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1  Economy / Economics / Re: Do you think Bitcoin can end poverty? In a nation today on: Today at 04:00:00 PM
Bitcoin can end poverty but it is very difficult for poor people to hold bitcoin. Poor people cannot meet their basic needs properly and the standard of living is so low that it will not be possible for them to invest in bitcoins as they do not have enough money. Investors who have invested in bitcoin and hold it have seen their standard of living improve as bitcoin prices rise.

Well, we need to understand that bitcoin is not a poverty alleviation scheme despite that it has potential to make someone overcome poverty and it should not be seen as one. Let be realistic with ourselves for once. Poor people don't even have what it takes to invest in bitcoins both in knowledge and in finance. These people living in the third world countries don't have reliable internet and stable electricity to connect with the blockchain when necessary. What this people need to eradicate poverty is financial literacy and not bitcoin. It's the key factor for reducing poverty in any given society. People can begin to understand more about bitcoin and it works only if they have good knowledge and understanding of financial education because that's the best way to start from and perhaps bitcoin can be part of the process to break through from poverty. Financial breakthrough is what an individual needs first before thinking of owning a bitcoin.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you think gambling every day is better? on: Today at 11:26:54 AM
If one has to do one job every day, one loses mental interest in the job and the work efficiency is not good. So taking a break from time to time is a must in any job. Betting in gambling should not be taken every day because in this case there is a possibility of losing interest in gambling. For the time being, one or two days a week should be taken for gambling betting. I currently participate in gambling two days a week and the remaining five days I abstain from gambling and of course I self-control myself and then participate in gambling.

The truth is setting limit for yourself can actually protect you from being addictive and help reduce your losses because the more you gamble everyday, the more you lose more money. However, the key concern here is all about self control. You can take a break from gambling for several days or weeks but if you have poor attitude of self control, you can be more hurt than someone who is gambling every day but has a good attitude of self control. It's widely belief that too much of everything is bad and yes, gambling is not excluded. Even if you are good in controlling yourself, you ought to have taken some break and focus on more important things. Gambling is all about killing time and enjoy the pleasure not all time to be spent there.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: Today at 10:57:54 AM
Today there was an interesting match where Chelsea managed to win absolutely with big numbers 6 - 0 over Everton and this victory allowed Chelsea to get closer to West Ham who are in 8th position.

I feel sad for Everton seriously. Any team can loose a game but the manner of this defeat is very worrisome. None of the players looked interested and certainly didn't look capable. There was no atom of confidence and self belief. I think the points deduction is really affecting this team badly. Things are just getting from bad to worse and the couch doesn't seem to have any idea any longer to rescue the team. The effects of point deduction is there couple with terrible squad but the work rate and effort is not there at all. Everton was once a wonderful team with wonderful fans and I believe they can get over this menace as soon as possible.

As for Chelsea, they put up a wonderful performance with an incredible scoreline. That is the kind of result you get when you play players at their appropriate position. Pottechino has a lot to learn from that match if he really cares. Caicedo played his best game yesterday because he was free. It simply means that Enzo and Caicedo is a mismatch formation. Jackson still has a lot to learn as regarding his decision making in the box.

By the way, Madueke and Jackson deserve to be punished for their childish attitude yesterday against Palmer. That was a sign that Pottechino failed to instill discipline in the team and the players have no respect for him. Very shameful from a team like Chelsea.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: How to be more visible in the forum as a beginner on: April 15, 2024, 09:35:46 PM
What do you mean by more visible in the first place? In whatever context you are looking at it from, it is a lackluster attitude for a newbie seeking for visibility in the forum. It is your post that earn you recognition and not by forcing yourself to be known. You may end up being a troll if you after visibility because that's the only way you can get noticed quickly. This forum is a discussion place to embroaden our knowledge, it's not a celebrity contest center where you need visibility to be recognized and win award. There are numerous legendaries who you don't know they exist, but they are. The goal is to gain the knowledge you seek and improve yourself with it.

