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2741  Other / Meta / Re: Trust Abuse.. Potential Legal Ramifications. on: July 06, 2014, 05:57:10 PM
It'll be deleted if someone actually links to a CP site. Like "this person runs xxxxx.onion!".
2742  Other / Meta / Re: Forum ranks/positions (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?) on: July 06, 2014, 04:46:14 AM
theymos occasionally changes names by request.

The recent one I have seen is this.

Adding or removing text to/from a username is particularly likely to be accepted because it doesn't make it significantly easier for someone to scam. Your identity isn't really changed. I tend to ignore requests for complete username changes except from veteran members. (Even then, it's one of the lowest-priority requests I receive, so it can be forgotten. I have kind of a "leaky queue" for forum work -- if I don't get to a request in a couple of days, I usually drop it.)
2743  Other / Meta / Re: Signature Question on: July 05, 2014, 04:08:58 PM
Wouldn't it be possible to use the forum image proxy like we do for posted images , for signatures and avatars ?
I guess there would be more images posted than avatars or signatures, so it wouldn't put too much additional strain on the servers.

Signature images would still be way too distracting/messy, and the problems with paid signatures would become much worse.
2744  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 04:42:20 AM
I assume when someone wins this can toss together a PGP chain of custody for it?

Yeah, I imagine so. I'll verify this before finalizing a deal with anyone.

@Theymos why are you selling it? I don't understand. You just don't believe in these physical collectibles? Why did you buy it and decide to sell it now?

I'm not entirely sure that I will sell it now, but I wanted to see what the interest and price level was like.

It is an interesting item. But no, I'm not much of a collector, and every time I see the image of this coin I think, "I should really do something with that thing..." It's just been sitting in my safe for 3.5 years. Maybe someone else will appreciate it more than I do. (If I needed quick money, I'd sell one of my 9 series-1-error Casascius coins Wink.)
2745  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 03:56:47 AM
It could probably get you a lot more bragging rights if you had more proof and more media on the coin itself

Are the front and back identical?

The coin is pretty famous, even if there hasn't been much media on the coin itself. The image in the OP is seemingly used as a stock image in ~5% of all news stories about Bitcoin. Try doing a reverse image search on it.

The copper doesn't go all the way through the coin. The obverse is just the semi-clear plastic stuff.
2746  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 02:55:54 AM
Is there any identifying marks, signatures, serial numbers.

No. This is the only one...

Will he sign it, date it, anything of the sort.

He'll probably confirm that he sold it to me if you ask him.

Is this coin displayed (picture) anywhere else, etc etc?

Here are some photos I took.
2747  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 01:55:49 AM
User tcatm doesn't have much of a reputation.  No media coverage.  Nothing.  His post, this forum, and your listing is the only thing that gives it credence and value.  That isn't enough for me.  But it might be for some other person.

He's a core developer.
2748  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 01:30:18 AM
Nice ! Smiley

How much shipped to Canada ?

Probably no cost.
2749  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 01:29:59 AM
If it has no key it is just a token?

Yes, just a piece of art.
2750  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Possible “reasons” for the transaction fee and possible price implications on: July 04, 2014, 12:53:17 AM
The estimation code only considers transactions that are broadcast on the network, enter the memory pool (so are available to any miner to mine), and then are included in a block. So it is immune to miners putting pay-to-self transactions with artificially high fees in their blocks.

Ah, that sounds pretty good. I can't think of a way to manipulate that without wasting a lot of money. I guess only bitcoind servers will be online enough to get good data, though.
2751  Economy / Collectibles / [Selling] The first physical Bitcoin coin(?) on: July 04, 2014, 12:37:21 AM
You've probably seen this coin in various Bitcoin articles:

It was created in 2010 by Bitcoin core developer Nils Schneider (tcatm). I bought it shortly afterward. I believe that it might be the first-ever physical Bitcoin coin. It doesn't have any sort of private key embedded in it or anything, though. It is one-of-a-kind (AFAIK).

I'm thinking about maybe selling it. Is anyone interested?
2752  Other / Meta / Re: Trust Abuse.. Potential Legal Ramifications. on: July 03, 2014, 06:08:53 PM
Yea but like anything there needs to be some sort of line, what if someone was to post trust on your thread linking you to a child porn site saying you were the owner then called the FBI on you? Or is someone going to have to do that to the staff on this board to have that sort of thing fixed?

That would be deleted, of course.

