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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] IXCoin [IXC] The Original Bitcoin Sidechain on: May 14, 2022, 08:56:51 PM
We just have to be careful not to lose our miners, as huge hashrate is what IXC and I0C have going for them.

Well, along with very low inflation (minting) of course.

They are sister-coins, you should take both of them back into the fold. Smiley

I0Coin is probably even better than IXC really, since sometimes only IXC not also I0C got onto exchanges, so I am pretty sure less I0C was stolen over the last decade or so.

I am not sure whether by now pretty much all the stolen/hacked IXC has been re-bought by now, most of it probably has.

The last "hack" was Cryptopia I think possibly we might even get stuff lost there back when the lawyers and accountants finally start going people their stuff back.

Of Galactic Milieu coins that actually have their own blockchains, IXC and I0C are pretty much the elite ones.

We have built both up to $1+ per coin three or four times before, and it was basically just "hacks" or "fly by night exchanges" that crushed them. So expect that both will reach $1 again and who knows, maybe if FreiExchange doesn't do the same old thing they'll keep going up from there. It just might take longer than the last bunch of times due to total interest in crypto is divided over so many many many coins nowadays, so often days go by without any action on either of them.

I suspec both are arbitrage oportunities too, in that even though on Stellar platform both are way undervalued compared to their treasury-based "calculated value" in the Milueu the prices on Stellar might well still give a profit to arbitrageurs buying them on FreiExchange to sell on Stellar.

By the way I found a new venue for Galactic Milieu info:

You can supposedly actually earn on Quora too, so hey maybe a good place for Q&A.


P.S. There is one thing in which IXCoin is a little bit "special" in the Galactic Milieu... There is a character named Ix in the Fantasy milieu of the CrossCiv server, who even though it is the fantasy area, supposedly quaranined from the Galactic / Sci-Fi area, nonetheless trades in IXCoin! The original IXCoin trader on the server! This means that IXCoin is unique in being a way that even Fantasy characters can Play To Earn! Smiley
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: April 17, 2022, 03:16:09 PM
DeVCoin is on FreiExchange (DVC/BTC) and FreiXlite exchange (DVC/LTC).

It is also still in use in the Galactic Milieu, whose game-assets are on both the HORIZON and Stellar platforms.

See for example

As a Galactic Milieu asset it also benefits from the Galactic Milieu's "treasuries" system, which was developed to provide the game(s) with a method of "price discovery" for its assets that does not depend upon not only having to be listed on markets but also having those markets be active enough, deep enough, liquid enough and high-volume enough for the game to reasonably be able to expect market-based "price discovery" and "efficient markets" as in plenty of active and rapid arbitrage between markets.

The "treasuries" system works sort of like the opposite of "coin market cap" calculations: instead of assuming that each and every coin minted is worth at any given moment whatever the current highest buy-offer on "spot markets" is offering per coin, the "treasuries" approach uses an "official treasury" for each treasury-based asset, adds up the total current value of each asset's "treasury" and divides the total value of the "treasury" by the number of coins/shares minted to compute a per-coin or per-share value.

See for example the history of values shown at

( More tables and plots are linked to from )

These calculated values should, by design, fall short of the "fundamental" values of the assets for several reasons:

- They only count "reserve assets", a lot of assets that exist are not used in "treasuries" but still work toward the value of "treasury" assets, for example all the BTC and LTC sitting on FreiExchange and FreiXlite exchange as buy offers offering to buy DeVCoins are not counted as part of DeVCoin's "treasury" even though they are out in the world live directly supporting the value of DeVCoin.

- They do not count units of the asset itself toward the value of the asset. That is, even if DeVCoin held actual DeVCoins in its "treasury" the calculation of the total value of the treasury would not count them.

- The assets have "Slush fund" accounts as well as a "treasury" account, with a goal (still being worked toward in most cases but maybe even exceeded in other cases) of having at least as much value in their "slush funds" as there is in their "treasury".

- Virtual Real Estate is not a "reserve asset"; so all the virtual land, buildings, heck even military units and game-gold and starships and deathstars and so on and so on and so on (the kinds of things often represented nowadays using so-called "NFTs" (Non-Fungible Tokens)) a coin, nation, Corp or whatever might own does not count toward its "treasury".

We actually take a reverse approach toward virtual real-estate: even if we do end up using NFTs to represent some forms of virtual real-estate we tie up actual value and use the real-estate to represent it instead of taking the real estate itself (or its NFT representation) to be intrinsically valuable.

