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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: July 12, 2024, 06:20:03 PM
The first semi final match of this championship is in progress and right now the match is very much even. Pakistan Champions scored 198 runs but the West Indies Champions have scored 113 runs with the loss of 4 wickets. The target is a stiff one for West Indies but not out question. There is still hope for WI provided the in-form batsmen Ashley Nurse keep on playing a big inning in this match.

Pakistan champions top order completely failed in this match except for Kamran Akmal who made 46 runs. Later captain Younas khan played an innings of 65 runs followed by Aamer Yamin and Sohail Tanvir who pushed the score to around 200 level at the depth of the innings. It won't be easy for West Indies Champions to chase this score if they lose more wickets.

Today 1 st semi final game was ended between Pakistan team and West indies team. I really miss the performance of old Gayle player and also his six shots. Today he made 22 runs only and dismissed, he hitted three 4s and one 6s shots. Pakistan team set 198 big runs target in 20 overs by losing 8 wickets. Lala mean Afridi today game was failed to show good effort in game and he made 1 run only. Kamran Kamal played very well and he made 46 runs and missed half century 4 more runs need to complete. Y.Khan and A.Yamin both also performed great Younus made 65 runs and Yamin scored 40 runs. Most of players were dismissed for only 0 and 1 runs. But West indies team side A.Nurse made 36 runs and other batsman was dropped from pitch at small runs. West indies lost this game by 20 overs. S Khan picked 4 wickets and Yamin got a player of game award with 4 catches and good runs.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Women's Cricket Prediction & Discussion - T20 & ODI on: July 12, 2024, 04:52:58 PM
New Zealand Women's Team vs England Women's Team.

In the third match of the T20 series, New Zealand women's team was defeated by England women's team by 6 wickets. There are still two more matches left in this T20 series. Looking at the losing streak of the New Zealand women's team, it seems that there are doubts whether the New Zealand women's team will be able to change the game in the remaining matches. But in my opinion, if New Zealand Women's team is to show good things in the remaining matches, New Zealand Women's team needs to practice hard. However, it is clear in the consistency of England Women's team that against England Women's team, it is a matter of great effort for New Zealand Women's team to do well.
England team performed very strongly in the 3rd T20 match between New Zealand women team vs England women team. The New Zealand team is not performing well against the England team due to which the New Zealand women's team has not got a message win so far. With two matches still to go, if New Zealand Women's team can perform responsibly against England Women's team, the outcome of the match may be different. However, the way England women's team is performing, it seems that they will easily win the remaining two matches against New Zealand.  However, if cricket is a game of uncertainty, the team that performs well on the field will win, if the New Zealand women's team wins against England, they must play responsible batting and bowling, and if they can bat responsibly, New Zealand women can win against England women.  team  In the third T20 match New Zealand team batsman and bowler performed fairly well but unfortunately did not win against England women team. England Women's team wins by 6 wickets Congratulations to England Women's team with this win England Women's team confirmed.
England woman is a good and strong team and their team proved this winning T20 format series and also Odi format series. England woman won this third match by 6 wickets and 4 balls. They have won all matches they played recently. The team members of new Zealand woman are also very good but they need improvement and also change gameplay strategy. New Zealand has lost their previous matches and they need to work very hard. I hope new Zealand team improved themselves for their upcoming matches. England woman total made and chased runs for 142 runs and wining the match. New Zealand woman only set 141 runs record and lost the match. The 3rd match between new Zealand woman and England woman was played st lawrence ground stadium. Their performance was outstanding and they were proving that they are top level prayer. Their performance was exceptionally showing their skills and talent on the field.
Congratulations England-W team for win this game and also win this competition of 3 games. England-W team won the toss and they gave a chance to choose first bat or bowl and England-W team elected field first. New Zealand-W set 141 runs target in 20 overs by losing 8 wickets. S.Devine work very hard and made also good effort in game in bat and she scored 58 runs in  42 balls and she hitted seven 4s and two 6s. But England-W team chased down all target in 19.2 overs by losing  4 wickets and win this game by 6 wickets and 4 balls. Sophie bowled very brilliantly and bowled out 4 wickets in 4 overs with  25 runs. Capsey got a player of game award because she made 67 runs with no dismissed.
3  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Pakistan on: July 12, 2024, 11:39:00 AM
Asalam-o-Alaikum dosto sorry I'm late but here is the final result with details but before that.

