know what your government want to do wrong or not, your president / government doesn't have an unlimited power.
The government is spying on everybody. Did you not read about Snowden and the NSA leaks? And most big corporations like Google and Facebook are assisting them, as are most centralized exchanges. If you complete KYC at a centralized exchange, then at some point the government will get their hands on your trading history and all your linked addresses. And they might not have unlimited power, but they certainly have an awful lot of it. Have a read about "indefinite detention" and "forced disappearance", both of which the US government take part in.

a military killing innocent people with a drone is also a member of the people
And who do you think orders those drone strikes? Or keeps ordering the military in to a variety of countries around the world, for that matter?

your government is not always award of each little decisions that must have been taken in few seconds or minut on a warzone.
I'm obviously not talking about heat-of-the-battle split second decisions. I'm talking about a pattern of behavior over years and decades of detaining/torturing/murdering innocent people.

Tortured innocent people, by who ?
By government sanctioned programs and facilities. Guantanamo bay tortured people for years, with the majority of people there eventually being released without charge. Or what about the Abu Ghraib prison? Or the Bagram facility. Or Khalid El-Masri? Or the years of "enhanced interrogation techniques"?

Still, we are going off topic here. My underlying point is the government is not your friend. They are spying on you, they are using blockchain analysis technology and methods, and they can not be trusted to act fairly or even legally. Completing KYC is giving the government a free pass in to all your financial dealings with bitcoin.

KYC is always a risk.

What about the animals you are killing and eating everyday dude ? you can eat vegetarian.

You seems to deliberaly forget everything about why all those actions has been taken, you also don't know the word "Evolving" and "Changing".

I don't give a fuck if the NSA is spying at me, if they are not doing something wrong with it, that's all. Anyway your government already have your bills and ID Card, your arguments against the government are full of bs. If they want to kill you, it will be fast. If they want to keep tracking you by watching in the e-commerce's databases they will find your new adress too.

Snowdem is an egoist who think that nobody should be spyed because he never have been raped by a pedophile / he doesn't have much empathy. This dude is doing nothing helpful for the humanity, before him we already knew "everything" about what he leaked  Wink At least about the surveillances (what seems to be his most "important revelation", as a lot of people i laughed so hard when i heard that)

The guy who replied just before you and who talked about how the criminals could use our informations is totally right, but you....  Roll Eyes constantly talking about the past and how the governement is the real problem but not biggest criminals. Please talk to me about 1945 and the prehistory.

I'm stopping here.

ps: i'm not english at all, just trying to share my science despite the fact that this world is full of believers sharing their story / talking about how we all had shit in our pants 10 or 10000 years ago.

7  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: KYC - IDENTITY VERIFICATION or IDENTITY THEFT on: May 20, 2021, 05:31:35 PM
Really? You mean like the thousands of innocent people the police have killed in the US? Or the thousands of innocent civilians we have drone striked? Or maybe when our government performed human experimentation and torture on innocent people? Hell, we've even arrested people for giving food to homeless people. And we are supposedly one of the most "developed" and "civilized" countries in the world. Ha.

If everybody is spying everybody we would know what your government want to do wrong or not, your president / government doesn't have an unlimited power.

You are talking about people killing people, a police officer is a member of people, a military killing innocent people with a drone is also a member of the people (you written "we" so it includes the people and you are aware of it)
And some time because of the terrorists yes there are collateral damages, not everytime because of the terrorists that's true but who take the decisions ? think twice before publishing your comments, your government is not always award of each little decisions that must have been taken in few seconds or minut on a warzone. I was thinking like you when i was 15-18 to be honest.

Some people are taking individual actions and they are even lying to your president or whoever they want, it's like you, you are lying to me in order to make your opinion/belief more valuable and this is the biggest problem today in our world because most people are acting like you, we do not need belief but science. Some governments are acting like you, some other aren't but they are a bit pretentious and bad in science so they are not taking good decisions and anyway it's not always easy for all of them.

