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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [MOON] Mooncoin 🌙 built in 2013 with the future in mind on: April 13, 2023, 03:42:49 PM
of Mooncoin Fellowship (Mooncoin Foundation),
brotherhood of Mooncoin investors

1. Mooncoin is a decentralized coin, with its own blockchain.
By definition, *decentralized* means *with no center*, it is inappropriate if some people (no matter how you call them: 'group', 'team', 'board', 'devs') decide things and impose them to the decentralized project.
Self promoting, also positioning of someone as "official", any governance, burecraucy, limitations, attacks against the truth, rewriting Mooncoin history, attacks against historical resources are unacceptable.
That all is not only unethical, contradicts with the project nature, but also causes big damage to the project with its main value originated from no-center model (Mooncoin is decentralized crypto, with Bitcoin-like classic model).
Decentralized only Mooncoin has real value.
Mooncoin Fellowship aims to defend decentralized nature of Mooncoin project and interests of Mooncoin investors.

2. Decentralized crypto with preconfigured, set in stone rules doesn't depend on trust. However, it is necessary to have friendly and collaborative, non toxic, not low-minded spirit in the community. Honesty and ethics are very important, and not less important is understanding of what is ethical and what is not.
The past of project, its true history matter. Bright future of the project cannot be built upon fake info, incorrect understanding and wrong ideas.
It is unethical that people who call themselves "official", made a chain split in 2020 and then a 51 attack to make their 0.17 version the main one, and falsely accused others of chain split, also in 2021 request that investors must pay to them percent of total Mooncoin supply for any further progress. If some people call themselves "official" to try to receive unclaimed, not belonging to them coins from defuncted exchanges, it is also unethical and unacceptable.

3. All teams and devs, including those one who call themselves "official" - who are not capable to keep Mooncoin in top 100 at Coinmarketcap, where Mooncoin was before those teams came, or at least let it stay in top 500, must stop causing damage and leave.
False promises, inadequate delays (year and more) in solving important issues and delays in fixing of urgent security flaws (how it happened in 2019-2020) are not tolerable any longer.
"The dog in the manger" model when some people cause stagnation, block and falsely discredit good initiatives of others at expense of entire project is inadequate model of development.

4. Crypto world is for freedom. It defends privacy of people and of their funds. Attacks against privacy of Mooncoin investors and supporters are not acceptable.
Privacy guarantees real decentralization, no politics, no bosses, no arrogance, no company-like model, no personal career ambitions at expense of investors and future of project, and no imposed decisions, originated from non private CEO-like center, falsely recognized as "official" one. No one is "official" in a decentralized project, there is no center. People are free to join the project, to support it in accordance with its decentralized nature, without any "governance".
Mooncoin should never be transformed into Orwell's 1984 with a single source of "the truth", and not be transformed into Orwell's Animal Farm, where "some animals are more equal".

5. website, launched by Mooncoin investors in 2015, is the primary website of Mooncoin Fellowship. Bitcointalk ANN thread is the primary forum.
It is recommended to verify all information which you receive from Telegram channels, there were numerous requests from people, telling that there was unconfirmed or fake info.
Mooncoin is decentralized and all normal resources, not violating ethics and principles of decentralization are welcome.
Any Mooncoin investor with any amount of coins can be part of Mooncoin Fellowship. To balance interests of investors and devs, devs cannot be part of the brotherhood of investors.

I was very honored by the invitation, and like a few years ago I am again together with the Mooncoin people of my city so that we can collaborate with the future of Mooncoin. A few years ago I expect significant progress in the community and I am willing to help with whatever is necessary, if the currency has good upgrades and exchanges I can accept it again in my bikeshop.
I fully agree with the terms and proposals of the Mooncoin Fellowship
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