I didn't take my time to read your post, but from what I've summarized from it is that you are wrong. You shouldn't conclude from your own perspective about how the from works by saying that most newbies who post in the reputation board, Loan session, Meta, development and technical discussion, scam accusation and project development are misinterpreted or called Alts. I've literally not seen any reputation thread here on the forum where members make false accusations. expect for some that were misunderstood. All reputation thread that have been raised always comes with full proof and evidence of linked Alt accounts. So except a newbie is actually guilty of such I see no reason why he shouldn't engage in those sections you've listed above.

Op is not wrong in his assertion and you're right too but I sense a bit of misunderstanding here. I understand the point Op is talking from because I have also seen where a user received a neutral tag for engaging deeply in conversation in such board. In most cases, such users eventually turn to be alt accounts. However, making a contribution in those boards doesn't mean one is alt but the nature of conversation will surely tell between a normal user and alt account.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Premier League 2023/2024 Discussion Thread ⚽ on: April 15, 2024, 06:25:35 PM
I won't get surprised if Arsenal throw away their Premier League title chance once again. They have already given the advantage to Manchester City in the standings by losing that game. Arteta has made a big progress with this team since he joined maybe but they are still unable to complete their main target I'm afraid.  Sad

Aston Villa were of course a tough team to beat on paper but we were still talking about an in-form Arsenal. They got the worst kind of a result. Manchester City have waited for this moment patiently and finally taken the opportunity to take the lead. From now on I started believing in Arsenal and Liverpool less to break Manchester City's title streak.

Exactly this time last season, Arsenal started dropping important points and they are repeating the same mistake again this season. The mistake came from the couch himself. Infact, I have never seen Arterta so tactically poor like the way he was yesterday. He made silly substitution, Havertz and Zinchenko shouldn't have play at all but I don't understand his relationship with Havertz. You don't change a winning team all in the name of trying new formation especially in an important game as that. It's very obvious even to the blind that Arsenal struggle to score goals anytime Havertz play as a midfielder but Arterta doesn't seem to pay attention to that. But I'm not too surprised because that is what Arterta knows how to do best, giving high hopes on winning the league and eventually surrender at eleventh hours to his master.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 15, 2024, 06:46:19 AM
It's great to see the Bundesliga finally getting a new champion after being dominated by Bayern Munich for so long, this is an extraordinary achievement for Leverkusen throughout their history because it took a very long time to become champions and this is also thanks to the tactics that Xabi Alonso gave Leverkusen, the club is very lucky to get a great coach even though he doesn't have much experience but in fact Xabi is able to become a great coach in building a club like Leverkusen, hopefully Leverkusen can perform like this again in the future so that Bayern Munich can get an equal opponent in the title race and Hopefully Xabi Alonso will still coach the Leverkusen club this season so it will make the Bundesliga interesting to see Xabi still at Leverkusen.

This is a well deserved trophy for Bayern Leverkusen and it's just the beginning. They have set up the most incredible record in modern football with over 70+ goals score and concede less than 20 goals without a single defeat. This is a prove that hardworking really pays if you can exercise patience while you maintain consistency. Bayern Leverkusen was battling from relegation zone last season and become the German champions this season with unbeaten record, it's an achievement that worth double celebration. Xabi Alonso need to be applauded for the wonderful job he's doing at the club.

Once again, congratulations to Bayern 04 Leverkusen!
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: April 15, 2024, 05:09:50 AM
Surely anyone will be shocked to hear the news of Liverpool's defeat by a team ranked far below Liverpool and will certainly also be shocked to see Arsenal defeated by Aston Villa because they remember Arsenal's strength, which is in good form. but actually Arsenal was defeated by Aston Villa, of course for me it was not too surprising because Aston Villa was not ranked far, namely in 4th place, but Liverpool's match was defeated by Crystal Palace, of course it was very surprising and in fact it was difficult to believe that Liverpool lose to Crystal Palace.

One thing I observe with this Liverpool is effect of Klopp departure. I maybe wrong but Klopp shouldn't have announced his departure in the middle of the season. It was a very bad move from his side because the doesn't seem to be focused again. There's a disconnection between these players and the couch. In their minds now, everyone is making their own plan after his departure. It's very obvious now the tittle is lost, it is sad to see things falling apart at the wrong time. Klopp himself is fresh out of ideas because even his line ups have not been great. It's incredible to see back to back defeat in Anfield.