Tortured innocent people, by who ? cartels ? gangsters ? girls tortured by blake jacob the rappist who got 7 shots in the back ? by the nazi ? by few people in the US army who aren't representing the whole government ? Dude, a bit of honesty, we live in a world of chao don't add some.

I'm talking about improving your world.

Ps: most people are eating animals while they can evolve to eat vegetarian, of course they aren't innocent at all.

As a software and game engineer, KYC is very helpful to lifeban cheaters and make them cry  Smiley
That isn't why its implemented though. Its implemented because its often a government requirement. Gambling websites usually have a similar sort of system in place, where you can only deposit/withdraw large amounts once you have verified your identity.

I'm not even sure how someone could cheat on an exchange.

As a software and game engineer, KYC is very helpful to lifeban cheaters and make them cry  Smiley
No, not all of us are claiming that identity theft is a massive issue. Although, it definitely is an issue so we can't ignore that, but a proper exchange or any service for that matter should be storing this kind of information off the server, rather than live.

We are saying that users of these platforms should be thinking more about their privacy, and should be valuing it more. The fact that, selling on data is a lucrative business, is something we have all probably become aware of in modern times. How many times, have you received a spam phone call? Now, sometimes this might be by random, and the caller is doing a brute force approach, but often it can be because someone has sold on the data.

(it's not that hard to steal people ID cards and documents without internet, it's very easy... no need to hack a database,  it's more easier to break your door or pockets than most servers over internet)
Ignoring the difficulty of this, which I don't believe is easy either online or offline. The fact is, when your data is compromised on the internet, its likely not just your details which have been compromised, but thousands or even millions of users, which makes it a lucrative business. You might be right that a physical theft might be easier, but you're probably going to leave a trace if you aren't a Ninja. On the internet, there are ways of concealing your identity, things like Tor are probably used by criminals frequently, and that's probably why there are rumours that the government also host exit nodes, to catch them.

However, to get to my original point. Lets just assume your statement is correct, that doesn't mean we should just ignore the very real fact that servers, and data get compromised a lot more on the internet, this is simply because; its a larger target area. You likely, only know around <100 people that know your real life address, and most of them and won't be interested in criminal activities, but on the internet someone doesn't personally need to know you, they just need to know where the service stores their data. They don't need any personal connection to you, and thus there will be more malicious users, trying to steal data, than in a physical way. So, while it might be easier to get this information locally, there are far more people trying to compromise your data online, and therefore the chances of significantly more than in person.

You guys obviously don't know anything about security and programming, you may be an engineer in toilet paper.
Well, the original point of the thread has nothing to do with programming. Plus, the cheating aspect you bring up seems to be more likely to be encountered in online gaming, rather than a cryptocurrency exchange. Even then, they don't require KYC. So, if I was going to counter your argument of "anti cheat", then it would be many successful games filter out most of the cheaters without introducing KYC.

Besides security, and privacy are similar, but aren't the same. You don't need to know programming to understand what is, and isn't a privacy breach. Same as, you don't actually need to know programming to understand what is secure, and what isn't. In a work place, you usually have someone come up with the ideas of security implementation, via a simple, but concise explanation, and are usually referred to as a design plan. The expect one person, to come up with a sophisticated security implementation is, rather unrealistic. Most security matters are developed by many people, due to the complex nature or they are simply using existing libraries.

Securing any system, be it online or a local system is probably one of the most complex jobs in programming. Just think, how many bugs you have programmed in your life, well they might have not meant anything on the grand scheme of things, but in a security aspect they could potentially be exploited, so any security implementation is usually extensively reviewed.  

You being a software engineer, doesn't necessarily confirm you understand the programming aspects of security either. Software engineer is such a broad term, and might mean you've actually never touched any of the security aspects of a program or one that an exchange might use, and to what level. Especially true, if you work within a team, and aren't doing it alone as you usually cover a certain part of the code. For example, you might be responsible for the verification aspect of emails, or the system which extracts the ID from the live server, removes it, and then deposits it somewhere else.

