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November 21, 2018, 07:27:41 PM *
News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.17.0 [Torrent].
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361  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Looking for an analyzer tool for blockchain on: September 20, 2018, 01:16:11 PM
There are some free or/and open-source blockchain analyzer tool/software, but AFAIK most of them don't have complex feature/analysis. Search blockchain analyzer tool -news on Google should give what you need. looks like is the most popular open-source block analyzer

Don't bother reinvent the wheel unless you're not satisfied with/can't find analysis method you want
362  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: bitcoin core client blocked on my network on: September 20, 2018, 11:42:29 AM
There are few options including :
1. Change bitcoin default open port. Your ISP might block default Bitcoin Core port, whether it's intentional or not[a]
2. Make sure your Bitcoin Core comes from legitimate source
3. Check if your PC's firewall block connection made by Bitcoin Core or any software outside it's whitelist

But using VPN (or other forms of secure connection) is more convenient and could protect your privacy/anonymity.

363  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: When Schnorr will be added? on: September 20, 2018, 04:18:08 AM
AFAIK Schnorr don't use similar method for backward compability.
Schnorr will be added via a new segwit version number. It will not require a transaction format change, there just be a witness version 1 in addition to the current witness version 0.

Just to confirm, does that mean we'll see address starting with bc1p (according to BIP page[1]) ?


Those were arguments that the anti-SegWit people used, but they're not true:
 - SegWit's security doesn't depend on miners, but rather on the economy. (Otherwise the UASF attempt wouldn't have made any sense...)

Looks like i misunderstood, however what if all miners use non-SegWit nodes, others use SegWit nodes and there's transaction from/to Bech32 address? AFAIK this will make such transaction never confirmed/included by miners.

- The signature is not removed. Between SegWit nodes, every transaction must be accompanied by its signatures or it's invalid.

True, but what i meant is the signature is stripped/removed when SegWit nodes communicate with non-SegWit nodes.
364  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Transfer Wallets - Desktop to External Drive on: September 20, 2018, 02:38:32 AM
When backup your wallet, all you need to backup are :
1. Mnemonic seed. You don't need to remember the password, but anyone can steal your coins if they find out your seed.
2. Wallet files. You need to remember the password if you set the files with password.

Backup wallet application and it's blockchain database (if it's wallet/client with full-nodes functionality) isn't required, but would save your time from re-downloading the application or/and blockchain database.
Also, there's no "login" when you use wallet, except you use centralized wallet/exchange.
365  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: When Schnorr will be added? on: September 20, 2018, 02:29:06 AM

It's far simpler than SegWit, there's even less reason for controversy around it, and it won't be done using the BIP9 process which caused SegWit's unnecessary delays. I could see the Schnorr softfork completing next year.

So in order to add schnorr signatures, we will not go through another dramafest of mining wars fighting each other with hashrate signaling different things?

If I remember correctly satoshi used in the past softforks that didn't need mining signaling (basically a UASF? but there wasn't a name for it back then). Im not sure why segwit took that route. Was it simply to allow miners to have their say with their hashrate or was it because of technical reasons that needed it to be implemented that way?

That's because SegWit developer use "anyone-can-spend" and remove signature part of transaction as method for backward compability where it can be used to steal Bitcoin if majority nodes/miners don't support/use client that support SegWit.
And this is one of the argument used by opposition used to stall/disrupt consensus years ago.

AFAIK Schnorr don't use similar method for backward compability.
366  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: When Schnorr will be added? on: September 20, 2018, 02:20:11 AM
Aside from what other members already mentioned, there are few planned implementation (the idea either from user/developer) on :
1. Multi-signature address (this is obvious application/implementation)
2. Lightning Network, since 2-of-2 multisigature transaction is used when open and close channel
3. CoinJoin (along with various improvement/tweak such as SharedCoins, CoinShuffle, Stonewall and ZeroLink), since AFAIK it could break linking/analysis

And as theymos said, there's no actual BIP for Schnorr since i couldn't find any at

What DooMAD said, Schnorr is at least as big of a change as SegWit, and we all know how easy and smooth of an upgrade that was...