We thought Liverpool has the easiest matches from the remaining games among the the three contending teams but from the look of things they may drop more points in their remaining matches since it is not possible to win against Crystal palace at Anfield. This is just a trailer of what will happen next season after Klopp departure. It's unfortunate Klopp threw everything he built away at this crucial time.
8  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Crypto is really helping on: April 14, 2024, 11:47:24 AM
Well, crypto dey help as your title talk am but you should know that crypto dey send person back to village also if you no dey careful. The way you take talk am like this with focus on only the good side of it go make some people rush in thinking it's easy to succeed in crypto space.

Please, make we dey try to educate people on both aspects of crypto before someone go take hasty decision since everyone is desperate to make money now. Crypto dey help but you first need to acquire knowledge first. Educate yourself by doing research so you go understand how e dey work and the potential risks wey dey involve. Crypto dey help but you need to know more about the security aspect of it by choosing a good wallet for your coin storage. Na for digital wallet we dey store crypto and e dey vulnerable to attack and hacking. It takes forever to recover when you lost your coins. Crypto dey help but e dey very volatile. If you no fit control your emotions, you no fit put head for crypto.

E get plenty things wey necessary before you go think of rushing to crypto trading or investment. No just reason am say people dey make money from crypto and you want to join too. E dey take time and patience to succeed for this industry. Above all, make we no just rely on crypto alone. We fit dey do crypto as side hustle while we have main job out there because government fit just wake up one day and make things difficult for crypto users. We see how they are making efforts to restrict us from accessing some crypto related sites, we don't know their next move.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: considering the advantage of Fiats over Cryptocurrencies on: April 14, 2024, 10:31:01 AM
While we are so comfortable about the potentials of the decentralized digital currencies such as the Alt and the Bit coins and its centralized exchanges in the blockchains, let's also understand that the Fiats has an advantage over it that you'd have somewhere to go to and someone to hold responsible in some cases that your fund in the bank is tempered by a theft or otherwise than that of Crypto that it's transactions is operated anonymously
Everything is life is not so balanced are when you're dealing with the sweetest parts of it, we fails to consider the bitter side of it.
Most of us as at times thought about how Crypto could dominate over financial exchange for payments without considering this certain advantage of the Fiats and also considering that most persons still lives a primitive live to cope with the digitalities of advancements.

First of all, we need to stop this comparison because it's not necessary. Fiat and cryptocurrency are quite two different things despite they perform similar functions as a measn of exchange for goods and services. We are making it look like this two are in competition with each other while they are not. They are used in different context and of course for different reasons too. It's just like comparing two different cars, they will both take you to where you are going but you will notice the difference in term of comfort, fuel consumption etc. Both fiat and crypto have their pros and cons respectively.

People will always blinded with fake promises with those hypes,ponzi and other easy richest schemes. If this case will continue to occur for sure that decisions of government to think negatively towards bitcoin will never be change so for that case crypto will really not dominate the financial system since government would just eliminate crypto on their country and they can actually do that. Many countries announce a ban for certain crypto that's why it could also happen to other country. That's why its so irrelevant to think crypto can erase fiat existence since as of the moment what normal people think doesn't sync together on what government think about crypto.

It's a fantasy for someone to think crypto will replace fiat currency anytime soon. Infact, I don't see that happening ever because crypto is like a threat to government control over money and financial system and you can't expect government to fold their alms and let that power slip away from them without fighting against it. Just like my country, they are playing hide and seek with crypto by banning and unbanning the service. The problem here is that many still don't understand much about crypto except the volatility aspect of it.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 14, 2024, 09:03:43 AM
Girona performance recently is just so poor. They have just managed to win 5 out of there last 10 matches. This was thesame Girona that played 18 matches early in the season with just a lose. And their first lose was with a great team Real Madrid. Real Madrid beat them this season both home and away. They have being continuously dropping form ever since they've been beaten by Real Madrid from away, a game that ended 4- 0. Girona form from away is just extremely bad this day. Imagine losing 5 consecutive matches from away. Girona has no hope in the league title anymore but can still secured a place in the UCL if they can try to win 3 or 4 more matches out of 8 matches left.