Sorry Unknown Op your result for the second winners is wrong. Also that's not how Instant-runoff voting (IRV) works.

Please see here how Instant-runoff voting works?


Cheema02 (#6)ThemePen (#102)

Wa alaikom aslam shahzadafzal sir, sir G mei apkei hei result Ka wait Keir Rha tha keib aap result kou announce krein gei Meine ye IRV voting first time sunei hai yei shaed election Mei bei use or na hei mujei zeadha knowledge hai es IRV voting Kaa but apkei link or image Kei through thourie bouht es IRV voting Kei sameigh ae apnei calculation Kei hei tou yakeenan correct Kei gei aur ye Tou totally unexpected result Aya hei ThemePen brother koi runner up Kei Suraat mei 2 nd winner choose kea gea but huom Seib Nanga Parbat brother koi second winner maan rhei thei Unknown Op brother ki calculation kei mutabeiq khaier mujey to boouht maza aya voting ka aur seib kei pizzas booht unique full mazaydaar leig rhei thei ab mujei naseehat meil game hei next time contest shuoru houtei hei apnei submission submit keir doun ga next 14 August ka contest aa rha hai umeed hai ye bei organize kea jaeay ga burhaal Congratulations winners Cheema02 Brother for 1 st position and ThemePen brother for 2 nd winner or shahzadafzal sir kaa bought Shukrea community kei grow keir leiye aiesy small or mazaay daar contest run Krnei Kei leiye or result Kei leiye bei

4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Women's Cricket Prediction & Discussion - T20 & ODI on: July 11, 2024, 07:50:34 PM
3 rd WT20 game is continuing playing between New Zealand-W team and England-W team. England-W team won the toss and they got a chance to take first bat line or bowling line and England-W team choose bowl first. new Zealand-W team played all overs and made 141 runs target by losing 8 wickets. I think this game will win by New Zealand-W because start of England-W in batting line is very poor and they lose one wicket already and Maia opener batsman she played very brilliant games in past but in current game, she scored 0 runs and played only one ball. In 2 overs,  New Zealand batsman made 9 runs hope their batsman will perform better and win this game with whitewash New Zealand-W team.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 11, 2024, 06:10:08 PM
England team completed the target of West Indies and gave a lead of 250 runs. England team scored 371 runs in today's match, though comparatively England did not score much runs in today's match. But the lead given to the West Indies, I think the West Indies will be under a lot of pressure to meet this target. In the second innings, the West Indies team batted and they lost an opening wicket early on which put them under a lot of pressure. Kraigg Brathwaite as a captain of the team did not score good runs for the team but got out. However, the West Indies team has now batted for 13 runs in 10 overs with the loss of 1 wicket and if they fail to meet the target and give a lead in today's match, they are likely to lose the match.
Day 2 was ended today west indies played very poorly in 1 st day and also in their 1 st Inning and made only 121 runs. Today England team made good runs 371 runs by losing all wickets.  B.Stikes my favourite batsman of England team was kit batted good and made only 4 runs in test game. But j.Root played well and he scored 68 runs in 114 balls and also other batsman Z.Crawley played brilliantly with good runs 76 and hitted fourteen 4s. I think England team add new played his effort in game was totally different and good. Manay more Batsman also showed outstanding struggle and some need more hard work to improve their cricket line for future. In 2 nd Inning of West indies, again their batsman playing very worst I think 1 st runs are enough for west indies of England team won win.
6  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Pakistan on: July 11, 2024, 12:21:23 PM
Potential Breach of Compound Finance Website

السلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ

Kea chaal haal hai brothers loog

Crypto investigator ZachXBT nei users kou warn kea hai kei wou Compound Finance website sei dour rahein joi leigta hai hijack hou gae hai aur aab visitors kou phishing site peir redirect keir rhei hai. 11 July kou  ZachXBT nei Telegram peir community koi mashweira dea kei website sei feilhaal dour rhein Kuu kei yeah security risk hou saktei hai. Michael Lewellen jou kei Compound Finance DAO kei security adviser hain nei breach kou confirm kea keh keir kei URL compromised hai aur phishing site host keir rhei hai. Lewellen nei users kou yeah tasallei dei kei jab kei website compromised hai protocol aur smart contract funds safe hai. Compound Labs team nei abei tak comments kei liye respond nai kea.

