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1501  Economy / Speculation / Re: HODLer Report from the Trenches on: February 08, 2018, 06:59:39 PM
I was in the 2013 MtGox war, that was a real war, not the current one. We only had a single exchange, everything was obscure and not much info was available, it was hell.

This is nothing, youngsters don't know what real pain is. I took a 90% loss and held through the years. We are trained, disciplined and ready to kick ass. We will hodl through this while accumulating. All the idiots that saw Bitcoin in the (fake) news are clueless and will get killed and we will once again take their wealth and remain victorious.

1502  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / How would it be know if a segwit thieft actually happened? on: February 08, 2018, 06:06:40 PM
Most likely you already know about the theory of the colliding miners planning a 51% attack to steal funds of transactions sitting on segwit addresses. Let's say it actually happens: Jihan and co gather and enough hashrate collides to steal segwit funds. Let's say the funds are a small amount and the address has been inactive a lot of time. Most likely the owner wouldn't even notice, or by the time he notices, nobody would believe that it actually happened, unless you can answer the question of the thread:

In the event that it actually happened, would there be any way to prove it, or it would be seen just as a regularly sent transaction?
1503  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Extremely slow to sync lately on: February 08, 2018, 04:39:38 PM
I don't know what to do, but im stuck at "2 weeks ago" and it's just so slow lately it seems, or maybe is because I spent a longer time without syncing, but still, in "Network traffic" there are huge periods of inactivity. I have only downloaded like 31 MB in one hour. So I see green spikes, and big periods where nothing happens.

How do I make it go faster?

At this rate, I will never finish. Right now it says there's an hourly progress of 0.06%..
1504  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Thought Process Encryption? on: February 08, 2018, 03:22:26 PM
Okay so i had a weird idea. So we humans , our brains vibrate at a certain frequency. Is there a way to capture a thought process (Or example like a 25 passphrase or mnemonic seed) in which the users thinks of the passphrase or seed , convert that into a cryptographic hash function and then use that to store their private keys using their mind? (Example using EEG devices shown here

Also with the passphrase and mnemonic seed , Users COULD theoretically send and receive transactions their thought process to send their public keys to anyone else on the network so that they can send and receive transactions with just their thought process?

I'm just throwing out ideas and wishing to hear user input and potential criticisms.

I could be wrong but if this is possible then i think i got a billion dollar idea and potentially lead to a ICO...

Interesting idea, but most likely not very reliable... trying to use thought processes and parsing them in readable code is a very dangerous thing. The translation wouldn't be accurate most likely. It's like these experiments where people try to play a video game with their mind, the tracking is very jerky and not smooth. This in the context of bitcoin would result in a bad seed which would lead to loss of money, because you would get words of the seed mixed with what you you are going to dinner later and whatever. You could also sending money to the wrong address.
If one could accurately translate the words you are thinking into text then it would be the end of privacy, since you could read minds. This is sci fi basically. Better stick to good ol wallet.dat or memorize your seed and put them in software with your hands, not with your mind.
1505  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Why did satoshi develop bitcoin in windows? on: February 08, 2018, 03:01:07 PM
You are trying to create a decentralized, censorship resistant, open source form of money, and you build it on top of a closed source operating system which is known for it's ties with three letter agency, hidden exploits, and all sorts of these bad things.

I find it weird that he would develop on windows. As far as I know, his first release was for windows only, and from what I've read, some code analysts claimed that he was a windows guy.

What is your take on this?

Cypherpunks code. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to work right. If Satoshi had experience with programming on Windows, it seems like the best way forward for the project. Don't sit here and judge his decisions a decade from when they were made.

No one knew what Bitcoin might even become back then, and there was every chance it would just fade away or disappear. It's a project Satoshi worked on without knowing the outcome. The best way forward was to get a working client out there, which he did.

You can sit and analyze every small decision but it's of no use. Sometimes you just got to make a decision. People forget Satoshi was still only human.

Im not judging satoshi for using windows, im just curious about why. If you are developing something which is basically holding your own money, seems most convenient to do so under an OS that may not be filled with spyware (and today we know for a fact that windows has deep ties within NSA and co) so I would have started on linux since day 1, specially if you wanted to remain anonymous, since it would be easier for your computer to get infected with stuff on windows.
1506  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Why did satoshi develop bitcoin in windows? on: February 07, 2018, 04:43:28 PM
You are trying to create a decentralized, censorship resistant, open source form of money, and you build it on top of a closed source operating system which is known for it's ties with three letter agency, hidden exploits, and all sorts of these bad things.

I find it weird that he would develop on windows. As far as I know, his first release was for windows only, and from what I've read, some code analysts claimed that he was a windows guy.