For example various buildings and businesses can be owned, but we do not use those themselves directly as collateral. Rather we do the opposite: we tie up coins or assets into abstract "collateral units" and allow "collateral units", whose value is computable as the value of the coins or assets bundled into that unit, to be represented in-game as some item of real-estate. The computed value is thus directly the value of the bundled assets, regardless of whether in any particular game or any game at all there is some building or shop or trading-hall or deathstar or planet or whatever that provides a graphic and/or playable representation of that bundle of assets.

This means that if someone wanted to make, for example, an NFT representing a million DeVCoins worth of some object in the game, they would need to bundle a million DeVCoins somehow "into" that NFT to provide its value.

That of course is basically the same thing we are doing with the assets themselves: their "treasury" is the "bundle" of assets we are bundling to provide the value for the "treasury based" asset.

Obviously each time more "stuff" is added to a "treasury" the value of that treasury's asset potentially increases; but its change in value also affects all the assets that hold some of that asset in their own "treasury", so we loop through all the treasury-based assets, calculating each one's value based on the latest value of all those that are contained in its "treasury", over and over and over again (it takes hours or sometimes even days for the calculation to converge) until a full loop through all the assets arrives at the same values (to eight-decimals accuracy) as the previous run through the entire loop. Thus the calculated value converges upon a set of values (the Latest Rates include-file) that works in all directions, that is, can be re-stated in terms of any of the assets, so you can compute all their values in terms of any of them. Whichever one the values of the others are expressed in (usually DeVCoin by default as it is usually the smallest value so provides the most accurate / least granular prices for all the others) will be shown as value 1.00000000 .

The original use of the Latest Rates include-file was by shell-scripts that automically placed buy/sell offers for the assets in terms of each other, basically offering to buy back each asset using various of the others. That was back in the days when we used the Open Transactions platform. Unfortunately we do not have easy command-line access to the HORIZON and Stellar platforms although Stellar does have a handy free open-source trading 'bot named Kelp that can be used to automate market-making on the Stellar platform so despite currently not having many Stellar Lumens to work with we have the beginnings of market-making versus XLM set up now for most of the assets that we have set up on the Stellar platform. It will probably take quite a while though to get the XLM prices of our assets on the Stellar platform up to where they should be unless some kind of venture-capitalists jump in with lots of Lumens for us to work with. The way the 'bots work, the prices offered by the 'bots will automatically go up as more Lumens are added by people buying the assets using Stellar Lumens.

A cute interesting fact is that we came up with this "bundle of assets" approach to providing value for a coin long long before Facebook proposed much the same idea for its own intended e-currency. Just as we were already working on this "metaverse" project long long before the mainstream "jumped on the bandwagon" and made metaverse suddenly fashionable.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: April 17, 2022, 03:23:32 AM
For bitcoin-derived blockchains, it is also possible to have the bartenders in clanhouses / guildhalls / etc send commands out to the coin daemon, I used to use each character's name as the name of a named account in the simple accounts system that bitcoin used to have. (I do not even know offhand whether recent versions of bitcoin still have those in-wallet accounts but old coins based on old bitcoin daemons do have them). It used to be possible to send coins on the blockchain from clanhouses that way.

The catch was though that if your character was killed and you failed to re-create a character of the same name before some other player did, some other player could inherit your character-named "account" in the coin wallet daemon just like they can inherit your accounts at the in game banks, your in game post office mail (since when a character opens a mailbox they find in it any mail sent to that character by name), your memberships in clans guilds associations societies and parties and so on.

So maybe using those named accounts was not a great idea but the same kind of shell-scripts sent commands by the bartender NPCs in the clanhouses could be created to do things like let you tell the bartender a blockchain public key to send to, what coin to send (blockchain to send on). If someone can find or make a commandline script or command to let one access HORIZON and/or Stellar blockchains like that then the bartenders could be given the abililty to accept amberium coins from characters and send that amount of CCAMB asset to a specified account on HORIZON or Stellar.

Its just that so far I do not have any commandline commands for doing HORIZON or Stellar transactions.

We could set a conversion rate though for how many DeVCoins the bartenders will send for an amberium maybe.

We have also figured a conversion rate for FreeCiv "gold" to amberium; though availability of FreeCiv gold buyable using CCAMB needs to depend upon the economy of the FreeCiv world where it happens as well as the availability of faster than light communications to access the interstellar / intergalactic blockchains. In FreeCiv how much the "gold" is worth varies a lot, it takes a lot of gold per production point to buy a unit or building that has not even begun being built, then less as building nears completion. So we also have variance on the conversion of FreeCiv "gold", so that each "gold" costs 50 amberium to buy but only sells for 20 amberium. This can be thought of at least partly as  beaurocratic overhead involved in turning private personal cash to and from  governmental department budgets.

