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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers👉Group Stage on: Today at 05:55:46 PM
I don't find at all funny to watch friendly games because teams are not giving everything they got and it's just a waste of time in my opinion. They also want to avoid injuries and friendly games purpose are just to make sure you can put in practice what you learned in training because there is no real prize for actually winning a friendly game.

There is also the other side , where people chose to bet on friendly games and they end up losing on odds 1.05 or 1.10 out of nowhere so it's safer to stay out of betting on friendly games.  Grin
Friendly matches are not for betting, that's true. Often the coach in friendly matches wants to see what form the player is in and he may make too many substitutions, and the importance of winning is not so great. I rarely watch friendly matches, perhaps only if there are no other matches that I would like to watch. Today we can watch Portugal - Ireland, they may want to win after losing to Croatia, no one wants to start the tournament after several defeats.
I agree with you, friendly matches are not matches you should be betting, as most countries would want to future players that they might not use during a major competition, and sometimes some of the big players don't really take some of the games very serious because nothing is really involve.

I agree with you because friendly matches are considered not be too serious because is just like a match were players decided to warm there legs and also most clubs normally use it as an avenue to try there younger players in other to know if they will be able to perform well if being introduced on the main matches, so just like you said betting on those matches is very risky because it may not actually play the way you will expect it and also most of the coaches will not even care if they win or lose because there major targets is just to try the performance of there Younger players, though there are some friendly matches that normally use all there major players so in a case like that betting on that match will be advisable.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Losing all your fortune with just 3 years on: Today at 10:11:00 AM
This can make someone crazy losing 127 million dollars  and the sad part is that this is His hard earned money and His whole life and maybe of His family also .
and 3 years? maybe he battle a long trying to chase his losses and sadly ending him losing everything.

Yeah sometimes that could be the course because most people always continue chasing there lost hoping they could get back what they lose and before they no everything they have is all gone and if in a case that the person is already 60 years of age starting all over will be very difficult because he no longer have the strength to start building afresh again, so perhaps like I already mentioned on my previous quote here, that's one of the reason why most people will choose to commit suicide because they cannot endure the pain and blames from people and families. So actually there are some certain risk that are not worth taking at all no matter how much they had already lose.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: Today at 09:45:10 AM
Barcelona looks really down because compared to Real Madrid, this is unfair for the Barcelona team with all the problems they are facing, now Barcelona is improving with all the effort and strength they have and Barcelona management's decision to bring in a new coach is proof.
Hansi Flick is an experienced coach so we cannot underestimate Hansi Flick in building Barcelona, ​​everything takes time and a process for Barcelona to return to a fierce competition with Real Madrid and make their team equal again in the top flight.

For now all hope are not lost for Barcelona and irrespective of not being able to have more better performance than real Madrid they are still struggling and trying hopefully they would be revived the more as they are coming back for this year season, though I almost lost hope on Barcelona seeing them performing that bad during the beginning on this just finished season but the moment they managed to qualify for the champions League then I no that with a proper management and coached plus having some good players things will seriously turn around for Barcelona, however let's see how this coach will perform because sometimes the coach people sees to be inexperienced will sometimes turn out to be the best coach.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: Today at 09:31:53 AM
I see the idea of building up funds first before accumulating bitcoin as a plan that will delay our bitcoin accumulation journey. Instead of trying to build up funds before accumulating bitcoin, you can use the DCA strategy to accumulate bitcoin either weekly or monthly, whenever your money is readily available. There's no pressure to invest in bitcoin; no one is forcing you to do so. The only thing that can make you sell your bitcoin when it's not time for you to sell it is when you use your whole money to invest in bitcoin. You will depend on your bitcoin investment to survive because you used all your money to invest in bitcoin.
Indeed, this idea can delay us in accumulating Bitcoin and it will also make us delay the profits that we have obtained. Yes, using the DCA method in collecting Bitcoin will make it easier for us to collect Bitcoin. We can use any amount of funds and set our own schedule for collecting of course. we have to do it consistently, in making investments of course we have to be able to make our own decisions and don't let other people influence the decisions we make in investing, if we use all the funds we have to make investments of course this will make it difficult for us to maintain our investments and it would be better if we could have remaining savings for the needs we need to be able to carry out investments well.
Everyone who starts investing for the first time has the idea that they will employ a long-term plan, but for many, the long-term investment plan may not materialize. Some may fail to invest consistently while there are some investors who end up not holding their investments due to various financial crises. Apart from these, those who end up holding their investments for a long time but definitely get a lot better from the investment. DCA investment method is definitely an effective and simple investment method when it comes to long term investment. In addition to the DCA investment strategy, if the investor can build an emergency fund, the continuity of the investment is ensured. If an investor can invest these two combinations then he can later consider himself a successful investor.