What is your take on this?
1507  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Auto update Wallet on: February 07, 2018, 02:10:46 PM
I use Notepad ++ and whenever I load it, it sometimes tells me a new update is available, giving me the opportunity to update it.

Is there a way to do this with the wallet as well?

I remember asking this years ago when I was a noob back in the Bitcoin-qt days, and I remember that the answer I got was that the software didn't auto-update in purpose, in order to make it optional for people to do so. In case there are big changes in the system, they don't want to push this automatically into the network, the update must be opt-in, and so this is why you don't see a prompt that tells you to update, you must manually check for updates.
1508  Economy / Speculation / Re: Eight reasons why bitcoin lost more than half the value in just two months on: February 07, 2018, 01:38:24 PM
There is only one reason - it was a bubble.

Bubbles don't need reasons to start, or pop. They happen and then they stop happening.

I don't care what ethereum's getting up to. It's irrelevant to this price action just as bitcoin is really. Everything is piled in together to form one big ball of froth.

There are always reasons behind bubbles starts and pops, the question is, can they be predicted? my answer is no. As Warern Buffet said, you can predict something is going up, not when..

I always knew FOMO would kick in sooner or later and we would see this kind of peak, followed by a big correction, followed by an higher floor. This is how revolutionary technology progresses, big bubble and burst cycles. 50% of people will panic sell, the rest understand the long term vision and hodl, this is how progress is made. What matters is not the peaks, but if the floors are higher than the previous ones to consolidate progress:
1509  Economy / Speculation / Re: US Stock Crash and its effects on crypto assets on: February 07, 2018, 01:15:02 PM
I find it a bit ironic that bitcoin went down along with the SP 500 and bitcoin has gone up along with the SP 500 and also positively reacted to the SEC having a positive stance on bitcoin in the latest hearing mostly because of Chris Giancarlo from CFTC being bullish on bitcoin's potential.

Now I want to see a serious crash on the SP 500 and a ban on bitcoin, because bitcoin is supposed to go up when traditional markets go down and not in sync, in order to be a proper store of value that's how it should be.
1510  Economy / Economics / Re: Losses in 24H Dow $300 billion Google $40 billion 500 richest people $114 billio on: February 06, 2018, 06:57:41 PM
Nobody from the haters posted something about the stock market? Still, Bitcoin is worth more than some months ago. About $3,000-$4,000 more than 2 or 3 months ago. Now go to ask the shareholders losing their money right now like the water in Niagara is falls. I will be part of the Elite in 3-4 years from now. I #HODL

The Dow Just Lost Even More Than Bitcoin. But Don't Call it a Stock Market Crash

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped more than 1,000 points for the first time ever Monday. There were only two stocks in the S&P 500 that were up for the day, while all of the Dowís 30 members fell. Both indexes are now down for 2018, having erased all of their gains for the year.

While Bitcoin, which fell as much as 23% on Monday, shed nearly $18 billion in market value during the day, the stock market fared even worse: The Dow stocks alone lost more than $300 billion.

In one particularly gory example, Google parent company Alphabet (GOOGL, -0.55%) (which is not in the Dow), lost $40 billion of its market cap for the second trading day in a rowómeaning Alphabet stock investors have lost more than $80 billion since Friday.

People often misunderstand the definitions of relative and absolute in terms of gains and losses, but in any case, that $300 billion "dip" shows the insane amount of dollars out there. A small amount of that capital going into Bitcoin would launch it to 6 figures a coin, but people can only look at the short term and don't look at the big picture.

Bitcoin is still TINY, tiny at $20k, tiny at current prices, when these losers see a crash, I see an opportunity to accumulate. Come 2020 and all of these doubters will be hating themselves at not buying, and by then they will may understand absolutes and relatives.
1511  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: How to prevent my bitcoin address has too many inputs? on: February 06, 2018, 06:32:53 PM
No. Each transaction being sent to your address creates a unspent transaction output or an "input" for your transaction. The number of inputs doesn't change with the number of addresses that you use. Its only related to the number of transactions that you've received or sent. If you're sending a transaction, it may have a change output and that also creates another input. The only way to reduce the number of outputs is to receive less transactions and consolidate them once in a while.

How tho?

If you get payments in form of donations for instance, you can't really control that... suppose you are wikileaks and you are taking donations, how do you control that? I don't think you can't without adding risk.

Similarly, if you get paid for example in the signature campaigns, the only thing one can do is ask the manager to go from weekly to monthly payments but that's about it, and the more time you wait to get paid, the higher risk that you end up not getting paid.

Also eventually it just creates a ton of received payments, so when you try to send a big transaction, it will be a ton of inputs and the fee will be big.

I don't see a solution around this, maybe until Schnor sigs and other wizardry is in place.
1512  Economy / Speculation / Re: We are now down 70% and still dropping on: February 06, 2018, 05:40:55 PM
As of this morning BTC went below 6000 - that is a 70% drop from the peak at the end of 2017.