It might need to be adjusted at some point, basically it means it costs 2.5 million goldpieces per FreeCiv "gold" to buy and each such "gold" can be converted to one million goldpieces cash currency in a character's pocket or a chest of treasure or whatever.

This differential also leaves plenty of room for players to make conversion deals among themselves at potentially better conversion rates than these "official" ones.

Currently we are assuming that the "M tons" of production/trade shown in FreeCiv means thousands (Roman numeral M) rather than millions. If we end up someday having to assume it really is millions of tons probably the conversion between FreeCiv "gold" and amberium will have to change drastically.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: April 16, 2022, 03:05:08 PM
CrossCiv is a Crossfire RPG server. It is not always shown on their metaserver's list of active servers but clients allow you to directly enter the hostname of the server you want to connect to, which is

General info about Crossfire RPG, including client downloads, is at

Their default distribution is a generic "rogue-like" fantasy world, until we are able to get artists and such to make suitable images for is for science-fiction stuff we just take the Arthur C. Clarke route of "any sufficiently advanced technology is indisinguishable from magic" and use the game's magic wands and staffs and so on to represent blasters laser rifles or whatever for now. Since the important thing is to get the economy up and running in order to hopefully eventually help get artists etc on board once the economy is large and productive.

Crossfire has a basic currency consisting of silver, gold, platinum, jade and amberium pieces with fixed exchange-rates (10 silver to a gold,  gold to a platinum, 100 platinum to a jade, 100 jade to an amberium) plus some standard gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald) that some banks also exchange; plus a couple of paper/card token type things, one being imperial credits the other being tokens redeemable for 200 standard diamonds at the diamond exchange.

We only bother converting to and from crypto in units of amberium. The asset CCAMB on HORIZON and on Stellar represents CrossCiv AMBerium coins.

Technically we also assume that the goldpieces in CrossCiv and those in the CoffeeMUD MUD are worth the same currently, so in principle MGOLD (meaning MUDgold) should be convertible to and from CCAMB at 50,000 MGOLD per CCAMB.

Looking at what an amberium will buy you in CrossCiv, it looks like an AMBerium ought to be worth a buck or so if you compare to various other games; however usually such games offer discounts so buying 10 or 50 or 100 of their currency at once tends to get you more of their currency per buck. A problem exists too of the probability that large scale players working in the thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions or more could easily dump the price down like crazy, so the in-game currency is very much like fiat currencies in that they are probably better off being spent than saved.

In the typical off the shelf game-as-distributed items tend to constantly get created too, so massive minting of new items combined with massive minting of new currency supposedly cancels out allowing item values in terms of the currency to be hard-coded into the item templates; in the CrossCiv server though shops do not keep creating new items out of no-where. When the shops were first created some of them had some pretty nifty items for sale, but by now all the really interesting items that had been in them are probably long since sold, so mostly what you will see in them will be loot other players have sold to them.

However we have a lot of vending-machine type buildings available to players, with pre-priced storage bays they can pile stuff in for other players to buy from them. Players can set their own prices simply by using a bay whose pre-set price is higher than the total they want for the stuff they put in it, and put some change (currency) too to bring the actual price down to their desired price.

Thus it can be expected that the more interesting/useful items will end up being sold in such private trading halls owned by players rather than being dumped at the regular shops for quick cash.

Since it is pretty trivially easy for a large scale player to come up with lots of amberium, it might turn out to be much more lucrative for small scale players to seek patronage from such rich players rather than working their way up in scale solely by their own efforts.

The players who have historically gained the most from their presence on the CrossCiv server have been those who leveraged the relationships they made there with other players, getting together to do highly profitable things such as when they initially created the Galactic Financial Corp (GFC, also known as General Financial Corp), since back when they created it they only put in 20 million DeVCoins, making its 1000000 shares worth only 20 DVC each, but once it borrowed oodles of money from the Martians and loaned it out to intergalactic mining Corps it rapidly became much more valuable, each of its shares being worth sGFCrate=4997248.39078124 DeVCoins according to the current (as I write this) Latest Rates include-file.

Once you have some amberium in the game, the dungeonmaster character "Fox" can convert it to CCAMB on the HORIZON or Stellar platforms from where you can proceed to trade to umpteen other currencies and assets.

Or vice-versa, I can convert CCAMB for you just like converting other tokens back and forth to/from "actual coins".

You do not even have to catch Fox online, as the "imperial post office" in the diplomacy city can do packages so you could just mail her some amberium coins with instructions as to what HORIZON or Stellar account you want credited.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] IXCoin [IXC] The Original Bitcoin Sidechain on: April 15, 2022, 02:31:46 PM
Dunno about "paying for development" since among the family of coins merged-mined alongside BiTCoin it was traditionally supposed to be DeVCoin whose focus was supporting the development of free open-source software.

