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801  Economy / Economics / Re: The real estate bubble on: August 03, 2018, 01:04:11 PM

I'm actually not sure about this part. Just a couple examples that could make your apartments completely worthless:
A natural disaster (flood, earthquake)
A problem caused by tennants (fire, gas explosion)
A war

Sure, you can insure them, but this will reduce your earnings and the insurance will never cover 100% of the damages.

Well everything has its risk. Certain stocks could be affected by floods and earthquakes depending on what you are holding. A war for sure would have an impact on pretty much everything else as well.

Maintaining a small 3 room apartment is not that much of a nightmare. We aren't talking about a villa with a pool, a garden, vegetation, a couple bathrooms.. just small city apartments which will always have a demand. You can get them in places known to never be affected by earthquakes or floods, just study the area before buying. Fire or gas explosion is always there tho, but that's life.

Perhaps you could look at parking spots. You can rent them too and they have next 0 maintenance since it's just a small rectangle of cement. The % of danger of flood is much higher too, since they are underground. But even then... assuming your car isn't there, the person renting it will have the problem, not you. If it floods, it will dry, again it's just concrete, nothing of value on your name is lost. Parking spots seem like a winner in terms of passive income. Im not sure how taxes go in these, but there should be a good demand for parking spots in cities.

I know a family that owns an entire parking building next to an airport and they make millions out of it. They've had it for years and family keeps inheriting it. A money making machine.

Having an entire building is maybe overkill for most of us, but with 20 to 50 spots you could be very well off. When BTC goes to $500,000 or so you will be able to afford a bunch of these with a single BTC.
802  Economy / Speculation / Re: When is CBOE ETF? on: August 03, 2018, 12:46:49 PM
ETF's are not the answer to all of the bear problems that persist in the bitcoin market. They will certainly help, and they add some hype to it, but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

There are many ETF's scheduled but nobody knows which one will be approved. Probably not this one, but maybe the next one. There's absolutely no certainty about these things so don't spend too much energy on researching them. Better off learning about trading or technical analysis.

The best thing that can happen to Bitcoin is that we lose all the noobs that think things like Futures and ETFs matter, no matter if they are from Winklevii or CBOE or anyone else. As long as we have these people on board we'll have these very sharp speculative moments of people looking at whatever news to make a move. In the long term all of these will not make it because they will be holding 0 BTC by the time Bitcoin resets the clock. Meanwhile let them have fun with the pump and dumps, just focus on increasing your BTC holdings and not your USD, or long term you will pay for not doing so.

As far as this ETF goes, it will not pass, there's like a 10% chance, so we will have another dump. Once the "bitcoin is dead" comments begin, smart money will start coming through and we'll continue the rise to ATH.
803  Economy / Speculation / Re: Does McDonald coin have the power to cause dip in bitcoin market on: August 03, 2018, 12:36:09 PM
The cool thing about Bitcoin is the best devs are all already rich from being early adopters, so they can't be bought... there is nothing to win about moving into developing some shitcoin other than ruining your reputation for accepting a bribe. If at least they were broke I would understand that but they are most likely all very well off.

This creates an incentive for the best devs to keep supporting and improving Bitcoin. In other words there is nothing to fear about some big corporation "putting together a team" an then trying to buy some of the best devs in the space to move from Bitcoin into their shitcoin: it's not going to happen.
804  Economy / Speculation / Re: Does McDonald coin have the power to cause dip in bitcoin market on: August 02, 2018, 05:52:27 PM
It's just another dumb marketing move. We have been seeing this in crypto for ages. Many companies use the terms "blockchain" and so on in order to stay relevant and get free press. A clear example is when Kodak said they were going to release some sort of cryptocurrency and their stock skyrocketed. Probably a nice time for Kodak shares bagholders to dump. Exit scam? who knows.

The point is, all these brands have nothing to compete against Bitcoin. No one with a brain and money to spend on crypto is going to host their wealth on a crypto developed by a company that is specialized in fast food, they will go to the elite developers and infrastructure coin (Bitcoin).

