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News: ♦♦ Bitcoin Core users must update to 0.16.3 [Torrent]. More info.
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121  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Cobra fights Jihan Wu, and scammers Roger Ver, and Craig Wright like #NO2X on: August 27, 2018, 04:43:35 PM
I praise Cobra for fighting a struggle worth fighting. This is the same as Bitcoin's own NO2X movement that was successful in showing the miners that they should serve the network instead of controlling it.

I applaud his fighting as well, even though IMO it's lost cause.

I believe our community should show support for the Bitcoin Cash community in their struggle. Jihan Wu should support the community or serve it to reach a common goal, while Roger Ver, and Craig Wright should be thrown out.

No thanks, i prefer our community do something else such as encourage SegWit usage, moving away from centralized exchange to DEX, encourage using real bitcoin wallet (where you have access over your private key/seed) or introduce Bitcoin to people who don't know/use it.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash can co-exist in peace. #UANF

With current community? That won't happen.
122  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Alibaba Founder Ma Yun discuss about bitcoin: The Bitcoin technical function is on: August 27, 2018, 04:31:50 PM
this problem makes me confused, on the one hand Ma Yun doesn't interest in bitcoin, but on the other hand he wants to push the world into a cashless society. whereas bitcoin can be a tool to encourage cashless society

They need cashless society where companies/government have full control/track over citizens which is the opposite of Bitcoin. Alibaba founder either think decentralization/pseudonymity/freedom strongly correlated with criminal or simply want have control.

which leads to believe that they may start using the technology and create their own altcoin (AliCoin?!) to compete with Paypal, etc more than before.

Well they're definitely very interested in blockchain technology but their interest in crypto seems lukewarm at best, with Jack Ma saying Bitcoin is likely a bubble. I'm not ruling it out, but I don't think it's in the cards for the foreseeable future especially with, as you mentioned, China's generally hostile stance towards crypto.

IMO they using blockchain as buzzword just like most company/ICO do since there's no point of using blockchain for centralized system since such technology already exist (such as DLT).
123  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Where can i keep up with what is most profitable to mine? currently mining zcash on: August 27, 2018, 04:12:00 PM
I don't recommend using website that other user mentioned without thinking whether the coins price will stable/rise over time and without knowing difficulty growth rate/halving Roll Eyes
Besides, if you keep switch coins that you mine, you would have difficult when you sale the coins due to using multiple different exchange and most of your income will gone due to withdraw/exchange fee.

I recommend since they have GPU/CPU/ASIC profile with price from various exchange.
I recently seen [ANN] MM.HASH- Auto-Coin/Algorithm Hybrid Switching Miner (New Way To GPU Mine) and would be helpful for you as an alternative.
124  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Bitmain now requiring KYC documentation to buy hardware on: August 27, 2018, 03:17:53 PM
if bitcoin or any major cryptocurrency (which use PoW and can be mined with ASIC) community want to change to PoW "resistant" algorithm, that would hurt Bitmain (along with other ASIC manufacture) significantly.
If 51%+ of mining hashrate comes from Bitmain's pool or ASIC, i'm sure there will be boycott attempt.

Smaller coins could relatively easily change their fundamentals, but that's unlikely to happen in Bitcoin's case, especially when there is no reason to do so.

I agree, however the idea PoW algorithm or consensus method change has been around for a while (even though at best it stays as proposal) and IMO Bitmain might be reason if they even have 50%+ on ASIC marketshare.

Bitmain needs Bitcoin, for that single reason they won't ever attempt to directly harm it.

At least for now, even though IMO they indirectly harm Bitcoin.

Anyone know the reasoning behind this?  Buying and selling hardware is hardly the same as what an exchange does.  I'm leery about giving them a copy of my passport.

One reason can be regulatory pressure or the anticipation of regulatory pressure. But this is good for Bitmain mining resellers. They can do the KYC requirements to order the hardware themselves and sell with a margin on everyone who doesnt want to give up their identity.

I'm sure you can't hide your identity just by buy from 3rd party, unless it's done person-to-person (not though marketplace such as eBay).
125  Local / Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) / Re: [Essay] Blockchain, Bitcoin, Altcoin - Kursus Kilat Pemula on: August 27, 2018, 03:00:16 PM
Artikel yang cukup bagus, karena jarang Bitcoiner yang mau belajar tentang teknologi Bitcoin/blockchain Smiley

- Tidak bisa dimatikan atau dirusak, tahan dari serangan;

Menurut saya hal ini kurang tepat karena hal yang membuat Blockchain aman adalah Consensus method seperti PoW, PoS, dll.
Contohnya jika Bitcoin tidak punya PoW, maka hal seperti "Double Spend" dapat dilakukan dengan mudah.

