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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: R7 Promotions IPL CONTEST2024 🏏 & DISCUSSION on: Today at 10:11:07 AM
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, 31st Match will be a great match. And I think the prediction I made in today's match will be correct. And today's match is the most exciting and rivalry will continue both teams are strong enough.
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals, 31st Match

Toss Win: Rajasthan Royals
Team win: Kolkata Night Riders
Best Batsmen : Sanju Samson
Best bowler: Andre Russell
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: R7 Promotions IPL CONTEST2024 🏏 & DISCUSSION on: April 15, 2024, 09:27:25 AM
Royal Challengers Bengaluru vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 30th Match Today in this match both teams will try hard to win. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore are currently at the bottom of the points table and their game is not improving so Sunrise Hyderabad will win against RCB in today's match. The prediction I made for today's match is definitely correct, I think.

Royal Challengers Bengaluru vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 30th Match
Toss win: Sunrisers Hyderabad
Team win: Sunrisers Hyderabad
Best Batsmen: Virat Kohli
Best bowler: Pat Cummins
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 15, 2024, 05:10:22 AM
We can say with more certainty that Leverkusen will win the Bundesliga. Leverkusen played well in last night's match against Bremen, and they are the unbeaten champions so far this season, sitting at the top of the points table with 79 points. There is no other team that can compete with Leverkusen in the Bundesliga this season, with the likes of Bayern Munich also losing to them. While Bayan Munich has been the hottest in other seasons and won the championship in excitement but this season they are second in the points table with 63 points and they have now left the competition with Leverkusen. There is no other team in form to compete with Leverkusen this season so we can say for sure that the team in the best position this season is Leverkusen and they are attacking enough to win the title and we can guarantee that they will be champions.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 15, 2024, 02:16:03 AM
Real Sociedad vs Almería
It is going 29' minutes going on but no one can score in this match, currently this match is very confusing for me because Almeria create the match position and on the others hand Real Sociedad is doing good on attacking like they are their shot on target was so close to goal. Anyway I have a doubt in today's are we can able to see any goal before the half-time. Anyway my prediction say that today both team will score and ended up Real Sociedad will win as their recent performance and other than Real Sociedad won most of matches against Almería.
Edited: Owh Really both team scored 1-1 between doing my post and on between only two minute.
Only 3 minutes after your comment, Real Sociedad finally managed to score their first goal. Until the match was finished, unfortunately it ended in a draw, Real Sociedad should have won if they had not given Almeria a penalty kick opportunity, this was a very hot one because it seemed that Real Sociedad could not control their emotions well.

Yes if real society has drawn the match it is very emotional for them. They played hot from the beginning of the match but unfortunately they did not win. They did well in the first and second India games but when a Real Samaj player was red carded just then Almaria seized the opportunity to score and make the game a draw. In this match Real Sociedad were not able to win the game despite their best efforts but their current position in the La Liga points table is very good so they need to improve their game but can compete with Atlético Club.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: April 14, 2024, 04:26:30 PM
Chennai Super Kings were in excellent batting form in MI vs CSK, scoring 206 runs in the first innings. CSK's batting performance was excellent today, but right now MI are in batting form to meet the target of 207 runs. At the moment, Mumbai Indians' opening batsman duo Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma are experienced batsmen. As long as these two are at the crease, good runs will surely be collected, so Chennai Super Kings will have to put up a good bowling performance. Mumbai Indians' batting performance at the moment will give them an easy win, Chennai may not be able to win with the way they are collecting runs. The two opening batsmen are batting superbly at the moment, Mumbai need only 170 runs to win.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 14, 2024, 08:47:12 AM
Barcelona vs Cadiz was a great match but Barcelona did not attack very well. Although Barcelona won the match, they didn't score much in comparison, winning only 0-1. Barcelona are currently in second position in the La Liga points table with 70 points, although they have the potential to challenge Real Madrid this season. As of now, Real Madrid are 8 points ahead of Barcelona but the current morale of the promotion looks like they won't be able to catch Real Madrid. Although Barcelona are currently focused on the Champions League, they may not attack La Liga too much. However, Barcelona have a good chance of winning the Champions League this season, if they can improve their game, they will definitely succeed in reaching the Champions League finals this season.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: R7 Promotions IPL CONTEST2024 🏏 & DISCUSSION on: April 14, 2024, 07:22:53 AM
Kolkata Knight Riders vs Lucknow Super Giants, 28th Match Today's match will be a tough fight between the two teams. Both the teams are strong enough in this match so they will fight hard enough to win as both the teams are equal in the points table so whoever wins will move to the 2nd position in the points table. Anyway, maybe Kolkata Knight Riders will win today's match and my prediction will be correct.