I couldn't possibly claim to know every aspect of security, that would just be absurd. Its why as companies we bring in experts in a particular field, and look for people with experience in a particular thing. Satoshi did a brilliant job, and is considered a genius within the field by many or if not a genius definitely a pioneer, but there was still bugs, vulnerabilities, and other exploits within his code. It definitely wasn't perfect, and anyone claiming to have a perfect system, is likely either lying directly or knowingly trying to mislead others to thinking that as you could never be 100% sure.

Like seriously, if you take a look at most companies out there, they've been exploited, hacked or breached. Google who employ top level people within the field for a lot of money, Bitcoin, Facebook, Microsoft, and this forum. They've all been compromised at some point, even when they have multi millions going into security. So, to go back to the original point you should be wary of putting your personal information anywhere let alone places where their security budget is lower than average.

I'm not talking about exchanges / gambling websites but e-sport.

For the rest, i already know because i'm involved into defensive and offensive security since more than ten years, so it's not new, doxing cheaters and criminals is not as bad as you can think.

The KYC is evolving as the ID Card and all the rest, we shouln't stop KYC but improve it.

We can already get your adress by hacking tons of e-commerce database and it will probably be always the case.

"Well, the original point of the thread has nothing to do with programming. Plus, the cheating aspect you bring up seems to be more likely to be encountered in online gaming, rather than a cryptocurrency exchange. Even then, they don't require KYC. So, if I was going to counter your argument of "anti cheat", then it would be many successful games filter out most of the cheaters without introducing KYC."

Of so you don't know anything about what you are talking about, you don't know anything about programming and gaming dude, otherwise you wouln't tell such bs. Show me the game Wink You are getting merit by lying ahah.  Grin

Guys, stop saying bs when you aren't game software engineer.

"So, if I was going to counter your argument of "anti cheat", then it would be many successful games filter out most of the cheaters without introducing KYC."  Grin

Explain it technically and show me the games  Wink You don't know what you are talking about, you don't deserves your merits points. It's crazy.

The only games that can be protected at 100% are the gambling games because the players don't have enough controls to cheat, he only have to randomly choose something and the server are taking all the decisions (it can be vulnerable only if it's not well coded)

At the moment with our human technologies we cannot protect all the games especially the FPS.

Don't publish a comment about computer security when you are working at walmart dude.

"Merited by Foxpup (4), o_e_l_e_o (2), DdmrDdmr (1), ChuckBuck (1)" all those guys must be very bad at computer security.

Don't want to be harsh but you are clearly dispectful by lying like that just to defend an opinion. Guys, be honest, you are right on a lot of things but damn... don't talk too much like that when you don't know the reality.

By the way, if the games are on a webbrowser you cannot load an anti-cheat on the OS, we have to work with AI that can be bypassed if the cheaters start to understand the algorithms / how it works (and in the OS we can bypass it too because the hardware are not well protected and the OS too)

In one sentence you proved that you don't know anything about security and so i close the debate. That said, i respect the fact that you may want to improve this world and the peace as much as possible.

Don't even try to talk computer security/science with someone if you are a believer sharing beliefs. 2 comments full of beliefs with fake technicals informations. It's not helpful for anyone to continue a debate in this condition, more when those who receive the merits points are lying/talking without studying and experiencing before.
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: KYC - IDENTITY VERIFICATION or IDENTITY THEFT on: May 17, 2021, 06:07:38 PM
there are some danger and we need to improve the internet security and surveillance.
Who decides who has the duty of protecting the public by having personal information? If the government and security protects us from scammers, who protects us from the government?
This narrative of keeping the internet peace should be dropped as it's only an excuse that is used by the authorities to maintain control.

(it's not that hard to steal people ID cards and documents without internet, it's very easy... no need to hack a database,  it's more easier to break your door or pockets than most servers over internet)
If it's not that hard to steal personal details, how efficient is the KYC process, it doesn't stop crime or scams?

And who protect me from criminals so maybe you ? If i can't even use KYC for my personnal usage or the one of my entreprise....