All these big brands can do is create big pump and dumps, not long lasting projects.
805  Economy / Economics / Re: The real estate bubble on: August 02, 2018, 04:53:16 PM
The attractive of real state investments is within the fact that even if it went to 0 (which obviously would never happen, because a place to live will always have some value, of course unless the place wherein the real state resides goes full Chicago or something disastrous happens) will always have some value to it. No matter what the market says, you can still live there. If you are holding a stock and it collapses, you have nothing, same for a crypto and so on. This is why real state will always be desirable.

It will always be attractive to have something which you can milk for passive profits, in this case, having a nice portfolio of apartments. This comes at the cost of having to keep up with any problems that could happen with the renters, being a landlord is a job. I have never been a full time landlord but that's what they say. It is sure a less time consuming job that the average wage slaving one tho, and you could always hire someone to do all the paperwork. If I had the money I would try to own at least 4 apartments in big cities which would deliver a rent high enough to not have to work and live pretty comfortably. These will ALWAYS have a demand. In a globalized world there will always be people willing to pay for it. Many exchange students come to these cities if no locals want to rent it. There is a big demand. Just try to get them in places without troublesome people so you don't have to lose sleep over some fucktard destroying the furniture or whatnot.

If this is of any guidance:

It may be smart to keep focusing on improving your Bitcoin holdings and forget about real estate for now. Our time to own nice houses will come. We may be able to pick up some really cheap deals while Bitcoin as at 6 figures or more in a couple of years.
806  Economy / Economics / Re: IMMO Leakage: Who Is Behind the Mysterious Project? on: August 02, 2018, 04:36:34 PM
Most likely another scam in which they are using these rumors of big names involved (Vitalik Buterin is known to be paid to advertise ICO's and other ETH related tokens and these always pump heavily) in order to use it as a marketing tool to get headlines on your favorite clickbait sites.

I mean even Rothschild involved? Lol. Why would the elites use something that can be collapsed when people spam the ETH network with crypto kitties and other joke-tokens? If you are going to come up with a conspiracy theory at least put some more thought into it.
807  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Why can Core not Scale at a 0.X% for blocksize in the S-Curve f(X) on: August 02, 2018, 04:19:03 PM
SegWit is not enough and took too long.

In your opinion, perhaps.  But for most people, they simply aren't voicing those concerns.  If the majority want change, change will happen.  What's proven on each and every day that no change occurs, is that the majority want it to remain exactly as it is.

Please explain how decreasing or increasing one trait will not affect the traits of one of the other two. Security, decentralization, and scalability.
It is not on me to reject every single ridiculous  claim Vitalik Buterin makes (believe me there is a lot), you better ask him to prove it. I mean a mathematical proof.

Actually the whole cryptocurrency movement (for which Buterin is just like a trojan) is based on axioms that guarantee  the feasibility of a secure, decentralized and fast p2p electronic cash system, check with Satoshi Nakamoto. Wink

It's on you to justify why you think change is needed.  No one seems conviced thus far.  Avoiding Wind_FURY's question probably isn't helping with that.  It's clear to me why they're asking you to provide an answer to that question.  If it isn't clear to you, maybe you need to come back once you've figured it out.

Bitcoin is not a democracy where 1 person = 1 vote... as far as im concerned, in Bitcoin you matter depending on the amount of Bitcoin you hold basically. So when there is a fork, you "vote with your coins", as you receive coins in both chains. If I support the original Bitcoin, I will dump on the other chain. If I don't, I will dump on the legacy chain. The conclusion as far as I can tell, is that whales sit at the top of the hierarchy since depending on what they do on this situation they will incentive miners to mine whatever chain whales are supporting. Of course whales aren't %100 controlling Bitcoin, but the point is, you better have as many whales on your side when attempting a hardfork.

If a whale has 100000 BTC, then that's 100000 votes so to speak.

