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1  Other / Meta / Re: Reporting very old posts? on: Today at 05:51:57 AM
One of the moderator's guidelines is to consider especially carefully before deleting an old post, in other words, unless there is a very good reason to delete it, leave it alone. You probably will be disappointed with your report accuracy score going down. Plagiarism in the way that is against the rules wasn't really something that happened pre signature advertising, so unless you happen across malware or someone posting about selling crack, it'll likely be marked as a bad report.
2  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: Today at 01:04:49 AM
^^^ NASA is run by Masons also known in Hebrew as shabbos or shabbat goys (shitty cows or farm animals in English), the Masons worship the false Jew (synagogue of Satan) as a god and follow his lead. This is a Jewish conspiracy not a conspiracy by NASA persay, who are just a bunch of shitty faggots. The Jew (who has practically unlimed money due to owning the banks) has subverted every government on the planet and creates agencies such as NASA run by Masons and other secret societies such as the Jesuits to fake outer space and hoax the globe.

Right, but my point is that, lets say I agree with you. What about CNSA (China's space agency), JAXA (Japan's), ISRO (India's) etc. Do all of those countries have any ties to Masons, Judiasm, etc? The Nazis were the ones who put a lot of effort into early rockets as people keep posting strange infographics about, why would they be partnering with whoever you are claiming.

On a side note, are they on Richard Branson's side or against him? If Virgin Galactic is offering $250k tickets to space, people will probably be pretty shocked to see that there is no space. It'll be hard to keep the conspiracy going when a trip into space costs the same as a plane ticket.
3  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 14, 2019, 09:54:08 PM

"I don't think" statement is no proof. Either you know or you don't.

Let me remind you of some facts that proves the evil roots of nasa. And btw all "space" agencies are controlled by main agency - nasa.

As I said, I don't care, because it doesn't matter. You are saying NASA is able to control all of the world powers' space agencies, even those that loathe the U.S? Does that include all universities, both domestic and abroad with sophisticated astronomy departments? Do people not see how insane that is? Do you think there is any sort of leader competent of that sort of task, and where would the budget for that come from? Whoever is in charge of keeping that a secret deserves a raise, no matter what their pay is already.

We can't get along with others well enough to be sure we aren't going to nuke each other over a tweet. The world doesn't have the cooperation required to keep people in the dark about something any airline pilot or attendant could let out of the bag.

The only reasonable explanation is that I'm in charge of this conspiracy. It all makes sense if you see how I said that person (me) should get a raise. Alright, I claim responsibility, I am the shadow hand that controls NASA, the astrophysicists, astronomers, weather stations, universities, airlines, model rocket industry, and drone hobbyist. Not evil though, we worship aliens.
4  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 14, 2019, 12:51:13 AM
^^^ Stockholm Syndrome.


Doesn't exist, people don't actually have brains, they have spirit cores that are just a partition on a giant hard drive. Psychology and neuroscience are myths created by the system admins (country leaders) to make you believe in human psychology so that people will attend their state owned universities to learn it. I've never seen a brain, and I'm absolutely not going to believe that those ice cube loving brain surgeons aren't just photo shopping pictures of the flat spirit core to look like a brain.

Prove me wrong?

5  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 13, 2019, 10:50:32 PM
I'm curious why everyone is always talking about NASA. Lets just agree that they are evil and move onto the next point, what about the dozen other prominent space agencies in the world, and all of the less prominent ones? Then we can move onto astronomy departments all over the world, and then the slightly smaller ones at universities, and then the hobbyist ones.

Which ones are evil if you don't mind me asking?

Are you being serious when you say that NASA is "evil"? Why would you think this? What's so evil about wanting to make advancement in science, technology and our understand of the universe as we know it?

No, I don't think NASA is evil. I was just conceding a point for the sake of getting onto the next part. I know why they "photoshop" their pictures. Its the same reason why magazines airbrush models. To point out key features and clean up the image so people can focus on what they are supposed to be focusing on. A lot of NASA photoshop is brightening stars so people can actually see them, correcting the colors to make up for red/blue shift, and such. Believe it or not, objects 8.7 billion light years away don't appear all that bright. They don't photoshop the Loch Ness monster in.