Trust isn't viewable by people who aren't logged in, and untrusted ratings are hidden by default even for logged-in users, so you needn't really worry about nonsense ratings hurting your reputation.
2753  Other / Meta / Re: Signature Question on: July 02, 2014, 04:00:00 AM
Just a side note, once upon a time (before Nov 2011), signature images are allowed. Cheesy

Wow, I forgot how bad the user response was after that. Now hardly anyone even remembers it...

There are also security problems: Images can be used to execute cookie stuffing and cross-site request forgery attacks; they use a lot of bandwidth; and they prevent's HTTPS from appearing totally "kosher" to browsers. These issues could be solved by hosting all images at, but this isn't worth the trouble.

I guess I decided that it was worth the trouble after all. Wink
2754  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: A Proposal for Brainwallets (v2) on: July 01, 2014, 06:05:44 AM
IMO, wallets that use memorized seeds should do something like this instead:
- Ask the user for some impossible-to-forget information such as their full name to use as salt.
- Generate random words to use as a passphrase. The number of words can be user-configurable, but 5 or 6 should be OK on fast computers.
- Depending on the number of words, apply enough key stretching to make attacks infeasible.

Then you only have to memorize ~6 words instead of a full ~12-word seed mnemonic, which is a lot easier. And there's still no risk of users choosing bad passphrases, since the wallet does it for them.

(The rough passphrase utility I made a while ago works a bit like this, though it doesn't generate passphrases.)
2755  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: I assume this 497 BTC output is unspendable? on: July 01, 2014, 03:12:25 AM
The second appends a OP_NOP but since it is never transferred to the stack it is spendable (just the same as standard P2PkH). Right? 

The OP_NOP is executed, but it doesn't change the result. It's spendable.

The third script uses a non-canonical way to push the data to the stack but is also spendable. Right? 


The last one I am unsure on; the OP_0 will leave the stack with a top value of zero but if OP_CHECKSIG has already been performed is the txn already valid.  Spendable or unspendable?

That's unspendable. If the top stack item is false (zero, negative zero, or an empty string) when the script ends, then the script fails, regardless of what else happened in the script. (This is how OP_CHECKSIG works to begin with: it pushes OP_0 or 1 onto the stack, depending on the result of signature validation.)
2756  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: I assume this 497 BTC output is unspendable? on: June 30, 2014, 11:40:10 PM
Right. He apparently used an empty string instead of a hash160. EQUALVERIFY compares strings, not numbers, so the 20-byte output of HASH160 will never equal the 0-byte OP_FALSE.
2757  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Possible “reasons” for the transaction fee and possible price implications on: June 30, 2014, 11:26:39 PM
My basic question is this:  In order to create a market based approach to fees wouldn't we need market information?

In other words don't we need all the pools to publish their current rates so we can determine what fee to use?

I can see a system where the pools all publish their rates and these rates are all collected by the wallet so the wallet can determine the fee needed at the time of the transaction.

All of the pools would lie about their fees. They have little reason to reject transactions with any non-dust fee, but every reason to tell people to pay more. So advertising fees like that would be useless.

Looking at the fee statistics in the last few days' of blocks is probably also not a good idea because pools can send high-fee transactions to themselves to skew statistics. These transactions would be private until accepted into the block, so there'd be very little risk of the fees being claimed by other pools. I predict that no matter how the client attempts to avoid this sort of manipulation, pools will figure out how to manipulate calculated fees anyway.

I think that all we need is for people to be able to cancel 0-conf transactions. People can then experiment and see what fees they can get away with without worrying about transactions getting stuck. The client might even do this automatically, starting transactions at some fee level based on user-specified transaction priority and past data about confirmation times, and increasing the fee if the transaction takes too long.

2.   To incentivise miners to continue to mine after the block reward becomes too low
Currently miners are incentivised primarily by the block rewards, however the block reward will half approximately every four years.  A transaction fee is therefore necessary to ensure that miners are incentivised to continue to mine when the block reward becomes too small.  Without the transaction fee, at some point in the future, miners would begin to leave the system and core consensus mechanism behind Bitcoin would become insecure.  The aggregate fees need to be high enough to ensure miners remain incentivised.
Market based mechanism appears viable: Unclear, since a tragedy of the commons situation appears to occur
Price implications: Unclear impact, dependant on transaction volume

Assurance contracts would probably be a good solution if there is ever insufficient mining power.
2758  Other / Meta / Re: What ever happened to logining in without cookies? on: June 30, 2014, 10:32:56 PM
I decided that PHPSESSID is too unsafe, so I disabled it. Every browser supports cookies anyway. I know that you like to mess with your browser settings, but you really should not disable first-party cookies. It breaks a lot of sites, and if still supported PHPSESSID, it would make you less safe.
2759  Economy / Auctions / Advertise on this forum - Round 125 on: June 27, 2014, 08:41:45 PM
The forum sells ad space in the area beneath the first post of every topic page. About 25% of ad income goes to the forum moderators as thanks for all of their work. (There are many moderators, so each moderator gets only a small amount -- moderators should be seen as volunteers, not employees.) The rest is stored in the forum's treasury (verifiably), where it sits until the forum needs it.