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Lucknow Super Giants, 28th Match

Toss Win: Lucknow Super Giants
Team Win: Kolkata Knight Riders
Best Batsmen: Quinton de Kock
Best bowler: Andre Russell

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings, 29th Match

Toss win: Mumbai Indians
Team win: Chennai Super kings
Best Batsman: Ishan Kishan
Best Bowler: Bumrah
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 13, 2024, 09:49:42 AM
Atletico Madrid vs Girona today match will be a competitive match, both teams are strong enough in La Liga. We saw that Girona did very well at the beginning of the season but unfortunately their game has changed and they have to come to the 3rd position in the points table. However, currently Atletico Madrid is able to perform very well for which they are at the 4th position in the La Liga points table. Moreover, Atletico Madrid are strong enough and they are currently very excited in the Champions League, so today's match is against Girona with a high chance of victory. And according to the odds of today's match, Atletico Madrid has more chances to win, so they will definitely attack strongly and win today's match.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: R7 Promotions IPL CONTEST2024 🏏 & DISCUSSION on: April 13, 2024, 07:17:20 AM
Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, 27th Match Today this match will be very exciting as both the teams are quite strong. And Rajasthan Royals are currently at the top position in the IPL points table and their maximum points makes them unbeatable. Rajasthan Royals may attack enough to win the trophy this season. Anyway today as Rajasthan Royals will take on Punjab Kings and I think my prediction today will definitely be correct.

Punjab Kings vs Rajasthan Royals, 27th Match

Toss win: Punjab Kings
Team win: Rajasthan Royals
Best Batsman: Sanju Samson
Best bowler: Avesh Khan
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 13, 2024, 01:38:56 AM
Real Betis vs Celta Vigo

Real Betis StartXI: 4-2-3-1
Rui Silva; Héctor Bellerín; Germán Pezzella; Chadi Riad; Juan Miranda; Guido Rodríguez; Johnny; Pablo Fornals; Isco; Ayoze Pérez; Willian José

Celta Vigo StartXI: 3-4-3
Vicente Guaita; Óscar Mingueza; Jailson; Carlos Domínguez; Javier Manquillo; Fran Beltrán; Hugo Sotelo; Hugo Álvarez; Iago Aspas; Jørgen Strand Larsen; Jonathan Bamba

Celta Vigo have more record of wins against Real Betis it almost four consecutive meetings but home and away and i don't expect anything but victory for Celta Vigo again because Real Betis are seriously not doing well, Real Betis had faced four consecutive lost which is a sign of underperformed, there inconsistency will affect them in this game, currently Celta Vigo are far better than Real Betis and can continue with their winning record, but who know they will be change of luck.

I admit that recently Betis has been very bad and also, in fact head to head Betis v Celta Vigo, in their last five matches, Celta Vigo has actually had good dominance. But yes, because I also consider their position in the standings where Celta Vigo is close to the relegation zone, then I think it will still be difficult for Celta Vigo to beat Betis in this match. Because of course, Betis will also try well to recover from four consecutive defeats lately. Therefore, I personally still believe that Betis has a chance to win, and I also not miss to choosing Betis in this match.

Yes Betis have been bad in the last few matches and lost, but Celta Vigo great against and won the match. But Celta Vigo is currently in good position in the La Liga points table, their points are currently 45 and 7th position. As Celta Vigo is still far down the points table due to which they have not won the match and their team is not so strong. The team is still close to the relegation zone and may be in the relegation zone this season. And today's match must have been great because of which Betis got a fantastic win and they increase the points. Of course in the next matches they will compete with the real society and if they can collect good points then they can move up the points table.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: April 12, 2024, 03:35:10 PM
Lucknow Super Giants vs Delhi Capitals, 26th Match LSG is batting in the first innings. They have already lost 7 important wickets due to which they could not add much runs in today's match. As they have very few wickets in hand, they are under a lot of pressure at the moment and may not be able to cope with Delhi Capitals in today's match. It will be very difficult to win against the opposition with so few runs, Lucknow Super Giants' points table position is very low according to today's runs. But Delhi Capitals will play well today for sure and Delhi Capitals might win today's match. Lucknow Super Giants batsmen Ayush Badoni and Arshad Khan are in batting form though they are under a lot of pressure at the moment, however if they bat well they might score 150 plus runs.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: April 12, 2024, 08:26:24 AM
Bayern Munich's dreams of winning the Bundesliga must be forgotten this season and they will never succeed this season. But we can hope that next season Bayern Munich will definitely become tougher and stronger next season they will have enough chances to win the championship. Since this season we can say for sure that Leverkusen are going to be champions, they are still 16 points ahead of Bayern Munich. Moreover, Leverkusen are currently unbeaten at the top of the points table in the Bundesliga. However, next season Bayern Munich will definitely improve their squad and the German league will be keenly aware of their goals. However, although Bayern Munich have a lot of chances in the Champions League this season, they drew the first leg match against Arsenal. Of course, Arsenal will have to be tougher against Arsenal in the next match and they will have to fight hard to win. And I believe this season Bayern Munich can enter the semi-finals and win the Champions League with Chanel.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Europa League 2023/24 Season on: April 12, 2024, 03:03:48 AM
wide but not unexpected result this evening between Atalanta and Liverpool at least for me.

