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61  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: #Deletecoinbase - Agree or Disagree? on: March 07, 2019, 03:45:42 AM
Coinbase deserve it. They do not care about cryptocurrency. They only care about their profit.

I mean, let's not forget that Coinbase is a business, not a charity. Them "only caring about their profit" is something to be really expected from a business. Same thing with the KYC controversy with ShapeShift. People forget that these services exist primarily to make money.

Which is also our duty as costumers to stop using services which are scammy and are basically selling your information around, putting you into flagged lists if you deposit the wrong set of bitcoins on it on your name, and so on. It is really insane that anyone would be using Coinbase in 2019. There's no point. They refuse to answer about many pressing questions.

Call me when Brian Armstrong answers these:

62  Bitcoin / Legal / Coinbase's recent Hacking Team stuff on: March 06, 2019, 05:41:22 AM
This proves that exchanges are spending a lot of effort in blockchain analytics and trying to blacklist as many coins as possible, which proves my concern of sending coins in an exchange that were mixed at some point, since you don't know whose coins belong from originally. There is a risk that you have coins that are from criminal origin and you have no idea. Then it will depend on how deep they want to go to consider you part of that criminal activity. How many tx's away from the deposited tx would it be considered safe? all those things are being discussed by lawyers, authorities, and so on.

Most likely what they are going to achieve is that there will be an OTC market were people will pay premiums for freshly mined coins and what have you.

People on twitter started a #DeleteCoinbase hashtag and they pushed them to do this:

However you can't trust these guys. Many questions remain unanswered. They admitted they sold data among other things, no clear answers.

My advice is to stay safe, do not use exchanges unless the coins you deposit are from a clear origin you can prove. Most of us are good people but governments don't care and im sure they will be glad to take away your bitcoins when they can find the legal loopholes to do so.
63  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Warren Buffet statement again on: March 06, 2019, 05:25:22 AM
Warren Buffet's empire depends on the USD remaining the hegemonical currency as world reserve currency, so obviously he's going to criticize anything that could challenge this status quo. It doesn't matter if it's China, Russia, or anything else, it really doesn't matter.

His argument seems to be that he doesn't think Bitcoin has any value because it doesn't produce anything. It seems for him if an investment doesn't deliver dividends it's useless.

Isn't Warren Buffet famous for saying "Don't lose money!"? He does seem to be into what they call "value investing". Maybe that's why even when he acknowledges the benefits of a blockchain, he's not enthusiastic with the idea that one can "lose" money in bitcoins and may have to wait years for the value to go back again to what it was on entry. I do know people like this, those who don't want their money "sleeping".

Warren Buffet has lost plenty of money. Being a value investor means that you will lose money. When he bought a ton of shares of the Washington Post or the New York Times (I don't remember, it was one of the currently huge newspapers) he lost money for the first couple of years and then years later he obviously was high on the greens. If you don't sell you don't lose money. Warren Buffet believes in patience and studying and understand the fundamentals. The big problem with Buffet is that he doesn't understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin. If he did, he would understand the fact that blockchain without Bitcoin has no fundamentals basically. This is a huge mistake by most mainstream figures. They are the ones that will keep asking why Bitcoin keeps hitting all time highs if it has "no value".
64  Economy / Speculation / Re: Deutsche Bank Raid a Case for Bitcoin? on: March 06, 2019, 05:17:48 AM
Is this a case for bitcoins value (removing the cost of banks criminal activities) or something that will be washed away like all of the other scandals banks have had this decade?

these scandals always get buried under the rug and forgotten within a few days. it's definitely a case for bitcoins value---we all know on some level that banks are parasitical and criminal. but it's difficult for that case to be made to the public when the narrative about bitcoin's own ties to criminal activity are so prevalent.

for example, the american authorities have just designated the bitcoin addresses of two iranian men as sanctioned. a friend mentioned the story to me because he knows i use bitcoin. he tried to claim this was evidence that only criminals use bitcoin. this is still probably a fairly common view.

The best part of the 2 iranian BTC addresses banned by the US government, if anything, prove the point of how Bitcoin is decentralized, censorship resistant money. There's trolls sending money on these addresses, risking huge penalties, all for the sake of making the point of Bitcoin being unstoppable.

