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2761  Other / Meta / Re: Question about forum moderation on: June 26, 2014, 01:26:48 PM
As has already been said, there aren't enough Bulgarian users to warrant an entire section, but altcoin stuff doesn't belong in the Other Languages section. So there is no valid place for Bulgarian altcoin messages, and this stuff is therefore not allowed anywhere on this forum.
2762  Other / Meta / Re: Question about forum moderation on: June 26, 2014, 01:19:24 PM
Then why Bulgarians can't translate, but Romanians can?
I still wait to read an answer
As a member of EU I have equal rights... but not on this forum
Why Chech thread is not moderated in same way?
Double standards.

Bulgarian translates text. SPAM
Romanian translates its ok.
Now. Tell me this is not segragation

Noun   1.   racial segregation - segregation by race
petty apartheid - racial segregation enforced primarily in public transportation and hotels and restaurants and other public places
separatism, segregation - a social system that provides separate facilities for minority groups

I feel like living again before Berlin Wall was brought down

Too bad many of moderators are too young , they could perfectly fit into Ceaușescu's Securitate

Oh noes, mah rights
bitcointalk is literally hitler
EU save me!
2763  Other / Meta / Re: hillariousnco banned? on: June 26, 2014, 01:01:54 PM
I didn't know about this and somehow i don't even belive it but whatever o_O.
Yes, unfortunately they can be removed. Even multiple times I believe, if you pay an increasing fee.

User bans can't be removed by paying a fee. Fees only apply to IP "bans".

Ban evasion is not allowed. If it becomes known that someone who was banned created a new account, then they'll be banned again and they'll lose the registration fee that they paid. The fee discourages ban evasion without totally preventing people on shared IPs (especially Tor) from registering.
2764  Other / Meta / Re: How to contact Administrators? on: June 24, 2014, 07:23:21 PM
If someone publicly posted a death threat here, report it. That's not allowed.

Removing personal information is a pointless reduction in freedom. If someone found your personal information to post it, then anyone can find it (probably very easily).

You should report the threat to police. They won't do anything about it, but the record of the threat will be helpful in court in case someone does attack you and either you or attacker gets injured.
2765  Other / Meta / Re: Top posters [June 23 UPDATE] on: June 24, 2014, 03:42:17 AM
Do you know if TradeFortress sold his account? Undecided

I don't know for sure either way. I suspect that it was not sold, though.
2766  Other / Meta / Re: Question regarding the Cex.IO signature link element hiding. on: June 24, 2014, 03:30:49 AM
That's caused by your Adblock Plus.
2767  Other / Meta / Re: Top posters [June 23 UPDATE] on: June 24, 2014, 03:26:14 AM
Are people actually selling senior member accounts? I mean is there evidence of this? I'm asking honestly, I haven't paid much attention lately to the latest forum drama.

I know of a few that were definitely sold. For hero accounts, the price is apparently pretty good.
2768  Other / Meta / Re: Bitcoin signed message on: June 23, 2014, 08:17:40 PM
This confusion is why I request that (non-standard) signed message format. 75% of people were sending me just the signature without the message or address...
2769  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 124 on: June 22, 2014, 06:15:35 PM
2 @ 1.55

Is that allowed?

Quote from: theymos
- All bid prices must be evenly divisible by 0.05.

1.55 / 0.05 = 31

I bid 1.6 as i thought 1.55 wasnt allowed.

"Evenly divisible" means that the result of division must be an integer.
2770  Other / Meta / Re: Possible use for forum funds? on: June 22, 2014, 02:57:06 AM
What else do you plan on using the reserves for after the new forum is done? If you plan to keep Slickage working for bitcointalk indefinitely, I'm totally fine with that as an answer to that question, since those guys do some pretty good work. Otherwise, it's kinda silly for a forum to have several million dollars in reserve.

I don't intend to indefinitely spend this much on software development. The reserves should be used for Bitcoin development and other things that benefit the Bitcoin community. In a year or two, I'd like to see the forum organization (maybe renamed to something more appropriate then...) hiring a few developers to work on Bitcoin full-time (focusing especially on the technology) and creating frequent bounties for smaller projects, but still maintaining a large reserve to handle emergencies which affect the forum itself or the Bitcoin network/ecosystem.