- Data dapat diverifikasi dan diaudit, bersifat abadi.

Hal ini hanya berlaku bagi Blockchain yang datanya transparan seperti Bitcoin dan Ethereum. Beberapa blockchain menggunakan teknology Zero Knowledge Proof (seperti ZCash dan Monero) dimana transaksi/data bisa dicek kebenarannya tanpa mengetahui isi dari transaksi/data tersebut. [1]

126  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Block Size Scalability Issues on: August 27, 2018, 09:25:49 AM
Looks like OP didn't do his research well Roll Eyes

TLDR : Your assumption/speculation is totally inaccurate since you didn't include technology which reduce tx size, increase block size weight or 2nd-layer solution.

Especially for Bitcoin core, who can not agree on how to scale, so, so far nothing has been implemented as far as block size is concerned. There is a lot of info to share So letís beginÖ

FYI, Bitcoin Core is the one of full-node client for Bitcoin. SegWit is one of implementation about block size/weight concern.

Besides, there are few proposal such as Schnorr Signature (aka Signature aggregation) and MAST which can reduce transaction size and thus allow higher TPS without change block size weight.

If you are familiar with the current block size limits you already know that the Bitcoin network can handle between 3.3-7 transactions per second. (source So, this means that the MINIMUM block size would need to be 35mb, not 1mb, not 2mb, not 8mb, but 35mb. No one is talking about a block size that large. No one. Again back to Bitcoin core. The block size is supposed to be scalable but they refuse to even double the size from current levels.

You clearly don't know about that Bitcoin using block weight limit which is 4 kWu  which means maximum block size we've seen 1MB - 4MB depending on transaction/address type, but in most cases (when majority TX use SegWit) the size would be around 2-2.5MB.
That means maximum TPS on bitcoin on-chain is above 7 TPS, but AFAIK it's around 10-18 TPS now. CMIIW.

One final thought: When the Bitcoin price rises mining becomes more profitable and the Hash rate will rise as more miners plug in to compete for the rewards. As prices fall, mining becomes less profitable and people will unplug their miners causing the hash rate to fall. Itís not the other way around. Just because the hash rate goes up it does NOT mean that the price of Bitcoin will also go up in order to support all the miners. It is possible to lose money mining Bitcoin.

Yes, that's the risk of mining Bitcoin, but few take loses today since they thought they would get profit when if Bitcoin price rise.

This has been a brief summary of my thoughts The more we crunch these types of numbers the more obvious it becomes that the current situation on the Bitcoin network is a recipe for failure. The block size must be changed. We Better start asking the core guys really nice if they would like to go ahead and save the network, or are we doomed to live by their indecision forever? What are the motives to stay the same?

You don't need to ask Core developer if you want make changes since Bitcoin is decentralized and anyone can propose any ideas.
Block weight eventually need to raised if we want see mass adoption even considering 2nd-layer/side-chain technology, but majority of Bitcoiner prefer reduce TX size or move TX to 2nd-layer/side-chain over block weight increase which could sacrifice decentralization.
127  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: what do you think of nvidia rtx 2080 series, good for mining? on: August 26, 2018, 05:11:32 PM
Obviously not, because :
1. It's expensive, even think it's as flagship product and compared with previous gen flagship
2. Nvidia strongly emphasize their Ray tracing, DLSS and AI/ML which IMO don't have correlation with mining at all
3. There aren't any real benchmark, so we can't even say whether RTX 2080 is good GPU or not
4. GPU Mining isn't profitable at this moment, unless you have cheap electricity

Besides, Nvidia/AMD don't care about cryptocurrency mining since unlike gaming, no one have idea how long the trend (whether it's profitable/worth for newcomer) will last.
128  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: [overview] Recover Bitcoin from any old storage format on: August 26, 2018, 05:05:10 PM
Few recommendation :
1. If user had old wallet/seed format, it's strongly recommended to move the Bitcoin to wallet with newest format.
2. If user decide to move their Bitcoin to different address, it's recommended to use SegWit address.
3. For user with security concern, i recommend to verify installer's signature/checksum
129  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Transaction Volume Tops PayPal, Creeps Up on Visa on: August 26, 2018, 04:48:37 PM
Unlike PayPal, people sometimes make transaction to move their bitcoin to another address/wallet for various reason such as consolidating input, move to wallet with different seed after claim forked coins or move to SegWit.
So, this news only valid to hype make bitcoiner happy.