So the Ixians have been focussed more on actually building a presence within the open-source metaverse that DeVCoin is supposed to be supporting the development side of.

I am not sure why we don't seem to see the Ixians officially represented on the Galactic Diplomacy planet, maybe because they want to launch an official Civilisation first or maybe at least partly because the Crossfire RPG window into the metaverse is less easily scripted than for example the CoffeeMUD interface thus not so obviously amenable to "CPU mining" / "play to earn" type automated earning of resources with which to build up their presence and accumulate "reserve assets" for the IXCoin treasury.

For many years though a character named "Ix" has been on the fantasy-milieu side of the CrossCiv server offering to buy and sell stuff for IXCoins. Maybe he or she found that to be lonely-enough work that they have not bothered with the Sci-Fi milieu side of it or maybe just haven't bothered to bring attention to whatever characters they might have on that side as being repsentatives of Ix / Ixians / IXCoin.

I do know that at first (meaning over a decade ago now) they had been holding back a while from the Civilisations aspect of the metaverse hoping that DeVCoin would do well enough to go beyond merely supporting key software such as FreeCiv to the point of actually getting new civilisations added (that is, to get a Galactic Modpack, including graphics thus able to implement entire new nations, rather than just a Ruleset as in just the text-file config files) so they could have the nation of Ix as in the DUNE mythos and try to make technology their "thing" like the Ixians in the DUNEverse did.

They also raised enough resources in the CoffeeMUD side of things to create themselves a clan, marrying with the Darlings to test out the type of clan called a "family". Breeding has been slow so the Ixian family is still rather small, though pregnancies are progressing.

The clan has taken over a town and built themselves a custom clanhouse, but isn't particularly rich because they have been researching future products rather than simply maximising their production of easy standard fare such as metals, stone, and foodstuffs.

Specifically they co-ordinated with the Darlings to tool up for soap production, only to discover that the version of CoffeeMUD in use at the time was producing soap of zero pounds weight, which is not practical for real use. They continue to stockpile ingredients though in hopes that a future version will yield workable soap. They expect everyone to be wanting soap because at least in theory it should make the process of bathing faster, and all worker characters need to bathe regularly as part of their scripted work schedules. Less time spent bathing should mean more time available for mining, gem-digging, foraging, farming, smithing, cooking or whatever other productive activities characters have scripted.

So yeah there are plenty of activities available. Check out what artisans can do:

Unfortunately however it turned out that running Artisans in the CoffeeMUD is so massively lucrative that it did not take long before the ability to just start up a player-account there for free had to be closed. Maybe with a bit of research, which can be done for free by playing any of the many free CoffeeMUD instances that exist, you could help come up with some reasonable ideas about how best to limit the addition of new players and/or how much it would be reasonable to charge for a player-account either as a one-shot purchase or as a yearly subscription in order to avoid having millions of players join and earn billions of coins of various types maybe without even covering the bandwidth and server costs of running servers...

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [GPL] Gold Pressed Latinum v3.0 New chain. on: April 11, 2022, 10:53:16 AM
Both GPL2 and GPL Classic (GPL) are still doing well in calculated value, that is, the value per coin calculated by dividing the total value of their official "treasury" by the number of coins minted.

Of course the treasury-based coins also have "slush funds" and other possessions beyond the "reserve assets" that can be used in the official "treasuries", so in theory all the Galactic Milieu coins should be worth more than just their "calculated value".

GPL and GPL2 are however still among those coins that rely only upon the increasing values of the stuff in their treasuries and upon such profits as they manage to make by trading various assets trying to buy at bargain prices from people presumably attempting to "liquidate" assets towards planet Earth fiat and other situations where for whatever reason someone is selling something at less than its calculated value.

In other words the Ferengi are still not represented by active, productive players out there in the game-worlds harvesting and manufacturing or even warring to build up resources.

So it is maybe still an open question whether either band of Ferengi (those behind GPL and those behind GPL2) will continue to manage to build up the value of their "treasuries" faster than they mint new coins. So far they seem to have managed to do that, not so much thanks to their own efforts but more because most of the "reserve assets" in their "treasuries" have managed to keep going up in value.

See for tables and plots of assets values over time.

See for lists of assets (including GPL and GPL2) on HORIZON and STELLAR platforms.


7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: April 03, 2022, 05:03:33 AM
Hello community DVC. Are there many free ways to get DVC?

You can also of course become a player in the Galactic Milieu, which has many currencies of which DeVCoin is one.

The free way into the Galactic Milieu is to join the "CrossCiv" Crossfire-RPG server located at The "metaserver" your Crossfire client uses to get a list of servers might not list the CrossCiv server but you can tell your client directly to connect to to access the Galactic Milieu's Crossfire-rpg server.

