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News: ♦♦ New info! Bitcoin Core users absolutely must upgrade to previously-announced 0.16.3 [Torrent]. All Bitcoin users should temporarily trust confirmations slightly less. More info.
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221  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Up to Two-Thirds of Bitcoin Transactions Have No Economic Value on: August 07, 2018, 06:17:42 PM
IMO there's nothing much we can do. People these days prefer HODL their bitcoin over spend/use it because more people realize the potential of Bitcoin which could make Bitcoin price skyrocketing while many newcomers only think Bitcoin as investment.

I guess Bitcoin legality as currency/payment method or/and adaption by merchant/service are most efficient way to make Bitcoin transaction have economic value.
222  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Your opinions on all the Bitcoin forks on: August 07, 2018, 06:06:54 PM
Most bitcoin forks are a joke, they don't have any special/unique features and barely have any community support. Most of them tried make themselves looks unique by increasing block size/weight limit, decreasing block time, implements uncompleted technology (such as LN, Atomic swaps, etc) or add features such as Smart Contract which other cryptocurrency already have.

At first, it wasn't since bitcoiner could earn easy money just by download a wallet and sell the forked coin to exchange/OTC. But now, it becomes a joke and it's value is too small and simply not worth your time unless you have lots of Bitcoin.
Only BCH which can be considered as "successful" since it's market cap value isn't bad and frankly it's the adaption looking good compared to other forks/altcoin.
223  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Consolidating Unspent Transaction Outputs on: August 06, 2018, 08:36:34 PM
I don't bother Consolidating UTXO even if they fee is only 1 sat/byte since i rarely receive small payment these days due to privacy concern. Frankly, i would recommend anyone wait Schnorr Multisig/Signature Aggregation is added on Bitcoin since it can reduce overall TX size which lower TX fees and can increase user privacy.

The UTXO database isn't the largest concern since its still relatively manageable. Its roughly 2.6GB right now and the blockchain itself is more than 10 times bigger.
Somehow I thought the database was bigger. For today's standards, it is very acceptable even if it's entirely loaded into the RAM.

But don't forget that Bitcoin community and developer/contributor preserve decentralization. People even run Bitcoin full nodes (along with LN daemon) on Raspberry Pi which only have 1GB RAM.

Also, UTXO size was far smaller before Bitcoin Core 0.15, but changed for various reason. More info :
224  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: whats the point with bitcoin donations? on: August 05, 2018, 09:02:44 PM
While it's not about cryptocurrency/cryptography project, is one of the most famous donation/charity which use Bitcoin.

Besides, there's nothing to lose by accepting Bitcoin donation even if barely any people who would do it.
225  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [ANN] PayKassa - the first aggregator of payments Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin! on: August 05, 2018, 08:53:58 PM
It's great to see Cryptocurrency payment processor/service, since it's dominated by BitPay and Coinbase. But i've few questions :
1. Do you accept/support 0-confirmation transaction when user pay sufficient fees?
2. Does your services support payment from Bech32/native address (Bitcoin) and shielded address (Zcash)?
226  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Blocking cryptojacking on: August 05, 2018, 08:42:34 PM
Most adblocker add-ons already block cryptojacking attempt these days, NoScript add-ons is even better if you have serious security/privacy concern. But few browsers such as Brave have great built-in features such as adblocking, forcing HTTPS, block 3rd party cookies and block dangerous/suspicious script so users just need to download and install the browser.

That's interesting, I've never heard about cryptojacking until now. But I don't think a laptop would have enough power to mine. It wouldn't even generate enough coins to be worth the effort of hacking into your machine.

How did you know that it was jacked? Did you see a process running excessively in the background? And you said by adding nocoin to your browser it stopped, so was it being run as a script?

Cryptojacking is actually pretty common. They tend to mine Monero, because that still gives them rewards if it's done on a very large scale.
The people who are running the malware could have up to 100k slave computers in their network, generating them thousands of dollars per day/week.

It's usually pretty easy to notice too, when your CPU goes through the roof.

Running noscript is also a solution btw.

Yeah actually I think one of my browsers fell victim to it now that you mention it. It wasn't too bad, but I noticed higher than usual load times and it was quite slow with page load times. CPU wasn't excessively high, but more than normal. I just installed nocoin so will see if there's much of a difference.

I saw this the other day at the bottom of the page at the Pirate Bay:

"By entering TPB you agree to XMR being mined using your CPU. If you don't agree please leave now or install an adBlocker"

It's like giving permission for cookies. What a crazy world we live in now.

At least they talk to their users about it, even the way to keep using the site while blocking cryptocurrency mining. Besides, it's better than seeing tons of ads.
227  Other / Serious discussion / Re: The world's first mining TV on: August 05, 2018, 12:48:14 PM
Now i wonder how thick or hot is the TV? But if the TV/miner can be fully configured by users, that would be great.
228  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A good example of elite manipulation of Bitcoin on: August 04, 2018, 05:18:18 PM
Something like this already happen many times, but people who need/want decentralization, anonymity pseudonymity, immutability, uncensorable or simply fiat alternative surely will keep using Bitcoin.
Looks like trader/investor still easily manipulated with FUD/negative news.
229  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: /r/Bitcoin on: August 04, 2018, 05:04:13 PM
Can't say much without what did you post or archive link to your post. I only can agree that r/Bitcoin have extremely strict rules.
230  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Apple Founder Wants Bitcoin the World Single Currency on: August 03, 2018, 06:47:21 PM
A bit outdated news/information, but regardless i'm strongly disagree with his opinion since Bitcoin don't have some interesting features that other cryptocurrency offer such Smart Contract from Ethereum & anonymity and fungiblity from Monero.
But if he really think that, then he should start achieve his goal/vision by pushing Apple stockholder/other influential people to accept Bitcoin and never accept other cryptocurrency for all Apple product/service/store.
231  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: How to know user deposit coins if exchange's coin daemon server is down? on: August 03, 2018, 03:23:03 PM
Since each exchange have their own standard operating procedure/protocol, i couldn't think too far. But IMO they would execute script which scan all transaction from few minutes before server down with it's timestamp as parameter and obviously update each user's coin balance if there's any new deposit.
232  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: How the network remain Decentralized when block rewards diminishes or too low? on: August 03, 2018, 03:08:29 PM
There are other possibility such as :
1. Increasing maximum block weight limit which increase maximum transaction in a block. That means miners earn more bitcoin while transaction fees remains same.
2. Adaption of other technology such as Signature Aggression, MAST, etc. which reduce transaction/script size and allowing more transaction fit into a block (assuming transaction fees remains same)

