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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 23.0 [Torrent]
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761  Other / New forum software / Re: Cryptos-Currencies.Com : First forum using Epochtalk on: March 02, 2019, 09:30:12 PM
Please post bugs as github issues.

BTW, there is an extensive API which you guys may be interested in, eg.
762  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The US debt ceiling ends today on: March 02, 2019, 06:15:08 AM
The Treasury doesn't urgently need more debt, so this isn't a hard deadline. Congress will undoubtedly do another debt-ceiling suspension before any problems occur; there are no politically-possible solutions in sight, and unlike a government shutdown, nobody's willing to go anywhere near defaulting on the debt.
763  Other / Meta / Re: -4 Merit received, is it a bug? on: February 27, 2019, 01:20:03 AM
The point was to undo all of the effects (over multiple steps) of that source's recent sends. Beyond that, the individual negated merit transactions weren't important.
764  Other / Meta / Re: Feature: Allow for inline response of trust reports on: February 27, 2019, 01:16:50 AM
It's a good idea, already on my to-do list, but it requires other changes as well. If the person who made the rating can delete it as they can today, then they can also delete the response, which isn't good. My current tentative thinking on how it should work is:
 - Raters can retract ratings, but not totally delete them.
 - Raters can add a short addendum to their ratings, and this can be freely edited, but the original rating can't be edited. (The point is to prevent conversations via rating edits. A rating should be one particular issue, and the response should be a response to this issue. Not 100% sure that this is necessary, though.)
 - Additional limits on how often you can leave ratings may be needed.
765  Other / Meta / Re: Epochtalk is ready, theymos wants us to test it. C'mon... on: February 26, 2019, 06:23:02 PM
I'm glad that people are interested!

Wouldn’t it be better if Bitcointalk provided a common test environment that was open for anybody to use, without people having to download the software and setting up their own environments? was run for a couple of years, but virtually nobody used it. It was too boring. I'd ideally like people to actually try using Epochtalk for various things that they find fun/interesting. Maybe try a more restrictive moderation style, maybe make it more niche-focused, maybe try adding some crazy features, etc. If people actually try to use it for real things, then the real deficiencies will be found.

Is the requirements doc up to date? Seems quite vague in some parts, e.g. trust.

No, that's very old.
766  Other / Meta / Re: Propaganda and political operatives in PS sub on: February 26, 2019, 06:21:32 PM
It's obvious that the US is heavily propagandizing for Guaidó, and other governments (Russia?) are heavily propagandizing for Maduro. Neither side is good, though you might argue that one or the other is a lesser evil. I think that P&S is too small to have direct political operatives, but people are repeating the propaganda they've taken to heart.

Anyway, fight propaganda with truth. The current situation is far from requiring any extra mod action.
767  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Bernie or Bust 2020 on: February 26, 2019, 03:52:21 PM
Woah woah woah. Kamala Harris is a neocon? I mean, looking at her platform makes me think that she's a socialist

Her stated platform is meaningless, she's just parroting Sanders etc. in order to appear far left. Her record is authoritarian and rather conservative; see for example
768  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Bernie or Bust 2020 on: February 26, 2019, 12:54:53 AM
I think that the Democratic establishment put Kamala Harris in as insurance against Bernie-or-bust people. She's pretending to be a Sanders-style Democrat, even though if you actually look at her record, she's basically a neocon. Are you seeing many people fooled by Harris?

As a libertarian, I'd be reasonably happy with Sanders because he has OK positions on the two things that a president has the most power over: foreign policy and civil rights. His economic policy is garbage, but a president can't unilaterally make massive economic changes. More worrying is that he has been successfully browbeaten by the establishment into doing things inconsistent with his philosophy on several occasions, but he's still better than most about that.
769  Other / Meta / Re: Stop animated images in FireFox / Tor browser / Chrome on: February 26, 2019, 12:41:03 AM
OK, APNGs are now detected. Old ones are grandfathered for now, in part because people have ongoing campaigns, but in the future I might (or might not) go through and remove them.
770  Other / New forum software / Re: What is wrong with the development of new software ? on: February 26, 2019, 12:28:23 AM
The software is substantially complete. The main period of development was a while ago; the current work is mainly just maintenance & relatively minor improvements. Try running it yourself and you'll find that it's working, fast, and nearly feature-complete.

The things blocking a transition from the current software to the new software are:
 - There hasn't been enough testing. I think that immediately after transition, a variety of small missed features, bugs, and performance issues would crop up. As a result, if the transition happened now (which is technically possible!), I'd expect the post-transition user experience to be poor for months while these things are fixed, which I don't want.
 - I am the only sysadmin and on-demand programmer, and I'm used to the current software. Furthermore, I need to frequently make changes to the current software, but each change I make might require alterations to Epochtalk, which is problematic.
 - The current PHP software, while ugly and sub-optimal in many ways, performs well, especially since I have extensively modified the backend to add features and improve performance. So I don't feel much urgency.
 - The data-transition procedure still has a few known minor bugs.
We continue to work on these issues. I think that ultimately I may need to hire one or more full-time people, since a big problem is that the full transition is likely to create a ton of work which I won't be able to effectively handle alone.