Its not really dishonest, but if I wanted to spend all day arguing why their use of photoshop is acceptable, we just get further away from whatever the key issue is, which at this point I've actually forgotten what it is. So I'll just agree that NASA is evil and move onto the other space agencies that no one seems to acknowledge exists. Its reaching the point where any guy with a GED and $200 can observe the shape of the earth, but we'll still have people argue that the sky is brown.

Science cannot coincide with religion, though that doesn't mean they can't coexist. Science doesn't rely on faith, so if you start making assumptions based on faith, there is no point trying to prove anything with science. People are absolutely free to believe whatever they want, and I'm not here to change anyone's mind. I've posted a few times in this thread for the people who are genuinely skeptical and would like some information. I don't debate flat earth believers anymore than I attempt to convert Mormons to something else.

If anyone has any real unified theories that can be tested and prove that the earth is flat, even if its not, you are probably going to win a Nobel prize for accidentally discovering something in applied mathematics at the very least. Stay crazy and stumble across something useful!
6  Other / Meta / Re: Update/remove the voting algorithm [Poll Options] on: February 12, 2019, 03:19:01 PM
There is no point in voting on forum polls when people have multiple accounts. But it'd be more effort to remove a default feature from SMF than to just leave it. Polls are fine as they are for topics that don't matter. For example,

"Hey guys, I might sell some of my mining hardware, I've got X. Would anyone be interested in it? If so, I'll go pick it up."

People probably aren't going to spam fake answers just to make the guy drive to wherever their mining hardware is hosted just for a laugh, so the poll results could be a good indicator of whether its worth going to pick them up.

On the other hand, " Hello, this is an official vote to see who thinks that this person is a jerk" probably wouldn't be a very useful poll because people will cheat the system, vote on multiple accounts, etc.

If you want more accurate results, you need people to actually post, so you can selectively interpret individual input. Being able to filter by rank, merit, and trust would do pretty well at identifying individuals who voted, so why not just require them to post.
7  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 10, 2019, 10:16:15 PM
I'm curious why everyone is always talking about NASA. Lets just agree that they are evil and move onto the next point, what about the dozen other prominent space agencies in the world, and all of the less prominent ones? Then we can move onto astronomy departments all over the world, and then the slightly smaller ones at universities, and then the hobbyist ones.

Which ones are evil if you don't mind me asking?
8  Other / Meta / Re: For Theymos on: February 10, 2019, 10:10:19 PM
So your grievances are:

1) DT doesn't have rules and people abuse that
2) Merit is all owned by a handful of people
3) Lack of Moderators and only "unofficial" rules to go by.

I've never personally been a huge fan of DT or Merit, however it all does have its uses. First off, you make claims that DT has harmed more people than it helped, but what are you basing that off of? Are you basing that off of the 50 threads in meta where people are complaining about the DT system, versus the 0 you see about newbies who have avoided scams and are so grateful that they posted about it? How do you know that DT isn't helping people out?

I'm personally of the opinion that DT should be completely ignored by the time you've spent a year here and have formed your own opinions on who to trust. The fact that 5 year veterans here still care about it is a problem with the community, not the system itself. If you've done 50 BTC in trades, who cares if you get negative feedback for getting into a fight with some guy. If you are an honest trader, you are an honest trader, if you aren't trading then what does it matter anyway? If you get labeled as a scammer wrongfully before you have a business history built up, use escrow. Thats how things always were before DT, it shouldn't be any different now, just because theres a tool in place to help out newbies who don't know any better.

Merit and account rank are 100% absolutely nothing problems. Account ranks are a SMF default setting, and they probably got carried into this forum just because its customary for forums to have rank designations. With the exception of the post limitations on newbies that aren't all that hard to remove, what is the difference between a member and a legendary member? Is it negligibly more difficult to send 50 pms over the course of 30 minutes, yes, but besides that your account rank means nothing. If you want to point out signature advertisements, once again thats a community issue not a forum issue. Why are we fighting for brownie points one way or another, just carry on and discuss bitcoin, and your post will eventually be of some use to someone, who'll thank you with a merit.

