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1  Economy / Auctions / Selling on: October 01, 2017, 07:08:57 PM
Hey all, selling my long-time website Site runs smoothly and brings in a lot of traffic, but looking to pass it on to someone that can give it more time and love.

Established website operational since 2012, 130,000+ monthly visits. More stats and details can be found here:

5 BTC or best offer. Payable in any market traded crypto.
2  Economy / Micro Earnings / Re: Who owns on: April 28, 2016, 02:58:38 PM
Hey guys, developer here. My client BitRush is the owner of the site, purchased off of Carlos last year. I'm in Canada, and BitRush is also a Canadian company although the owners are also originally from Europe and travel back and forth frequently. I realize that the BitRush support has not been very responsive, I am working on getting them to improve that. In the meantime any technical issues you can email me directly at (I almost never come on bitcointalk) and I'l get them fixed ASAP. Any stuck coin we will get fixed and any missing funds paid back I can 100% guarantee. Apologies for any issues experienced up till this point (and for showing up to this thread almost 2 months later)
3  Economy / Micro Earnings / Re: Faucet Banner Problem. on: April 28, 2016, 02:46:52 PM
Hi guys, dev here. Sorry for the lack of response from BitRush support. You can contact me directly with any technical issues at and I'l get them fixed ASAP. Also an upcoming feature is ability to report potentially scammy/shady ads and to easily block them from displaying on your sites.
4  Economy / Micro Earnings / Re: Network bidding cant stop it? on: April 28, 2016, 02:34:18 PM
Hi guys, developer from here. Really sorry about the issues, this one is fixed now. Although I am the developer, my client (BitRush) has not been sending me the support requests and thus I had no idea about this for a while. I rarely visit this forum, but in the future you can contact me directly with any technical problems and they will be fixed ASAP. Cheers
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Nick Szabo's Remarks about Bitcoin XT on: September 14, 2015, 10:10:09 PM
Nick Szabo was interviewed for Let's Talk Bitcoin Ep. 246 (released yesterday). At the end they discussed the block size debate and the Bitcoin XT fork. Here's a short video with excerpts where he talked about the Bitcoin XT fork:

Youtube clip only has 39 views?!

I guess only 39 people use bitcoin these days.   Cheesy

If you look on the episode page there is almost 9,000 views already.
6  Economy / Securities / Re: [Havelock] Bitcoin Difficulty Derivative (BDD) - Round 2 Contract Published on: May 25, 2015, 04:00:36 PM
Hey twentyseventy, have you ever considered re-launching the BDD using something like Counterparty, rather than these shitty sites which always seem to have problems, like havelock,, etc... ? I have invested a pretty good chunk into BDD, and it is really great that you have been so reliable with payments.. but the main point of failure always seems to be the host website/service. Is it not enough that there is already a huge risk in buying in to these sorts of projects, let alone the added (and sometimes worse) risk of havelock or whoever else being hacked, shut down, turning out to be a scam etc....

I also run a couple (much smaller) investment schemes using Counterparty, and they are working out pretty well. We even have private forums over at Let's Talk Bitcoin which you can only access if you can prove you own some shares/tokens (a feature of LTB that we are calling Token Controlled Access). See here:  and here

Here is how the scheme could work on Counterparty:

Issue 2 tokens called something like BTCMINE and BTCSELL (equivalent of B.MINE and B.SELL). Set up an automated address which accepts X amount of BTC, and vends out 1 BTCMINE and 1 BTCSELL to whichever address sent the transaction. I have a automated token vending system built here, just needs to be modified to vend out more than 1 type of token at a time (also, my company Tokenly is working on a dedicated service for auto-selling tokens, called SwapBot, which you can use our hosted version or set it up on your own machines... coming very soon).

All the rest of the BDD details and calculations would be the same.

When it comes to dividends, you can simply use the "pay dividend" feature in counterparty to do it all in one transaction, and every holder of BTCMINE or BTCSELL tokens would receive a payment. It does cost a small amount of XCP to create a dividend, but that is pretty cheap actually (hell, I would even donate a bunch to you if you went with this). Also, one thing to note is that if paying in pure BTC, any payment that would be below the standard BTC dust limit is simply ignored, which can make things tricky sometimes. With my own little investment tokens, I get around this by paying dividends in a "proxy" token called BITCOINEX, which is exchangeable at any time at a 1:1 rate for regular BTC, and it allows people to receive payments as low as 1 satoshi (disclaimer: I also control the BITCOINEX token, so using it means trusting me personally. you can always create your own proxy token though). Paying with a proxy token also has an added advantage of having the dividend actually recorded as a dividend on the blockchain.