Girona really start the fight very well at the beginning of the season but couldn't maintain their spirits for long and I think they deserve some respect for that because no one expected it in the first place. I noticed that Girona away performance has been very poor lately but they somehow perform brilliantly on their home ground. Girona dream of winning the league is dashed long ago but we all thought they will be competing with their mates like Cadiz, Granada, Almeria or Getafe but prove everyone wrong by competing against Madrid and Barcelona.

It's disappointing but with the modest budget at their disposal, Girona should be happy and proud of what they have achieved so far. This season gives them a big chance, the chance they might probably not get next season. Their UCL slot is already secured comfortably because they currently occupied the third spot in the league table.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: April 14, 2024, 08:22:46 AM
If Tottenham fail to qualify for the Uefa Champions League next season, I think the players of Tottenham will just have to blame themselves for their terrible performance once again. Newcastle United are having an injury crisis with a long list of their key players missing in the game against Tottenham yesterday but Tottenham are still getting thrashed by Newcastle United with a scoreline of 4-0. I guess Tottenham will surely have a tough time playing against high flying Arsenal in their next upcoming English Premier League match.

I do blame the couch before but now I think Spurs real problem is the players. Whatever tactics is being used, players must have the eagerness to win the match, have spirit to fight, keep the discipline of first touch and above all, have a great finishing to score the ball. Unfortunately, Tottenham players lack all these features. The defense was shambolic althrough because the midfield was very poor. When no one is doing the proper midfield tackling, the defense will definitely collapse. They really need a lot of transfer in and out of players in the coming transfer window after the end of the season.

I blamed the couch thou for playing Maddison and Bentacur together because the combination of this duo always makes their midfield to look ineffective and sloppy. He would have also introduced Hojbjerg to help VDV in the defense. Overall, the players attitude is very bad.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: April 13, 2024, 10:31:56 PM
Manchester united is supposed to be a team that should be aiming at qualify for the champions league next season but sadly they are even in doubts if they will get a ticket at the Europa which ofcourse is very bad for the caliber of team they are supposed to be . Changing of their coach and some other vitals changes to help improve the team will become very crucial and important by next season for Manchester united

The problem with Manchester united is the couching crews. They don't bother to observe the team in order to see who's willing to play and who is not. Poor substitution that always comes at the wrong time is one of the reason for United defeat in most cases. They subbed out the star boy in their last three matches instead of Rashford who is just a liability to the team and they failed to win all the three matches. What Manchester united need now is total reshuffling from the couching teams to the players. Ten Hag lacks the expertise to properly manage the players in their accurate position. Their defense is very pathetic, no coordination in the midfield and the attack is toothless. How Rashford still feature in first eleven week in week out is what I still don't understand. Having secured three points in four matches is not a good record for a team like united. The performance was abysmal and they don't even deserve a point with such performance against a mid table team.
13  Other / Meta / Re: AI generated content by newbies on: April 13, 2024, 10:24:24 AM
Some AI-generated posts, if you read through them, you can ordinarily guess they are AI-generated before you can use any tool to confirm your suspicions. The way most newbies are found if using AI to generate text most of the of the time, I ignore some of their long paragraph threads without even giving them a second thought.

Although it is good to use Ai tool to be very sure before accusing someone of using Ai to make post but I can beat my chest that majority of Ai content doesn't necessarily need tool before detecting that they are Ai generated content. The language pattern, the grammatical arrangement and punctuations properly used are enough to tell between a human created content and Ai generated content. Of course, there are people who can write perfectly giving due consideration of grammar and punctuation but the language flows will be much different as compared to that of AI.

What I know is that this will increase the workload on Mods. Perhaps the forum could introduce a special task force of Mods who will be dealing with AI related posts, just like the forum formed the cryptios team to deal with account recoveries?