The software is not vaporware (it's long existed in a runnable state, and is currently basically feature-complete), and is not abandoned (look at the git commit log). If anyone is unhappy with the progress, I invite them to take the Epochtalk code and create a competing forum with it; since they won't have to worry about the transition issues, they'd have a much easier time, and their testing will also end up helping us.

In short: If you want the software quicker, go run your own forum with it, and work to get any problems or missing features you find resolved via bug reports, etc. This would increase public interest, provide much-needed testing, and I might even hire you to work on when we're ready to do the final transition here.
771  Other / Meta / Re: The profile page should be changed. No one uses ICQ, AIM, MSN or YIM. on: February 25, 2019, 10:01:01 PM
What similar things do people use now?

Those fields are actually built a bit deeply into SMF for some reason, so it's not completely trivial to change, but it can be done. Low on my to-do list, though, as hugeblack mentioned.

I’ve long thought there should be a spot for PGP fingerprint.

PGP fingerprints are SHA-1, which is insecure. The OpenPGP standard really needs a complete new revision...
772  Economy / Auctions / Advertise on this forum - Round 270 on: February 25, 2019, 06:14:38 PM
The forum sells ad space in the area beneath the first post of every topic page. This income is used primarily to cover hosting costs and to pay moderators for their work (there are many moderators, so each moderator gets only a small amount -- moderators should be seen as volunteers, not employees). Any leftover amount is typically either saved for future expenses or otherwise reinvested into the forum or the ecosystem.

Ads are allowed to contain any non-annoying HTML/CSS style. No images, JavaScript, or animation. Ads must appear 3 or fewer lines tall in my browser (Firefox, 900px wide). Ad text may not contain lies, misrepresentation, or inappropriate language. Ads may not link directly to any NSFW page. No ICOs[1], banks, funds, or anything else that a person can be said to "invest" in; I may very rarely make exceptions if you convince me that you are ultra legit, but don't count on it. Ads may be rejected for other reasons, and I may remove ads even after they are accepted.

There are 10 total ad slots which are randomly rotated. So one ad slot has a one in ten chance of appearing. Nine of the slots are for sale here. Ads appear only on topic pages with more than one post, and only for people using the default theme.


- Your ads are guaranteed to be up for at least 7 days.
- I usually try to keep ads up for no more than 8 or 9 days.
- Sometimes ads might be up for longer, but hopefully no longer than 12 days. Even if past rounds sometimes lasted for long periods of time, you should not rely on this for your ads.


Exact historical impression counts per slot:

Info about the current ad slots:

Ad blocking

Hero/Legendary members, Donators, VIPs, and moderators have the ability to disable ads. I don't expect many people to use this option. These people don't increase the impression stats for your ads.

I try to bypass Adblock Plus filters as much as possible, though this is not guaranteed. It is difficult or impossible for ABP filters to block the ad space itself without blocking posts. However, filters can match against the URLs in your links, your CSS classes and style attributes, and the HTML structure of your ads.

To prevent matches against URLs: I have some JavaScript which fixes links blocked by ABP. You must tell me if you want this for your ads. When someone with ABP and JavaScript enabled views your ads, your links are changed to a special randomized URL which redirects to your site when visited. People without ABP are unaffected, even if they don't have JavaScript enabled. The downsides are:
- ABP users will see the redirection link when they hover over the link, even if they disable ABP for the forum.
- Getting referral stats might become even more difficult.
- Some users might get a warning when redirecting from https to http.

To prevent matching on CSS classes/styles: Don't use inline CSS. I can give your ad a CSS class that is randomized on each pageload, but you must request this.

To prevent matching against your HTML structure: Use only one <a> and no other tags if possible. If your ads get blocked because of matching done on something inside of your ad, you are responsible for noticing this and giving me new ad HTML.

Designing ads

Make sure that your ads look good when you download and edit this test page:
Also read the comments in that file.

Images are not allowed no matter how they are created (CSS, SVG, or data URI). Occasionally I will make an exception for small logos and such, but you must get pre-approval from me first.

The maximum size of any one ad is 51200 bytes.

I will send you more detailed styling rules if you win slots in this auction (or upon request).

Auction rules

You must be at least a Jr Member to bid. If you are not a Jr Member and you really want to bid, you should PM me first. Tell me in the PM what you're going to advertise. You might be required to pay some amount in advance. Everyone else: Please quickly PM newbies who try to bid here to warn them against impersonation scammers.

If you have never purchased forum ad space before, and it is not blatantly obvious what you're going to advertise, say what you're going to advertise in your first bid, or tell me in a PM.

Post your bids in this thread. Prices must be stated in BTC per slot. You must state the maximum number of slots you want. When the auction ends, the highest bidders will have their slots filled until all nine slots are filled.

So if someone bids for 9 slots @ 5 BTC and this is the highest bid, then he'll get all 9 slots. If the two highest bids are 9 slots @ 4 BTC and 1 slot @ 5 BTC, then the first person will get 8 slots and the second person will get 1 slot.