As for trading, the Counterparty DEX (decentralized asset exchange) can be used. Although I admit it can be a bit clunky to use directly. There is also multiple exchanges (such as poloniex) which already accept multiple tokens built on Counterparty, so you could totally expand trading operations across multiple exchanges instead of just Havelock, and all tied to the same cryptographic token.

So, to sum up

Pros of using Counterparty:

  • Eliminates the risk of Havelock shutting down, getting hacked, or going rouge or w/e
  • Much  more anonymous. Tokens would be tied only to addresses, not accounts w/ emails etc. like on Havelock
  • More transparent - anyone would be able to see on the blockchain exactly how much has been invested, dividend history etc.
  • Potential to expand trading across several exchanges instead of just 1, and the decentralized asset exchange option always being available


  • Requires a bit more technical work to set up (I can help with this, if you are interested at all)
  • A little bit more expensive to run due to the fact that it costs a small amount of XCP to send out any dividends. This can be mitigated by making payments less often (e.g once a week). also note that only you as a token issuer need any amount of XCP, customers/investors and such do not.
  • You might need to use a proxy token such as BITCOINEX or XBTC to pay out dividends, which isnt a big deal IMO but it is another factor, and might confuse some people. Can also pay out with something like just XCP, but I like using the "bitcoin proxy" tokens just for the fact that you don't need to deal with yet another fluctuating exchange rate.
  • Until you get listed on some asset/token/altcoin exchanges such as Poloniex, trading might be pretty clunky. Hey, maybe you can convince the guys at Havelock to get with the program and start accepting Counterparty tokens? Smiley

Anyways, just thought I would throw those ideas out there, you can take it or leave it. I just feel strongly that all "crypto stocks/assets" very much need to be decoupled from the traditional exchanges and be using a token based approach instead (weather that is with Counterparty, or some other protocol - doesn't matter). Crypto asset exchange websites should require as little trust and have as little control as possible.
7  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE - 1,150 TH/S HASH RATE (1GH/S per Unit) on: August 19, 2014, 11:34:42 PM
but for depreciating assets...

yeah, unfortunately like a couple days after I started the investment fund, they sent out that status update basically saying they were not going to go to P2Pool or get new hardware in the near future, and ever since the share price has been plummeting and there has been a big shit-storm on reddit about them. Bad timing I guess, although at the same time also means that more shares can be bought from re-investment each day. Hoping things get sorted out with CryptX and dividends keep getting paid.

8  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE - 1,150 TH/S HASH RATE (1GH/S per Unit) on: August 19, 2014, 05:50:35 PM
Sounds like scam Smiley

Typical bitcointalk user response is typical. I could have bet money that one of the first responses on here would be somebody screaming "scamm!!!" Smiley honestly I cant blame you though.

For the record, I am essentially putting my reputation on the line for this (i.e, not going to run away with the money.. not much I can do it Peta/Cryptx itself crashes to nothing though). For what its worth, im the main admin and developer over at Lets Talk Bitcoin! and if somebody wants to find out who I am (im not actually anonymous) and where I live, they could do so with little effort (il even tell you if you ask).

This just compounds an investment in PETA - if PETA does poorly, this just does even more poorly (because of the 2% fee). There's no reason that anyone couldn't do this on their own.

Yep that is true. Your free to do the same thing on your own and skip the 2% fee. Its just another option for somebody that doesnt want to take the bit of time each day to manage it themselves, or prefers weekly payouts instead of every day.

Really, its more of an experiment in creating CounterParty based assets/tokens. Take it or leave it, figured I mise well make a post on here though.
9  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE - 1,150 TH/S HASH RATE (1GH/S per Unit) on: August 19, 2014, 04:28:43 PM
If anyone misses the old daily 50% reinvestment strategy they were doing, I am offering a similar opportunity via a PetaMine investment fund, built using CounterParty (token name: PETAMINE). The gist of it is that money is pooled together to buy PetaMine shares from Havelock. Any money directly invested into the fund gets you PETAMINE tokens to your wallet (which you can hold or trade on the decentralized asset exchange).  Every day 48% of the daily dividends received are directly reinvested into buying more shares, and 50% goes towards weekly payouts. Once a week (every saturday), total earned is paid out to any bitcoin addresses that hold PETAMINE tokens.

More info and official thread:

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