Every time some jackass claims "bitcoin is centralized in china" or some crap, you just have to point them to these addresses and it refutes any points of centralization.

As far as Deutsche Bank, I don't get how this firm hasn't filled bankruptcy already. I've been hearing about how screwed up they were but it keeps coming back. See this:
65  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Pacquiao Vs Mayweather 2 on: March 06, 2019, 05:00:11 AM
If you are talking about exhibition match between a Japanese fighter named Nasukawa it was a complete joke as he was much smaller than Mayweather and we knew what would be the result as Nasukawa is a kick boxer and not a pure boxer, may be he is planning to put on exhibition matches like these but i am not sure who is going to pay to watch those exhibition fights and how are the organizers planning to pay him that huge amount.
It is indeed a joke. Imagine a kid who is known in his country for MMA or Kickboxing, steps inside a boxing ring to fight a boxer with zero loss and they will use boxing rules only. Not only that its a joke but its unfair to the kid because he was not able to use 100% of his skills and while Floyd enjoys the use of boxing rules where he rules in terms of defensive boxing.
Floyd  does not care as long as there is good money in the fight, he don't know the definition of dignity, he does what's easy for him
and take the money without considering how the fans felt about the fight. I was a complete joke but we have to admit that Floyd has the ability
to create money in an easy way, so it's up to us now, if we continue to watch him, he will continue to abuse us.

In the end, he will just laugh on us.

The word "Dignity" cant really be seen in Floyd.We do know the essence of a true fighter when it comes to Boxing industry but on the things he have done we can really
say that he's really doing some weird stuff. Love him or hate him, he do still makes money and its non of his business on what would be our criticisms towards on his actions or arranged fights
and yes as long he do know on how to earn easy money he will definitely agree with it.

Everytime Floyd has been accused of PEDs noone was ever able to come up with proof. And similarly, everytime he won there were people looking for excuses.

When Floyd beat Canelo in a legendary night of boxing, he was accused of fighting a very unexperienced fighter, but nobody was saying how the guy was already 36 when he fought Canelo.

Im sure that if there is a rematch (btw there's talks now of a +1 billion USD fight for a rematch, source being Oscar DLH) and Canelo wins, nobody will be saying Mayweather was too old, everyone will just be hating on Mayweather losing his undefeated record.
66  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith Prediction and Info Thread on: March 06, 2019, 04:54:25 AM
It appears that Dana will have numerous exciting storyboards for the welterweight division after Tyron's loss hehehe.

I speculate storyboards for Ben Askren, Wonderboy, Darren Till and Santiago Ponzinibbio to fight for a championship within 2 years.

Dana has also already declared that Colby Colvington will be Kamaru's next fight.

I just can't believe Tyron freaking Woodley got his ass beaten in such a spectacular fashion. It would have been a total disaster for my finances if I ended up making a bit bet. I usually like the approach of making big bets on safe fights and profit from the expected outcome rather than making a smaller bet on the underdog. It always work with Floyd Mayweather. I guess we just don't have a guy like this on MMA, other than I guess Demitrious Johnson and Khabib Nurmagemedov which I expect they will never lose. I will not be betting on Khabib vs Conor rematch, if there is someone that can do the unexpected is Conor. I still think he can shock the world again as he did in the past, he is still young.
67  Economy / Speculation / Re: Irrational. Bitcoin could fall to $800 on: March 04, 2019, 04:53:49 AM
Yeah all these ridiculous sub $1000 predictions are pilling up which makes me consider that we may have already bottomed. It seems to be popular these days, with guys like Tyler Jenks promoting his "hyperwave" thing. Reminds me of the 2014 days with people predicting sub $100 prices. When those news and videos start getting tons of clicks it's pointing at it now happening. All those guys waiting for sub $100 prices fucked up and missed the boat, they were the ones FOMOing back in to not miss the rocket.

I was myself expecting sub $3000 prices for a final bottom but all those sub $1000 guys point at a really close bottom, to the point that it's becoming an insane gamble to just not buy in already. What does it matter if you get in at $3000 or $1000 when we are going to $100k anyway.
68  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Warren Buffet statement again on: March 04, 2019, 04:37:29 AM
Warren Buffet's empire depends on the USD remaining the hegemonical currency as world reserve currency, so obviously he's going to criticize anything that could challenge this status quo. It doesn't matter if it's China, Russia, or anything else, it really doesn't matter.