Yeh Compound Finance kei leiye pehla security incident naei hai. 2023 mei DeFi protocol kei official X account kou hack kea gea tha jou phishing site promote keir rha tha jou free crypto tokens ka dawa keirti thi. Account kou 4 hours kei leiye compromise kea gea tha pehlei kei recover kea jae. Cybersecurity platforms Officer’s Notes aur Scam Sniffer nei phishing links koi flag kiea tha. Bari crypto security news mei phishing attacks nei 2024 mei almost $498 million kaa nuqsaan kea. CertiK kei CEO Ronghui Gu nei stronger security measures jeisei kei multifactor authentication kei zaruurat peir zour dea jeisei kei market grow keir rhei hai jab kei total losses crypto security incidents sei 2024 kei pehleay aadhei Mei $1.19 billion taak pohnch gea. info detail

7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 10, 2024, 11:08:07 PM
I have watched all games of ODI series between Sir Lanka U19 team vs England U19 team and now in between these teams, test series has start today 3 rd day of 1 st test game was ended and condition of game is in favour Sri Lanka U19 according to me. 1 st Inning of Sri Lanka U19 made 324 runs and all wickets were gone and down. Dinura best Batsman of Sri Lanka U19 team and played very good in 1 st Inning and he made brilliant century of 104 runs in 144 balls and he hitted thirteen 4s and one 6s. First few batsman did not play well but he helped a lot to score good runs. Now England inning is continuing and 4 wickets were down and Fonseka batsman who played good and made 72 runs still not dismissed and other Rockey both playing their inning and hopefully England U19 team chased 324 runs and trail good runs for next inning to Sri Lanka U19 team.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: League and Domestic Cricket discussion on: July 10, 2024, 09:53:56 PM
Anyone following the 2024–25 ICC Men's T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier? Qualifier B has started and for now, Norway and Germany are on top in Group B, while Jersey is leading Group A. Germany is without most of their regular players (Justin Broad, Joshua van Heerden, Dylan Blignaut, Dieter Klein and Walter Behr), and at this point they are overdependent on Ben Kohler-Cadmore (elder brother of Tom Kohler-Cadmore). They tried really hard to get Tom in the squad for this tournament, but he couldn't do that due to the ongoing county championship.

Yes, I'm following the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Europe Qualifier today 10th match is played between Jersey and Belgium. Belgium won the toss and decided to bowl first. Jersey current score is 148 runs in a loss of 5 wickets in the first 16th over of the match. Benjamin Ward is playing well with 18 runs not out from just 10 balls his inning is very important for Jersey to score a good total against Belgium. Khalid Ahmadi bowling performance is outstanding picked 3 important wickets. Belgium needed some quick wickets and especially the wicket of Benjamin Ward then they restricted Jersey to under 170 runs. I think a target of 170 plus runa is enough for Jersey to defend if because they have a good bowling line.

