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News: ♦♦ New info! Bitcoin Core users absolutely must upgrade to previously-announced 0.16.3 [Torrent]. All Bitcoin users should temporarily trust confirmations slightly less. More info.
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81  Other / Meta / Re: This senseless cheating should stop on: September 10, 2018, 03:03:10 AM
If only bounty manager request Signed Message with associated address of registered bitcointalk/social media account (which can be automated even with SPV wallet which support RPC-JSON or similar), most problem will never exist.
But we know that they don't care about that at all, so i think the only think we can do are put such info on our own profile.
82  Other / Meta / Re: New Tor error? on: September 10, 2018, 02:47:20 AM
I don't use Tor Browser, but i've no problem using Tor Expert Bundle with JS enabled on my browser. Close and open the browser should fix the problem since each time you open Tor Browser, it connects to different nodes.

Edit : Just press Ctrl+Shit+U or click "Three Horizontal Lines" then click "New Identity"
83  Other / Off-topic / Re: Merits For Deserving Members Of Forum on: September 10, 2018, 02:35:18 AM
Thanks. I don't know why it appears without the ID number when I go to my profile.
Do I need to submit my profile again with the user id, OP?

If you only click the PROFILE button in the menu bar, it really doesn't give you the link with your USER ID. But if you click your name within your previous posts it should give you the link with your USER ID.

And to help you out... this is your link mate. Smiley


Also, I think there shouldn't be a problem resubmitting your application Wink right OP?

There is no review for users who can't even post their profile link.
I don't think so they are eligible for it.

Now someone submit Satoshi's profile and we know Satoshi do that, i won't be surprised people intentionally do bad-submit with user/profile they hate Roll Eyes
84  Other / Meta / Re: [Script] Open all new Watchlist or new/unread replies/posts in a new browser tab on: September 09, 2018, 05:23:56 PM
Nice script, it works so well that the SFM shows "Too fast / overloaded (503)".

I just realized that i've bunch of watchlist since "Watch this topic" is enabled by default. Maybe you should give this warning, otherwise few members might open dozens/hundreds of new browser tab Roll Eyes
85  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: How devil competes with its own mined blocks. on: September 09, 2018, 05:13:04 PM
Interesting find, while all option seems possible, i think 4th option is most likely reason because :
1. Even if it's under 1 brand, there's chance they don't sync timestamp between each branch.
2. There's block propagation delay between each breach/nodes for each branch are "far", unless they configure to connect directly to each branch's full nodes.

I wonder miner's reaction who use this pool when they find out about this ridiculous competition Roll Eyes
86  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Bitcoin Cash - Pro on-chain scaling - Cheaper fees on: September 09, 2018, 04:59:54 PM

If it's true, then Bitcoiner could buy the dip after 1 million Bitcoin is dumped Smiley
Win-win for both community on long erm

Even if it is true, wouldn't there be a huge tax involved? Plus, whith a huge law suit pending, I don't think this would be a good move at all.

OTC trade, person-to-person trade or decentralized exchange solve the problem. But even those method combined, surely the volume is far less than 1 million.
87  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ​Facebook holds ICO ban but allows 'approved' cryptocurrency ads on: September 09, 2018, 04:42:48 PM
It's better than all kinds of cryptocurrency advertising, but the real question is what kind of/criteria of "approved" of cryptocurrency advertising?
Hopefully facebook is neutral and not only allows cryptocurrency advertising from company/community which have relationship with facebook.
88  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Guest Spot: Who or What Can Put an End to Bitcoin? on: September 09, 2018, 01:15:13 PM
Even different idea/way to overcome scaling solution or new features can end delay Bitcoin development and adoption at same time Roll Eyes

But the harder government try to end Bitcoin, people will continue struggle. Decentralized exchange is the prime example after all exchange is forced to comply with KYC/AML.
89  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: What are the steps to take to publish the solution for blockchain scaling? on: September 09, 2018, 01:03:19 PM
Please advise what are the further steps to take from here.

Release your whitepaper and make sure someone do peer review on your paper. Release it on it's own testnet or release the source code also helps.

There was never an issue with figuring out the way to scale a blockchain, there was just a debate on which solution we will implement.
That debate resulted in a fork as people couldn't agree.

I disagree since there's few lazy scaling solution such as only increase maximum block size limit while others try to decrease TX size, move it to off-chain/2nd layer or make nodes not verify all transaction.

The lightning network works only in theory because it still needs everyone to be in a payment channel with someone. Just writing those "LOCKED" payment channels requires a lot of on-chain space.

You mention LN's disadvantage, not why it only works on theory since LN already used on both testnet and mainnet.

I am glad that you have another solution, but this is a 'problem' that even Satoshi gave a simple solution for.
It is a kinda of a virtual problem, not a natural one. The block limit was purposely implemented for spam protection.
So it is very simple if you just want to solve it simplest and quickest way possible, but off-chain solution ended up being followed by most.

