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1  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: [Merit] Help posts in local boards that did not receive enough merits on: December 20, 2023, 06:15:28 AM
My 1st entry
Naija local board

2  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Re: Rate your self good. on: November 23, 2023, 09:36:10 PM
This time we are is a difficult time, everything seems to be difficult because of the hard economy.  Some people this time might be thinking they are not doing better to live a standard life, do not allow this mindset to make you worry or make you feel bad. You have really trued your best and done well with what you have right now. Appreciate yourself, what you have right now, the level you see yourself right now people are struggling to get what you have achieved. Do not let anything or people around you to pressure you, life is a process and as far as their is life their is more success to come.

In this life nobody has it all, but as we continue to live let's expect to see more good things. Do not pressure yourself or think your case is the worse, you are really trying to reach this journey and it is not easy. Just believe the best is yet to still come.
Thanks @ O.P for this piece of advice in times like this when people are passing through a lot in this our country Naija. But however, I think the title of this thread would have been far more better if you had named it "Do not pressure yourself" instead of "Rate your self good, because from everything been said in the body of this thread, it talks nothing about about rating of one's self, but rather centered on encouraging people not to give and feel pressure in life base on the recent hardship cause by this present administration. Hence, avoid trying to engage in illegal things just to earn means, but rather strive to appreciating the little they have, as it relate to (i.e family pressure, relationship pressure, office pressure and society pressure e.t.c).
As far as i am not lazy,i am trying my best in the forum and i will keep trying my possible best in the  forum and never relent until i achieve what i am here to achieve, i know i can not have it all the wey i mean it in my heart but i am gonna keep it real to my self that i am here for a purpose and i am gonna achieve what i am here for .
3  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Re: Fake life in naija on: November 21, 2023, 08:46:18 PM
Welcome to naija where pesin wey no get money they go borrow clothes and shoes just to comot go party,  pesin wey no get shishi go borrow clothes dey waka to impress people.  Pesin boss go give him driver make him go service or wash but e go shock you say driver go carry him boss car go flex and go come dey claim car owner.
This country na cruise sha, you go see pesin wey no get house go dey claim big girl or big boy for street,  you no get food for house you dey select food mean while the pesin no even get something to eat. Too many things dey happen for this our country oooo but I come dey wonder waiting be the need of all those lifestyle.

make i shock you say some persons no be say dem dey form, na just their normal lifestyle to dey select food even though say them never eat anything, dem prefer to stay hungry than to eat wattin dem no like, but the one wey pain me pass na those people wey their ogah give them car to go wash but dem go come end up using the car go flex and most times this flexing dey sabi purge dem, maybe the car go come get issue or get scratch and before you go know dem don loss the job wey dem dey manage. then concerning the cloths own i get one friend wey sabi live this kind of fake life, em go fit borrow both top and trouser like 5 from different persons take do fine boy. but i wan still clear your doubt say no be only naija this kind of things dey go on, na every where e dey most especially for this part of Africa.

Make i suprise you bro,na for naija you go see 2 guys wey they share the same dress just to impress people, na only god knows why em no give some people money for naija if not this country will have been worster than how it is now because the of kind life wey some of  them wan live for this our naija no be small thing, the one wey they pain me pass na em be say some of them sef no go wan do waiting there power reach na em even make stealing plenty for our naija now.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: First buy Bitcoin as a newbie, good way to start. on: November 20, 2023, 09:34:37 AM
I know to lot of people, who may have invested money into the wrong investment platforms outside of Bitcoin but pirade themselves as Bitcoin investment may misunderstand the title of this thread, but that is the truth, and the best way to start your Bitcoin journey.

I use myself as an example, be for I started to acquire knowledge about Bitcoin, I first bought some amount of Bitcoin and held it in my personal wallet, not an exchange wallet, and I had my wallet keys properly saved, and after that, I became more active innthe forum and reading comments and posts and doing other bitcoin related research,  and that made it easy for my to accumulate more bitcoin while studying, and this has helped me in much greater ways and I thought it could help others here, most especially newbies.