for Liverpool it made no sense to face the match in 100% psychophysical condition when they are already practically certain of having a place in the next champion league and when they still have the possibility of winning the premier league.

I expected Atalanta to win even if with a smaller margin of goals.

I'm still in shock, who would have believed Atalanta will deal with Liverpool this way, even for Liverpool at their worst performance I still don't expect them to end the game with this kind of performance, it's unlike them, Liverpool really let me down on this one. Despite all, we know football as something at some level becomes unpredictable, the game is over, the winner still remains only left for Liverpool to improve so they do not fall off again. Atlanta has a good stats, 6 games played, 4 games won and 2 draws with no loss, quite an impressive performance, Liverpool should have been the ones to break the no loss streak but messed the whole opportunity.

I have the same feeling and can't accept that Liverpool will lose against Atalanta by such a big margin. I never expected Liverpool to play so badly and lose the match, maybe Liverpool's luck was so bad in this match that they didn't perform well. The Atlanta team was exciting from start to finish which made the match much more interesting but Liverpool team could not concede a goal to the opposition despite hundreds of attempts. Losing by a huge margin in the quarter-finals is not a good sign for Liverpool, of course, they are under a lot of pressure after losing the first leg of the match. Liverpool put in a very impressive performance and they squandered their chances, perhaps the worst players for Liverpool who could not attack very well. Losing by 0-3 goal it hurt Liverpool fans a lot as most people thought Liverpool would win with a bigger goal margin but it turned out to be the opposite. I think Liverpool have wasted their chance and they may not win the next match with such a big score so their chances of winning the title this season are very slim.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Indian Premier League #IPL Cricket on: April 11, 2024, 01:59:17 PM
Am observing a particular trend in this IPL 2024 season where teams usually start off slow and go crazy in the last 10 overs of their innings. It's a pretty common trend in the T20 format, but it's a lot more common in this season.

Anyway, MI vs RCB is an overhyped match since both teams are currently struggling and Rohit vs Kohli is primarily why people are excited for this one. Am expecting RCB to win this clash.

It is an interesting trend in the IPL season that after 10 overs each batsman bats his strongest to score runs for the team. Then they don't think about playing tk to increase runs but they think about how to collect more runs for the team due to which more runs are collected after 10 overs. These formats of T20 matches are very natural and common due to which the batsmen perform at their best towards the end, which can lead to huge scores.