You can get Crossfire-RPG clients at is a good site to learn about Crossfire-RPG although the specific maps it focusses on are the generic fantasy-world maps that come with the free open source server.

The Galactic Milieu's "CrossCiv" server uses the free open source software but has its own custom maps, not just for the Science-Fiction Milieu but also for the Fantasy milieu that characters not suitable for the Sci-Fi milieu (fantasy characters, basically) get put into.

We used to be able to use the maps to control where all the various races/species and professions start, but then Crossfire came up with new clients in which characters are created mostly by the client so the server had to have a quarantine added where new characters who try to go to the Galactic Milieu get put until an admin can check they are not fantasy characters.

You can play fantasy characters if you wish, players can have multiple characters, but to enter the Galactic Milieu you need a human character of a non-fantasy profession, such as Warrior, Thief, Ninja, Barbarian or Swashbuckler.

You will be put in a "schoolhouse" where you can learn to play, and can gain levels by things like reading books to get literacy experience, but cannot exit the quarantine schoolhouse. Once an admin has checked your character you will either be moved to a copy of the schoolhouse whose exit door out to the capital city of the Galactic Diplomacy Planet works (if you are non-fantasy) or to a tuturial map in the fantasy milieu (if a fantasy character).

Once free in the Galactic Diplomacy city you can negotiate with various other players representing various civilisations, as well as earn money looting goblins orcs and such provided for entertainment and training.

If you use a client that still uses the old server-side character creation (such as the old java client) you will even have the opportunity, if you choose Warrior, to pick a civilisation to be a member of, in which case instead of starting on the Diplomacy Planet you will start in the capital of your civilisation on whatever planet that is located. Since you can have more than one character you can have one or more on your home planet as well as one or more on the diplomacy planet and of course some fantasy ones to play around with and perhaps learn about potential "alien species" that might somehow find their way into the science-fiction milieu.

(There are for example orcs, goblins, elves and fenx on the diplomacy planet, just not available for starting players to play outside of the fantasy milieu.)

DeVCoin is only one of many currencies you can earn in the Milieu, by way of converting the various currencies among one-another. See for lists and plots of relative values over history; the "Latest Rates include file" there shows value in DeVCoins of the various other assets.

The assets can be traded on HORIZON and/or Stellar platforms, see

Once active on the Diplomacy Planet there are various routes of scaling up from individual character scale toward FreeCiv scale in which one FreeCiv unit of settlers creates a city of population 10,000 when it settles somewhere.

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] IXCoin [IXC] The Original Bitcoin Sidechain on: March 03, 2022, 08:40:22 AM
By GM he means the Galactic Milieu.

The Milieu uses "treasuries" for assets so that the game does not need to try to rely upon having enough players constantly actively "playing the markets", arbitraging between different "spot markets" and so on acting as a form of "price discovery" for the various currencies and assets used in the game in order to calculate relative values for those currencies and assets.

Such assets / currencies include, among many others, DeVCoin, IXCoin, I0Coin and so on.

DF refers to the Devcoin Foundation, which currently the game is not actually computing a per-share value for based upon an official "treasury" maintained for that purpose, but which nonetheless does in practice hold a treasury of assets.

The game does not currently need to include DF in its calculations, so it seems likely what was really intended to be referred to was DeVCoin's treasury from which a value per DeVCoin is calculated when the Latest Rates include-file is generated. (The rest of the tables and plots linked at are all computed from the Latest Rates include-files, updated each time a new Latest Rates file is uploaded.)

IXCoin, I0Coin, TeneBriX, FairBrix, Gold Pressed Latinum Classic (GPL), Gold Pressed Latinum 2 (or 3.0 in actual code version I think: GPL2) and so on and so on each have a "treasury" from which the game calculates the value-per-coin by dividing the total value of the treasury by the number of coins minted.

Not everything in an asset's treasury is visible in the HORIZON account used as main treasury; there are some things that are not recorded in HORIZON such as Collateral Units and shares of General Hosting Corp. But all the HORIZON assets in the treasury are in the treasury account.

Things like IXCoin are relevant to DeVCoin and a whole bunch of other coins because IXCoin is considered a "reserve asset", that is, it is an asset that can be held in Treasuries that are used to calculate the value per coin or per share of other currencies, Corps etc.

IXCoin's own Treasury account on HORIZON is the account NHZ-5A29-DGYZ-W64Y-2DDEU

IXCoin's latest computed value based on its Treasury is, as shown in the current Latest Rates include-file, IXCrate=622.28180647 DeVCoins. (You can tell that copy of the Latest Rates file is denominated in DeVCoins from the fact that it shows DVCrate=1.00000000; whichever asset it is recomputed to be denominated in will show as 1.00000000. DeVCoin is the default simply because historically DeVCoin tended to have the smallest value-per-coin thus using it to denominate all the others provided the finest granularity of values.)