But if some country/government decide to legalize Bitcoin as currency/payment method, actual Bitcoin transaction value will surpass PayPal easily.
130  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Bitmain now requiring KYC documentation to buy hardware on: August 26, 2018, 08:55:58 AM
It's in your hands to stop it. For instance, people should just stop buying Bitmain miners and make the company suffer a drastic loss in the business due to their new KYC policy. They will change it or will be replaced by another company which doesn't enforce such policies. It's really upto the people to decide how to go about a government tactic. Evey exchange has started to ask for verifications and everybody is doing it you see, the government did their thing but it's only upto the masses to decide if they would abide or boycott it.
Bitmain is probably the most hated entity within this industry, but yet they are still growing and generate more sales than ever before. I don't think any form of boycott will inflict damage on their business.

I think that that people and businesses buying hardware from Bitmain will just cope with the KYC requirements since their potential mining rewards have more priority than their personal information.

Another thing is that verification is a one time event. After their initial verification process they won't be bothered with more verification requests. In other words, people's "sin" will no longer follow them everywhere.

I disagree, if bitcoin or any major cryptocurrency (which use PoW and can be mined with ASIC) community want to change to PoW "resistant" algorithm, that would hurt Bitmain (along with other ASIC manufacture) significantly.
If 51%+ of mining hashrate comes from Bitmain's pool or ASIC, i'm sure there will be boycott attempt.
131  Other / Meta / Re: Bash script to filter new topics created by high rank members only on: August 26, 2018, 06:37:50 AM
I guess "$HOME/log_bitcointalk_high_rank_topics" would be "C:\Users\<username>\log_bitcointalk_high_rank_topics" on Windows but this script is meant to be run on Linux machines (I never used bash on Windows).

Thanks, can't believe i didn't check my own user folder

Filtering self-moderated topics is easy to implement (with grep "This is a self-moderated topic. If you do not want to be moderated by the person who started this topic, create a new topic." in "$TEMP_DIRECTORY/topic${topics_array[$topics_array_entry]}") but can you explain why it would be interesting?

Because in my experience, spammer usually don't post on self-moderator thread, especially if the thread made by reputable member, except self-moderated thread on Marketplace where it's abused by scammer/shady seller
132  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: ETFs are gone, now it's Bitmain IPO? on: August 25, 2018, 07:56:28 PM
Hours ago, several bitcoin ETFs were officially rejected by SEC. It sounds this FUD doesn't have as much effect as Winklevoss twins' rejection.

Most bitcoin FUD only works once, especially if people realize it doesn't matter too much in long term even if it's true.

IMO, Bitmain's IPO is a test on people's belief in cryptocurrency. If it successes, we might see those green days back. But if it fails, I doubt that we'll see market bleeding badly.  

IMO if Bitmain's IPO success, that would allow Bitmain continue to monopolize mining (both ASIC and pool) and we might continue see red days since they will have 51%+ hashrate on many cryptocurrency on both pool and ASIC.
Frankly, i hope this IPO failed horribly and investor/miner choose another ASIC manufacture to prevent domination/monopoly by single company.

so what we need is for this uncertainty to be lifted and it will be lifted as soon as ETF fate is decided next month and we can get rid of it for now.

Couple of months ago, when there's no ETF the market was doomed as it is now. Are you expecting for ETF's approval or rejection?

Since you mentioned "people's belief in cryptocurrency", then you should start to think that people also believe in technology/decentralization.
133  Other / Meta / Re: Bash script to filter new topics created by high rank members only on: August 25, 2018, 07:39:37 PM
Nice work, now i have reason to regularly visit Altcoin section and basic editing such as remove/add boards ID or choose specific rank is very easy Smiley

I wonder if it's possible to filter/choose thread which is self-moderated. Also, where is "$HOME/log_bitcointalk_high_rank_topics" on windows OS?
134  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: 10 min (on average) for block time? is it a rule? on: August 25, 2018, 07:01:10 PM
It is the most naive analysis of such a critical subject, ever .

To have a solid understanding of block time issue one should perform a heavier analysis of the network considering  both  the actual propagation delay and its improvement opportunities.

I agree, but not everyone have good technical knowledge.

It is sad. When we read something about how bitcoin is perfect and no further improvements is needed, we blindly accept it without any further research.

That can be said for any cryptocurrency or new technology.

I have read* a comprehensive analysis of this issue 2-3 years ago, when BIP 151 and other network layer enhancements were not around and authors have thoroughly proved that with very minor enhancements (like adding compact block transmission which is already done) we would have  no security issue with reducing block time substantially.

I read the paper a bit and i can't disagree, but there should be up-to-date research about this case since there's few protocol changes/client optimization, especially because people stuck with shorter block time is bad thing.
P.S i might have different opinion after read the paper thoroughly

I strongly believe with even further improvements in bitcoin networking services we can reach to a rough 1 minute block time without any security draw back.