"This is normal in crypto" says many in here. Come on - get real. It is a full-on crash, and it is not over yet.

Iím not sure what youíre getting at? This isnít new info.

The greatest minds in finance (I mean people in the real world, not bitcoinland) have been saying for a month that bitcoin is in a huge bubble that is going to pop.

These are people with advanced degrees in economics, business administration and finance being published by ages old respected economic reporting agencies. Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Inc., The Economist, Kiplinger's, Harvard Business Review have ALL published articles telling about the impending disaster thatís about to happen when the bubble pops.

Everyone has been informed so no one should be surprised unless they live in a total vacuum somewhere above the fucking Arctic circle in an igloo. If the people on this forum want to ignore all of the worldwide brainpower saying the exact same thing, let them.

The religious cult - which the Bitcoin followers in here largely are - appear to still be in denial about reality though.

So what? Thatís my point. If hundreds of people with doctorates in business and finance canít convince them do you think you have any chance of doing it? Let it go dude.

"Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Inc., The Economist, Kiplinger's, Harvard Business Review"

That's another cult. They are just market makers, that's all. The bubble popped because they can get on the mainstream and they scared all the noobs away, that's all, there's no mystery science there. All the idiots that thought they could get rich overnight and FOMO'd into Bitcoin because they saw it on the news about how it was going high are the same idiots that panic sold because Mainstream media hired these people to say it's a bubble in order to stop the growth.

Let me remember how Mark Williams predicted Bitcoin under $10 by 2014, that's an expert PhD federal reserve bankster opinion which was wrong as fuck as we all know.

"Bubble is popping" comments started at $2k, so it finally popped at $20k, so what, it means nothing, if you say it enough times you will eventually be right, doesn't take a PhD for that, similarly, doesn't take a PhD to know we will be at all time highs again eventually, because there is 21 million coins only an there will always be a demand for a neutral, global asset, and given that altcoins are scams, Bitcoin is it.
1513  Bitcoin / Electrum / "Coin control" in Electrum? on: February 06, 2018, 04:54:57 PM
I have always used Bitcoin-qt (now known as Bitcoin Core) since day 1 but recently I started using Electrum to experiment with the bech32 segwit addresses and I just cannot find a clear way to control which inputs I want to use for a transaction.

I need something like this:

So I can select which addresses I want to use to send money. Where to find this in the Electrum menu?
1514  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: In need for exchange site on: February 06, 2018, 03:29:10 PM
 I've been looking for an exchange site like Coinmama. I am located in the caribbean and my country its not supported by Coinbase. I tried Kraken but didnt work for me.
Any help?

Im not sure if there are many options left in the Caribbean other than this one: Go to VirWox, buy Second Life money (called Lindel Dollars) which you can use Paypal to buy, then convert these virtual Second Life money into Bitcoin on the exchange:

This is a pretty convoluted way to go about things, but it seems like the best way to go if you don't want to deal with huge waits for KYC processes which by the time you are done the price has changed a lot, also in your situation this may be the way to go. The only problem is the fees are high, but it's an idea if you don't have any other options left.
1515  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: Bitcoind error after BUcash installed on: February 05, 2018, 04:45:20 PM

I have Bitcoind (bitcoin core node) on my VPS/ubuntu.

I tried install bitcoin unlimited node (BUcash).

After installing I try run my bitcoin core and see error:
~# bitcoind: main.cpp:3110: void PruneBlockIndexCandidates(): Assertion `!setBlockIndexCandidates.empty()' failed.

What happen?
I can't run my bitcoin core, How export private key in this case?


Did you change the default directory bitcoin unlimited used before installing?
Is that the only error in the debug.log. if so, you'll have to run bitcoin core with the -reindex command and try not to run clients of forked coins on the same device without ensuring the default directories will overlap.

No, not made it Sad I think that bitcoin unlimited changed files of original bitcoin..
This error in console after start bitcoind.

Yes it does that often. If you have a different machine or a VM run it on there. The bu client is made to use the same default directory (presumably due to a shoddy developer not changing the default directory it should use). If you don't have a separate computer. Load a script/shortcut to make it use a specific datadir.

I thought that Bitcoin Unlimited used a separate folder by default, and it was Bitcoin ABC that used the same "Bitcoin" folder (as in "%appdata%/Bitcoin" if you are a Windows user).

I suffered this myself then I installed Bitcoin ABC in a computer that already had Bitcoin Core installed. I found out the hard way as when Bitcoin ABC overwrited files and destroyed my blockchain files. Luckily I didn't put my wallet.dat on there.

These fork developers are real jackasses, they should inform with big red letters that if an existing client is installed, it will overwrite existing files as it will install in the same path. A lot of newbies have got screwed by this or even worse, sending BTC to BCH addresses as the format is exactly the same.