I see that IXCoin's treasury does not directly contain any DeVCoins per se right now, however it does contain shares of DeVCorp and of GFC (sDVCrate=1265699.22523802, sGFCrate=4948598.18878723) both of which are highly sensitive to the value of a DeVCoin, so it is in the interests of IXCoin to uphold the value of DeVCoin as well as those of the many other coins and assets that form its Treasury just as it is in the interests of all those that hold, or intend to hold, IXCoin in their own Treasuries to uphold the value of IXCoin.

The many coins and assets are thus very intertwined, with an interest in upholding the value of the whole Galactic Milieu family of currencies and assets.

You can review the various assets on the HORIZON platform and the Stellar platform at

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: February 13, 2022, 03:24:52 PM
Great, it compiled!

But doesn't run right (using exact same .devcoin directory previous one was using)...

2022-02-13T15:22:45Z init message: Loading block index…
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Switching active chainstate to Chainstate [ibd] @ height -1 (null)
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Opening LevelDB in /home/bitcoin/.devcoin/blocks/index
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Opened LevelDB successfully
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Using obfuscation key for /home/bitcoin/.devcoin/blocks/index: 0000000000000000
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z ERROR: LoadBlockIndexGuts: failed to read value
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z : Error loading block database.
Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover.
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Aborted block database rebuild. Exiting.
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Shutdown: In progress...
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z scheduler thread exit
2022-02-13T15:22:45Z Shutdown: done

I will try the -reindex and maybe also the -reindex-chainstate though maybe that will do the trick...

By the way I see an executable named devcoin-wallet in src dir, any idea what that is / what it is for?

The -reindex seems to be working so far...

...Yup -reindex seems to have done it. Wallet now shows same balance I had before so looks okay so far, thanks!

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] United SciFi Coin [SCIFI] PoW/PoS on: February 12, 2022, 05:46:12 PM

i have approx. 5k SCIFI coins to bail-in would you please pm me your details so that we can proceed?

You should have PM'd me so I would be informed by email that I had a message.

As it is I only last night saw your post and PM'd you...

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: February 12, 2022, 04:56:41 AM
Re "NOTE: Make sure to install the dev package for libcurl (in Ubuntu you have lib4-openssl-dev, lib4-gnutls-dev or lib4-nss-dev)." ...

I tried on my machine where I have compiled most other coins, including previous DeVCoin git.

I have found I usually have problems getting a libcurl that actually works with all the coins I need to compile, whatever it is that I have that has worked with everything else apparently is not working with this new DeVCoin I don't want to break everything else all over again trying to find correct one to use again since what I have ended up with apparently works for everything else.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 currently on most machine now though my third-party-hosted server is still stuck back at 16.04.

libdevcoin_server.a(libdevcoin_server_a-receiver.o): In function `getHttpsText(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)':
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:261: undefined reference to `curl_easy_init'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:269: undefined reference to `curl_easy_setopt'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:270: undefined reference to `curl_easy_setopt'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:271: undefined reference to `curl_easy_setopt'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:272: undefined reference to `curl_easy_setopt'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:273: undefined reference to `curl_easy_setopt'
libdevcoin_server.a(libdevcoin_server_a-receiver.o):/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:274: more undefined references to `curl_easy_setopt' follow
libdevcoin_server.a(libdevcoin_server_a-receiver.o): In function `getHttpsText(std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)':
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:277: undefined reference to `curl_easy_perform'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:286: undefined reference to `curl_easy_cleanup'
/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src/receiver.cpp:281: undefined reference to `curl_easy_getinfo'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:5266: recipe for target 'bench/bench_devcoin' failed
make[2]: *** [bench/bench_devcoin] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src'
Makefile:15609: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/markm/src/Crypto/devcoin-git/src'
Makefile:825: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: February 11, 2022, 01:01:03 AM

I looked at that git site, used its code button to show me the URL to clone, did the

git clone .

in a new clean devcoin-git directory, and compile it using make -f makefile.unix

The resulting devcoind seems much the same as the previous one, including complaining about an alert key:

    "version" : 80900,
    "protocolversion" : 70001,
    "walletversion" : 10500,
    "balance" : 421051769.26151586,
    "blocks" : 503796,
    "timeoffset" : 0,
    "connections" : 1,
    "proxy" : "",
    "difficulty" : 27679048.67608187,
    "testnet" : false,
    "keypoololdest" : 1345747372,
    "keypoolsize" : 101,
    "paytxfee" : 0.00000000,
    "errors" : "URGENT: Alert key compromised, upgrade required",
    "round" : 125

13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Gaming on blockchain is the future on: November 12, 2021, 09:14:52 AM
I have been in that space since before the advent of Huntercoin, with my endgame being the full-immersion 3-D interface but starting first with what it is that will eventually be illustrated with full 3-D immersive graphics.