Yup this game was concluded with big margin of win and this game played between Jersey team and Belgium team. Belgium team made a very wrong decision when they won toss and choose field first. Jersey team played very well and in batting Inning, their batsman showed brilliant struggle. Jersey team set 198 runs target in 20 overs by losing 7 wickets. All batsman of Jersy team played very fast made good runs without water any ball. C.Brennan scored 40 runs in 22 balls only and he hitted four 4s and two 6s. Greenwood and asa Tribe both also batted good and Greenwood made 36 runs and Tribe made 33 runs. Played of award goes to Ward alrounder player he scored 19 runs in bat and took down 4 with 12 runs. Belgium all time showed very poor effort and lost this game by 108 runs and chased only   90 runs.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: July 10, 2024, 06:22:26 PM
Zimbabwe vs India 3rd T20 match India team played very well in today's match for which India team won. Zimbabwe team performed poorly in the bowling line for which India team had given so many runs target. India team gave a target of 182 runs in 20 overs. Zimbabwe team bat.  They could not win the match by going down to the field because the Zimbabwe team's batting line was weak due to which the India team won the match very easily.
Today in India touring to Zimbabwe five game series between India and Zimbabwe team, 3 rd game was ended. India team won the toss and got a chance to take good decision and they choose first bat. Indian decided to give first target and Zimbabwe team will chase their target. India team bowling line is very strong and first Indian team made 182 runs in 20 overs by losing 4 wickets and set this target for Zimbabwe batsman to chase. However, ZIMBABWE batsman was failed to chase big target and lost this game by 23 runs. By win this game now india lead this series by 2 win and Zimbabwe only one and two more games left for play hope Zimbabwe will perform in next two games same like their first game. Sundar got a player of game award in bowling line and he took down 3 wickets in 4 overs with 15 runs. This time S.Gill performed greatly and scored 66 runs in 49 balls and he hitted seven 4s and three 6s.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Women's Cricket Prediction & Discussion - T20 & ODI on: July 10, 2024, 05:19:55 PM
ENG Women vs NZ Women, 2nd T20
Today’s match will be hosted by Hove and let’s see hopefully, the New Zealand team perform at least something good and they will improve their team today at a different pitch and at a different venue.
England women are doing better than New Zealand women in this match, in their previous match England women gave a target of 197 runs and won with a target of 197 runs and in this match England women in 9 overs.  A target of 90 runs has been given for the loss of six wickets and on the other hand New Zealand women are batting and they have scored 37 runs in six overs for the loss of five wickets and if seen New Zealand is still facing England women.  They are not able to do it and they need 53 runs, which they have two overs and some balls left.   M Green is not yet on the pitch and is batting, but she has to stop the ball and play because England women are going very tough both in batting and bowling.
England-W team made a brilliant record in past series ODi and  England-W team won all games 3 games in odi and now two games of this women t20 series was ended yesterday and New Zealand-W team already lost in 1 st game and now 2 nd game was Laos ended yesterday with lost of New Zealand-W team. Poor bad condition and almost half inning was reduced and England-W set 89 runs target in 9 overs by losing 6 wicket. A.Capsy batted well and made  28 runs in 15 balls and hitted two 4s and two 6s. M.Bouchier in this game played slowly but mad scored 23 runs only and dismissed. C.Dean always my favourite bowlers from England-W team and she always played very brilliantly and took down 2 wickets in 1 over with  3 runs. Congratulations England-W for win and I hope your team will win this series with 5 lead
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: July 09, 2024, 11:35:00 PM
Great win for India Women's team It is really interesting that India Women's team has won by a huge margin of 10 wickets in the third T20 match. South Africa women's performance was very poor in today's match losing all their wickets for just 84 runs. But in today's match India women's team played brilliantly due to which they managed to win by a huge margin. Pooja Vastrakar was in great bowling form in today's match, she picked up four wickets with 13 runs which was really impressive. India women's team won today's match and they won the T20 series against South Africa women's team.
Congratulations India-W team for this this 3 rd last game of women t20 series of total 3 games series and one already won south Africa-W team and 2 nd game was stopped with no result and last one was won India-W team and tied this series 1,1 win. The reason for win this 3 rd game of India team was only their great pressure in bowling line up first. Their bowlers showed great and outstanding effort in bowling and entire team of south Africa-W was bowled out for 84 runs only and this was target of South Africa-W team. P.Vastrakar bowled out total 4 wickets of South Africa-W team in 3.1 overs with 13 runs. R.Yadav also made brilliant effort in game and she took down 3 wickets in 3 overs with 6 runs. Both deserved player of game title but Pooja only received this title, she took 4 wickets. This target was so easy both opener batsman chased down all target in half inning. Congratulations India-W team
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ODI cricket and general cricketing discussion [self - mod] on: July 08, 2024, 01:54:23 PM
According to my opinion in under 19 cricket players are still in developing phase and it is difficult to predict which one will win, while their playing structure and domestic performance of the team is very important role in their selection. Sri Lanka under 19 team is a good team selection but England under 19 team structure is very best So I want to see England under 19 team to win test cricket match but in gane anything can happen let's see who will win.
Yes exactly, everyone has their own point of view and it doesn't matter which team won series and which not. According to me both team performed greatly in this series Under 19s of Sri Lanka and England. I really enjoyed all games of this series and in 1 st game, Sri Lanka U19 team showed brilliant struggle and their effort was totally amazing. But in next two games their team played very slowly and did not made good runs and their bowlers also did not bowled good and did not stop batsman of England for low runs that's why their team lose these two games and also lose this series. Now both of them will play next series Test games and I believe that in this series Sri Lanka U19 team perform better and they will not repeat mistakes they made in past  games. 1 st unofficial test game will played today and I choose Sri Lanka U19 team in game who will win game.
13  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Pakistan on: July 08, 2024, 12:46:18 PM
Pink Drainer Falls Victim to Address Poisoning Scam

السلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ و برکاتہ

Kea chaal haal hai brothers loog

Pink Drainer jou kei aek famous wallet draining group hai haal hei mei aek "address poisoning" scam ka sheikaar hou gea aur es nei 10 Ether (almost $30,000 dollars) stole Hou gea. Crypto compliance platform MistTrack nei 7 July kou aek post mei es waqea kou highlight kea. Address poisoning mei aek attacker small amount ka crypto aek aeisei wallet sei send keirta hai jou kei target kei regular wallet kei address sei melta julta houta hai aur es teirha target kou wrong address peir funds send kerinei ka dhouka dea jta hai. Attackers nei aek aisei wallet address ka use kea jou Pink Drainer kei previous wallet sei bohout same tha aur yeah scam successful rha jeis sei Pink Drainer nei galtei sei 10 Ether send Keir dea.

Yeh attack usei time aya jeib Pink Drainer nei 17 May kou apnei retirement ka announcement kea khatey hue keu usnei July 2023 sei lei keir aab teik $85 million se zeadha ke crypto assets stole keay hain. Pink Drainer kei band hounei ke bawajuud dusri milti julti drainer toolkit services jeisei ke Angel Drainer, Pussy Drainer aur Venom Drainer aab bei buori neayat rakhnei waloun kei help kertei hain crypto assets stole mei. Pink Drainer ka geirnaa yeah highlight keirta hai kei crypto space mei hamesha khatrey rehtei hai jhan taik kei sab sei famous scammers bei apne hei tactics ka shileikaar ban saktei hai. info defail

Thanks Publictalk792 brother voting kaa Yaad Delaney Kei leiye Mei Tou bhool he gea tha aur AJ hai hei last date

I vote for Pizzas: #6 #90
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Test Cricket Prediction and Discussion Thread [self - mod] on: July 08, 2024, 10:17:18 AM
The warm-up match we observed recently between West Indies and England team. However, this match was not played against the main England but mainly against the Fast Class Country XI (FCCXI) and the West Indies. Most of the players we have seen playing in both teams are new and may have joined the team recently. If we compare the performance between these two teams then I think Fast Class Country XI (FCCXI) has performed well.