So if you have the money to buy some Bitcoin,  why not buy first and thereafter learn along the way and keep practising the few things that you learn, e.g DCA approach, this approachable helped a lot of newbies to be able to have the right mindset and accumulation approach towards bitcoin, and they can accumulate a good amount within a short space of time, and also building a sustainable knowledge that helps you to have a better understanding of the market and to make good analysis.
Boss that can not help us as a newbies that haven't yet have any idea about bitcoin, i use my self as an example that can not help me because as a    newbie that i am i don't think i have gotten too much ideas about bitcoin, but i just hope that one day i will also find my sef in a position of a Legendary.
5  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Come wetin we see about some Nigerian youths wey use smoking do work of they lif on: November 19, 2023, 08:56:41 PM
There are several reasons why people smoke and the reason is best known to them and I no wan condemn anyone as I already know say reasons differ but still smoking for the sake of wiping away poverty or brokenness isn't a tangible excuse for smoking especially  cigarettes but I think I've read about some health benefits of Marijuana which is mostly consumed by the youths a d I learnt it also helps to reduce depression and I think you can research more about some health benefits of Marijuana and cannabis and I believe  say we no go really condemn this weed we dey condemn like this.

To add to wetin you yawn, people wey dey smoke don talk say weed dey make Dem reason well. I remember when dem interview mountain black and mad melon, nothing wey you no go hear about how weed take good and dey help give dem inspiration. Some weeders don also talk say e dey help dem sleep without hangover the next day and say e dey make Dem eat wella. Them say wetin make people dey misbehave and cause trouble when dem take am be say dem no dey eat and if you no eat, the thing dey worry the brain well well and if care is not taken the person go enter kolo levels.

However, that of ciga, me I never hear of any health benefit for that one if no be say your lips go dey black and your lungs too go dey affected according to wetin we don read about the effect of cigarettes smoking.

Make i add the small that i have to your own brother,  Many Nigerian youths have ruined their lives by engaging in drug abuses,excessive partying ,armed robbery,sexual immortality,and participating in secrete cults and other social vibes inimical to the well being of the society. and for the ciga the more they keep smoking it that how it will keep affecting their lips and their lungs,come to think of it ,if you take a look at the cigarette carton there's use to be a message they pass through to them that is, all the smokers are liable to die young but i think maybe they don't look at the carton if they want to smoke it.
6  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Your take on buying an expensive phone like iPhone 15 on: November 19, 2023, 03:38:23 PM
Well anyone wey suffer and struggle to make their money has the ultimate right to spend it how they choose to.
I actually don't see any problem with owning an iPhone 15 pro max if you have the ability to buy it.
And don't forget that the iPhone 15 pro max has amazing properties that people can use to boost their business especially for video maker and photographers so it's actually not wasteful, the problem I have is for those people who save up money to buy the phone.

Well my brother, i can't buy iphone 15 pro max with the money i sweat or suffer for unless i have like 10 times of the money in my account,as for me and just me ooo if i have the money to buy iphone 15 pro max now i will rather invest some of the money and put some in other businesses,then after making it from the investment or business,then i will now go for the iphone 15 promax.
7  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, suspended!! on: November 18, 2023, 12:52:39 PM
I see this as politics, politicians never do anything that’s not going to favor their agenda. The former CBN Governor has his allies and foes in places of power. To me this is just a show of power play by the president. I don’t believe Emiefele will be persecuted in court, I saw a video of him being escorted into a private jet to be flown to Abuja. That’s a first class treatment for a man who’s supposedly charged with all these crimes, don’t you think?

Former G0vernor of the central bank,Godwin Emiefele has been suspended and he will be going to kuje's prison, seriously when i heard about that man going to the kuje prison i was like eeya i feel sad for him,but when i remember that it was this same man that starve and suffer us for months i will be like it nothing let him go and feel what some poor's,and especially we the student feel when were in time of the cashless policy of a thing, but what is paining me now is that they don take all this politician into a prison that they will go and learn the lesson of there life.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is King on: November 14, 2023, 10:08:47 AM
Bitcoin should not be compared with any other crypto coins that are introduced later after the success of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of its kind and unique in that no other asset can even replicate the advantages, the decentralization, and the privacy it provides. It's literally a balance of everything and the most important unique selling point (USP) of Bitcoin is it's Bitcoin Halving System. That's some great way to reduce the supply of Bitcoin in a calculated manner.