According to people like you, we shoudn't use cryptography because this technology can be used by criminals to hide themselves, we should't use internet because we can get tracked.... we shouldn't use a VPN because the provider can get our IP (and more)... we shouldn't use an internet provider too then, damn... we clearly shouldn't use anything. If you are scared like that, then don't go buy any food in the market because the government or anyone good in biology can kill you by infecting your foods very easily (even your tea)

Show me the proof that the governement (which one btw ?) want to do something wrong to someone innocent ? prove me it.
Of course you are talking like if all the governments were killing homosexuals and smokers, i bet that the only governements that you are accusing of something wrong are the same that are attacking the others governements who kills homosexuals and smokers or journalists. And a government it's full of people who do not all agree with each other, people working at CIA or FBI aren't the same than the one who are making the law, ect, ect, ect.

I talked about doors of most people, in the case of smart people or the future: we gonna improve the world security / improve our own doors security everytime we can.

Most people aren't secure in their home, but some people are, you shouldn't penalise everybody.

You may not know, Pi Network is a fake blockchain platform, it may not be popular here, but it is very popular in other country, namely Vietnam. Thousands, tens of thousands of people have joined the platform and done their identity verification on the platform, many even investing money into it. And a scam platform will definitely take all your money, and your identity too, this platform used the user's identity and sold it on other social platforms, which is very dangerous.

If everybody was spied it would have never happened.
It's simply as that.

One thing i'm sure is, if you are asking the identity of everyone creating a website and an application, and if you are tracking them, then nobody can scam you without getting arrested.

People don't want to respect each other, here we go !

(it's useless to tell me anything like "you are wrong". Better tell to the people to start respecting each other then maybe something will change later)
9  Economy / Economics / Re: We entered a bear market earlier than expected on: May 17, 2021, 02:58:55 PM
We entered a bear market earlier than expected

The prices won't go up anymore from now. People say Elon control the Dogeocin market. But he controls Bitcoin at the same way.

It doesn't look earlier at all.
And Elon Musk probably doesn't controls Bitcoin, some people are just too stupid to make their own choices.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: KYC - IDENTITY VERIFICATION or IDENTITY THEFT on: May 17, 2021, 12:01:59 PM
People are greed and easily accept any KYC with a hope to get rich quickly. Unfortuantely, when privacy is lost, you will never be able to get it back. Your identity can not be erased on the Internet if it was leaked and spread around.

That excellent topic and three referenced articles are enough to answer your question.

As a software and game engineer, KYC is very helpful to lifeban cheaters and make them cry  Smiley

But if you want to lose your cryptocurrencies by playing against a cheater, you can play with people who haven't their identity checked and who are playing on servers where our anti-cheat is turned off to avoid cheaters creating multiple account in order to understand the behavior of our anti-cheat then bypass it (so yes, only the verified player are playing on servers with anti-cheat). You guys obviously don't know anything about security and programming, you may be an engineer in toilet paper.

Talk is cheap for people who don't do anything for the world, what is useless is the thread you shared, Even if it's true: there are some danger and we need to improve the internet security and surveillance.

Nasty criminals and pedophiles aren't ok with that, i know but i'm not ok with them.

(it's not that hard to steal people ID cards and documents without internet, it's very easy... no need to hack a database,  it's more easier to break your door or pockets than most servers over internet)

Instead of saying: We should spy internet and secure it from criminals.
You guys are literally saying that we should simply move away from some services just because criminals would try pirate it in order to steal your identity .... instead of saying that we should improve the security over internet, that we should check the identity of EVERYONE over internet so nobody can steal you/hack a database without being tracked and arrested.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: 【ANN】 ✅ LETHEAN ✅ - Secure, Anon & Fast P2P-VPN-Network backed by the Blockchain on: May 15, 2021, 07:16:55 PM
It has been dead since 2 years ago. Wallet with VPN inside which, if fired up, connects to another active wallet on the network and uploads to that user your personal information, summary report of your computer hardware and your physical location is also shared, and this process of sharing happens concurrent with another user sharing their details which enables everyone to get other peoples information for free.