As i mentioned on other thread, that would mess with coin production rate (even though it can be solved easily), timelock script which rely on block height and any 2nd layer which use it.

Besides, that would mean we might need more than 6 confirmation to reach same security with current block time.

At the time of this writing we have less than %0.02 orphan blocks rate (only 11 blocks in last 12 months).

It is TOO low: an orphan block rate up to 1% is still to be considered secure! It proves a point: We are keeping bitcoin Too secure!

It is always true, set block time to 1 hour and you will get better security, but it is not what an engineer or a prominent developer do, you have always to trade-off and check what you are gaining for the utilities you are losing. In the block time case we can improve it right now without any considerable increase in orphan rate.

And the difficult problem is each people have different measure of acceptable orphan rate.
135  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: IF PAYPAL BANNED YOU on: August 25, 2018, 06:26:47 PM
At least they know it's bad move for their business, but it's too late since majority of crypto community already think ebay is anti-crypto and there are better alternative such as LocalBitcoin and DEX (such as Bisq) which have fiat-crypto pairing Roll Eyes

Ebay bought Paypal, so they own them. There is no lesser evil here unless a viable alternative for ebay comes around..
I would be waiting for a decentralized buy/sell portal which can give a heart attack to ebay especially their paypal service. Paypal is too centralized and seems like they are very good at ruining any business whenever they want. Anyone who ever used paypal for their business and when they become big they know what I am talking about. Paypal sucks.

There are few decentralized marketplace such as OpenBazaar and Decentraland Marketplace (which run on ETH), but it's not competitive at all since it's far from user friendly.
136  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Fees have been low after Segwit's growing adoption. Thanks Segwit. on: August 24, 2018, 09:44:17 PM
And don't forget to thanks Bitcoin developer/contributor who participate on SegWit development. Additionally technology such as LN and Schnorr Signature also makes transaction fees smaller and transaction size reduced Smiley

technically speaking the fees went down because of 3 main reasons which i will list in order of importance effect:
1. spam attack against bitcoin network stopped for whatever reason: maybe because SegWit was activated finally, maybe because BCash went away, or maybe because Dash and other altcoins that were spamming got dumped hard. but the spam attack stopped.

2. price became more stable, specially in the past 4 months. and without huge rises or huge falls there is always less transactions on the network.

3. with SegWit we got about 20% capacity increase (so far) which helped a lot and also some of the big services started batching their transactions which improved things a lot too.

4. Exchange/services (such as Coinbase) uses batching transaction which reduce tx size

5. SegWit actually use block weight limit which enable higher block size (a bit higher than 2MB actually on most cases)
137  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: EOS on: August 24, 2018, 09:34:50 PM
but i have  general understating of blockchain technology, "general" is a key word

If it's really true and you care about the technology, then you should know that EOS achieve very high TPS by sacrifice decentralization since there are 21 Large Entities where they need high-end computer/server to run their full-nodes.
Besides they have few controversial ideas such as rollback transaction and automatic EOS redistribution if it's not moved within 3 years (CMIIW).

IMO if people actually care about technology/decentralization or find another cryptocurrency with better promise, then EOS price would dropped.
138  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: The US Senate intends to hold a "blockchain energy efficiency" hearing on: August 24, 2018, 09:12:15 PM
It is reported that US legislators will explore how to apply blockchain technology in the energy industry

Not a bad move, even though blockchain is used as buzzword again.

and discuss whether to increase the cryptocurrency mining electricity bill.

That's understandable, but it's ironic since many industry sector have similar problem and that sounds like permission to do mining activity IMO since government might force big farms to join specific pool or put backdoor.
Maybe i imagine too much, but it's possible since now miner need KYC to buy ASIC from Bitmain.

But big farms wouldn't mine on US since there are better country/location which have cheaper electricity or lower temperature which lead to lower maintenance.
139  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Books like The Bitcoin Standard on: August 24, 2018, 08:45:54 PM
If you don't mind books with few personal opinion, i would recommend The Internet of Money and The Internet of Money Volume Two by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Few interesting things that i've found are the basics of Bitcoin, comparing Bitcoin with another technology in early days and the importance/advantage to keep Bitcoin simple (not too much complex feature such as Smart Contract).
140  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Bitmain now requiring KYC documentation to buy hardware on: August 24, 2018, 02:46:24 AM
Looks like people bad speculation about ASIC (such as might become true if other company also follow forced to use KYC requirement.
I wouldn't surprised if their new ASIC also have backdoor just like Antbleed.

Hopefully other mining manufacture will make ASIC with open-source firmware/OS without KYC requirement or Bitcoin (or any PoW based cryptocurrency which can be mined with ASIC) community will be forced to use ASIC "resistant" PoW algorithm.
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