No doubt bitcoin is the king, and it will remain the king of all cryptocurreny,ever since the inception of bitcoin in 2009 bitcoin has become the most important cryptocurrency on the market, and bitcoin will remain the most important crytocurrency on earth till da kindom comes.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is it the right time to invest in Bitcoin? on: November 13, 2023, 07:48:01 PM
There is no ideal or correct time for investment. Every time is appropriate if you want to invest long-term. Whoever bought at 2017 ATH can sell now and his investment will have been lost, but we can say that this time is the best time to achieve the maximum possible profit in the shortest possible time?
In theory, it is correct, but the price may be in the area between 25k to 32k at some point in the beginning of next year before the upward line continues. Therefore, now is an appropriate time to achieve maximum profit, but it is not the best.

To me i think it is never too late to invest in bitcoin, you can still make it in bitcoin as well, if you still want to invest in bitcoin now i will suggest that if you just buy it now you should keep it for the period of like 4 to 5 year luckily it might even rise beyond your expectation, so to me i think it is never too late to invest in bitcoin.
10  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Nija sun fit knack sense comot for your brain on: November 13, 2023, 04:07:39 PM
This Nigeria dey really tire me as na we dey make things hard when like normally no suppose hard and I no know which side of the country you dey but bro make we rest abeg because the same us na e still complain about the rain and I been don talk am earlier when this rain dey do do, I been just know say na so sun go also shine too because meh, the rain been fall badly this period and I also know say the sun go also shine badly so make we no dey in a haste to dey complain.

I go advice you make you try buy face cap or even umbrella and get ready for the sun mate 😂😂😂

My brother i think say na only me dey experience that thing  for were i dey ooo, nija sun no be for here ooo especially this sokoto were i dey wey be desert area the sun wey we dey experience for here fit fry yam i dey tell you but me that i have face cap i don use to complain the wey the remaining people do, and in time of rainy season we don use to have excess of rain here.

So if i am you i will just go for face cap, but i don't no your power but for me that can not afford umbrella i only go for face cap.
11  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Newbie alert, my people I need help to know more about this platform. on: November 13, 2023, 11:08:27 AM
My people I greet una o, As our people say person wey ask for road direction no dey lost and as I no wan lost and be left behind na em I say make I ask small questions for directions.

I've often seen posts that says a newbie should read more and I've been doing just that, I don read, read, read sotey my eye dey turn me. But what is a student without a teacher? Make senior men Dem for here help me out with replies wey go butter my bread, make I know if I dey on the right track. I've been reading and going through posts of legends to learn how to make quality post as required of me but how do I learn if I don't get feedbacks to know if am doing the right thing?

And talking about spamming and plagiarism, how do I know if the post am about to post has been posted here before?

Una say as a newbie make person dey ask questions, I don ask my own o, and I hope it makes sense. I just need some help to grow.

I am also a newbie mate,but talking about  spamming, 1 of the main thing that bring about spamming the most is that you should avoid copy and paste from the internet you should be trying your possibe best to be making quotes from your head, i know that our head is not the same but still i believe you can be doing something about that,and Talking about plagiarism, for me ooo how i use to avoid plagiarism is that i use to give my sef enough time for a post that i want to reply to check page to pages to see if the reply that i am about to made as been done before that how i avoid spamming and plagiarism as a newbie.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: I'm new here and I need help. on: November 12, 2023, 04:51:11 PM
Good day forum members I'm new here and I wish to know more about forum and bitcoin. I wish to be a successful member with your help and guidance

I am also new in this forum mate,but the little advice i have for you, is that you should  make sure you follow the rules and regulations guiding the forum,you should not spam that is avoid copy and paste from the internet and avoid plagiarism, and you are going to survive in this forum.
13  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Come wetin we see about some Nigerian youths wey use smoking do work of they lif on: November 12, 2023, 09:37:03 AM
There are quite a number of things wey we young people need know about life. Smoking of all those things will only destroy your life. E dey scatter your liver small, small. But e dey surprise person how person go take know say something go kill them, but them go still go on to go smoke. Smokers are liable to die young for people wey dey smoke na wetin dem write on top cigarettes but dem go still go dey smoke am.