So aliashraf, if you want your hard fork improvement proposals to be considered, you must go convince as many whales as possible, and other people that have a big stake in Bitcoin (miners etc).

Of course, the more peer reviewed your code gets between different experts on the field the better, so you must discuss with coders too.
808  Other / Meta / Re: The link between quality altcoins and Bitcointalk on: August 02, 2018, 02:25:48 PM
I don't think we have a responsibility at all when it comes to calling out scams. Of course we should always call the obvious scams out and advise people to not put a single satoshi on them, but that is out of altruism, people don't sign up here to act as a scam police for these that refuse to do research on their own, which is what they should be doing instead of hoping someone saves them.

The minimum you can do before investing in an alt is googling what is being said about it from numerous sources. Anyone that just sticks to the ANN thread which usually is as self-moderated shilling clusterfuck in which people criticizing it may get removed, is just not thinking straight. You need to look outside of the ANN thread and do due diligence. Outsource the technical aspects if you aren't an expert yourself.

Also let's not forget, this is a bitcoin forum over everything else... the altcoin section was just created as a containment area for people posting endless alt threads off-topic.
809  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Why can Core not Scale at a 0.X% for blocksize in the S-Curve f(X) on: August 02, 2018, 01:13:20 PM
we should take care not to have bitcoin frozen like in its ice age, 
You state this as if the capacity wasn't recently roughly _doubled_, overshooting demand and knocking fees down to low levels...
SegWit is not enough and took too long.

Satoshi lacked the statistics and data for proper tuning of parameters so he rationally chose the most conservative ones, after 10 years with both Moor's law in action and the huge amount of data available, it is time to have both block time and block size proposals being discussed and evaluated both with more courage and less skepticism, imo.

But the problem is once again, doing the actual hardfork in a clean way. You need to convince many people, some will oppose. What are you going to do about it?

Im always up for debating these things, but actually making it happen is different story. Satoshi knew super majority in Bitcoin was insanely difficult to reach. He may also have considered an scenario where when Bitcoin gets past a small project, it would basically be increasingly difficult to hardfork up to a point where it becomes practically impossible.

SegWit was added because it was a soft fork, otherwise it would have never happened. And it didn't came without massive controversy and struggle. Up to this day some say eventually miners will cartel against SegWit to steal funds.
810  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: i'd like to start educating others about blockchain: main points? on: August 02, 2018, 12:50:05 AM
I'd recommend Simply Explained - Savjee channel as introduction. Even non-geek people should be able to understand it easily.

For more technical stuff the Jimmy Song course is good, but if you don't want to pair just google the glossary.

As alternative, books such as Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum (will be released later this year) by Andreas Antonopoulos are great, especially they want to know/care about blockchain's technology on cryptocurrency world.

Mastering Bitcoin available for free at and AFAIK Mastering Ethereum should be free as well.

Also, these list that i've mentioned in past could be great supplementary :
Since you have intermediate blockchain knowledge, surely these lists shouldn't too difficult for you :

You also could check these cryptocurrency specific lists, but might be difficult for you (and me) :

The lists i mentioned aren't courses, but i'm sure you would get more knowledge/info with shorter time.

Yeah these are good. It can get really technical eventually tho, not sure if a newbie will be able to deal with the entire book, but it's worth the effort.

Another great book on Bitcoin is The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous:

A pretty decent shoot at trying to explain the fundamentals of money and where does Bitcoin stand. Goes from bartering to the first traces of currencies like sea shells, to gold, to the gold standard in which fiat was based upon, then to the decoupling of fiat from the gold standard, and finally reaching Bitcoin (it takes a while to get there but it's worth the read). Nassim Taleb recommends it and I think he will add a prologue on the spanish release.
811  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: i'd like to start educating others about blockchain: main points? on: August 01, 2018, 05:43:47 PM
Just point them to some of the basic Andreas Antonopoulos videos. These helped me understand some of the fundamentals on how Bitcoin works and why it's valuable.