I may not totally agree with the part of everyone who start investment having the mindset of long term holding , but for the sake of this thread many has know that long term holding and using the DCA is the actual formula to achieve the real value of their investment in Bitcoin,

On the contrary @Lidger is very correct because is very important for people coming into Bitcoin to have the mindset of holding because there main goal of coming into Bitcoin investment is to have a good return so the only way that would be achieved is only but holding, however the word Holding is very essential in anything that has to do with investment, just like a proverb that says that a patient dog eat the farthest bone, which in other words means that patience is the key because that is what guarantees your success on your Bitcoin investment,  so don't just hold because you saw people doing it, hold because you love it and believe that in the future your investment will speak volume.
5  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: How can I identify a scammer using Bitcoin or crypto to scammer people on: Today at 09:05:46 AM
Because of the increase in the financial leverage of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency a lot of fraudster are budding under the umbrella of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to scammer people especially those who are not much grounded and knowledgeable of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency like me. Instance, some fraudster will send you a link through WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media telling you to click the link to register for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin with hope of making much money

So if I may ask, how can we identify this kind of fraudsters?

The thing is that it takes only someone that has a good cryptocurrency knowledge to be able to identify or I have a doubt if they are being lured into wrong investment by scammers, that's why learning about Bitcoin is very important because it will open your eyes to see that it will be very difficult for someone to be paid Bitcoin only by joining a platform or link, however for now is actually very difficult to identify scammers because since they know that people are beginning to understand there method of operation they have actually established different method and sometimes they could even lure you to register on a particular platform and not to ask you for investment but instead what they just need is your email and some personal information so that they would use it for other people, while some will ask you to perform a task to be paid a certain amount of Bitcoin and after performing all the task they will ask you to deposit a certain amount of dollar for you to be eligible to claim it, so you can see that they actually have so many ways and the reason why I have  this knowledge was because I have seen people who got scammed through this method and however with the knowledge I have about Bitcoin I don't think I can be lured into a wrong investment platform now.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ? Lega Serie A ?? (Italian League) Prediction Thread 2024/2025? on: June 11, 2024, 04:43:12 PM
Bologna had a marvellous season there is absolutely no doubt about that, but the hype around Motta doesn't seem like a good one to me. This dude hasn't had "that" much of a success aside from this season, he hasn't done much else but keep Bologna high at the Serie A for one single season to be considered such a good catch.

Don't get me wrong, maybe he will do fine at Juventus and that is understandable but that doesn't mean that we are going to end up seeing him do that great, it could go either way. I feel like he is being overhyped though, he is not going to be insanely well, I think Juventus still has a lot of trouble that they need to take care of and as long as they have that, it is not going to be really that great for them.

very true, they had a spectacular season!
they even did better than Roma who started with fireworks and even better than Napoli who has a champion like Osimhen among its players
I was really surprised, the revelation of this season in fact is Bologna, well done! Smiley

The season ended very good for them because qualifying to the champions League is what every club would wish for themselves, I'm sure that before Bologna started the league they never believe that they will even be able to get to the 6 position of the table let alone qualifying for the next season champions league, perhaps that's why is good for a club to have an understanding and vision because that would be there source of determination, however Napoli on the other hand was a club I was actually thinking they will go very far on the league but they failed, it was actually surprising because with there level of performance on there previous seasons they were actually supposed to at least qualified for the champions League next season, and funny enough even Roma was far better than Napoli because they were the only competitor against Bologna.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: June 11, 2024, 08:31:31 AM
Winning the FA Cup trophy is the only achievement of Manchester United this season, this season was very bad for  Manchester United but when they played against big teams, they took their games seriously.

I wouldn't say Manchester United is stronger whenever they meet bigger teams because they have actually lose to so many bigger teams on this season including Manchester City because Manchester City has always been the favourite to win on all there meeting but it was just fortunate for Manchester United on that match that Manchester City was not in a good form and maybe they were still overwhelmed with there premier League trophy they won that made them got distracted, and even Arsenal also win Manchester United on this season that is why I don't think that Manchester United is always stronger whenever they meet bigger team, however the club that has that record is Chelsea.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is a fatal mistake on: June 11, 2024, 07:55:51 AM
Could this be true,that gambling is fatal? It can be true,but I don't totally believe it because people are eating and surviving with it.People are gambling daily,and it's fending for them and their families,so if it isn't working for you,you can't just totally conclude that.