I disagree since those who would make ruckus already have their own cryptocurrency and few of them have their own fight consensus. Besides, unlike SegWit, almost no one know about Schnorr Signature/Signature Aggression expect those who interested with Bitcoin's technology.
367  Other / Meta / Re: Do we need a place (page in this forum) to buy merits in bitcoin forum? on: September 19, 2018, 03:43:41 PM
I strongly agree if the price of each merit is 0.01BTC/higher and the Bitcoin will be used to reward/donate Bitcoin developer/contributor who actually bring tons of contribution.

or just spend it for Lamborghini for each moderator Tongue
368  Other / Meta / Re: Hate against bounty hunters!!! on: September 19, 2018, 01:59:56 PM
1. What do you like about it and why are you here?

- Development & Technical Discussion
- A place to learn and earn Bitcoin

2. Should bounties be attached to this website? Why or why not?

If website meant this forum, then no because it's Bitcoin forum.

3. What else can we do against shitposting and spamming (or do we need to do anything at all?).

Higher merit requirement to rank up or limiting signature for Jr. Member. But disabling signature is fastest way.

4. What do you think about the decision of the administrator?

Good, but IMO he's too kind.
369  Other / Meta / Re: Should we look through the post history before awarding merit to newbies? on: September 19, 2018, 10:11:25 AM
Yes, since based on my experience on another section, some newbies who make good posts usually plagiarize from another post/external website.

But if Jr. Member have higher minimum merit (between 3-5) or signature for newbie can't be filled with url/website, that would save people's time.
370  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 Released on: September 19, 2018, 04:31:00 AM
As usual, thank your for the hard work Smiley

Can anyone explain in an Eli5 exactly what this means?
If a node running Bitcoin Core from versions 0.14.0 to 0.16.2, receives a block that contains a transaction that has a duplicate input, that node will crash.

If the node is crashed, then is it possible that the blockchain/chainstate corrupted? If so, would be suck for those who use older version and use HDD if someone decide to use the exploit.

Also, i wonder if this exploit could be used to make all nodes offline (which make other attack scenario possible) ?
371  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Are Blocks in blockchain are indexed ? on: September 19, 2018, 04:15:34 AM
There's no way any developer would think scan entire database just to get a data.

Then, by comparing the speed between (ex. not indexed Window Explorer) and Bitcoin's Blockchain, this question pops in to your mind?

I am a Performance DBA, I know even if the table size in a couple of GB and you have to do Full table scan to fetch the data ,required data cannot be fetched within the seconds . (Debarring parallel query operations).

Sometimes telling obvious things is safer/better choice Roll Eyes

you can read more in details on bitcoin wiki Bitcoin Core 0.11 (ch 2): Data Storage

That link perfectly satisfy my query.

Thanks  to you all. Slightly off topic question, I already gone through all the chapters of "Mastering Bitcoin" book and I do not remember if I have read anything about it.  Did I missed in reading or there are some other source/book from which I should start.

This should be obvious, but the link is outdated and UTXO database/chainstate and LevelDB used by Bitcoin Core has been changed few times.
AFAIK 0.15.1 change chainstate format and there are multiple levelDB optimization.

"Mastering Bitcoin" mostly discuss about things necessary in Bitcoin protocol and database isn't part of it (except block header/TX format) since each client have different way to store/index blockchain/UTXO. A bit off-topic, you might find source/book you want in list that i mentioned in past

Since you have intermediate blockchain knowledge, surely these lists shouldn't too difficult for you :

You also could check these cryptocurrency specific lists, but might be difficult for you (and me) :

The lists i mentioned aren't courses, but i'm sure you would get more knowledge/info with shorter time.
372  Other / Meta / Re: Use of the NEWS FEED to announce changes in the forum? on: September 18, 2018, 01:08:06 PM
That would be a great idea if members used the news feed. I suspect that most don't.

But we would have valid reason ask moderator to lock/move/delete/archive the thread which ask question that already listed on News Feed and thus Meta & Local section would be cleaner.

I think the only thing it has been used with (other than bitcoin core) is the electrum vulnerability.
I did ask a while ago if we could use that feed to announce the new versions of electrum (as I understand theymos also uses the software) but that was shunned because apparently it's just bitcoin core's updates that should go there...

it'd still be nice to see a bit more news in the news feed (we've been stuck on 0.16.2 for a while now).

If theymos think that, then i wonder if theymos could show 2 news (1 slot for bitcoin core/protocol update news, 1 slot for other client news/forum changes)
373  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: I want to use mobile data for Bitcoin related web pages on: September 18, 2018, 10:18:36 AM
It's impossible since your idea requiring software/extension access to access current page that Google Chrome for Android access while there's no extension or source code for google chrome. Even if it's exist, it's annoying to switch between mobile and wi-fi connection anytime when you access Bitcoin related website.
Using proxy/VPN/Tor is easier and far more convenient and you could have better privacy/security with proper configuration.