This is a pretty decent one.

Most people, specially noobs in a field like this, are not going to be willing to sit through piles of text, with video can stay focused for longer amount of times and learn faster. So avoid big blocks of text for the newbies.

Just emphasize on the fact that Bitcoin is valuable because it's censorship resistant, not because it's fast and cheap, that comes second.

For more technical stuff the Jimmy Song course is good, but if you don't want to pay just google the glossary.
812  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Why can Core not Scale at a 0.X% for blocksize in the S-Curve f(X) on: August 01, 2018, 04:49:57 PM
Why can't core scale as some f(x) = S curve so that you would get a % increase that increased supply and demand?

why are they committed to only 1mb (or ~ 4 mb with segwit)

Because it's risky: no one knows how would full node hardware (read: desktops and laptops) evolve in the future - maybe in 10 years they will easily handle 30 MB blocks, maybe they will struggle even with 10 MB blocks. If your curve will grow faster than node resources, you'll end up with the same result as if you increased blocksize to some ridiculous number today: network centralization.

This risk also has very little reward: increasing tps from 7 to 30-50 won't solve the scalability problem, we need thousands transactions per second, and this is why we have Lightning. Also, there are more elegant on-chain capacity boosts that need to be implemented before any blocksize increases, like Schnorr.

I believe you are over-emphasizing on hardware and less on bandwidth and network latency. Bandwidth's "growth" is going slower and slower over the years, and that slow growth will compound more on network latency because the effects of higher bandwidth does not translate immediately on the network according to Nielsen's Law.

There is also the "blockchain trillema" problem I posted page 1.

The "blockchain trillema" fact is the reason why anyone with a brain should have their alarms go on full steam when someone is trying to sell you a coin that is "fast, cheap and as secure as bitcoin". You either get to have 2 of these features at once, unfortunately, and pretending that decreasing security for speed and cheaper transactions is a sane thing it's simply missing the point of what makes Bitcoin valuable on the first place. Any of these alts could be used to be fast and cheap, none of them can be as secure as Bitcoin, why the hell would you shoot yourself on the leg and destroy the niche you dominate? this is what big blockers don't get.

If LN works out well enough to do some low value fast and cheap transactions then that's fantastic, but fast and cheap transactions isn't the main goal, security and decentralization must always go fist.
813  Other / Meta / Re: All bounty hunters are from Philippines?? (PROOF) on: August 01, 2018, 04:31:08 PM
If you're familiar with the recent fight of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the Matthysse vs Pacquiao, fighting for the WBA World Welterweight Title.
During the Face-off (Weigh in) of Matthysse and Pacquiao, that's the first time I heard about the GCOX because they've announced it on tv. The announcer stated that it's a cryptocurrency so I searched and found out that this project is supported by Pacquiao. GCOX is the world’s first global celebrity cryptocurrency exchange, has signed Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao as its first boxing celebrity.

This is the reason why there are many Filipinos in the bounty of GCOX, because of him. Filipinos always support Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao on every fights since his battle with Morales and others. Some people around the world also liked him especially when he had a fight with Mayweather Jr,.

Pacquiao is also a Senator in the Philippines so don't be surprised if there are many Filipinos in the GCOX because Filipinos really like and support him. It's also broadcasted in national channels so there are many people already familiar with it.

Im pretty sure that there were tons of Philippines joining all kinds of bounties, ICOs, translation work, giveaways, spamming stuff on social network.. before Pacquiao made that announcement you talk about.

You have to put yourself on their shoes: Would you do that if you had the opportunity, or rather be exploited in some menial minimum wage job which is draining all energy away from you?  People will always tend to minimize energy spent per money generated. Can't blame them. Of course if I was them I would at least make the effort of learning some decent english before posting on the non-local boards. If they fail to do that then there's no other way out but banhammer, at least for these that spam too much.
814  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What technical analysis indicators works for crypto day-trading? on: August 01, 2018, 03:28:26 PM
I just stick to the basics. My favorites are:

-Trend lines: Drawing resistance points and ceilings and following if they are broken or not. If they become broken then I just expect a speedy move in said direction.
-EMA: Moving averages serve has strong floors or ceilings which need to be broken themselves, just like trend lines but you don't draw them, they just happen and are drawn for you.
MACD: To see volume.