It becomes an accident when we continue gambling and it doesn't yield good result to us.If there is no positive results to what you are doing and aiming at,there is need that you will stop it because there is nothing to show for it.But when you are winning,it will be your joy to continue gambling.

Actually if they say that gambling is fatal they could be right because when we talk about fatal is something that could be very devastating and we all know that gambling could be devastating at times because if you have actually been with people who gambles and loss there bet you will no how devastating it could be for them but however when they say gambling is a fatal mistake it actually look somehow because just like you said even if the gambling is not working on our favour doesn't mean that it does not work for others and because so many people has benefited a lot from gambling but the thing is that is not good to channel all there hope of survival on gambling because that's were it could be very bad.
9  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Best method for Bitcoin accumulation. on: June 11, 2024, 07:32:42 AM
DCA is a good investment strategy for true investors who use their own money for investment and their vision for investment is long term. True investors are different than short term speculators who also spend money but don't want to hold asset for a long time.

Yeah DCA is very good so long as it has to with long term holding, though in as much as DCA strategy is good for investment but doesn't guarantee your risk free on your investment because is only but a strategy but on a normal if they use it properly there is no way somebody will run into trouble on there investment but however it says to very risky if the investors invest aggressively while using it because there is a higher chance that the investors may not actually last longer in there investment. However we also have another method which is called Lump Sum method, though this method is mostly utilized when the Bitcoin price will dip and is only when the investor is financially stable because it involves buying with a lot of money when the price is dip.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can you pay for car repairs with Bitcoin? Why not :) on: June 11, 2024, 07:08:58 AM
Nice idea to implement bitcoin payment into your business,  but the truth is that,not many customers will want to pay for repairs using bitcoin, since bitcoin transactions fees could sometimes exceed that of banks, and if I am to patronise your shop, I will not pay with bitcoin,  and rather pay with fiat currency,  reason is that, in my country,  banks transfers are free and instant,  most especially when using a fin tech wallet.

Exactly what I was thinking because it will be very difficult convincing customers to pay with Bitcoin, though I love the idea but considering the fact that every transfer of Bitcoin normally involved fees so it will actually be difficult for people or rather customers to accept that mode of payment and also another barrier to could also possibly affect that method is that not all the customers would actually know what Bitcoin is all about and there is no way customers will accept a mode of payment they have no idea of because there countries Bitcoin is not generally accepted and perhaps it could be that is only few groups of people that are into it there so making it a mode of payment will actually not work.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Africa Football Discussion || Current Topic: Worldcup qualifiers - CAF. on: June 10, 2024, 10:00:35 PM
With the 2-1 loss of the Super Eagles, it is gradually forming into a reality that the Super Eagles may not be qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. This is the 4th match of the Super Eagles, and what they make out of it, is 3 points(3 draws and a loss match), no single win.

What I will just say about this CAF World Cup qualification toward the Super Eagles is that it will completely be a show of shame if, at the end of the World Cup qualification matches, the Super Eagles don't appear in the Group C top table after playing up to 10 good matches(6 more matches remaining to play by next year)

The supper eagles I use to know is totally different from what I'm seeing now because there performance this time is very poor, I actually do not understand what is wrong with the players because they now find it very difficult to win the smaller countries they use to and with the look of things if they continue this way they may not be able to qualify for the world Cup and if they miss the next world Cup that means people will seriously lose hope on them, funny enough the supper eagles was even the first that scored on the 27 minutes of the first half but they could not maintain or defend there goal and at the end they lose 2:1, I never believe that today's match will end this way because the supper eagles always have better performance than the Benin team.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2024/25 Season on: June 10, 2024, 09:27:46 AM
I can't fully take Liverpool as a threat in the Champions league, going too far to postulating them to winning the Champions league title even with Klopp as their manager or Arne Slot whom we are yet to guarantee his success in managing the club. Liverpool as one of the big teams this season to qualify for the Champions league may be able to defend their privileged by getting to quarter finals then the rest may become a mystery whether they succeed from there or not.