Besides, what basis that makes you think using mobile data is safer Huh
374  Other / Meta / Re: To All Upper Ranks on: September 18, 2018, 10:11:34 AM
Any member forum (ignoring their rank/status) don't have obligation to give merit to user's post/thread with specific rank. All that matter are members give merit to constructive topic without care about author's rank/status and don't give merit to shit-post or plagiarism-post.
Maybe if you actually make good post on section without lots of spammer where member who actually want to participate on forum/discussion going to, you have better chance to get merit.
375  Bitcoin / Alternative clients / Re: Seed and public key for eth/btc(Ledger) on: September 18, 2018, 10:00:34 AM
AFAIK, it's impossible since :
1. Bitcoin and Ethereum use different cryptographic hash function to generate public key and address.
2. List of address generated by XPUB which used by Bitcoin (and maybe Ethereum) can't be used to get seed or even XPUB.

gonna add more info if i remember something else
376  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Are Blocks in blockchain are indexed ? on: September 18, 2018, 04:04:30 AM
Bitcoin core (other client might do things differently) build and use UTXO database which stored on storage (not RAM) which makes transaction verification is faster. The UTXO database updated every time node receive transaction/block or create and broadcast transaction.
Besides, AFAIK most transaction can be verified in hundred millisecond.

There's no way any developer would think scan entire database just to get a data. Indexing, database balancing, sorting or/and separate database for linking obviously used in here.

If you're curious with UTXO size/count, you can check
377  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: What to do with old asiks? on: September 17, 2018, 04:29:21 PM
Obviously sell those with low/cheap price is most safe/rational option. Waiting scrypt-based PoW altcoin's price to rise isn't good idea since other people would mine those altcoin which make difficulty rise quickly and all potential profit gone.
If you're into gambling/high risk choice and think scrypt-based PoW altcoin's price will rise, then you should start mining with those L3+ ASICs and sell when the price rise. I don't recommend this though.

Considering winter is right around the corner, I would place these units strategically in corners of each room. Turn them on when it gets chilly. You can probably set them on a timer too so that your house is nice and cosy when you get back from work.

Also, if you have a newborn at home, they make a very enjoyable background sound that will soothe him/her to sleep.

That depends on OP's geographic, some parts of Asia and Africa don't have 4 seasonss.

Besides AFAIK most ASIC create noise and most people don't like noise sound which would disturb people if they sleep nearby it.
378  Economy / Web Wallets / Re: My phonenumber is blocked due to circumstances: no access to my wallet on: September 17, 2018, 04:08:51 PM
Bitcoin has nothing to do with phone numbers.

Chances are you never owned any bitcoins in the first place, you never had a wallet, you maybe used a service that promises that it will hold bitcoins for you, in which case you need to contact them and complain about it.

In future keep in mind that if you really own bitcoins, you and only you will be in control of them and private keys associated with them.
If you need anybody's or anything's permission to access your private keys with your password at any point in time, you don't have any bitcoins.

This is a wrong board to discuss this since this has nothing to do with Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin in general.

This is completely true, but there's exception if OP using wallet (or any wallet which require 2FA, but also allow user to export their wallet file/private key/mnemonic seed which follow BIP).
If so, then OP still could recover his Bitcoin if he kept the backup and remember the password (if it's wallet file/encrypted private key).

Otherwise, you only can hope either your phone provider or centralized wallet services will help you to restore/give back access to the phone number/account.
379  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: wallet.dat hash reset on: September 17, 2018, 03:50:04 PM
wallet.dat signed hash, hash reads the client bitcoin core, I want to create that program read the hash itself instead of the password

So basically you want to get hash of the password of an wallet.dat? I've no idea about Bitcoin Core's wallet.dat, but most of the time the hash isn't hidden or have additional encryption.
All you need to know are knowing read files in binary/hex/raw form and position of the hash (usually there's short number/string to mark the beginning/end of specific data indicator).

But fortunately such tool already exist at, specifically at
Since your plan to make a program, understand source code by other developer shouldn't be difficult.
380  Other / Meta / Re: Wall of fame / shame. Shit posts so bad that they are actually funny on: September 17, 2018, 08:04:27 AM
Theymos add new rules and we've got plenty of funny drama posts

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