His argument seems to be that he doesn't think Bitcoin has any value because it doesn't produce anything. It seems for him if an investment doesn't deliver dividends it's useless.
69  Economy / Exchanges / Re: I sold my litecoin twice on Cryptopia on: March 04, 2019, 04:19:14 AM

A few months ago I wanted to sell 24 Litecoin on cryptopia during a phase of heavy server load
and everything was very buggy. I sold my Litecoin and got my bitcoin credit. A few seconds later I noticed, that my balance did still show as 24 Litecoin plus the bitcoin balance I just got. So I sold the 24 Litecoin again Smiley. My Litecoin balance now shows a negative balance of 24 Litecoin (which kinda makes sense).
I withdrawed all funds from cryptopia, and now Im not quite sure about what I should do.
Should I:

1. Deposit the 24 Litecoin back to cryptopia to make my balance 0
2. Keep all the Money and be happy that I got some nice Litcoin for free

Thanks you for your answers

PS: dont worry about my new account, I only registered to ask this question as I am really not sure about what to do.

Looks like you glitched your way into doubling your money. If it only was 24 bitcoins and not LTC you would have made a great deal.

You can do 2 things:

1) Inform cryptopia that their services aren't safe and give back the money

2) Keep the money, and never use the account that's glitched with a negative balance again.

They are offline anyway. Rumors are they will come back soon. Most exchanges are a trainwreck, you cannot trust them with your real info or putting any real money there. Just do your trades and get out.
70  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith Prediction and Info Thread on: March 04, 2019, 03:43:05 AM
Im glad I ended up not taking any bets on this one. Jon Jones did what I expected, that's to win. I didn't expect a decision, Smith is a thought mofo, Jon Jones may not have had his best night but the dude is very durable, he even took that illegal knee to the head and didn't give up. The skill and reach difference was too much for him to react unfortunately.

What shocked me was seeing Woodley being outmatched. He screwed up by being too defensive waiting for a perfect shoot that never happened.

Cody G was also disappointing. I thought this guy was going to be unstoppable after his Dominic Cruz win. Looks like Dillashaw loss streaks has put him into a losing mode. He still has time to become champion again tho, I wouldn't count him off. It was a good street fight if anything.

Zabit.. what can be said about him? He deserves to be headlining cards ASAP fighting the best. He is one of my favorite fighters ever, insanely talented.

71  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC 235: Jones vs. Smith Prediction and Info Thread on: March 02, 2019, 05:51:40 PM
Easiest money ever for a Jon Jones win to be honest. Antony Smith is just a filler fight to keep Jon Jones active and away from drugs and hookers, there's just no challenge for him. The reach difference is too big, the skill difference is too big. Smith only has more experience but that's all. I think he's going to get rekt and fast unless some miracle happens.

I want to see Zabit fight again, that guy is a genius. And then Woodley which is also easy money, will probably continue with his long wing streak. I would put a win on all of these 3. Other than that I wouldn't gamble to be too specific.

72  Economy / Speculation / Re: Issues with contact less payments. on: March 02, 2019, 05:33:56 PM
I've seen some of those contactless ATM on my city, and I have never used it because i've heard bad stories about it. Apparently banks have configured by default that you can withdraw X amount of fiat through the ATM with the contactless card only, without even asking for any passwords, so if you lost the card it's already too late, you are going to lose money. Luckily the amounts you can withdraw are limit but still it's a pain in the ass. Some banks have it at $50, others at $300 or more. There's people removing their chips from their debit cards. There are tutorials on how to do it:

Anything that allows to spend money without a password is just dumb, disable or remove it.
73  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: PayPal fears Bitcoin :) PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Disses BTC & Praises Blockchain on: March 02, 2019, 05:24:52 PM
I doubt PayPal fears Bitcoin at all, just like Warren Buffet, people just don't get it. Bitcoin isn't even trying to compete against centralized payment systems, it's a whole different ball bame, when they realize Bitcoin is digital gold it will be too late, everyone that got it will be rich.