Ads are allowed to contain any non-annoying HTML/CSS style. No images, JavaScript, or animation (no marquee or blinking). Ads must appear 3 or fewer lines tall in my browser (Firefox, 700px wide). Ad text may not contain lies, misrepresentation, or inappropriate language. Ads may not link directly to any NSFW page. Ads may be rejected for other reasons, and I may remove ads even after they are accepted.

There are 10 total ad slots which are randomly rotated. So one ad slot has a one in ten chance of appearing. Eight of the slots are for sale here. Ads appear only on topic pages with more than one post, and only for people using the default theme.

The ad lasts at least 7 days starting from when I put it up. (However, if you look at the ad history you'll see that ads usually get at least 8 days, and sometimes as many as 10, but this is random and definitely not guaranteed.)


Exact historical impression counts per slot:

Info about the current ad slots:

Ad blocking

Hero members, Donators, VIPs, and moderators have the ability to disable ads. I don't expect many people to use this option. These people don't increase the impression counts for your ads.

I try to bypass Adblock Plus filters as much as possible, though this is not guaranteed. It is difficult or impossible for ABP filters to block the ad space itself without blocking posts. However, filters can match against the URLs in your links, your CSS classes and style attributes, and the HTML structure of your ads.

To prevent matches against URLs: I have some JavaScript which fixes links blocked by ABP. You must tell me if you want this for your ads. When someone with ABP and JavaScript enabled views your ads, your links are changed to a special randomized URL which redirects to your site when visited. People without ABP are unaffected, even if they don't have JavaScript enabled. The downsides are:
- ABP users will see the redirection link when they hover over the link, even if they disable ABP for the forum.
- Getting referral stats might become even more difficult.
- Some users might get a warning when redirecting from https to http.

To prevent matching on CSS classes/styles: Don't use inline CSS. I can give your ad a CSS class that is randomized on each pageload, but you must request this.

To prevent matching against your HTML structure: Use only one <a> and no other tags if possible. If your ads get blocked because of matching done on something inside of your ad, you are responsible for noticing this and giving me new ad HTML.

Auction rules

Post your bids in this thread. Prices must be stated in BTC per slot. You must state the max number of slots you want. When the auction ends, the highest bidders will have their slots filled until all eight slots are filled.

I reserve the right to reject bids, even days after the bid is made. In particular, bids from people with less than 15 activity points are likely to be rejected. I recommend not getting into a bidding war with someone who has less than 15 activity points, as their bids might not be accepted, but your latest bids will still stand. If you need to know right away whether someone's bids will be accepted, PM me.

So if someone bids for 8 slots @ 5 BTC and this is the highest bid, then he'll get all 8 slots. If the two highest bids are 8 slots @ 4 BTC and 1 slot @ 5 BTC, then the first person will get 7 slots and the second person will get 1 slot.

The notation "2 @ 5" means 2 slots for 5 BTC each. Not 2 slots for 5 BTC total.

- When you post a bid, the bids in your previous posts are considered to be automatically canceled. You can put multiple bids in one post, however.
- All bid prices must be evenly divisible by 0.05.
- The bidding starts at 0.50.
- I will end the auction at an arbitrary time no more than 12 days from now. (I will probably end the auction 1-3 days before the ads are scheduled to go up.)
- If two people bid at the same price, the person who bid first will have his slots filled first.
- Bids are considered invalid and will be ignored if they do not specify both a price and a max quantity, or if they could not possibly win any slots

If these rules are confusing, look at some of the past forum ad auctions to see how it's done.

You must pay for your slots within 24 hours of receiving the payment address. Otherwise your slots may be sold to someone else. I will send you the payment information via forum PM from this account ("theymos", user ID 35). You might receive false payment information from scammers pretending to be me. They might even have somewhat similar usernames. Be careful.
2760  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 124 on: June 27, 2014, 08:32:35 PM
Auction ended. Final result:
Slots BTC/Slot Person
1 4.20 betcointm
1 4.15 BetVIP
3 4.15 MariaQin
2 4.10 CEX
1 4.10
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