Because they batted for 373 runs in their first innings and managed to restrict the West Indies team to very few runs in the second innings. After which when they came to bat in their second innings the match was drawn after they collected 30 runs.
The match was drawn. And you analysis about the match and you picked up FCCXI team best as compare to West Indies. So I agree with you on your thoughts because that is right that FCCXI performance was really good in this match. In the first inning of West Indies I appreciate the bowling of FCCXI especially John Turner and Farhan Ahmed. They both collected 4,4 wickets. After that the batting performance of FCCXI was admirable. Because they made 373 runs with four wickets lost and they declared. In this inning William Luxton was playing excellent and he made 112 runs(not out) and Hamza Shaikh was good who made 84 runs. Means overall FCCXI performance was good in this match.
Yes very sad ending both played with full struggle and worked very hard to win this game but at end this game was drawn and no one win this game. Anyways, in test game, I surprised by effort of this team CS X1 team of England how were they playing in game and first their bowlers performed very good in 1 st Inning of WI team. WI batsman scored total 339 runs and all wickets gone and dismissed. John and Farhan both these bowlers showed brilliant effort in game and most of wickets was picked these two bowlers. Otherwise, CS X1 team made 373 runs in their 1 st Inning and trail by 34 runs. In 2 nd Inning of West indies, by losing 5 wickets and made 196 runs they ended their inning but unfortunately this game was not reach to end and game wAs drawn.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Cricket match prediction discussions on: July 08, 2024, 05:52:09 AM
After completing the World Cup journey, Team India has organized two consecutive series where they will travel to Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe with a completely new team. The main objective of organizing these two series is to rest the important players and give the young talented players an opportunity so that the new players can prove their worth. The Indian team won this year's T20 World Cup with young and experienced players, so the Indian Cricket Board is resting the veteran players and giving the newcomers a chance for the future. Indian team will tour Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe with new players. It will definitely be tough for Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe as it is a new team but every player has enough experience.
Yes total two games were fully played of this consecutive series India tour to Zimbabwe team and almost all payers of India involved in this series are new and I see only IPL series and their effort was very good in ipl and now they played 3 games series with Zimbabwe team. But in 1 st game of This series, I totally shocked when I see the results of game Zimbabwe won the game by 13 runs with low target of total only 115 runs. This target was so easy to chase and win game also very easy when top number 1 chased such target but their team was failed this time and lose the game by 13 runs. Zimbabwe team set 115 runs target in 20 overs and India only chased 102 runs and entire team was dismissed at 2 nd last ball. Chatara showed brilliant effort in bowling and he took down 3 wickets and also one more bowler bowled out 3 wickets S.Raza. after losing 1 st game, India team won the game with big margin of runs with big target of 234 runs. A.Sharma performed very great in bat and helped a lot to India team to win game by making brilliant century. Gaikwad also showed outstanding struggle in game and he scored 77 runs in 47 balls. Now both team win one and one game and now this series looks like 1-1. Last game will confirm that which team is winner of this series.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Lanka Premier League #LPL Cricket Discussion Thread on: July 08, 2024, 12:33:55 AM
In Lanka premier league competition, today two matches were finished and first match was being played among Colombia Strikers sqaud against Dambulla Sixers squad and second one was played among Kanday Falcon against Galle Marvels squad. I am talking about this match Colombia Strikers squad against Dambulla Sixers sqaud because in this match I see many epic moments and also very close fight among these sqauds. But sadly at last of this match, Colombia Strikers squad did not display good performance in bowling inning and their squad faced defeat. Colombia Strikers squad has managed to collect total 185 scores as a Defeating target after playing 20 overs with lose of 6 batters. Kusal Perera displayed significant performance in match with making a strong partnership with Reeza Hendricks batter and both collected total 130 scores plus and almost 80 percent defeating target were chased by there two batters.
Excellent performance by Dambulla Thunders won the match by 8 wickets Colombo strikers batting first and made 185 runs Glenn phillips played excellent innings of 52 runs Angelo Perera scored 41 runs brilliant bowling by Muhammad nabi he takes 2 wickets while giving twenty runs. Dambulla Thunders successfully chased the target in 18th overs Reeza Hendricks and kusal perera played a partnership of 154 runs of first wicket and whole pressure shifted to Colombo strikers side kusal perera 80 runs helps Dambulla Thunders to won this match single handedly he chased the score. Bad bowling by Colombo bowlers they failed to took wicket early which causes their lost
KAF team vs GAM team game was also ended yesterday and this game was also very good and in this game, GAM showed excellent in game and won by good margin of wickets and balls . GAM team won toss and they chose a field first in game. This game was held on Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium and this stadium was in favour of GAM team yesterday. KAF team bowlers effort was not very good with compare to Bat and they set 175 runs target in game by 7 wickets in 20 overs. W.Hasaranga performed very good and made half century with not out but his effort was kr much beneficial for team. T.Seifert  was not dismissed at end of game and his great effort to win this game because he scored 82 runs in 49 balls and hitted eleven 4s and two 6s. He also raced played of game award due to his brilliant in game in bat for helping their team to win game. Other batsman did not play well and made only normal runs for their team.
17  Economy / Economics / Re: Luxury items stock will be good way to go on: July 07, 2024, 10:07:49 PM
I agree with you, this is very risky and only a small number of people want these goods and it is very unlikely that those who have difficulty meeting their needs want these luxury goods and it takes a large income to be able to buy these luxury goods and we can buy them after we can meet the needs we need and making Bitcoin an investment I think will be better than choosing to invest in luxury goods that we ourselves will have difficulty selling to be able to meet our needs.
Investing in luxury goods requires large capital and you have to make sure you buy limited production items so that other rich people hunt for the item and you can sell at high prices to rich collectors, but not everyone is lucky to compete in purchasing limited edition items because other people have registered several purchase lists with different register names to obtain investment goods. But investing in luxury goods is also high risk and requires high costs for maintaining the goods, if you choose to invest in jewelry, bags, rare cars and other items. Other risks include fluctuation and low liquidity depending on market demand and collector desires.

I prefer investing in bitcoin rather than investing in luxury goods, the profit from investing in bitcoin will never be in any investment, you just have to hold it in your wallet until you reach the profit you have planned.

Investing in luxury goods involves risks, as with every investment. It is not easy to both compete in the luxury goods market and sell luxury goods as a reliable seller. Capital is required to purchase such goods, and putting your capital into a risky market is not something everyone can do.