Of course, we should also know that champions League is totally different from premier League and we know that premier League is more easier so there are clubs that could be doing very well there but cannot survive if they qualified for the champions league, I no Liverpool is a very strong club but there strength is not enough to even get to the champions League finals, imagine how good Liverpool performance is on the previous season but could not even win the Europa League they had an upper chance of winning, so actually for now I don't think they stand a chance for the champions league unless they proof otherwise on there performance this season, however for now the only club on the premier League I have more confident on is actually Manchester City because they are always a threat on the champions league every season.
13  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Bitcoin is Interesting on: June 10, 2024, 08:59:40 AM
I havenít been a fan of digital currency because I was ignorant.
When the economy was better than the way it is now I was
Okay with my financial state.
I never knew things would get these worse. If I had the understanding
Of bitcoin when I was financially alright, by now I would have gotten a
Strong Financial support investing bitcoin. The inflation motivated me to
Make a research on how I could invest my income to gain financial stability
In the future an I realized I can only get it if investing in bitcoin.
The inflation is getting more serious everyday an theirs know sign it will
Get better. It is better for me to secure my future than doing nothing now .
I know if I could invest in bitcoin no matter how small it is , it would make a difference for me in the future.

What most people failed to understand is that no matter how little they can afford on investing on Bitcoin is a good start because your investment portfolio will seriously appreciate overtime if they are consistent, but in most cases people normally want to be rich first before they realize the need to start investing on Bitcoin, however just like you said imagine if you had started investing on Bitcoin then by now you would have actually gone very far on your Bitcoin journey now but however is not actually too late, you can still start accumulating and holding Bitcoin now even if you may no longer be financially stable as you are before, so perhaps you can start with the little you can afford and accumulate either on monthly or weekly basis depending on the one that will actually be more suitable for you, perhaps adapting the use of DCA method of accumulation will also help you a lot because it has to do with accumulating Bitcoin with the amount that's okay for you to invest.
14  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy and HODL! on: June 10, 2024, 08:36:31 AM
The market SIKE. Hahaha.

It always has a way of making a fool out of people, especially plebs like me. BUT if you find a DIP and you have disposable income, obviously there's one way to spend it = Buy Bitcoin, and HODL. I believe, currently, we should reach for it deep beneath ourselves and find the conviction to keep HODLing. Don't allow the market SIKE affect your mental sanity. That leads to something that you might regret like those people from 2012 - 2015 who sold their coins.

You are right the market always have a way of making people or changing the mindset of most investors especially the ones that doesn't have much knowledge about Bitcoin, they will actually feel that the Bitcoin price will keep dipping and as such affecting there investment capital and from there the uncommitted ones will panicked and rushed into selling there investment, so actually like you said in a case like that people should always remember the reason why they choose to invest on Bitcoin for a long term because that will actually be there motivator and show them the reason why they need to hold and not allowing any negative price movement to affect there judgment on holding there investment.
15  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: I have observed that some people thinks that every cryptocurrency is Bitcoin on: June 10, 2024, 08:07:48 AM
Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and this has made some people who don't have crypto knowledge to see altcoins as Bitcoin. I have seen people who alternates the names Bitcoin and crypto when they are referring to a crypto project, I heard a lady complaining to another lady that her husband used part of the money that they were saving for their son that wants to enter university on Bitcoin business, now they said that the invested money is worthless. I knew within me that the husband had invested in a shitcoin, but she was calling it Bitcoin business. Also this new telegram tapping that is trending in Nigeria, now, after the Notcoin, success, I have also heard some people asking others if they have not heard about the new Bitcoin tapping, some thinks that the alternative or general names for the tokens that they are tapping is called Bitcoin.

The reason why people always sees or misconcept altcoins to be Bitcoin is actually because Bitcoin is not just the most popular but also the first cryptocurrency and  do to most people lack of knowledge about Bitcoin they tend to believe that anything that has to do with cryptocurrency is regarded as Bitcoin and the negative part is that because of how good and potential Bitcoin is people has been venturing into wrong investment thinking that they are actually investing on Bitcoin and funny enough if they get scammed they put all the blame on Bitcoin because I realized that most of the bad talk about Bitcoin from most people is as a result of getting themselves into wrong investment.

However is quite unfortunate that people always want the easier way or the short cut of making money because the rate at which people are trooping into tapping and Airdrop nowadays is alarming and many of them are getting scam everyday, however the moment they realized that Nutcoin was successful and most people collected some money from it so everybody decided to venture into it thinking that it will always be the same.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: June 09, 2024, 06:46:29 PM
Pep Guradiola has a contract until 2025. This means that Pep only has one year left and I heard rumors that Pep doesn't want to talk about a contract extension. This will make the sports media come up with a lot of rumors. This will also give fans worries. As you said, Pep has been at City since 2016 and has succeeded in making City one of Europe's giants. I think it would make sense if Pep decided to retire. He has already got everything in football and he just needs to directly train potential young players.