It's technically fake so i gave you a distrust point for this lie.
12  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin price fall to Zero? Possible or not? on: April 13, 2021, 10:15:20 PM
Of course it's technically possible but it probably won't happen before a long time.

That said i find Bitcoin a bit old in term of technology if we compare it with some others cryptocurrencies, so who knows what will happen in a during time ? But it can evolve.

I guess, those might be a possibility, but even so it's kinda impossible for it to reach zero. Maybe it will be worthless, but it might still have little value, not suddenly turned into zero.
And i guess, bitcoin is still so strong, even without many option of using it to trade into goods or services, and bitcoin getting banned in a lot of countries, bitcoin still can rise up high up until now. There's no other cryptocurrency that seems to be able to overtake bitcoin position too for now. So i guess no need to think about it too much for now.

Because there's no media that talk more about all the better cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: 【ANN】 ✅ LETHEAN ✅ - Secure, Anon & Fast P2P-VPN-Network backed by the Blockchain on: January 22, 2021, 08:41:48 PM
and what we Have with Exchange now?
14  Economy / Economics / Re: I have discovered Something about covid 19 on: August 28, 2020, 12:12:32 PM

Everyone has right for opinion:)
Im not accusing anyone by the names.
Im not accusing anyone for murder here

Mostly I get entertained if I see person like You are You taking everything in so serious way for me its all just joke:)  

You aren't even honest with yourself.

Aren't you accusing people of murder ? just accusing them of letting / creating the covid-19 to let people die Roll Eyes

Using the non-argument "Everyone has right for opinion" is not an argumentation.

"I'm not accusing anyone by the names." that hypocrisy.... when you are targeting a minority of people that everybody know.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [PoS/MN] Gentarium (GTM) | Masternode hosting platform | Shared MN service on: August 13, 2020, 10:57:47 AM
GTM scammed the QuantisNetwork Community. They were supposed to build a clone of GTM for the Quantis Community, as Quantis Community was trying to launch their own hosting platform.
CryptoM was the communities go to guy for all updates. After giving us the community a 7 week deadline to deliver the Quantis Community the white-labeled clone for them. They were late and
never delivered anything. Took the communities money and CryptoM blocked the main contact of the Quantis Community. The community began researching the last few days and found out
that GTM doesn't even have the right cryptocurrency licenses to do business in Estonia. Here is their company page on the Estonian Gov. Website.
Owners of the company are shown.

Name       Date of birth                           Role                                   Valid since                 Valid now
 Denis Tyukilin   27.08.1983 (36)   management board member   11.10.2018 (1)   yes
 Vadim Feldman   20.05.1985 (34)   management board member   11.10.2018 (1)   yes

The Quantis Network Community fund raised over $2500 to have GTM build the Quantis Community QHOST, they never delivered and the Quantis Community is trying to get a refund for their money paid. They will file complaint and report GTM to Estonia authorities very soon if they don't contact the Quantis Community ASAP.

For those wondering, the Quantis Network Community leader had contact with "CryptoM" (GTM REP), that claimed to be the company manager and has since blocked the QuantisNetwork Community manager because he was requesting a refund for un-delivered development work. They took Quantis Network Community money and ran!

GTM Devs scammed us, and everyone should know about these guys!

If anyone needs proof, we have all screenshots of CryptoM and our Quantis Network Community Leader. Our community leader said CryptoM blocked him today right after the listing manager joined our Quantis Network group then decided to leave before we could speak with him about where our money is!!!!

Why don't you guys learn how to programming before lauching a project ?

All these cryptocurrencies "developpers" who pay someone else to work entirely at their place.... shouldn't create a cryptocurrency.
I know your project since 3 years and you had the time to improve your programming skill.

What is new between you and Gentarium ?
16  Economy / Speculation / Re: When we will see $12k Bitcoin once again? on: July 28, 2020, 03:32:47 PM

Locally btc have a breakout of the Head & Shoulders and BTC is testing the 10.765$ Local might take a correction in case Local Support is lost.
On the Higher Timeframe it took a rejection of the Higher Boundary of an Ascending Channel.Important, it's only low risk for to short on the Local Support breakout, as BTC looks bullish at Higher Timeframe.