The notation "2 @ 5" means 2 slots for 5 BTC each. Not 2 slots for 5 BTC total.

- When you post a bid, the bids in your previous posts are considered to be automatically canceled. You can put multiple bids in one post, however.
- All bid prices must be evenly divisible by 0.02.
- The bidding starts at 0.02.
- I will end the auction at an arbitrary time. Unless I say otherwise, I typically try to end auctions within a few days of 10 days from the time of this post, but unexpected circumstances may sometimes force me to end the auction anytime between 4 and 22 days from the start. I have a small bias toward ending auctions on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays.
- If two people bid at the same price, the person who bid first will have his slots filled first.
- Bids are considered invalid and will be ignored if they do not specify both a price and a max quantity, or if they could not possibly win any slots

If these rules are confusing, look at some of the past forum ad auctions to see how it's done.

I reserve the right to reject bids, even days after the bid is made.

Price flattening

At the end of the auction, after the winning bids are all determined, I will do a "price flattening" operation. This has no effect on which bids actually win. For each bid, in order of lowest to greatest price/slot, I will reduce each bid's price/slot to the highest value which is equal to or only the minimum increment greater than the next-lower bid. This allows you to bid higher prices without worrying so much, but you still mustn't bid more than you're willing to pay. Example:

Slots  BTC/Slot  Person
    6      0.20       A
    1      0.16       B
    1      0.08       C
    1      0.08       D

Slots  BTC/Slot  Person
    6      0.12       A [step 4: reduced to 0.10+0.02=0.12]
    1      0.10       B [step 3: reduced to 0.08+0.02=0.10]
    1      0.08       C [step 2: same as the next-lowest, unchanged]
    1      0.08       D [step 1: the lowest bid is always unchanged]

Payment, etc.

You must pay for your slots within 24 hours of receiving the payment address. Otherwise your slots may be sold to someone else, and I might even give you a negative trust rating. I will send you the payment information via forum PM from this account ("theymos", user ID 35) after announcing the auction results in this thread. You might receive false payment information from scammers pretending to be me. They might even have somewhat similar usernames. Be careful.

[1]: For the purposes of forum ads, an ICO is any token, altcoin, or other altcoin-like thing which meets any of the following criteria: it is primarily run/backed by a company; it is substantially, fundamentally centralized in either operation or coin distribution; or it is not yet possible for two unprivileged users of the system to send coins directly to each other in a P2P way. The intention here is to allow community efforts to advertise things like Litecoin, but not to allow ICO funding, even when the ICO is disguised in various ways.
773  Economy / Auctions / Re: Advertise on this forum - Round 269 on: February 25, 2019, 06:10:38 PM
Auction ended, final result:
Slots BTC/Slot Person
1 0.24 SwC_Poker [flattened from 0.26]
1 0.22 BoXXoB
2 0.22
2 0.22 bizzyb
2 0.22 tsk0101
1 0.20 Stunna
774  Other / Meta / Re: Stop animated images in FireFox / Tor browser on: February 25, 2019, 04:09:04 PM
Animated avatars aren't supposed to be allowed, but I never got around to adding detection for the APNG ones. I'll look into it.
775  Other / Meta / Re: New? on: February 24, 2019, 03:57:17 PM
There's been no policy change. redsn0w wasn't permanently banned due to several factors which made me think that permabanning him would be a net negative for the forum. Nobody is banned strictly because of "the rules"; it's always handled case-by-case, but almost always, plagiarists deserve to be permabanned.

If you think that a ban should be ended, make your case in a new topic from a "good for the forum as a whole" perspective.
776  Other / Meta / Re: New? on: February 24, 2019, 12:06:19 PM
Everything is case-by-case.
777  Other / Politics & Society / Re: 2020 Democrats on: February 21, 2019, 02:19:52 PM
it seems impossible that a non Christian is elected.

Trump is only nominally Christian, and he has a lot of evangelical support. If people like the candidate, most of them don't care much.

Quote from: Trump
When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed.
778  Other / Meta / Re: Prevent banned users from changing profile data on: February 21, 2019, 02:02:21 PM
Banned users are still able to use the read-only functions of the forum. This is intentional. Changing their email addresses is a necessary part of being able to secure their accounts.
779  Other / Meta / Re: How can we protect Newbies from getting scammed? on: February 20, 2019, 11:06:13 PM
Honestly, I think that someone that naïve can't be protected. Even if every inch of the page had been full of warnings, he still might've fallen for it, since he wasn't even thinking about the possibility of being given evil instructions. The scammer was a Jr Member, not some Legendary.

People like him (ie. the majority of the world population) are why we'll someday want an optional sidechain or something on top of Bitcoin which has reversible transactions (via some sort of automatic 2-of-3 escrow which expires after a while, maybe).

He should have the police contact me and I'll give them the scammer's IP logs.
780  Other / Meta / Re: "Show All" on long topics on: February 20, 2019, 10:57:20 PM
"Show all" is so convenient to CTRL-F something.

It is nice to be able to do that, though note that if you use the search box in the upper right while in a topic, it searches only that topic.
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