(I do have a natural tendency to maintain a constant surplus and save as much as possible, even when this is maybe not correct, so someone should complain to me if we reach a situation where the forum has a surplus and still has a reserve of 5000+ BTC. But right now I think that the spending level is about high enough.)
2771  Other / Meta / Re: Possible use for forum funds? on: June 22, 2014, 02:26:37 AM
Why not both? Hire forrestv full-time to work on P2Pool and spin up another group (maybe headed by Luke-jr?) to improve GBT. Bitcointalk is making about $5k in profits per week (based on some back-of-my-hand estimates on undisclosed expenses such as the sysadmin that was hired along with the known expenses such as mods), which gives plenty of room to work with without even touching what has been stored up. Bitcointalk could currently sustain two full-time devs at $120k/year.

I'm not sure that this issue is important enough to warrant two full-time devs.

Also, I don't want to eat into the reserves too much, especially with the forum software project unfinished. (The forum currently operates at a monthly deficit of ~90 BTC due to the software project.) I think that one full-time dev and some occasional bounties could be safely supported now, but not more.

As for which projects to support... I'd like to see more discussion (especially from Bitcoin experts and core devs) on where additional resources would be most useful.
2772  Other / Meta / Re: Possible use for forum funds? on: June 22, 2014, 12:31:13 AM
I tend to think that getblocktemplate will be better than P2Pool in the long-run. There's not really a need for pooling to be 100% decentralized instead of just distributed, and some centralization offers advantages here. So I'd be more inclined to donate toward GBT development. In particular, I'm not sure whether there is any mining software which can actually verify block templates to make sure that they follow the network rules. (Ideally, you should be able to just add a flag to your mining software, and the software would act as a full Bitcoin node without any required additional software or configuration.)
2773  Other / Meta / Re: A Challenge for theymos on: June 21, 2014, 07:37:40 AM
There are some things that I can't talk about due to legal and non-legal agreements, and some things that I won't talk about because I don't want to. Try creating a topic with your question. If someone else already knows the answer (which is likely), they can respond. If not, I might answer if it's an interesting or useful question.
2774  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: MacOS X LevelDB Corruption Bounty (10.00 BTC + 200.2 LTC) on: June 19, 2014, 09:52:17 PM
So did this bounty ever get paid?  Who won it and when?

The bounty was split equally between Cory Fields, Patrick Strateman, and Robert Escriva.
2775  Other / Meta / Re: warning PM from someone asking you to download a game on: June 19, 2014, 09:46:49 PM
Quick solution seems simple.. require 10(?) posts before you can send PMs?

I'd prefer to avoid this because I think that it's pretty common for people to create accounts just in order to send PMs to traders, etc. 0-post users are extremely limited on how frequently they can send PMs, though. That's why this spammer creates new accounts for ~every PM (requiring 2 CAPTCHAs and a new IP per account).

I'm looking into how to properly deal with this.
2776  Other / Meta / Re: forum down for 20 minutes on: June 18, 2014, 05:24:09 AM
is there a way to set my prefs to use 24hour time?  I really don't like am/pm when it comes to timetables and timestamps.;sa=theme
2777  Other / Meta / Re: Upcoming downtime on: June 18, 2014, 04:45:33 AM
2778  Other / Meta / Upcoming downtime on: June 18, 2014, 03:46:59 AM
In about 30 minutes, the forum will be down for 15-30 minutes for maintenance.
2779  Economy / Auctions / Advertise on this forum - Round 124 on: June 18, 2014, 01:24:23 AM
The forum sells ad space in the area beneath the first post of every topic page. About 25% of ad income goes to the forum moderators as thanks for all of their work. (There are many moderators, so each moderator gets only a small amount -- moderators should be seen as volunteers, not employees.) The rest is stored in the forum's treasury (verifiably), where it sits until the forum needs it.