That is all to be honest. I don't really use any of the other fancier indicators like bollinger bands and so on. I sometimes may throw in fib retracements. It's all we have, unless you have insider info on the fundamentals.
815  Economy / Speculation / Re: How Likely Is It That Bitcoin Will Hit $500k In Three Years?? on: July 31, 2018, 06:53:06 PM
Just bookmark this website and follow the price according to the McAfee prediction algorithm:

This website is fantastic, you can not only follow his curve but enter any values and follow your own prediction model.

McAfee prediction is still not that bad, as long as we don't fall under 292 days below, then it would start being delusional it will happen. For now we are 100 days below, not that bad compared to the 292 ahead peak of the 20k december bubble. I predict a new massive exponential bubble will level out the curve again.
816  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: LN: Bitcoin could theoretically scale beyond VISA. on: July 31, 2018, 06:35:54 PM

bitcoin cash is august 2017
"gigabytes by midnight" reddit propaganda has been going on since 2014-2015.. and has been show as propaganda because no implementation that wanted to run on the main net or as a altcoin competitor ever even said gigabytes.. the actual REAL debate was 2mb. and that was a compromise from 8mb. but the core supporters who wanted to REKT any core opposition so it was th core fanboys who were the ones screaming gigabytes by midnight. to drown out the real proposals

Core cannot decide when to hardfork. Even if all main Core devs agreed, you would still have many opposing forces with many bitcoins at stake to crush your hardfork attempts. If all it took to hardfork was Core (as in the main devs) meeting with some exchanges and miners Bitcoin would be centralized. They know it's not that easy so they don't want to pull a clusterfuck which would end up in 2 competing coins.

again bitcoin cash is august 2017
but any attempt to offer anything else that is deemed as a full validationa and archival node to run on the mainnet and offer an alternative got met with and treated as an attack.
yea Luke JR pretends his client is an independant second free choice of a full validation archival node.. but the hint is in the name of the creator that its still part of the core roadmap..

so tell me one full validation, full archival node solution that runs on mainnet where none of the devs are funded by the same investors as core... and where the nod has its own 'proposals'program that do not sheep cores.
show me the freedom of choice.

The TRB software by MP and co for instance, have their own funding and don't depend on Core. Other implementations here:

OMG its delusional. kodak said how digital media wont scale up and how they will stick with film media because floppy disks can only handle 1.44mb of photos...... look what happened to kodak

if you want to argue that users cant handle more thn a couple mb of data very 10 minutes.. then you should do a kodak, but modernise it.. go tell that streaming video wont work. tell youtube users cant live stream. go tell EA sports that online gaming wont work. tell skype. even go and tell netflix that users wont get to watch HD movies.

..... oh wait. users can...... hmm

Ehh.. all of your examples are centralized databases.

gotta laugh that you think raising the blocksiz is impossible..  oh and by the way there are multiple other ways of scaling up the mainnet without losing peoples independant control of their funding, emphasis sacraficing their independant control for convenience, which is only caused by innnovation stagnation to require such sacrifice

and something we do agree on.. not al 7 billion people will use bitcoin. and not all will use it 5-10 times a day
which is another laughing point about th core fanboys screaming gigabyts by midnight because the real debate has never been about a be-all-for everyone coin by midnight...
a one world single currency is worse than fiat
people in reality dont do 5-10 transactions a day.
my mindset is about growth and SCALING. (you know progress over time) to kep bitcoin innovative and feature rich compared to other coins
not halting because something cant happen in 5 hours so it should never happen, to then push people away from using bitcoin

and the other point about the whales.. yep we can both agree those circling around the core team with deep pockets are whales and yes they do have power over the devs to not sway them off th commercial direction the devs have taken since 2013.