I aimed at strategic / tactical games rather than "twitch games", that is, I aimed for characters whose accuracy, combat abilities and so on are part of the character rather than part of the player.

Part of the reason for that is of course to keep things easier to make "accessibile" to "handicapped" players, but part is also that it seemed (and still seems to me) easier to first figure out what happened then let client interfaces determine how to present what happened to the player than to first draw in 3D something like a bullet traversing a trajectory or a sword swinging through certain parts of 3-D space then from that try to figure out whether anything happened to be in its path and, if so, what the effect would be upon the bullet or sword and upon whatever it intercepted.

The latter approach seemed like it would require some kind of Artificial Intelligence and/or Image Recognition for a client interface to try to figure out what happened based on what was depicted in a 3-D image, whereas the former approach lets text mode clients simply say what happened and let graphical interaces depict it however they choose based on the graphical powers and resources available to them.

(Tile based 2-D using the most similar tiles, clients equipped with libraries of 3-D models choosing the most appropriate or similar models to deploy and so on.)

I also chose to build from free open-source resources, so basically I periodically examine what free open-source games and virtual reality tools are available that support (hopefully massively) multi-user and actually work, and look for ways to incorporate them into the game.

As I explain on the Devtome wiki page ultimately the economics have to work, at least the part of the economics that pays for hosting and bandwidth, else the whole edifice is unlikely to work or last.

So I started from the observation that to many people, at least the kind of people we see a lot on Bitcointalk forums, simply having something to trade is game enough; in fact I expect that a lot of them actually far prefer simply directly trading on an "exchange" to having to first have a character in a place on a planet make its way to a place where things can be traded, possibly being "mugged" on the way to or from the exchange. So I started with currencies.

In order that the game need not depend of having "enough" players trading each "pair" to allow "price discovery", I developed the "treasuries" system whereby the galactic currencies each have a "treasury" from which the currency's value per coin or share can be calculated simply by dividing the total value of the "treasury" by the number of coins or shares minted.

That also allowed me to adopt various ancient cryptocoins from the dawn of crypto simply by building a "treasury" for each coin I wanted to adopt and dividing the total value of that treasury by the number of coins minted.

Those who followed Facebook's idea to create a currency of their own will recall that Facebook proposed much the same idea for their own "stable" currency: it would have a "treasury" of assets behind it. I regarded that as somewhat of a validation of my approach.

As you can see from the tables and plots at which show historical value data going back to 2012, this system has been running for quite some time and has seemed reasonably effective.

Each currency or asset also has at least one "slush fund" account, if only as a place to keep any of itself that it happens to own, such as ones it never parted with and ones it has bought back. Each asset's value is counted as zero when computing the value of its own treasury, and in any case it is intended that it not be necessary to dig things back out of the treasury in order to buy back the asset or coin, the slush fund should ideally suffice to buy back the whole lot without having to dig into the treasury to do so.

The initial worlds were FreeCiv worlds, with the monthly hosting fee to control a nation on such a world being based on the so-called "square miles" that FreeCiv reports the nation as controlling. The intent is that those "square miles" cost enough that a full array of OpenSim "regions" can be hosted to represent all of those "square miles".

Since we are still a long way from actually spinning-up immersive 3-D interfaces, those "hosting fees" the nations are paying mostly just accumulate in the treasury of GHC, a Corp known outside the game as General Hosting Corp and inside the game as Galactic Holding Corp. Nations should not mind that they are paying a heck of a lot more than it costs to host a FreeCiv world and some Crossfire RPG maps of selected portions of it (hopefully eventually all cities and any FreeCiv tile that has a FreeCiv unit on it), because they should aim to own a proportion of the shares of GHC commensurate with their proportion of all FreeCiv "square miles" in the multiverse so that almost all the value they pay out as hosting fees accrues into the value of the shares of GHC that they own, until some future time when GHC starts paying out huge sums to host 3-D immersive representations of (viewports into, rabbitholes into) the game.

For text mode we use CoffeeMUD, as most early MUD code had restrictive licenses forbidding using it commercially without making some kind of deal with their developer.

Limiting bandwidth of the initial interfaces allows a lot more room for player profit than if everything every character did had to be presented in full immersive 3-D at high framerate, so play-to-earn players should appreciate that even if twitch-game advocates have reservations about it or objections to it. It also makes dployment of large numbers of scripted characters more practical.