Sometimes the moderation team gets swamped with reports. Sometimes its so tedious sifting through the people snitching on each other because they used the H E double hockeysticks word, that legitimate reports get buried. Report something for illegal content and its removed quickly. Report someone for slandering your good name, and it'll most likely be ignored, or take a while if its real spam that a moderator needs to read four pages of discussion to figure out if its spam or if there is any grounds to the claim.

The list of "unofficial" rules are in all sense of the word, the official rules. They are called that so people can't just try to bypass them on technicalities. If one of the unofficial rules was that you cannot use Satoshi's name in vain, people would say S@toshi, or use some code word or whatever. Under steadfast rules they might get away with that. Give the moderators some room to use real human reason, and they'll say, saying Satoshi and S@toshi are the same thing.

I get it, its probably frustrating to end up on a little posse's bad side. I see weird groups of people forming and it escalates. People like conflict, otherwise you'd just ignore them when the fighting started.


1) DT is only useful for newbies, otherwise ignore it.
2) Merit is also only necessary for newbies to lift PM and Post restrictions. No one cares if you are a full member or legendary member, and if you care about signature advertising, thats your problem, its not an official sanctioned feature of the forum.
3) Moderators are busy, stop reporting petty bullshit and snitching in retaliation someone says something you don't like, and report spam, illegal activity, things in wrong sections, etc if you actually want to help clean up the forum.
4) Unofficial rules are the official rules, think of them like that and you'll be fine.
9  Economy / Collectibles / Re: WTS - 1 toz Gold & 100 toz Silver @ Spot, One Day Only on: February 09, 2019, 11:59:36 PM
If it doesn't sell, we'll talk. I've got about another week until things are operational.

10  Economy / Collectibles / Re: WTS - 1 toz Gold & 100 toz Silver @ Spot, One Day Only on: February 09, 2019, 11:41:52 PM
I'm tempted to buy the 100 oz bar and make a 100 oz finger out of it...
11  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 09, 2019, 02:54:52 PM
My conclusion is its a giant game to them and they don't actually believe their own nonsense. There's no other rational explanation for it. I gave up taking OP seriously when he started selectively believing in laws of physics. Eg., Coulomb's Law is correct but the Law of Gravity is bullshit. Its a giant charade of choosing to believe only in what suits their weird troll agenda.

The problem is people with not enough information, interpreting things incorrectly and then spreading their incorrect conclusions to others who can't interpret the information. I can walk someone through every single step of the MM experiment with an explanation of why each part is done and how it works (I'd be happy to do so for those actually interested!), but there will still be misunderstanding about it if you aren't at least a doctoral candidate. Relativity isn't something you can understand on your own unless you are a Hawking/Einstein level genius. Universities do not have full time staff teaching Relativity because its such a complicated subject, there are not many people who are qualified to teach it. Then people screech, well! Its an inside scheme by those professionals to keep us from learning the truth! The same can be said about surgeons and other professions with high levels of training required. You can't watch 20 hours of youtube videos and perform surgery.

I don't claim to know it all, but MM can be explained with a basic understanding of 1. Why Galilean transformations do not apply. 2. Why Lorentz transformations are required. 3. A bit of math 4. A bit optics. If you have have had Newtonian physics and understand transformations, you can understand why the MM experiment confirmed that there is no ether, why E&M waves do not require a medium, and I guess by some derivation from there why the earth is round?

@notbatman No worries, believe what you want and just ignore my posts, I'm just chatting with the people who are skeptics or those interested in confirming their own understanding. Find what works for you.
12  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 09, 2019, 04:55:40 AM
^^^ FE people will tell you that the shape of lenses on cameras, wrong understanding of how perspective works, atmospheric aberration, and various kinds of atmospheric prismatic effects, will make any curvature to be to be simple distortions one way or another.

If you build a big balloon, and go up in it personally, your eye lenses might be more accurate than camera lenses. But all the rest of the above stuff, will still distort your vision so that any curvature is simply not really there.