If Bitcoin can compete against PayPal in the form of Lightning Network in the future that is just a nice extra, however is not the main point of Bitcoin. This is how things are. And gold is 7.8 trillion, most payment processors are nothing compared to the potential market for Bitcoin. I mean how can't people see Bitcoin is still tiny and it doesn't fucking matter if you get in at $3000 or $300? it's nuts. When we are at $100k well see the first regret suicides.
74  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin could've been created by the US government...Coincidence? on: March 02, 2019, 02:44:21 AM
Satoshi used SHA-256 because it was the most widely known algorithm because it was and still is the most used one. At some point you have to take into consideration what's safer: Something that isn't used by X government because it's newer, or something that is used by some government but it's widely known to never have been cracked? I think satoshi did the right thing, rather than gambling with more exotic options, he took the conservative approach.

If there was a backdoor in SHA-256 we would have known by now I think. There's too much stuff out there that uses SHA-256 with big prizes for those that crack it besides Bitcoin, it has never happened, probably never will or at least we will not see it on our lifetimes.
75  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Dominos now accepts Bitcoin via LN on: February 24, 2019, 05:23:49 AM
It's good they integrated bitcoin payment but... but it can't help them boost selling of their junk, apologize if anyone likes it but to my mind it's prices are huge compared to what you get to eat + that 5% sale is nonsense, at least where I live, very often they have 50% off on highest size pizza.
As I see btc payment comes from their partner, so will this continue for long? How soon will this news spread to their international stores?

what is more then likely is the middleman(fold) has reserves and bought alot of dominos giftcards at discount. and its fold that accepts LN and then pays dominos using giftcard. meaning fold uses the "50% off highest size" and has a further 5-10% off due to giftcard deals so is only really paying 40% of the price and then charging 95% to customers.

real funny thing is. due to the delivery time and cooking delay. there is no actual need for "instant payment"

the real niche LN would see is gambling sites and arbitraging between exchanges. .. you know, services where you find people using every day and needing to move funds in seconds... not a once a week treat that takes 30-60mins delivery

but hey, overhyping and playing around with how involved companies are. and faking big names involvement seem to be the foolish game of gimmickery that gets played out. which doesnt wash with many people and actually makes smart people less inclined to get involved

if only people stuck with the real events and not overhype/twist how involved a company is, including being upfront about flaws. then more people would see the benefits and atleast know the risks/issues to be well informed.

The way LN will shine the most is going to be on retail, person to person commerce. If you buy something, who cares if it takes a day to process the transaction or whatever, since it takes a day minimum to arrive for the package as best case scenario.

I like to think that in 2030 we will have LN on many retail places and vending machines with this drink:

And the interface will be insanely easy to use. The average joe doesn't care about anything that isn't press->send->receive good or service anyway. Anyone that cares about holding Bitcoin will figure things themselves.
76  Other / Off-topic / Re: Who is the best Vblogger in crypto in your opinion? on: February 24, 2019, 05:04:04 AM
It can be Vblogger or YouTube channel. Who is your favorite one?

There aren't many youtube channels that I watch at least bitcoin related. I guess Tone Vays for TA even if I don't really believe in TA and he has been wrong before, he was predicting $7500 as top for 2017 for instance.

BitcoinErrorLog has some classic moments like the Roger Ver interview.

Richard Hearth was decent before he started shilling shitcoins.

MadBitcoins was a fun way to get daily news in under 3 minutes.

Some of the Andreas A videos can be good for noobs to learn the basics and some more technical stuff.

I can't think of many more that I know of.
77  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Whats up with Craig Wright? on: February 24, 2019, 04:54:00 AM
It has to be made clear to people that Core isn't forcing anyone to use their software. Anyone is free to start their own client and convince the rest of the network that their software is the best without forks involved.

This is the tricky part.  What happens when someone feels the "best" software needs to include something that would result in a fork?  It's not something easily avoidable.  I think it's just something we have to be mature about.  We can't treat every fork proposal as a "coup" or "power grab", because that's not a healthy attitude.  But at the same time, if those proposing a fork feel strongly enough about their ideas, it's only fair for them to understand that they might need to move forward without support, as an altcoin, if the two sides can't reconcile their differences.  Longstanding deadlocks are not healthy for anyone in the community.