Here's my view for your statement. If 10 billion people in the world used blockchain for payments. That's at least a million transactions a second. Currently, the Blocksize is 1 MB. If the minimum BTC transaction size is 250 bytes.  ~4,000 transactions per block. That's 6.66 Transactions per second.

I have a solution (proof of concept in GoLang) which scales up to 1M transactions per second with a smaller block size without compromising on decentralization / security / future scalability.

Assuming current block size is 1MB (which isn't because we use block weight limit with 4 kWu limit) or AFAIK 1.000.000 bytes in reality, then that means 1 transaction only have size about 1 byte and i can't see how would you fit transaction (input, output and signature). But i've no idea about GoLang.
90  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to setup the 21 bitcoin computer? on: September 08, 2018, 06:40:55 PM
You meant this one

With it's specification (0.9 GHz ARMv7 with 1GB SDRAM), this device won't able to run windows (as standalone device) due at all. I doubt it can even run full nodes without struggling.

I'd really like to get my 21 bitcoin computer running to see how profitable it may be.

Profitable? This device is aimed for Bitcoin developer, not miners. I'm sure this device is useless for mining.
So, why it is made and how is this thing work? Is it like a wallet or is it a computer which has 21 bitcoin inside?

How about you read read the link i mentioned?

1. It's made for developer, the one who create/develop Bitcoin protocol, wallet, payment processor, etc.
2. It works just like any computer (when used as standalone device)
3. You can use it as wallet and computer, but it doesn't have 21 bitcoin (obviously)

But as review on amazon says, it's overrated/overpriced device. Next time, DYOR and ask others before buy something you don't really know.
91  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How to setup the 21 bitcoin computer? on: September 08, 2018, 05:53:52 PM
You meant this one

With it's specification (0.9 GHz ARMv7 with 1GB SDRAM), this device won't able to run windows (as standalone device) due at all. I doubt it can even run full nodes without struggling.

I'd really like to get my 21 bitcoin computer running to see how profitable it may be.

Profitable? This device is aimed for Bitcoin developer, not miners. I'm sure this device is useless for mining.
92  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Buying from on: September 08, 2018, 05:27:37 PM
No, just use another popular or your local exchange which have better reputation. is known misleading user between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to the point they're protested by Bitcoin community[1] and few attempt to lawsuit them[2].
I wouldn't surprised if they intentionally make those who want buy BTC have harder time. Besides, their fee is higher than some Bitcoin exchange.

No idea about country restriction, but you should check simplex FAQ[3] since use their service.

93  Other / Off-topic / Re: Merits For Deserving Members Of Forum on: September 08, 2018, 05:08:12 AM
Looks like few people are drunk/tired, submitting profile link with "" Tongue
No profile ID which mean OP can't do review, unless OP bother search profile ID/link based on username (assuming they don't make typo). If OP gonna bother do that, should help.
94  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: where can i get testnet coins since faucets are down? on: September 08, 2018, 04:59:18 AM
Just mine them - they're easy to mine

A crazy suggestion mining? Mining like faucets but no high cost of waiting for electricity to go high? or like a ready miner? GPU, ASIC's and other types? That will waste your money?

Please do explain? I know it is common when you just said "just mine them" also I'am not judging who know you are really a miner and stuffs.

You don't have idea about testnet, do you? BTC testnet only have about 4.66TH/s[1] while BTC have 48.41 EH/s[2] (about 100.000x higher hashrate). So if OP have high-end GPU (with some patience)/old ASIC, OP certainly can mine and get few BTC testnet he need on few days.

Anycoin, thank you so much! .5 is great, it enables me to do something atleast as its enough to cover fees. I really appreciate the help. Ill send back as soon as im done, i imagine about .3 will be left after TX fees.

also i did email one faucet owner before, and i got .02 (they are usually .001) out of it, but with the tx fees on the network its not enough, although still appreciated ofcourse. i got like 2 transactions out of it. I should be ok with the .5 from anycoin and with what little i already have, and hope the tx flood stops soon.

looks like were on a path to testnet4 pretty soon, this is unfortunate how a few people can ruin it for everybody.

Are you an holder? For that altcoin? May I know what website is that? I jope to get information to see if this facets of your gives testnet.

Also if you really want a testnet buy a few but if your like me who wants to know a problem I would find a another faucet for your altcoin. Plus that testnet may have other websites.

Again, Testnet coin basically coin on Bitcoin's testnet and used by developer.

There's no point of HODL testnet coin since it's doesn't and must not have value, i'd be surprised if there's people who try to abuse testnet coins by selling it.

I am in need of testnet coins, about 1-2 coins, i cant find any since testnet is flooded with txs now, all the faucets are down. Well i found one but i cant get enough through just a single faucet.