I don't know how price fluctuation happens in luxury goods. If there are fluctuations in price, you may lose money on the luxury goods you purchased. No one doing business wants such an outcome.
Bro, every market goes up and down and people make Money and here are many people who lose money by investing in luxury things. So before investing in luxury things,you should study the technical analysis and you should  focus on market either it is going up or down. If you invest your money with great analysis and great study of graphs ,you can be successful by investing in luxury thing. Avoid investment in luxury things if you have no knowledge and you are talking step due to  only opinion of your friends. I is dangerous for any person who is investing his money.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: July 07, 2024, 07:41:17 PM
In today's 2nd T20 match of Zimbabwe vs India team India team won the match by 100 runs. Team India came out to bat and set a target of 234 runs in 20 overs losing 2 wickets. Team India batsman Abhishek Sharma got out with 100 runs off 47 balls. Ruturaj Gaikwad 77 off 47 balls.  Runs.Rinku Singh scored 48 runs off 22 balls.Zimbabwe team did not perform well in today's match due to which Zimbabwe team could not win this match.
The new team of India has done a great job by defeating the Zimbabwe by a margin of 100 runs and leveling the series at 1-1. I think the credit for the win goes only to Abhishek Sharma who scored a brilliant century and broke the back of the Zimbabwean bowler and helped India set a very high target for Zimbabwe.
India tour to Zimbabwe team, two games were ended today and in 1 st game, Zimbabwe team won this game and India lost very poorly. Today 2 nd game was concluded between India and Zimbabwe team. India team set 234 runs target in 20 overs by losing 2 wickets and in first gamez their batsman effort was worst and lost but this time their new players performed very brilliantly and won game by big margin of runs. S.Gill not played good and also made 0 runs but A.Sharma made a brilliant century in 47 balls and he hitted seven 4s and eight 6s. R.Gaikward effort in IPL was great now he scored 77 runs in 47 balls and he hitted eleven 4s and one 6s. M.Kumar took down 3 wickets and also Avesh khan also dismissed 3 batsman of Zimbabwe team. Now this series was lead by 1-1.
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Tamil Nadu Premier League

Both today game of this series was ended and both game Habe very close end and both have very tough end. In 1 st game of today Chepauk Super Gillies vs Nellai Royal Kings,  CSH team set 166 runs target in 20 overs by losing 6 wickets. Jagadeesan played very well and scored also very good total he made 63 runs in 46 balls and hitted three 4s and three 6s. D Kumar also helped a lot to team for win but unfortunately their team was lose this game by 3 balls and one wicket. CSG team did not bowled good and their bowlers showed some low effort in game and lost. Nrk team chased down all target and M.Hariharan  and Rajagopal both made brilliant half century and got a win. R. Silambarasan bowler took down 3 wickets in 4 overs with 31 runs .
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Do you really think that the England U19 team is a strong team as compare to Sri Lankan U19 team. I have seen that SriLanka U19 team is much stronger. Unfortunately SriLanka U19 team lost the last match. But overall performance of SriLanka U19 team is admirable. Like we can see that they won the tour match first. And after that they gave a tough time in the first two matches of this series. So I believe that SriLanka U19 team is better than England U19 team. Well the series is now finished and SriLanka U19 team won the series with 2-1.

Yes, You are right Sri Lanka Under 19 is much stronger than the England Under 19 team.  Sri linka Under 19 won 2 matches in the last 5 test matches and 2 draws and lost only one match. Praveen Maneesha is an important fast bowler in this test series and Pulindu Perera is a great players of the Sri Lanka under-19 team. 1st unofficial test match will start from the 8th of July and good chances of Sri Lanka under 19 winning the first test match if they perform well and score a good total in the first inning. England's Under 19 team also has good players including Alex Green and Thomas Rew but the Under 19 team lost 2 Matches in a row and the last one drew. let's who will win the first match of the series.
Yes your statement is good and I also think that England U19 team is much stronger than Sri Lanka U19 team because this youth ODI series was ended three ago and England U19 team won 2 games out of 3 and Sri Lanka U19 team only won one game. Next in between these team England U19 and Sri Lanka U 19 team will be held and I also believe that England U19 team also win this test game. England U19 set very big target of total 268 runs in 50 overs by losing 9 wickets. Sri Lanka U19 team only chased down 260 runs and lost game by 4 runs due to DLS Method. H.moore and F.MsCann both bowlers took down total 4 wickets and each bowlers took 2 wickets. L.Benkenstein made a brilliant effort in game in bat lineup by scoring 102 runs in 99 balls and he hitted seven 4s and five 6s. This win was not easy for England U19 team. I think both team doesn't have much difference in their effort both gave very tough time in games and Sri Lanka was failed to chase and perform poor in bowling.
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