With the kind of love Pep Guardiola has for coaching I don't think he would like to retire after his contact with Manchester City elapsed because he will still like to continue and build other teams like the way he did on Manchester City. Actually Pep Guardiola is one of the coach I so much admire do to his level of coaching skills and with the positive impacts he has made on Manchester City there is a good chance that the club will still maintain there good performance if he is no longer with them because all the Manchester City players are very good from defense line to the strikers are very good, but if after the contract of Pep Guardiola finishes and Manchester City hires a coach that has a little coaching skills there is every chance that Manchester City will decline in performance but though there could be a chance that before then Pep Guardiola may decide to extend his contract more on Manchester City.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: June 09, 2024, 05:25:32 PM
I don't see any reason why Arsenal will agree to pay that hefty fee for Napoli's striker Osimhen,who hasn't played in the English premier league,and we don't know whether he will get their to be a flop or not.And to me,he is not worth that kind of amount being placed on him,he is just over hyped,I don't see any extraordinary thing that he does much on the field.Napoli have to reduce his price to either 70 or 80 million pounds,else he will still end up staying at that club.They should know that England is a tough place,and since he hasn't played there,they won't know whether he would do well there or not,so it's either they reduce the price or he stays at the club.

80 million pounds is a good price for him because if Napoli decided to increase it more it may likely take more longer time to see a buyer because one of things most clubs normally consider is that with such amounts of money they could easily use it to get more smaller players from the Academy and with time they will surely improve because that's one of the things Arsenal normally do, most of there young players that's currently doing very well now started the same way and sometimes that's actually even one of the best strategy buying some smaller players from the Academy and converting them to a better players and selling them on a higher price.

Though Osimhen is a very bright player that would really impact positively on the Arsenal team if giving the opportunity to join them, but sometimes the reason why clubs put there players on a very higher price is simply because they are not ready for the player to leave the team, but whichever way if a club really want hhim they will surely come for him no matter the price tag.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: The choice of investment is dependent on your region of residency. on: June 09, 2024, 10:43:41 AM
The kinds and choice of investment that anyone may propose to  venture into, as a newbie or as an oldie, could be adversely affected by the place they live in or their region of residency.

Let's discuss!

Of course those are the most important thing that should be considered before venturing or choosing any particular business to go into, however sometimes we  called it doing a visibility study to ask around within the environment or residents to know the population of people there and the kind of things they normally go for on the daily basis and from there the person will understand or figure out the kind of business that would actually be suitable on those kind of place.

Because the reasons why so many persons have venture into a business or investment without succeeding is mostly because they failed to really understand the kind of things people normally like within the residents, so actually no matter how demanding for a particular products will be but if being established in a place were people on that residents are not attracted to it will be very difficult for the business to grow.
19  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Making a long post is not the ultimate on: June 09, 2024, 10:22:46 AM
There is nothing wrong with a long post, and I can read a long post, provided the topic of the long post is interesting to me. You don't expect everyone on this forum to be a short poster because some people have to explain themselves very well before they can arrive at the point or message they want to pass here.

I agree with you because people has different pattern of posting and some persons are very good with summarizing there post within few lines while some persons took there time to really explain in details about there points, so for me I see nothing wrong with writing a very long post but however what matters is if the writer was able to convey his point or message in a way that is understandable and more informative as such that it impacts positively on people life's because that's the most important thing and not how long or short his post is.

Though I know that there are so many long post that after reading it, it does not make any meaning but that doesn't mean that every other long post are the same, however the reason why most people does not like long post is because they find it very difficult reading a particular post for some minutes.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Converting altcoin profits into Bitcoin? on: June 09, 2024, 09:42:51 AM
First bull run for me and I do not have any Bitcoin yet but do want some after this bull run to hold until 2030 at least.

Is it best to take my altcoin profits in the next 6-12 months at the bull run peak and then buy Bitcoin in 2026 during the next bear market?

I see some advise to just convert my profits straight into Bitcoin but in doing that I would be buying Bitcoin at the highest prices so don't understand that.

I think it will be a terrible mistake to start buying Bitcoin on the 2026 instead of starting now when the price is still okay and somehow affordable because who knows what the price of Bitcoin will worth then and one thing about Bitcoin is that is not the kind of coin that would dip and remain there for number of years before retracing back, so actually as time goes by that's how the price is appreciating, so perhaps if the Bitcoin price could rise from $26k to $71k within a year there is every chance that before 2026 the price will increase beyond your imagination so I would advise you start now.

This is one of the mistake most people normally make in terms of Bitcoin investment, instead of start immediately they would always look fot other alternative, however there is no probability that within an interval you are talking about there would be profit from those altcoins, so perhaps so long as your invested capital is still intact there is no need waiting to get profits from those altcoins before diversifying it into Bitcoin investment.
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