Now make we try imagine how much of damage those weeds and Marijuana go dey cost person health, because dem dey more dangerous. But e no concern them as person go still go ahead dey go smoke.

This world is just made of fantasy. We know something will kill us as human beings but we still went ahead to go and kill ourselves by using those things. People go still go run something even on how dem know say the thing go kill them but na so Satan dey corrupt this world. I think that's the difference between this world and the hereafter.

Many of our youth are now involve in that kind of a bad act nowadays,some are smoking cigarette some is ice,or marjuana or even loud and some is even involve in all this things, i can't even imagine how this thing will be destroying there liver gradually and the thing wey dey suprise me for there matter na him be say they use to write that, all the smokers are liable to die young at back of the cigarette carton and still yet you smoke it for godness sake something that i know it will going to destroy my life i am going to move far away from that thing.
14  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Re: As e dey hot, MTN clear debt owned by their users on: November 12, 2023, 06:09:37 AM
But I hear say na Davido  pay di bill for everyone that dey ow MTN because im win award. Some came to my side and told me di Tori and when I checked my account, I come see say n true true dem don clear my #500 debt. But I never really believed say na Davido go pay day money because dat money go reach trillions. All di households in dis country dey ow MTN and the minimum go be #50 and above.

Na better thing wey Dem do oh but I still dey suspect dem. If na MTN really remove all dis people their debt from di database then something is better e don happened to dem and dem no wan tell us. MTN I know e no go just clear people loan like that. Dem too like money. Don't worry we go hear di story very soon.

omo the thing sweet me as a studen ooo, if na them try to help us but i con dey hear some kind thnings say it was a system glitch na were i con know say na my country people don do their work,and i hear say dem wan even leave am for us before but u know my country people, dem allowed dem to clear the debt wey dem dey owe and i heard it was around 1.4trillion,and all dey could do again is to borrow morethan the one dey were  owing before.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A Simple Reason Why Bitcoin is not Money on: November 11, 2023, 11:28:58 PM
to correct the OP

currency is anything used as a medium of exchange

MONEY is a specific currency used by a community/nation and ratified as the official currency of that society.. money in history has been controlled by the rulers of that society and distributed/taxed and accounted by those rulers(legal tender)

much like europeans claim euro as their money, much like americans claim dollar as their money
we in the bitcoin community/society deem bitcoin as OUR money with a different method of distribution and control..

but europeans do not claim dollars as europeans money. but still recognise dollar as a medium of exchange foreign currency vs euro

Is simply because the market price of bitcoin is highly volatile and subjected to large price swings. as a result,the market price at any given time may vary wildly from what could be considered a fair value.
16  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: As bitcoin is rising what is your plans on: November 11, 2023, 07:12:45 PM
When you check you will see that bitcoin price is rising day and night and what price do you think that will be maximum price of bitcoin this year and before we enters 2024, and again what will you advice people to do as the price of bitcoin is increasing, will you advice people to buy now or will you tell people around your neighbourhood who is lovers of bitcoin to wait until the price is down before you buy bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency investors I will like you to make sure you have drop your own suggestion of the price poll of bitcoin this ending of year 2023 December 31st

The market is bullish and everyone that have not bought any coin will feel they’ve miss out on this already. We can’t tell where the market is leading us to but that shouldn’t make you not to invest even now. The market is still at the early stage of the bullish trend, so investing now isn’t a bad idea. My market anticipation for the month of December is $40K and nothing less than that, the market will continue to be bullish till then. If a little alteration occurs that will lead to correction, i will still anticipate it between the price range of $38-$40K.

For me i think you should just buy and hold on for some months, because for me oo i think 2 things are involve in these issue of the rising of the bitcoin let me say in some days time now e fit still rise again  and e fit still fall at the same time so for me oo my people we need to be very very careful of that.
17  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: When Godfather-ism becomes a problem in Nigeria on: November 11, 2023, 05:51:17 AM
The problem with the supposed godfathers is that they fail to understand that their boys are humans and should also have opinion. How can a governor of a state like Rivers not have a single opinion when if the state fails he will receive the blame and vice versa. By law, he is the chief security officer as well as chief executive officer of the state... it will be wrong for one man somewhere to decide who he gives contract, who visits him, who he talks to and when he should go out. Being a godfather requires you relaxing and watching your boys deliver while consulting you once in a while to seek guidance and opinion.