It's definitely increase the workload and that will call for more mods to be appointed. I think the forum is short of mods for quite some time now because some boards (LB) are yet to be assigned a mod. With this recent development of fighting against Ai, there's a little bit of task for Forum admins if they eventually want to implement such measures.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: April 13, 2024, 09:48:10 AM
Shocking to see PSG lose on their home ground to Barcelona this season, I know Luis Enrique is doing his best but it's not good enough. We can either choose to support PSG or not but the most important thing is simply laying low for significant winnings. Paris Saint-Germain have always turn out to be one of the most overhyped team in the UEFA Champions League due to the big names in the club and at the end of the tournament, they're either eliminated earlier even before anyone would noticed. PSG will travel to Camp Nou to face Barcelona in the second leg.

PSG defeat should be solely put on Enrique because clearly, his starting squad shows that he was not ready to win the game. How did he expect to win against Barcelona when he left out Danilo, Emery, Barcola and even Ramos? Well, the line up choice was the first mistake and it is understandable but why would he keep players for so long when there were players on the bench to substitute? The likes of Mbappe, Ruiz Ascencio proved not to be good enough to play for the time they played.

Donnaruma was also part of the problem, in fact he made Barcelona to win the match. PSG wasn't perfect actually but goal keeper is also part of the team and he should play his own part to make the game great for the team but here, the goal keeper inaccuracy contributed to all the three goals. It's funny how there's excellent goal keeper on the bench but they keep starting him always. The return match at Camp Nou will be difficult if they choose to start him again.
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Will inflation become big challenge for retired people after 10-20 years? on: April 12, 2024, 03:19:41 PM
I use this calculator

If you own $1.32 in 2014, now it's worth $1.
If you own $1.65 in 2004, now it's worth $1.

So imagine you own $50K in 2004, now it's worth around $30K, in 20 years your wealth decrease almost by half! exclude banks monthly fees, charge, etc etc.

If someone didn't dare to invest their money, they will broke in the future.

In this recent time and considering how informed the society has become, do people still save their money in the bank for a long time? I doubt it. This generation is well aware that inflation can erode the value of money over time and also know the importance of investment in order to maintain the purchasing power. I know the risk associated with investment but saving money is not completely safe either.

Investment is not just about making profits but to at least keep up with inflation. For over a long time now, stocks have historically outperform bank savings even when you consider inflation. The issue is that some people think investment is all about cryptocurrency but it is not.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: April 12, 2024, 10:08:23 AM
Two games in the Europa League didn't end as I expected.I didn't expect both Milan and Liverpool to lose.Milan lost 1-0 at home against Roma, making it difficult for them to qualify.Of course, all is not lost for Milan, but it's not normal for them to lose at home when they are in such good form.It's their fault that they couldn't take advantage of so many scoring chances in the match, but Roma's away win may have been more than enough to open the door for them.
Liverpool, on the other hand, lost by 3 goals at home against Atalanta, making it really difficult for them.Although they played a better game than their opponents in the match, they were unlucky in front of goal, which led to them not scoring and conceding goals.I don't know if Liverpool can pass the round away, but they have a really difficult job.Liverpool can win by at least 3 goals away from home and maybe take it to extra time.

What else do you expect from Liverpool match when you see the likes of Jones, Elliot, Gakpo and tsimikas? Klopp deliberately gave away that game with his squad selection. You can not send a weak squad against an opponent like Atalanta as if it Norwich you are going to play and expect a miraculous result. The second half panic substitution makes things more difficult and worse. Klopp got what he deserved in that match, he's a kind of couch I know that he underrate his opponent so much. You can not underestimate any team in Europe that reach this stage of the competition but his pride won't allow him to act proper. Glad that he already admitted that they played very poorly. Liverpool is really creating doubt on their chances of winning the EPL title. Firstly, they bottled a five points lead in the Premier league and now they bottle the Europa league because beating Atalanta on away visit is not realistic.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Premier League 2023/2024 Discussion Thread ⚽ on: April 11, 2024, 10:44:44 AM
Believe me when I say this, people who go on to say these talks about Arsenal are pained Manchester United fans who can't be objective for real, jealous Chelsea fans and also Liverpool fans who do not want to see them winning the Premier League Competition. Any disagreement?