However, today's match is going to be one of the most exciting matches between Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore. And in today's match I think Mumbai Indians have the most chances because Mumbai Indians are much stronger than RCB. Both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are experienced players and surely both players will try hard to win their team. And today's match as two experienced players are going to face each other, it will surely be a lot more hard fought and both teams will fight hard for their team to win.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: April 11, 2024, 08:54:52 AM
Real Madrid is leading with 8 points now. In theory, Barcelona and Girona still have the chance to overtake Real Madrid position. There are 8 remaining matches, Real Madrid still have some big matches (vs Barcelona, vs Real Sociedad, vs Real Betis). It is not impossible if Real Madrid can miss points in these matches. However, it is not a very big chance because Real Madrid performance looks quite stable/consistent.
Real Madrid will of course not allow other teams to catch up with the points that Real Madrid has. Real Madrid will continue to fight very hard to win in every match. The toughest opponent that Real Madrid faces will probably only be Barcelona. The rest is me sure Real Madrid can beat him easily.
Real Madrid will certainly not allow any other team to take their place in their current La Liga points position. Although they drew with Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League, they are still in doubt whether they will win the second leg. So I think Real Madrid will work harder in La Liga and not let any other team reach their points but will attack more strongly in their next matches against the opposition. However, the increase could have risen to compete with Real Madrid, so maybe Barca will try hard to catch Real Madrid this season. But I believe that Real Madrid will not give up so easily, rather they will be La Liga champions and this season they are the strongest in the top position by many points. And it seems impossible for any other team to win the La Liga trophy from Real Madrid this season and they will be the champions of this season.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: April 11, 2024, 02:00:17 AM
PSG vs Barcelona was a really good match between the two teams as the attacks from both sides were adequate from start to finish. The best performance in the match was Barcelona's team, moreover, Barcelona's attack was mostly successful as they put the ball in the opposition's net three times. However, in Barcelona's game with PSG, they closed most of the time and PSG could not successfully equalize the game. PSG had more total shots than Barcelona but Barca's goalkeeper did well and every player did well to stay in the Champions League. And with this one goal lead in the first leg, Barcelona have a bit of a win and will definitely be more aggressive in the next leg. And since the next match PSG will play in the field of Barcelona, they may be in more disappointment and Barcelona will definitely win in the field of Barcelona and they can enter the semi-finals.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: R7 Promotions IPL CONTEST2024 🏏 & DISCUSSION on: April 10, 2024, 08:39:26 AM
A great match will be played today between Rajasthan Royals vs Gujarat Writers. And in today's match, Rajasthan Royals must win because they are currently at the top position of the points table. And the prediction I made today will definitely be correct and Rajasthan Royals will win by a huge margin.

Rajasthan Royals vs Gujarat Titans, 24th Match

Toss Win:  Gujarat Titans
Team Win: Rajasthan  Royals
Best Batsmen: Sanju Samson
Best bowler:  Trent Boult
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: April 10, 2024, 03:50:24 AM
All the strong teams in the two Champions League quarter-final matches have performed well. The Champions League leg-1 matches were very competitive and interesting with enough strong fights from each team.

The exciting match between Manchester City and Real Madrid was really interesting. Real Madrid conceded a goal early on but then equalized and went up again with a goal against Man City. Madrid did well until half time but after half time did not have much attacking success and Manchester City played well. Manchester City leveled the game after half-time and Madrid scored another goal later, Manchester City equalized in the 79th minute and the game ended in a 3-3 draw.

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich was more exciting and both teams were in good form with Arsenal scoring first. But unfortunately Bayern Munich went ahead in the game on a penalty shot. However, no team could come back with a win till the last moment due to which the match was a draw. And this Champions League match was really interesting with a 2/2 draw, surely the next leg-2 will be more exciting and it will be very difficult to say which team will win.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: T20 and T20I cricket prediction and discussion on: April 10, 2024, 03:42:40 AM
United States vs Canada 2nd T-20

Today, the second match of the T20 series between United States vs Canada is over. Canada won the toss and elected to bowl. United States batted very well, they scored 230 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in the allotted overs. All the batsmen of United States performed well due to which they were able to set good targets. Canada went into bat with a win target and were bowled out for 199 runs in 19.4 overs. Canada batsmen's performance was not good, Aaron Johnson and Harsh Thacker and Nicholas Kirton batted well and all other batsmen's performance was not good. In the end, the United States won by 31 runs. United States leads the series 2-0 after winning the first and second matches.

USA bowled and batted better than Canada which allowed them to bowl out Canada for 199 runs. Team USA scored 230 runs in 20 overs which is really a big score and they batted very well due to which they did not lose so many wickets. On the day the player got out every player had a good run which led to such a big score and all scored half centuries. However, only one player of the Canadian team batted well, Aaron Johnson, if some other players could have batted well, there would have been a chance of winning. However, as USA also bowled well it put Canada under pressure and they did not bat well as wickets fell. All bowled well by USA due to which everyone managed to take wickets anyway this match was really interesting and a great win for USA result 2/0.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: April 09, 2024, 04:27:26 PM
Two of the strongest teams in the Champions League are going to face off today in Real Madrid vs Manchester City. Both the teams are quite strong and we all know that both the teams have great performances and we can definitely feel that today's match will be interesting. Because in today's match two teams will play very well and the game will be exciting and it is very difficult to predict which team will win today's match. But if Manchester City can have a strong attack with Real Madrid, then of course Real Madrid can face a lot of disappointment because there have been many matches before in the matches where there is a lot of competition between the two teams. Manchester City faced Real Madrid last season where Madrid did not win but lost by a wide margin. However, how well Madrid will perform in today's match is waiting to be seen. It is very difficult to bet on this match because it is impossible to predict which team will win. But I think Real Madrid will attack more as this is the first match at their home ground and Madrid have a chance to win.
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