Right, which is why I'm asking, what corrections can we do to make sure that the observed event is mutually agreeable. Come to me with a list of must haves and we'll see if we can't get it done.
13  Other / Off-topic / Re: Flat Earth on: February 09, 2019, 03:58:42 AM
Can we as people from this Bitcointalk thread just launch a high altitude weather balloon already? If I offer to build it, and get clearance to release it under mutually agreed upon terms, can we just all take a look at what it'd show, or would it call into question whether I doctored the photos?

If its possible for us to come to an agreement on this, what needs to be done to make it acceptable proof of whatever we end up witnessing? If no one will trust me to not throw a special lens in or to doctor the footage before showing it, any skeptics interested in building their own to prove it to themselves and posting results?

It'll cost about $200 all in to build a balloon like this for anyone interested. This is really sort of ridiculous, this is something that can be confirmed with $200 and a Youtube education. Its more expensive to experimentally determine the melting temperature of copper than to get a camera high enough off the ground to look at the earth.
14  Other / Meta / Re: Theymos can you explain your reasoning on merit allocated on a political basis. on: February 08, 2019, 05:29:24 PM
Can you briefly explain this statement or expand upon it.

Merit sources are the only ones bound to rules, people are free to do whatever they want with their own merits if they are not a merit source. If User A wants to give User B 500 merits for liking lemons (sorry had to do it) they are free too, because they earned the SMerits they have. If they are using the Smerits given to them by the forum as a pillar of the merit system to award to people for reasons laid out before applying as a merit source, they are held to higher scrutiny.

Example: Merit sources cannot sell merit. Non merit sources can sell merit, but people will negative tag them.

15  Other / Meta / Re: Theymos can you explain your reasoning on merit allocated on a political basis. on: February 08, 2019, 04:43:24 PM
Are any of these people merit sources? Otherwise, merit "rules" don't apply.
16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Capitalism and the exploitation of labor on: February 08, 2019, 01:59:37 AM
I'm personally for something of a middle ground, I don't think people need to be earning $50 trillion dollars per hour at the expense of their workers, but at the same time, I feel there needs to be a reward for those who innovate, take risks, and run businesses.

I follow the sentiment, but your example is a little misleading. Moving a business to another country is sometimes profitable if the labor costs are sufficiently large as a part of the business, if the local workforce is sufficiently skilled, and you can get around the legal red tape of having to import/export goods. The machinery still costs what it does, the electricity still costs what it does, R&D as well. The difference in labor costs are something like a spread across exchanges to put it in common Bitcoin user terms. Do I think that GM should take its 6% (a guess) margin increase at the expense of messing up a bunch of people's lives? It probably wouldn't if the management ever interacted with its workforce, and the CEO's main responsibility wasn't to make money for the shareholders.

I think the evil parts of capitalism come out when businesses gets too large and starts seeing their people as numbers. I mean sure there are a lot of shitty people out there fit to be heartless CEOs, but its a lot harder to screw over you at least see as an acquaintance, not a 0.000005% cost savings.

On the global labor market, things aren't globalized yet to the point where its fair to say that everyone's labor is worth the same amount of money. Just as there are different cost of living and standards of living wherever you live, the shifts can be even more dramatic moving to other countries. If your middle class is earning $500/month, there are few differences versus another middle class earning $1000 per month elsewhere. Put it in reverse, what if you suddenly started earning $500/month when you had been earning $5000 per month. If you have $50k in student loans and a $2k/month mortgage, that might put a damper on things.
17  Other / Off-topic / Re: My strong opinion of why 1 is a prime number. on: February 06, 2019, 10:38:55 PM
1 isn't "really" a number. Its a standard basis for numbers. When you say that three is a prime number, you are saying that 3 * the unit (1) = 3. Three cannot be divided by any integer besides the unit. Saying the unit * the unit = 1 isn't interesting, useful, and is up for debate.