I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing that Facebook seems to be coming around to some of my ideas. Smiley Wink

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What was the first altcoin created? on: November 12, 2021, 08:13:09 AM
LiTeCoin (LTC) was the third scrypt-based coin, first came TeneBrix (TBX) which had a "pre-mine", then FairBriX (FBX) touting the fact that unlike TeneBriX it didn't have a "pre-mine", then eventually LiTeCoin whose main selling-points were that is was newly re-based on BiTCoin code and its author got a job that gave him an enhanced ability to "market" his coin.

TBX and FBX currently trade on the HORIZON and Stellar platforms. The HORIZON platform is itself very under-the-radar these days, so probably Stellar is the better place to start trading them; HORIZON's native currency, HZ is itself also traded on stellar:

GeistGeld also dates back to that early period, it was implemented using config-file-configured "multicoin" code that let you specify your coin's major characteristics in the config file. FBX and TBX I think maybe also derived from "multicoin" but rather than stick with the config-file way of setting a coin's characteristics they went more hard-coded.

GeistGeld (XGG) is also still alive and traded on the HORIZON and Stellar networks, here is link for it in Stellar:

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: October 16, 2021, 06:00:26 AM

Maybe the distribution of the receiver files was a few days late, so nodes could not find the latest ones?

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: October 16, 2021, 04:56:41 AM
I think it is when the distribution files cannot be found or not enough of them agree that shares don't get given out and miners only get 2500 instead of 5000.

I do not know what happened to make the distribution files not be found or disagree though.

How far back was it happening? Or did it maybe just start when the distribution files started trying to give out 1/10ths of a share?

17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: October 15, 2021, 11:44:08 PM

So I have 5 millions dev coins on exchange, will I still get my share or does it have to be in a QT WALLET?  Thanks. 


It is not staking, your share goes to your designated address regardless of what you did with any previous coins you received.

However, many exchanges do not look for minted coins coming into deposit-addresses, they warn not to "mine" to a deposit address, so hopefully whatever address you specified as destination for your shares is not some exchange's deposit-address?

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [DVC]DevCoin - Official Thread - Moderated on: October 15, 2021, 04:54:51 AM

WARNING: I am pretty sure the code only supports 1/5ths of a share, trying to make it do 1/10ths would probably require a rebuilding of the actual node core software as well as maybe some modifying of the scripts we use to build the distribution files.

So file custodians be aware the files I just prepared might not actually work, we might have to re-do the file-preparing using 1/5ths of a share as I am pretty darn sure that is the smallest granularity we coded in from the start.

19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] IXCoin [IXC] The Original Bitcoin Sidechain on: October 09, 2021, 01:12:55 AM
So if IXC gets delisted from freiexchange due to low trading activity where can it be traded comrades? Cool

On the Stellar and HORIZON platforms.


Also see historical value tables/plots at

20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] United SciFi Coin [SCIFI] PoW/PoS on: October 09, 2021, 12:56:51 AM
Best is contact me on KEYBASE platform (encrypted chat with a Stellar wallet built-in).

My handle there is "knotwork".

The info pages at should actually say that, also I set up a "federation info" thing that should let clients get info about the coins including a note about how to bail-in / bail-out which should say to contact "knotwork" on KEYBASE.

Messaging here on the forum would work too but has no real expectation of privacy and in principle could even be spoofed by whoever runs these forums nowadays.

KEYBASE is end-to-end-encrypted, plus having the builin Stellar wallet kind of makes it "ideal" except for its wallet's lack of actual trading in the markets capability. You'll still need some other Stellar wallet to access the trading-pairs.

Basically how bailing-in works is you send me coins on the blokchain and in return I send you tokens on the Stellar platform.

Then to bail-out its the reverse, you send me my tokens and in return I send you coins on blockchain.

The bottleneck is I like to only create tokens representing HALF of the coins I actually have, so that if I choose to I can bury the coins represented by tokens insanely-securely with complicated multi-key systems putting partial keys into multiple safety-deposit boxes or whatever, not caring how hard it might be or how long it might take to dig those coins back up again because I still have the other half of my coins on hand to buy back my tokens with.

The occassionally-occurring drawback to that redundancy is that if I do not have enough tokens already on hand for the amount of coins someone wants to bail-in I can anly tokenise half of what they send me so have to come up with something else for them to buy with the other half so that I can continue to only tokenise half of the coins I actually have.

The good side of it of course is it means I am on a 200%-reserve system rather than a fractional-reserve or even merely 100%-reserve system.

So first thing to know is what kind of number of coins are you looking to bail-in?

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