All these "head and shoulders" will put trades to knees and toes. Dont trade using graphs only. Market flair is also important. If traders use graph figures to predict where price goes, than why do they make wrong predictions? This "head and shoulders" can easily turn into Barn Simpson head and what would you do next? Say oppps, I've read the graph in a wrong way?

Because technical analysis is like flat earth.

It's only BS.

All these stressed 55 years old traders with 8 screens who are trying to gain some bucks  Cheesy

Better make some studies in the sectors where you want to invest and also in different kind of sciences, including psychology, ect, and being a free man with all your societies and investments.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: OneCoin scam promoters found dead! on: July 25, 2020, 07:16:22 PM
I'm not sure that your gloating is appropriate - yet death is too high a price for financial fraud. If you want the scammers to die when you get caught on their hook - then you already have two problems instead of one.

That's not very fair that you are all defending criminals who are stealing the money/food from people, so yes who are killing people because you need food/money to live, and you think the problem are those who want the dead of these scammers and who are killing them   Smiley Having bad food because you are poor since you got stolen can also give you diseases. Living in a poor conditions too, and you can also have suicide ideas because of these scammers.

Need to make a school about how to use a brain. Nobody should defend that kind of behavior. You are comforting scammers.

There are differents kind of scammers, some are just psychopaths running multiple scams with no empathy like these both sh*t.

Are you asking me to have empathy for people who wouldn't have it for me ? that's it.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why do hackers steal huge amounts of bitcoins? on: July 25, 2020, 06:57:29 PM
Indeed, hackers will leave footprints if they try to transfer funds from hacked account. More so to speak that they are targeting vulnerable funds; thus, susceptible for an attack.
However, most of these attacks were very successful that they can still managed to get btc and convert it into fiat. However, if there are individuals trying to hack, they would be very big and well funded. In addition, attacks through phising websites and application can be worth noting. Note that most hacks happened in huge markets like bitfinex, binance, huobi and etc. Recent event on twitter would not be considered a direct attack to btc, rather they are accumulating btc from scammed victims. Well, time will tell what made hackers do what they do. Are they trying to test the system of bitcoin or are they trying to proved something they are good about?

They do it for money.

Trying to test the system or proving something....  Cheesy.

Most of the attacks could have been made by someone who aren't even a hacker but just a little developper or script kiddie with a bit of determination.

Officer: "Why did you stole bitcoin from people ? "

SK: "I was just trying the system bruh  Cool  pentesting Bitcoin against giveaways scams"

19  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The Face Mask Placebo on: July 25, 2020, 03:57:08 PM
I don't see anything wrong with a person wearing a mask in a store that he will take off when he comes out of it, but some people wear masks even when walking in the fresh air or playing sports, which is irreparable harm to their health.

It's not harmful and of course you can get infected by walking in the street without mask Roll Eyes
20  Other / Meta / Re: Activity and Merits on: July 25, 2020, 09:53:07 AM
As we all knows we need activity and merits for level up, I was inactive from very long time , i never notice about merit things before maybe anyone can tell me what is easy way to get it. Smiley

Keep in mind that even if you post nice things, truth, real-talk, technical things, reporting scam, you will rarely get a merit point.

If your goal is to level up just to make your brain feeling better then start changing your mindset because it's useless for you and a waste of time, start/keep working on valuable thing instead.

Don't waste your time if you don't have a real interest of posting messages/being upgraded, like presenting a future project or a social interest. Personally i have both, i think that some people need help so
it's also a social interest, to keep this world better everyday.
I will keep those things in mind Smiley you have 500+ post and 250+ merits 🙂 looks like you get it easily Smiley

No it's hard haha.

I got 250 automatically at the beginning of this feature because i had 250 messages/activity and the admin gave us the same as merit. Now i need to gain it. So i only got 16 given by other members.
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