Ads are allowed to contain any non-annoying HTML/CSS style. No images, JavaScript, or animation (no marquee or blinking). Ads must appear 3 or fewer lines tall in my browser (Firefox, 700px wide). Ad text may not contain lies, misrepresentation, or inappropriate language. Ads may not link directly to any NSFW page. Ads may be rejected for other reasons, and I may remove ads even after they are accepted.

There are 10 total ad slots which are randomly rotated. So one ad slot has a one in ten chance of appearing. Eight of the slots are for sale here. Ads appear only on topic pages with more than one post, and only for people using the default theme.

The ad lasts at least 7 days starting from when I put it up. (However, if you look at the ad history you'll see that ads usually get at least 8 days, and sometimes as many as 10, but this is random and definitely not guaranteed.)


Exact historical impression counts per slot:

Info about the current ad slots:

Ad blocking

Hero members, Donators, VIPs, and moderators have the ability to disable ads. I don't expect many people to use this option. These people don't increase the impression counts for your ads.

I try to bypass Adblock Plus filters as much as possible, though this is not guaranteed. It is difficult or impossible for ABP filters to block the ad space itself without blocking posts. However, filters can match against the URLs in your links, your CSS classes and style attributes, and the HTML structure of your ads.

To prevent matches against URLs: I have some JavaScript which fixes links blocked by ABP. You must tell me if you want this for your ads. When someone with ABP and JavaScript enabled views your ads, your links are changed to a special randomized URL which redirects to your site when visited. People without ABP are unaffected, even if they don't have JavaScript enabled. The downsides are:
- ABP users will see the redirection link when they hover over the link, even if they disable ABP for the forum.
- Getting referral stats might become even more difficult.
- Some users might get a warning when redirecting from https to http.

To prevent matching on CSS classes/styles: Don't use inline CSS. I can give your ad a CSS class that is randomized on each pageload, but you must request this.

To prevent matching against your HTML structure: Use only one <a> and no other tags if possible. If your ads get blocked because of matching done on something inside of your ad, you are responsible for noticing this and giving me new ad HTML.

Auction rules

Post your bids in this thread. Prices must be stated in BTC per slot. You must state the max number of slots you want. When the auction ends, the highest bidders will have their slots filled until all eight slots are filled.

I reserve the right to reject bids, even days after the bid is made. In particular, bids from people with less than 15 activity points are likely to be rejected. I recommend not getting into a bidding war with someone who has less than 15 activity points, as their bids might not be accepted, but your latest bids will still stand. If you need to know right away whether someone's bids will be accepted, PM me.

So if someone bids for 8 slots @ 5 BTC and this is the highest bid, then he'll get all 8 slots. If the two highest bids are 8 slots @ 4 BTC and 1 slot @ 5 BTC, then the first person will get 7 slots and the second person will get 1 slot.

The notation "2 @ 5" means 2 slots for 5 BTC each. Not 2 slots for 5 BTC total.

- When you post a bid, the bids in your previous posts are considered to be automatically canceled. You can put multiple bids in one post, however.
- All bid prices must be evenly divisible by 0.05.
- The bidding starts at 0.50.
- I will end the auction at an arbitrary time no more than 12 days from now. (I will probably end the auction 1-3 days before the ads are scheduled to go up.)
- If two people bid at the same price, the person who bid first will have his slots filled first.
- Bids are considered invalid and will be ignored if they do not specify both a price and a max quantity, or if they could not possibly win any slots

If these rules are confusing, look at some of the past forum ad auctions to see how it's done.

You must pay for your slots within 24 hours of receiving the payment address. Otherwise your slots may be sold to someone else. I will send you the payment information via forum PM from this account ("theymos", user ID 35). You might receive false payment information from scammers pretending to be me. They might even have somewhat similar usernames. Be careful.
2780  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 123 on: June 18, 2014, 01:17:17 AM
Auction ended. Final result:
Slots BTC/Slot Person
3 3.25 betcointm
1 3.10 btcjamads
2 3.05 MariaQin
2 3.05 Indacoin

2 @ 3.3

You are apparently affiliated with, but you pretend not to be. This makes me think that (which you will presumably advertise) is a scam. Therefore, I will not accept your bids.
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