I guess segwit is again being discussed and how it got added via soft fork on former replies.

You aren't really forced to use segwit if you don't like it. There's other's clients that bypass segwit and you just ignore segwit addresses. If segwit ever got "unsegwitted" out of the network, you wouldn't suffer any losses, given that you are holding on addresses that begin with 1 matured after a couple of blocks.

So just like that, Core cannot really force you to do anything that you don't want to do.

The way I see it is it's just impossible to fork Bitcoin at this point. 1MB and all those things are just like 21 million coin limit, in theory it can be changed, but in practice consensus will never be reached, so Bitcoin has achieved immutable status, and forks will end up as BCash and co.
78  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Elon Musk calls crypto “quite energy intensive” on: February 24, 2019, 03:58:18 AM
it has been reported that Bitmain controls over 51%.

got a reliable source for that? cuz the SV/ABC war sort of showed how impotent bitmain is.

not only do they not control half the network, but much of what they do control is probably hosted on behalf of clients. similar to the case of mining pools above, bitmain has much less control than people think. prove otherwise. Wink

Piecing all this together, it’s easy to see Bitmain’s influence on the network hash rate.
Through the different mining pools it exerts influence over in one way or another, it may have already stepped beyond the 50 percent mark some time ago.
Bitmain does, in fact, control well over half of all hash power on the network directly.

Wear Blinders if you prefer, but the reality is apparent to all that look.
Bitmain has over 51% control, they just smart enough to hide it.

That's just a conspiracy. We cannot really know who controls what hashrate wise. What do we know is that Jihan Wu has left the building, he knows Bitmain is in deep trouble. He took the wrong side of the fork, thus ending up in massive losses as he holds heavy bags of BCash. There's talks of the IPO and whatnot, last time I checked it really looks ugly for that company.

This is fantastic news because the way you can view it is just Bitcoin's incentives working as intended: those trying to fork away thinking their hashrate dictates where Bitcoin goes ends up holding some shitcoin and losing real money (that's real Bitcoin).
79  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Elon Musk calls crypto “quite energy intensive” on: February 23, 2019, 04:19:42 AM
Bitcoin's value is derived from the big network effect which creates the big amounts of hashrate which creates the big security behind it... is a cycle. The people that call Bitcoin "energy wasteful" is just not understanding all those things behind the curtain.

Elon said he has 0.25 BTC that he was given years ago recently so I doubt he has spent any time researching Bitcoin at all.
80  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Whats up with Craig Wright? on: February 23, 2019, 04:07:33 AM
Start a petition to boycott any and all crypto conferences where Craig Wright is schedule to speak, albeit allowing him to attend for possible shit slinging by attendees ...
Ineffectual because "crypto" conference have long been thoroughly overrun with scammers. Everyone who takes a strongly principled position on not attending events with scammer sponsors or speakers are already rejecting almost all events in this space.

Scammers just get a much larger marginal return from promotional activities like conference speaking/sponsorships.  Conferences are almost all run as money making enterprises, so the fact that they're saturated with scammers is unsurprising.

Would you be wiling to participate in one of the Tone Vays' conferences? Either Unconfiscatable conference or the up and coming Understanding Bitcoin ones.


Adam Back and Wladimir Van Der Laan are going to understanding BTC. I think they are the only 2 decent conferences out there. Understanding BTC is aimed at Bitcoin devs mostly.

The first one is over and I missed it, for I live in Vegas. #Sad!

I think he will be making those conferences yearly ones so you can go on the next one. He's trying to get more people for the Understanding Bitcoin up and coming one, I would like to see more Core devs, specially people that aren't the usual suspects, other less known people. Also developers of other Bitcoin clients that aren't Core but still are also Bitcoin, those are often forgotten.

It has to be made clear to people that Core isn't forcing anyone to use their software. Anyone is free to start their own client and convince the rest of the network that their software is the best without forks involved. I would like to see this view discussed but Tone is too much of a Core fanboy for that, but still he is one of the best "celebs" on Bitcoin at the somewhat mainstream level.
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