I wouldn't even trust VM isolation. Pick up a cheap laptop to install altcoin software if you can afford it.

1516  Bitcoin / Electrum / How to generate new addresses if you use electrum as cold storage? on: February 05, 2018, 03:44:26 PM
If you use Electrum in an offline machine that never goes online, and you have already used all generated-by-default addresses and you need a new bulk, how do I make it generate new ones?

As far as I know, Electrum needs to connect online to verify that an X amount of addresses contain funds in order to automatically generate another batch, but like I said before, I don't want to ever be online otherwise it wouldn't be cold storage... so how do I get new ones within the same wallet?
1517  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: How to delete wallet history on: February 05, 2018, 03:20:58 PM
Linux is ~/.electrum I think and windows is C:\users\user\appdata\local\electrum_data\

Should be the data directory location.
Though I'm not sure for Windows is it's called electrum or electrum_data.

For "Installed" and "Standalone" versions of Electrum on Windows... The Electrum data directory is: %AppData%\Electrum

Wallet files are kept in a subdirectory under this called "wallets"

For the "Portable" version, it will create an "electrum_data" folder in the same location as the .exe and store all the application data there. It follows the same subdirectory structure, so again, there will be a "wallets" folder with your files contained there-in.

As for opening wallet files from other locations, I don't believe that Electrum makes a copy of them, it just opens it from wherever it was when you specified "Open".

That is why I didn't install the portable version, actually ThomasV recommends not to use the portable version. Im glad to see that it was not copying my wallet files in the HDD as I opened them. I only found "defaut_wallet" in %AppData%\Electrum\wallets

I hope ThomasV sees this thread and adds an option in the GUI to disable saving wallet history and deleting existing one, one shouldn't need to find config files for such a basic thing.

Directly in the data folder, you get files. If you spot a file called blockchain_headers it's in that same directory it's just called config (don't think it has a file extension).

I found it, it worked, but it's annoying having to manually delete it every time.
1518  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: About possibility to Sign messages in Segwit address in future on: February 05, 2018, 12:56:43 PM

I am new to this community.

I just learned that Segwit addresses cannot be signed because there is no standard to validate it.

is this function going to be implemented in the future in segwit address?

I was considering moving my funds to a Legacy wallet to have this function. I am a hodler, transaction fees do not matter to me, I won't be sending funds anywhere.

You don't need to move your funds into a segwit address if you are a holder. Im a hodler myself and I can't be bothered to move all my coins to a new segwit wallet, I would need to generate a ton of addresses too and pay a ton of fees too for all of these transactions, im not looking forward to that.

I didn't know you couldn't use segwit adresses to sign messages. This could be a problem for new people in this forum, if they start using segwit addresses from day 1 and never post a legacy address to prove their identity, they could never be able to recover their forum account, at least until you can use segwit addresses to sign and validate messages.
1519  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: How to delete wallet history on: February 04, 2018, 06:54:06 PM

There's an electrum_data folder that stoes the name of every wallet you have also (as it's where it stores the wallets).

Where is this folder specifically in Linux and in Windows?

And just to be clear, if I have a wallet file in an USB, and I go to Electrum, and open this file from the USB, electrum will make a copy of the wallet and put it in that folder? because I don't want to store a copy of the wallet anywhere else but on the USB.

You could also choose to encrypt the entire wallet file whcih can be done on setup (near where you input the password for the new wallet) it'll ask if you want to encrypt the wallet file. If that box is ticked, it encryptes the entire wallet file. If not, it encrypts just the private keys.

Yes, my entire wallet is encrypted so you can't open it, I just don't want the filename to be saved on there.. it's just not necessary.

EDIT: actually, scroll down the the bottom of the config file to the "recent files" part and edit the names at the bottom/delete the lines of the wallets you don't want to show up (WARNING I HAVEN'T TESTED THIS YET - BACKUP THE ENTIRE FOLDER FIRST).

EDIT: tested and works, DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST AND LAST LINES IN THAT LIST AS THAT CAUSES IT TO RESET ELECTRUM, it doesn't delete wallet, just makes it a bit annoying as you then have to import them.

What config file are you talking about?
1520  Bitcoin / Electrum / How to delete wallet history on: February 04, 2018, 04:57:43 PM
I was testing Electrum out and opening different wallets, I realized it saves the "recently open wallets" in a list in the upper menu on the left.... this doesn't seem very smart privacy wise, as an attacker could know the name of a wallet which you aren't supposed to show. I don't know how to delete this history, it's not in the preferences, I can't find this option. You can probably do it modifying the OS registry files but seems annoying.

Please add an option to delete the recently opened history or better yet an option to not save any history.
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