Just remembered that I got this lying farrow in one of my wallets:

Not going to need it soon, so if it would help you pursue your dream, you can have it!

I'm sure OP is talking about Bitcoin testnet since it's posted in this section and the address prefixes belong to BTC testnet[3]

95  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Any believers in Monero? on: September 07, 2018, 06:44:42 PM
If we're talking about believe, then we should talk about it's usage or technology, not it's price Tongue
But since Monero (excluding it's forks) is the only cryptocurrency which offer both anonymity/privacy and fungibility, force everyone to use privacy feature and have lots of active developer, i would say Monero price will rise in future.

Few upcoming features/technology such as Bulletproof implementation could hype the community since it's reduce Monero transaction size about 80% and that means Monero price might rise after it's activated.

some of the country hates this type of coin like the type who offers anonymity, because it would be used by the criminals alot which make it hard to track them and for various reasons, also this type of coin which gives the users power is not well accepted in china.

Not only China, European Union[1], Japan[2] and other few countries also have negative views on anonymous/private cryptocurrency. They even pressure exchange not to support any anonymous/private cryptocurrency and this is the main thing that would hinder Monero (or any anonymous/private cryptocurrency) adoption/price rising.

96  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: xmr wallet on: September 07, 2018, 06:26:53 PM
I would recommend Moneroju since it's :
1. The most user-friendly (IMO) XMR wallet
2. XMR community have audited the wallet, which means it should be secure
3. The only real wallet for Android device.

Never use centralized/malicious XMR wallet such as freewallet which don't give you XMR private key and it's known for froze stealing user wallet

As I'm sure you are aware, using your own node has advantages in terms of privacy, security and decentralization, but there are several options that you can use with a remote node, therefore avoiding having to perform a full blockchain sync.

You can find a list of wallets here:

You can configure any of the desktop wallets to connect to a remote node instead of a local node. There is a guide here ( and a list of remote nodes here (

At the bottom of that first link, you will also find mobile wallets (one Apple, one Android, one web) that obviously do not involve a full sync.

Also, if you own a Ledger, you can use it with the desktop GUI to secure your Monero, again connecting via a remote node rather than a local node. See this link for more info:

Even though you connect to remote nodes, you still need to download necessary data for your wallet and able to create TX which size is a bit big (AFAIK it was about 1GB, but far less compared to Monero full nodes which is about 60GB).
Also, there's security/privacy risks if you're connected to malicious full nodes.
97  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [ANN] - Because Your Privacy Matters! New Bitcoin Mixer is Launched on: September 07, 2018, 06:11:48 PM
Few thoughts :
1. Other mixers already use similar way to mix user coins, which means your mixer don't have anything special/unique
2. Why there's some javascript file (some even from 3rd party) on both clearnet and tor version? FYI, people with security/anonymity/privacy concern won't use your service if they know about it.
3. Any info about coins from exchange? If government/exchange somehow able to connect your account with your services, all mixed coin which supposed to clean could be tainted.
98  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: BIP-174 vs Lightning network on: September 07, 2018, 02:12:38 PM
After quick read (on BIP github), there's few disadvantage things that BIP 174 can't do (compared with LN) :
1. Slower transaction time/confirmation
2. Can't update transaction/money flow many times unlike LN
3. IMO it's less user-friendly than LN

Since the one who propose/create the BIP 174 is moderator in this forum, you'll get your answer soon. Also, i wonder if this BIP compatible with Schnorr Signature/Signature aggregation?
99  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: help to restore wallet for reward on: September 07, 2018, 01:28:13 PM
If you scroll a bit below on section where you post this thread, you should able to find this thread [overview] Recover Bitcoin from any old storage format.

I assuming you're talking about Bitcoin cryptocurrency since you post in this section, so i'm sure there's no private key started with "G...", but wallet called Armory use 18 words mnemonic/private.

I suggest trying to use the seed in multi coin wallets such as Jaxx, Coinomi, Exodus and any others you know and see what happens.

Haven't used Jaxx and Coinomi for a while, but Exodus use 12 words mnemonic/private.
100  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Data history for mined blocks on: September 07, 2018, 01:04:30 PM
This might be crazy idea, but you could try using Bitcoin API JSON-RPC and your own script to get coinbase text which pool usually use to mark it's mined block.
getblockhash, getblock true and getrawtransaction {true/false} with script should able to do the trick.

You can try, but it's totally converted to text and the blocks' data aren't displayed.
OP_return data were translated too, just ignore them or highlight all the "Mined by" lines then search from other source about which blocks are included in that particular blkXXXXX.dat number.
Sort it out, and you might find what you need.

However, the site's updates were not that frequent (about daily to four times a week)

I was going to mention that website, but there's no info of the block height and it's useless for OP unless he know about how Bitcoin Core manages it's blocks/leveldb and have full copy of blockchain/run full nodes.
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