Changing Bitcoin consensus method or encourage people to mine to keep the network more secure (not for profit) are another possibility, but it's extremely controversial topic or not something that people would do.

PS: No discussion on LN here as LN do not update blockchain for every transaction.

Don't be ridiculous, Bitcoin and most cryptocurrency eventually need LN/other 2nd layer solution, unless they sacrifice certain things (such as decentralization or don't believe everyone should run full nodes) or think it's not important.
But even with LN/other 2nd layer, problem you mentioned still remain.
233  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin vs ApplePay on: August 02, 2018, 08:44:13 PM
It's like comparing Apple with Oranges. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency while ApplePay is only payment service/wallet.

About payment method/services for online shop, there shouldn't be any difference with most common payment method on mobile which is show both QR code and address on payment page, but with more detailed information.
But for simple/one-click method, i would think about user clicking a button on payment page which open Bitcoin wallet (basically passing transaction info to wallet) and you only need to input your password/fingerprint to confirm the transaction.
234  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Creating private key from 2 different RNG:s? on: August 02, 2018, 08:33:04 PM
If you have security concern about RNG, then you should CSPRNG which is proven to be secure, even though AFAIK urandom() supposed to be secure.
Besides, you could download their code from GitHub/GitLab and compile/run it yourself on offline devices if you afraid their page is hacked.

Alternatively, you could use this website, their code also open-source and should have good security.

But frankly you should worry about common weakest link on security such as unsecure connection or infected device.
235  Other / Meta / Re: How recognized are you in the bitcointalk world? on: August 02, 2018, 07:34:11 PM
Interesting feature, but i couldn't find nullius which IMO should be in top 100.

Looks like merit which earned by default when merit system significantly boost someone's "popularity", i wonder if your system only include merit which isn't earned by default?
236  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to the access of common/general people on: August 01, 2018, 07:41:13 PM
Bitcoin has been accessible to common/general people who have smartphone/computer with internet connection for many years, the real problems are :
1. They don't know about Bitcoin's existence or don't know the advantage for them
2. The lack of friendly guide/introduction of Bitcoin to people who have hard time learning new technology
3. Negative news, FUD or stereotype about bitcoin which make people hesitate learn more/use bitcoin

My opinion is the community should actively promote Bitcoin advantage/usage as fast, low fees, borderless, uncensorable and irreversible currency, not as investment/moneymaking scheme Tongue
237  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: i'd like to start educating others about blockchain: main points? on: August 01, 2018, 06:53:53 PM
I'd recommend Simply Explained - Savjee channel as introduction. Even non-geek people should be able to understand it easily.

For more technical stuff the Jimmy Song course is good, but if you don't want to pair just google the glossary.

As alternative, books such as Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum (will be released later this year) by Andreas Antonopoulos are great, especially they want to know/care about blockchain's technology on cryptocurrency world.

Mastering Bitcoin available for free at and AFAIK Mastering Ethereum should be free as well.

Also, these list that i've mentioned in past could be great supplementary :
Since you have intermediate blockchain knowledge, surely these lists shouldn't too difficult for you :

You also could check these cryptocurrency specific lists, but might be difficult for you (and me) :

The lists i mentioned aren't courses, but i'm sure you would get more knowledge/info with shorter time.
238  Economy / Exchanges / Re: Blacklisted Exchanges -- leave your horror story here on: August 01, 2018, 04:56:03 PM
Poloniex -- suddenly holding everyone's funds and locking accounts? SCAM.

AFAIK this incident happen when they comply with KYC/AML and lock every users which meet certain condition, but haven't verify KYC/AML.

But if that's enough to be qualified for your blacklist, then HitBTC definitely should be in the list since recently the lock many users after they introduced stricter KYC verification process and that also happen on past with different reason.
239  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Is the BCH (fake Bitcoin) Bitcoin Cash wallet free of viruses? on: August 01, 2018, 04:41:48 PM
I've used Electron Cash and there's no problem, but i move my Bitcoin to another address on another wallet (different seed) just to be sure.

Bitcoin ABC or other full-nodes client isn't recommended unless you want to waste your storage/bandwitch and AFAIK wallet isn't open source.
240  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Only 2% of U.S. Investors Own Bitcoin - How Much Further Up Can It Go? on: July 31, 2018, 07:00:06 PM
2% looks like low number, but actually it's not bad considering Bitcoin negative stigma/FUD. If 2% U.S. investors own bitcoin, that means majority investor already know about bitcoin (or at least heard about it) even if they're not interested.

I'm not too excited since they don't really care about Bitcoin as currency/payment method which is decentralized, immutable, uncensorable, etc.
I would excited if the news said 2% of U.S. population already use bitcoin as currency or payment method Roll Eyes
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