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181  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][SHIFT] 1st ETH fork | GUI wallet | NEW BLOCK EXPLORER | UPDATE v0.3.0 on: September 22, 2015, 01:37:57 PM
Looking like a good point of entry this morning, lets see how the day turns out!

MMMMmmmmm, i might just wait for a tiny dump!!!  Grin Grin
182  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ♦♦♦[ANN]♦♦MTR♦♦MasterTraderCoin♦♦171K♦♦TOSHIDESK LLC♦♦ETNA Partnership♦♦♦ on: September 18, 2015, 01:11:20 PM
A lot of great updates from the mtr dev in this pass few week, thanks for every mastertrader!!
183  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ♦♦♦[ANN]♦♦MTR♦♦MasterTraderCoin♦♦157K♦♦TOSHIDESK LLC♦♦MTR NOW ON CRYPTSY!♦♦♦ on: August 19, 2015, 02:06:41 PM
looking great MTR
184  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DIGS] DIGGITS - BLOGGING JUST GOT AWESOME - 10% PoS on: July 18, 2015, 02:32:50 AM
Im waiting for some more buy support so i could dump my 1k in coins.
185  Other / Off-topic / Re: How many Bitcoins are lost forever? on: July 16, 2015, 01:43:41 PM
add one more btc to the bitcoin that are lost for ever, i had 1 btc saved in my laptop for a rainy day and the hdd just died forgot to make a backup copy.
186  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]❇MTR❇MasterTraderCoin❇133K❇TOSHIDESK LLC + MSB ❇BETA LIVE❇ETNA PARTNERSHIP❇ on: June 27, 2015, 03:31:54 AM

Good stuff. WTB 10k mtr. plz pm
187  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [*] 8BIT [Dark Masternodes][Anon][Roadmap Stage 4] on: June 27, 2015, 03:30:38 AM
I'm sorry, but I think this is where I hang up the towel on this.

I wanted to take things step by step, and ensure something like this wouldn't happened...and as I was suspecting, we have got some clown looking to tarnish the project even more.

You guys are free to support who you like, but I will just sign off on this one.

Good luck,


Still down to see you put your touch on things. Don't know where this guy with a newb account came from. I understand your point tho.
188  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: From 370,000 Full Bitcoin Nodes to 6,000: What happened? on: June 24, 2015, 05:16:08 AM
It's crazy how the core got out of hand, and now all we can do is sit around and talk about it as bitcoin becomes less and less decentralized.
189  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Buying with Virwox on: June 24, 2015, 05:05:49 AM
Def. Have to wait 1-2 days, Virwox is not playing around when it comes to banning accounts.  Best of Luck Noob.
190  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Executive Says 21 Million Cap Increase Inevitable on: June 24, 2015, 04:29:09 AM
It's such a perfect thing we have going on, but some many people want to screw with it its becoming "inevitable" odds are a fork, or an increase is bound to happen. Ppl can't just leave things they way they are.
191  Other / Off-topic / Re: LastPass Hacked on: June 24, 2015, 04:13:49 AM
I've always had a shady feeling about lastpass, one entity with access to all of those passwords because lazy people simply volunteer them over due to convenience... Shame. 
192  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Methods of growing your Bitcoin? on: June 24, 2015, 04:07:47 AM
Trading or finding consistent and reputable borrowers for p2p loans is common for earning potential.
193  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [PRE-ANN] Woolong | Coming August 1 | Digital Cash on: June 23, 2015, 10:12:57 AM
WooTang suckkaaa!
194  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [XBS] Bitstake | For everyday digital currency tasks mandatory update on: June 23, 2015, 10:06:46 AM
buy till I die! Another mans trash is another mans treasure Cheesy
195  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [*] 8BIT [Dark Masternodes][Anon][Roadmap Stage 4] on: June 23, 2015, 10:04:35 AM
no marketing needed right now. Just more tech and relevant purposes for use.
196  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]❇MTR❇MasterTraderCoin❇128K❇TOSHIDESK LLC + MSB ❇BETA LIVE❇Exchange Coming❇ on: June 23, 2015, 10:03:26 AM
I'm interested in the next sale setup.

Hello Acidyo,

Thanks for stopping by.

Have been working on a new distribution sale structure, that should be more appealing to the community based on current market prices and trends.

I put out a good bit of BTC and bought a bunch of MTR 3X-6X higher than ICO prices, in a sense of giving back to the community so all investors were able to come out positive, and also to keep investors moods positive at the same time coming into the new distribution sale.

It looks like people would like to see some MTR priced and released at 75K sats, and as I've mentioned before we are all for community suggestions and will certainly listen.

Within the next few days we will announce another distribution sale along with how it will be structured.

More info on this shortly,


hey master I want to buy in bulk at 75k, how many you sell?
197  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoiners on: June 22, 2015, 04:17:46 PM
I actually have a friend that has 2k btc and owns a farm (like an animal farm) hes now using hes farm to generate bitcoin trading milk and butter for bitcoin, i know he mined back in 2012 close to 1.1k and he bought more this year taking him to 2k.

Owning a farm could be pretty crazy but i guess he likes bitcoin that much to trade hes dairy products for bitcoin, lets do bitbutter.
198  Other / Off-topic / Re: What was BTC price? on: June 22, 2015, 04:12:49 PM
14-15 USD actually per BTC

And you still sit with a newbie account.

OP, I first paid $230 then I brought more in the following weeks $150-$100, would have been nice to be an early adopter but I won't complain it could have been worse like for some who paid $1000+

wow crazy i wish i was in the bitcoin world at the 14 to 15 usd price, i got in at the 350 mark close to the november skipe, well i guess is all about luck for many that got the visual sight of what bitcoin could be.
199  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ♦[PRE-ANN]♦ BITSTONE ♦ BST ♦ 1.29M ♦ POW/POS ♦ INCENTIVIZED INVESTMENT OFFERS! ♦ on: June 14, 2015, 03:44:23 PM
Looking interesting, ill be keeping up with this one.
200  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] SLING | Fully Working DECENTRALIZED MARKET in Wallet | SLINGROAD LIVE on: June 12, 2015, 02:53:42 AM
new to the coin, just a quick question i see a few listings but not a lot, is the market working 100% ? or what is it missing?
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