.. now.. here is something you dont realise
if people advertised LN in the same mindset as advertising other offchain gateways. where they HIGHLIGHT thats its not the real 100% control technology revolution of 2009-2013, but just a side service for those that need it, but willing to sacrifrce the bitcoin ideology for convenience..
if people then admit they hate it that devs have said btc is broke and cant scale. and instead think.. well maybe that dev is not the one to do it because he might have an agenda
if people actually cared more about the mainnet/ethos/revolution of bitcoin.. and not be defending a certain team of PEOPLE..
then my comments would be completely different.

The Bitcoin mempool is pretty much empty right now, but again, the problem is getting everyone on board, and there are many people with many resources that are not part of Core and are not part of wanting a blocksize increase. You need to unite everyone or you end up in a clusterfuck, this is why I say there may never be a hardfork, but just attempts which result in a mess.
817  Economy / Speculation / Re: Me Sold all BTC at 20k $ Peak on: July 31, 2018, 02:51:09 PM
Congratulations, but remember that what's most difficult in trading, and specially in bitcoin, it's not if you manage to sell at the top, but when you re-enter the market in the lowest point possible. This is where a lot of people screw up and eventually they are left behind as the price goes to ATH and they still didn't buy in due perpetually expecting a perfect price. Others do buy in, but the crash continues, and they end up losing money. It's a very complex mental game. This is why a lot of people that sold at $1300 and thought they were geniuses and didn't buy back, now hate themselves looking at how it went to $20k and their sell point will ever be seen again.

You should have a plan and consider when to buy back. Triple bottom scenario still at play. Might be a good idea to buy some in case we go to ATH, and leave a nice chunk of fiat in case we go lower again.
818  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Halving and price on: July 31, 2018, 02:20:53 PM
I would say the halving starts having an impact on price up to 3 months prior actual halving. People start realizing soon the remaining bitcoins will become harder to extract and there will be fewer of them, so anyone that has had been waiting for a perfect entry point starts getting nervous. This typically starts a chain reaction of all the doubters becoming buyers, but it happens gradually. As the halving approaches the FOMO kicks in exponentially, but there is no sell off, at least no by anyone with a brain, since the cut in supply will set higher floors and you would be really dumb to sell your coins.

Eventually there will be no point in ever selling bitcoin. The risk of doing so will be higher than the rewards. You'll just keep your wealth in bitcoin and only sell when you really need to buy something, not because of speculating against USD.
819  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin is anticipated to raise $10,000 sooner on: July 31, 2018, 02:03:59 PM
We are re-testing the pre-ETF pump right now, I guess we'll go for a double bottom. Still many noobs on board. The next ETF will also not pass and news will be sold as usual, which means that we may retest $7100, as measured by the current resistance line starting at $5774.7 - $6100ish (Bitstamp)

Until we clear out all the noobs that think ETF and other gov derived inventions matter in Bitcoin, we'll have these speculative swings.

Re-testing the short term uptrend line right now (trace a line from $6072 dip in Bitstamp which you will see that the current red candle is sitting right there). If said line doesn't hold, then we are dumping back to $6500-$7000, I would buy the dip there, if it doesn't hold then we may still have many noobs that don't deserve to hold bitcoin and these must be removed before we continue going higher.
820  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin is anticipated to raise $10,000 sooner on: July 30, 2018, 07:08:45 PM
We are re-testing the pre-ETF pump right now, I guess we'll go for a double bottom. Still many noobs on board. The next ETF will also not pass and news will be sold as usual, which means that we may retest $7100, as measured by the current resistance line starting at $5774.7 - $6100ish (Bitstamp)

Until we clear out all the noobs that think ETF and other gov derived inventions matter in Bitcoin, we'll have these speculative swings.
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