I can find you a proof that explains that 1 * 1 is not the original value of 1, but there are a handful of assumptions there that I'm not sure you are making.
18  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should projects that knowingly employ proven untrustworthy individuals be viewed on: February 06, 2019, 03:26:13 AM
Just something to consider, "proven" untrustworthy isn't possible. Each person has their own interpretation of what untrustworthy behavior is. We can probably agree on a few criteria, but there is plenty of middle ground and gray area. We can take a very clear cut scam, and completely alter our interpretation of it with one or two words. This is just a thought, not a point that I'm trying to make or argue, no real need to discuss it directly, just something I wanted to keep in mind.

Back to the point, does the employer know that the person is untrustworthy? If they don't know, its not their fault in my opinion, of course if the employer isn't negligent.

Does that untrustworthy person need to be trusted in order to fulfill their work? If the untrustworthy person's role isn't anything that requires trust, not a problem.
- relate this statement to hiring convicted felons. You probably wont get a job in a bank, but plenty you can be trusted to do.

Does the person promoting a scam know that its a scam? Should we go after pyramid scheme victims for dragging others in after them. Not without malicious intent imo.

To your main point, I go back to, does the untrustworthy person need to be trusted by the customers. If there is a project and someone hires someone untrustworthy and they know it, if they are willing to assume liability for any further untrustworthy actions that lead to damages toward the customer, its not a problem in my opinion. Its certainly a risk factor, but it should be a risk that the employer shoulders, not a customer. I don't think you need to call an ASIC company that hires a jerk a scammer because the jerk is, but I'd certainly hope that they realize that the jerk now represents them to an extent, and they are liable for that jerk when doing business as.

19  Other / Meta / Re: Discussion about subjective behaviors that may result in a red tag. on: February 03, 2019, 11:31:33 PM
I don't really think there is a way to define any of these things one way or another definitively. We as humans examine each individual case on a case by case basis, and then make our own inferences based on our past personal experiences.

Lets take business activity that resulted in the loss of funds for example. We would think this one is a pretty easy case, but every little detail effects the outcome. Who was responsible for the loss, why, what did they do after the funds were lost, etc. We are more quick to forgive incompetence over malice, but sometimes incompetence is even more dangerous. We are accepting of bad luck if its reasonably outside of our control (reasonably is again subjective). A sincere person after the fact can make the difference. Attempting to rectify a situation is always better than not accepting responsibility.

Whats more forgivable, a person who made an accident that can't rectify their mistake, or a person who maliciously lost the funds and made an attempt to rectify the situation?

In the general most broad sense of the definitions with the choices given,
Harassment - Yes
Business activity that results in loss - Yes
Asking for a no collateral loan - Yes
ANN bumping - No, thats kind of in a moderator's wheelhouse, I can't establish a reasonable link between breaking forum anti clutter rules and trustworthiness. Maybe you can.
Loan defaults - Yes
Colluding - Too vague even for the most vague answer I can give
Fake negative ratings - Also very vague, I'll go with Yes, but we set a scenario with two or three words that'd change my answer to no.

I can easily create single sentence realistic scenarios for each example of what I answered above to flip my answer though.

20  Economy / Reputation / Re: VIP Member hacked? on: February 03, 2019, 09:11:27 PM
While I do have the gut feeling that JFY is the original owner, based on their speaking patterns, I do believe that qwk's actions are within reason. The only thing that is bothering me right now, is that JFY actually cares about the negative feedback from qwk, even though it was very clearly laid out to be a temporary and precautionary thing. Its not like there is a scam accusation, its a case of, let me know when you happen across something to prove your identity and I'll remove it. As the account owner, I'd imagine you'd have two thoughts. The first being, hey don't tag me jerk, and the second being, thanks for looking out for the best interest of my account. Rather than firing off against qwk, I'd imagine that "thanks for having my interest in mind" part would cause one to spend a few extra minutes trying to confirm their identity rather than getting very upset over it.

Regardless, I don't see this as something that really needs much discussion, its kind of just a matter of time until either its proven not to be the original owner, or it is. When you've been here this long, you'll remember an interaction you had with someone that isn't recorded. Something like that can clear doubts.
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