We know the Wike played in the election of SIM, we know he made him the governor but that is not enough reason he has to choke SIM that much. Allow the governor to breath abeg... you don serve 8 years so make the young man put things in place and give you the normal returns and regards you deserve. Being a godfather comes with sense!

When you have a godfather in this country just forget all your problems are already solve and it is very very crazy when it comes to the time of politics in country if you want to context for any post for this country you just make sure that you have one big politician and you will definately win the post you context for.
18  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Reason you still invest in BTC on: November 10, 2023, 08:09:36 PM
Make your research. Learn more and get into it ASAP
There has been a lot of speculation that bitcoin will reach $110000 before 2026, while some people think bitcoin all-time-high will begin again by next year, 2024 and six digit is possible. Some people are speculating $170000 before 2025. One thing that I know is that bitcoin will reach six digit which is mostly certain.

Bitcoin price is still low buy now, worth buying it. I can even advise Nigerians not to save in naira as of now, bitcoin is better until bear market may start by 2026. Naira is not always better most of the time, I will prefer few bitcoin (just little amount), USD and some stable coins during bear market, and bitcoin in time like this and during bull market.

just wanna make this money out of bitcoin that is why i still want to invest in bitcoin i know it might be too late and difficult for me as a new investor but i will make sure that i make it out of this bitcoin because i beleive say i fit still make am from this bitcoin of a thing.
19  Local / Off-topic (Naija) / Re: How ona dey cope for 9ja noisy environment? on: November 10, 2023, 05:57:17 PM
OP in times of noise is totally depends on the environment you domiciled, there are environment that are very quiet and free from noise, in times children I believe we are not all married women and men here and even if we do it shouldn't distract you from concentration you can as well settle there needs first before going to work, or preferably look for nani that will take care of them while you comcetrate.
You are right dear. There are people living in noisy areas and there those living in a noiseless areas. The majoy source of noise should be business activities like those living close to market, main road and industrial area. Anoher source of noise is generators for those living where light is not steady.

Noise is a problem in Nigeria but I wouldn't call it emergency because there are less industries here... the sources of noise in have in Naija are manageable.

omo my brother i don dey addicted with noisy evnviroment ooo because were i come from, for inside house na distraction and for outside again na distraction the first time we pack into that enviroment i was like this people are too noisy but for just some days i gaz cope with the enviroment because sometimes for inside house e go wahala between husband and wife and sometimes e go be between father and childrens .
20  Local / Nigeria (Naija) / Re: Do not invest in Bitcoin with a borrowed money on: November 09, 2023, 06:08:13 PM
Eh really they very risky for person to invest with money way no be in own for any asset way they like bitcoin way you no fit predict Watin the price go be for future, if person borrow money say in wan carry buy bitcoin him fit just they for that debt forever if the person no take time, because you fit borrow come buy today and the price go just drop down after you buy and you buy with hope say in the next few days or month you go sell pay back, but as you they wait for the market to run up small so that you fit make gain way you go carry sell off, nah so the market go they dip the more and the more you they wait nah so the loan way you take they increase.

The only place way eh fit they small advisable for person to take money way no be in own buy bitcoin nah fit you already hey means to carry pay the debt back and you no they put your payment plan for profit way they come from the bitcoin, thatís if you they expect money way you they sure off at the end of the month and this money you plan to carry am buy bitcoin, but the price come drop to where you plan to buy you fit take money from person buy that money then pay back immediately the money way you they expect enter to they on the safer side.

To me oo i think it is better for you to invest in bitcoin with your own money than a borroewd money,because to me who borrow money and invest in bitcoin is like person wey borrow money from lapo because for, example you borrow 100k and invest,and you are expecting let say like 150k in a year time in return and before the year dollar come lose value you that you're expecting 150k you come dey see like 50k wat how are you going to pay the dept you owe back .
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