Are you an Arsenal fan? I guess Yes because this pain is second to none. You just hit the innocent teams with your stray bullet due to anger. Every one is entitled to have their preferred team to win the trophy. You can not expect less from Liverpool fans because they are contender for the title as well. As for Manchester united and Chelsea, I still believe they have set of fans rooting for Arsenal to win the trophy. Now to be honest, Arsenal is responsible for the hatred from some group of fans because they have disappointed them countless times. Imagine what happened last season and tell me if you are still comfortable supporting them to win the league title. The truth remains Arsenal doesn't keep the same energy when the league gets tensed. Let them prove everyone wrong that they can do it. Take a look at Messi and Ronaldo and see how they prove those criticizing wrong. When you are good, you are good for real. Arsenal should do the same and not attempting to silence people for no reason.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The madness of gambling addicts. on: April 11, 2024, 10:28:57 AM
Indeed, but most gamblers can't deal with it, emotions and greed always hurting them when they are involve with their gambling sessions surely after suffering from a defeats they will be out of control with their emotions pushing them to do things unusual, gambling addictions creates un-balance ways of thinking, like what you said if you wanted not to be involve and not to suffer on losing your money better to play with games that are not requires real money.

But once you start using your hard-earned money, that's where the pressure will begin, after experiencing either winning or losing, your appetite increase and without good emotional control, you'll wreck everything and will create addiction inside you.

Playing demo games is like a wasting of time to addicted gamblers. Moreover, I'm not an addicted gambler but I don't find it interesting playing games where money is not involve. And yes, the emotional aspect of gambling is not being properly talk about as it requires. Gambling is one of the source that lead to numerous unhealthy behaviors you can think of, thus, having a strong emotional control is very necessary.

It's saddening addicts overlook the signs of their addiction until it grows to stage where it becomes difficult to handle. For everyone out there seeing those signs should please take a break and do something calming. Don't try to force things when they are not working. It's better to miss the industry than to allow addiction to destroy your life.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: April 10, 2024, 09:14:21 PM
A draw is also what I opted for at the onset of this game but it seems like Christensen just gave Barcelona the lead and currently the game is 3-2 in favor of Barcelona. Just like you stated, PSG aren't really playing as if they are the home team and i doubt that they can equalize this third goal as the time is almost up but it's good to see that this first round of the champions league playoffs is filled with lots of goals scored, if you are the type of gambler that bets on goals then you might just be lucky to place the right bet.

Barcelona were losing 2-1 and then Pedri came on within fifteen minutes they've gone up 3-2 with a sensational come back. PSG were so relax right from the first half of the game without putting pressure. The game might end up draw or PSG winning probably if they had play like they did in the second half throughout the whole game. Mbappe hasn't been playing much for sometime now and it's adding burden on PSG. Perhaps, he's not longer finding it interesting to play for the team again but at least he has to respect the contract until the end of the season. The goal keeper was also not helping matters, there is lack of communication between the goal keeper and the defenders.
20  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Why some newbies dey quick lose interest for the forum?? on: April 10, 2024, 02:28:08 PM
The main reason why anyone would lose interest in the forum is because the person lacks the spirit of learning. The forum is all about reading, learning and building omes self, but anyone who is not ready to go through these process will not be successful in the forum.

This is how it is supposed to be but let be realistic for once. Majority of newbies joining this forum recently are not purposely joining for this benefits any more rather, they join purposely for the financial benefit. I don't blame them for that mentality thou I blame those who introduce them to the forum with such orientation. When you are being told that people are making money here and you joined with that mentality but you later realize that things are not as assumed, you'll definitely feel discourage. For those newbies, after facing the reality they give up instead of facing the challenge to equipped themselves with the knowledge and any other benefits that might come along the process but they lack patience. The truth is nothing easier if you can't be patient enough to follow the process.
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